The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1949
Page 8
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FAGB EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 26, Numbers Racket Ring That Cheated Players Is Raided in 3 States BANK Continued from Page 1 Mayor of Small Georgia Town Beats Off Klan Mob with Gunfire Legion to Pick State Officers For 1949-50 FORT SMITH, Aik.. July i A Pi — Arkun.sHs members of the American I.caion t<ul:i\ prepared lo elect ii^vr oJlH'ri'.s and then ii'ijid up :h/' ami;inL .vifltp convention here. Xiiinr- n i fin ion ed H5 possibilities to i-urrort] .Si n I e CcmuiiiUKirr ,loO \i, Hearne ol Iiiitie Rot/V: iju-Uid<! ihu-o ol Wju'd. P,ir;t»oult1 »!- torsiey und World War Two veteran; Ul\.«! A- SpniLCKlalr nt- lonicv, ; lul Co!. R;iv O'Day of Pav- NEW YORK, July 2G, (.-ft—A ihi'ee-siate roundup of an alleged 150,000,000-• -year number.s racket ring—which juggled the H6»''*s lo cheat tht players—widened \viili niore at rests locEay. Six men were brmkoti liere short-4* — ly After dawn, lollowing all-night questioning by District Anorjiey Frank S. Hogan and aides. i Nine persons were Lim-M.-d vaster- : day in New Jersey and Cincinnati. : anil (wo weie .seized here previously, j Today's bald; of prisoners—HI- ; cludiUR two newspaper circulai ion • employes—were charged with conspiracy and ronHiving a loi tory The cheating w«s done by mump-1 uiaiing the reports on the daily to- i tals of the Cincinnnii. Ohio, Clear- i inp House Assorts lion, i Dennisrm Duble. secretary of the. association, was repnneci lo have: aciinitied he hart jusglert (lie tUiiivi for a year and a half .so thai the players' normal lOOU-ni-1 chHiic-? "I Winning would be reduced enormously. The Cincinnati bank HpuniiS' figures were a I an or in cietcrininniti , the winning numbers oil \vMicli: suckers iJi many Mates bet their i pennies, n lines and dollars. One ol the prisoners. Ant hum StrolLo. alia-s Tony Render, was described by New Young Comny District Attorney Frank S. HOJMM HA "one of the top underworld figures j in the east." i Strollo was arrested ye.sterday in Clilfsicie Park. N. J-, as the Uuve- : slate crackdown hit. Duble, \vho wits; arrested in Cincinnati, will he. , brought to New York to fate charge*. '-Seven person* were arrested in Newark. N T . J., after New York and New Jersey officers raided Uv al- iped headquarter* of the rnckc'. :n ^'fashionable home. ''Three of the Newark prisoners were held in bail of $100,000 each. One o/ them Is the occupant of the raided home. Daniel Z will man. a cousin of Aliner ("i/nigy'i zwill-, a prominent i>rohibillon era figure iii the Newark area. A numbers player selects u se- fjue/K-e of any three digits—such ni \vhoui sprcM- unmoved them- niioM yrs'ordiiy. ambers of Helof Two 01 hers aixnn iii:,:on hrtd centered '['hey are Paul Ch en a am 1 Jsiines H. Gtcmlcning Fort Smilli. Th Il<x'k reported today that a resolu- • tion Iru' been pre.j)nre<l for inlro- | duction oppugn2 "ricatioM ol a re- I hiibih'i at !<>!> division ' vrii hin ! he Arkansas Department! which dnp- j ]U';tte.s >ei-vires offered by the Ark- i a lisas Service Office." j The Department's execniive coin-j miiif-e .-ot up Mich a division on a] temporary basis and \vllhdie\v its | :sup|K>ri from tlie stale-ope rated i find financed veterans service of- ; lire after Clover nor McMalh did i not retain Hearne as service offi- j Future of Hie division wn.s left lo ; the present convention. | Meanv:hile Mrs. W. L. Winklcr of ' LX-WUt u]>p:irf-tHly was minted to- 237 or 999 and puts Ins bet on that] riay to becimie prr.sidcnt o£ thi- Ark- for the day. With the odds I0fl0-to-l, th« payoff was only fi^O-lo-l. 