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Wednesday, April 18, 1934
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Served by the United XTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER np «r«,.r.i« u,,. . 1 ,,.^T._ .^"^ ""• ^ • •. *-•- m. J. 1 .• A V W L / HOME EDITION XXXI—NO. 27 .<•>-.>:' -s> _ — — . .,=• Blytheillle Dally News Rlytheville Courier : Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald " "' '•" Ur ""«•»«« BT AHKANHA8 ANU 8OUTHEAHT MI88OU1U .BLU'ilKVH.LK. AHKANSAS, W10D.NIOSDA V, Al'lill, 18, 1934 ' r ~—_^ *•»»•** . SINGLE COPIFS FIVP CENTS FOLOW NEW LEAD IN LINDBERGH MURDER Public Invited to Hear Details .of Serin! .^Program Thursday Night. Final dtialls of tli? . plan for financing Biylheville's sjiaie of the lelief r,sovram • through & stamp tax oi| the circulation of script wj'.i .tie-7, outlined at u mass meeting y.hich h:iri been called for 7:30 o'cloqk Thuralay nh/ht ill Ihe city auditorium. All lilythcvlllc business men. em- Dloyivs. and the public generally are invited to at'.t-i.d this niect- Th- script certificates an.l Slump- v. ill :nlive here' tomorrow and will Ije placer! in actual ein.uLitii,ii v.ilhin a day or two. Moi:i>y raised through opemlion of tin- plan •*:!! 1.: used lor l\vo |iuii:w.r!>: to |;iuvidu direct rjlbl lo ]>ci:;i)ns c'u^jifjud as unemploy- nlilc :it!<l IK lire ineligible for goy- c-rnmi-ni p.:slslar:c:-; 10 purchase maurials necks'.:iry in .carrying f>n the fedcriil work relief tiro- lor which Ihe federal relief crcaiil/ation : has. ' allotted $14,000 per mumh for \ir.-rplls in Hly- theville provided 'thc;^ community Eiippllos ihr' materials.' Ifcuhcil by Cash The scripl wiil In in the denomination of SI. and for every dollar of script iss:ied there will be depoulcd in the Fanners Bankj'j'. nnd Trust Company One Dollar in Cash to be used tar redeeming the script at lace value. - Employers and employees, and all citiiwns of Blytheville are Lc• ing ;:skrd to buy and circulate this script. Every merchant or nfber plare of business In Bly- Ihcville is IxMiig asked to accept the jcripl at lace value for all merchandise or sen-ices. To make the script, acceptable, Ihe original purchaser will place upon the tack of each certificate one two-cent relief .stamp. Wh'.n Convicts Doing Work oi' Mules Al Prison -Kami 1'ISE BI UrV, Ark.. Ap:'. Ifi 01')-Tlie Pine UliilT Coiiiniercilil, '»" ,"» onlclo si:'ii"d by its rdilor. Wnllt-r Pon-rllS, Jr.. clwrand lo- <'uy tlmt convl'Us iu.sti'ad of nnik'S were being u.scil lo null f:'r-n machinery at Tucker iirlson larm. Tlie parer .said It had been lolJ by "res]:oi!sible" (K-rscns that lour lOnvicis had been teen pullinjr' several faun implements. ,V' The paper alsn said It had teen 'old that a shortay? of llv:-stocli feeds was responsible. Five- subleases were reported, the |»|ier said. POINTS NEED OF Peach lUossoms T riune a IVaeh this is done the stamp as can- rcllfd by the holder's initials be- Judw Camille Kelley Calls | Oukl Welfare a ' Social Responsibility. A uleii for ureatcr interest in ••''C-inl welfare legislation, and, vmr- ilr-ni.i-iv for the employment oj a ir.iined wial worker as a full ilin» cmmtv probation officer, was mdi> bv Judge' Camille Kellev of h" Mcmnhis iiivenlle court In a •i'I' at the city auditorium last nlchl. Jutle? Kellev. who sooke under T auspices of Ihe City Coininil of Parent-Teachers associations, addrr-ssrd a moolln<r of senior and iunlor hiijli school students in the •"f'-rnoon. Tn 14 years of service on the iiivenile court tench at Memnhh Juilpc Kelley • has won national rrrwnltlon as an aulhprity on .'