The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1930
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Serv$$bj/ the United Press BLYTHEVI11JE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI IER1NEWS VOL XXVII—NO. 165 Blyiheville Courier, Blyth»vlU« D«lly News, Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader,' UUTHRVILLB, ARKANSAS', PHI DAY, SKITKMRKK i>«, 19IH) _ ' siNQLfi COPJES SWAMPS JESS SWEETSER, 9 AND 8 Garage Fire of Intietiicliary ( Pending Divorce Action Onlv Known Explanation ' of: Double Tragedy.' Charles L. Sanly, 44. local cafei manager, and his wife. Vaughn' Santy. ns. will be burled side by j'de at Maoln Grove cemetery tomorrow afternoon, victims of a tragedy that shocked the entire rommuni'v late yesterdav wh?n Santy kitted his wife, from whom !'ii had been estranged for sonip time, nnd then sent, a bullet crash- In? inio his own heart. Both died instantly. Tiic counle are survived bv two rlilldren. Prank, 20, and Lucille, n lf>-vear-nld hl?h school student. The double killing recurred lit- Thnsday afternoon at the Cail> f'loie. where Mrs. Santv worked, in "•» businc".? section of this citv Tnere were no ?vr witnesses to |J>' actual shootino hut a coroner 1 .: inrv found that Sontv fired four sh^ts at close ran 1 ?*? into the h-viv nf his wife nn'l then luriifcl the gun. a .38 olslol. nn himself. Santv npnnrenflv cnt^r^d tester- w>>«r" his 'vife. who Ivul n>- , rpnllv fled a rtivnrce action, was p, cmuloyeil. unnoticed bv other pro- j" Hr.yees of tin? store. And walked ti 1 the rear" stockroom of the buildin? where Mrs. flanty was working. j . A'pnlebaum T^tHUs ! Joe Apnlebaum. manlier of FLASHES AMELIA EAEHART FAILS NORFOLK, Va., Sept. 26. (DPI —Miss Amelia Earhart, irins- • Atlantic Byer, was recovering today from injuries received when •her pl*iie crashed at Hampton Heads naval air station. NAMES COMMISSIONER i. WASHINGTON. Sept. Z6. f UP) I —President Hoover completed organization ot his new tariff com| mission today by TJnroln Dixon of SNOW HITS CANADA • WINIPEG, MauHota, Sept. 2C. (UP) — Summer passed suddenly. from the prairie provitKfs 'of Canada, whkh were rovertd to- ' day by a blanket of Ire and snow, the first of the season. STOCKS CRASH NEW YORK, Sept. 20. (UP! — Stocks crashed !a(V today afUr resisting for a time a. savafe bear attack on the motor shares.' I.ow levels made In' the rerent reaction wire penetrated. Trading: pirkrd up. IHL ON u,s, Violence 1*eared as Crowds Mill Around Jail At Augusta. AUGUSTA, Ark., Sept. 20 (UP)— Feariiif? trouble because of : 111 feeling, a heavy cordon of guards was thrown uround the Augusta Jail it-day where six .men '•• are'*'Held !charged with kidnapping attempts. The six will go to trial within the next Un days at a, social term of circuit court for an alleged plot to kidnap W. N. Gregory, wealthy plantation owii3r. A secret preliminary hearing, was held .late yesterday for the six inen, . Hugh Lindsey, early, Thrmas . McLeod, Clarksdale, Miss.. Earl Sheppard, Scarcy. Peter Jam.?s, Augusta, C. O'Caln, Clarksdale, Mlbs., and T.' L. Foreman, Searcy. Lindsey was captured Sunday [light by Mr. and Mrs. Gregory after he had gone to Gregory and demanded J15.00Q. . He implicated the five other • men. Threats and large crowds milling about the Jail led to extra precautions by officers in guarding the men. .II. [Now Miich Like His Father testified b"foro the ;uam and Oahu- Attack FfOm Banks of Yangtse River. WASHINGTON., sent, 26. ttjp)- Movie.. Officials Tell Star TD1TGHSIEP Gasoline and Excelsior- Used to Ignite Flames In Each Car Separately. Pine Bluff High Wire Kills