The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 31, 1966 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1966
Page 3
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(Art.) Courier Wty HI 1WI» ftft Tfevw food /or Thought U.S. Diplomacy and World Poverty By TOM NOLAN Newspaper Enterprise Asm. WASHINGTON - (NBA) Congress is finding it tough these days to keep track of all the things on which President Johnson has declared "war." Take the War on Hunger, which recently got all tangled up with the war in Viet Nam. It all began when the House Agriculture Committee tacked an amendment onto the Food for Freedom Act (designed to replace PL 480 which expires Dec. 31). The amendment rules out as a recipient of food diplomacy any country engaged in trade with North Viet Nam. "God knows we'd like to stop Free World trade with Ho Chi 'HUNGRY HORDES —Population experts estimate that ' one-third of the people in the world are slowly starving. ; In India, (or example, there are critical shortages of -staples rice and wheat. Here, Calcutta citizens gather for ' the weekly rice dole. In East Germany Travel Taboo For Caine Minh," fumes one administration source. "If only it were that easy. The House seems to. have lost sight of the forest for looking at the trees." The State Department has been successful in persuading friendly countries to eliminate Haiphong as a port of call by quietly applying diplomatic pres-1 sure through appropriate channels. Last year, some 21 Free World nations either sold or shipped goods"to North Viet Nam. Less than half of them still do. The basic purpose of the Food for Freedom Act, according to President Johnson is that the 'United States lead the world in a war against hunger." What the President envisions is that every "have" nation join together to provide the "have nots" with the necessary technological advice and tools to produce enough food on their own and — until then — with sufficient food to tide them over. Population experts now estimate that one billion people a third of the world's population — are slowly starving to death. Humanitarian reasons aside, the United States cannot afford to let them do so, because a starving nation is not a market. But solving the problem, say administration officials, must be a joint venture governed by flexibility - and to them, the House amendment is not- worthy only for its rigidity. "We're searching for ways to build bridges," says one. "We can't afford to make hungry people tools of American for- ieign policy." "It's kind of like 'Animal Farm,'" says another. "We'll lead the world in helping out the hungry nations. Unless they're Communist or unless they trade with the Communists . or unless ... "We should not limit our foreign aid to countries which agree with us 100 per cent down the line." Several U. S. allies, including West Germany, are looking for ways to cut back on their own aid programs. A U. S. decision to eliminate food aid to eoun- tries trading North Viet Nam, is what one high government official calls "the desire of Congress to enforce foreign policy as forcefully as possible." Some program in on area can cut the legs from under successful programs in a dozen other areas. "For example," he explains, "we've been walking on eggs diplomatically between Pakistan and India, continuing aid to each. We don't have the ability — as Russia seems to have — of being able to pick one side over the other. "Pakistan has regularly sched in the opinion of several admin-1 uled air service between Ka- istration sonrces, might be the rachi and Peking. Suppose they excuse these countries have I open a stop at Hanoi. Under been searching for. I the House amendment, band! The basic issue in this case | They're oiir enemies. By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer BERLIN (AP) West Germans — and an English actor named Michael Caine — are banned from travel to East Berlin. The West Germans are forbidden, except on certain holidays, because of the devious politics of the East German government. Insurance underwriters have decreed that Caine must on the free side of the Berlin wall. "It makes sense, I suppose," the actor comments, "The East Germans obviously know we are making a movie which will reflect ill against their government; they know everything. "They probably have as many pictures of me as Paramount does. I've been up to the wall many times to be photographed from this side, and I'm sure the East Germans took their photos, too. So it might just be inviting trouble for me to go across." Caine is starring in "Funeral In Berlin," portraying the same Leii Deighton spy that brought him fame in "The Ipcress File." Because some of the act takes place at the wall, the film makers have built a repdoduc- tion a mile away from the wall itself. The company has been toiling there nightly, thus denying Caine access to the Berlin night life. It's just as well, he sighed. "Once you have made a tour of the strip ' joints and the transvestite places, you have just about seen all that Berlin has to offer at night," said Caine. 'Berlin is a man's city; I understand there are five men for every available woman. The reason is that West Germans can escape the draft by coming to Berlin. "It is also an old people's city. The East Germans permit persons over 60 to come to West | Berlin if they so choose. Thus the East German government escapes paying social security to the old folk." "Or, take Liberia. It seems like we've been supporting them for KM years. One Liberian ship stops at Haiphone, and we throw all those years out the window." * * * Adopting restrictive amendments in foreign aid measures is nothing new. PL WO went into effect in 1954 with a provision that excluded any country which shipped goods to Cuba But this restriction did not apply to food donations. About a third of the present PL 480 commodities are given away free, generally in cases of emergency (like the Yugoslav earthquake). The other two thirds ar sold for local currency or dollar credits. Nor did the Cuban restriction BARREL INN—A cross between a barrel and a Polynesian grass house, this seaside restaurant might fit in well in many American resort areas where oddball architecture prevails. It's thousands of miles away, however, at Bourgas on Bulgaria s Black Sea coast. apply — as would the current amendment to the Food for Freedom Act — to countries which sold goods but had them transported by a third country. Detecting the original source of goods unloaded at Haiphong would be a difficult task at but. It's relatively easy, of courie, to keep tabs on ships docking in North Viet Nam. But they might have loaded and unloaded at a dozen different port* earlier, and there are no "shipping attaches" in U. S. embas- "We'd probably rely on the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)," says one official. But to an administration already pushed into one dilemma by somebody else's desire to enforce foreign policy, this might not be the right answer. , DTW/IM Offers 17-JEWEl ELGIN 19 951 • Wneo case. Crown ' Crystal Are Intact IT ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT DREIFUS You con d«Rtnd on ;t... for accuracy... for smart design... for lew/ low prict. lody'l dainty drtu jlyl*... man's wattrproof* witfi luminoin dial and WMpitcend hand. FIJI FRIZZ—When a friendly policeman and a little lost boy got together at Suva, Fiji, the result was not only a happy-ending rescue but a graphic commentary on changing times in the Pacific island state. Long before anyone ever heard of the Beatles, the policeman's frizzy hairdo was the thing for Fiji men. But it's going out of style with the youngest generation, which, like the little boy, prefers the cut short and simple. Today In History By THE ASSOIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, May 31, the 151st day of 1966. There are 214 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1889, one of the nation's worst flood disasters occurred — the Johnstown, Pa., flood. Between 2,000 and 3,000 persons died when heavy rains caused a dam to burst at South Fork, 12 miles above the city. On this date Li 1916, during World War I, the naval battle of Jutland, began. | In 1926, the Scsquicentennial exposition opened in Philadel- phia. In 1941, Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes was appointed petroleum coordinator for national defense. In 1945, the Japanese on Okinawa lost 'the strong defense point of Shuri in the center of the enemy line. Ten years ago - Biblical scholars announced they had deciphered two more of the Dead Sea scrolls discoverer'.' Jordan in 1952. The two scrolls told of a fabulous treasure of gold and Silver hidden in a secret place that probably was referred to in a third scroll that wai still undiscovered. Five years ago — In secret French-Algerian peace talks France, the delegation from Parii and the rebel representa- fives from Algeria disagreed over the status of the oil-rich Sahara Desert. mfdenjbm? SPINDRIFT BRA Lace Lavished A, Band C Cups Regular $2.99 LONG LEG PANTIE Confection, Almost Weightless Regular $5.00 Shop Hoys For Saving. . Open Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. Til 9P.M. sxr

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