The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 1974 · 22
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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware · 22

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1974
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22 The Morning News, Friday, April 12, 1974 raws 1609 1617 W. 3rd StWilm. 6564551 LASAGKI I SEX I MA,C0TT,& 5 lb SSc $AWI 3ys i 3y5l.b.3ys OPEN: Daily 8-4, Saturday 8-2, Sunday 8-noon ALL EYES ARE ON THE ICE KNOW WHY A DIAMOND IS OFTEN CALLED ICE? Like in hockey, it's exciting. Like in a high ball, it's sparkling. Like in winter, it's enchanting. The "ice" at Harris Jewelers is all of that and more ... and the Ring Leaders won't chill you with price. Expect a perfect diamond for as little as $100. What better way to melt her heart? HARRIS (WW u Convenient Credit Terms Available INFANTS & TODDLER DRESSES JrhZP TODDLER SLACK SETS l -m II INFANTS & TODDLER CREEPERS m Tl llljfl DELUXE DETAILING INCLUDES JMfM WltfM NEW FASHION STYLES fP'4sJ ilii WkirW EMBROIDERIES Wll-Or IP ? CAP SLEEVES B T TT yrK I wXlJv TURTLENECKS I l I l :u I VJ SHORT SLEEVES t W Y I ( 1 F":S NAUTICAL LOOKS I f I J 1 M iV FABULOUS FABRICS ; J 1 llfflWN I M GREAT FASHION COLORS I I rW- l fW VS INFANT SIZES M-XL II iV'yr I 1)1 V TODDLER SIZES 2-4 k pj I t GIRLS SIZES 4-6X SHOP MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 10 AM TO 10 PM SUNDAY 12 NOON TO 7 Free parking for over 5,000 cars! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded! Sorry, no mail or RAVIOLI PRODUCTS PLACE YOUR COfiFIDSNCE IN THE "RING LEADERS" 501 MARKET STREET WILMINGTON, DE Daily 9 to 5:30, Fri. eve 'til 9 12 WEST GAY STREET WEST CHESTER, PA. Daily 9 to 5:30, Fri. eve 'til 9 KIRKWOOD PLAZA KIRKWOOD HIGHWAY Daily 10 to 10, Sunday 12 to 7 KIRKWOOD HIGHWAY CONCORD MALL. WILMINGTON Raymond likes By Dick Kleiner Enterprise Feature HOLLYWOOD, Calif-Knowing that Gene Raymond was 66, I expected to meet a dodderer. From a chat recently I am happy to report that he's not. Far from it. The star of so many movies in the '30s and '40s is still youthful-looking and youthful-acting. He's slim and trim. His hair is still more gold than silver and he looks year younger than many men his junior. You can see for yourself Sunday, when he shows up on the screen as one of the stars of CBS' The First Woman President. Gene Raymond says he hasn't done much acting the past few years. In fact, he says he hasn't done much of anything lately, except play golf. Maybe that's what has kept him so trim. He plays a tv scout BEST BET-No selection today. 8-11:45 The entire prime time schedule is occupied by Ben-Hur, the epic film which leads to that fantastic chariot race between Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd. Ancient Rome in all its glory here. (Ch. 2, 10). Nine hot dogs get him a trophy NEW YORK (ft - John Connolly, 22, of Astoria, Queens, ate nine hot dogs in 2V2 minutes yesterday to win the annual hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous restaurant in Coney Island. Connolly, a sophomore at Manhattan Community College, received a trophy for his efforts. Offered another one of the famous Coney Island hot dogs immediately after the feat, he gasped: "I couldn't have another not another." Al tj ; Gene Raymond lot of golf and the exercise has obviously been beneficial. "Over the years," he says, "I've been offered a lot of 8:30-9:30 The Six million Dollar Man is not the wild fantasy it usually Is. Rather it's a look at a friendship and a mind which has become super-charged, the mental equivalent of Steven's (Lee Majors) physical power. Wil-liam Shatner plays this genius, an astronaut who has been a little strange since a journey into space. Why? (Ch. 6, 13). 