The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1931
Page 2
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-TWO JBL^iEV_ir!yB.J.ii|ii^i Society Calendar Tuesday •: ii ' 'The Mapia Drove Cemefgry association is meeting \\ith sirs. John Jc!m R. McUank'l Jr., won high. ! and Miss Millie Allison £cc3".i:i 'filgh..-Perfume was the -first/ifivard and powder the second. .. TJie. hostess served; tin ,'nn]ieU?J&s Durham. The Eastern Star is meeting at 7:30 o'clock. Wednesday .Mrs. W. M. McCoinb of Little Rock, state president will be tl'.^'nv hcnored guest at a Delphian j", ift Tlnrnl I . . ,s fruit salad course with sandwiches and coffee. Club KitlcTtiilni-il. Mrs. Joe Cll'tcn hcs'.tfs iif'tlic Niijk Bits of News. iVloslly Persona! ' liad as their guests Saturday M:..:, Mary Matthews and Mte Jo-i'-l .phjjie ejol'.iei,- of Chaffee, Mo. Miss' I Mttahctft;, la Mrs Wats-n's Mr. 'anil Mrs. Donaid : returned' to their home in Joln:r i Sunday. Mrs. Fletcher had l:.xn | here .several dap and Mr !ii;.:hc.> S]icnl yjstcidayl cnme up vcs*.crd:xy. : in Hayi:^, Ark., willi Ills father, j 11 N. Wilson, of Osceoln. allen-.i- Mi. and Mr-, Faniswortli Ulatk I od to business here tcday. :n:'i.!riupl::)r. Bettlo,'- speiit the' n. N. Ware it., returned yest-:-' v.i:'-: ml in Dycrsburg. -'i'eiin., as i!av from a two days business li.u 1 ;i---.u cf Mr. and Mrs. Mosa: lei Memphis. ': ,„..,,., ,. . . ,- , t::!:'.:i j Mrs. Berry I!. Bro:l:s jr. i,[' Mrs. Harvey W. Stewart- Is Im-j-„'!;?,,|. u ";;;•;."' .''"•''' hc ""'-' '» "'•'-'• !•'-: and Mr.-;. W. B, Tanner re-! Mciaphh. 1.; the ijucst o! her nn-j r"- n:5ht (,-oiu Helena' (h'.-r. Mrs Allan \Valton, for iv.V I) Walwi iunchccpi meeting al Nobie. the Hotel l'ar.V40'.:l:l. Mrs. Jclin K. McD.ii.- ing the Matinee Contract club. •iel jr., and Mrs. Hives Alltn, viu!;i.-? n; i'.L-i 1 Dcugli\s iipariinen'.s. prize, an <;.'. H; ML- , ; ~ Hii'.h,,;: Unit ,' s. liln-.-i Alien, litand.; Gay : W'c're gne: Ufse was .•.erv-Vsnia nriiln ut li'cr honi The Si Jcwlsh'WLad!ts nid socicly ' is meeting iu'Osceola at the home of Mrs. E. M Jaffe. Friday Attend Parl M rort.iffcvl onie in Dyers, ban;. Teun.. for the weekend .' i Jcliu CnlducU. of Ijelena, is. a \ burliness visit' i 1 ill llie city, 1 -iiouiird Mi-Call, who was sciu- In llie 100 aueilh at the , oii?!y Injured in an automobile i-.c- Th» Woman's, club is niceiins the club house Kt;2.:SB"«'f_i3ch. at Ilcwnnl Davis, sen pt-Mrs,"CI>ili Davis, left yesterday 'for ••.;8ati.i- niento, Calif,, lor nn extcnfic(i'. Grovcr Driver, of Osc?3la,' businefi vi:-.',lor In li'.o city. 'Mrs. Govdon Cral;;, of M":u;)ii. p UlvcM last cyeniin! at Port-: cld.