The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on October 24, 1961 · Page 4
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Indiana, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 4
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4--Wnn« Evening SaieHe, Tuesday, Ocf. 24, 1961. Found Guilty Arrest Woman In Case Of Bank Shortage i _ -- . PITTSBURGH (AP)--The FBI I JfeV ^X/.aei/'Nrt i announced today the arrest of! i ax evasion w ^^ p Wilson «, of , PHILADELPHIA (AP)--A jury Grafton, W V a , in the shortage) Monday night bonvicted Morris C. of H*""* than 526,000 from the j Goldberg. 58-year-old head of lin- community's First National Bank, j en supply firms in Philadelphia Mrs - Wi l*n. a teller, was taken i and Atlantic City, N. J., on the into custody Monday and charged efcarges of evading $885,000 in fed- wi* making a false entry in the era! taxes bank's records to conceal a short- uures. Qf 5,5 146 5j A jury of e^ht women and four, she ^ g vea , ^1^^ men found Goldberg guilty on- heari ^fore . ,,/ 0,^.. eight ownts of tax evasion-, sioner at peeling and released three concerned with his personal' on S2 .ooo bond. Mrs. Wilson had income in 19o5 and 195S and five worked at the bznk since 1953 charging underpayment of taxes Form Big ear by four of his companies the same years. U. S. District Court Judge William Kraft deferred sentencing KJ11 s» I pending an invsstigation by the I ^1U V» I court's probation officer and disposition of a motion by defense counsel for a directed judgment of acquittal or a new trial The defense attorney, Thomas D. McBride, was given 10 days latitude at which they test, we; to file a written brief in support 6 et mosl of the fallout from the 1 of its motion Russian bombs." ' "I didn't expect this." Goldberg *-?»' "' ho w ° rke ? on , the told a newsmaT after the verdict pro ^ that Placed the first The pride of Formosa is Nationalist China's Women's Army Corps. During a recent parade in Taipei members of the corps, wearing slit skirts and high-heeled shoes, put their best foot forward. If this is a typical outfit. President Chiang Kai-shek's army is in fine shape and it offers one more reason for a strong Taiwan defense. Explosion (Continued fftun Page 1) was announced following five hours and 15 minutes of delibera- OUt TM"f s( * *"?* *** atomic bomb, was asked if fall- tion. During the six-week trial 19 size of the. bomb. He replied: "I can only answer that with a quali- other counts against Goldberg were dismissed for lack of evidence. Under tne original he would have been subject a maximum penalty of 135 years' imprisonment and a fine of $270,000 Ln addition to civil liabilities erf more than S3 million. The max- Announced By Defense Minister-Antimissile Missile Succeeds Say Soviets MRS. HELEN (ROHACHECK) BALL passed away on Sunday Oc- ment will follow in Marion Center Cemetery. District Hospital Register INDIANA HOSPITAL Births for October 23, 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Scerbo, By STANLEY JOHNSON imeant that the Soviet Union had talism will be destroyed forever,"! 76 Franklin Street, Clymer, Boy; . , MOSCOW (AP)-Soviet Defense! developed a defense against bal-Malinovskv declared. Tass saidi Mr - ^ d Mrs - Thomas Shannon,! Run - , Pa - he was a son of the ate 'check of Indiana R.L. -, ana 01" " i TT«_ -.-- *-»:j__ »^ . . Tlfn«r1 .1w+tl O + n l l n T^«*i ITT*W Drtllii-iL- !«»»«*-·· i-t»-nf H art; Sinn Q1si P r s 1\1 FS. OBITUARIES GEORGE ROSS WETZEL, aged Arrangements in charge of Rob- 76 years, of Marion Center. Pa.,'inson - Lytle's will be given in to- died in the Indiana Memorial Hos- morrow's paper. pita.