Trio PINE BI.UFr\ Stpl- 20- (UP) — Tliiw ivrsoiv; weif! electrocuted here last night, two of ihcm while atU'inpilug io rescue Eular, Lonu, Ity, who wiis working on » radio aerial. I.onu llni'w the aerial .over a hlijli voliniio iwxr.t Hue while btiimllnt,' uii wet pnveiuent. As he (ell to llii' .street Walter Holcoml), 2'J. unil his lirotlKT, I,ewli 11. IfOl- L'oinlj, ' It!', nisheil ID Ills alii. Al- lcni|!lliii! lo Illl him Hie two -bra- U-.irs wurn killed. l.onu's wife witnessed llio nccl- . . , dint. She scrrnmcil' as she saw Nelll Recil, (lepulv slate ilro mar- h,. r Im.slwnd fall lei the ground. Inn- that he '-bad been out of '. store a few minutes and nnon hi 1 velum he was^allert to th». rear'oT llw store by Mrs. Santy. When h° entered the back room. Aoplebaum ileelared; he snw Santv in an Intoxicated condition, standing before liis wife with a gun in hi? hnnd. Apolebaum testified that th? woman (old him that Santy war going to kill her. Santy, according to Aoplebaum declared "I'm going to kill her and they're not -goine to get a chance to put me in jail because I'm rr<v Ine to make a damn good job of it." The store proprietor stated. that he stood very close to Santy arH talked to him for about 15 minutes pleading with him not to commit any act for which he'rhiuht Be sorry, while Santy stood between him and the door, and Mrs. Santv , stood behind her employer. Final- ' ly Mrs. Santy made a. braak for'n .small inner room adjoining th" "rear room of the store and Santv brushed him after her. Applebsum declared. "It was my chance to get away and I ran," Applebaum stated. Jus' before he reached the front doo* the first shot rang out and anoth er was fired as 'he raced out th" store entrance for help, Applebaum said. Attracted by the shots a crow* gathered about the store and when Thurman Atkins, policeman, entered the back room. Mrs. Santy hv on the floor near the door leadln? •into the front of the store. Her liustand had fallen several feet behind her lylns toward tfie back of the store, a .38 pistol, still smokln». near his right hand, the officer told the coroner's '.ury. . , '?! The navy department annptince today receipt of'».-radio/ from Admiral Cha'ftes"-' MacVea?h ctinimander in. chief of (he Asiatic fleet, that tlie river gunboat G\iam. stationed on the Yangtse rivej- etehl miles .below Nanking, had been fired upon yesterday by Chinese bandits .They Want No More Unfavorable Piiubiicity. HOLLYWOOD, CaI., Sept. 26. 'UP)—Clara Bow,, warned by moving picture studio o'fficals to "watch .nuns. ... her step." was ready to report for The Guam returned the fire.Mac- j'work; and forget all.-about. The marked rrsffnbUncr between Herbert Hoover, jr., and hi! father's I voithfoj photographs is shown In ' his picture at the upper right. Up-' per left -f* (little Herbert - Hwww. Ill, and below arc" little Petty Aan Hoover, his •ther child, »nd Jfn, .Watson' H»«*r,;W» wil Veash"reported. with 200 rounds, of machine-sun .bullets and two oer- fectly placed /three'-inch'sheila fhe affair of the stopped checks, at a CalneVa gambling '.'place. The" next move, if,any, In col- whlch silenced the '.bandit, fire'.'- . Acting' $13,900 In -'checks the act- Ttie state aeartmert rported "ss 1 refused ; tb ,pay;-iniut- come. . . tie state aepart.mer?t reported j "ss 1 refused ; tb ,pay;-iniut- come. U. 3. S.'Oahu also was fired from the Calneva; resort . owners'; n 45 mile's frnm.Kiu.nKchau..ti>ri $fe-V. Bp»' B»1d.;-."..-.:;>. .;•<._.•_:; •'.':(. Ttie the shells being fired from th& share The. shin returned.the fire... No casualties were reported aflionir the Americans. • . ; yD«!HHELDFI THEFlfPISIDL p rnr> ' rnr> ove . Miss Bow was not 'officially rep-, rlmanded' for'the. affairvbut con siderable advice.