The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 4
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(AM.) comma THE BLYTHIVU4-B COURIER NSWH 9QVHUB NKW CO., i>»B 0, *. 1ABOOOK, HIM* CO., K, H. W. ttUKM, Adv«rti*inc Adv*U4Mif Every **«pt, 8W)<J»y. Blkred M Moond cUw umtter Hi Ul« )»st urtlco at Hiyllievlllo, Ar- luiifat, under got ol pcnireu, Oc- toUsr 8, 1»1T. 8*rve<i uy ttw Uumw SUBBOlllPTJON Bv carrier In the W of WvnwvlUe, l(« yet week or H'W i*r )'e:ir l« ftavaiifo. By pull wllhlu f. rudliu of 6« ni)lM, J3.00 Ml >c»r, |l .W iet ilx woiiUu, Kio for (t.NO wwHM; by 'WU In i>o*i!i) W»M Iwo to »U, Uidiiiiw, f«.60 |ier year, in wmei wven »iu' per year, payable In »dv»noe. Perhaps a Cat's Life Is &$(, After All! AlliL'i-l I'uynon Tovluuir, the novol- ist wlio-liiis writ ton M> clmiiH'Ully «f !iin t'oiiihwss for doys, liroky ilown I ho other ilny mid ndiiiUlwl Unit ciit.i are really Hiiuii'lei- tlum <lot'H. They've smiirtoi-, Unit is, in Uud. they're nhvays looking out for nuiu- lior one, A dnjr will itivo you his loyalty and stick to you when tlicro isn't anything In U for him. Hul not u cat. "You, nia.vln), h«v« hml u cut fur years will hiivo trwled it tike n kiiiR," puys Mr, Terluino, "1 cguie iilimir. 1 Imvo H warnior kitchen mill more milk «ud livt'r, Your r«t \vill K\i\A\y 'conn' la i«y kllcluin nut! ilt'Avrt you. To llnil a c«t with loyiilty would l>o lik« Undiny wus \vU)i Hvo l l 'ow penpli 1 who hnve owned flits will lie iuclineif tu ttnurrtil uuit'h wtlli this UjWcvUoii; iiuleod, tlui odd thins; Hbont it is Hint it is preelsoly this unruft'lwl seltlshnes-i which nuikes tlio cat » nice iwt. FV>r if the don llsttoM the CRO by hciidlonp into tlm most uu- anil sclfloss loynlty, tho cat dc*s it in a mow silMlo way hy of-« hmiflity coiulesconsion, • A n>i! 45oet> alwut tho huuso kwkiin; gratefully at you for pwmltlinu him to stay thore. A cat jroo.s proud^S wvaliyi look! HIT tluxnudi you w \<**\ you anil quietly lottiuy you unilm- st«nd that it is a wo privUouo to tho dally ration of. milk and liver, Kven when it sul«nits to ^tt«4— w, for th«t matter, PVUII whou It www over and demands putt JOB— .-It does so with an air that lets you know that it ( s stvk'Uv i\ii Imtwsnuat matter, awl that it is nut i-ommlitiiig Itself in any way by accepting such a favor from yoiu And all this, {w some reason, is vathor asveeabk Tho umiiUiKated snootiuws of tho cat is actually tlatUr- toK. l« a world where must people, $»\ one way or another, havo to put lip with a siKxl deal to keep tho daily bread iu tho (wiUr.v, it is somehow Vheorim,' to tiivn otm pensioner who neither scrapes nor cajoles, "If," says Mr. Torhuue, "I could OUT OUR WAV like H nit, please Gwl, IM do it. Tlio i)i|ly Uilillf H cal will over do is fur liowlf," —Unite CiiUon. Meddling Americans Tim SUlo Departluuut'ji uctlun in «'Ui- itiiiincinif iU strong disapproval (if the enrollment, of United BUU's j|vial»rs for will' MOi'vlco in Colomhiii is por- I'ctlly iimlewUiuliibU 1 . One KWK| way of Kutlini; embroil- i'd in I ho tniubluH of ne|}flil>oi'iiit! nations is to ixji'wit yoiii- citizens lo diki' u prominent pact iu Hie liKMiHB which Uiiwe troubles cuuso. Tho United SiHtes Kovernnieiil, of iiKir.ii', tun never Us held wi>onsililo If indivuliiiil