•ronlems of ' child behavior. In her talk ,last night iShe gave number" bfexamples fronf her ow own experience. conlnislln? tlie 'eood i "w.Us (lint may lie attained H'mnijh the .tvmpaflieltc and in- Mlieem hnnrilin? of youthful de- linouoiUs with the tragedv that is H'c almost inevitable result, of ap- nlvina to them the treatment commonly accorded adult oflmd- ing written across lhc face, and Rh tli; cruificate is worth one clol- i"""; 1 l:ir in meichamlUe or servkvs. The,""Mr ti' holder oi lhc script Is rc-.i'T fiuiird lo ntfix n second two-cent Inv: .•tamp and cancel it; the liold'.-r k ixquireil to do the and to on until ten of these st.impj |opi"ioii :uv placed upon the certificate, j Fv<>rv Wlvn Ihe ten stamps uro on the |-i-o'onlion nfficer. she snld aswrt- «rnncr,ie (he holder may tnkejiiw dial the cost would be neirl!- it to the farmers Bank and get »>iile compared to (he benefits me dollar in cash. | R i, n n , so llreod lw ,i,;, a ti OI1 (0 moke " and stamps will be niir- l'™xlv mar-in"es invossiblc nnd to p told !•*•• linirprs thnt th»v 1 lilnme themselves ratlier than Hins ni>d office hnWers for IficL- or adoinale social welfare nnd facilities declaring that third noiii' lnv.irl.iblv are rcsdv to s:ii»c.|!"--'vii' to the demands of. public matters. needs a trained Opposes Bill to Pay Depositors WASHINGTON. A])ill W. ,UP) I'l-isUlr-nt I(ixv4'vi-li Iwl.iy Miuiiht. n block' the McU'ud haul; di'|H)sl- I "!-•> |i:iy-oir wit, i. S |i ri ' nppi-iiv- il of. legislation ID provide some |:i-imuni nl form of hibur medli'i- Illl I'lllllftl IK Ids |,,OS.1 COIl- li-iTiiii' iiny runmient un -pias^icls iiii u silver bill. •ii' piwldi-iil lo f,tutt> .-lii'i'lllcally the lillls he wnnls ims- IH-IOIC udjimriimuin. 'mere was i-uiiuupiit on .sllin- Icublutloit o: the possibility u [ ailjltlnnnl tasiiiluti lo eoiii|ien.Miii< | or nny I'Xiieiisi-a siisl:iliH-d (hruiii!)) M- cn-used paymenis to war veterans Icdeiiil einployi's. has •'lid Mr. Itoasovi'lt feus li toiim-d cunnri'.-is fully renai'dlng his desliv lor a stuck 'niiukel consul bill. Society Girl To Wed Actor ii Guardsmen Keep Order in Shrcveport After Attempt, to Sei/.e Killer. .SHKEVKPOUT. La.. April 18. (UP)-Nutlona! guiirdsmen niiilii- liiiiifd K clow guiird iiround Ihe ccun'.y Jail and courthouse today following two futile elloiis by mots lo storm thu building and take Fr«l Lockhail, 38. nucused of murder. \ Fumes from scores of lour gas Ixiinlis used by defending olilcers hung over the enllre business dLs- Irlct until early today. To loreslull nny posslblllly of iiuother mob ciithi'rlng sherlfl 1 s]H>ke over a kicnl nuliii stailrai KiHin nfier last nlghl's mob "If Lockharl Is Inkcn out of J" 11 H will l>c over my deiul body," Not Required for Bly- |1L ' S!llli - thcville Projects, TO BEJES Will Employ Relief Labor Forced Cimrthous« Dour The Cteirks are beautiful with jicaeh blossoms In the springtime and the peuchts that grow in lhat section also are a treal lo the eye. If there's any doubt on this'score, observe Miss Manila Mace of Spring- Mo., as she poses here, her beauty rivaling that of the blooms. field. SUE FW FOR Transport Companies Demand Damages and Restoration of Contracts. Lust night, after earlier ellorts lo enler Ihe building from the A limited amount of malaria basement had lulled, the mob spill control work will be curried out In half, one half dunging the the rural sections of Mississippi front door of the first Hour anil |Cuumy under lhc new .state einer- the other storming the basement, unify relief set-up, according (o Olllcers were overpowered by the Shonyo. district, supervisor ot group (hut assailed the front door malaria control program of mined with bricks and clubs and state health department. |2CO men forced an entrance and The riii-iil work will be In nddl-1 took charge of the first Iloor. 