-iu :l'vcr.,i montlia a B o, is now sl)tnl S;Uu , u . iy „„,-<, attending ciy. Oklalicniii Citv walk. Mis. W. H. Tiiflier, a'ccoin|ian:edj mediate Christian Endt.v.-ir society in a c.;ltghtful progressive party Friday evening. I The 30 present met nt Ihc home! Apulebainn, Mr. ami Mrs. Mlltnii! nocn after spending several ii:iysj Stcrnberg, Mr. and Mrs. Rowland i with her sls'.er, Mr.;, n .N. Ffirrar, • \Volfort, Mr. and Mrs. ike Miller/ v,li-. is.ctHli'illyJll. , ' Mr. and Mrs Walter P.osentin!,' Mr. and Mrs Braxton liragg. Jjy Vote o!' Dorinne Coulter and MONDAY, JANUARY li), liT.l fOOD (•' UAfLR TOO Wt'UE U9iO OliC 1 t\ LOT San FrauciFco Chinatown lias !•. bank operated whoiiy by Ci!:n2i-- women. Luxor a . .ociety—Pcvsoiui cf Marsh. M. Call.iway jr., for tha *! "trip; abroad." •'China' 1 was lirst vi;it:d at the home of Misses Doris Hay and Louise Dobyr.s wl:,;re Mrs. W. A.: DDbyiis-to!d-ll:» story "of a Chinese-. Feast as the giicsts.'-ute r'e- iroshrhehts' of ; rite "cookies -and candy. For "Korea" Mis« Lc-niR Wilson'* horn* was Mrs. Anna WelnUeisr, Mrs. Sain I Osceola, weie visitors in the cityjEslra Llvlnqslou won nv-sl hci-.-r F;, Mrs. Sain Joseph, Jto yesterday. ln lnc « Ms content of the Win' Apnlcbnuin, Zig and Richard Jle-i Walter Green has returned from; Who of 7R2 clnss of Junior Hi , del, Miss Florence Arlan and Louie j Hamilton, O!iio. where he aijcnt a school while in the bsys ev.:>: Isaacs, • I incntl. having been'culled there by Herbert Childs and Albert Hldiu. The M. E. i'.e'.i! tlie lirsl meeting of the year | ;it llie home of Mrb. E. R. Ba-jan. ; K Tuesday afterncoiu The feiloivlng i arc :ie«- ciliL'er.-; presided: prcjittont, ' :. . •_ AKTfCJ.E NO. 103 j tion. The meaning of this bid is; ; BY EUiy/iHl) C. YVOI.FE i nothlnj more than common sense! Member of ;tha • Kadunal Cham-, bidding and players should under-' pioiiEliip Auction Team j stand what is meant by ii-.:s-.s in! your partner's suit order to play intelligent contract. 1 The reason South is Justified •>., Are You"iig OnAHJk?" Liver— Stomach— Bowels— Nerves- -Bram— Heart — lluslness, Women's Club Mrs. W. T. OLvisl IUK! Mrs. i Bo'.:, Biirues arc r:::.- 1 . Salnhic m™- I the critical Illriess of his I who'Inter (iki '- ui'oth.?r were firs,t, .Tho cpv'e$:l honor of being' "MI John Ills. Lanolins' returned from] 722'' went'to Dorhinc CD'jI'.or \,-it!riirasDns en l':i-i «K}i-.' dpil.liip'u-:, L f t'.i .. cdws ff thecountif Mis,» \S:ljon:K fra -;-V .Women's club wl nnd Miss Mozellc" 'rlioiiii>son r ""at-' parly thiS""eve'nllis al the lit; tired In pijamns ns is the custom Mrs. Obersl. of that land, served Korean rice. Tho sun room of the Harrison J Fan:-. Woman's Council home had bron • converted into a Mrs-AH l).iy Mrcllns Japanese scene for. this country.' Th? 50 women at the nil was also acclaimed t::c m^st ;•. tractive and most. sl'.!d!:i;is Jackson. ^fif5., where he attended the Eouthwlde .Sunday school con- Uu-4ii"s ard 1'ru- i volition-ot lhe?Stapt!st church. : a Mis.