The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 6
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snc IUIE5 DUFFER'S GOLF High Volume lu This JLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUKlEfl NEWS, >boM& CLEVELAND fNDlANK E 6fitATE6T BATTERY 1SKT IU6 HIT THE MAJORS IN YEARS - -------- il Bear Resemblance lo Old But 1934 Rules Help Average Golfer Vinci-learn and National s Bcf/in Chase Af- If'r I'.lnsive I WASHINGTON, j Hi- i.pHilii'.: duy f!v NKA Scrvh-i The 193-! ruks of f;olf Mill \.:-.i: merrrid rescinblnnc:' ia ihdv,' n: test year, yet (he u. ,S. (id' Association has prepared '23 v.riUi-n sheets lisiin; upv.-nnl, ul cup hundred uYfiiiiliws nu-l iv-;;i- U:liom rcplui^cd, .siiiji.-lifi-'il. re-1 irraiigcd :,", 10 order Mid, in :; i live Im-limas, :i)i(>r.'il as (o imaii-j The nverave i-i,Un is ronii to let it j;o :vs a stj. lilll-: lie IllSic.-, ;i :.'.U];r' jl 11 he ha.'j li-aiiKil dial lllld'je of the lj:i]l willl tln> IIIM ul his flioi- .srjin.-limi-s results in] a five inMead of a :ix or m-vci:. '. he riof-s it -contrary tu nil";,, ol courr.e. i Teclmically. ih:jm;h. (he rules nf ; ; o!f arc ur.t wrrf;. l-ollowin;; RI-I thi> tin.t im-orl- ant change.", in the rairs: A player may |-.i);i. ]i|s slimci- outside the limits «[ die ground. A player may have the line ol Ihe hole indicated i:> iuiii "lit r.ny •tl;ne.- Tlie <,!d rule rc-strii-ied \ this privilege tu "iluou-;li tlie x green or from n liamii." TJ)i> ur-u- Hiite 8 specifically Mates that a dropiH'd ball must not ccme to rest neaier the hul:. Rule 1! oilers changes. Tlif privilege of niin'in'; .such oh- :.taclcs as nnsMId:. a iil<t;|ii>,i and Mich iiirjilenn'iils a.s H-hi'clL'nrron- eross-cullcr, clc., is exti-iuleii i.i include bridge, told-ie-p!aijl:jn K "-•at, hut, and .shells, wi:h ; ,n extra clause providlu-; that a hall moved in lemoviu;; F.ueli obstacles be dioppctl without Dually in ac- corOnnce with Hule 8. | The old rule tim | lo ,j ra p tlR . M in all CASK otlutr thini 11 Mioke fsr.ui the lieiug ground lo cite an illastration. supple a brassie shot from Ka. 7 fuirway 15 liit v.-ildly and comes (o rest en No. 12 ureen. Obviously. OIIL- sliuuld not play the bull" from (He green, tmt, the new rule | X -r- PAT... llr tT) GAMES ERROR, AMD April 17-Wlth here' yi-s- thi- Waslilni-lvi s and, Iloston rte:l 3ox on because of mln Ijaih tli-narteil fdr Uostuu v/liej'e lo c.pcn tuiluy. nil ir t ininii of Hie two 'ii-in-;. wsathcr iK-rmlt- will i-ct away on llu- Ion;' till' .'.IIIIIIIK. .. Anrik-an U'anii". in ad- \.'t the Si'ilatiir-'j "' al I'.ir.- : lull, lln? Yiinlii-v.'-. niv-n a;;:iin I ll,c • Alhli-Ci:-: In I'lnliKlr-lplija, i)-,.. HI i /..MI.; linm-ns an- in r.::n,.|a t ,d ill- Di'lfoiL Ti.'ci-s iut in Clli- ' Till- NilllLINll Ij-a-ll- JL-lll-ll- "' v " lrl '' < i i"'iii''f'>» s elite i taming Ihe n,,, t on Hravr-s play- l'-"l's l'od»i'i-s lit . l-litsl,ur7h'.s I' ill,' i.'iilris at HI I oiiis IDLD (jp FOP, A PULL 50M, liEAU.VBF. JVSf -I -]'HC WOiAfiS ivSf t>>VlS;C.'.) 8ERHI IP . •^ '^i 3&V 1-redctie Takes La wo; -Roy Beats Vontine, Substituting for Lawrence Hooks and Slides iSmilh to Confer With Pro- ; spcctivc Backer; to j liavc leam Regardless j The entry of the Blylhevillc jTiiirv.s into a tri-state semi-pro proposed Ijy Gils APRIL 17, 1934 Blazing a Welcome to Oil Industry's World Fail ^— ! Towering derricks blazing with lifjhts agaijrn u,,.