The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1934 •LYTHKY1LUL (AWL); COUMH SECTION- • PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line tot coutec live insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per linn JOc T»'o, times per lino per day .. OSc '/tree times per lln! per day .. 06c Eix Umes per line per day .. 06c Ifonto rate per line Wo Minimum obirge 50o Ads ordered to: tnree or ux times and stopped before esplra- L'on will be chargto (or the number of times the ml appeared ana adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising cop> submitted by perswu residing outside ol tile cay oust be accompanied by cash. Rules may be catily computed from above table wo respoiuiibllttv will be laxeu jra more Uwn one incorrect in- eertlou el auy clas-tf.uti ad. AUH.-I tLaiut; orUcii-u lor irregu- .»r msuruoiis UUP the one tune iat«. T Wants •iodern three room unfurnished, over F. Simon, Phone 164. BUSINESS DIRECTORY Kiri»y rt Drug! Harry Harti Seek* lie kt( txaroom, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. bet tUrdto alter o . M. ic KU Niwly furnished cool bedroom, 1045 W. Walnut. Phoue 117 ad-k-5-4 INGRAM apartment, heal, furnished. Apply 1. u. hurst. To Chase Racinj Jinx , WASHINGTON (UP) — In ujHarU Association. In H move lo detent tlie Jinx that lius pursued his team for two years, tlie Association revealed, Jomi Marcennc, fa- water Park- lOckil " comebuck. Harry Hart*, 192U nu-iinou* Krr-nch engineer and prc- toiiiobllc racing champion and now|niler nicliiy inecliunlc. Marcenac, backer of nationally prominent ! U was explained, designed tlie car driers, IIOIKS to restore his racing ( Billy Arnold drove to victory HI (cam to Its 1930 pinacle, accord- |liidlaruirxills In 1930. and headed i"S lo Ihc American Automobile tlie crew of experts who groomed Freed KI-UIHC. tor his 1933 Oriuil Prix iriuiKpli. Mcrccnac's application for njg- iMnillon lias uoeii uppiqwd by the Contest Hoard, of the A, A. A.. , , . . body of aulotnoWJe. nic- llvoiiilne- occurs In sen »alcv to Hi: 1 I'Mont ol CO to 10 purls pur million. BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6c Expert Explains Lack ol l0 "- 1 ' ls '' ? ubs " Ullc ""• «***• Appetite From Smoking CHICAOO. lUP)-Ci[jiinHs The explanations Nicotine is absorbed into tlie smoker's system and readies (he adrvnnl glands, 'n>e , . nrc oxclled by Ihc drug a ,.. . , ma >' sccrolB itdiimulln, a liormone. 'Hie never .Hike Hie place of u juicy I mlivimlln then steak, but j>cople who smoke really nrc eaUng. According »drenaUn can mobilize sugar reserves, Dr, Hutlon said that, normally there arc from «0 to 120 milligrams of augur in Ihe blood and the use of adrenalin can Increase thin amount t« iso milligrams ROOM ft BOARD Rooms with or witlmU board, steam heat, hot water, reueoabte rates, Pbocc 234, Rite Prke Gro. 29c W-29 AUTOMOTIVE Start A Savior* Account With Us On Everything for the Automobile Hub bud lidw., Automotive Dept fbone 476 thoue Auto Glass All Kinds IcsUlled The Ark-Mo Limber L'o. lOcM-10 COUNTY WORKERS UN1CW Cuurt nousc itloQuay, 7:3U p.m. * v ur men, women over 1U ¥1 P«r year Ask us nbutit the llaficn Huncy Ceulcr Cioli bails. Tney're Jlei- ter. liuubartf lijraware eo. 5eks-5 Soy Brans unit Teas will be hard lo liiicl ncAt month. Buy htm" from HubbLird Hardware Co. HOME KKI'AIKS: Steps, floors, screens, wall paper, paint, ete. ANllMI'lE for i'erimtc control E.iC. KOK1NSON 1,1'MKKK CO. too Mrs. J. J. Davis, 1'houu Spencer Corsetiere EXMIK1 1 Typewriter and Addiuj Machine Kcpairing. U. S. Blank eiuhip, lib K. Kobe. Call IbS-J. FOR SALE New Ford KtnLal .'"I TUtB & Farms for salt'—20% down likj rent Elliel Tliompsoii, Cciruthersvillc, Mo. ll-pk-5-ll WANTKlTio BUY We buy Chii-kcns »nd Eggs, high- mi |M-icts paid. Kile i'rice Oru- ctiy, i'hune ^^4, 111 £. c r.