'The raided ring's winning number was made up this way; in order, ihe second and third digits fior.i the 'noon Walt Street bond figures aTTd the second digit of the Cincinnati Clearing House daily tola!. A member of the ring obtained trie first two figures from the New- f »rk branch of the financial firm of- Kean, Taylor and Company. Ho- ffati said, but there was no snt:Re.=- tio'n that the company was involved inline racket. "-After obtaining (he first two dig- lls/of tile number on which lh»r ring would have to pay off, its mathema- •tieinns figured out what third 'iig- it"vould c&sl the ring the least in pftj'OffS. --/Thflt's where Duble came in. according to authorities. _Hogan sairi the eastern winy of the ring notified the confederate in Cincinniati, who provided thr selected third digit in tlie right place irt the clearing house total. Tli;is, many players were gypped by » ri«- «ed number, and they never knew it. NOTICE American Depurimem. ttion Auxiliary. She was nominated withoiit op- p<k~itn>n yeMerday. She hius benn a vice president. Mrs. Robert Powell of Texurkana and Mrs Luther Bearden of Bnle.s- ville were noi pasiiio]) for dencit'.s. lerior cotton market in the United State.-:, handling TSO.tXX) bales annually. The booklet ^hes a complete review of the natural re-sources and leading induMiie.s of (his delta area. Following this ta a three-piiRe revieiv of tlif- City of Bl.v'.lieville, describing ii> tr;idi- .indu.strial, educational, mi. ton-market ing. ,aviR- tion and iivn.inortiition facilities as well a.< utilities, churche.s, con.struc- lion, civic, improvements anil civic club-s. In addition lo pictures of the re- decoruti-d ui'.t'iior of the hank, lists of officer.* iiini personne! and a re- i vi^vi* <>J t tic it niton's financial !'j;rowih Mine 1037. Ihe booklet also 26. ) contains -A nibure to Sam \\ Wil• ne '•• Hams, former president of tho bank who t!i"n suddenly March 13. Redem ai ion of thf hank wa.s called Mr. Williiiin.s* "fjivoriie project." He n«,-i.-ted with organization of the b-u-ti in 1937 and was its first cij.-ihicr. lie became proficient Jan. 1. 1U1'2. at the a lie of 41. In atlfij'iini to re.stylinn the if.bby of tin barik i( Ian;e j'fxijn wa.s add- I ' ed t r> hou-e the Rook keeping De- f partmf-nt. Adjoining I his Is the sec- has nut! room i=clilfd lo the bank—the Board ul [J t rec tors' conference. i *oom. T" cosi.siruct thexc rooms, the hank expnnded to take in office space i Lied by twcj firms previously Inciitet) behind it. The bank bihtd- jji2 now ex i ends from Main Street .south ui thr alley. An P'r-i wall that is almost, a .solid block of filas.s brick, provides nniural ijaiUina for the Hookkcep- MIR Ocpartnient to the extent that Uie rioinesrenl overhead lights arc seldom u.^od. foriferoiu-p Ktntm rrovldfri The Hoard of Director's confer- ne^p J'o-im is riclily deroraicri in a style cnnsi.-oent with it.s, Tlie walls are pastel greon wilh deep yeliow drapes liangiiiR at the windows. Wal!-LO--.vall carpel ing of pale irrecn covers ;lie conference room lloor. Thr 1 e a t h c r-upholstered Iclisiirs and >ofa are yellow with a mottled brown de;sieu running ilirou^h it. An executive desk and 1 cmirerence (able in mahogany com- i plele ihe furni.shin°s. I In the lobb\, all marble work was I re-done and ilie tellers' cages were DONALSONVILLE. Ga., July 26.