9- 11 The Good Friday presentation is part one of The Greatest Story Ever Told with Max Von Sydow as Christ (Ch. 3, 8, 11). 9:30-10-Oscar and Felix (Jack Klugman and Tony Randall), The Odd Couple, fancy themselves songwriters in a nutty episode which has Jaye P. Morgan and Wolfman Jack playing themselves. (Ch. 6, 13). 10- 11-Toma (Tony Mu-sante), checking out the death of a young friend turned to drugs and prostitution, winds up disguised as an Italian businessman, seeking pleasurable company (Ch. 6, 13). part parts but I didn't like them. When you've been acting as long as I have, you get to the point where you don't take things unless they're fun to do." Suddenly, he's found two things that were fun the aforementioned The First Woman President, in which he appears with Eva Marie Saint and Richard Basehart, and an episode of Apple's Way. Raymond came to Hollywood in 1931, from Broadway. He says he has never bothered to count up the films he's done '"Iii's more important to look ahead than to look back." He's still looking ahead. He wants to go back to Broadway. He'd like very much to do a big stage musical but, he says, so far he's had no offers in that area. He thinks it would be fun and that's the important thing to him these days. . Raymond was married, for 28 years, to Jeanette MacDon-ald and only her death ended the marriage. Most people generally consider that record to be rather stupendous, in Hollywood, but Raymond disagrees. "That's not as unusual as people think," he says. "There have been lots of long marriages in Hollywood but they don't make news. It's only the scandals and the separations and divorces that make news." He remembers one evening, when he and his wife were channel 5 cahlevision 00 p.m. Sports and Travel World 00 p.m. Frank at 5, Frank Baker 30 p.m. Paul Talk, Paul McKnight 00 p.m. "Us" Variety Interviews 30 p.m. Mirth, Mystery, Magic 00 p.m. Good Friday Special "The Ampol Choir" PM phone orders. having a very domestic evening, sitting home and playing cards, and they turned on the radio. Walter Winchell came on and, in his breathless style, reported a "flash" "Jeanette MacDonald is in Reno to get a divorce from urate rsn mm; it 'According to the latest U.S. Government figures. Filter and MeniM 16 mg. "tar", 1.2 mg. nicotine FTC Report Sept, 73. TV Listings OWMAR-TV (CBS) Bait. II KYW-TV (NBC) Phila. (J WPVI-TV (ABC) Phila. O WGAL-TV (NBC) Lane. CDWCAU-TV(CBS) Phila. MORNING 5:45 CD NEWS 6:00 O FARM MARKET REPORT CD SUNRISE SEMESTER 6:10 O EYEWITNESS NEWS (D FIRST AMERICANS 6:15 O SUT YUNG YING YEE 6:30 QO SUNRISE SEMESTER Q OPERATION ALPHABET (B-W) Q COUNTRY MUSIC TIME CD WAKE UP! CD LEARNING TO READ 6:40 CD SUNRISE NEWS 6:45 O FARM, HOME AND GARDEN 6:50 CD CONSUMER CHECKOUT 7:00 QGD MORNING NEWS OOCD 0 TODAY Q PERSPECTIVE O EYEOPENER NEWS 7:25 OOOCD NEWS 7:30 OOO(0 TOO AY Q CAPTAIN NOAH CD CAPTAIN CARNIVAL 8:00 OG3 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 8:25 OCO NEWS Q WEATHER 8:30 O OCO O TODAY CB LEAVE IT TO BEAVER 8:55 O DIALING FOR DOLLARS 9:00 O0 ROMPER ROOM fi SOMERSET O MIKE DOUGLAS CD MORNING SIDE CD TRIMNAST1CS CQ SESAME STREET CD LARRY ANGEL CB NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS 9:15 CB SOCIAL WORK 9:30 O DIALING FOR DOLLARS O JACKPOT CD THIS WEEK'S NEWS CB PASSWORD CB LITTLE RASCALS 9:55 O NEWS 10:00 QCO03 JOKERS WILD OOCD DINAH'S PLACE O TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES CD MIKE DOUGLAS CB MORNING MOVIE ' Buliwhip" (1958) starring Guy Madison Rhonda Fleming. 