01- ll'iii (o city projects which linvc'' HCITS retreated lo the second Iloor us their aim elimination ol breed- and firemen were called to turn Ing griuiuls oj mosquitoes, car- (he husc mi the howling mob bent ilcrs of malnrlii. u will o! nc- on seizing Lockhart, In a cell on ex-ally ^ic highly variable since on- the seventh floor, ly the-surplus of registered relief | Lockharl, a wandering pcddlir workers allotted to this city but i confessed the lorture murder ot •ol employed on projects here can 10-year-old Mac. Griffin afler •o (the ' [lie A Hollywood sneltly girl. Miss Katlierlno Tiititinnnii.aLiove. will he the brli'lt ot Munroo Owaley, III in actor, ihl'a in miner. Mian Tulicrman la llio dnuchter ot a uroiulneut L.oa AHKL-LUH realty dealer. Owvley «nn well known uii the ataKe Bulure lio achieved Him us«l I" the „.„,!.„.... , Tin- rural- program VJ11 consls/- ol •cleaning of drainage ditches but will be cairlcd out oil" a different basis than the malaria control work under Ihe civil works administration. Before workers are by litid lured her from her home n promise of employment. r ,• Wome*.. Start AcUpn The moVi began' foimhiij in fro'nt of the courthouse shortly after news had spread of (he prisoner's confession. It milled nbout One Negro Slain, Two Are .„. • " ' - - -~.k. ITWIII-_I.I UiW, •.um-bui'ULJ. 11 [IIUJL'U HlXJUl WbUflded in Coal Field " , """"" 1|1C Jlcw P ro 8«"» «>»>- 1 >""<»'1B apparently Icadcrlesj ,,- , mlssioners ol drainage dlslricls. to 111 two yomw women mount. .Violence. WASHINGTON. Apr. 18 tUI')- BIRMINGHAM. Ala., April 18 Four suits lo force Poslmaster <UP>— An additional detail of 100 General Jrme.v A. Pjrlcy to re- % national guardsmen was ordered turn cnnrollf il airmail contracts to moblli/ed today to preserve order Inage dlslricls, to tjcnent Irom lhc work, must agree to keep dilclies cleaned after they are placed In good shape by tlie relief workers, tlmt there will . UK- III two young women mounted u parked automobile and oui> or them yelled: "You're a bunch of dirty, ynl- It is iinticHmtcd low cowards if yon don't go In and llmcs W|1CI1 c "l' ^ ct hil "- - |lro)ms - dllc to tile provision that I With that the crowd stormed r n;bsidiarics of the United Aircraft in ih e Jetlcrson county coal mine lhc lium| cipalily musl furnish 1 Ihe courthouse. negro was innlcrliiLs, will IK unable lo absoro siirti co">ilv slamps will be pli: <h:is«l from Rodney Banister, thu treasurer fur Ihe ev.cullvi' committee which has charge of ncl- ininislratimi of the plan. asylums. r.uaranlre Against Loss The executive- committee has."G"!ri o a Pig" nf PUnt M'll aulhonty lo make nny rulings or clnv.fws necessary to the suc- ccsunl circulalion of the scripl iind to Biiaranlee any person nga! Ins^ from ace.piln . r c:-i, i. nt fiu-e value. child marriages, which she 1 inrt;t»lv resiwnslhle for divorce courts and orphan Kingdom Multinlies Fast WASHINGTON. (UP) _ lnej<"'ro n->l>rrennnUnn<». "guinea nig" .01 the phut, kingdom, is the wo-ld's NKW YORK, April 18 ' " and Trans|>orl company wore filed slrike area where in District of Columbia supreme killed and two men courl Icduy. ' day. Farley has 20 days to answer. Meanwhile Ihreats of '"•secession" ihe court nciion. , ! mm nttercd at a meeting of li-ail- The lHl 3 alion sought lo recover „,„ southern Industrialists here dsmajjcs personally from the post- discussing plans to preserve wage master general in addition to res- differentials between northern and loralion of contracts. Uoutlicrn fields The ]>laintifTs were Boeing Air: Deputy Sheriff N. E. i