< i/Pj—The mayor of a South Georgia country town .said today he beat off, with gunfire a mob of Ku Klux Klansmen who tried to kidnap him. Mayor C. L. Drake of nearby Iron City said "seven or eight automobiles loaded with uniformed and masked Klansmen" approached his house abotit 3 a.m., Sunday, July 17. I opened fire on them and they scattered in a hurry," he said. "When they shot back they were too far away to do any harm." Iron City is a town of about 500 persons extreme .Southwest Georgia. It Is about 15 miles from i the Alabama line and about 35 j miles from Florida. High Klan official* at Atlanta were not immediately available for comment. Sheriff C. I,, Chandler of Sem-1 inole County said the mayor him- 1 self had not reported the attack,' but thai a relative had. "ll'« a pretty ugly liilug here." the sheriff .said. "I don't tike it and the betler class of people don't 'ike it It stalled off pretty bad. but rooted down. I think we have iin?s muter control." Sheriff Chandler said no warrants had been sworn out and no arrests had been marie. hi timid.i tion Attrmptt-H Mayor Drake said there hrus been a persistent effort to intimidate him. He .said he attributed It partly to local and state politics. "I have been Ihrcntcned several j times over the telephone and ! through notes," Drake sairi. "So I was on my guard." He said he saw the hooded and robed men "slippinj? up on my house through a pasture." ''The next nleht." Drake said, "a man came to my bmse abusing the Klan for what it l> ad done to me. find wanted me to go wilh him to do something about it. I had him covered all the time but he didn't know it. "Meanwhile I sent my «ife to •ret a former mem her of the Klan to identify niv This former member identified him a.-s the or- crani/cr and leader of a Klan or- ^ani/ed several years aco nt Rock Pond, three miles from Iron CitV" Drake said that 20 or 30 cars 50 Policemen Disperse Mob os Negroes Move j Into White Neighborhood CHICAGO, July 26. CAP)—Fifty policemen dispersed a crowd of l f 000 and arrested one while man last night afier a Negro family moved into its newly-purchased house m neighborhood dominated by while- fanlillo.s. Rocks and flares were thrown during the disturbance, 'ITie prowd hesan gathering after (he family moved in at 5 p.m. at 7153 st Lawrence Avenue, on the south, .side, several rocks and four or five road flares were thrown at the two story brick residence .shortly .before midnight. A jar of gasoline exploded on the lawn. The crowd thinned out later btit forty policemen remained on guard. 'Police put out the smail fires and arrested Gex/rgc Johnson. 21, a carpenter. Police Detective Harry Evans said Johnson, who was detained without charge, threw a brick at the house. wasn't sure. There fore at the noon recess I went to the gray haired Judge and .stated my problem, with a rcriucst that he help me out. I shall never forget the expression of surprise which .swept over his face, to give way to a humorous twitching at the corners ol his mouth, 'My boy," he replied in kindly lone, 'V. j I'M ice isn't permitted to dt.sctis.s a case-outside the proceedings. However, if you study that evidence you may come to the con- rliiMon that it, is damaging to the dcicndant." Wedding rings were made of iro« n early Roman times. .STUDEBAKER, ['hone S8S I'liune 8SS ed with Klansmen drove reduced in heishl. Cracked marble [ tlirorgh Rnrbertnwn. a Neero set,n the lobby floor was removed and | rlempnl in Iron Cilv. on Saturday ._ „ renewed where required. Rubber I nicht. .Inly IB. and fired ^omr mlnated without °P- ' 1*lf hl iw-^tel shades wa? laid on the shots. He said the Negroes were so the two vice uresi- floors behind thfi tellers' ca^e-S. In intimiriatrd that they lorkert their the bnsine-s office .section off the door* and windows and some of lobby and'in the Bookkeeping De- them staved in their houses fnr piutmert. New doors were hi.