-was given 'her' by Hei nry Herzborn... Paramount-Pub- llx attorney, with.the warnin? .that her hew contract might 1}*- jeopardized.-If she inspired more public^" ity of a hatur^/'.Tlie,'contract, rurtniiig • for one year.' was • signed August 20 .and called-for the starting of a'hew picture October. 6. ; Local W-«»er 0^* 0 K, of State Heahh Btrsrd Chicago Policeman's Gun. • Blytheville's water supply has been given a clean bill of health, according ti a report on a ramp!.'! ot water from the artesian well of Qmncv Dicus. local youth, wai! £ e _ loCBl waftr ™mDany taken on Hound over to await the action n l \ llv fall term "rand iiirv vesterdav on n charge of stealing a pistol from th° ear of one of "Chicaptfs finest" on the nleht of S*nt. 17th. Waller Palmer, who claims 'o have been a member of the Chi- raro nollm f"rce for IS vears, testified that : the prHlmlnarv hearing o .*- A Obb ambulance rnslirtt lo th- before Justice Oscar AlexandT store but the man nnd his wit- 1 v esterdav afternoon that he left were dead when ambulance attend- i 'he car in Dicus' car.= at a local parnsic overnight. In the mornin? when he returned, nfler fDe ants reached the scene and th? bodies were removed to the Cobb morgue. Divorce Suit Filed Mr. and Mrs. Santy ivnd Hid-! ""d h| * two children. Frank and Lucille-' ed - ' r <> • had mitde their ho:ne here fo' Inany years. Sanly liad been in th Reed has bet M. Washburh of the county health unit. The sample was forwarded to the »t partment °l ' he whjre |Shnll. stated this nflcrniiSii thai his ! office, assisted by rein-e.scnlatlvesof i the National • Board of Fhe Un- I dcrwrllerK, will lauiii-h nn Investigation of the (Ire which damaged I the show rooms of the NforRnn Moi tor company. 115 South Broadway, nnd six automobiles on display In ; Ihe room, about 2 o'clock this morning. Evidence, iald lo have l:wn col- \ lecl^d by firemen from f^ur curs ' J In the showroom was belnff held J by officers loilay. It consists of aii ?\y r | assortment of Ice cream cartons in ™ | various stages of destruction, with . excelsior ami what firemen say V i gasoline soaked material packed ! within the cartons. : O. M. Morgan, manager of the ! motor firm which bears his name, estimated today that clnmatre to Ihe :slx cars will run around $2500 while IK. n. Ferguson estimated that | damage lo the building will be I around S75C. The structure Is owned by the old Blythevlllc Lumber comuony. Found Smoldering Tackarc . Chief Tloy Head stated today that firemen answered the alarm on* succeeded In opening the doors ani whipping most ot tlie smoke out of the building that they noticed .each car 'h"t the building was ing. Fumes attracted their f. fieri to. One-car and peering w j the firemen saw benealh 'an un{ turned seat a small box of some ' malerlal with a-pniier cirtori plac- \ f A within It burning slo\yly. One of the fircnicn, Allen roscy. picked un Tin; Inclliers,' brothers-ln lusv of f.oni;, lnimrdliLt,?ly rushetl (» his nlil. Thi! sliock killed the three HisUmlly. NEETXHENE Miss Emma Cox, T, F. Martin and Fred Taylor Will Serve This County. Atlautan , Plays Brilliant Golf to End Match--To- • :; day On 28 ih Greeii. .; '. MERION CRICKET. CLUB.'A'fu 1 -' -, more, Pa., Sept, 20. (Ul>)—Bobby .;': Joni's overwhelmed Jess SwecSer,.'