iniifj>crt, Jiic.. njHiCiJiil Air jimj Police Oliicf L II Mii^on Trarsport. Inc.. Pncllie Air Trans- O f Leeds shot ami Vil'i/1 E U Mr ' shcm V°- A Sl "all crew of fctl- i:ort and Varney Airlines. Inc. i England negro when lie drew a, 1 '™' lul>or <' IS wl11 concentrate on Neither Farley npr nny other p i s(o i 0[1 ,| lcm ' ns Ui(1 ., W| , re | n .'' h <> oiling of pools nnd various postolfirc department officials vestigatin" the earlier sltoothi" of' mos( l""u "reetling places in the would cominent on the suits nend- a negro named Klisby woumti'd| CILy nn<i may l 10sslul J' ilo » certain 'wounded to- a " uorkl -' rs 'cgislered for employ- | .incut under Ihe city's allotment, 'uml I hiu considerable malaria con- ,-(.'ol work may be accomplished in rural sections later this summer. In the meantime tin) city Is going toward vdih its own malaria , control campaign wiih the cily Kirkhnd liclllth bmi ' rt Inking an active lead iv.rkianu o|1(| j)K , u . ork ^^ dlr< , c(cd by day and Europe settled dov/n ?rlm _ ulc Iv to prepnre against fear of an inevitable future war. The British covernni'nt Is Issuing a climactic "white paner" this afternoon, detailing the failure of disarmament negotiations '.o datt 1 It will Include "the text of yes- lerdav's dbicouraBlng French note declaring that France will not sub- i.ilt lo lhc rearmament of Oer many nnd virtually f.'ispendlng lurlhcr dlsarnminsnt negollalions. The French nolu apparently leaves onv further move up to Great Tlrllaln. H wns bc'lr-vecl Ihe Ilrltish white paper would be of an cxnlanatlon by iir>; irom autumn. Klisby was shot as he S/rt^i- Priffxt lo Clltcr " 10 HLHI Ulamonil orwth / ncra tompa ,, v ;mll Dipuly Ki ron said they ll£ . |le ., r , _ v ^ it _ _ (IIP) — In a sislL-iiicnt today ihu e.xccu-i f:>sl "' il niiiitii>iviii.7piant'"sccordin^ Sentiment ^np[>earcd definltelv tm-' to" Investlgal ti-.L- cjmiiutt.e in charge of ad- inini:tiat:i:n ef (he plan called attention to Hi? gravity of the is designed to meet for the co-operation fitiKilion It ar.d calltrl ol nil citizens. Is. A. Lynch is chairman of Ihe CDnunillcp. Other mcmlxrs are G. G. Hubbard. M:ix B. Held, C. K. Uabcock and J. Mcll I3roo!:s. The statement follows: All Slu I Cn-iirente "The situation res]»HLiiblc for this proposal to circulate rcllet scripl is s.rious. Hundreds ol jots depend uron the success of the program. The cost' of any Individual will be insignificant and Ihr- lirnefU-: will be many times Ihe cost. No ji-.'rson will bo per- millid to do more than his proportionate part cf (his Job—if you s)ei;d one dollar It cost you only two cenls. "It's up to the people ol Blv- Ihcville to say If this work will te carried along and a federal jiayioll of $14.000 a month maln- tai:'..d. or whether this work will be abandoned and our people per- nniii-d (.1 sutler. "Wholehearted acceptance of this ri-lief script plan will do the i'rlr worV- will be u'iven to many: direct, relief to Miosc In distress; siLslalncd business for our mer- cl-.ams: r.iibllc Improvements of many klr.ds. and tetter conJl- I Itns will prevail. "Hnlf-hcark'U support of the progrnm will spell failure! and a most fcrious situation will be ag- Einv.itcd. "Evuy Blythevllle citizen Is urg rd l;> put his shoulder (o the ivhivl mid do his small parl In tins bli endeavor." lo Dr. C'nrlr s p. p.vinqle. or t>i,|W |0 ™J "' w »'l Street today.main- group of ls Bureau of pi«ni Tndustry .Dep.-irt- -' :ls rrslllt - of eonilnued improve-i m . n . most of whom in-lit of Agriculture mont ln Dus i«css. and was re- approach. In the Journal of Heredity Dr noc!e ri In advancing prices in slocks. Prices closed up fractions grocs nn(i fled it ' amount ol screening where nia- starled' leriuls nrc (ur "ished by properly Coali OW " ers '" ccrt "ln sections of the 'city. The health board, which met to- plnns, exaction to -,,L^ clciln "" ccltni " dislricts where '...