The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX JJLYTHKV1LLE CQURIER TUESDAY,-DECEMBER 12, fcefc&TO Vets May Build New Homes Now Builders Advised How . To Obtain Priorities For Eligible Vetertihs • • CHICAGO. Dec. 12 (Special). — iHowHo secure priorities and mortgage loans for biiilcUrig hew homos for honorably discharged veterans of world War II is told in the December issue of American Builder, authoritative 'publication of Hie home building industry. _: Alter -urging builders lo fi\vor honorably discharged veterans for new homes, American Builder joints out that one and a Quarter million veterans have already been released from the services. • .To help create employment In the building f'"H HOT wliMi will curry-over with added speed into the reconversion period, American Builder urges the following five points upon the home'builders of _tfie country: .-. "I. Look up returning veterans in your area who have been honorably discharged. Point out tho' L va!uc '61 building now. Prices will likely not be lower later. '•' "2. Advertise to 'Veterans'. Paml- _lles' that (hey can secure' priorities now lo build new homes. Even though the-member ol the family in the services has not yet'return- ed, tjie family mny wish to start preparing for his re'tnrn, securing a lot nnd selecting a plan before he .comes home. •'-> "3. If the voleran has his own money for down payment, have him the F.H.A.'nml ask for a priority for a new home. All he ia required to do is sign a certificate that he 'cannot , otherwise find Suitable living accommodation for Jils family'.' . '4. If he does not have the down payment, have him BO first to the nearest oflicc of the Veterans' Bureau with his plans, specifications and a description of the lot on which !ie proposes to build, and apply for a loan 'for the down' pny- rnent (up lo 20 per cent of the cost of the house and lot). Alter he secures this approval, he then goes to F.H.A. -for his priority. "S.See^ local-off ices of F.H.A. and \eferans' Bureau lor the latest terms which veterans have to use to secure priorities or to be approved for loans." How alert builders in Chicago, 111. and Rochester and Syracuse, N. Y. have alreadv started preparing plans of homos and plotting out -ideally planned subdivisions with wide lots on gently winding streets lor veterans' families arc shown In the same issue of the buildinc publication. Bright qnd Cheerful With panels of decorative glass block flanking (he dining space rmd work center; this combination kiU-hen-dlnelte Illustrates thoughtful planning to provide the housewife, with comfortable, cheerful iurrounil- !«(•.'! l.o lessen the burden of preparing and 'serving meals. " ; A similar attractive kitchen can be in.slallcd in existing homes with minor alterations or can bc planned for new'postwar homes The translucent Insulux glats block, which permit sunlight to flood the entire area, arc functional because they arc easy to keep clean anil have high Insulation value. ' •'-'" ' ' *" ' '' ' * Kitchens For Post-Victory Homes To Be Better Planned Swan Residence Has New Owners J. C. Conlcys Buy House For $4000; Other Deals Made Four residences here changed ownerships duVIng the past week. The brick residence owned by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ewnn was sold 10 Ml. imil Mrs, J. q. Contcy who nrc inovliiB Into town from the country. The house, known us the former Christian home, sold for $4000 cash The Swans moved- to Siillna, 'Kims Mr.-and Mrs. nml Davidson purchased the six-roomi house on West Hose .street, f'rjn Mrs. Ross' Botiv- crs who now resides in Memphis but who occupied the properly for iimny' • years, consideration ' was |inoo. "The lioiio n( 505 South Franklin was Durchaseil by Mr. and Mj- s . n P. Klger so thai an employe of their machine shop could have a place to live. They plan < to remodel the house. • Mr. and Mrs: Russell T. Hunt, who owned the house; arc moving Jan: I,-to'Tennessee.