The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1931
Page 6
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)'AGi, SIX ••SB m.YTni':VH,U<;. .(AUK.) COUKtKK NRWS BRUSHING UP SPORTS Detroit Boy Wonder Is. Causing Older Golfers lo. - Slop and Wander. ; BY WILLIAM DRAUCHKIl NEA Sen-ice S.iorts Kilitor ' The ranks of the Vovotnys,: Looses. Kozaks, Uutras. Espincias' "and other golfers whose names' were not on' the ixissengcr list o! the Mayflower, sire about to be 1 ' augmented by a skinny ynimtr man; from .Detroit—Charley Kocsis. .. With a couple of strands oi '' clothesline holding up his frnyd jeans, .this Huckleberry Finn'of: the links three year* ugo droppt-:!; ,oul of t ho sky In the Detroit. Dis-: trict Golf Association tournament' and scored an amazlng vie tor v the second night.. Charley was; 15 : years old then, and evor since tin-. winner of any kind ol Important golf event in Michigan has had: .him to beat. j Last year he drove and milled, -his way through the field to win' the Michigan stale amateur chain-: pionship at Cliarlevolr. From tlier u ; he went to Merlon for the Na-! tionai Amateur, where eyes popped' oren with a click when he beal Francis Ouimet. former clmmiiion and seasoned veteran of the fairways. * * * - At 18, he faces the year with the promise of national fame Jus! ahead, and already he is too well poised and quietly confident to admit that he's going to Kivc a crowd of golfers all Ihe fits they can handle. The young mnn, born of Slavic parents, )ms been plnylng since he was eight years old, end- dying and practicing whenever he got a, chance. When 16 years old he went lo! Philadelphia, where he w?nt to Ihej .semi-final round, of the Nntlni::i! ! (Public Links ghomplonshlp before ;beimj crowded cut of the picture During the last thro; years he hns been knocking al-thc door of every! .championship Michigan offers. | .-The kid, who looks as though i he:should be carrying home some! AW IB-INNING DEAD HEM/ h .7 .7 .7 oiwki-, lb..6 tCc!!cy,3k...6>-, 3b. j 0|&av>(oti),rf..7 6 Colt, if 7 0 « 3 I Roumin, lb.8 U I M 0 75432 To!il s ...58 0 65424 Sludge in IZlli. Wasl.iitlM..O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIM) ..... 000000000000<)OOCO(M) 'OUMPEt> 24Tf§ET DM SKIS '•' A. UJORl-D's RECORD... - SALT LWE c?w"- i93o« r Art's Sake, of Course H Is Just Tuo Much The spectacle of the Hew 1'ork Boxing Commission handling Ih5 heavyweight championship cl the 1 world as though it were n I^M BAS IK EYBAJLIL m Hy i:vi;itE'ri' s. DKAN 1 Coach,, Indiana U. If the proposed rule change of iho center Jump should there would be' no need for. center plays..,At prc'stnt. however, .center play? have a- 'two-fold mi 1 !' ' :.' •"• ;}:cme'. teams play for. 'possession of 0;e :liall at center Jump while- |r,lh?r« sure of the Jump use a set of fusi breaking play.s from cen- to- ling. Play for possession at tenter jump is most commonly, now. After getting the ball' H Is passed ur batted back to tr.e' ; wliri-c they put,'It In play' by slo-vly advancing the ball up to the set dcfeiisc. The diagram slioivi a grxxl I'oniui'tion for possession. • If a tc.nn has a very tall center. II ' should have some established i center ."'plays. Baskets scored from j center jump'arc very demoralizing |to the opjxmenls because U Is deric |so easily. Center plays should to simple and friv In number.- They should b? cf the Mime typo as oth-' oirciiBlve plays and should ire well balanced r.s lo olfensL* and dc- nals! One player Hives the i signals in order to cover up the p!::ys Hie more sig- I real ones. They should be simple. Hives the reM sig- easily recognized and 'tner players fak"e;{ very unconcerned man in a i Cr.-iif; Local Lassies Win 14 to ('«!>»>" 25 I Short" ; McAfC" ! Substitute: SATl'K'JAY, JANUVu-'.Y IV. 1 r.:-.o'.-.-:c; t'.icii- \i-^i fon-.i c' tlic ::i:n:\ v.-;ih "rsig. MuAfe ond Tip'-'ii lilt:! 