. '.) nml H in Hie National Amateur: Oiilf tournament today and. ROCS - Into (lie IlnalsHoinomw In fines-' \ firm of )ik fourth major [jolt title '-'"• nf the year. . .. '• ••'•'•' . • . A hrllllanl afternoon .rouiut lii..'; wlilch Jones marched' (liroiigh •'••; Sweelfier. shooting pars anil'btrilV; : * IPS almost,. ut will, accounted "for •; the AUnntnn's victory. The match .'; ended on the 28lli irecn-cinrt was ' llio most ono-slded of the tounia- - mcnl. ' • '.• - . Their fcucls: -. ' • Mornlne Rouml . , Out—Junes •.. 3BS -1-H fM-M' . - Sweetscr ,051 Cfi4 M-Vi .".- . In—Jones .... 555 343 4:14-315—72 .' Hweelser • 404 344 445-38-80 Affcriionn Ifnund . Out-Jones .'. 454 515 342-35 ' . • ,S\vcctsef 403 5-15 453-39. .' ROCK, S.^pt. 20 (UPI— Miss Emma C^x. Osccola. ami Ton i F. Mnrlin, Dell, Democrats, mid Fi'cii, Taylor, Osneola, Repnbllcnn. were chosen as the election bom-el for Mississippi county nt a meeting of the Mat.? bonrd of elcctbn commissioners yesterday. For Cralghoad ,county, the ttntc board selected Robert A. Simmons and Fred I\bnt of Jonesboro and J. W. Price sr.'-of Brooldand. . - Filctjbn ;«rosc -'over- nppolnlments IN—Jones.,. Swcetscr Sraver - 3xx xxx 4XX XXX MX I.rads Honum It appeared that Bobby's ppponV i cut In the final tomorrow' t would] Charles Scavcr. of Lqs '•' Angeles, who wasvUvo/up'on Eh-;. gene liomens of EntjIcwnQd, N. M.. nt.tlic end of 33 h'olcs'of Ihclr 3Rholi: semi-finals niatcli. ' ',.•,'. Their cards (or.tMs morning's 18 lioles follow! - ". ', '."• '.~~ : ".'.Out-^Seaver ', '.453"-644 J 53'l-37: ^: '- •'•' Homiiiu"' «3 - 64"5 444-.W ' >-'. U-.In-Seaver ,; 4.55. 344 555-S8-7S'V - Homnn's ' 546 3«. 544-W-79 "-:. . ..vv^ull «tu^v. u»l;l- LI^^UIIDlllUllln •- , , - Kt • '• f • In seyeraUi^untles of the state. The | StPTICes BlliniBf htm'. McLuughlln of Hit Sprlnjs' chareed the county commltte vjas not In sympathy wlin the nom- the nackaije and started out of the inecs. McLtiughlln told the com'- MarriedjCollege Syveethfiart •.".(Then .Ejnbartced on En;; gineering" .Career. M , Br.NEA'Service " '. •! PALO ALTO'. 'Calif. -The: lllne.15 o'f' Herbert Hoover." jr.. at Washington,' has' recalled, to friends here ft career afad a romance slnstular- Iv iike. th"at 'of his"distinguished father. ' President Hoover married a co-ed whom he courted while attendinT Stanford University here .... thirty years later his son did Ilk" wise. President Hoover decided to h" come an engineer . . , so did distinction son. who h»s won the radio'field. President Hoover has two children . .',. so has hh son. who I* the father of Herbert Hoover TIT now nearly three-years old, anrt Peeuy Ann"; four years old. and foiuid "safe for drinking purposes." health de- ] Herbert Hoover resembles his father's youthful oortrMts: Allen was examined! reslnuranl business here for a Ion?' time and in the lust few years had moved his business nnd "the family's home Into R brick structure or Mi» ni°ht at n hotel. told him that the earnpo had be.^n robbed ilst-1 stolen. Palirer slat- reported the matter to loci I oollre. Dicus claimed that a member of th; Blvtheville police force oromls- c<i him that rmthlne would come "f it If he would return the eun. He <>ot it from the purtv who harl Woman H«M Ji Robberv h Released! FORT'SMITH. Sent.