The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLITHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TliE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI \(>L XXVII—NO. 201 Blythevllle Courier, Ulylheville Daily NC'vs. m V 'rm,'Vn i I,' M>U'\v^,v; \lnvn\v I\VIIM>V in I<VM lllylhevllle Hernld. Mississippi Valley leader. KM I ILl'A II,1,K. AhKAAhAb, .MO.NDAI, JANUAlU 10, HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I /\11 Dressed Up and No Where to Go l-aiul Owners Seek Com-, '.icnsation [or Flood Losses Caused by Embankment. '_ I'eisonal injury x'.lls and n scr-i iCi of dfima'.-e suit.'; aa.Unrt tl:.*' FrlM-o railrnr.d involving alleged' rbstiucti-.n of natural drainage fill' the docket of the Chickasawba dis-' ' 'net circuit rourt which opened, icdaj'. Judge G. E. Keek of this, i.i.v K; on (lie bench. i OT-M- imcrcstim: cases include a i S50.000 damage suit by n local firm 1 aijainsl a Memphis auditing com-' I'any, a suit to prevent a consta-- bie from holding office because ofi failure to comply with the poll . tax law. and an attempt to oust Harry Johnson and his familiar 1 little grocery store from - tkj levee fiont nt tiig Lake bridge. Thc largest sum aiked in a per- scmil dan:aje Milt is souglii by F. B. Arnold and Daisv and Dora- . thy.Arnold from R. "D. Wahl. well; known planter in the wcsMrn sec-! tion ol • the county. Thc Arnolds i seek S^io.WO for injuries received in ' a truck accident alleged lo hav.?: caused by the negligence of a driv-: IT employed by Wahl. Tiie accident occurred in June. 1929 and trial r[ the case has been tentatively ?et for the fourth day. Seven Suits Against Frisco J. D. McDowell. J. C. H?ad. T.. F. Martin. R. N. Farrar and Lon; Watson are plaintiffs in seven iu-; dividual suits involving similar al- j legations filed against the St. Louis i San Francisco railroad.. All complaints allege that the Frisco obstructed the natural drtin of sur-' ' face water during tlia period of thcj 1027 • floods by closing openings! along its .right-cf-way preventing! the natural drainage and dcstroy-j ing crops. The farms of the plain-. tiffs are along the light of way of lhe old J. L. C. E road. The plaintiffs s?ek relief to the amount of 5*1,260. ^ro-.vne and Billings local company which maintains feed, coal' nnd utility plants in several towns,! is lhe "plaintiff in a $50,000 dam-! age suit against Homer K. Jones, 'Hcl Coffee and Sandwich I Introduction of Survey Will.'Be Daily Feature of! Prajxisal Tucs. Will Prc- OpcnsChute After 4,000 Foot Drop 1JTTLK ROCK, Jan. if) <UI')- |Twj aerial records aio belli'vcd to huvc been established here laic yesterday. lludily Hhodes. Ulnllttml. s?l a record for this section for di'l.vyrd Clearing 1'rogram. j cipilnte Heated Debate, | j^^V'^ tfoie "£ ~ I I leasing tils chute. Hot colfce with a roll and frank- LITTI.K HOCK. Jan, 10 IUP)-| Major Cunol Cone, commander fur'.cr brlGlUcncil the mum-diiy rest r::r!od today foi 100 ur more mm who lire cinnini; limlr lied Cross rations by work on the dllches cl Drainage District n. Arniti-jciifcnl to provide n bit of lllllCll fill' workers was made I "I'm STILL the Emperor," former Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany is reported to have told n recent vlsi- , tor at his estate in Doom. Holland. And in ih; new photo at the left you see the deposed Teutonic after it was found Hun Ihe majority of them reported 0:1 tho Job \s'ith nothing In ihelr jutckels for the noon meal. The regular Red Cross nilloti is planned lo provide only two meals a day on a "rest." basis, and It was decided that the best way lo provide tor the men who are working was to Kerve lunches on the job. Many Crews at Work The work progiam. through which It Is planned to furnish one, two oi 1 three days employment each week for able-bodied men receiving Red Cross requisitions, was getting into full swing today with 1 nearly, a. dozen crews clearing drainage ditches (n various parts of the c,ouniy and with others at work on city streets and at