-j-'J We Pay $2 per ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hloes, Srass, copper, leaa, etc. Won Ariau, i<aone 116, 12B £. Main. 1 Large Pup Corn and Peanut Koasier in (XMlcct coiuEition ;uid as good as new. Very cheap. Phone 63, Hayii. .Missouri. Gilbert's Grocery te Mnrket. 9p-ko-'J Feeds, Flotir, Groceries & Meats at Best Prices. We Deliver. Phone 234, Kile J'tiic Grucerv. Be k5-0 POULTUY & EGGS We will pay lOe per itound for heavy HENS. B. T. Worthy, 315 E. Main, Hck5-H I5AUY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. «6 FOR KENT \Ve specialize in seed corn. Farmers Casn feed and Seed Co. 127. . JSp ki-ii> For bale: COHM delivered lo you. W. T. P.lley, New Madrid, Mo. 1'OSl'llON WANTEf>—a job. TitUCit DRIV- KR wants permanent Job. uo not drink. Heferencc lurnishsd. Advise what you have. H. L. Ca- Eey, Cooler, Mo. room furnished apartment. 110 W. Ash. Mrs. Dozic Mick. ]7ck-tf 3 room FURNISHED 305 Douycui. apartment, nck-tf MODERN 3 room furnished apnrl- incnt. Clcse in. Call 510. I6c kti TWO housekeeping rooms with balh, $2.50 per week. 914 Hcarn. 14-pk-19 NICELY furnished apartment, '209 W. Kentucky Ave. Call fi72. M-ck-21 0-© S W ff> ^(J® Ml CD V -6-7 DAN THOMAS GEORGE SCARBO ' 'JUBY KEELEB. HAS A CLAUSE H HFR CO?tT«ACT PEflMlTTINO HE0.1O spite of their awkwardness, B can gnllo|> at n sjxKd o miles mi hour. here, smokljiij to n ivrlaln ox- OUR BOARDING HOUSE POOF/THAT TAP WOULDN'T BREAK AN EGG/ HES AM OUR TEACHER \H &CUOOL is) ASTORY'TO £ US WITH A 06UE IM f IT —AM' OcSKES <aO ) AKOUNt) TALWN& TO/. """ I WAS,TO TAKE TH\S R3UCE TRAFFIC TICKET TRONN IH/VT CHM* TOBEV 5UST BN^rlw KNO\\ TUEN,L\KE A, BLOOMING QAUMP, TELL HIM i CAN GET THE CHARGE AGAINST HltA QLJASHEt), AS> I AM A 600D TWEND OF -RENCHY/— GUEAT CAESAR/ WHAT TOSSESSETJ (UGH/) \^ NOW fP\ THROUGH FOOUM 1 WITH VOU.' HERE'S WERE YOU YOUR5/ IX GONNA TgfcR VQ13 D TH' PIECES PTERODACTVLS REAL ESTATE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES KV ffiw BET ICMi TWO \T HOMORVST M\6HT V^rVMO — BOT, W08MJLV SVMME WANTED TO RENT 1 6UESS fit UNSM>DLE M V HORSE AKIP WNT UnriL FRiaHTENED.MOW, MOD RAVBNCXJSLV HUKI6RV SHE BE6IMS HURRVIM6 1HRU A H&Z6 OP SEW1LOSRIM6 PRETTV SCARED. COVOT6S HOVJL ALL MIGHT. AND OHCC SHE HEARS TOES(R£AMDP KOK MARRIED MEN ONL Go — Rt&HT BOX WTH TH' OF TH' TeRRiBue. OU&«TA BE. IM P, > L BUT t CAKI'T Keep seen Ties of=THose. HfvOOA CO BPRE-uecKeD p B6L SUtLPRASEO MOW ICE SELL.TO CUOMEM WHO SOV TIES f=«Z. WOULD. THeR.e'& wi ft D HELPED WYHiSWAYTMBOUiyiOfiA- WTIC SCHOOL w WEADIN MUSCLES IMA BOSTOW FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JUMPING OFF I'liM^l. Box DOES rr! SA'WA MAN PULL OAT CORD, OKCE.A'I TH' TRAIM STOP so FAS', DAT MAN JUS ON GOM' AM' V*OND ' OMTH' EMCINEEB'S LAP... AW ALL HE DID WAS To TOUCH IT- — DAT EMERGENCY CORD PLTTTiH' OORSAY is one OP 5JIW1N& GRAfSD- THAT UT'9 Ml ' OUT! I'LL , , 3ESE PETE RUBLE IS HOT OS o THE TRAIL OF MR. LICENSE 2 576 -J! THAT'S IT LOOKS-UkE THE 5:52 DOWN THERE... WE'LL . BEAT IT TO DAMFORTH 8V TWO WOURS! YEP! THAT'S (T.-NUMBER SIXTY-SIX PLAKie, Rk3HT...:ve SCEM IT BEFORE! >../ Black Kid GLOVE, white trimmed. Size B 3-4. Owner may have same by calling at this otfice and paying for this ad. Wiinlcd May 1st: tivo-bedroom house. No children. Stntc loca- (ion and monlhly rental. "X" Courier Navvs. 17pk20 Wanted—man with car to solicit Steady Work. Fay Davis. 101 N. 2nd St. 17pk20 In the Middle East, exposure to the rays ol the moon is said to cause nightmare as uull a: headaches, and in Ihe Far Eas a morniny "thick head" is added to these symptoms. In Burma (here is n belief that, when the in.'yine .sillier Jrim incntal storms, these concsjiond to phases of ttie moon. I!EB TRACY TO COM HAND OF AN- ARWINSbJCTlO SCHOOL DUMXfe _ _ ^n_L»k>.i& «^ - *

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