„.,. ifiisanllary conditions luvc lone ' ^vtrl^,! f • - fifr. iir.- L (i i.tLCI^. i , ' — ,rkland and chief Ma- l eslcr<Illy nncl wln mccl a Bai" ey were on their wayl rt!iy to f«"'»""h>t« its plans, le whra Uisy mcl .i' 1 *"^ to tnkc definite action ' Swindle described the Dai»rcmi-ntiana as a plant from which 2.5HO new ones may sprin? hi a single season. It grows anil reproduces rnnidlv. and. 15-e sc'en- tlst explained, hastens biological experlmenis normally prolonged by slow growing plants. However, he noinled out. lii»h atmospheric humiditv Is e.ssentlal io proper growth, while, it wns ad[ied. the plant will grow in dry ground for long periods provided, tfe air is moist. Or. S«'in»le introduced the plant to America from Madagascar In 1928. isted. First on ihe clean-up list I Is "Oaines quarters." In the first Secretary of Labor Perkins Reports "Spring ness Recovery." Busi- WASHINGTON. "Highly desirable Apr. IB <UP>spring business recovery" .Is here. Secretary of Labor Frances Perk-Ins said today in reporting employment and payroll gains for March. Miss Perkins said emp.'oyHiem climbed 418,500 and weekly payrolls Jumped S12.904.00Q In private industry last iiicnth. Imilctl the Increases as signs I to three points. "Move on or Ebe—" Is New York Cotton A. T. and T 123 1-4 Anaconda Copper 10 1-i r"'ii]*>hem Steel 43 C^n-slcr 531-8 The admonition to "keep mov CUics Service 25-8 ing" w m g rect transients here In X 0 "' Cola 110 1-21 the future. Police Chief FJ Rice General American Tank 41 l-slgaid today following a wnve of I>ettV thievery and housebrcaking which has had Blylhevlllc in Its throes for several weeks. "Floaters and others v.-ilh means of ward, long known as an ill kpt of "n definite spring recovery whlci: group of shacks with little or no f Uf • ir conveniences and the refuge of S Warning tO VagS Petty criminals. 22 7-8 38 5-8 5-16 31 \-t NEW YORK. April 18. <UP>Cotton closed steady. May ... July .... Oct Dec Jan Mar S|xits closed steady nt 1180. v: changed. " ' General Electric General Motors Inlcrnatinnal Harvrstrr Micidlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Pelrolciun Radio Corp 85- Simmons Beds 2l St. louls-San Francisco 4 Standard of N. J 14 Texas Outlaw Foils Pursuers no visible means of support will be 35 1-2 given an opportunity to visit Cap- Jj i"^! lnin L "tcs' county farm." the po- "'llcc liead declared, adding lhat | arrangements had been made lor j vagrancy offenders lo be transferred to ;he county division of municipal court. 20 5-8' open high low 1170 1175 1165 1181 1185 1115 1105 1200 1190 1206 1210 1201 1211 1215 1207 1220 1223 1212 Close 11G5 1175 1190 1201 1207 12H Tcx ^ 5 Co • 20 3-l| The chief attributed the a,.,,... u - s - stccl ' 51 1-3 cntly endless series of thefts to U. S. Smelting 1213-8 the presence in large numbers - • " — I here of drillers from other parts I t\CW Orleans Cotton of lhc ^oxn'O' and to an elomcn!, .of local population which he Fays has no means of visible support and wants none. All persons unable to answer questions as to their source of Income and who to be suspicious clurac- Chicago Wheat NEW ORLEANS, April 18. (UP) —The cotton market was quiet on the local exchange today, futures moving within a 10 point range and closing with one to three points gains. NEW ORLEANS, April 18. (UP) own high low close'— c °iton closed steady. May 78 1-2 79 3-8 77 5-8 77 3-4 : open high low- July 78 3-4 79 5-8 77 3-4 77 7-8'May .... 