-U : W, Miilllns sr.-, of Macon, ])le O i j Mis;-.; Is the uu'est of h6r siji.'aml | family. She frrmcrly lived Here. ^ a „„...,„, ... I Harry W. Hancs jr who has been , W:iiuwrl s hf w, i 111 at the home of his parents, te, ^ ^ : , JmbUloliS| ^ J , a , I now niucli improved. Rylee; \vlttii-st. Alia Mr.e Jn:; "•» « r .,«!5..i Y ":,°2rSi C ™,Sj ^l»"»t tnte-Wd. Geneva Carter; b Miis Jean Harrison, who with her] moctliiB of llie County'Council ol and daugl'-ler, of Parago'.ild, we brother, Billy, entertained, told the Farm -Women at the hOjii'c of Mrs. gueUs of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil faliai s^ry of Japan as thi gu,?sts were Lisle- Lynch at Kcdclin paturday I JPrlrtny night. : rciirer.;ul'cfl nine clubs"' 'in county. cslderi .ench- Ip the business session,-pre over by Mrs. C- W. Dgw'pT'Li vltle, president, plans \vcri torin- ulatcd for observing "Better Homes Week" in April. llicj Mrs. Ilnrvey Morris, : who tmdev- ! went a major operation nl the teattd on the floor, in Japanese fashion. Tea cookies were served. 'At Miss Margaret dray's home Mrs." C. M- Gray iajvdd about Africa ai.tXo parly mernbers were served hot, chocolate. Miss Jennie Wren Dlllahunty \vas hostess viW^'Iirazil." Mrs. J<j£ntysls and URDKS tjipo; featured K George W. Dillfthuny told of tb?! !ii" Jatlierlng wiiii -Mft. Hush; millenary work omens the Jn- Perry, of Dell, winning a pillow for: ilians of iliai cciuitry as the crowd i the lirst priz;. ! a-e bananas and brazil nuts- ! The members of the N.cdena Wo-! B^on <vuu-h»>, Mrs. Hess Slovens discnsred! iKn's club, hostesses,'sor'vod a n| was tnc BII--I- u Memphis Mctliodlsl hospllal Salur- dny, Is gcUing along nicely. Mr; Morris returned last night. Mr. and Mrs. Simon P. Lee and ;;;' c " c ' u " t ' c 7 l boy'andTssr aiiil"!' ton, S. P. Jr., spent yesterday '" • r.on-; fcr inrssH 1 needy families in i::;.> ricct'r:i. . ' . I Mu-i Elinor BljC.if 'i?iit;rlainc:l tho | I members ot me Vjpvi-orth League j . and a lew g:'.cs;s at her , home 6-7. D-9-7-S c— K-a- 10-84 SOUTH S—A-J-8 EAST s-io-r- 6-5 D-Q.J. 10-5 fr-ft-3 Come-back in Moviss BIRMINGHAM. 1 Vllma Bnnky. the i:id you wea!:. woaty <l:f|>Dnihnt incn. 3ncl \vor.icn wbo have !;cori cJo:;crine tor .11,13 trying tqgot back tlic vim and cr.dimriccof earlier ye.irs will be :!