Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 17, 1961 · Page 10
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 10

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1961
Page 10
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ALBUyUtKuUt JOURNAL A-IO April 17, 1961 jnon for fcurope, tna saia three Grammy awards (best O'Brlan, so let's not sell this romance short. ture. That's very easy to under stand Isn't she always? R (SSS5 now I and Dennis are pencilled In for parts, and will be on hand when Mr. S. culls "camera" on May 22 for his members of the summit clan Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sammy DavU Jr. Louella'i Movie-Go-'Round Singers, Frienis Make Big Noise Over Presentation of 'Grammys By UH E1X A O. PARSONS arrangement, best performance by an orchestra for his "Mr. Lucky" show, and best jazz performance) did "the score for the picture, and wrote "Moon River" with Johnny Mercer for Audrey Hepburn. He says Audrey U wonderful in the pic S00 PENN. NI OPEN :30 II V, . ; ALL COLOR! ALL SCREAM! II &J $1.00 Par Coiloodl U '...X-n,.. there are three times as many record companies In Great Britain as there were a year ago. Pnul was the first president of Num. All in all It was an interesting evening, and it was nice to see some of my friends in the record business Dorothy and Clenn Walluch, the Voyle Gilmores, the Lee Gillettes, Dick Pierce who brought Ann-Margaret over to our table. She looks much bigner than If "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Is anywhere as good as Henry (Hank) Mancinl says, Paramount really will have a goodie. He went to San Francisco where the movie was sneak-previewed, and said in all his years of writing tunes for motion pictures, never has he seen such rave cards. Hank, who carried home A tip from New York from a very reliablo source puts Hujjh O'Brlan and Sornya together again at Danny's Hideaway. They sat quietly in a corner, and this U nno time HOLLYWOOD The contestants and their friends at the National Aradirny of Recording Arts and Sciences made as much noie over their grammys as we will make over our Oscars at the academy awards. It was a very pleasant evening I was the guest of Noll Hefti most who made Dons Day s TWIN OSCAR SHOW she does on TV, but she really recent album. His charming wife is former singer. I;h4 8 personality 15 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS Hear tell that Frank Sinatra Elizabeth Taylor Heavy favorite To Win Oscar SANTA MONICA, Calif. Carliite I Mtnoul Phone AL 3-4841 "CANCAN" ot 7;101 10:00 SPECIAL SHOWING! ADULTS 75c CHILDREN... FREE when Huuh's not talking. I found out that he's in New York getting ready for the tent shows he's going to do this summer. Ho opens first at the Drury Lane Theatre In Chicago May 18 in "Heaven Can Wait," then on June 13 he goes Into summer stock in "Dcstry Rides Again," remaining until September. No one seemed to know anything about Soraya, but I am told she slipped quietly Into the country just to meet Mr. Tlii 4 didn't know I was to present an award with Jimmy McHugh until we arrived at the party he forgot to tell me. Bob Newhart, newest of the newcomers, and Ray Charles, wonderful blind singer, carried off four grammys. Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee came over to talk to us and 1 told Bobby I thought it wa too bad that Sandra, who looked so pretty, wasn't with f AA Esm5555SSSsibiS (UPI) Elizabeth Taylor l AND -as-. a heavy favorite to cap her has bought most of Kanub, Utah, the town where so many movies are made. Well, that should give him the privacy he wants while he's filming "The Badlands." I also understand that he's building a private airfield so that he can have his own airline service. My boy, Doug McClure, will play one of the male leads In "Badlands." I hope he won't be pushed