The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1952
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cherry Discusses His State Finance Plan (EDITORS NOTE: This Is the Krond of a seriei of ihree article* wplalniny the need for and lh« mechanics of (he reorganisation and consolidation of thr slat* fovernmeni's financial manage ment system as proposed li.v Gov elect Francis Cherry. In this «r llcle,- Judge Cherry Discusses the proposals,) By FRANCIS CHERRY (Arkansas Governor-Klecl) My close-rnnge studlrs of the governm&ntal problems of the State of Arkansas have now reached a point at which I can assets the nature and the rriagnltudo of the Job 1 ahead and begin to make specific plans. The job confronting the new' administration ts a MB Job. H is a challenging Job." Arkansas, the 41th state In the nation In terms of actual ability to pay, wants highways, schools, elate Institutions and governmental services on a par with •tales hiuch richer aiut with for greater governmental funds, per capital, to spend on them. It Is an entirely human desire. We ail share In H. There are two ways In which it may be fulfilled: (1) by Imposing additional taxes; or, <1) by doing'a belter Job with the mo- nej* now being made available. The people of Arkansas do not want their lakes Increased, Of that fa'ct.l'm quite certain. Federal and state taxes In one form or another now are taking n large part of the income of every cltlwii. ami willi . the cost of living so high, most families are having to struggle to make ends nicct, As the 47th stale on the economic ladder t we simply car.iiot expect to achieve the calibre of public services we all want \mless wo can be « great deal more Ingenious with o;lr machlner yof government and EL great deal more frugal with our governmental dollars. This Is tlie challenge. It confronts-us In every department. In every function of tlie •tate government. < Need Operational Program TO meet the challenge. We ncdd to attract peopld of highest character and ability to the service'of the state'and then establish' 1 tin operational program or system which commands, with the force of law, the Utmost Integrity and efficiency in .e'Very single financial operation and transaction. It is my personal responsibility U> find 'the type of personnel needed to operate Ihe various departments «nd institution! much more efficiently, than they, have ever before been operated; ' • : - -The-proposal I »m submitting to the forthcoming General Assembly seeks .lo improve the machinery of government in/the.vital area where ythejax-revenue l«spent and the transaction 'records 'git. handlist!,- It' 1s.the 1 first proposal of s 'comprd- honslve program Which I shall offer for.:; : tJie consideration of the Lcg- JslatUrt as rapidly HI! It can be developed. The finance •management sj'slem and program envisioned in this first proposal constitute, I'm convinced, Ihe foundation' stone on which we may build better goV- ernmeht, • droups of Interested niirt qualified cttizeris and members of the General Assembly are working \vllh Inc • nd my Immediate staff on other boGlc problems—the problem of how to .finance art Improving and ex 1 * Sanding public school program and provide equitable, attractive salaries for ; teachers; the problem of expanding needs In our Institutions of. higher learning; the perennial and ever-worsening problem of how to provide adeqtiate highway construction and maintenance; the problem posed by lack ol the mo- llcy fir many, If not all, of our state institutions; the general problem of 'state welfare assistance; nnd others. ' I do hot wish to propose a slop- gap or patchwork solution for any of these problems. And neither do I Wish to propose a change merely for the 'sake of making a change or to impress upon the Legislature and the public that a new administration Is being established. Urges Permanent Set-Up The financial predicament of the State government of Arkansas Is such that we can no longer nfford stop-gap and patchwork measures We need at this time to perfect n governmental system and an operational program with staying povv- Fulbright Doubts Usefulness of Ike-Stalin Totk WASHINGTON H> — sen. Fui- bright (D-Ark) snys ho doubts any- t^'ng useful would come of » ChuvcKill-Stalin-Etscnhowcr ineel- • irjf right now because Russia's I s'm Is lo Weed nnd divide the •• West. , But we "must not take the Attitude that there Is no hope and re- '• fi'se to meet with them," Fullbrlght sc.;d. The posslbiHIx- of a personal conference between the Russian Premier and the U. S. President- elect was raised in a Stalin com-j municatfon to the New York Times Christmas Eve. Pulbrlght, A high-ranking Democrat on the Sejialc Foreign Hela- ttons Committee, recently returned from a lour In Europe. He also told