-Ualted-j several days. FifnUd to RO lo work t he e a-st were en - Negro Ministers Plan Agricultural Chautauqua The Nraro Inter-denoniinatioiial ; Mini.stei ial Alliance held it.s regu- j lar Monday evening meeting at j Carter Temple C.M.E. Church on I West Ash. Rev. J. S. McPadden j presided During the buMncs.s .session it wa.s voted, to hold an agricultural i:hau- tauqna at Carter Temple C.M.E. beginning Monday, Aii^ust i and continuing through August 8. George S. Siewart, Oseeola. Mississippi N'e^io Farm Agejit. will direct the .seiies of lecutre.s and demons' rations in agriculture and home economics '.vhicb are being planned. All meetings of the chau- tauqua will be held at the Carter Temple. Rev. D. C. Harper, pa.sior of the Emory Chapel C.M.E. Church at Tyronxa .spoke on methods of reaching the home economic life of a cornn,unity through the church program Other addresses were made hv Rev. J. W. Knowle.s. Biir- dette Chapel; Rev. D. C. Parnel!, M.B. Chtnrh at Dell, and Rev. Thoma.s J. Brown. Enoch Chapel, Polio prevention and precaiition- a ry m e; h oos a £ a t! 10 .s p read o [ tht d!.sr>ase were rii.scu.^serl. Weefc's Sixth Acci'dent Death Recorded In State mid wiiuiows on Chandeliers were removed and i ! replsu-eci witii flourp.sceti t lighting | Rv ']|,e Associated I'rrss | HirotiKhout the building. Six pc-r.sous have ,ii,d from ac- A telephone iiUcrcoinnmnicatioii t-idPiU and violence In Arkansas ! ^tem w;,,s mstalled a.s a tt " lt -' an fi ibis week. [MPp-snvev." Mr. Reese said. All i W. C. Stiune'.t. r>2. Chidester. ! P^nls In the building are connect- , , p ^ by ' ' ' " " bank'x deunsit.s have pri^wn fvnm S3S1.193.05 on Dec. 31. 3937, to $7.- 13B.630.24 nn Dee. 31, 1EH8. In that time, capita] stock has been in- rrensed from $100,000 to 5150.000 and the surplus ha.s grown from WO.CCO to $115.000. E. M. Resenold is president of thr bank and Jack C. Owen is cashier Ark., bank cashier, died a! a Hope ! Ptl Q >' lll '- s -v^" 1 - 1J11 ' 1C l ' MJ ' lt - 1 i Director,- include Mr Reynold haspita] Almiday nitihi of unuru-s we! " e hi.stalled at four key working j Char , M Rn ^ f JM stcvpns D;u -^ suffered Sunday when his automo- i»int.s ii: the Bookkeeping Depart-i A , Baiton Roland Green HH bile collided with another at Hope, meiit .so Ihe personnel called for in- , Houch[nSj che.ster Caldwell and Mi Oliver Prhmn. 45-year-old Nt*Kro. was killed at FA Dorcuio Mnticlay in an unusual arndciu. He jumped ftfjm a moving freight rar at the Lion Chointcal Plant to avoid beinii >truck by an overhead crane. Bu(, he jum"]jecl onto tlie- tracks and was sinu-k down and killed by tiie"(f;?r. A traffic fatality. R drowning-and two suicides had been recorcied previously. Notice is hereby given ihai tin- nndersi^ncrl has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the; promise? riesmbc-d as Mnin Si,, | FAowah, Ark., Ctmnl>. j (jr any other state., relsuive to The unricrMiMied .state.s that he i.s ' smc of p.l:oholic litjuoi-s. a citien of Arkansas, of