The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JULY 26, •LYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NTNB RJAMJIPROVEMENTS^REMODELIHG FHA Moderates Policy on Loans ; Remodeling Homes V Now Requires Less For Down Payment New policiet of tlic Federal Housing Agency permit extensive remodeling of existing liou-ses wllh only a small financial outlay each mouth, It was pointed out today by the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing- for build- ins iiiCoiiiiEUion. - The new FHA ruling allows n home-owner to borrosv as nines as S2.5CO for home Improvement without A down payment, but the Job is sold in a "package," instead of .tplittlng It up Into several individual contract:;. lO^c Down Payment Ended Thus the monthly sum to be set aside for repayment of the 3-yeur loan is smaller than If several contract* were entered into by the home-owner for a shorter period, each crmtrucl requiring a down payment an ^ monthly payment of its own. Previously, the FHA required a ICr; down payment on each coj-tract. Virtually any appliance, nidterial or operation Dial will improve the value ot the home can be included in the new FHA plan. Many build- contractors are selling complete Jobs to Include new Riding; new roof; complete, full-thick mineral wool insulation; and conversion or remodeling of healing equipment. Because Ihe relatively long re- paymen' period eases the payments, il is now possible for a home-owner to install an extra lavatory in an unused alcove or pantry, to build a garage, or remodel the kitchen. lioon For Landlords Electrical installations, plumbing, conversion ol attics to living quarters, ba.spmcnt recreation rooms, and iiuichiise of large home appliances surli a.s refrigerators, automatic washers and garbape disposal units, can now be included In a single loan. Since the ruling permits two simultaneous projects by the same owner, with a top limit of S5.COO. IL gh'es owners of rental properties an opixnumity to modernize such houses or to provide additional living space in them Most lending ui.stitution.s approved by the FHA are now making tlip new type of home improvement, loan. Rarest element detected in Die tissues of mammals is radium, with about 23 atoms per cfH, according to the Encyclopedia Brilannlca. Tbe only sweat glands of a cow aie located In lu nose. fO* LASTING SfAUTY USf- *r»3 " JGa/. PITTSBURGH House Point Sun-Proof TwoCoot Home Painting Sy»l«m «quaU ih« performance of three coaU of old type paint, while saving you the extra material and labor cost of a third coat. Sun-Proof is extra durable because it ii made with "Vitalized Oil" which itayi in Ihe pain! film keeping it live, tough, and •laitic. PITTSBURGH PAINTS «-OOK BETTER LONGER;, Hubbard Hardware Co., Inc. 213 West Main Phone 2015 Blow Out Heat to Keep House Cool By ROBERT SCHARFF Written for N'EA Sttiltt You can malce your home comfortably cool thlj summer That, doesn't rnctn n complete »lr conditioning system, with ducts; that's not practical in molt existing homes. But there >r« several simple thing* you cm do to Increase home comfort during the months ahead. An nnvenlllittei title m»y be a source of as much heat energy the sun itself. Heat abforbed during the day Is radiated down Into the house at night. Louvers at each end of the attic will allow heal to escape. There should be at least 35 square Inches of opening for -nch 100 square feel of attic floor. A piece of wire mesh bchlnds the louvers will keep out insects mid leaves. An allic (an of proper size is « good way to bring cool night air into your home. The fan pushes the hot air out of the attic. »1- lowiiiB cooler »ir to enter through downstairs doors and windows. n ^®r 4ysU WHAT ATTIC TAN DOES Your local electric company or appliance dealer has Information on the si?.e of far for your home. The kitchen Is Another source of heal. An exhaust fan, either fitted directly Into the window, or set into the wall and controlled I with a pull chain or switch, will provide relief. Direct sunshine on windows, which raises the temperalurf indoors, can be stopped with open- side awnings, which form no hot air pockets outside the window. KITCHEN FAN AT WORK The color of outside walls can also affect the amount of inside heat. Dark ouhide colors absorb heat. Light otiutrte colors reflect heal, making inside temperatures from 5 to 20 degrees cooler on hot days. Oood insulation in walls and ceilings will make at least > 16 degree difference in room lem- peralui'tv by stopping penetration of heat and reUrdfhg extreme changes of indoor temperature. It also saves upwards of 30 per cent on your winti- fuel bill. toy, III with Cancer, looks to Mailman to Keep Hit Spirit* High PHOENIX, Arlli.. July 26-Wj— Pour-yt»r-old Bobby Byers hnpos he postman doesn't let him down. Each clay from his bedroom lu wistfully a.