1175 1183 1193 1200 appear ters will be told to "move on" or be docketed on vagrancy charges, the chief states. Chicaao Corn May July open V. 7-8 45 3-4 high 43 1-2 40 3-8 low 42 5-8 45 3-3 July Oct. Dec. close! Jan. 42 5-8,Mar. 1207b 1227D 1177 1185 1197 1209 1168 1175 1187 1198 close 1168 1175 11B8 1198 12021) 1212b c '""fl Killed 590 Ducks ULYSSES, Kan. (UP) — M--> !lhai; SoO wild ducks were killed ! here recently by a diist storm. Earl Lytal and Jerry Sullivan found the fowls, which evlrlcnlly had smothered in the thick dust • COO n i i !••«»• •HI1ULJ JI'L tU 111 45 3-8 Spots closed steady at HM,up3.ithat filled the air. Hunted by posses In midwest uiul southwest, Clyde Barrow, Texas Killer. abo;e. sgaln nan cvadoil capture, after a new rc'sn oi terror across four slates. In which lltrce police- meti uvn 1 killed and .1 poltco clilet was kiilnancil and later free*. . highly dcslreable.' The Increase means, she said, a ruu', to private Industry of approximately 2,750.000 workers • incc March, 1D33, nnd an estimated Increiue of weekly payrolls of $79.000,000. The March statistics were calculated on the new system used by [lie labor department on the ;D23-25 average instead of the o>d basis of 1920 as nn average. Oscar Grant Elected Manila City Marshal MANILA.—Ttie new board of aldermen met at the city hall last, evening <o elect a new marshal. Oscar was elected over II V. Liltlejohn. H. Poe, and A. D. Breedon. who were also candidates. Wilbou:n Wells, retiring mayor. Iras presented an Elgin watch In appreciation of his work. It was decided lo change the d.itc of meeting from the first Friday to the first Monday of each month. New officers of the city are: C, W. Tip'.on. mayor; Guy McHenry. ccoider: C. W. Watts, Rlley nun- can. Albert White, C. R. Chlldress And a. Mi*e jr. The officers were sworn in by Justice J. U. Needham. British "White Letter" Today Will Disavow Responsibility . for Failure. LONDON. Apr. 18 (UP)—Hope of pcncrnl disarmament vanished to- the the nature world, showing how far Britain has pone In trying to promote an asrecmenl nnd ubsolv- of responsibility for the in<! her failure. France suits Position PARIS. Arr. 18 (UP) — France Hung a challenge to the world (oday, declaring she would not discard a single weapon unless Oermanv is kept disarmed. The foreign office made public Ihe text of a Elrong note to Great Britain, declaring thnt unless France is given absolute assur- flrce of armed help and security d.'s.irmament dV;c-<*sl useless. DillinRer Treated by Physician for Wound ST. PAUL, April 18. (UP)—ohn Dllllnger. elusive Indiana outlaw, was wounded when he escaped from a St. Paul apartment threb weeks ago. it was disclosed today with discovery of a Minneapolis plmlclan who dressed the wound anil a nurse who assisted. "RrcnKnirtil" in MONTGOMERY. Ln.. April 18. <UPi— Three bandits, armed with revolvers, held ui> and robbed the Montgomery bank of an undetermined amount of cash and fted In a sedan today. L. u. Wardlow, president, said one of the bnidlts resembled John nilllnger, Indiana's phantom outlaw. "We keep Dllllnger's picture In the office so we know what lie looks like," said Wardlow. OF Hurrv Gall Sent .(or "Jaf- sie" lo Make Plane Trip to Boston. . .— HOBTON, Apr. 18 (HV)—V. S. Marshal Jolin J. Murphy has tc- :w.d a uholoifiiiph which hiv bc- icves iniiy bV iHat of,'ihe. imih Ai.n took the iSO.OOO". Lindbergh baby ransom inoriey lr'uui-Ur..Jalin P. (Jnfsle) Condon. . •;.'