thc woodyard. Clifton H. Scott, receiver The ndmlnlstrnllon'.s influence nverlof Ilic I54lh Observation Squadum, the 44111 session of the gciieml us-1 Arkimsns Nalimiiil Guard, Is be- sembly was expected lo be given 1 Hcved to nine Sfl another record when ho drcppid In his parachute from nn altitude of 2,000 feet. Officer-; at the local airport .sail 1 he Is the llrsl nation--!) umml com- iniiniler In the .United Slates Its real tcsl Intc loiluy or ruler, still regally attired after twelve years in exile, as ho appears today nc.iring t'.ie age of 72. With I for the drainage district. Is eri- his second wife,-Princess Hermine. shown at the right in a striking new portrait, the exiled monarch Is I tlmslastic ovci 1 the program and to entertain other members of thc fallen House of Holienxollern on his next birthday anniversary. January 22. Thc medals and other decorations which you see him. wearing here arc reminiscent of Ills war-time pictures. TO Suit Against Blytheville Motor Company Officers Fnilc In Rpa/-K liirv ' ailS t0 * eaC " ' The first case to be tried at the Memphis auditing company. The! January term of civil court, which complaint alleges that the' Mnn- j op?ned this morning-, failed to pWs_ firm made .1 defective audit, .reach the Jury when Judge G. E. and" destrnycd the credit of the j Keck directed a verdict in favor of iccal firm besides falsley- accuses its.the defendants this afternoon. . employees cf mis-use of funds J. A. Taylor and CK N*. Sanders, The audit was made in 1928. R. M. Sain sepks to collect £350 from Harry Johnson for rent, on properly his store ' of the old Blythevillc- Motor company, \vere the defendants in the suit and the Blylhevill" cccup!?s near-Lumber company was the plaintiff, the cast end of the Big I.-ake bridgeJThe complaint alleged that th; de- 10 miles west of here ar.d also, fendants as officers of the motor seeks to romove Johnson and his'company, an Arkansas corporation stove from the pro;wrty. The lit-1 dip.sDlved several years ago. were tic ;;cre was the scene of activ- liable for rait due the olrt Blyths- ities during a number of lightsU-iHe Lumber company. The plain- asainst the Hood swollen lake.tjff fueii fcr approximately S2BOO. and litigation contesting claim Eugene Sloan. Jonesboro attorney. of the store slt= Is being following: lvos „„,„,,, [or t h e defendants, with interest by people in the Inkc!, vhi1s CitA} Snanc rcples<)n ted the : plainlifT. All cases involving the district. $250 for 3 K Mile Walk Held Too High LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 19. (UP) —The Arkansas supreme court In a decision handed down today modified and affirmed judgment of the Mississippi county circuit court in the case cf the St. Louis-San Francisco railroad company against W. NT. To 1 ley jr. Talley. a negro, was awarded judgment- In the lower court for S250 against the railrod company. The negro alleged he was carried past his destination and was forced to walk 3'i miles during which he contracted an lllnrss. The higher court reducj.-l damages awarded at the trio! ;o S1CO. Plalie Valley Farmers Contribute Twelve Carloads for Arkansas. PROBE FIRE fiT PT/ITF Sir U H L j MORRIL. Neb., Jan. 19. (UP) — . Drouth stricken areas of Arkansas ] will receive a dozen carloads of : food stufl tills week from residents of the fertile North Platte valley. • Consignments of beans, bacon. . cured hams, flour, potatoes and canned goMs are being assembled in this section to tie shipped before Friday lo Wynne. Ark. '-. Two farmers. B. L. Bellinger. land Bert Israel, gave a half car. load of potatoes and beans each I last week for (he suflcrers in the ] England. Ark., district. Neighbors of Ihe two men contributed enough food stutf to make up the rematn- ' der. '. Under the.auspices of a valley- Iwldc organization, the Associated ' Chambers of Commerce, the sup- j plies are being assembled for shtn- ias appropriated fund.'t for supervisors, tcols. nnd boots. If tae plan continues to work out successfully the next