* 8:10 a.m. Monday, October, ^^ w£ -- R sw ^ m He was a son of Samuel Sher- w - Freedom Avenue, Burnham, wood and Dorinda Griffith Wetzel ' Pa - died Frida y October 20 f l } and was born December 17 1884, 'P-TM- at the Lewistown Hospital af- in East Mahoning Township. Mr. ter an illness of three TM eek Wetzel , a well known farmer, was . .. Born December 8, 18,4, a ilndi- , , a charter member of the Marion ' ana - Pa - he was th , e son of Daniel Center Grange and a member of w - ' and c - vhst shank :. the Methodist Church. He was married to Essie A. Aul of Rayne Township on May 1, 1912 and moved to a farm near Marion Center. He is survived by his wife and His wife Mary Belle (Anderson) Shank, died February 10, 1959. He is survived by the following children: Mrs. Adam (Genevieve) Seibert of W. Springfield, Mass.; Mrs. Harvey (Helen) Holmberg of AAC ia aui viveu uy 1112, wiic ttiiu _ - ; T , .. ·*,, · two children: Samuel of Altoona. Danbury N H.: and Mrs Pearl Pa., and Lena at home; a daugh-jKUne 208 W. Freedom Avenue, ter in law, Mrs. Alice Cline Wetzel Burnham, Pa. of Altoona; a sister, Mrs. Sara; Funeral services were held Tues- Wynkoop of Marion Center, and a day October 24 at 2 p.m. in the brother, Ernest Wetzel of Avella, Pa. Speer Funeral Home at Burnham. Interment folloued in Birch Hill Cemetery. Friends will be received at the Crawford Funeral Home in Marion Center and funeral services will be held on Thursday at 2:30 p. m. in the Methodist Church with Rev. Jo-!tober 22, 1961, at the Presbyterian seph M. Gilkey officiating. Inter-'Hospital in Pittsburgh. She was born May 11, 1930 in Chicago, 111. Surviving are her husband. John STEVE RELLICK, of Mclntyre, ! and children: Thomas, V e 1 m a, j Pa., passed away Monday, October Richard, Bonnie Jean. John Jr., J23, 1961 in the Indiana Memorial!Patricia, Cindy and Randy, all at Hospital. Ihome. Also surviving are her par- Born March 17, 1908, at Fulton jents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roha- » * » . l*L\Ji}\^\J Tf ^XT-jr^---Dl/VlOl. A V C I C l l ^ t ; , V 4 t ·' t - l V / p t U O. I. f rtf^rV» C ° n " Minister Marshal Rodion Y. Ma- listic missiles. struction of the bomb. In New York, Nobel jlinovsky ·delegates gave him stormy ap- the Soviet Union (But if he referred to defense plause at this point. has "successfully solved the prob- against air-to-air or air-to-ground The party congress continued of destroying rockets in m.'ssiles, they said, he was mere- today, but Communist Chinese Homer City, Boy. Admissions for October "3 Mrs. Mrs. Laura flight-" Presumably he means his ly asserting a capability matching Premier Chou En-lai broke away St. Indiana; Mrs. Anna Pollock ' TM . - - . . TM ^.forces have an antimissile mis-'that of the United States. Th! for a hurried flight back to Pei-|R.D- 3, Box 281, Blairsville; iWasyl and Stella Krawtz Rellick' lowing brothers and sisters- Mrs. ,and had resided at Mclntyre for j John (Mildred) Ruman of Czecho- past 30 years. He was a mem-j Slovakia, Mrs. James M (Marie) . iu=. of the Holy Cross Church of .Campbell of Penn Run; Mr?. Paul rYi U , Clune, Pa.; Indiana F O E 1468i(Anna) Bash of Indiana, R D 2; United States. However, Urey added in a television interview that the fallout will be "unpleasant but not criti- j j » e dld sile. ,U.S. Army has been developk Informed sources said he S. Mudrick, Box 84, Clune. John Malinovsky told the 22nd Com- the Nike-Zeus system as a ballis- s was going to confer with Mao Mrs. Pauline Kalafsky, Clune; munist party congress Monday tic missile defense but it is not Tze-tung, apparently about the Mrs. Lena Wyer, Box 2"l7, Black that the U.S.S.R. "is capable of yet operational). , , , . . . . . onen rift between the Kremlin|L i c k; Mrs. Helen McHenrv se P h of Mclntyre; four sisters, elab- inmcting a c hing defeat upon j