^k.s. "Moimnle did the inallman Icuve anything (or mo :ortay?" For lo Bobby, sick In bed with nallgnant. cancer, letters and postcards are about the best, living that could happen. Bobby can't read Ihe letters himself, but he does have the fun of opening them. Doctors don't believe the Im^cl eyed boy has much longer lo live, but his parents Mr. and Mrs. R. H. J. flyers refuse to give up hope. "After Bobby's operation, the doctors said lie couldn't lust over ten days and that's mote Hum a month ago," reminded Mrs. Hycrs Allrf Bobby's .spirits also remain hlsh as he keeps up his watch for the mailman. Modern Look Suggested for Old Bathroom When modernizing an old balh- roorn, slart with Ihe bulh-tub. Cover the sides and legs of the old fashioned tub with bright-colored panels of plastic or wood painted any desired color. Elevate the tub by setting the legs on 4" wooden blocks. Build two 6-lnch-dcep drawers in the space beneath the lub. These will provide more storage space, end wider-tub dust-catching and make cleaning easy. Since the bathroom needs sun- lighl, make the entire outside wall of the bath opaque glass, either in block or sheet form. This affords privacy, admits light. Make the room gayer with buttercup yellow walls, and accent this color with leaf-green marbleized asphalt tile flooring and touches of the same color in the draperies. Save space in the bathroom by fitting one of the new types of clothes hampers between the wall studs. These hampers are recessed into the wall like a medicine cabinet, will hold as much as the conventional hamper yet project only 3 or 4 inches into the room. Minimize the bathroom's strictly utilitarian air, add Interest with small pictures and green growing plants. Use towels of bright shades that match asphalt tile floor. If Ihere are small children, space towel racks one below the other In stair-step effect. Paint the clothes hamper to match floor and towels and carry [he same color into the edging of the cotlage-type window curta ins. Come iuf &e tk iMl'nuj new Frigldoirt mok.i |hr«« dlfftnnl lypei of r«frig«rolon. Mini In all. So com* In and l«orn oboul your Fr[gldair« lUfrlg.rolor. Powered by lh« Frlgidoir* Mtltr-MUer, mora food storage ipac* thon tvtr, famous Frlgidalr* QuIckubtTroyi . .. all Ihe special featur«i described b«- lowl Remember, genuln* Mjldoir* Refrigtralon art modi only by Frig- Idairt, a division of General Motortl MORE FRIG10AIRE SE1WE IN MORE. AMERICAN HOWES THAN ANY CTTHFR MAKt t liberal Terms Trade-Ins Frigldair* "Mojiter" Refrigerator: unit- mum sloragt loom, j«n«ro«i IrtKtt ipoci, utmoU valiM. li|, glim-lopped Hydralor (of [ruin, v^tlobles. Hand/ new Rd lap Sizes: 6,7,9,11 tu. ft. From $189.75 |B) Frigidolr* "B« Luxe" R*Mg«r<rt»r : oil cdvorrtngK of "Moster" model, plut U| Suew-FrMTM (htsl l«!<n food ifornoi. Aluminum ih«lvn. lesktl-Drowtr lor 1991, smnll orticlK. Sim: 7, 9, 11 cu. fl. From $289.75 [C) Frigidaire "Cold-Wad lmp.rl.1." nntrt money (an buy: combinofion rtfriotrBHr *ni homt (nntt. l«kei-lop holdi 70 Ibs. of froien foods. Cold-Woll rompert- m«nl kttps unioviitd food for do/i. 10 HI, H $421.75 Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager Complete Service Department In Connection 206-2US \Vesl Mam I'hont 2071 . S. Employe Eligible for $150,000 Rctirement Benefit for $7.43 Payment WASHINGTON. July 2«. l.-T. _. One government employee who paid a total of 57.43 into the Civil Service Retirement Fund now is eligible lo receive retirement benefits of $17.500 a year, a House Civil Service Committee report disclosed yesterday. | Based on actuarial life expectancy figures, the employe may collect more than J150.000 on his S7.4!i unless Congress passes leclsiatlnn recently approved by thp committee and now awaiting House action. The Civil Service Commission urging passage of the bill, said It would, deny Ihe employe the huge retirement benefits and give him instead a $1,950 annuity. The situation arose this way: The employe has a federal referee in govrnment bankruptcy cases and during the time he was cm- ployed, the refereps received one per cent of the assets distributed. He earned a peak of $220.000 from January I to June 30. 