- ,- • Tho house at 20&0 West Vine was sold by Enrl M. Cbppage of Brac- (jndoclo, Mo., to Mr. and Mrs. Chester llenson, who have been renting the properly for several months H. c. Campbell handle:;! all''of Iheso deals. Meteorologists "have- figured out that about 16.000,000 tons of- rain nhd snow fall on 'the earth every second. • "• •-•' - Bronsdn Named Archit^cturql Board Mernber UTTL-E ROCK, Dec. 12 (UP) - There are an estimated 18,000,000 women employed today, most of ( them in war plants -lurn|nc out the i vital 1 tools of victory: When the war ends and these"women return to the peaceful pursuit 'of homemaking, they will exert a tremendous Influence on our |Wst-Victory mode of living, largely because of thcii' efficient (ruining in - war plants. • 'This wijl be expressed in (lie interior layout ami construction of new homes. Robert - P.' Gerholz, president of the National Assocla- 'lioii l of Home -Builders, Washing- Ion, D. C., ; declares liuit the builders are aware of'the changing tempo in American living standards, but emphasizes' thai the so-called "miracle home' definitely has failed lo impress tho average tradition-conscious homo buyer. The builders, he says, are prepared and eager to meet the demand for improved, eye-appealing design niul efficient planning. Post- Victory kitchens', which will be the workshops ol millions of women now- employed, will reflect the' influence 61 economical, streamlined wnr'plant operations. '••Because ••of-lhts.- Gerholz says, "kitchens In new homes will utll- <l(rt anil Jieat and a greater economy In operation in post-victory kltcheaf because Improved, bulIt-In uniti will be easier lo clean'-arid electricity used ' for cookitig- will • ; bring •freedom from greasy soot- A kitchen ventilating fan; Installed hi homes which do.riot-have robni'- cobleis or complete air-comlHIon- Ing, will bring ••freedom from hot. steamy atmospheres.' , • •' • ' : Efficient l.lxhiiug; Freedom from glare' anil eyestrain win be' another Important feature of tomorrow's kitchen. Women who have'been spendlm- (Heir "war'.' time on "carefully lighted pro-i diirtion lines, «'i|l denian'd Uib saine efficient lighting in Ihelr hoinc pro- jduclion centers. This will mean at lensl one ccnler ceiling' nnit for lovernll ilUuniimtion, • phis supplementary lighting -over work areas.' fn planning new, post-Viclory UTOCS, builders warn (hat tho wiring system of the house -Is the ko- to'effective utilization of electrical appliances.' If as much ''care and thought Is given to planning for electrical needs as Is given to the Kite-hen color scheme, these builders say, many future disappointments will bi> avoided. • vile to A riansa He Pine - roll(c i" T th ° °^'V^^ & onolher with min'? 0 ?•""'• , lmuin brfort - An <l 'co»i))lelc utility of Seligman of all the practical electrical servants u'"'tl,! state aIChitMUlrn ! Profession ' _ _ NO'nCE OF SALE Notice is . . hereby given that the undersiuned intliv »»ial' : deslrcji dr mprtgagce in a mortua"e cveculo, {or " ' comfOrtA-ille-, b.v..J. W.'Portlock to °thc 'UI.HM ce »'er where improved labor-saving States oh the 10 dny of Anril 041 i llcvl * ! > «"! l)tfi"H 'a new freedom ddiriyiniod, in the' o ! °' nolls ™™ s - " ' ; "B. V U 1B t. 1 don't mean kitchens will be'fa'ctory-hke, mechanical op- erfllions .- P." 1 thc y w i u express the intliv »»ial' : deslrcji dr : ' liomcmnkc'rs ' - cheerful work ed labor-saving ' . s ! Arkansas; the said J w Portlock 'having waived all rights pf .appraisement, sate and redemption under, the laws of the State ol; Arkansas; pursuant lo Hie powers granted binder the terms of the aforementionccl-Miiortgngc, and by he laws of the State of Arkansas, nli ° n ,' le 13 «>ay of nWembcr. 