Anwrieuus lilri- out to Ht?li! for wnrt'lnu I'ni'tion.s in l.titin- Aniei'ieii; 'iiuverlhelcs.s, the fni-'l thiil I hoy ilo so heljis to color i.iilin- Ainoricn'.s notion ol' Inlei-ferciice Ijy the "ColosMiis of llio NorLh." Tho sojdior of fortune iuis »n "Id Mini romimtie tradlliun in this ronntry, to liu sure. Kul iiu hii.s not, fvciythinn considored, a whdlosonui influuiice. II l.s not surpi'lsdiiK thnt Wii.shinn- ton feels calhHl on to displuy u frown uf dixtippruvNl. TUESDAY, AE'RIL 17, 1984 • When a Job Is for Sale Tosliinony of forlnui 1 .\\K\W. Williiim H. Hurley of Nuw Jersey liut'ure H li'Kwlntlvt! citmimttou H( Tronlou con- liiins Hbimi an slrlkjiijr u stiluliulit on IKililk'ti as ouo cvuc gols. 'rim jiuljjo ilveltivi'il llmt ho jaft.Diii) lo n jxiliUnil k'Hilfi' l» m niHxiiiiliuoiil to the heiith. At'tc In 1 siild, the mail tu whom hi' Hio money iniulu vt't'tntvil ollorts to iiitUtoni'ij his (tedious in visions rourl fasta, and tlinwtvntxl him wliwi lu- vo- fuswl to olHi.v imlei'ri. Nmv tins wlwlu luisiiiws [wills one tu wutuloi" wliiil uu curtli niiy man would oxjwiil to hupiien, whim liy iwiil $2o,owt Cor his «|>|H>lntiuoiit to thu beudi. Would hu eximet that lit) would liu permitted ti> g« uhrotil ami he nil uprluht mui nubias*! jurist? Tlio UIHII who soils a job tisuttlly |jkt-s to Hrot> « striiis mi it: thu wan who buys one witoiwitivally xitiTomlecs his Iwleyond- ouvt), whether ho roalkos it or not. will nee>l inon- llwn a bralu Uivst tu turn the IUHI«| Slate.s commu.niitU'. — Sumurl lu- sull. • » • Tlw sorry (»cl 8, Umt the avvvw wtBVfss- maiv Is entirely wlUlua to buy votesi so Kvnsr as ho ca» coni|W«nd fi\v felony by ilo(Hg It with soHH'boity else's money. — t'rol. Kdwln S. Cvtwtu ol Vrlncctou. m If AiiU'ViCAii te<iehi're are .sis-aw U Is (tern rhvlce. 'Vln'y have txxoino sLssllkxl eoi\fo(inlty to tho public drauimt Hml act \\\ * »»y which Is to« s«od u\ bj (rue. — Dr. Jumci (JaiT Uuli, of \lw New York Uui- vevsily Sciicol ul Kvlucattwi. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Now, I'm going to show you Kentk-nu-n just how 1 want thl* dune." Gallstones Not Confined to Those "Fair, Fat and Forty HV I)*, -MOHKIS KISMHKIN . ... \ Hie Ur«|lti Thcvu used lq lie a .wying that l»opli! w|io Imd B»m>l(>(We.r Infections were Oinsl often X'OIUFU who were "(nlv, fa.( anil forty." 'Hint Idea «roK pilnolpitlly because tho diagnosis was seldom made until well aloni? In life. Today we know lhat cutlblacWcrs way become lullamecl in fuiriy yoiiim people, and that oven gallstones may bo fcwnut | lt young adults and children. Women have disturbances of the Ulbladdor muro often than men. V\\K of luo reasons MUK that women In prows ol childbirth Viuvo Increased «inoiwls ol cholesterol iu tho blood, and cUulcslerol forms tho b^sjs for A few .simple rules for avoidlns Inflammation of Ihc sallblndiler were outlined recently by a famous physlelnu. Mere (hoy aro: 1. Avoid typhoid nnd (lie en- lerle group of fevers. 3. Avoid Infection lecth. i-liuLsci, anil Intel. 3. .\void Hio tlruss ol Ihc (luinoliiw , V If a wmnmi, avoid lutvlng a liti'KO family. 5. Kit three wenls a day. uut yiinr ijnllblnddrr before you know hole y<m'i'c ul. » • • 'I'l'.c llret two of these nilep nre in truisils, respiratory use of awld setthij; fat. 6 Don't be n bnl don't be s ".lullon. ' shipper," .. 