£toa- (UP) — j !shed, delighted an'il an:azc:l to set blonde Him- liowquicklysuength.energynn-iviul- i gurian beni-ty who latlcd fro:u the •'ty come back thru tlie use o' 'i'mlac 1 Iicllywccd sc:::e when the talkies' Go loypur dtugpist KOW :-rn' gtt r> ! tame, is plamrhii; a flghtinsr ccme- : bottleof Tanlac. ftlillioniof fo!':c !:nvc plannhii; back, she icvcaicd liere. iumcd back on the io.vd • Herbert -•Chilus .";lcc'.cd :. "Mr. 7B2" and he r-lSD \v::; I., honors o! (he l:est all-around bj>. Albert Hidings 'was ch-s;n :;s t':: wisest, -most stndiou.i and m= . handsome boy, Roland Bishop i. Ini of jcoriUni; lp tlu/ contest. Other hoi -! ci.u miphis. 'is k'st r fe'ctfi;''lSyrAn '\Valkcr for prett;-j' 1 s icdny. I est I'.iiir; Nathaniel DDd.=r.n fr;- b: iUhersvill=, gcst sliiek; Delaron Martin of C.mithersvillc attended I !!ie Epwort'n L'jugiie party Tnurs- ] round — Keith v-ho vhD Auto Owner and Thief j ~ ^ ,;«. " Both Liked Their Fires' ,,..,..,...,. uanniier,- here wltn Hess Stevens di£cnsii-v>• «u ^....*, ... u .w.»v u , ^^»>I..L ..... 1 Mexico at Miss Lois Hopper's home I appetizing lunch. ' . Lawlcr bunaaj. where nut patties wjrc served. I Clubs represented included: Dell,! c - c - A(ln "' s J r -; • •'•-.' Lsichvillc, Perry, Dusofii, lj>ne j vlllc, siient Saturday Musicians Studied - ' Oak, .Clear Lake, Nc\T,''-! Literty,! friends. • The lives and work rf foremost; Stillman and Nodcna. < C. P. Atkinson transacted busineu. musicians KKZ interestingly'given: • • • !"'• Memiilils Saturday, in a program at tlie Music dc-' I!:H-'les-For.l - ' Johnnie Pepp left last meht fcr of the V/ciuan's club Frl-i Tile marriage of Mis": Rubcnalst. Louis after snendlng several cay afterncon al ihe hcme of Mrs. | Ford nnrt Mr. Elmrr "Battles, b;ithj weeks' here. C.- E. Atkinson when Mrs. J. E. i of Ihis city, leak place Saturday |- Ed Turner, of Memphis, v.-^s a Crita was aiso hostess^! i with tyc Rev- A. J. Hill psrfoiin- j visitor in the city icr the week- Victor Herbert's Uf6. was toM by) l^Mr-f ceremony. •',' : | end Mrs; Crits and Mrs. Atkinson play-; * • cd music by tills composer. "The I ikiv.-ilt Ilaiu-r Gypsy Love Song'' from the For-1 's -.\yell Attended wittiest; Murhl- • McFalt f lalenled. Webs'.- far eel or most "Class Day" Tomorrow ; '.rtinf Continues For Gnulualc i T::< I CC--I.1 -fot;;, ^ .i | Arthur-Pf.t- Tiie trn meir.bers of the . -,-. ,:i liah schj^l nfid-ycar ^rm'.-.E.i i. Ii2r:'''!0 bVlock. ;;i ,;;:! tune Teller, by iicrfci-rt, v,-as SUIIL; by Mrs P. Q. Roric 1|i'o, 125 yui'sls at.; riauoK izivcn nt the : lht benefit hall of Jce Felsentllal and Ion spent the week-;.;:! In Mem-' final iiro;ram o' their co:u::i.-i' .- phis. ' | nient. J. ^CULS Cherry Miss MaTijaret Merritt cave o! the church ot the Immaculate Con- Mr.-. F. E. B'.irnMte. who j t-ha addrtM'•Friday but the (ii'.b- • ['ararould recently, rfrc nuis will SiJt' LV p"rojen;.