The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1930 Yi'j.L E ' < ARK -)' COURIER NEWS OPPORTUNITY USES THE WANT-ADS-//,,/ -> •* . -. . > x . ' .- ' .1 "^j:* .-»>:• ' ~ <', f. »' K- *^> ,: , 7 PAGE 'FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. INFORMATION Jim and John Make II Up , rate per line for consccu- "ve Insertions: One lime per line 10e TITO times per line per <lay,...03ci Vhree limes per line per dny.. .Ofio *lx tlinos per line per day C5j| Montr, rate per line 60c i Cards of Thanks 50o & 75c' Minimum charge 60o Ads ordered for three or six 'tines nnd stopped betore expira- Von will be charged for the num-j &er of limes the. add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy Jutunltted by persons residing out- tide of the clly trAist be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes Hie one time rule. No responsibility will lj c taken lor more than one incorrect, insertion of any classified ad. For Kent 3 room furnished apartment L'O!) JV. Kentucky. Mrs. Sisk. IScktl 3 room furnished apartment,. COS No. 5th. Mrs. Elma Crowder. lecktf Comfortable bedroom. Phone '21T-J. 625 W. Main. J8ck-lf One and two room furnished apartments. 701 W. Ash. 18pM3 * room house with bath. Garden and garage. 2li blocks from High School. Pliojie 219. 17-ck-2l 3 room furnisheii apartment. Downstairs. 108 W. Kentucky, phone 683. 16pk23 Large front room. 2 nods. Convenient to bath. Phone 280. 8-ck-ti Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emnift Nolen. 310 W. •Walnut. 22-ck-U I'or Sale Complete Beauty Shop equipment for sale. Almost new. See W. M. Taylor, Keiser, Arkansas, n-ck-22 Good used Frigidaire, Reasonable. 803 W. Ash. Phone 093. l!-ck-21 Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finish. 0 quilts SAFE. 38x48. Weight 3500 pounds. TERMS. City, box '134. 5-cl?-D-5 .. _ ~ r—r 91.W. One day service. Willie' Cypress Gum OaK, ASU timber on Green, behind Citv ICQ Phi 400 acres of woodland, 8 miles - v " l southeast, Rlrtheville. D. R. Garner, Armorcl. 3-pk-9-3 the date of the uubllcnUon of this notice, they will proceed to refund the valid outsuvudliw bonds of said district. , : Tills 18 dny of Aiiftust, 1939. Dan G. Stout C, J. Evrard M, ritzslinmons Coiiniii.ssioncr.s of Paving District No. 2 of Blylhevllle, Arkiuisns. NOTICE OP 1NTKNTION Ol'' PAVING DISTRICT NO, 3 OP BUYTHEV1LLE TO 1SSUK REFUNDING BONDS. The undersigned, Commissioners of Piiviui; District No, 3 of Blylhe- vllle, Arkansas, in compliance with Section 11343 of Pope's Digest of the Statutes of the stale of Arkansas, hereby tlve notice Hull' on and nfter thirty (30) days iiflsr tlie date of the publication of Uils notice, they will proceed lo refund the • valid outstanding bonds of said district. Tills 18 day of August, 1939. Dan O. Stotit C. J. Evriml Commissioners of pnvlns District No. 3 of nlylhevllln, Arkansas; Horse moat can tie sold only In special shops In Holland. National laws make It illegal (o sell It iu shops where beef, pork or mutton Is purveyed. Wisconsin Puts Picture Charts In Sterescope in MrtlHSON, WIs. (UP) -.Seated »ii cusy cliDir with n stereo- jic mid n set ot Wisconsin's "i™l nmps, tlic 1030 explorer can mjoy «'liut the cnrtii-liuuml map maker can iici'ci' sec. Ei'ery omiip, depression, road, urn water sui-fncK Is revenlrd in n wrles of v by g inch plioto B rophs laKen ivldi special aerial equipment "•'»ii n height, of M.500 feet. Under rtliwlion of llio state consemUiou TOiimii.ssloii, nil of Wisconsin luis "i'l'ii mapped in ai| s nwnuer. I The year 1940 may see Democratic strategist James A. Farley and Republican strategist, John D. M. Hamilton (rtghll. on opposite sides of the political fence. But when the liner S. S. Manhatinn sailed from New York the other day with both aboard, they posed tor their picture, slinking hands just as pretty ns could be. Dairy .