The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1930
Page 5
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FRISAY, SEPTEMBER 26,.'. 1930 BJfcyTHEVILLE. (ARK.), COURIER NEWS BELOTE Grocery and Meat MARKET Phone 177 We Deliver 122 W. Main EGOS Fresh Country Per Dozen 29c LETTUCE Large Heads Per Head 8c GRAPE FRUIT Fancy <lG's 2 For 25c Bananas Fancy Yellow fruit 5c BRIDGE BY WM. E. McKENNEY Secretary America* Krtttt Leaf** Today's' hand Is striking object lesson in carelessness of not' thinking out the play of the cards and anticipating the beet possible defense by the enemy. Many tlroet we have heard the experienced bridge player advise the beginner, "Stop, look and study"the hand before playing to the first trick. The expert always pauses arid appralres the cards In the two hands before proceeding with the first play. The following deal occurred In a rubber game of contract. ..either side was vulnerable, CELERY Large Jumbo Each lOc GREEN BEANS Pound 124C PEACHES Evap " atel £«* $2.75 Potatoes STRING BEANS """""'"S'lOc PORK & BEANS a "" >b "" 3 Cans For 23c TOMATOES No. 2 Cans 3 For Old Judge 1 Lb. Can '3Gc 3 Lb. ,Can 1.05 MATCHES SOAP p '* 6 -' 10 Bars 30c SALT MEAT r " Bo '" i18 Sunshine lib. Box Salted 13c Crackers 2 Lb. Box 25c SALT MEAT.-*!!£."££• 18c 1HII If Evaporated. 6 Small Cans or lUlLIV 3 Tall 1 1 FLOUR Gl " •*• 75c Ever-GoodHamsSf.^ BACON •*»*'••«•**«"'• 29c VEALCHOPS I'ound: 20c STEW MEAT Pound ISc LARD Compound . 8 Pound Pails $1.00 BUTTER .GoWeh Rod Pound Full r • • Hens and Fryers WtIT J-4-7-5 NMTti S-l H-a-T-J VAST »-••«•- Uli'tiLj s- 10 * K_|.»4 C-0-W-M4 ,.84 D_«.io. • »*-*+ 7-5 . S-2 C-*-3-Z . D-6 SOUTH—0£»L« S-A-K-3-Z H-K-10-5 O-JMC-a-3 C-K-» The BJddlni South, the dealer, felt that the possibilities of going game were far tetter In no trump than any suit, and opened the bidding with two no trump, while Some players prefer a two-spade forcing bid, In this particular case, West passed and North took the contract to three, no trump. At auction, a bid of one no trump would secure the/contract. The riay '•' West's best suit Is diamonds- and the-five spot should be opened, the fourth .best. South, not sloping to appraise the hand, mechanically von the trick with'the eight, South then led the kinf ot.clubj, but the oppoiltlon refuted to win with the ace. This was followed by the jack of clubs and Main the- enemy re- "u&ed to establish the Suit- ' . 'South now endeavored -to estab- Ish the ueen of hearts tt> an entry n dummy by leading the king of learts but again (lie careful opponent refused to" win with'the ace, From there on poor i;Mr. South floundered around and tucoeeded'ln winning only two spade», one heart, Lhree diamonds and two .dubs, be Ing defeated In his \ctnUrjct of three no trump, by. one; ,'•;-' •• When he endeavored to. lead the thrte of diamond* froea.Uie closed hand, West clittercf-up' with the quecn'whlch prevented 'North/a jack from bcpoMng an-entry.: 'Had South' carefully analysed tha eltu atlon In pitying, 16 trie'.flrstt trfci, he might'have anticipated, that he would require entries.ih ..tbi hluniT my" to enable him' the club suit, but should hare'won UK first trick with the-kce or'king of diamonds which 'would have left him with two small diamonds to lead to North's jack!'' -•}.- ..-,After having Withe first'trick in the South hand with an honor the king of dubs could have beei lead, followed by the jack of clubs and properly overtaken with the queen in tte North hand; If East declined to; win with the ace clubs on the second round, a third round of .clubs.' Could 'have been played, establishing two good clubs In North's hand., East and wes r would then have been helpless In stopping game and North coul< have gathered In two spades, three diamonds, four clubs and possibly a heart trick. '• ' •" -. :.