\-l ii:r.i! ui moved to returning lo this city S3 ir.afco their sketch of John Phillips Son fa's litc.j capt'cui Friday evening - bioujlit home at 700 West Walnut street. from personal con-j {.'iwrows Gifts for the Red; Eddie B. David spen: Sunday in tact and his woiks and aiso played! relief work. Most of the gifts wcrn i Memphis. May class I'lnisliii:- Fcr Ib^jtf number:; «'.!! tiodiiir members of at tlirit thnr. Iran: Ti.f;:lav. ti: ? [;lun: .M.irsh: ^, Juhn 3urr.v a favorite selection by him " | curple A Tjvc piece orch:'S'.ia f!irnlsh?;l The famous Straus family was- nuisfc/, for the affair nrrangod Pass, pass. ' The whole principle of this ( . . _ . n.- 1 ^ [h'aiid i?. (he n-jcanin^ r/liirh Ncrth; . . .. . . uif;i ::; :i?r home for th> |grtnrr - from <; OU [h's Qsslst. South.) FALL RIVER. Mass.. irP) —! ..t u.i.... :a grea'..y improv- j ,j 110 t vulntrabie and in r.n over-j Alexander Fozzard of thi~ rky | i optimistic spirit, might niise hisi umn'i gst dor.'iihfartrd v,-hun seme"-1 TT^ 1 parlntr'f one .=patl= b:rt to f.vo j cue stole his automobiie here rc- Cthe absolute limiti and North. I cL-ndy, un<J, liking to '.vaica iires, rc^eriilfEs of tho tnct tiiat lie lias-1-e \vent to a tlwe'iing lioiue fir.j n barely one '.rick more than lie ad-! f?* v r.ovns ai r .^: the th-:t;. jvcitiscd or ;:iiaruutc-:d by his or-1 By a coincidence, the thief u!.so ':':'l-i o: t!:e jN'azarene is {i»;n;U biti. i:> not jus'-ifird in \oi- : 3''^ej to u-,uch ii^es. and Fu/iioifi i'i o'.:'.:ue:i..;ic inretini;. j 'mt.rrfly r.ii.'ing the bid to three; found car ar.c! vobtcr r.ear th? :•: cb-i- ain;i'.v. IHmui'e I spades, as South has already Riven burning building. j M?! nlnr.i:',-.;ec! services ! !l ™ the full value cf Ills as^isi. • j r-W tiircuth tlrs \vcekj Tiierefcw. Ko:t!i 13 to consul:r : The L '°erty Bell v,;.s fu.-t cast-! V..:v. J.' S. -Waliaco. of i So;itli's ra::;e r.s subilan.i^ily the I iu L °ndon in 1752. I;'. •<-•!•. :i-:;f. There- wera j fu!l value of h:s hand, ana "\voul.-i Hon., '•.:.::.•!!" chiireli lasc | realize tln:e tv.o v.h.n it;-; niCijl unlikely Ih: 1 .'. Eon'.ii will nfain raise. North, however, do. 1 :! have t 1 . bare add:- . trick- and . in li'.e evciit j Eoi:th hail -liad strtnglli enoivjii! to !KIV.- nss::-irri Jo I'n-te spac! .;.! l-.o rouTd then have advanced the contrsct to four. . ] The principle which thU hand I Hplv ' s a <l«l'""s prescription: iiliisirntc" is not vlieth'-r! l ' r '" c< i T'nosinc lhat i.s re.illy throat; ';\ '"^'"jfhoiild ra::c his ixr:ln:r's one insurance. Its success i< din- to its j n.., r.-i,; = ,.. l(1 , , 0 tv . 0 _ c ,. f .. cm on , , 0 o-jiek rtoiible aclion. With the very I n:i t'.ie ccntrary it is r.::ue:l !l:s! K "' a " ov -' il soo:!:rs the sore; *«*> ,if££">-/« . U3 Lib of ?:ocii ;he Master .ii. Lucas. 