Informants _ said the Soviet de-'and Red. China over Albania. Smicksburg; Mr, Bertha Loren^! Mrs. _Francis ,(Kathryn) Warner 1ST of Blairs- Andrew Rohacheck Jr of was an employe Ohio; Steve Rohacheck oi ' the Mahoning Stores. lohio and Elizabeth Rohacheck of Surviving are: one brother, Jo- Indiana, R D 2. Funeral services will be conduct- the aggressor" its with a new,fense chief also declared that So- Chou during the congress severe- a ly criticized Khrushchev for his Plumville. ' | Homer City; Mrs. Joseph (Mary) ed at the Shvicki Funeral Home of Russelton at 10:00 a m on Wednes- reduced by the dismissal of the orate. " iTM nle . officials have said * branch of its armed forcesjviet scientists had "controlled" a ly cnucizea i\nrusncnev lor nis iv "»- i-ovema warper, 71 Han- 1 "^""' ""· '-*"«"· * - » · · »·"-- ~- ;---· Rudolph Csicsek, Goldberg's one W-megatpn explosion would cause Equipped with rockets and nucle-50-megaton nuclear bomb but did denunciation of the Albanian' cock St., Clymer; Mrs Louise' ward Rose Ha 8 e ' Lon S ^'and-,* 6 -- ... , , tha . r , lrrv time administrative assistant was,a large increase of fallout in thisi ar weapons. However, he did not not elaborate. "Communist command ~ .Stossel, Alverda- Mrs Beverlvi RY - : Mrs - Victor (Aim) DeNi g ris ' Interment will be at me v,urry among the 40 witnesses the gov-country but would not raise radio-1 sne n out details of the Soviet' Informants sairf TWaiinmrctTM. ^ : .. _ _ ? J ,,,.. i Stuck. 1.115 Wafor c, ^A-.^. (Bronx, N.Y. There are three nieces 'Run Cemetery, Indiana, K u^ *umn«c. .*«...~. -- ^ . ».^-u. _v-u- r .. v -.--_,, - - nc . , . nactnr Mrs. Lovenia Harper, 71 Han-' Mele - Mt - Vernon - N ' Y ' : Mrs " Ed-|day October 2,, 1961.b her pastor ' w a r d Rose H a e Lon Island the Rev. Victor L orov,n f M.* T. -_v*^T--*.iw. .LA.U * u v v,* , *« v «..-- u u U ..u«. v-tu-uw* uv^r. ^w4.Li£Aj.uiii;?L. w^iiuicLiiu. . w i - w u u w i , - t i j , * t i u a . , A Y L I o» D c v t r r i y - - - - ^ co-nntry but would not raise radio-1 spel , out detai i s O f the Soviet; Informants said Malinovsky' Communist sources said Chou' Stuck - 1315 Waf er St., Indiana; I Bronx - N ' Y - There a J^LV^i «f-^K' r f breakthrou Sh in defense against also reported that the Soviet Un-definitely would return for thei Dale Q S 5 " S. 7th. St , Indiana.! and three "^phews. «,t ^HLln,- i ,, i*V^- -- * enemy missiles - ion maintains 1,800 military units vvindup of the congress this week Miles Leon Lightner, Box 113, £ ^^Sr£±^' TM^' ...r^? d ^ ^ C *^*°L TM°* TM iS ?" e ! "?° n !»t Piping radio" in announcing ^^; John J. Amorose, Sr, ernment presented d u r i n g the lengthy trial. Csicsefc was indicted for conspiracy in the case. He has pleaded no. defense and is the Public Health Service, said: ]rO cket""troo"ps will" play" "the ~£ any part "of thV^rld^hat lt"has wV arrivaMn "the cTine s rcamta1' SaItsbur g: ^^ Leona B. Airgood', awaiting trial. , we do expect that the levels will C isive role in any future war. But developed long-range missiles sa "id nothing about a returnT to Rochester Mills; Mrs. Emma " In their summations both the! 5 * substantially higher than they|he added: "We believe that the w;th millimeter accuracy, and MOSCOW. noschick. Coral. |l:30 p.m. Wednesday government and defense stressed) the question of whether three ac-' countants who testified against 6 Deen m portions of the .final victory over the aggressor [ that it has a submarine fleet r "Khrushchev bade Chou fare Discharges for October 23 must be ready (ran be achieved only through capable of patrols under the arc-well at the airport in an obvious Mrs - Maryjane Taylor, 336 Maple TrtCTIT'A Zr\tn+ *»i~ti/-i*» r»f ·»!! OT-TYiarl ff\rf*OKS ** f'li"' ir*C. r\*i/*!#· . . . . 