1 -.;; l!ie 'jnsSel . in tccj If:.-;. ; i\{ I'm hall ll..' Chicks led i; tu - A ! ci:ul ir.c'!C.i.;:d t!ie:r lead in \..-P. i^cccnci lin!:. Nichols, speedy ',-•• I ward of ilic ir.'llors. ami M?A.'i-.>. Chick guard, lied for high sco/iir- honor:: wit!'. Him- points ,?!ich. The linv-tip 'I the toys' g::uu> follows: P"*- Osceuh 13; Chick Cagers in lo 14 Triumph ' The BlythevlHc hi$h basketball teams turned in a double victory over the girls r,ncl boys of Otccola high lit the armory last nhjlit. C ' 'Buchanan KG Cal-Jv.-cll l.O Hampton Eiytlicvill — Burns, Holland. Nunn. I-'is!.?r. Webb. Johnsin Riicl Ems-;. Oiceola — Cunningham, Ca!riv;ti! and L-uti- Oppos ••<•' !n Rn rC.i 1C >10 The local ia?st?s won a thrilling' game. 14 to 13 while the Chicka-! v -M->^»«UrP. swept to a -25 io H victory, Desecrate Hen Thk-J over the Seminoles. ! __ The glili' eanie proceeded tlwi YORK. PA., (UP)—\Vi-.rn r.ien'; boys', contest and was the thriller I and other warnings failnl '.n h"nlt of ihe'iilRbt. Neither team had ai raids on his hen hcusc, Mi'ion dcclded''edge and forwards on botli j Strevl". farnm near here, planned teams missed many shots but the 2 Iran for the intruder. game was close throughout. At ihc luilf way Iris led period the Blythtville the trap of the |i:i-:-i:.'.> (.f visitor. Strevic armed l!:;:ii?!f by the scant margin ol, with a. shotgun and called M U-.> 4 to 3. During th<» last half the j raider t-> come mil of the visitors forged ahead and led 13 to 12 until the last minute of play when Gendron. Blythcvillc forward sunk a field soal to put the locals ahead. T.he Chlckssawa proved to strong for the Invaders. The Hudsonmen width. coop. Receiving no r.nswr-r, f.tre- vla cautiously cpwied the iVj:, cx- IJettijig t> desperate vir-h. ln-.tcid a large opo.ssum scurried ou'. iiti- 1 - vlg shot it. Us hide measure.! 11 indies In length and 2-1 inches ':-. committee chairmanship v:oi.ld bi- funny enough to knack the customers out of their seals if tin- rraill ! were not so trngic. The comnifcsljri made Ma i Eciimeliii!; champion 0:1 tlu strciiBth oi a synthetic victory over Jack Blmrlrey, a victory tlw . man plainly did net deserve. Now, (o firntirj 1 an ovsrwcsnlng ti;Mi (lint justice ^h-ill be thr cre.i- tlL-fi of their hands nlone. they t.ik.' I It nway. I ... i ' Such Talk! I In eflecl, it h like saying-. "You. ' I MRS Scl'mellng. are the heavy- ' wtlpht champion of the world only to long as you do what we say you I must. Violate our program for the hriulu'mj of the heavyweight championship and the title shall t? .'.natclic-d from your hands. You must fight Sharkcy or relinquish ' ' i Judging by the actions or the ' commission, the heavyweight cham- ! pionsiiip which cnm? down through j the years from Sullivan to Tnnney, I iwj btcn placed In the hands c! u ers." lost his title but .when "Wotta'mah" Shires. chomj>!on^ih Jh6 .-movie titled "Leather Push- to' iKane, Richmond, handsome hero hY was CHARLES KOCSTS little ercup of politicians for nd- i mlnlMratlon. Whether this be as- j ; ininity of the most egregious sort ! or plain premeditated imirdcr is ' li'ird to decide. This, however, is i evident: IT IS JUST TOO MUCH. ! The Ne-.v York Boxing Comm'.s- sion has tried to mukc the heavyweight, chainplonsliip ot the world its political plaything, the piece de resistance of n rousing racket. Tra- J olow the pride ot AH (The'Great). Above is a scene'from the new picture, with Richmond on the left and Shires at the right The I bald refcrceins person is none .other tlian James J Jeffries who ! s sntd to have been quite a 'well-known .wrapper in his day. subject of a quarrel between rival gangsters. Edicts like tha New York Boxing Commission hands out have done much to kill a splendid sport. " ^rVfr 1 ,^ 1 ' 5 ," 00 ^ 'f a , tat " dilic:1 tb:>t tiITO h « ^onored. tra- tler of the Jones type on the links. • (iuip ,, . na . n th , ', unflustcred by pressure. He lilts aircspoctcd .the " '""•'>" greens needs brushing »ip. it mayj seem to bo stretching a point to- say that he can sink the long putts | more easily when he lias to. but- that is the way the young fellow Is. False Authority T!:e ccn'.:ni.