The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 1949 THE NATION TODAY Compulsory Health Program Financed With New Taxes To Bring Long, Bitter Debate By Jimts Marlow *> .WASHINGTON, April 37. (/!')—Uft the lid on the argument over a "government health program and you find this: It Is not an argument- over whether Ihe government should Interest • Iteelf ui health. There is a government health program now '. The problem Is how far should such a program, backed with government money and some government, control, be allowed to go. ':•' This will give you nn idea of liow*— ; deep' the government Is involved—' in a limited way—in helping the nation's health: ! 1. It is giving states up lo $15,000,000 a year to help them build : hospitals; it gives states money to strengthen their public health serv- ' ices; it gives states money for Wages and Jobs Show Increases Arkansas Figures Show Trend Opposite To National Situation going lo lake part In health Insurance programs, to go into the voluntary kind. The Truman supporters argue the voluntary ;>rograrns are not complete enough. Mr. Truman says: Most voluntary plans give only mother and child care and to help crippled children; it Is spending money on research in dental, mental, heart and venera) diseases. 2. In addition, 18'.1 million veterans are eligible lor care in government hospitals; every veteran with a service-connected disability is entitled to complete care for that disability at home or In a government hospital; there arc 20 government Marine hospitals for the care of merchant seamen and the Coast Guard; men in the armed services and their dependents get medical care; and some government- agencies have (heir own medical programs. The govern operates more that 200,000 hospital beds. Compulsory I'lan Advocated Both President Truman and those limited protection only 3V4 million of our people have Insurance which provides anything approaching adequate health protection." Hut Mr. Truman's lieutenants don't expect Congress to pass the health insurance program—at this session, at least. Genera/ Wins Award FORT SMITH, Ark., April 27. (/I') —Maj. Gen. Robert S. Bclghtler. now commander of the Fifth Armored Division at Camp CVmlfec. has been awarded the Philippine Legion of Honor Mcdnl. He was decorated for his leadership of the 37th Infantry Division through the Philippines campaign who oppose his Ideas on a national health program are pretty generally agreed It is necessnry to expand No. 1 with even more and wider government help. But it is on the ne.\t part of Mr. Truman's program—national compulsory health insurance—that the President and his opponents disagree. Says the President: "It Is no longer Just the poor who are unable to pay for all the medical care they need—such care Is now beyond the means of all but the upper income groups." (Forty-Jive per cent of all families in the United States have incomes of less than $3,000 a year. And 22 -per cent have incomes under $2,; 000.) So Mr. Truman wants the people .to have health insurance through a " tax on payrolls, Just as they pay to their social security benefits. - Who'd be covered? Employes, am the self-employed, and their de pendants, pretty completely. Ho\ big a tax? ' Three per cent on a payroll, wit' :1H paid by the worker, U= pnl jby the employer, on salaries up t ! $4,800. Example: | ' Jones makes $10,000. He'd be tax- j j*d up to $4,800. It would be $1.38 : » week for him and his family. ;The boss would pay an equal sum. '- II Jones made only $2.000 a year, • the tax would be 57 cents a week :on him and the same on his em- Vployer. The self-employed would ipay the full three per cent. The [government would n!so conlrlbute. ' Approval is Doubtful : Doctors wouldn't have to take •part if they didn't want to. They