1C*- "D 1« I _,,, ,il 1 YT _ . st--, , \ ' to understand the actual exposure joint action of all armed forces.'^tic ice pack. v^rijm. «* ·* ».».w i-t^u vi**^,!^ **g^i*^Aui. _ - j . _ . . . _ . . . - _ j i . _ _ -- ot LLCIilJJL LU rilcllIiL3.1Il oil QtlLvV' 3tFQ ! T .«..* u . Goldberg were influenced by the, 01 P^P' 6 tnat occurs so that cor-! (i n Washington, U.S. defense "We are deeply convinced thatlair of harmony Chou was met at lCoata - 6th possibility of rewards as mform-1 rectl Y' e measures, if necessary,'officials said Malinovsky's an-in this war, if it is thrust upon|his home airport by Mao Presi ! M achak, A ers. i can be taken.' Wncement could indicate a lead us, the Socialist (Communist) {dent Liu Shao-chi and orn P r tnn sard, 3 E. Bob Kennedy Name Society Helps Form Officers In well at the airport in an obvious M «-Maryjane Taylor, 336 Maple w i ^\ I I C l i-..,«. .attempt to maintain an outward I st - B'a'rsville; Francesco (Frank) [NJ Q\tf ^j U D O l T O n QSTO Wn i n i r nf harmnntr r*hn,, -n,ac- TM«f -tlCOata. 6th. St.. OlvmRr: TimntW i --* The firms whose income the jury found understated included the Pennsylvania Coat and Apron Supply Co. of New Jersey, first nine months of 1955; the Pennsylvania Laundry Co., for 1955; the Pennsylvania Coat and Apron Supply Co. of Pennsylvania, for 1956; lean be taken. It was an awesome _ ly "in the records of bombs and missiles: I. The Soviet Union also fired, an underwater nuclear blast o f j yield about two hours after the 1 big explosion in the atmosphere. Washington officials said it ob- nouncement could indicate a lead us, the Socialist (Communist) {dent Liu Shao-cW and other too day general-.over the United States if will be victorious and capi-(officials, Peiping radio said. East Berlin Guards Back and Anderson's Empire Coat, Ap- vjously was a tnal of an anti-, ron and Towel Supply Inc. for I submarine warfare weapon. i 1955 and 1956. 2 - Tne u - s - Nav y snot an ad - vanced A2 Polaris from a subma- VPr Y Cl (Contmued Prom Page One) Psychological Relief For Cancer? NEW YORK (AP)--Pain relief in a cancer patient must start with the easing of psychological pain, a Milwaukee physician said todav. U S Alcoa Earnings Show Increase PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Aluminum Co. of Amenca earnings for this year's third quarter totalled 9.339.971, or 41 cents a share' an increase over the $8,553,203, or 37 cents a share, total for the SchuclcDies In Electric Chair (Continued from Page 1) St., Clymer; Timothy Aultman; Lee W. Bus"- sard, 3 E. Pike, Indiana. Mrs. Belle Guiste, Penn STRON'GSTOWN -- The Strona"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Atty. town Homeccnm? and Historical Robert F. Kennedy, who re- Society elected officers for the zoomed 1,000 miles down ranee , .. , . from 90 feet beneath the At- i mlsS!On - when LigMner refused same time in 1960. lantic's surface and about 50 to 5how his P a Pers Sunday night. miles southeast of Cape Canaver- He and his wife were allowed to al, Fla. 'pass only after an armed escort Net income for the first nine a case of "mistaken identity,",Church Ave., Indiana. ng Schuck in reality was * rla - 'Piss only after an armed escort """'""J. "*" *«·,-·«,·»/, or »i.^» ,, · « . , , 3 The Soviet Union claimed it' . - ,/ . - i^a share - compared with $30,270 -1 gun nmg tor a w °man with whom. «i develop a delensTSnsJ ° f ?'