1947. Federal referees at the time were not under the" Civil Service retirement system but were included later. The employe, unnamed, left his job and took one in the office of s Congressman during December, 15*8. During that month he contributed $7.43 Into the retirement system, which made him eligible lo receive the S17.500 a year annuity, based on past earning In the government. Or il he choose, he would receive S1S.OOO > year and his wife after his death, would get $8.750 a year. While Congress last year passed a law making S10.000 the salary limit on which retirement benefits can be computed, the law does not apply to the period during which the employe worked. Civil Service officials told the House Committee aboul 20 other similar cises »re pending before the commission retirement division. Archbishop Views Scanty Swim Suits with Disfavor VATICAN CITY. July 26. (AP) — The archbishop of Genoa warned yesterday that bathing anils worn by men as well as women on Italy's beache* "open Ihe doors to the worst kind of immorality." The erchbishop. Msgr. Glsueppe Real Estate Transfers lOHfCKASAWBA DfSTRICT] Ony w. Swift and Thclma C, Swift to Roland s. and Alice J ffousavllle. Lot 7 [n Block "A" S700. H. H. and Lucy Houchlns to new• Elmo and Iris Dale Jones. Lot : of Blo:k 4 of the Country Club Drive. WOO Jesse L. Cain and Mary Rull Cain to Clyde Fl. and Sara's. Vm Horn. Lot 3 of Block 11 of the Highland Place Addition, $6.030. H. H. and Ernestine Mathis to John P. and Allene Holland. Lot . of the Jackson Addition, JlO.SOfl. W. C. auci Anna Catcs to Solo- mp.n and Maltie Jackson. Lot 4 of Block 4 ot the Elliott Addition S2M. H. H. and Lucy Houchlns to J. E. Stevenson, Jr., Lot 4 and Lot 5 of Block- 7 of the Country Club Drive. 11,500. W. E Smith in George W. Wlggit, Lots 3 and 4 of Block S of the Wilson Third Addition. »500. Marshall Taylor to Arthur and Marie Taylor. Lot 13 of the replat of tlio Pride and Gateway Suvdlvi- .ilon. $400. Jor B. Cunningham to Robert L. and Robert L. Jr., and Edward Eugene Cunningham. 50 acres of section 33-16N-12 E, 11 and other consideration. Robert and Juanila Cunningham ) .1 C. Ellis. 40 acres in Section 33-16N-12E, Si.OOO. E. B. and Rovene C. David to the Holly Development Corporation, all of Lots 11, 12. 13. 14. 15, 16. 17. 18. 1!S and 20 in Block 4 of Hie David Acres Addition, »1 and other consideration. Alvln Gaston and Allene Taylor to MiuhiH Taylor, part of Lot 13 of (he Replat of the Pride and Gateway Subdivision in the Se'4 of Section I7-15N-I1E, WOO. Snyder Returns from Trip To Europe, Middle East WASHINGTON. July 20 - (/!>,— Kfcrelary of Treasury Snydcr rc- from a three-week, business trip to Kmope and the Middle East. Snyclcr is expected to report soon to President Truman on the Irlp. hiahllRhted by conferences * 11 n British leaders on the financiaJ- pliuip early yesterday f economic crisis itl Britain. Clri. told his priest.! In * circular letter that "licentious postures »nd sliameles* exhibitionism commonly allowed on the beaches, especially the mast noted ones, certainly vio- •Ute moral Uw." The only advice ive ran give (o Ihe man above is lhal he Iry pulling il on with a little mucilage. However, you can be "sure lhal our advice in the mailer of eleclrical wiring will never sleer you wrong. Experienced personnel, excellent equip- ment, and reasonable chaises (hat's wlial you'll always find al Charley's Klecliic Shiip. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South Sth Rend Courier News Want ATTIC FAN DEMONSTRATION \Ve have in.slallcd one of lite new ItHiicher Type Allic funs in our offirc for a ilcninnslraliun. Kiisily insUtllt'd in any htiroe anil nosls less. No Down I'jiymenl lte<|tiircri Conveim'nl Terms. • Il!0 (:OMK)HTABI,K • E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. I'lume 551 Blylheville, Ark. the CRANE CRITERION rotlay's Kjp in bathtubs—the Crane t.riierion. AutJ from every an^le, too! Comfort. Sloped back. Flat Ixxinm and straight sidet. Bro*d rim ACIII. Quality. Certainly— it'* • Crane bathtub, App«aron<«. Beautiful! >• Myleil. Distinctive panel design. Glistening while, «*5>-to-dean surface. Equipped with gleaming Chrome Ttmftlt faucets with Ofaf-ett fing«rlip controls, the Criterion j» *ho available with D«'/rf/*r ipout and water* saver shower. 5 ft, mid 5'/2 fi- sizes. 'Pete' the Plumber 109 No. Kiril 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Jus I think, lot n hiiiiill iNiriirsl-niiincj 1 deposit yon mmj now ntciirc one of (I under lumsd'Mcli ,'ome while yon itrw modern tun bed room homes, now n: -Many are making their selection, •* ia> chouse. Rrauliriillv di-slj; icil, sturdily liiiill, some lutve picture wi tloivns, In new a ilidlvliilon, Call or Sea MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holly Development Corp. 1S01 West Main Phone M 15 Phont 2993 SURE WAY TO BEATTHEHEAT Drink Lots of C-o-o-l Refreshing Pure Water There's nothing so cooling as clear, pure water, during hot, sultry weather. Most people never once stop to realize that a plentiful supply of PURE water is one of the most essential things in our dnily living. In this respect, Blythcvillc residents enjoy the purest water in the world. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. "Wafer Is Your Cheapest Commodity" jl

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