10:30 OCDO GAMBIT OOCD JEOPARDY O LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE 10:45 CD DELA VALLEY TODAY 11:00 OCDO NOW YOU SEE IT OOCD WIZARD OF ODDS O PASSWORD 11:30 OCDCD LOVEOFUFE O O CD HOLLYWOOD SQUARES OC0 BRADY BUNCH Q) DENNIS THE MENANCE (B-W) CB PATTY DUKE CD ZOO REVUE 11:55 OCD MIDDAY NEWS CO NEWS AFTERNOON 12:00 fi CQ CQ YOUNG AND RESTLESS Q NEWS O ACTION NEWS O CD JACKPOT CD PASSWORD CO BULLETIN BOARD 60 HAZEL CB GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C CD HUCK AND YOGI 12:30 O CD CQ SEARCH FOR TOMORROW OCD CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES OCD SPLIT SECOND O NOONDAY ON 8 CD ROMPER ROOM 60 NEWSPROBE CB OZZIE AND HARRIET CD LUCY SHOW 12:55 OCD NEWS 1:00 0 WOMAN'S ANGLE O MARCIAROSE OCQ ALL MY CHILDREN O WHATS MY LINE? C0 TATTLETALES CD BEVERLY HILLBILLIES CD EYEWITNESS NEWS CO AFTERNOON MOVIE (B-W) "From Russia With Dove"(1956) starring Renato Rascel, Marisa Pavan. 60 PHIL DONAHUE CB ONE O'CLOCK MOVIE "Pontius Pilate" (1964) starring Jeanne Cram. Basil Rathtone. CD MOVIE (B-W) "A Kiss in the Dark" (1949) starring Jane Wyman, David Niven. 1:30 QGDCQ AS THE WORLD TURNS OCD LETS MAKE A DEAL O THREE ON A MATCH CD DICK VAN DYKE (B-W) 2:00 OCD (Q GUIDING LIGHT OOCD DAYS OF OUR LIVES OCD NEWLYWED GAME 60 SAFARI 2:30 QCQCQ EDGE OF NIGHT OOCD DOCTORS OCD GIRL IN MY LIFE CO PATTY DUKE (B-W) CB CAPTAIN CHESAPEAKE 3:00 QCQCQ PRICE IS RIGHT O O CD ANOTHER WORLD OCD GENERAL HOSPITAL CO POPEYE 60 ADDAMS FAMILY (B-W) CD KIMBA 3:30 OCD CQ MATCH GAME OOCD SURVIVE MARRIAGE OCD ONE LIFE TO LIVE CO ULTRAMAN 60 THREE STOOGES (B-W) CB MISTERED CD BANANA SPLITS 1 P7 Gene Raymond." "We howled," Raymond says. "It was so funny. We couldn't ' have been more domestic than we were at that very moment when he was reporting to the world we were getting a divorce." WbJ. xxxxxxxxxx 1 111 t) J xxxxxxxxxx THINS av. per cigarette. Warning: The That Cigarette CD WBAL-TV (NBC) Bait. WHYY-TV(PBS) Wilm. WJZ-TV (ABC) Bait. (D WB0C-TV Salisbury CD WPHL-TV(IND) Phila. WNJS-TV (PBS) Camden Q3 WTAF-TV (IND) Phila. CD WBFF-TV (IND) Bait. CD WKBS-TY (IND) Phila. 4:00 Q FUNTSTONES O MIKE DOUGLAS O BIG VALLEY OCQ SOMERSET CQ TV 10 EARLY MOVIE A Man Called Peter" (1955) starring Richard Todd. Jean Peters. CD BEWITCHED CDS) SESAME STREET CD PERRY MASON (B-W) CQ OZZ1E AND HARRIET (B-W) CB THREE STOOGES CD LTTLE RASCALS (B-W) 30 O BONANZA OCD MERV GRIFFIN CQ LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE CO ANDY GRIFFITH (B-W) S) FLIPPER CB UTTLE RASCALS . CD FUNTSTONES 5:00 O MOO SQUAD (B-W) CQffl USTEROGERS CD DEALERS CHOICE CQ VIRGINIAN CD GOMER PYLE, USMC 60 LOST IN SPACE (B-W) CB STAR TREK 5:30 O I DREAM OF JEANNIE OCD NEWS CO ELECTRIC COMPANY CO ANOY GRIFFITH (B-W) CD GILUGANTS ISLAND EVENING 6:00 oaaocQ NEWS CD DUCKPINS AND DOLLARS CQ TODAY IN DELAWARE (B-W) CD ABC NEWS CO THE UNTOUCHABLES (B-W) Eliot Ness goes underground lo get evidence against the operators ol a horse ractng wre service who are also peddling narcotics 63 ZOOM 63 BEWITCHED TaMha is all set to learn to skate the mortal way ... but Endora gives her a little hiep CB GILUGAKS ISLAND Thee natives go to Ggan's Island in search ol a White Goddess so that she can be honored in their tribe s new year feast CD STAR TREK Captain Kirk diverts the Enterprise in search ol a lite saving synthetic lood. 6:30 O CO CBS EVENING NEWS OOCD NBC NIGHTLY NEWS O ABC NEWS CD DESIGNING WOMEN CD EYEWITNESS NEWS 68 CARRASCOLENDAS 60 COURTSHIP OF EDDIES FATHER Tom is attracted to a gamm-iike but clumsy artist named Katie O'Hara after she applies for work at Tomorrow Magazine. CB THE ADDAMS FAMILY A pair ol newtyweds leases the house next door to the Addams Family. 