** Amenca " soldl :" ^ ur " 511, or S1.33 a share, in the first, h e had quarreled. A girl in the . IVlrS. oeile UtllSte Penn R i m * 1 x x u u c a t i . rvcuucu.y, « H L » ic- out-icu^ C i C U t c u u m u c i ^ i u i me Kathy Jean Phipps,'Aultman; Recently resigned his membership coming two years in a special Morris Zerfoss, R.D. 1, Clarks- m a Washington men's club which meeting held in t'^e Stroncstown burg; Alvin L. Thomas, Water- has racial restrictions, is going to C '"\ c CKenter Satlird ^' evening, man Membeas accepted the recom- William Ireland, Plumville: Mrs.! help direCt a " eW mendation of the nominating corn- Frances Morgan, Mclntyre- Mrs I " T ^ at '' 3 right" said a member mittee, headed b\ Rev. Kenneth Paula Keith, Box 245. Dixo'nville; , of Kennedy's staff to a query |McCay, that the following person-? I Mrs. Marcella Horchar, 11 Harri'- 1 about a story by Washington Star form the Board of Directors Rayson St . Homer City. ,-olumiist Bett'v Beale statin? m °" d G Rodke v - ° £Car Wrav ' Mrs. Mary Ramsell, Lucerne- ,, ' ,, . ^ . , .. Harr y Bennett. Ga. lord Gre-sley. mines- Mrs Ethyl Kelly 657 Kenned " Wl11 De a director,of the Charles Madill, Xeal Kirkland. Le- Chestnut St.. Indiana; Mrs Wary new Federal C!ub - _, , land Albright and Norman Strong. , Jo Kelly, 1496 Church St., Indiana- L Miss Bea!e a ' so , said Kenned y. s Mr. Rodkey v.ill se^c as general The state termed the shooting'William J o s e p h Lukehart 210 brotne r-m-law Stephen Smith will chairman of the annual homecom- _ ( _ , . . _ . ? * * i J^c* *s rl t r-aof rM" f~\f +-Via j^InVv Kdt n n r»t"_ · i _ t i _ . had rockets-but did not specify what rounded his car and escorted him nine months las year. type of rockets. I past the border guards. 4. The Soviet news agency Tass' Ma J- Gen - Albert Watson II, the. said the U.S.S.R. fired a multi-lU.S. commandant in Berlin, pro- stage rocket 7,500 mi'es into the I tested immediately to the Soviet' central Pacific Sunday with what' ,,,_,,...,.._,. TOC* ,~ii~i .,, v.-_u 1 r -. commandant "Let the patient feel that he is T ass called "a high degree of a c , over the incident,' not abandoned as a hopeless case curacy." It was the sixth shot an- and American military police bend that capable people are interested in him," suggested Dr. Jay Jacoby of the Marquette Uni\er- nounced in the series. gan checking Soviet vehicles fon I The big Soviet explosion set o f f , th? first time. ] sitv School of Medicine in a nnru.r I " e ? erC1 f SSi ^ nS Ul1 °- Ver , the W0rld -! T " other developments East! su icnopi oi Meoiane in a paper Senate Democratic leader Mike' d W oc|. R p r ] in ~J\cf pvrhancpd presented to the annual meeting Mansfield of Montana and Sen. ^JeJJof t?arSerenades Mon ' of the Amencan Cancer Society. ! C Lmton P. Anderson, D-N.M., said'i""^? g grenades Mon Spread In World (Continued from Page 1) radioactive rain and dust car with Quigley and Engle wasi VaIier . wounded. Schuck refuted the state's PUNXSUTAWNEY Birth Mr and Mrs. Kearney Neale, con- Oct. 22 Admitted Orvie B. Biar. Rossiter R.D. 1 Clay Baun, Rossiter R.D 1 Mona Belle Leasure, Rochester Mills "Decreasing the emotional im- the blast may force U.S.' resump- Twrt of nain ic pact 01 pain is attitudes of the people in contact by proper tion of atmospheric tests. and West Berlin police , shore3 around Friday , the b ' ast W0uld reach their had been treated for . f - w f i A l . l w i» l^Vfll* tentions m a series of petitions for clemency. "I was so intoxicated that night, I could not have conceived the' Tin S le y Smith, Glen Campbell thought nor carried it out," he lR ' D - 1 was quoted as saying. Excessive drinking had plagued his unhappy adult life. A sanity board which conducted hearings after his trial found that Schuck [be a director of the club being or- i n g celebration ganized by Charles Bartlett, re-1 Mrs. Helen Hoiby was elected porter on the Chattanooga (Tenn.)!