<,' -Murphy Informed the .u. S. mar- • iluil HI Now York of the development untl asked tlmt "Jafsle" be located . and sent to Boston immediately,. |preferably by iOr-•• ;ilunc, to view tlie photograph.' Continuing Nfurphy's announcement, George West, acting elder ol the division of Investigation of the department, of justice., at Boston asserted thnt n "new lead" In the s:omlii3ly blind search for the kidnapers nnd slayers of Char- .es A. Lindbergh, Jr., hud been uncovered In New Engluntl. , Assistant Attorney General fJeo- tgc Sweeney, after a recent visit to the olllcc of Francis J, W. Ford, U. S. district attorney, for Massachusetts, admitted that he had dismissed aspects ot the Lindbergh cn'se- and alflrmed tlmt "ths trail had led Into New England." Murphy would not dlscloss how he had come Into possession of' Jie photograph which lie thought might be that of the fugitive go- between who made awuy with the ransom money that'Jafsie tested over a cemetery wall In the Bronx. Condon already has been to Boston In his endless search. ot rogues galUries for the mun who duped him while the Lindbergh child lay dead on a Now" Jer»y hillside. Four Periih in Crash of Plans Near Dallas DALLAS, Apr. 18 (UP) — The charred bodies of four Dallas men and women, killed In-, a ulane crash 20 miles northwest of here, were returned ta Dallm) today. ' The victims, burned bayonet recognition after their Bellanca cabin ship burst Into flames last ; Ijlit. were Hurry Fowler, veteran pilot, Lillian liose, 18. Fowlsr's fiance. Jack Pool, 34, printer and friend of Fowler nnd Mrs. 'jewel Morgan. 31, beauty parlor operator. - •-The four had dinner at"£ove Field airport last night anduihch look off in the plane at 10 P. M. for tin unannounced destination? ' A half hour later farmers living near Lewlsvllle- saw Hi; plane •all lo earth during an electrical Bullet Changes Negro's Mind; To Go To Farm A bullet creased Ills hand before J,ib Taylor, DlytlnUlb negro, surrendered to Jonestcro officers! yesterday for return here to facu- .1 county farm sentence. ' ' Taylor failxl to appear in circuit court to answer a charge of reckless driving after appealing from municipal court conviction. The lower court's judgment was nlfirmcd but Taylor could not be found. Early thtj week the negro was reported In Jonesboro. Jonesboro officers found him but the nejro ran nnd was captured only after sustaining a slight flesh wound in one hand. Us was returned here by Arch Llndsey. deputy sheriff, and Thurman Atkins, man, last night. police- WEATHER AUKANSAS — Partly cloudy, cooler In extreme east portion tonight. Thursday generally fair. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy tonight and Thursday, thundershowers. Vrobably i Germany, the United States, the Untied Kingdom, and France together worth of exported chemicals t800.000.000 The maximum temperature here yesterday was 77. minimum 42, clear with a trace of rain during the night, according to Samuel P. I from Its Earl Parker's Fame as Liar Spreads Far Afield Earl E. Parker, local barber, whose facile ability to falsify caus- d the Arftaiifas legislature. to grant him a medal as a "champion .iar ar.d 'pass" a concurrent rssoMion designating him a> sucii, lias received Lvded recognition. Mr. Parker has been accepted as a member of the famous Bur- j .injum Liars cl'ib of Uurlington, " Wis., which boasfj ot an Interns- .ional membership. A message to Mr. Parker, announcing his acceptance as a member stated, however, that members of th; club, acquainted as they were with legislators of their own state, didn't think much of such statesmen. 1C advised that h_> would have to stand on his own merits to gain new laurels. The Burlington club annually names a "champion h»r" »nd ullled Norris. official weather observer, "whoppers" members, based on (hoy have submitted.

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