- r.: S ,n sxy mil sprca-l this panorn .uly bsfore thousands of visitors to the Interna tloiip! Petroleum Exposition -iml cuii M "''" ll> la., May 12-19 Pan of the display is .shown n, this slrik i llg , )lcture] " The'elUsit'oT",^" ™i,s ^ s '"<* I3M ' *•'" draw exhibit., and visitors Iron, all parts of tlie world D. Mnrtin. presiiient of ilie Southern League. Mnnln, recalling il-Me:nrm dem-nds on The result of f" LCat!W - = ".1 ennfi-ience with a 1 Little liock [ ,P " hc was President of the |jiiiin_«lio may give nnanclal aid In °- rn : blalc '-"'S'ici, which Thr piniifie conwniit palm fur- •' John Tea i llayncs mils him [o '"place' « good lie olf the yrci-ii." nui ""'I "I the armory neater Hie hole, wiihoui penalty " ' " All, the water hazard! m . 1Ilv ., the time, perlinp.* that you've teed up your ball nt the w.iicr hole and arched it rirtil \,,\, t the rtri,,k- TUB old rule foirer! ion to nc- cept a stroke penalty ami to drou Hie ball, although you win; yiv n leeway clear back To ihe ler. Sui>"' " of Rule 27 now entitles -.n, u-eic:, „;,„„ • a^o'iit"„?• rif"^ l r rm i. ! T\ h r' li! r wnlliiv ubm >' ^> «™"^ tlm-e fall vlcton-. Vnntfne In his I n,™L A ' UT '" "" <l!l " T I! """' "'" " n ,. . ... . I iJi', and (itvlstnn 1 you to return to the tee ictee the ball with a stroH 1 filly. . ' • A ball lying or ]rs , in t . ilslm , water may be dropped "on drv groimil- as near us iinr-sibl? to the spot where M n ( ..s. A putt out or turn SHALL be U^"". 1 ;, s f nlrs nmc 31, inslera Hrst i.l.m,irauee^here:";uJ,sm,,;ed!^7 C T,lnT m ''^ " IMl II;X| - llri; ^ s "f ""V^ Men's shop'wiii tor Snredy Tjiwrencc, who was bill- I ... ll "" ou ' '»' U'clr luck and skill i^nmsi the •d to inert Welch but failf-il tu an-' ""' t ' "" Aiiierlcnn i Hi'1'b.ird Hardware companv (earn . ' ICflllllll lilt T7i\iilIi-(. ^1 :. I \I'IX "ffl|1 > f ft II \- " " tviar Welch llcre's om to remember- -if your ball mi the piitiine green strikes the nngMlcl: htm by ymir oppon- "^ o* 1 ."-' ""''lie. your opuoncnt IO^OH i lie lioli- 10 you. Rules for .stroke competition also ist several Imporlnnt clnni S es in t irce nwtances. penalty | ms i, ren up from - O ji.' lo two ±,1-^^, X& i'."! ^ «« nr^'-r 1 ..!! (lie local team i-uiirh. manager, says. ' Sjiiitli plans | 0 go to Little ,lMtk tomorrow In confer with' his jlJi-osperiivc Fjionsor, wha^c lunne 1 hns mil hecn revealed. On the it-suit of (heir meeting hiimes tin- iu nJTI ; TOr of b!B ^ . shop p^ Hubbnd ;?| ; f -iHix'^ur A " swls 'i A ;i;- ira v["f T -r «•-" -^— -"- -•- --'t : '-^ gliio i; n ^ P^r.T,.?' f^" 'li,r to ^ ir^'S.TuS 1 ^mm- SK" £*P t X&SX ni^de" pendent circles. Foreman, still Mroitijly buostin"; bis proposed semi-pro loop, sends the Courier Mew.-; a copy of a lel- | Bank-Power Co., i Meets Liberty; i Shop Plays Hubbard eluded Blytheville, Joix-sboro, Tup- CSl elo, Corinth, Jackson and Dyers-'*'"'" l ' burg, writes that he heliei'pK .1 hai.s. b: Freildlc Knichel turned In a two rut of three fall victory over his, ^ ,«-.- fellow townsman, Touv Lnwo in- : - - - -— =• tlie ball injllie feninre mutch on'lust nlglifs''',, P! "' n "°" for ul|ls to r «''eiBn 'ond ym-ii. nut =i>»l "I the armory. ' i"' 1 "™- From.the looks of things, 'rial soft ball league' Knlclirl won the Hist and final ""i siwns year ivlll be very dull n, one (mine a (emn compo^eil - 'alls while Ijiwo manage,! lo Rrfll. ' ™« r 17 ™ M SlnlCS ' '° f cm|lI °5 TS of "«• A*."