could choose their own patients. Patients could choose their doctors. Mr. Truman and his supporters *ay the program could be .carried ;out with a minimum of government interference. They argue this kind of compulsory Insurance is the only way to be sure all the people get decent .medical care. • But the opponents contend the ..Truman program would put far toi • much control in the government': (hands. They want people, If thcy'r in World ,Var If. The blood of William the Ccnqu- eror. who ruled England from 1036 to 1087. has flo-ved in the veins of every king or queen who hus ruled the British Empire since. Lirn.K ROCK, April 21 </!') — lioin tmployim'nt and wages in- ereu.^e'.l in Arkansas Irom mld- Febriiaiy to mid-March. The Arkansas Employment Security Division reported today that, unlike the national employment picture, the number of workers In the stale's ixni-aqrlc.uluirnl industries Dallied 3,-iOO to reach a total The mid-March employment was 8,600 above that of Ihc corespond Ins eliite a year ago. SUU Employment Security Ael- mhJL';trator Homer M. Adkins salt the averi'.Ri- weekly earnings In mid- March war. $3fi.42' The mid-February average u;is $3031, The pci\k ware average of $-10.* vas renchcil In October IMS. Ad kins said the decrease since tha nonlh was a result ol shorter worx i ._& Miel Unit the hourly wage vas practically unchanged. The ave- •ngo work wci'K In March was 40.1V ours, comparcrt to 44.30 last October he- reported. The number ol per.-.ons drawinr u n e m p 1 n ynient ctMitpensai ion In Arkansvis dropped 2,000 In Marcli to 22.-100. All non-mainilacuirlng liKlii.strlc.-i showed employment increases ovei March of last year. The greatest gain wa.< 2,200 In retail trade. There were more utilities workers this year bin about 1.000 lewer in Intcr- statc railroading. Manufacturing employment wa? fairly stable except for sca. r " factors. Hello' Over Telephone .ittle Better Than Grunt, ^ew Yorkers Informed NEW yOKIC, April 27. (JP) — Hello" Is tuboo—no better than a ;runt—when you're answering a olephonc, So says the New Vc-rk I'eleplirHic ftmpuny, .i-hlch has started a new )hase ol Us campaign to clear the vires of mumbling and oilier time- wasting faults of itr customers. The ioitipany *>egnn distribution yesterday of blotters bearing the picture of a masked nan at a elephonc, and a caption reading 'Who Is Hello?" "'Hello,'" read the me,ss!i[;e. "means very little over the telephone. "It gives .10 information except that some one has answered. A Hint, while not so polite, would Police Chief Promises Efficiency in Department LITTLE HOCK, April 27. </]')— Little Rock Police Chief Marvin Polls said today "there arc going to be some changes made In the Police Department in short order.— The City Council Monday night declared all city civil service wartime promotions to be [x j rm:iiient. Thk. put the chief's, position on a permanent basis, ending ills two- yeai temporary status "f don'i know Just v/liut changes are going lo tx: made, but whatever action it takes to straighten out serve tile same purpose. "Think of the limp that would be saved If all telephone were answered: *" 'Mr. Smith' jr simply 'Smith.' Or In the case ol a dcpart- jnentul telephone: 'Treasurer's Office, Miss Jones.'" this mess will be taken IT Ihc near future," i'otls said. "Tiling arc still going lo be pretty rough, but at least I now know where i stand." Mayor Sam Wasscll, w l io recently asked Polls to s>U'P down for not disciplining hu> men and later placed the chief on probation, asserted: "Now lie knows iliiit he lias the council's baking and also my backing. He will have every cooperation In making the Police Depart- ment the efficient organization that \vc want and J UM have In Little Rock." N.:v, - York State has 62 counties, several ol which outrank some states In population. FAMILY SIZE ON(_Y 25* lo 3 •)*)»- Sal* lor tkiti *,ij tUihirj. Up U> 1 month* luppl, 'Ox- Cream NIX DEODORANT W'lliam 1, the lirst German con- ucror would have preferred to remain simply King of Prussia but was persuaded by Brlsmarck to accept the large title late Hi his reign. Read courlei News Want Ads. 