-slcn has even gone &o far as to reverse Us brazen prcsumptlm with an even greater show of faU; nuthoilty. By what Baer Winner 'of Avr'ii m 1 1 L i H'«-»«i "P I With loin iimiev ! , vvhcl1 he ri I _ / | : keener broui heavyweight, nnd Tom Hcenpy, New- Zealand veteran, at Madison Square Garden. The fljhl ended In knockout victory (or Baer In the third round. In the third round Hecney went through the ropes under force of a push land body blows. He fell heavily nnd started back into the ring. Dcmpsey thought he hud picked up the count right but •cached eight Ihe tlmo- brought down ills gtivcl with a bang. Demnsoy was surprised, Itceney read yto resume battle and In tuning Amateur was ing his and late he was oti the links.! : ' whaling the. ball down ths fair- j a "- v rullll sr to msk» it easy for elth- ' ways, with indifferent results. \ c '~ Srhme'.mrt or Hli.iri:-y to draw A day . before the qualifying | thpir sw -B despite tiny fail, thf ', rounds were to begin, Charley's]cornmHs-ic-n sonorously asserted last! game started to click He turned | summer t;:nt Mix the first: nine in 34. On the 10th j champion of the world. he had -si birdie. When the ball i commission ju?t ns boldly , rolled Into the cup he picked up. that Schmeltng is not champion • his bag and started for the club- " ' " house. . "Where are you going?" his partners In the foursome asked him. •"I've got enough," the lad replied. "I'm swinging right now. and that'j all I care about. You fellows go on through. I'm going back and ( get a chocolate soda- 11 The next day he wrote down ft qualifying round of day after that scored 72. NEW YOItK.-Jock Dcmpsey ref- creetd hia second fight In Now York - last night and was involved in his arvxlous but th eflglit ended then second unsatisfactory ending of ai 1 ""' 11 w " (1 disorder, ring battle Ks was champion through part o! j the summer, the fail anti early winter, if lie was champion at all. | is he not champion now? Doesn't ' a champion have to la<e his !Ule ' In the ring? I It b3comes a question n'. wjnder- RITZ THEATRE n£ Si Sunday;! Monday aldly averts, •':•'•. J '. 'Sec Jack Oakic ins how long the m;n who like boxins nre gcrnc t fcr this sort of cheap rackc'.. with j such \vo:n?ri | c ns ', hir ,, 3 r TC-and ths BI1 R(imlr ^ r of b oxln P hope h am' • Not bad. thlng from „,,, ringsters tli: R i«ive.s : except treachery, skull-dupery nnd GRACE, Ida. (UP)— What, wen- low larceny? dered Deputy Sheriff George Walters, would It have done to ths interior of a human being? This re- in his latest picture Our Gang Buster nlso Comedy and News Matinee 2 & -1 o'clock Night 2 complete shows Admission lo-40c The Like Load c/f H«r heav>-weight champlo:is v .n' flection arose as he examined five.before the days, of boxing c-,nmr,<;'- gallons of whhky captured in s \ sicns. wns held in some e=(c?ni )3u- r»ld one year before. Ths powerful; as a plaything of pusillanimous p=l- btyerage had eaten through IhejItlcs, it amounts to no more than line lids. • ^ truckload of beer b?i:ij made ;!v Sunday-Monday See ' Charles Farrell and Maureen O'Sullivan in Princess and the Plumber Now nnininjr in St. Louis Admission Matinee & Xifjrht 10-25c ,Tues. Wed. Thui'S. Joan Crawford in "Paid" Coming—Greta Garbo in "Inspiration" ! Coming—Const.incc 'Bennett i in ; "Sin Tnkcs n lloli.lny" "King of Jazz" qet UANT you WANT IT/ There will be an adept Ad-Taker at our end eager and competent lo render helpful (service and transmit your desires to the 17,000 daily readers of on- Classified'Columns ... people who find kct Place for ins COURIER

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