off Into oblivion. ALso Ding's boys, Lindsay, Philip recent victory over near fatal a lilneM bv winning an oscar tonight at the 33rd annual Academy Awards ceremony here. Hesides being sentimental. him on the stage when he presented the Grammy award. He did his stint with Giselle Mac- sfee. I DrWE-lN favorite for the top actress kenzie. I think Bobby is mnk ing a mistake by keeping wara, MISS ii)lor iiisum WEDNESDAY f tmw, vp fed 2 BIG HITS 2 eDRIYE-IN Albuqu.rqu. Tii'.t.r Inc. 111 I tMM( SI CH 2.44SS C."oi! Car Httr, l OttKt 7:00 Show J JO AtfuWt 50 . . . K d, Fr 2 WANT ROCK N' SOU flATUMSMI miMIUPIOWSC PHONE AX 9-5922 9500 CENTRAL SE BOTH IN COLOR! Sandra in the background. (1 love him and hate to see him do it.) After all, she's a star In her own right. Ella Fitzgerald received her Grammy in New York. She carried home three, as did Hank MancinL Peggy Lee turned over her Grammy to her arranger and said he earned It. Sara Berner was the comedy relief of the evening that is, next to Mort Sahl who was a humorous master of ceremonies. The story of a man, a land, a love! were enhanced by ner performance as a woman of ill repute in "Butterfield 8." It was that role which won the dark haired actress her fourth oscar nomination. She has yet to win an academy award. Miss Tsylor only recently came back from London where ghe had been stricken with rear fatal pneumonia. Although she is still recuperating from the Illness, Miss Taylor will attend Monday's academy festivities, her secretary sail Competing against Liz for ar ll" Aw Kmlurn l ,rt 7 " 10' -i " . 7 , . SM ( V si I ' "W. 40 r.ALAN FREED MONDAY FOR YOUR PLEASURE SUPPER SUGGESTIONS Individuol BEEF POT PIE en Cossercle $1u .WJI'J DOCK. 19 . 1 .y ROCK,& 9 ROCK Tj Jo Stafford tells me she has 1..jiMI iHmh JiAnnr, art a house in London Greer Carson (Sunrise at!rcntea .11 opn It J V - -. where she does some special recordings. She and Paul Weston and the children will leave 500 Cenfrol SE AM 8-3333 LAST 2 DAYS ! You've Reod You've Heord - ' 1 NOW SEE IT ALL! IDEAL FACILITIES For BOARD MEETINGS Are Available win FERBESfS V C1I1H n'asjDBsjBjRH IB 1700 ARENAl ID. SW O U S. JS CH 2-441 1 tUt Olflr. f 'M V P".", t.M'il"! 11.00 "f L'u.u4 lluO "DOS GALLOS EN PALENQUE" WITH 'PIPORRO' PLUS 10 OTHER TOP STARS Campobcllo), Shirley MacLalne (The Apartment), Deborah Kerr (The Sundowners), Me-Una Mercouri (Never on Sunday). Burt Lancaster Is being touted in mow Is circles aa a favorite to win tha best actor category for his portrayal of a f:r and brimstone preacher in Elmer Gantry." Jack Lemmon. winner of a supporting actor's oscar for 'Mr. Roberts'' in 1953 is dost on the heels of Lancaster for another golden statuette. Lemmon, who would be the first actor in academy history with oscars in supporting and starring categories if he won today, was nominated for hb role in "The Apartment." ssrta btr 1 i n "A HILARIOUS ROMP!" fhe Trial Will ROSITA QUINTAK'A d Never Tell I restaurant BtDiH FORO SVJIRIA SCHEU JOS! SUARIZ ffllaiingtime" ffl cull 7k& DINNER BELL VI. 'Jf, 3900 Central E. AL 5-5102 Very Extensive FREE PARKING THURSDAY rr.Ti.i'.r It 3 l aDILL (wee oeoxoie) TRAVERS A : . n in i 1 1 1 t: v i oo. s ;j. Pl.t S n-RCIAJ. KrATI'r.KTTf CAItL SMITH. MARTT rtuBBISS "MAVBf LLf Nf " Others in the starrlr.g actor competition include Spencer Tracy (Inherit The Wind), Trevor Howard (Sons and S FEATURES S 7:30 P.M. ALSO 9:15 E A(Jmr A.ara Nomiit--"THE VIOLINIST" E Lovers) and Laurence Olivier (The Entertainer). "Apartment," nominated for oscars in ten categories this year, is expected to win the best picture award, overcoming "Sons and Lovers. "Elmer TIIK IKSrn AM) W IITINiTll'N ; . a. World Famous Soprano Phyllis Curtin Academy ) iCMINATION Gantry." "The Alamo" and "The Sundowners." Despite its tea nominations, "Apartment" is not expected to make a clean sweep