^ treasurer, and will have Mrs. Times. Emily Waltemire as her assistant. Both Bartlett, a friend of Presi-,Mrs. Elizabeth Krall was retained dent Kennedy, and Robert re-ias secretary for the society with signed from the Metropolitan Club Mrs. Helen Albright as assistant. recently. The attorney general! The Board of Directors will for- said he could not support the mulate tentative plans for the 1962 club's traditional policy against' homecoming, and be prepared to \\ere issued submachine guns for the first time {during his Army career in World Discharged Dee G. Sutter, Vaher Negroes as guests or members. The new club, Miss Beale re- appoint committee chairmen at the next meeting which is scheduled LATROBE Births Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Belice. iease or injury Avonmore, girl, Oct. 21 ported, will not be racially segre-^or Nov. 18. gated. j The Strongstown society will present the program at the November A tree continues to grow until meeting of the Historical and Ge- death. Some botanists say trees nealogical Society of Indiana die only from such causes as dis- County in Memorial Hall, Friday, Nov. 3, at 8 o.rn. The Norwegian Parliament was War II; did time in the guard-' Mr - and Mrs - Kenneth Rearick, ,debatin --_----- -- r -- r ^ite- uie aoviei union oroKe tnei The erpnartc throwing took '." ~ P r °P° sed resolution {house for being AWOL while Saltsburg, girl, Oct. 21 with the pataent Mournfulness, de-' test moratorium with its blasts,' lace «n ^e tardw^Sen the ? ro ,. test T g S ° Viet atmos P heric drunk - and was given a disability 3 ection and tears among the rela- !tr ,e United States resumed test-1 I * - Ji «^sl7*J! , vvni s ien word of the m a mmoth discharge for alcoholism. five* and fri*»nr1s arp pvamnlpc nf i_... i i . _ j 5i _ _t _ . . rrencn ana so^ei sectors at. vsoi- i)i as t TV-OC rprpiv*»H A Crn;ai;cf Tho noma ^ n «»:--.· ' -j , - tives and friends are example the wrong attitude," he said fallout - free "Determination to enjoy the plosions time that remains .5 the right out- New of the b SovM Jook. With this in mind, the pa- raised a stornlBof prote from tient should engage to the max- natlons After the Soviet Union broke the] -nn ' The *"="« uc --'·* -- nm»A«« n «, cTM,;^ _» u.^..^..,. ..^ _...-. .. .·--:-- Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Biard, Bolivar, R.D. 1, boy, Oct. 22 Admitted ex-'nprman nponlp'« noliTM*--tripd tn "' *'""·' "-"" v " ""= J"VIC L CA^IU-."o^.mgc was a loveless union Denver Bartlebaugh III, Salts- Se^r. w2 Berim loTdlnfake? S '°" an ""bominable" act and and there were intervals of sepa- burg snence a west nenm louusptdker -......----...-j-j »u- i..^.- »_- »-,+.«_ T-I._ ,- , , ... T-.-. ing but has limned its shots to iVnksTrasse" "The""Vow""-" Fast "' 3Sr WS received - A Socialist The same commission said his '" - underground ex-'nTMTM 8 ^^" lT,L- t JcT tn CP P ut ' termed *e_ Soviet explo-marriage was a loveless union and o a car recommended the resolution be ration. The couple had no chil-' Diego Coppollo, Blairsville R D. o mended to make it stronger. But dren. . , ise a s o r n l o p r o e rom h e d e dsh o a car - c " tient should engage to the max- natlons ln the palh of fa]lout from ^2" mjf Berlin erT re-soonded ^ ^^"^ resolution was) Schuck's execution was 'the first imum extent possible, m activities the u . sts n ie Norwegian Parlia- w! th crenadfe*«; of their own which nd °P ted when other legislators 'n Pennsylvania since Robert Lee which ive him leasarf and in .