1 SU lilt- slue of h:s hand, ana \voul.-i ~ ~~ the icolishncss of goiim Wva ^r.;iucs ever l;is \.arln:r s : UV/i v> and Coiidis! ({iiickly Helicvctl hy this Sufc I'rcscriplion to .__ plnyod .to' Mrs. W- L.| be ;hc ciii-st c! honor HI a ii:nch-! .'"'"'"",' ,]:„' \r\,",^"" r---'--t" i'-1 Homer, accompanied,by Mrs. Al-j con r.i; tlie Hotel Nnb:e Wc(incsd.;y.! ,",, . , .- Hli rdy._ . kinson, supplemented- Mrs. James! Shf-will not attend tpr U'«al' a : .. , Ctl ": L ''-;- '' n '>•' •" --'j Members cf tli- d.v H. Brocks' discussion of this world 1 melting V.Vdnesdav mo;miif; biit !viil , ". , , „, , . ,. '.Raider. Ethol\ larnous musician. I v.ill I,-- the principal speaker at tlie ! Mte Ei/abe:h Blilhe and Xlar- , Ii;[; ,. c ,,,- ; , s : ,, In the round table (liscussion the hmcli&n to which all members oijl-na Reyno!;!;; usited in H:-.yii. Ma., aiembers took up ctitstanding facts, ih: Itfsl chapter are iuviled. Re-! during ttie wrek-ond i f »^'- I'VAEo concerning musicians of today in: nervations may be made by c.dlliv A. Perils' of Detroit. Mich. •fthlc'h famous men, who are also 1 Mrs. n. N. Ware Jr., by "Tuesday!«'"" ls vis-liins in Memphii, and T. j violinists, were subject of informa-': moniiau'. W ' Dflvl? ' "'• tllBt ril >'- "'•'" "I'fprt-1 J.',;-i IV ••. I.'!.' K.. •>- hei-d. Alma Kriilz. U?i\ H.ii: r •- fle Hcsi'.li. Lena S. Sf.hvcll «-.:;; .v,,. ;oma Rhodes. ing to h'.:n!ieF3 here today. Miss Evclviv. Dlythe spent ! »•!•(• Iu. the dell show at the story n. a u hour of the Blytheville Library C.'-j cile Wolfo won firfl'honors fcr her! Wild A tabf.dnll In a tion exchanged. .. ' •. ,j The hostesses served fruit salad TimUmrm-Jnurs. with cheero wafers and tea i A marriage license w.i, issued • «' c ck-cmi in Osccoln as th: i • * * ""' Eaturdny to Miss J:!!?;!"' Jli « Florlnne Quiim. Dolls Win Honors ',. laik Mr. Ditzcl Tomlinfo:i. totli of', M'-'-^'-s M^abel Hosan and ' Wright spent yestcrdjy in ? ... ;phif. :( l c ... . L.Mrs. tinlpll Weaver, o! .<? pcllce doll. A tabf.dnil in a win-' (jilss Helen Horise rl.ia" cf-^-cppcd li^i>a Saturday, tor ccsUimc won riccnd honors fcr'Mj._ ' gn( \ jj. s jj ° ]j ' ij.vj-'-. hi-,< 1'Mrs. May *1J.'"Alrtrliise Sncoks Carter and Bobbie An:i?.j] r " Kinnai.1 Wiiitc-s Ij-.'i, c; Hvl Fnrvis won third place v.-'.th li?r:' baby doll. There were 2u uoiis en-: tcred. I Tlrj 33 children prc«n- we", told GC Tind And conduclc the weekly story hours. Hospital N nV, ,-i-., C'l • ' I i' 1 L ^tiakU LiaiiKS L-a»'3'est ' A!ia-!a : tn:it dci -'lar:itioii, a Sack ?\K a. many raises as there immediately S ; "scrs rtnd f .p::::-:er.; find Thosinc ] ;\re v:i '- v valur.ble. i'ui up ic.-.dy for use in 35c. CD; ;;nd Sl.W) bottles. Your : bidder is t'.icrcfcre ,UD-X:- enabled in very clo^cly :iie combined trick t!'C-tt.