."Slis' Manv'.Hl'he wcoml fall. ursi or all. an American txilo ^oitri Power eomuany and (he !s,|.u.d , s B o,,,« ,o visit E,,gl« H ,l Fnrniers Hunk ami Trust company iidinn. mm OUK ' vbnliiic mel team, (he Auriirn squad, is mail , ' ,..,\, i t u.TU ^\JIIIUHU> This will lake on un ngcreyiilion re|i'- Willlnm 1'ost timue tlie nishes island natives with wood i for houses, boats, and utensils; its '' leaves, when young, are eaten: I lie leaves get old. they mnke | writes that he believes ajliaus. ba.skjts. cloth, fans, yeddlng. si-mi-pS, league would be success- ; paper and tliateh; the ribs are' 1 V-MH h C1 '' "" 011dl "» 1 to Mr - «'»"'• i»to ai'i'Ott-s, torches, and I -Mai tin. t would be the correct, padtllts: the Hovers vleld wine I way u, plan for organized baseball .vinegar, ami sunar; the fruit is! the future when another Class jealcii and iis husk uuike.s oil cord ' " lv """ be urenled. and malting. i s Agency General Insurance Plinnc 7M •r aildn-.-wi! tu Foreman by Ji>o. i i as usual .s|ienl his time out of tlie rlnt: listen ms to jecra of the crowd lm t niin:.•;(•[! to Ret bncl; between the TWS enough to win the lust two fill's. Volilbip won the flrsl in Minrl order with a ..erics or ilylni- 'mils or lacMcs. ' " i "ie lust time an American j Hiililjni-,1 [f« mast i E<)11 " rt hil E »Blisli shores, it 1 Max "Cull ;lm _ ! brouuht back tlic liiti-rnatimml bii-hly muiei rnf lsien - crowd' but I 1 '" 1 " CIllllll '»« p Cll ». «'hli.- I^Hvnr.n ,),„ t '"'"n"' '"^C CVl-|- sillCe. Stroke Hub '] „„»• cranmittec in charge of nn lbc to rend out more °ha n two prtiiors at tin time. ,.. . -, n IHan-r for making two conseciiliv- strokes with the wroni; ball. Under the new nilos. he incurs a t >ena!t, -'™ a " d " Ie " musl '"">• 'imler the new. rules |ncu rs [wo / 0 ™e"y IW:UHy ' itiS ' rad ° f ™- '« . h pn ' has be™ Increased from one . . - "«*"-H--U uorn one to two sirokis. The tame change has teen made where a compeiltot lilts his own ball while J I'.mirnl's 1»>11 is in motion. Ills 01)- A-3 Cirls Ami 7B-2 Uoys Win Tn First Half brought back tlic liiti-rnatimml bii-lily touted outfielder of the Kirby Hrotliere team has Indicated he may transfer his allegiance lo the - - |Farmers nnnk smintl lor louijht's |l-»r Snircr (itor.v pme. To Ihe consicination ,,f liie then we'll Imve a soccer squad "r-sembled funs l.o.nan hiilod lo cet on ihe way In Italy before loui;. .n liit list week but [minuses plen- | tins team. nmd<; up of members JLV of aellon when he sii-pi up to 'i>! tin; St. I.ouls Sits nnd I'nw- llie plate nanln. j luelx-i llani-ers. who pliiycd for I — the national title recently, will I Millions ot tees Invaded a compete for the world soccer I IJiiltdlm; where Imnev was i-lmmpidiisiilp in the laud of Mus- i" rr;'iuai-.tle. Airstraliir one rn = foliiil. ' Tlie louiunment 't'.\> 7B-2 boys amli Hie SA-3 R lrls finished ahead In (lie llrst hair O f IIv Junior hir;h school's soft bull K-icne race, it was announced by len<;i:e olVicinls (odm- moro (MIMS in mcli division it understcoil. The KA-3 r;irls aunexcfl 1 i;i Ihplr division without OPLMLS May £4 and eonliimes through June 10. Then we'll hive the Widker Cup boys (joint; away to continue their wiiinlni; streak. When Fnui- cis Oiiimet. .lolinny f'isehi'. Company leave, Johnny Goodman, Marston niul was K-iiklni! and attniuled the swaiin. wliich ihe fir? department repelled U y tuinin,; uas on it. they'll take a • second Nlf race will iiir-lmin li'xxl sl-.ow ifwuy from U. S. ^If | IJl ' von fans. They'll he back for (lie " O|h-n and ihe Amaleiir. however. till' 1 -Then Ihe .i;eneiiil lush tu llif MI Iliplr tllrlsjon without niiforiii-j 1Sl '" is! ' Of"-'" ""'I Amateur will the loss or a Mimic game, winninn ! '«-ki: -p^ire. Tlie Walker Cup boy.s A caliiitlovver. ineiisui in- five feet four hirhcs i,, height wilh n stem as Ililck ns a man's arm was cm"'., i.i Moetoneh.imslead. P • T Z Tuesday -Weds. Mat. 2:: Nile tiM5. 