of all those categories as "Ben Hur" did last year when that epic earned 11 awards. For director, Billr Wilder mAm "Brit Foreign film" MA CONSPICUOUS CINEMA ACHIEVEMENT." SHttlURaUt r (Apartment), facet Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho), Fred Zln-nemano The Sundowners), Jack Cardiff (Sons and Lovers) and Jules Dassin (Never on S5!IMG With the Albuquerque Civic Symphony Maurice Bonncy Conductor Arioi by Tchoikovsky. Verdi Puccini etc. olio Beethoven's 5th Symphony Tue. April 18th 8:15 CIVIC AUDITORIUM $2.50 $2.00 Students $1.50 $1.00 ftwdliftf's MV The Mi Mrt CUlf i n4 t the Door WOiliD Sunday). In the supporting actor competition, Sal Mlneo (Exodus) will vie for first place against !ui -CAr.iiC fAaAOlit SKI I 'r.- 7 no riATi;iiit: 7 v. : QEEEC reter Falk (Murder Inc.). Jack Krujchen The Apartment), Pe ter Ustinov (Spartacua) and Chill Wills (The Alamo) (jHrrtrrfli now 201 W. CENTRAL PHONE CH 3-1640 WIIIROCK CENTER PHONE 299-5706 299-8800 Supporting sctress nominees are Shirley Jones (Elmer Can-try), Janet Leigh (Psycho), And Support "Operation Cornotion" 4Acodemy A word t jf xiirt Attr JAMtT LtlCH V 1 I A V u:ynli Johns (The Sundown-en), Shirley Knight (The Dark at the Top cf The Slain), and Mary Ure (Sons and Lovers). Bob Hope narratea the show from the Santa Monica Civic Audjtorium over ABC-TV and the Canadian Broadcajiinf Cor-poratlon. The ceremonies are hln R I V EZ I Nj mtwn atdm -rim rHfor KACll i'LliroKiiANCKI 69c Tooth Paste ? 5 70 Wolqrtias SMOKERS' Iroad. 5V4-0I. tuba W l Xdr 69c Mineral Oil ?570' Wotgrtent EXTRA HEAVY. Pint slit R w r r tmrtf net mj-i . -i . I ON ROAD TO AIRPORT TALI ILVD. PHONI CH 7 )125 "0 tt eh" at 7:10 4 10 40 '7.irm- tt f.JO NUCLEAR WAR BY '64? Will tho end como liko this to JL VASHIMGTOH?iil MOSCOW? V IGECREAM f 2 & try 10 Candy Bars 11 latter9r, O'Heary, Milky Way, Clark I other. beld In Santa Monka after many yean in HuUywood and Loa Angeles. Last year i ute, the Panugrs Theatre, was renovated, cutting down the seating capacity, OL'lciali cf the aponsoring Academy of Motion Picture Arta and Science said no other site tn the area could be found that had the proper aeating ir. rangemer.t and facUIUet. Actor Jeff Chandler Suffers Raptured Disc L LONDON? Jl NEW YORK? Hen's "T SHIRTS Olalsen GERIATRIC K51 fV TOKYO? r,ppnnBYiv.,nvA r: Reg. 79' MATINIR. Vf H I. IIIOWIill Pir.! t how t ;i. i White cm ton in 2i80e Viumini-mincra for "over 40 rgT mm n: A1A TltKA. WC. PECKMGARDIIfR ffi Lilies' BRIEFS MANILA i A i i r predh?anthohy Reg. 49 Co! 2:50 Rjyon mevh. G1 or's. Sires 3iio;7 Vilamins-Minercls uWco. 100'i 0 Chandler, suffering from a ruptured disc, underwent a aecond series of injections Sunday on his spinal column to deaden the nerwa and relieve tension and pressure. . I . . . . . . ft! APFItt 0 Dot Oofi Fekulot 1 il ... I MOUTH WASH 75 2i76 Mint)-; itfmhing Wtlgrttnt. 12-ot. UVMU PMVIWi U UJTA mUTOf SUPPOSITORIES HAND CREAM n ppoKesman ai ji. LUKt'i Hospital said that , with the Injections, Chandler could continue work in his role as World War II guerrilla leader Cen. Frank Merrill In the movie "The Marauders," now being f timed In central Luzon. Chandler Injured his back on location Saturday. Jackie Coojan Jailed Reg. 45c Reg. $2 46 WALGRtJSS glycerin. 12B m IEACH" hystoogefc 1 1 tunoromC 1 COUGH SYRUP Reg. "AAA" CIGARS tutor j Smoktn O j fC Reg. 5 MUatAI:fK), UN AMMA1 INH m ytt ttari it t n enlr Rf!TA t1tTAfA t WOIIX ArtVtl KtJIA aii i:if:o :j cacailo wttntAt 1 14 2p Annhiitarninic XfJgmni. 8-cz MALIBU, Calif. (UPI)-Ac-tor Jackie Coogan was Jailed on a drunk charge shortly after dawn Sunday when California h'ghway ptlrolmen found him sleep In his car. Coogan, who gave his age as 48, waa booked ci va '-" fcJ-' -.,,., tion. Ball on the charge, drunk In auto, was f 105. I

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