1. Iton'i be a Jack Snratt anil i-At no fBt or tho surgeon will get ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s has been au- Ihorlied to anriounct: tlio following a? candidates Jor pi.bllc ofllce, 5 ub- J«t to Ihe Deiiwra.tip. yrUnary ntxt August: Fur County Jud£f XAl, li. ]IAnilISON For Mtmbfr c' Co*frtu CLINTON L. CALDDVEU, For Shrrifl ind Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term For County Treasurer JOB S. D1LLAHUNTY ttOLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH ORAIG ADDISON SMITH n. D. <SKEET> STOUT For Coiioij Court Clerk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-ElccUou lor 2nd Term For Asiissor R. L. (BILLVl GA1NES VI. C. (IICE) HUDSON For Constable of Cliickisawba Township JACK ROBERTSON THIS CURIOUS WORLD CHURCH EXCUSES K<r G**, W. BubBm Well, Jim—that's my hus says he only knows one u now that will keep us from start- huj In BOiny to our church and that if we- once set started we .should huve htllc or no trouble going every Sunday and when he THE tywes QF ALMOST All NEORO SPIRITUALS CAN BE PlAVED CM A PIANO, USING THE MASON AND D1XON LINE HAS BEEN FOUND, ey MODERN suvevoRS, TO BE AS MUCH AS FROM ITS CORRECT LOCATION/ IN SOWE PLACES, 6UT TO CORRECT IT NOW WOULO NECESSITATE THE CHAN6IN& OF OTHER, I BOCI.SDARiES THROUGHOUT ! THEL COUNTRY. Cnlculaiioiu based TWILIGHT is CAUSES By 7H6 iUN SHINING ON THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE. 1( ; rhERa WERE No ATMOSPHERE, DARKNESS WOULO. FALL INSTANTLY AT SUNSET. tefc ll> ti?grces below the horizon. on ihis fact Indicate thai (he atmosphere is of N'KX'l : Wlru was (lie finil woman lo asrcnd iu an aircraft? told me what would likely pro- snnicieiit density at a height of 40 miles to diffract suuli"ht vent us (joins I told liim not lo ° say ally-thins about It. Tlmt usually If you let a little hindrance Eilone it. \\onld walk itself out oi Hie way. l told Jim-Hint's my ( udshbors tint said they Imd not,not respond ri°ht quick Ilic col- hiisband-lhiil It mis surprising j been in chinch fur veins. One of iettoi would rattle the nlate and how easy it is to find n reason [them said the minister preached !c:>!l everybody's attrition aiup lor slaying at home or rather! ico lonir. often as miicii us live! have tlieni lookim* right al YOU slaying onl of church and he i minntfci past twelve. ;\t)d the othei- . it ..... ,...„ been realized thai disease uf Hie aaUWmUtev is associated In uniiiy I nuances with lufccilou elsewhere In Hie body, and particularly with yphold ami (uvatyuhoid fevers. In in'.uiy ir,i;tanccs gallstones uive been fuimd to contain typhoid :cvms. KrntlirrrriQiv. when people! become lyjiliold curriers the ly-' •hold KFUIIS uro frequently found '.u be residing In the ijallbiudrter. !l liiis be™ rather well estab- islml that the gallbliuldtM- i-mptics Itself when food Is taken, and particularly when fats are par! of Hw did. The best fats to eat to pi-pinole emptying of the gallbladder are simple fats lite bnlter. olive oil. cream. bacon, and the yolks of soft-boiled esgs. Fried greasy foods arc not i healthful for ilns particular pur-1 pose. I In addition to the usual types of I infectious and Infl.MumaUuns of the