few weeks will see most of the ditches In the district's system, cleared of willows, and .underbrush and put in much better shape to function efficiently. , All arrangements for providing lunch for'the men on the, Job had i\ot been worked'out today,--and"og a-' result seme of 'the''crews In more'inaccessible parts of the district probably were not reached. By tomorrow, however, hot coffee and something to eat will be assured for every worker. While work In the western part of Ihe county, where Red Cross relief Is In the hands of local committees at Manila nnd Lcach- vill?, has so far been .confined to the cutting and distribution of Tuesday morning when Governor Parncll's bill for reorganization of the state government is introduced. Doth house- and senate were Idle this morning, convening nt a 1>. M. Leaders of both bodies were hesitant to predict what sort of reception would foe tilven the proposed bill, but it generally was concfdrd U will furnish material for healed debates and mny prove the (list Issue to dlvlda the two groups. It was announced In olllclal circles today that Ilio plan will be given the lawmiiking bodies In the form of a Joint resolution calling for submission of a constitutional amendment, embodying the governmental changes ns outlined in tho chief -executive's menage to the assembly lost week. It Is proposed to submit the amendment lo a vole In November, 1D32. Would Tax Watcrpovrer Houso and senate leaders were busy over the, week-end completing committee- appointments nnd effecting more complete organization of the- clerical machinery of the two houses. Full commutes of both houses were announced yesterday, and It is believed that a hearing- on several measures nl< ready Introduced will take placo this week. , : It was learned upori reliable authority that .a bill providing tho Reed Appeals for Defeat of $25,000,000 Relief Aj> propitiation. levying of a severance tax on watcrpower used to develop electricity to provide funds to purchase free textbooks for school children, will be ottered early In the week by Representative Curtis Cannon, of Hemps lead county. Cannon said that such a bill was being drafted but declined lo slate when It would be Introduced. It also was learned that the Hcmpstead representative has ob- wood and to street improvement, j [ n i n( ,(i the support of a large group ment. The Burlington railroad is Constable Under Fire I All rases involving the Frisco!-, r , • , ,.. . n •! 1 ! S. L Gladish. district prosecu-' railroad were set down on the court Michigan S Historic DUHQ- i carrying the rood without cost, tor through W. D. Gravette local i docket for Thursday of this week attorney, has filed suit, M.yled in -lvnc]1 attorneys appeared before the bcnr.l! of the Slate of Arkansas § ro . lrt , o S(> , a ^ fs for tliak e:lr]v r^ainft Charley Bark-r. Clear Lake: thls mr.rnim-. A niimbir of cases constable. Tile suit alleges that^, ...,, ich thc rall ,. 0 . ia ib de!(!n( , RI , t Barker is not properly qualified to. pn n , lc?a , 1( . 115 of obstruction nf rhe office because lie aid not! officers of Drainage District 16 are anxious to institute a ditch clearing program there, and it Ls probable. that the necessary arrangements will be made within a few days. Stork Nrcd Feed Feed for stock is seen as a lein which must shortly be dealt with by Ihe Red Cross in this territory unless relief soir.e other source. of house members In favor of his legislation, but it is expected to meet bitter opposition despite this fact. Many Bills Arc Due. Bulging hoppers probably WASIIINGTON, Jan. ID. (UP)The final administration drive against the use ot federal funds for liiiman relief this whiter was op:n- ed in thc senate today by Senator Reed of Pennsylvania. Reed, speaking against the proposal to appropriate $25,000.000 lo the Hed Cross for this purpose, saV.l it would "wreck the Red Cross drive for its »10.000,000 relief fund Thc measure, Introduced by Minority . *'I*ett(!cr---- (Robinson •' as - ?ji amendment to" the-' Interior