• • : Morrow's Return Takes On y "Back From Elba" Aspect By HARRY W. FRANZ . United Press fi£aff Correspondent . WASHTNGTON.-The "back from Mexico" move of Ambassador Dwigh't W. Morrow, is getting .profound attention from politicians and diplomats here and eventually may have a significance comparable to the famous "Back from Elba" trip of Napoleon or the "Home from Africa" campaign of Roosevelt. Absence abroad, in Ambassador Morrow.'s •' case, seems to have made his personality tremendously, alluring-'to .the American public; and every practical politician .Is bound to wonder to what extent this Interest . w'ill -he ' reflected in'!votes. His fortunes also are a favorite topic of.. conversation wherever diplomats gather. Diplomatic reputations often are made by prophecy, and Ambassador Morrow is a good <sub]ect. "• Plenty of votes in New-Jersey next November in the senatorial election, woiuld: release a flood-tide of cotnme,nt concerning Morrow's eligibility for the presidency, in 1936 if: not in 1932. After election <o the Senate would come a political tripling from the 100 per cent "drys," the Senator In all probability would, have an opportunity to'con- tribute-: his wisdom to the .correction of the " unpopular Hawiey Srr.oot tariff bill. : If he successfully exerted his principle of moderation in reference to tariffs as well as the liquor questions, many diplomats believe. he 'would be well ori. tlie way U the White House. •.'. ; '•• ' The long-range diplomatic view of Morrow's political .future is tha after about five yeari^of, poiltlca and economic misa'dvisnturi; due U policy of. high'protection this country will be groping toward personalities who have a'broad international view and a conviction that International economic machinery can be developed without PAO*..<:" c nbout him than nil or lli« others ouud himself the center of « torni of indignation, Typlcul of the Intensity or inter-' st In Morrow's future, this par- Icular gathering discussed little or an liour except, the anibassa- or's prospects flrsl for the senate nd then for tho White House. T!ie world's largest canal lodt.'u [inner of n mile long and cann- w of raising tlio biggest ships, wuj ccenily opened In HolbiiU. iSmflc at the Ache" Ordinary pains— headache and neuralgia, muscular pains, functional pains, ' the headache and congested feeling of a arid in the head—how quickly they disappear when you take a tablet or two of ,.. . DR.MILES' QMr-mint Dr. Miles' Anpir-Mlnt is tha new, stable, mint-flavored tablet that is making people all over the country "Smile at the ; Acba" Your druggist hu them. 15e and 25e Packages "Live Better For Less" Specials for Saturday Bananas" "'4 Ibs. 19c TURNIPS Tops. Hunch IQc I APPLES New Jonathan 4 Pounds Celery Lar^c Jumbo stalk 7'c HAVE you HEARD?- Jeopardy to anyone's national sovereignty. Then, it Is thought, Morrow with his International banking 'experience and his moderate-tariff views, (already incorporated In senate committee hearings and the Conr _ gresslonal Record), will be a logl r cal personality to'undertake, leadf efs'hlp of 'the Republican party. . Apart from this, there is a' great psychological interest In Morrow's attitude with respect'to the liquor traffic. His campaign statements during the primary were contemporaneously interpreted as aligning him with the "wets," but'Morrow's | other personal qualities) would probably make him the national "wet" most agreeable to the "drys" —or at least the • "near-drys." 