10-25c 10-:!Sr . ni- - ". j six contests. Tbe .BA--J was seanu] ' lm '- v '. sU >' OVM ' there to Hike part ' ' . .- eanu with Hve virlnrirs anil one lo*. ; '"• l»'o Brlli. 1 ;!! cla.wics. antl ! -••"• me ni-in.'.'''s njifi one lats. j '"• *»*'^' iwo cuis.s:cs. nnd ! Tre lli-2 boys wen wllli six vi P - ">i-lr 'mirks will be aiisjir.enlcd by i [cries and iwo losses. The 8A-1 a liosfol pros ami amateurs who'll ROMANCE! EXCITEMENT! FUN! . loam was in xi-roml pl.iri- «-'nh four trin for n crnrk at ihe wins and two losses. The "boys' Uvu ! '" 1 '-. winners ployed more game-; lhan I ! " ul l r » v i«.!; Hie college track fea- nnv other team in the' circuit. I s011 - '"- '-^. expected lhat a group The slamliiu: s a i the close of Hie ' of omsiintlliiB nmiilenr athletes nr.--t l;alf were: Team 7H-2 8A-1 XA-3 . . . 1A-2 . .. 7A-1 llnys 1 will be lakeii on a lour of W. I, Pet Head Courier News Want Ads. Al Today's April before Diet of Worms. discoveries in C-^ W06 s Statue o?, Ton in RA-3 81! ... 7 A -2 7A-1 . TH-2 iB-1 Cirls \\' . G n . 5 1 . 3 ."! . 3 3 . 2 4 . 1 S . 1 5 :i«-k to Golf • ' CRT I """fore we forget itfl ; remember KHI f " ln Jw Klrkwowl and Gene 4(H) |' Sai ' ;17e " " rc r '8lu in the middle '.™M a 150.000-milc trip, mostly uy nir. In which they arc demonstrating their skill with eolf clubs fur ll'.e delight—and dnuijli — nf tans I, pet. i" every pail of the world. 1.000 Then we'll ha\e (he usual imrtinv Sophisticated Co-Eds Stne Cleaning UD World PHILADELPHIA (UP)-Sophi.s- (icated co-eds will lend (he way cut of a -messy civlliauion." Ill Uje oiiiiiinn of IJuth Dora-y. dean " wonw-n at Drexol Institute. •Ihe niortein girl Is faced with a rotien world. pretxnteO to her by her aiicesloi-s." t>ean Dorscy said. She will have n bl? pnrt in mak- •»S It a better world for her children. 'The present gill Is afraid of has no illusions of eriorlty. She has mi own te.-jiis. ntid found them m better and no worse lhan she her elf,- or om- tennis stats for j .503's Wimbledon (ounicy L iiul .500 l>.ivLs cup rounds. i .3^1 All this traveling, nccessitalin-1 .lirrinui'.c a lew kojwrs for«:,M-| ,167|t!on. Bi-ub and liberal expense ac-I ! counts, seems to indicate Hint prosperity u here ROXY NOTICE/ Effective.. Wed n e s d a y,, April 18th the Roxy will! for the •••"»•"«" ••»-' "THESE THIRTY YEARS" Presented by the Tore! Motor Company. A picture you'll enjoy ;\n<| ulk about. ROXY THEATRE TUESDAY, AIMUI, irih Malince iind Ni^hl •Ai-so -2 KKKI. COMKDY' AM) UOA1) liACi; Complimentary Tickols at Phillips Motor Co. Aii(li(iri/f<] ford \lf;\\ vr TRACY OFF ih MADGE EVANS News l.con Krroll t'nmedv • — t'OMIN(i— Mid-Nile Show Wednesday, April IS Malineo anil Niclit—Thiirs- <l^iy and Friih . Amusement t'nder Ihe Sun! 'WOWDER BAR' in Great Stars Hntkcling To .All-Time Triumph Kay Francis . Dick Powell All .Inls-nn - Dolores Del Rio • Uicavcio Curler. . H;il I.cRoy (Juy Kihce - Ihifrh Herlwil • I'iti DXJrsiiy - Unlh Donnelly For a Longer JJoneymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him—to got all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be asking- just a little too much. , But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and delicipusly feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for the joy of it, can set your own heart singing'and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays,the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. ; '•'""'" r ^^^f>' Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable,value. They take you Into the confidence of the famous dress authoHties of New York and Parts.

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