department bill, was adopted Saturday but Is being reconsidered here today, following protests of administration members that were not present when It was passed. Ks repassage today 1s believed assured. House Acdon In Doubt Republican Floor Leader Watson conferred with Speaker Longworth and Chairman Sncll of the house rules committee regarding the $25,- again be In evidence this week as n . ron / more bills are Introduced. Rep. E. E. Alexander! O f Missis- . . . sippi county has prepared a bill comes from I for t,u ro ductlon to Midwestern I fl , r nr director °^ ft D * , "" ofli " 1 " 000.000 projccf. SII I<1 afterward It, appeared certain the senate would refuse postponement of ac- Publication Expected Tomorrow With Delivery of Report to Congress. WASHINGTON. Jan. 19. (UP) — I't'.e rpuorl. of (he Wickersham commission was sent to lhe White House by thc commission curly lo- ny. Chairman George Wickersham, > carrying the volumlndtis report In : a plain maiiliu envelope, 'personally •'_ went to the White Ifousc'before 8 ;.: u. m.. and, boron; there was much activity In the vicinity of'tlie president's oillce, delivered the docu- ' ment to Due of the president's .sec- i reliirtos. Prom (he White House Wicker- - slmui drove Immediately home. At tho commission's olflccs later here- . • fiLsed lo make any statement rc- cn^JIni; the repcrt. U; VMS the .solo couniilssloncr at the coinmis- Ion's ofllceH tills morning. Publication ot the prohibition re- H)rt will come probably tomorrow when it Is expected lo ba delivered •. : o congress. May Determine riilley Findings, of the .Wickersham ' commission are expected by many o provide the foundation for Pres- .dent Hoover's prohlbllion ixjllcy In his campaign for re-election nexi year. '. The report marks an epoch in thc history of prohibition. It constitutes an expert Judgment on the first decade of what Mr. Hoover described as "an experiment In motive and far reaching in purpose." Completion ot the prohibition re- ; ad-. ot tho national commission on law ob- sfirvai)r;ry;/rff'/^}";)rceriient:. Tjirough...-. the commission, 'under the chairmanship of Oeorgc W. Wickersham, • Is engaged in many studies of crime, the highly surcharged .pro-' lilblllon problem has nicnopilbed. its chief attention. Time and ajatn tho commission has been crltlcizsd In congress for lack of speed. Just a year ago when the work was only six months under way, pressure become so great (hat thc commission hastily prepared a preliminary report, part of which hna already been enacted into law. Tha commission hits been at work twenty months. It has received total port ctoiC! tho most turbulof- Important chapter in the wo. tlon but itml house leaders have appropriations of one-half million" not yet decided what course to pur- dollars, sue In vlcv,' of {"resident Hoover's opposition. It had been reported that house leaders were prepared to offer a compromise accepting the amend. headquarters of the Red Cross has j money from It.' Rep. Walter Tla intlmated that farmers should woodruff county . said he "imcnt If (he senate would agree to having the amount of the appropriation reduced. Representative lieeco of Tennes- blocklng lite Muscle Shoals Icjlsla- tion. He said the house .conferees have agreed to a liberal compromise but that the senate had refused ing Swept by Flames, Early This Morning. Wou!d End Waitin S 'or Grand Jury Action LANSING. MICH.. Jan. 10 (UP) —Investigation to tlrtennine whe- loan law for help along this line, 1 prQV iding in case a bank closes, the but because of the fact that the j depositors who arc not stockholders law requires a first mortgage onj mftj , s( ,i,, ct thc liquidating agent, all crop> as security for a loan that i Mr u nn ey said his bill would does not Include provision for i vrm ^ e that each depositor might food for farm labor, farmers have | ^ ve a vote, regardless of thc size been unable to see their way clear j 0[ n | 3 nccou nt, and then one vote '^ffr^W^^^^ '- ^:r^u~^- £ -" - - - — - "*• a. Would