-;I[|'.; of the two hands am n ;r,iui-: L'slhnate jio'ier i money back if not satloficd. Sold by j Kirby-Brll Drug Co. and Kirby i Hriig Co., and all other iiood druj ! • hat "decora-'. "-ores. •ri; : nnnc.i ... p-ia-rus iu tin- i'.; - .c- j l-.midiul u?d a mr.yr::! 1 •? iicrr.-. 1 :n?:_-*.:d ;o Memphis Sunday tin Mrs. C W. <jarrl?,.in s'C.iy in Men-.^!i!s. <•' J. A. Waterman and One Ciiltoii ,1 Wn'son trr.nsacle:! business in Xc%- '"' HH;I::.;ONU. nr-t •.:.•..•.•.-•: :-...- Steels, announce the biiir 01 - a.-' s-rs, Bnritcii Gil; was pier. * clsugiiUr Friday ai ti:c B;y:hcvill- . F ] :o -.. cr a! ; i lc ],-;,,, ,. , ;rs j,.., and a fcmth psuiuls. ! Jucsls enicyeV ;h^iuves'\i ; iun : ; ... ... I ;nd w.-v:c:iir.E llie hcnoic.'open iiei liat:rnlt r llasUpncc I many gifts Uollcious Ti-.e Kapb; Alpha Pni -fralcinityj ViCr D^an'dVMnitu^. COLDS MAY DEVELOP JTn PNEUMONIA. Co'.iglis froni coliis n:y \ ilous tiouMc. You can *'.u[i \»-it!i CreoninUten, an Has Party. Mrs. W, C. Wali c-nterlainxl . I Tliursday. for COUR , ]5 { - am C0 ,j 3 ,,, u , ^-^ lae Perry Rir.s defotcd th,- Doll! i rl i lo iion5. Creoraulsica cmuirj. ; n by 't party atl?r,d- 1 -core ttins 19--lo 0- . Tne Valentliw dccoratirns, [allies rctir hundred Fvrn-h-j <in<S-/avors added tn the inUrbstins men fell at Verciun iluring :h: rwrty.Mn th; bridge ' games Mrs. World War. i FOR- THE COUGH FROM COLDS THA T HAN'S OH r?. vt>S<Lifl,i!i. v? B.Tclvnrlio Oflrn ^nriis of Disonk-fcd Kiilnrys, If mkerh'jit '.vltli bicVa-:hc, !'!r.d-:!er irritations end gctt::v7 i-.ii r.t night,dc::'t lai'.c c!',^n:c5! I-Tc:p yoi:i kiurxys at th- E:,"t ^ucco'ssfal for more than 50 year;. Vniorsed by hundri.;; i-'f ih.-UTsr.Js cf mratcful usora. Get Dcun's today. Sold by ucal- ^crs everywhere. -"'•. ^ On \V(Hlncs(iay you v.-iil lii^ givon I'I:L' ol' our cniii'li'^y ina.i- ifttrci with each !';u-:;;l iiifiDiinliiit; tu s ! ••")'.' ••!' more. Facials from. SI Lo S2.r)U Elois Beauty Shoppe riDrum's L'lircny f ; Plionc 503 .•:-'-'}'-' ie Milton C.Woi-k! Auction and Contract Bridge W M if 7 itesday ^:30 F. Al., C. S. T, PLAYERS Souih (u.-.i; L ,)— Mrs. Hi-=—. \! Hubbard.Snu Frc.nci:co. Wnl -- V. E. BiuclhcWo, ;•;:•.-.York City. North -»- MTS. Joli:i E. For.Unirr. .isr —Mrs. Vir s i:iia;..-. » C, s 2 S:-..i^l-J South pre-empt nt Ann! Al Conlr.-.ct? Csn Soalii :v..-: GTT-:-.:| Slr.r.)?' Dcciilc v.l.i.l \\culd do with this deal . . . ' I'l.iy it v.-itli the exiicris by :..: What's Your Bridge I biicllc-.-. M.llcn C. \VVrk wiHKll >>-i. TV i •• If. q::r-.'.:c.::i in evciy Kn'!-.o tlr.~ l>,-,n't jii-.s^ IhU c^anc; lo Ii.i.l -"•'.• i: .1 3ummar>- o/ this dflmc a-j'/r ,-p- -

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