-2fi. (UP)Mrs. Herbert Stanley, wife-of one of two men recently Identified here as being Implicated in a Fort Worth. Tex., "torch slaying," was released from Jail lodav. !Urs. Stanley was nrresled alonr- with her husband in connection with the robbery of an Alma. Ark., hank. Stanley was relumed to rVvrt Hoover, his younger brother, favors Ills mother's side of the family. ' "As youngsters, both boys saw i many stranee lands and nlsces us abroad wiih their Herbert ?chor4 In Acquaintance of ' Gntleman' NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 26. CUP) —Lt. Col. Takeo Oyama. of th" 1 building with It but when he reach- j'ed the front d.oor. the carton cx- j nlodeil and he dropoed It. Accofd- i in? to -Chief Head some fluid trickled from the package an:! | across the flojr, burnnii. Fires Set Separately In the four other cars which were not. as badly burned as the others firemen discovered that the .scats had been upturned in each one and a burning package was found in each. It was reported. The 1 car neor Jaoanese army, who is vUItinsr ; th.r ! United Slates on' .an- Insnec'tli- trip, reported here today he w~ robbed of WOO while en route frorr, Port Bcnnlng. 'Ga.i' to New Or!-- ans. While on the train Oyama *-' ' he met a "very nice gentle-: and that lie accepted nn Inv"--' . tn the other's drawing room ' other gentlemen, also en'ere j dra»1ne room and a bridge was started. Belnr warm, they took nn •: coats. Tlie "very nice eer"- snatched his coat, ran his ha"-' tn an Inner Docket and dre m '••• sheaf of eight $100 bills. r»- the men civered Oyama' with a - vclver urini the train : null«'i (•»•• Monteomery, . where the • trio the train. "' ' the rear of the building was jmiltce that one of the. prospective coinmiESlcners had wagered that n Henubllcan candidate (or the state ienate would be elected. Appointment .of'W.B. Rhodes ask he Republican board member- for Crif.tenden cpunty. was ,opi>o>ed by A. W. Oliver, nrmlnc.i for county 'udge. and J. H. Curlin, nominee 'or -sheriff, who. contended that ihwles was in fact a Democrat. lis name wns later withdrawn and M. c. Keener apiiolnlgd In his place. lef i on' 1 : - slightly damaged anrl Indi"»"•'. chief Head stated, that fie "-.-<• "-prf> : .fired. startlng / at the ••-.-•• .-f thii biillrtliiR and each on- 1 ... -- iv, A narty or parties whn •'—' ?';•. irrs. moved to the rear ••-- -^ii^n iras. can w'th tn-« •••"•" hnttom bill still cnn- • . -mill eiinntllv nt si' 1 • i .^ 1 filtered through on- -•-•>t 1 !..floor wa-s fouiirt p' : - -»™. room. It wns staled. - ---lan stated today thn ' "> know of any enemies ' ' '*-<!( wnuld atlenvot lo dc '.' '- *"i«lni>ss and could not de'-- <-nv mntlve tor an arso 1 ' -V--'- -r i]!^ nronertv. M". Mor-T rt-»M tin would nrobahly kee' th« w'llvs Knight and Austin nacn cles here and continue his sale? business. East Main. i't- whom he refused to nanv. and.! Worth to faro murder charges In In the past few months domestl- returned it. Dlrus said. Bond was | rnnn"ction with the kUHn? of Poy relations between the two had be- Placed at SI.COO. ; Hawthorne there July 25 Mrs come strained and Mrs. Santv ami . -. . the two children had rented an apartment and were livine apart from the husband and father. Sanly, II Is understood, hart n<w drinking heavily lately. His wif» filed a divorce action on Angus' 23rd. but contrary to general ru- mws. papers in connection wlUi the divorce action had not been ferved on Snntv. However, he New Baw Line'* First Tow to Start Next Week Stanley planned to leave for Fort i Worih tod(lv ' . ......... of Ills wife's effort lo seek ! ?isMnri Vnll«v CINCINNATI, O.. Sent. 28. (UP) — A tow of twelve 300-ton bar?rp. nulled hv tho tow boat Ohio, will l"nve here early next Tvert, fornml- Iv onenln? iht> «li»rlule of the Mts- || np . a divorce. I Funeral services will be held a' I Nrw Orleans, the first Baptist church Saturthv Tl - Wnd ' > ChiWress. nrcsidc"' afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in a joint. I' 1 '" romnnnv. 