^ontpndprf that nnv rt^inv m.crht Williams 25 nf PhiinrtAini,;* ,,,,, which give him pleasarf and in was| Schuck's execution was 'the first Joseph Maruco, Slickville " . . . - . i Discharged that anv delay might .Williams, 22, of Philadelphia, was Mrs Mae Joyner, Blairsville Ix- considered weakness. (electrocuted in 1959 for his part R.D 3 Newspapers in Scandinavia in the fatal shooting of a Pliila- jrimly noted that the atmosphere delphia druggist. George Miller, Blairsville R.D. 2 Mrs. Josephine Shaffer, Salts- . _, , ment passed a resolution of pro- thev t^aid had ""ood tiie company of mdiMdua', whom tlit The Swedish nat ional rad.o West Berlin police reported 22 '^sTSde should te n,ininii7«i · madeus P« aal broadcasts through-East Berliners fled to the West soucituae snouia oe minimized out the day i n j apan t ^ e c ^ 6{ O vernieht one of th- highest nurn- , , . J ( - i c u i . u j , - j Concentration on positive \alje* cabmw secretary Masavoshi bers of escaoes in recent weeks na received the largest single| Schuck s body was claimed by burg and ignoring discomfort and pain y m ~, -,,, , f *bp rpnnri-« of" the. ATMTM +x»TM ,,.,e nn * v«^« «.i,^ d 038 of radioactivity to date. nis wife. It was transported to) Hammond Miller, Avonmore can be accomplished by m a r . - . n - ex'ios,^f are tme «^a2neS * ed ?7 Th -^ond ^rv^ of Brit!Sh "^P a P ers denounced the Edward McCabe Funeral I Mrs Anna A. Koontz, Saltsburg dividuals. In a lifted number of government w . l l file another a house on a border street land- the Wast as a Want ° n act ° f t 6 ^,"^ 6 at Ambndge. R.D. 2 cases this can be o.ed to »^ rn-at- s . ron? pro?Mt to the Sovi(H t l T i h e a m s of a West German ro . r ^ m . ^f TM tlon end e d a 'ong l.nel U nnea Porch, Saltsburg est advantage wr.»j the aid oi r^-p t_'mon " i d M a kip T^ 161 " 5 !li no military reason of legal maneuvers connected Earl Eugene Miles, Black Lick nosis." ' M rt nH a « n ,,w the Soviet bioc ThP \v«tPrn ^1^ akn renort for ex P losions such as these, with the case. He had originally} M rs. Jean Speranza. Avonmore me ouvici LIUL ine vststem DO'ice aiso report- -,., _ . . _ , . ., u««~ ^ n u^^..i A ^t *« j:~ i««* T-- on . .. ,, , Cook can - - . . . . . . , -- . - . ~ WE Given MAS A Arc Heater Job PITTSBURGH ( '".P' -- Vr--rz bouse Electnc (xrp .. , construct what it cali« :'· -n i.s powerful arc heater f' ; · .\" tional Aeronautics anc 1 Space Aa ministration Westinghoube said \5w.cij\ arc heater will be uc-a «it Langley Research ("enter T \"ir- ginia to simuIatL- e're" _, conditions mei b m^',,-; space craft re-entering ;he ptrth'c atmosphere. The heater and , t d r f - ' f i- rent power suppiv i. \ a -if-d a r slightly more than Jl m.Jior Th« unit will «.jpp:\. a ·.'ream of hot, clean, high pressure air reaching temperature of about " = " « »' '» - » »TM » n h . M hi, co.v.ction «a sentence, ,o TMe Anderson ,nd r ' 1 '" ;r' and T n K . J^i sn aerodynamic tev section in wfcicfc various sp'-oinciu w/ tx inserted. The performance of these specimens A I M v,npd ·thigh velofitir^ and Correspond fa«1y high temperatures. Indian UN Envoy Moves From Apt. N*EW YORK (AP)--C S Jha, I' amba'.sadjr to the United Nations, and h,s wife have moved "'j' of the'r J1.'V»0 j month 10-room ii'-irtn -nt -- a t ' a ^ 1 for the mo" i^n' "For 'hree ea"; in that house-." ' Jirt sa j Mondav, "I h.'Lf no' kirun air peace" "I T ben-fc '· s m./ed " ia;d ' · l a n d l a d y . Rpt;y Rober*; add- jr.g tnat --he ^ A r t - n ? to Pn-si- dpnt K»Tmedy arxy^.' it As gathered from the women. tht- clash reach«J a climax last week, when renovation work was V o n j 'i'.n ;,.r a new tenant on ;hf i',;* r t o u r s "f t h e fi\e-story ar^nrn^n' bj !din» a' 11 E 74:h St T ~,F ai-rassador hi* v, f » and i- - T t r r . ^ T d f, ( , .p, ,..^ ( , r ) r ^ ;i rii and ran of :ne /o-r;n : m sumably a to e ca " 2ht Theobald Cleared By Investigation , NEW YORK (AP)--\n invest.