good moral) Applicaiion is for iiermit tn charnctfi. ihat he has never been i issued for cpei a lion brmniunc convicted of a felony or other cume involving iiioral tin pitude; lhat no license to 5ell beer by the unricr- /;i^iieri has been revoked \vithin live yesrs last pa At; and that the ;tu- rii^rsiKnt'd La5 never bopn con\ic-Ted of viola'ins: the law.s uf thi.s ^t;ite, ii^jii; nn ;hc 1 d;i\- of O.:t. 1'J-IJ). ami to expire on ihe :fO rlny of June. Ifi5U. Mr.s. Liliie Giixllry Subivrihed ami swoi n to before inc thii 25 day of July lfl-10. Mrs- Marshall H!:u-k;t-<i My Commission e.\piie.>: :i tKiS. lormation. tio not have to leave tbc machine. 17 and files. New IBM machines for bookkeeping were ni.stalled and « micro- Jilm photc;^rap)iic unit was added lo keep per m h ne nt records on film of all checks parsing through the bank. Vault Has Special ppatiire A unique feature i.s a \entila»ion syMein insl ailed to pump air into the banks vault. In a person i. c , acctdcnially locked in lite vault when " the time-lock mechanism is working. Mr, Reese said. (bis installation prevents .suffoca- Urm thai oiherwi-se would fK:cur "in a nuclei oJ hrurs. 1 * Mr Ree.-e said. Anyone locked in the vauli also could communicate with persons • oinside it via this ventiliiuion system j Fibiunv in the boi^klct annminc- i :ri£ tin 1 open house show that the Made-to-orcferfortot weather dr/w/*g> New conveniences! New handling ease! Less fatigue! STUDEBAKER TRUCKS MacKenzie Conlhuieri from Pa«e 6 c.ime up \v!ik-h .seemed to nip to be damagine to the defendant, but 3 RELIEVE ITCHING With Antiseptic Ointment foi helpful anlheplic and raedtcinal did , lo externally cauied skin imlallons th^t itch, luch ai teller, cash, simple linywoim, dtynen or eciema. use Cr^ys Ointment ai directed. Medicated lo cling long^c Jor mota thoiou9hly relieving inching. j YOUR FAMILY' LIFEGUARD/ /v (.IFF; OC.TARD helps proplc when they can't help themselves. So does lite insurance. It rescues bereaved families. Like a life guard, life insurance has to he on hand before an emergency. That's why so imny millions of families prudently keep a life insurance "Hte guard" on duty al] the rime. Call s friendly Life of GeoiaJa agent. Cut R lite insurance program tonork fritarding vour family today! ivls in hlliulrods of In I '." «mfort-and first in perfofmance • AH Studeboker trucks are itand-oufj in -thofs why Studebaker trucks are self- gasoline economy. AM have the wearing ^ensat.onally! resisting s.amina of Stua>baker'» world • Now, there's new big power, loo, in famous master craftsmanship. SUidebaker's medium-duty 1rucVs-»he • Gel America', most progressive truck 16A ond 17A series. "Power Plus" Stude boker *ngine develops 100 horsepower- delivers 2OO Ibs. H. torque! designing —get the utmost in solirf dollar value — get o handsome new Studebaker truck! CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY S fN C E 189 I " / Railroad and Ash Phone 888 More people ore buying Studebaker trucks this yeor than in any previous year! Dislricl Office Suile 2, Kamicrs Hank Take Your Pick From Good Used Cars HH!) Foul Custom 2-tlnor !!HS .SIii(ieljiiU«r [.and Ci'iiiser Hill I'lynuiiilh 2-tlnnr 1SIJO Chevrolet 2-clnor 1!)l(l Ford S-passoiiKt'r Cunpe J!i:i7 Ford 2-il»or j;i;il> l-'urd 2-cluor See These Trucks Before You Buy 1!