-fetlsfactory quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free 'at bang's Disease, In best of physical Condition. Call Mrs Grace Lowery 102-J, lor Halscll's Grade A Raw tfilk. Cream, Country Butter, But- :ermllk, extra or holiday orders 'nspectiou encouraged anytime. llalscU's Dairy Promised <,and. Rome 2 Washing, Ironing ell Milk fed fryers. Battery raised. .Mrs. Riissell. N. W. Corner Holly and 'Division. ' ~ ' """ Notice Notice Fishin? License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. \VR A It F. PREPARED TO TSSUK We.,accej;t applications for loans. Build "n home now. Easy repayments on monthly plan. 'KIALES LAND C0.1IPANY No Charge for a Consultation 18pk22 Welding EXPERT 'K'LKCTUIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING tit* anil heavy w< spvcliilty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Drag line anil heavy welding Phone ID or Res. 1019 Wanted To Buy One Hat-top desK: one typewriter desk; one used typewriter; one four-drawer filine cabinet; Email addin" machine and large sate. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Hck24 Wanted to Rent. FISHING STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'll one 35 LICENSE" AT I M °"^J™" ctl °» F ='»» Lands. To acres nnri up. B1ALES LAND CO. Glciifoe Hold lili)". "Minnow? Fo OOLDPI3H ^MINNOWS DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WRAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's ilangcrnns and expensive to drive with 5 (Firing Oear .-nul Front \yhcch out of adjustment. Keeping them in ptmj order is so sinmlr and inexpensive. yr>u shotild never Irusi tn chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEKRIN'G GEAR ADJISTMENT, in- I I A of all Ball socket joints — lightening front Sprinj Clips and Shackles. (Parts F-xlra). ' FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above includes a complete INSPECTION nnrt K);POUT on condition of Hhocl Ah^nmrnt and factors affecting (ire near I PHILLIPS Sth & Walnut Phone 810 181*22 \roiisc Sluggish Liver, work oil the Mfe. to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, uii'ik (eeling. -"ake one box o. KIRBY'S ACTIVE HVER MIXS ">*<• »l nil Kirbv Stores ' 0 room unfurnished lionsc or a))i\n- nient by Sept. 1st. N. M. Senscn- bangli, phone 6-19-J. n-ck-21 For Sale or Rent Four room house. George M. Lee, Phone 323. lB-pk-23 OF INTENTION OP PAVING DISTRICT NO 2 OP BLYTHEV1LLE.TO-ISSUE RE FUNDING BONDS. The umlersigiiw), Co;iiiiiissioiiei-s ol Paving Dislrlcl No. 2 of Blytlio- ville, Arkansas, in compliance with Section 11343 ol Pope's Digest of the Statutes of the Slate of Arkansas, hereby give notice that on and atter thirty (30) clays after RELIGIOUS LEADER PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Giiiirantenrj Heal Price* Kirby Dru? Stores Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SKB" Over, Joe ^'sanrs' Store Phone !VIO The old Jimps of tlii) state served r n pmcllcfi) purpose. They show (he principal hloluvnys and streams, , Hikes nnri cities, inn the need for greater detail and accuracy was fell. The new mnps revohl detail down to the lypc O f' cover Ihnl is romid on the land, making hardwoods and conifers readily dls- IliigiiisbnWo. 'Iliey show 'that sonic of Ihu ruler linos on old iy (lc ninps J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Oplnme- trlst In liJj-llievllle. Olassfi 1'lttcd Correctly I I'HONU 205 FOHYOUH POULTRY Nice, fnt, hens imd Iryurs & oilier poultry at all limes. rt'K IWKSS AND MKMVKI! I'KCSI STICKLKU-GOOWVIN CO. «W K. Mu In RECTAL DISORDERS Clliilnil observations disclose thai recln) disorders nrc responsible for more wrecked nrrvons systems limn any other pathological condition. Many fuses of general nervousness, headaches, low-back aches, leg-nclics, coiistlijiUtoii anil Insomnia arc line to rcctnl puthology. Our modem office methods Imvc maii.v ndvaiilnees and nppllcnulc I,, nboul 05% of all cases, '1'lic exceptions bo- IIIR cancer and tubercular fistula, vi-i'y ]|iti c discomfort and Inconvenience Is ox- licrlcnced wlillu Ijclnj; treated. liegiilnr work may be coiitliined. No imsiiUnltalloii, no general iuu>stlietlc. A very safe n nd sure (rcntmeul. Drs. Nies & Nies . 