Wreck Drivr- Reed asked that a final decision Work Done In Secrecy No federal body in years has undertaken as complicated n task anU- none except the United Stales supreme court has worked with such secrecy. As soon as the commission was appointed, it fortified Itself within sound-proof doors in the top of thc Tower building nsar the department of Justice. There a woman educator and ten lawyers, three of them federal judges, carried on the most extensive investigation of prohibition that ever has been mnde. Dozens of witnesses were heard in secret. Countless conferences have been held. B;it tha (o Memphis tomo the of fie; because of his Tno "« r '» n S s «slon of the court by statc police . ,v,-as laraely devote<l to the re-s?t-1 T i, e Kaze B -i ltcll SMpt first , T "hn Bislrep is asking dnmages) ',','" for injuries of the Chicago Mill' and Lumber Corporation for" 33,000.1 The same comr-anv is demendanti .,,.- T rr • ^-*.,,*,A « - 0 ^ ^ —..« ... in r. $25 000 p--rsnia] 'injurv sivt !r " 1(l B ' 11] "S S - Inc - vs - Homer K.; S50.COO. Civil War relics of great' dale - °f Umon county and the brought by Ed Mtlborn- " i-'ones. ^icmnhis auditing firm, were | historical value were reported dc- j youngest county Judge in the state. ig of cases for trial during the j anc | a portion of the second and weeks sessioi. I thlrd flcDrs of ,„,, nlstorlc ba i\ A . Attorneys in the case of Brown? 1 j n ,,. caused damage estimated at LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UP> Afeans by whlcli Arkansas counties would be able to save thousands of j dollars annually and 'hereby light - i The loans are'to bo made avail-';{•] en their tax assessments were work- R0 i c n t once, it 'Is midcrslood. j O f "banks and insurance" ed cut in a recent meeting of the Arkansas County Judges' association. According to Judge J. G. Rags- Jesse T. Robertson I Over Score Hurt When The Arkansas-Missouri Powjr to argue a im'.lnn for rtismUsil .-if Dies at Hightower: Trains Meet Near Boston;^" of the amendment would > s a klnd 0| ^"official supreme court ... the drive. Reed said. He said ;°" tne fnte ° J ^J^Tal prohibition. " i the Red Cross realizcti in Dccem- > sllor '-' stocky, fond of dining out, ! bcr it had not sufficient funds for: n 'fequcnt guest at embassy func- i relief and had postponed its drive I " Olls llcrc ' Wickersham his carrle;! When the commission was bitterly divided. Wickersham would emerge from a tense session and walk Funeral services were held Sun- president of the association, o'clock for . tnan score of passengers were wm Scrv( , Schoo , IiUnc | les tr.c principal means by which coun the case befcre Jaclgs Keck this at Robertson. 62, who sue-, jnjured today, at least two serious LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 19. (UP)— briskl y down Hie hall, whistling. is defendant in an unu prisoners ns well as to pay costs! . Westtirook jr. led thc entire cast wing cf the nrst charge of • ihorittes Funeral plans were in er company is hsld responsible in jJ«dre nwatr.e'-- F . .. ...... ,...._ ______ _____ _ ........ _ ^ o ........... _... the complaint which alloges thati nnd Etisjene Sloan of Jonesboro, : noor and were shooting up In: of the indictment. \K said. The! the Cobb Undertaking company, i been responsible for thc crash. the pilf on which the high power iWlls Davis p.nd J:;d?e Allen Huplis elevator shaft when firemen ar-j County Judges' association is spon- --- j _ _ — wire was strung, was erected on' :0f Memphis, ami C. T. Carpenter iTived also was regarded as slgnl- 1 soring n movement to have esses thc road right of way. Another | of Marked Tr«. personal injury' suit against thej power company is that of John B.I Tr.;xler who seeks $3,000 damages.; Lhaffee Railroad FlVft R. p. Duncan, former local man-1 nser for Morgan Utilities, is ask-i In? £600 frcm the utilities company! for Wach of contract and salary Wins From Local Frisco ! The Chaffce, Mo. Frisco, five [defeated the Fri'co cagcrs of Bly- by stole police investigators, j