5 1ld elx rt(>v s will - Roc'' T.HiW Di<!s of Gasoline Burns T.TTTLE ROCK. 5V>nt. 26. (UP* —Kenneth Richard Mayes. <, dl°d parlv todav from butis received Ills hair and clolhir" wcr? ritual service with the Rev. A. fl. Tr "f^'"ll. nnstor of Hie church, of- ficinlinB. The Roval Neighbors will n» f ns nail b"ori"-s for Mr.c. Rmtv while the Mowing. will serve as hn pn»> Hii-pci remitred line helwpen Cincinnati and j set afire 'by a easoline explosion. ''"""" Two other persons were seriously Injured by th« explosion. A Jar of gasoline exploded, throwing the burn'm? nil ti\ th« boy. Mrs. O. R. Hartl^astlr ou-v in IJi** rowi, w*\^ .**i*^VrVi ^^i t ^^nil. Mr.:. E. n. Col»m"'i. 24. nt- »nm"'ln" to b'-ii rn'l th» flam"! ".hlr'i enveloytd the ohlld. . was frln and from P (o 14 4days for toe upstream haul. The terminal of th* line wns here yesterday In of mnr" th»n 500 civ!' 'N li")tji'ffl n* >JW i>|^- Einland for a time and then both boys returned lo the United. States and entered, public school here. In high school. Herbert mi-> Mnienrrt.'Watson, daughter nf nf old California famllv. The. ittaoh- ment c^htinii^ft-ti-hen fhev : bec ft m ft iii'lverrltv. students and two r|«v.« nf!»r their trrarii'ot<"Tv frnm Stanford—on Juiv» 22. 1955_th ev <vpr e married In. the wmiv"rsitv ehaiiel. BrWe Was Girl Athlrtf Tne bridr had h«en' nr^lrtfr.' of th»- girls athletic association In' roller* Bnd vc'm? Hoover was vlr» president o[ th« fliidenl Ixviv In school, she helped him wit* his stiidie 1 ; beranpc for s"vornl vrnrs he wns oulte deaf, anl un- "hie to b*sr the lertnrsflVOf rtrn- fessors. This ailment wis ran?-* *"' » fall frnm a ohvronnd slM- whe>i n child. Tt i"r><! later cured. "Thor.fh hU wejlthv famllv rn-n- "I exoen*lv° antomi'ill^' I'»rhort. Ir.. "-a" llmlt»rt to the »v 'f i bnltfred nld D-d^o rmrter" that he had msde over and In till 1 he *nd his college nreethetrt did much ot their comtme. Everr week >"> fmiM he •»-" h'» on Me MrV frivn his tl r >*'- m»nrv i n ti,» Kniv«r mansion fo- lii^lnsi^n In. tho famtlv GriduaUsd., Hoovfr went cost Jo« L- Monre of Bentnn New Bankruptcy Referee CAPE O1RARDEAU. Mo—Joseph Kith his bride and bee Fiftw Kill"'' in New Indian Clash Yesterday . , Di. .Earl' S-nithworth.- 38, of .Ktsiri.-- nhls and who was nlso .well- known ••;.• Here; -Ho died Monday nlehl,after ~ a wcck's'lllness from heart Iroublc. .1 The deceased was the son of Mrs.'-.'; Qertriitlc Soulhworth, formerly of ' Blyll^ville nnd now" of Chicago, and n brother of Mrr. W. O. An- - thony. ot the same city. They are -K now In Birmingham and will prob- • obly .visit here' enroute home. He .is : also survived' by his wife, Mrs. ; Eula May Southworth. . - .v ' . '•. Dr. Southworth, who 'was a na- ' " live of Maine, .was . asscciat.: pro-'' fcssor in pharmacy at the Uriivers- ' ity of Tennessee for the past threj ' years. - ' . • Series of Petty Thefts ; s Reported at Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 26.—Wa-. ! tlicn Prcwitt jr.. Blythevlllc Cour- , I ler News carrier In Osceola, 'had his - bicycle stolen from tlie back door of his home here last ntgtft He's carrying the Courier on • '? . borrowed bike and has enlisted the aid ol local offlcers in a search for . his own wheel, which he Icela must . •RATpqvrrTu <vi- o» t or lbc s =™™here near town. . '.'