7.00 OCDCQ NEWS O WHATS MY LINE? O TO TELL THE TRUTH O TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES CQ CBS NEWS CB TAKE 12 Members of the Greater Philadelphia Council ot B'nai B'nth discuss the national and international activities of their organization. CD BASEBALL Bait. Orioles vs. Milwaukee Braves CD BONANZA A hall-breed Indian flees from prejudice and stops at the Ponderosa, 69 AVIATION WEATHER 60 THAT GIRL Lou Marie is" convinced he has rabies alter a stray pup nips him and disappears from Ann s apartment. CB GOMER PYLE, USMC Carter scratches a parked car and offers to pay for it. CD MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE A syndicate leader has the key to the five million dollar bankroll that will finance to overthrow the government of Camagua 7:30 O TO TELL THE TRUTH O SORTING IT OUT O ORAL ROBERTS SPECIAL O HOGANS HEROES "Unfair Exchange" ' CD GREAT MYSTERIES "An Affair ol Honor." Top-level government plans are stolen and a clear case ol espionage turns into a case for deception and involuntary suicide, CD STAND UP AND CHEER CD WALL STREET WEEK CQ BASEBALL Orioles vs. Mlwaukee. (Joined in proa-ress) fS NEW JERSEY NEWS REPORT 60 FACE OFF WTTH FLYERS 60 FLYERS vs ATLANTA FACE OFF ON TV29 On To The STANLEY CUP CB THE UNTOUCHABLES When a bookkeeper to the rackets plans to retire from his lob he learns thai it can only lead to trouble for himself and his family. 8:00 OCQ CBS FRIDAY MOVIE "Ben-Hur" (1959) starring Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd The picture, which won 1 1 Academv Awards talk the riaon. ly moving story of a Judean aristocrat who delied the paganism ol ancient Rome. (R) OOCD SANFORD AND SON CB 60 WASHINGTON REVIEW -CD OF LANDS AND SEAS "Polynesian Playground" KM Raymond, like so many of his contemporaries, is not a big TV or movie fan now. He ; believes that most movies of today "go in too much for sex" and violence anything to make them commercial." He'd rather play golf. - HOOTS Surgeon General Has Determined Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. 03 STANLEY CUP Flyers vs. Atlanta CD DICK VAN DYKE (B-W) Rob recalls the time he was out ol work with a new home, no furniture and Laura expecting Ritchie 8:30 OO CD LOTSA LUCK! "Wll You Marry Me?' When Stan pops the question to his new love, she decides to see if they are compatible before rushing into anything (R) O SIX MUJON DOLLAR MAN ' Burning Bnght. " An astronaut is affeclnd by an electrical field in space that gives . him power to communicate with dolphins and control people s rmnds. CB BLACK PERSPECTIVE QD EXPRESS YOURSELF CD BLATI MORES FINEST "Battle of Coral Sea ' (1959) staring Cliff Robertson, Ga Scala A U S sub commander, prisoner on a Pacific island during WWII, tries to get information to American warships CD MERV GRIFFIN SHOW 9:00 O O CD NBC FRIDAY MOVIE The Greatest Story Ever Told" (Pt I) (1965) starringMax Von Sydow. Mu-hael ' Anderson Jr. The movie details Christ s mission on xirth and the events leading to the Crucifixion. (Pt II will be seen Sat., April 13 at 9 00) CQ MASTERPIECE THEATRE Upstairs, Downstairs: On Trial." The arrival ol Sarah, a new parlormaid, into " the Bellamy household is to have a shat- tering effect on both the family and the servants CD NINE O CLOCK MOVIE (B-W) "Hie Siient Enemy' (1959) starring Laurence Harvey, Dawn Addams. Navy Irogmen must stop Italian frogmen from attaching mines to the Sides of British snips QD EVENING WTTH CHAMPIONS CoEds Assaulted! FBI RESCUES -Sun 7:30 ABC 9.30 OCD THE ODD COUPLE ' The Songwriters " Woifman Jack and JayeP Morgan guest star as themselves . in an episode revolving around Fein s anempt to wite a songtor Mss Morgan s mtery act. (R) C9 CBS FRIDAY MOVIE 63 PHIL DONAHUE Guest: Betty Fnedan. 