08 5H Main SI. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I10N KDWAUUS, Proprietor AH Makes of Itctmlll Typewriters. A.ldl,i R Machine, and Kcpulrtne—I'urts-Klbbo.i, RBI) RYDER wobble back and forth' across JIB ' country, Tlic hlijliwny commission ; says ' irtnps will prove Invaluable ill plotting new roads, and forest I'tingcus have found that they were olf several dcnrccs In plolling Arc locations on (.lie Oasis of old style may Infoi illation, totd Courier News want a<t« Yatlit Harbor Profit* City BERKELEY, Cal (UP) _ , _ Coast families are so far from being ."doun to their. )»st jyacht" that the city of Berkeley actually makes (upiont out ot maintaining a yacht Inrbor Receipt? last year totaled $11,000 as against" 115,000 cost ot opeiation Some 212 yachts already Imvc moorings there, with CO application); waiting HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewi & -WMRE.-D GRINGO PRIENO GE.EVE YC.U I "And if you're nil good lilllc kiddies you can «on,ou-ow and hear Slugger McGiuh gel "L bushed outl" AI,I,BV OOP RY FRED HARMAN HORIZONTAL 1,5,8 Founder of Christian Science. 11 To thread. 12Kskimo Iiut. 13 Pieces of poetry. M Eminent. J7!Uar.-hcs. tOoccptcr. ?.- Arched. 21 Fabulous bird. 22 Grain. 23 boxes. 25 railroad. 25 Sun. 27 Sound of pleasure. 29 Prickly pcnr. 30 Broth. 31 Arabian. 33 Publicity., 3-! English titles. 35 firing. 33 Negative. •10 Fifth month. 42 Remote. Answer (o Previous Puzzle 41 Revolving device. •1G Kind of jelly. 43 Wheel hub. •f!) Kucharist cup. 50 To obliterate. 51 Wrath. 52 She \vas a of many religious tracts (pi.). 53 She (rained some adher- ents as , or prac 1 tilioners. A'EUTICAL 2 Fervor. 3 Long grass. '! Affirmative. 5 Commsnc'cd. 6 Indian cuckoo 7 Ceremony. 8 Sprile> 9 Agent. 10 Giver. 13 She \vos a great or recruiter. 15 Rusl-colorect. 16 Preposition. 18 The Bible. 20 Knave. 23 Male guinea pigs. 21 Pertaining to 26 Health resort, 28 Coal scuttle. 32 Dealer in money, 35 Stimulates. 37 Close. S3 Halt. 40 Net. 41 Opposite o( awealhcr. 42 To do. 43 To avouch. 45Upriehl shaft. 47 South Ameriia. 43 Nothing. 1 KNOW YOU NOT AS o° L rKov'^S FH0 ^' W£ 'K <Jf- I KOV ^. BACf . TH/XT-y.-,^ HUttDREP YEARS V THF. PAST.' The Voice of Authority S9/ VOOBRAW PREETY .. PICTURED fDR CAPlAW MENDEZ OM4QVv) WE PLM^ CAPTURE. C50WD PACK "TRAIN ? N(>W, ,,.QU1.' PROVE GRINGO EK Wt BftNDIT, BUT FAMOUS R£D R'i'DER.' 'SWORD-WAVING PULUROS . SUCH AS YOU WOULO UOTjif I DON'T KNOW BE EXPECTED TO RECOG- } tVHAT CROC'S TALKIM' »Y V. T. HAmiA BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES r DE5TINV! CONDUCT US TO PRIAM! 'AM/RIGHT. LUG — V HEARD" TH 1 M^N SMD — GOIN'. WASH Tunns \\ r oxilil, Too { L_CCf»- HHHNU,tM^t.«K. l.H.nlll'li »T. Of r OY RDOAR MARTIJS Soiincls Reasonable, Kasy OF COURSE.\r THIWK THf/KE 1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS" agJ^J-^-^^y.i-.aj.- POSSWW. BUT I EXPtAIUEO TOW THE WOMEM OF «IPPA-H01.A WORSHIP BEAUVV...THAT TKE 60BDE«> OF BEAUTY ISSUPPOifO TO LIVE IU THE W>l-CMJO,AM> THAT OMCE A YEAR THE ' WOWEII MAKE A PIL6RIIM6E TO TME VOLCAHO. THERE . MUSr BE SOME COWMECTOU. BY ROY CRANE. BRAVO! WE BEACH THE SAME COM- r H01V <;MnkpiN cwaw> WHW IS .MORE.M'ATOBAV.- HULY SWOKt: \ THAIJ TO HIDE A SECRET IU TPE ww A w 8 ^f^D Vwo^auMipKCwcclI^lF TH' BENJW ^* PW»TOFTHE (^LAHO?. 56CRET.' l<?r< GOT OISCCXJR/.QEO AND, WEMr HCV.IE I Nubbin Again MAVE . A PLACE josr OUTSIDE SHAOYSIKH I N6EO AH ORCHBSTPA TOR THB i iBNt FALL StrASOU THE JOS' AMD ' ' ~~- — ^/PW/??^; tftf " ( ® RY MRRRI1-L BI-nSSKK NOT so FAST , SOM .' I'LL GIVE YOU THE JOS IF You CAM GET NUBSIM--. HE'LL BE: A 6OOO KJOVfLTY

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