gallbladder, other conditions may Involve this organ, including the various types of tumors and infections. Doctors tiro able to make much belter diagnoses than nere possible years aso, beoiuse of this devclop- ment of the X-r,iy of the various substances, which, taken internally, help tho X-ray to give said 1 was wrong that, it hard tc find n reason but to find an excuse and called my I tion attention to one or two of our i your r.o^e was i said that you could not more easy | than get si';nccl until His roike- right under that if you did The average speed al which airmail and express travels along the cnways. of the United Stales is abrvt 110 miles an hour. '/( /J/FA/A\A/A\/ *r *nuM\t« ^U^AWAY ^r wiANDTAYLoa \ . ' 't'JUV e-OMiosayct.^g tri-:fiis( ni'.nf. TODAY I'Alll.rm. . hnr,il»,,n,c yunfi li-,-n»rU Ml a Murder hr did nui xiiniiil. rkr:ipr» Ironi KPT n'ecl .1 tl.ivuna nl I.IVITIE. "1,0 ,,l nl, Icui . MAIICIA timler Ihc niglit to Josie Martcll's home I somehow he had l»irned a Woad which was well uptown. A mold of loro and hatred-a wish to !ot« !md aihuitteJ her and she saw the her as be dreamed o[ loring her maid disanrear Into the rear of j and a wish to hurt her aa men the house. T I:STI:I.I.I: FII:I.I>. to iunrry. uuc firiii intrs iMritc .. a wiiine ,-, U K C . Tw i yvar^ Inlrr. brllrvl:,^ Vnliliio | 0 < t t,, kri. »lir hrt-um,, rn^^— J to AI.I:C DAVIDS. Miu. cm,t'u<IuE 1!ILI.1.\(:$. x, • faithl,. Uavrl'miU Ibr "' .-.— ...^ .^u. vijuuu n n,2ll LU UUl L GCr JLH nil tho house. Then from the hall she ; rarely dream of hurtins WODICIL listened to voices la ilic next room ' —Josie Manell's voice and Noyes*.' They were talking of pictures and I ) of artists ami they Fairl -nothing \ I tliat coulil po:-Mb!y ofieml Mrs. ! Xoycs. Sbe went into the room I ! tben anil Josie Martell arose tot make her welcoaie. Cut Mrs. f . N'oyea did not sit down. She stood : io the doorway, smiling. Then she. i Spanish revolver that she always kept in hcr drains table drawer. She fired. When Fhe next knew beyond her hujbaml's swift, ur ^™,^~~ ,, a ~ hin mled with a raise ol puilgy "Oh. surely!" Alec agreed Ian- ;uiiliy. It was like Eslelle to pull him -Dto a mess like this, he triousht. To make him love hcr and hate her and then leave him unable to fulfill the least of his mortild anil cruel fancies. Yes. it was like her. R S«xl outline of the gallbladder and its contents. BY Williams CABINET CLOSEUPS HAUOl.U I, 10KES of Interior <5IT AS FAR AWAV ROAD \Vf THIS AGONY , BUT W£\l NES'ER &ET A WPE LOOKIN'LiKE VIE one.. .nembcr of Hie District of Columbia Pvmia,nent System of Highways Commission and five other commissions rotating to the ro.ub and bulldiuss in the capital He supervises the tjovcriuiieut of the Virgin Islands and alt affairs of tlie Alaska Road Commission His d, --o« trlni to France aad Sriain and ! He alie wroto tiiat h» w . as not who writes poerca to ma and all >0\V KO O\ WITH THE STOHV vited with a weak ecbo of hii old resolved t.bat she would tell the, t truth and free him from loo old i j Xo lor "" llili Marci;l lirec1 "' ot hl ' ! m:lklus l " M "° ^"^ ™ **' « B ulHy.N 0 ye 3 »ld.hco«,ehe! 'IV lo« t. hnt b.ive an important luncbeco ea- S a s en:c=t. It's witb a yc.og man CO president, several of. the key . I list ran ve jobs in the New I\\it Itwup we.