'Although Ambassador Morrow's two years in Mexico City have given him>an almost unrivalled prestige as : a diplomat, there Is, of course, a minority that would disparage his accomplishments there. According to this group, Morrow merely had the great.good fortune to arrive In Mexico at the time when Mexican foreign policy was being re-adapted to-the exigencies of the international situation, and that he personally was credited with changes In policy satisfactory lo the United States which would have been made equally under other circumstances. The ambassador' has an extraor- You *•«!! BEETS Green Tops Hunch 5c I CARROTS Oranges ""* si " doz. CAULIFLOWERS. 15c IPOLEBEANS *i&tQc Potatoes ""-" lb. 3c Celery Cab- <\ E — bu^e Pound JL 9 V wmmmmmm Artichokes" 4 C 4* Each JIOC Kuddishes, Large Hunch Gruue Fruit <t "f 1 _ Each JL / 2 C ant I tt'ith Srjuush I'ound 9c Cabbage Pound Grapes, Tokay Lemons, 3fiO's Dozen Spinach Rhubarb Apples, Delic- 4 O>« ions, Pound JLOV Spring Onions Hunch • Bell Pep- icrs, Pound mmmmmmm Rutabagas ' Pound Salt Meat For Boiling' : •.•!.. Jim ! lb. 13c BEEF ROAST Ku. 16c I NECK BONES Po Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service" San' With Ice Often you can rejuvenate a lamp dinary "following" shade considerably Ington newspapermen',;and at a re- the top and bottom line of'it. cent press gathering one'reporter Gold paint comes who was somewhat less enlhuslas- Bologna Whole Stick lb. 15c Salt) Meat} ' Hest, Pound i mmmmmmm Sii'toin Steak < Pound i V\S fcibs 4 «7JL Pound* i Z Hucon, Sliced ^O Pound O A Round Steak Pound Chitterlings 4 OJL, Pound JL <fc 2 * Pork Chops OCL< Pound ••O' Ikcf Stew | C , Pound JL^ 1 Pork Shoukkr 1 Qj% whole-half, Lb. *Ov I^mb Stew Pound •! O 1 ** Jl A z C Pig: Liver Pound Lamb Shoulder 4 Aft. Pound Ji*»C Guaranteed Fresh dozen 29c Peaches No. 2'/ 2 Can, Griffon. Sliced or Halves 18c and often a small brush comes with It. If your lampshade hapj^ns to be the kind that has gold or gaily colored binding top. and bottom that is worn, oft in spots, you can purchase this binding at art departments. It is simple to put on and lives a finished look to your shade lhat "is gratifying. CASH IS RETURNED EVANSVILLE, Ind. tUP)—Two gold pieces which had not left the [rocket of Jack Jones, farmer, for 49 years, and ten'$100 bills that had been lying alongside the. gold pieces for 20 yearrs. relumed to their'owner after a week's absence. Jones claimed .the money was lifted" from him when »• couple jrought -whlsgy to his house and lad , Police arrested Clay Bunch. 20. and Bessie Ruby, ; 25, on a'charge of doing the "lifting." SWALLOWS BURR. \OREEtiY, Colo. (UP)^-A cam burr- caused Marie'Goctz, 16, con siderable trouble. - The girl • • s»,*l lj>wed the burr when she trlediU from her hand with he teeth: She was taken to Denve where four physicians removed th .burr from Its lodging place, dee In her throat. for baking powder Is the MATCHES "••?», 18c I FLOUR $1.55 Tomatoes No. 2 Standard. 3 Cans 25e UM K C IMclM Powcfcr the next tl«« yo» bile* «iia jadjc ill qmlily by rtnkt. You w* M tturt fi »on« fotftr —p«r*r or mort'tftcltnt. •' ' • You uv* in buytoi 'ind M»t in' itinj ' * Milk Pet or Carnation GINGER ALE,.ga;, e 19c I COFFEE r,,.^.$1.00: I, ITS DOUBLE ACTING Salmon Chum Hnmd, No; 1 Tail'Can 10c *^*"" -^ *• PRICE :c 25 ounce; for 25c BAKING POWDER MIlllONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT Snowdrift C-Lh. Pail Each 99c 69c I CLEANSER , Old Dutch 2 For Sugar 10 II). Limit With Other Groceries I

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