television interviewers yesterday: 1. Voice of America broadcasts should be kept going to thft Iron Curtain countries because • that Is the only ineahs ot directly reaching Communist peoples, but . s Propaganda efforts elsewhere sh6uld be cut back or changed, • • 2. Differences between Northern and Southern Democrats are not e» serious as many people believe nnd can b* IrotiMl out In th« near future. T, with the character and substance of permanency. This Is tlie only oiindallon upon which Arkansas can expect to .make the kind of progress, ci'onomlc and fcoclnl, tlml will one day Lift us Into the com- lany of tlic richer sutos. We cnnnot do the Job with magic, tfs cannot do H without iicrhnps ndmcntarliy dltplcnfilnt; a few people who would have a natural Inclination to resist any change directly touching their personal ac- IHlles. However, (lie larger goal ot Rood government ought to and will Indeed, In time, attract the ntcrcst nnd Aupporl of all citizens. The proposed reorganization and consolidation of the spending and financial control machinery of the government into "The State Dc- mrintent of Finance nnd AUmlnls- .rntlon" Is surety a basic ttiiit need. The related proposals being written nto [he suggested legislation arc designed lo complete Ihe /low of Isral responsibility Into the full, efficiently opertitlng cycle—from the ..eglslnlure W> the chief executive. .hrouBh tile watch-dog prc-audlt to he actiinl spendlhg of the money, and finally returning to tho Legislature for Its examination ol the records through post-audit, Oood government could provide (he people with nothing less. News of Men In the Service s Serving aboard the destroyer USS Collelt In the Far Knst Is Tory B. WhIUVorlh, quartermaster sea- niali, OBN, con of Mr». Fannlj WhlU-oi'lh, 208 West Kentucky, nlythcvllle. Seaman Whllworth, who attended Blytlicvlllc High Scliool, entered the Navy In Nov., 1951. Scnnmti A. J. Book, UBN, husband of Mrs, Welln J, Hook, V08 Moiiltric Drive, Blylhevillc, recently earned a new rate while serving aboard the light cruiser USS Manchester with the Pacific Fleet. figti Daniel Jonnson, formerly of Blythcvillc, Is taking n one-week wheeled vehicle waterproofing course In the \Yatcrprooflng School ot Ihe '/Yoop' training Unit, u.a. Naval Amphibious Base at Little Creek, Vs. Rgt. Johnson Is the Ron of Mrs. Carrie Johnson, now' ot Marlanna. He Is one of 48 Avlntlon engineer Force officers and • enlisted men talcing the course. Pfc. rhvlght H.liurnett has completed the meat ciitlug course offered by tlic Quartermaster Train- lili? Command nt Fort Lea, Vn. Ptc. Burnett, whose parents reside at 405 East Vine Street, lily- thcvllle, entered the Army on he Middle East, Donall J. Clark, fireman, USN, on of Mr. and Mrs. William i. Clark of Lcpanto, Rt. 1, recently eported (or duty aboard the at- ack carrier UBS Valley Forge for ervlce in the Pacific, Am 1'OJICE TnAlNEE — Holj- ert N. Mcnanlel, KOII of Mr. and Mrs. W, N. McDanlel, 320 North Fifth Street, nlythevllle, IB completing his Uasle airmen Indoctrination COIINM) at. Lackland Air Force Base, Tex. March 58, 1951, and took basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. James W. Hargrove, pipefitter Ihlrtl clMs, USN, of Leachvllle. RI. I, has arrived In Han nicgo, Calif., aboard the widar nickel dcslroj'er 083 Perkins. Charles D. Davis, machinist's male second class, USN, of plg- BOtl. returned to the U.S. In time for Christmas, aboard the small seaplane tender USS Greenwich Bay, which lias been on duly In PEMEY'S YEAR-END FOR MEN Entire Stock Winter Gaps 1 ,22 & Wide raiij^e fo chouse fvutn . , \ all sizes . . . greatly • rtducutl! 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Serving aboard the escort carrier U83 Sltlly with the Pacific Fleet MONDAY, DBO ts Nathan Jf, Wade, aviation «tor«- kcimer third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert b. Wade 'of 1420 W«l- nUt, Blythevlle. Staff Sgt. Johnny s. Fowler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fowler of Promised Lond and husband of Mrs. Carol Fowler Of Blytheville, will leave Jan. a for assignment In the Far East. He ha» been home on furlough. Dutch Central Din SOESTERUERO, The Nether- landa Wi— den. Henri Gerard Wln- kelman, 78, commander in chief of Iho Dutch armed forces when Hit- lers' armies overran Holland, died yesterday., Catualtlet Identified WASHINGTON W— The Defense Department today Identified 4J cas- ualties of the Korean War. A n*« list No. 119 Included 1 kilted a wounded, j Injured accidental!/ and 2 missing. WANTED Young man interested in learning Printing. Blytheville Courier News LOOKING FO " Save on every bod dollar 1 ,,.. and live better, too! with Jhii ntw ll-«ubie-foo« ./ GENERAL FOOD FRIEZE! 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