-e also lunded this sliort. jolidly buil: mun. He ii Ktxlcral Ad- lUiU.trator of Public \Vorks. and as such is in cha;je ot ihv tre- iieurtous program of suver:uueiU lie heads the PuW:c Works Em- •pcnduig for pubhc unpru ergeucy Housing! Corpura::or. aud the Federal Surplus Kelicf Cor poration, two other ires: ajgn: 'i» '^'^rr-'-^^f^I clcs. ^ SI ^ •••* N\i - x>^ , v .. I Devoted to hs hoisc -u \Vin- .NK.V Ser\U-c SUf( t'orrc.-iwiiileul i "etka. 1:1 where he ar.d Mrs. \VASHIXOTON. April n K>...,i, fckes reared (our children. Ickes n the pr,--Now LVal d-n>. th.., ,.-c-| uu ' s '« -> ««.iU suburban Mary- tetary cf ;^e ui\erior h.n| :t: . )rc | land community jiui cuteldc extra jofc* ih.iu n:c*t cjbi::..-: x .;. pVashius'.on while here. He's SO. fleers. Tixlay. the i::o'::vcvit ' aii ' 1 deojiVt '.ooX i; Harold L. tci«. holds a'.:inv: 'is! many jyt<. a, Mussoluii. i h.« al; the jots 1.1,1 vlcus secretaries have aJv-M urucs ia . _ __ were inauy 5;orico about Josi _ i ul! who h.ij c]aac«<I and ac'cd wiib ic> smcb chirm aai ?ruce. "An-; other Maude Adams" she ha.l beoa | w cvca. At ^v"' 1 : J.:;i» Minuil. Za t::^ midit o, tiio coa-. fossioa sh? In-l l«t c--,a.=c:oii.:acis bad b<ea r°:it<M b? •iraitie ! carti'? Hu x.irjier is mur..<c n; -»-ei: [ me-uarea. T!;c.T. ;:u-pin; and tijiii ar.c! icn:ctu;:es at>re- rupt. A lonjc record of supporting to hbetal "lost causes' 1 and Republi- , s ^ , - , "~* - l » -v uv.-riai alii L-uutes ana ttepuou- Srv n^f <: vr " olto ; ( 11K M:.:,. ;ca.n "revolts" ^3 orousht arTua- -S™ p"? ^''f-'" 8 " 0 " d-i!-.:,,.^ 'usually hird-wor'sms and coiusci- ..h.n. pK,r.-,, „, Howard V^v^.Ientiuus lawyer Into the position sity i colored i. Smlttisonun ,., ™" »' -O-,- _ VI WIC 1 JLtiJH .ut.on. ii:d National KrcM Ki.H-r- administration. vaUcu ConianssMi. | 01 the "faithful workhorse" uf the He u o.lia:::naii of tl:< Oii CeaserviiOTi Board. — , , Ins off th9 chill tiasar ot bser will tower, she Ealaisd by! .•^•a bad to 517—tbo story s'ja had bad rev^M£'i -i l^'.tsr (:.-oi A'^c k?^ secret since the nisht h«r bas- Pavi.ij tse aorn-.n; .•: t35ir ds- baa\ ^id u-ten a rsvoiver from | cart-ire. A!:.: -x; •;-. u cruellv 1= liar- h*n^^ frt « 1V T".n' ^ '^.M-rhTo I'llf t'-ilr cl, .^ .m n. M n t her h«n*i to say. "Go:" ; 3p.i:ric?. "VTel!." 5hn w- nt oa. "I 3.>n:-.ilioa you M nn<;r'.-:J b> Lover Af;cr Tan-ti tT h-:ar. You know a 5''Tt ,—ir.; t'::a.jj—t-,i nuajr. you 'fsav —a^.J joa misht kaoaf thlo. If you . "What Is It?" ha asksd EtiortJy. "Do you know waat'a tecoma o! ';:it toy w'uij ti;e,i to worV for soa -tbi oaa nintd Fsblito? Ta« jOjailite. ti^ir ?u^a^ea:«?.t :, u«u^» tu ~^j. wu. . ,uj-....-. * t-^ t , ^u-a^tti:^::i —tin oae Dain&i raciito. i a* Mrt. .Vorsa had teea :catnu=. sie sriji be it da sail. Ke 5a;.l taat cue »io |j;ed witb Karris Noyes:" confessed. Her icalousy bid ::rowa te ka^>v Sue 'aail n-HTer car^.i fcr until tt coapietely ovorco»er«i bin. ITa till ;o: care'l ;-;: her SKXT: Htuty A. \Yalljcc, stc-jiis'r. tht kc5» co ctier eaauca. ,e'air 1111;: b« tJj 1«.=r3uM a ift*r» uf agrtctrMftrt. | Sit aad tolloTed tsr U^baad Qia ij^r w^o ^ i; laa^i^,*. V Wait n:\kC3 you a=kT J "i i-ja: t> SacT. Ji3. It's i; (To Be CoutiaueJ)

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