10 00 OCD TOMA The Madam." Posing as a wealthy Hal- tan businessman. Dave becomes friend ; with the proprietress of a call girl ring to ', nail a procurer who turns younq girls on tc drugs to turn them out" as prostitute CD JANE MOORE AND.,. " Guest: Immanuel Veiikovsty 63 CAUGHT IN THE ACT CD PERRY MASON (B-W) ' The Case of the Bluffing Blast" 10:15 CB TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE 10.30 CB EYE TO EYE Fakes' 69 NEW JERSEY NEWS REPORT ; 8D NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY 10:40 CB NEWS AND SPORTS 11.00 HO Off) CD NEWS CQ ALFRED HITCHCOCK (B-W) The Peart Necklace ' 63 DIVORCE COURT (B-W) A wife dams that her husband is supporting a young girl. CD FILM FESTIVAL Time Travelers" (1964) starring Preston Foster, Phil Carey. While working on an experiment to observe past and luVe. a team ot scientists accidentally create a passable doorway to the future and gg through CD NIGHT GALLERY "The Doll ol Death" 1130 f OCD TONIGHT SHOW O MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE (B-W) 'Ad One (1964) starring George Hamil. tor, Jason Roberts. Jr. The story ol playwright Moss Hart in the 1920 s who sends his play to Sam Hams and is advised to collaborate with the tamed George S Kaufmam CB WORLD Of ENTERTAINMENT ' In Concert." Guests: Chuck Berry and his daughter, Inand, Johnny Rivers, Bo Didley and Jim Stafford CD THE LATE SHOW "Tomb of the Living Dead' (1969) starring John Ashley. Angelique Pettijohn. Three strangers arrive on isolated Blood Island and hear that there has been numerous killings attributed lo a green-blooded, groen-skinned monster. 63 PEYTON PLACE (B-W) Constance and Rossi gc out on their first date and Rodney tells Allison that ne loves her. CD THE LATE MOVIE (B-W) "The Body Snatcher" (1945) starring Bcla Lugosi, Boris Karloff. Respectable ' doctors rob graves in order to continue their dissection experiments. 11:45 QCQCQ NEWS 12:00 63 BOWLING 12:15 fi FRIDAY'S BIG MOVIE "Spencer's Mountain" (1963) starring Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara. C0 THE CBS LATE SHOW "The Flame and the Arrow" (1950) starring Burt Lancaster. Virginia Mayo (R) 0 THE TONIGHT SHOW 12:30 CB GHOST HOST THEATRE "Coast of Skeletons" (1965) starring Richard Todd, Dale Robertson 1:00 QOCD MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Host Bov Dark. Guests: Lvnn Anderson. Tom T. Hall, Conway Twtty, Diana Trask, Charlie McCoy, Mel Tilhs and Tommy Overstreet. CD NEWS 1:05 CB ROCK CONCERT 1:30 O CINEMA SIX "Fury of Achilles" (1962) starring Macques Bergerac. Gordon Mitchell CO BULLETIN BOARD 2:05 CQ THE LATE SHOW (B-W) rln1-0"'8,,8'??" 1953) starring Coloy Wallace, Paul Stewart. CB NEWS 2:30 QCD NEWS Although the News-Journal papcra make every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date broadcast schedules last-minute changes sometimes result in telecasting of programs other than those listed. COPYRIGHT 1974, T V DATA INC ADVERTISEMENT i m . .m i 0mmk

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