- gr.tmg committee of the City Board of Higher Fdnrn'.ion has cloared Supt of Schools John J Theobald of anonvrnous rhari;es that he personally used city sup- pl'Os \ \ h i l e president of Qufpns T h e investigation aKo exonerated Dr Harold W StoVr. noxv pre^- ident of Queens Collefre, and other members of the staff of the municipal institution on various charges. Board Chairman Oustave G. Rosenberg announced that the in- vr«,(igat:ng rommittpo found no cvdence to suppor anv of 'V charges ' and fce!: r h a ' tno\ W T P r r . o t v a i ^ d bv ma · f aid TP.K. "·-· d.bregard for the truth." might," said the Laborite Daily Herald. The Liberal Manchester Guard,\n warned- "Though Amencan r ^straint in the last few weeks has N-en admirable, the time must t'aickly be approaching when the Lmted States will consider itself to be in an intolerable disadvantage in the testing of nuclear weapon 1 - " Prime Minister Robert G Men/ cs told the Australian House of Representatives the Soviet explo- r :on w a s designed to terrorize the people of the world. He sa.d Premier Khrushchev was not con- c"rned if the health of thousands just three days before the sched- iuled execution, but the U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh ordered a stay of execution, pending a. hearing on a writ of habeas i corpus. ' The federal court dismissed the| petition May 13, but by that time| Gov. Lawrence had declared a moratorium on executions while the state legislature battled over a proposal to eliminate capital punishment in Pennsylvania for good. 1 When the measure was defeated, lavvience lifted the moratorium and Schuck began to reali?e t i m e was running out The final KITTANNING Admitted Geraldine Jones, Spring Church Theresa Buffone, Sagamore Mero Bonora, Yatesboro Discharged Orval C. Brown, Rural Valley Freda Mikita, Rural Valley R.D. Catherine Graff, Dayton Mrs. Alberta Rosenberger and baby girl, Kittanning, R.D 5 Baby boy Craft and baby boy Craft, Kittanning R.D. 5 Harry Murphy, In S'.'cden. the labor union- owned Stockholm Tidmngen said "One ca.n without exaggeration .say that international coexistence was severely shocked by yesterday's bomb blast and that the buspic.on against the Soviet Ln- on grm\ the case. Admiral Felt In JFK Report Re||Cip|e ! PEARL HARBOR (AP)--Adm Harry D. Felt, top U S. military 'commander in the Pacific, left for [Washington Monday probably to (AP)-- give President Kennedy his views never'on the worsening South Viet Nam i. on^ross adoptf^i the (irMt Sfal of the Lnuod Stairs on June 20. J7SX , HARRISBURG. Pa. Franlc Glatfelter, who m,^^ a day's work ;n A\ vears situation u . t h ' t h e pVnnsvlvania Banking' A spokesman on I-'elt'«; staff D^panmcnt's pvanunatmn staff", formed his tnp routine He said xvi,! rotirp Nov ^ the Pacific's commander in rhirf __ 11 ____ vn ll consult with military leaders (Re«d Gazette Classified Ads) jin the capital Public Auction Sale OF Real Estate and Vacant Lot Located at 633 School St. with vacant lot and 4 car garage fronting 82 ft. on Carpenter Avc. Tuesday Evening, October 24 At 7:00 P. M. Tuesday Evening, October 24 LOOK FOR 2 SALE SIGNS Eight room home with hardwood floors, fireplace and powder room on first floor; four bedrooms and bath on second floor; new basebard gas fired hot water heating system installed recently; four car garage on vacant lot fronting on Carpenter Avenue. This is a good home close in. w U h aoarlmont or business possibilities, \ a c a n t lot for large parking atoa or apartment bide site. You are invited to look through Wednesday evening, October 18 from 6 to 8 P M Sam Lyons Agency will be there to show you through and disouss any mortgage neods you may have. TERMS: $2,000 at time of sale, balance on delivery of new deed. OWNERS: Estate of W. C. Bennett AUCTIONEERS: Sam Lyons Agency, Indiana, Pa. Phone HO 5-5655. FREE! Oven dressed turkeys given away FREE!

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