>I7 Sludebaker 1-Ton 1'itkup lilta l-'ord I"/,-Ton 11112 Jloilu'c 1/2-Ton 1!):!7 Chevrolet l'/»-'I'on Chamblin Sales Co. "Yout Friendly Sludcbaker Dealer" Railrond & Ash Phone 88S •STUDEBAKE SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM • Guarantee* • i'ou can enjoy the wonderful convenience and economy »f having soft water on your farm if you gel a modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Highway 61 Phone Z434 AMAZING NEW DISCOVERY FOR RHEUMATISM, ARTHRITIS No Faster Arthritic Pain Relief Known SAFLHOSPITAL TESTED Stops Swelling-Uncorks JoinfoContains Sensational New Research Discovery NEW, SAFE, SCIENTIFIC TABLET M»I a NtHtoi\t..J4o\ Habit Farming^. ATt.ASTTllKSTOKVCAN H\ r . 'I'OJ.n! Science h:\*. inrncd ;it;.->rn:'.niK putn-^ nt' rhcimuiti-m miti iirthritis- The result of cx- tcii-ivnro5enrrlnsthort>iii:irk- nhlo lyopurMi.-in 1MDKIN. ni:iti>in. nrUirui-. n^iiriti^ nnd i:mit m.iy liml LMHRIN «i\-M i; 1 f T in;] s relief .im.t/usyiv t;i-i. <lniR?. A?k /or l.MDEli.N' at tlriig ~ tores. RELIEVES PAIN AND SUFFERING AFTER 2O YEARS OF TORTURE! DEVELOPED AFTER 3 YEAtS OF EXTEN5IVI TESTS IN HOSPITAL CLINICS IMiMUN" hus been a closely KLi<i"lcd cxpcri- merunl sc-uu-t b,it.iren'lo;iiic lor imLlic u>t-. Ye?. nicciioal men. alter three years ol cxu'ri-ive Ivi-';;;;!! lc>ls. h;ive [>rci\-od coiiclu-ivcly tint . medicine. Aik for 1MDK1N How IMDRIN Helps You! WHERE RHEUMATISM STRIKES . . . AND HOW TO DETECT IT! Rh^iimnlic anrl .nrlhritic pam .inH tn- flamm;ition strikes any of the indicated ^TMS. (Sec chnrl nhove.) R»n ihw^dis- wisf-s have many forms anri syrnptotn*. All forms of arthritis anri rheumatism arc nccom [XTni«l hy («m. very often, swelling and loss ollunnioRof the josniA. J-tOfmt.Tl lest r-^iipnts receiving IM- F1REN" w-erc able 10 rtMimc mtne h-ippr aciivc h vine once ihe [Hin ;ut>;irifrf and their confiriencc prw. IM U F(] N rc- riucfd jeJnt swfHmR and e.\wd p^in rapMlv. IMOH IN i^ ymjr erc.iirsL hr>r>t IMDKIX m^y v ivr you the same Wt*w<l resultt. Crft IMUHIiV lodny!' H yn\i have suffered ihc tortures of rhciiinnlic or arlhiilic pai ns. swell in j; nn'J >iifincss ... if you KC! up mornings clre^rfin^ the suffering the Hiiy m;fy tinM. nnd ilo it ti^y nftcr 'lay, month after month, year nfter \-cnr li-tcn ! KMDR1 N m;iy ;insvver your piob!cin nl comfortable living" 1 n m=<- aflfTca^c 1MI)E?TN IKK proved it? potency. IMDRIN is nnc of the fnMest an!)i:Ln- .in-!] rlu^imntic pain rriicvcrs known to medical science. Cases Hwnc<J fllmo-^i hofir.-^-.-s- - IU^MUIS who- suffered and waned and hoped for n*. long a«; twenty years were able to live iinppy comfortable lives once ngrnn. No either nic<iic.iment for rbeurn.ilism and arthritis can make this amazing sta'u-incnt . , . amJ brick it up with proven hospital and clinical recnrrlv Amazing new IMDRIN brins;^ new hope of a better life for you -' ;i * •» - - • rind it i> n? rt't^c to ymi ri.^ht now as your ncarc&l drug store <",ft nn K' \ i * - IMDRIN lodny. \'*r only as rlircctrd Tt ymi don'l acrce that anin^nc l - : t •« « new. -cicntilic [MORIN n ilu- i-re.tlr-l bJe^inc you've ever rli*rnvrrrd* li*«* «• *-r 4 i Tfinrn for money back. Get IMDRIN today—resume com [or table A.-I* ! -, living tonight! TODAY-RESUME CONFIDENT, PAIN-FREE LIVING WITH AMAZING NEW SAFE,ANDSCIENT!FIC... IMDRIN Ato Faster Arthritic Pain Keller OH MONCT IACK MAIL THIS CONVfNIf NT OB 01 9 COUPON RESUME A MOKE KORttAl, MORI ACTIVE LITE liny IMDK1N of nllirr <ciftKC. Why . \'A. I ,-i « R*'fc mt a J.f hottlt of the mtu- imtfrht T^A^f* G Sftnd C.O.D. pf« p«ilaft«. D Remiminte «ncl»i*d. You pay jwjifayi. 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