. ,™ AT ^y, IL H E ' *±' S , cp *-, 2B ; Ofter petty thefts committed .the Bradley of .Clcve-1 snme nlglll -include an Underwodd ly olfl- | typc^T-iup t a ); Cn f rom the office of »rM" Co Official Charej. ed With Cornora'.ion L^w Offense RecaDtured. r n rcp " tct "y a . . . .. -_ , , f i_, iiutwiiw^i tiiNuji Hum iiiu un. l H L° r '^ e S^i" """! IT" i Justice 0. L. waddell in tho Moore of Benton. an attorney! BOMBAY. India, Sept. 2C. lUP) and native resident of Soott' coun- • —fifteen iwrsons were killed nnd tv. has been anpomted.'by Judne 50 wounded when a mob of 5.000 Diaries B. Faris as/referee In ' Indian Independence vilnntivrs pany, who was among four pris oners who escaped from ths Independence county Jail early toda-- wa.s recaptured later at Bald. Knob Bradley was taken from a bu< which wns en route to Little fiockj He was arrested yesterday on a charge of vlotallne the stale clashed wtlh police last nmht at | bankruptcy for the 'southeastern division of the Federal :court tojt^'n chlrnnr forest in the Kolaba succeed the late Hnrry. El Alexan-! district. poratlofi laws wlills oprntliig h Ihe. black marble field here. The prisoners escaped by snwlne I T n ]aAn Rinlc the bars of Ihe Jail. Another pri=- i ' Ole<1 ° B:inK oner. Rulllvnn. was cantured Mian-j Iv Iwfnrc noon near Mrlbourn. 2r i miles west of here. ' • house and ten dollars in pennies - nnd other small change taken from i the cash drawer of 01 Cate after, burglars' had broken Into the place..'. 1 Officers find no particular connection between Mis three thefts, and so far have no clues to either - of them. • - Escape With $7,000 der. The anootnlmnnt was mode , ho killed were a re, There ontaforlhol applicants for the I he iiiovcment of passive sistance nlace. according to a reoort here i 1 ""' v; " 1 ™ 1 "' JMV..VC iv.^i.nn., hut It Jo SKld that th- aoDointment volunteers. Inspired by the Panwa came 'to Moore without solicits- '""8"" fommttlce to disobey ihc- tj cn ! forest laws Qf Cardwell Store Robbed i^ew Dinhtheria Cas* with S7.POQ in cash. i Jchn Rcminjky. manaeer. rcfiL'5- ed to turn over an additional $15.000 which had Just been delivered Although reported' wealthy. Brad- |° the1 , br:i " chj , N ' e [ VOIls nt tho re- I ley hart not made a si.000 bond, i fll5!l1 the bandits ted. | Three men -held in connsr.lioi- i —— jvitlv n ping of hill racketeer (liinrry debt, for an o tlon without filing papers. CARD WELL. Mo.—The dry good ', and clothhn store ot Hamra and i Felsal was broken into and Develops at Luxora charged with preying mi l«oht" ixrsons in the hills did not at tempt to escape. LUXORA, Ark.-Dr. A. M. Wash- j Tweiltv Boats', Sr made through the back door. Somo five or six snlK some shirts, shoes Mid other articles were taken. by Storm. Still Missing structor at the Harvard bu'ln««F school. the lure of radio. am* an in- • rndlo exiwt, . which had bee-i his hotbv when a boy, 9t|ractcrt him anrt hn JolnM the Western Air Exprci^'as chief burn, rtireoior of county health unit, was called to Luxora In consultation with the local phvficlsn In a case of dlnh- i BREST. France. Sent. 2fi. thcrla. Tills Is the fiflh c?se In .th" j — Twenty fishing boats nf th" fleet county to have been diagnosed in the past week. Two of the c.'so- 'ermlnstcd fatally within'a few hours after a dlasnosls was made. .Toxin autl-toxl'i is beinff'adminis- tered to a muiTlier of clvldrrn. and It is thought thai nn epidemic may be prevented. Masons Meet Tonight The local lodf.:, F nnd A. M., win meet tonight, 7:30 o'clock for regular communication. Visiting brothers are Invited. • WEATHER ARKANSAS.—Fair, colder t.1- that was trokcn un durin zthe r?- | night; Saturday fair, rising tfm- cent sform were .Mill mlssinu ioda>' Al least twelve nrr thoiiTht t" have been lost, and It is bcltevM thirty sailors have gone down will' th!s The kno»Ti peraturos. in west portion. U was. 58 here tills mornlni? »hd the' maximum yesterday w«s M o>- greei, *cc6Tdin^ to the offlcUU weather obscr.ver, FY«ncl5 C«rp«o-

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