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M]iuirc nose, equipped with saddle latiks, fifth wheel, spotlight, and cab lljtlils. Tiro size 750x20, Si.ixSJO, and 100x20 nn Trailer. SALE PRICE: No. 1)5—1911 Bulck 2-door Sedan, equipped \vith radio and healer. Car is In A-l condition. Nothing wrong 1 but Hie price. SALE THICK: $1995 No. BD—1915 Chevrolet l!i-Ton Cab and Chassis, Long Wheelbase, real good 150x20 lires ah around, 191!) Arkansas license, no sales lax to pay. SAM: PRICE: $789 $695 No. 98—1946 Ford 2-door Sedan, cijaip- ped with large healer, scat covers, white side\vall lircs ... an extra clean car that runs like new. SALE PRICK: No. 503—1911 Chevrolet -!i-T'on Truck with cattle body, runs like new, excellent lircs. Now, for Ibis 10 day special event . . . SAI.K TRICE: $995 No. 3—1816 Chevrolet Cab-over-Engine Tractor, 2-speed'axle, 8* extra good lires, size 750x20 front. 825x20 rear. This truck is In perfect condition. SAI.K PRICE: No. 12— 1912 Ford V-8 LOUR Wlieelhiise Truck, has lutl wutcr liratcr, G almosl new lircs, 100x20 front. 751K20 rear. A ptod Unv-prkcd Turin Irllck. SALE 1'KICE: $395 $695 No. S:T—1UJ1 Chevrnlel Lung \Vheclbasc Truck \\ith 12 fool platform, has 1019 Arkansas license. Tills one it) cxcellenl condilion. SALE TRICK: No. 520A—1910 Ford V-S 'i-Ton Tick- up Truck with stock rack, lias 5 good tires, muliir in A-l condition, 1919 license. All sel lo go. SALli TRICE: $449 No. 13—1942 Turd 'i-door Sedan, clean ;is it |>in, li:is 5 extra good tires. This ear really looks and runs good. Now at this special SALK TRICK: $795 No. 17—1916 CliRvrnlcl long Whccl- basc Call and C'iiassis. equipped ivilli healer, cab ligllls, 150\20 front tires, 825x20 rear . . . 1919 Arkansas license. SALK THICK: $995 $695 \ 0 -j9_ujjjj Chevrolet Sub Carall Kurt Gale, frcili uir heater, only 81100 miles . , looks anil runs like IIKW. HMO Arkansas license . . SALE $1595 No. 51—1U1C Chevrolel 1',-j-Tun Cab and Chassis loiiK \\lieclbase Truck, motor in A-l condilion. This Iruck has been checked from bumper to bumper. Has 750x20 front lircs, ISOxiO rear, 1349 license. SALE PRICE: $799 No. 80—1911 GMC 114-Ton Long VSlieelbase Truck «ilh 12 foot body, 6 extra good tires. Driven only 32,000 miles. A real farm truck. SALE TRICE: $895 No. m—1916 Chevrolcl %-Ton Slak« . . . factory body. A really clean «n«- nivncr Inick. Has healer, good lires, perfect motor. SALE TItlCE: $995 No. 11—1041 Chcvrulcl l.oui; Whccl- IMSC ('ab and Chassis, lire sl/c 700x20 froiil, 825x20 rear. Tills truck used for delivery on Ihc slrccts of Blyllicvillc. SAI.K PI11CE: $795 $995 No. 11—1947 Chevrolet =).',-Ton Truck slake body, red color. Low mileage This truck was used just for light de livery. SALK PRICE: No. 18—1016 G.MC 2-Ton Cab & Chassis, has healer and cab lights, tire si/.c 825\20 front. 900\20 rear. Ready to pull any loid for you. SALE TRICE: $995 ,Sn. !)4_194fi tord Hi-Ton Short, 2- spced axle, motor has been completely overhauled, tires 150x20 front, 825x20 rear, 1019 Arkansas license. SALE TRICE: $1095 $795 ,-,3,\_l<)37 I.aSailc Sedan, equipped ',yilh radio an dhealcr. Has good tires, a sood-runnlrnt motor. 1940 license. A one-owner car. SALE PRICE: $479 50 Other Cars and Trucks Are Included in This Sale EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deaf at SULLIVAN-NELSON 301 West Walnut Chevrolet Company Blytheville Phone 578

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