of that nature brought before the circuit Judge for sentence. Ragsda> disclosed. Detroit "Mutts" Find New Pound Palatial i Oklahoma City Theatre DETROIT. MICH. (UP)—There's j going lo be a great revulsion ol C, of C. Board Will T?.gs Expires Tuesday '>" conjectural." j He has baen the "bad toy" of tii; Trie rush of car owners to the i COIr ""lssion because he could not I office of the sheriff and collector ah Ws "old his bubbling spirit Name II ; c in u iL r J ' ofllce ° r the sllerlfr and collector al «'ays hold his bubbling spirit nr • i.! Jlie 111, ItlOtner IinuS Jand the-city clerk, which halted Ultnln the Stlm confines of secre- lOnignl O-iil- n ( Wi'no rnnni Bbru P u y whcn lhe "me limit for ^ y Mt U P D >" tne commission. Once ; DOttie 01 ITine uone purcnasc Qf |93) nu , 0 wgs , vUnnut |he replied to a question abiut res- The new board of directors of] i.penalty was extended January 10th] torat!o!1 of 2 .f- percent bear by re- the Blylhevllle chamber of com-j _ OMAHA, NEB. (UP) — Sue ls, wm pro bably be resumed Icmor-, torlln K 't wouldn't "satisfy any merce will hold its first meeting, four. I row before the time limit expires Wifri»?rau7c Rnu/ PirlitrP »' 7:30 tonight to elect officers for. She came home thc other day en- ;Tues(iay n Withdraws BOW fixture,^, E D » Fcrgl|£on u , he «.joying life to the fullest. S^e ale- sldncyy Cra , s c|ty dcrk bsued ----- --- -- -- .- - . Itlrlns nresident her lunch, then became, dcsper-'o statement trdnv rrn-.ltirilmr mn- C!» Curlriglil is suing the.'hevillo In n hard fought came at;,popular feeling amons the stray OKLAHONfA CITY. Jan. 19. -UP| 8 v lately ill. Sue's mother phoned the. torlsts who live In Blv h-vllle thit Manila Stave company for SSO.OOO.'he Armory Salurday night that; dogs of Detroit when thc news:—A motion picture starring Ciaral 'family doctor. ! penalties will IMi in effect! afor i d!>m.i£cs lor an accident which ; was extended until an extra period alxix:t (he city's new dog pound; Bow will be discontinued at a th"a- ! LISIP DIDN'T SAVE HIM ! while she waited for him, she'. fomorrou- (Continued 'on Pago 3) ci'curved in June, 1329. H,; alleges, before an advantage could be gain that the negligence of the com-^ed. yjany resuitea ii: bodily limm u>| At the end of tho second half j a gets around. ; ter here today, ond local i'ara-1 BRISTOL. fVA. (UP) — Henry gathered Sue Into her arm. 1 ; and got Tuesday fair. [thc two teams were tied 18 point*i icach. Referee Ivy ordered the teams • back onto the court and at the The cost of the Washington :-exnlral!on of the extra period the Late this afternoon no word, of monument was S1,3CK>,000. It \va; dedicated in 1685. and up to 1929 visitors ltd 20 to 18. Holland, hlgii point man for the local team. But thc city iias built a perfectly palatial pound, equipped running water, rompln visited by over 9.000.000 per- and Bray for the visitors were out-j every dog lie in his own patch of The picture "No Limit" opened "The action is being taken be- other," lie said, "and that makes j Th e debtor prescribed black cot-1 If Ucxn , e applications for this i 47 degrees^ cloudy. On "the"Iarae wjtn: cause oj Miss Bow's unfavorsbl: | me limp and weave as though I, iee and a fresh air treatment. Tw<] j vcar ore , 0 ap p r0 ach the total i day a year ago the weather was nuig publicity in correction with the had been drinking." His demonstra-1 other littje girls In the neighbor-1 ; lumbers ,,. ucd w|thln lhe llmo the most revere of the season with spaces, and windows enough to let|Devce trial. 11 Magee s»M. standing. sunlight. here Saturday. tlon of the alleged affliction failed i hood also received the same pre- i llm i t tn to convince the Judge who asses- scrlptlon when it was discovered ' 8 ) icr | ff sed a suspended fine of $10. Ithcy too mere "tight". t i )( . on - tc( , of nooded with citizens (tomorrow roekhiff applications the temperature eight below zero with one and Urree-Iourths inches of snow.

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