1»«, 2 o'clock the afternoon of *ah\ date, at Leon Pnietl's place 3 miles west of GpsneH'in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas on gravel road offer for sale' to the highest -and best, bidder for cash (he following descrtod property, to-' wit; 1 red horse mule, wl. 1200 Ibs J-bay horse inule, wt. 1200 Ibs- i Jersey cow, yellow, age 7 yrs • i fo- land-China - so>v; 1 John Deere Planter; 1 single stock, Brinlev; i Avery iniddlebiister; 1 Brinlcy turning plowi 'I Avery turning plow; 2 sets plow gear; 1 cultivator. Witness my hand this the U day of Decent ber 1944, United States of Amerto Py Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervt -Wi CAM FILL YOUR OR PER Oouner Vkil Us In Our NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler penler - Farts i'Service 121 E. Main I'hone 2122 PLUMBING SUPPLIES PRICES ARE RIGHT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Ff((?n(f/y Building Service Hold Everything Fair-Haired Arthur Scyss-lnquarl, nb'ovc, (jcrinnn CJovernor of The Nelli- crlands, mny replnre Joanliim von liihbenirop us. German Foreign Minislcr. according to reliable reports from Berlin. Von Hibbcnlmp iias been in Himmler's bad i-:accs tor some time. WAHNINO OKDKK .• In Ibc Chuncery Coiirt, Chlckns:iw- b;i JHslrift, Mississippi Cwiinly, Arkitnsus. Ruby Vnnaltcr Wnlkcr, Plnlnltfl, vs. No. 8B81 Perry C. Walker, Defendant. The (tefcmlunt, Perry C. Walker, is hereby warned to nppcnr wllhin thirty clays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff,- Ruby Vnniiltcr WiUker. , ' • Dated this'"9 day of November, 1QH. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Doris Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pltf. Claude P. Cooper, Atty. -ad LUem. Hi2l-28-12!5-i2 W/tUNING OJIDER In Ihe Chancery Court, 1 Cblckasaw- ba District," Mississippi •• Countv, Arkansas ' Minnie Klmbell, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8001 ' John Klmbell, Defendant. 'The defendant, John'Klmbell, Is hereby warned'-to apiiear within thirty'' days iti the : court named in the caption hercot and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, 'Minnie Kimbcll: ' -• ' Dafdcl this 21 day of Nov., 1914, HARVEY MOIiRi'S, Clerk. n. C. MeiKlowi.'Atty. 'for' Plf. •' Claude P." Cooper," Ally, for LHem. li;21-28-12'5-12 WAK.N'IXG OltnKR In (be Chancery Court, Chickasaw- li.V )>is(ricl, Mississiiipi Coinily, Arkansas'. T. De Wilt DodH>:). Plaintiff, vs. No. S£93 Daisy Ellon Dodson, Defendant. The defendant, Daisy E!len Dod£on, Is hereby '.vavncd to appear witlun thhty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, T. DC Witt Docison. : . Dated this 20 day of NovV'1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Claude P. Cooper, Aity. ' WAltNING OKDEIl In the Chancery Ccur{; Ch'ckasuw- ba District Mississippi- County, Arkans;is', s - "'-•. - ' Delorcs 'M)inell, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8835 Millmme U" Murrcll,, Defendant. The defendant, Mllburne' L. Murvell,. Ls hereby - warned to apj>car within ' thirty . days' In 'the . court ii'n'nicil .ln.t|ic cAptipn'' hereof aiid answer the complaint o'f the plaintiff Delores Murrell." . • Dated -this 20' day .of November, 1914. ' • i- HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Claude P. Cooper, A'tty; 1 , !l|21-28-12;5-12 "Thiil nYistluloc sure has' cut; •down- WARNING ORDER In the Chuncery Court, Clilckasaw- Ira District, MIs-ilssliipl County Arkansas. J. W. Pound. -Plaintiff, vs. No. 8841 , Ixji-etta Pipkin Poiuiil, Defendant, i The' defendant, Loretta Pipkin I Pound, is hereby warned to appear within .thirty days in the court named in- the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the psath- tiff. J. W. Pound. : i Dated this 20 day of November, 11041. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Muir, D. C; Percy-A: Wright, Atty. for Pitf. Claude'IP. "Cooper, 'Ally!" for Optt." ll|2!-Z8-l'2;S-I2 In the Chairicery Coiirt,- Chickasawba pistrict, ' Mississippi County, Arkansas. ' , ' ' • ' , Robcrtha- Calvin, Plaintiff, vs. - .No) 8896 T. C. Calvin, Defendant. The defendant, T. C. Calvin, Is hereby warned .to appear within thirty days Iri the court named in the caption hereof and answer the coiuplnlhtv of 'the plnlhttff, Robertha Calvin. Dated -this 2^ day of November, .HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Claude p. Cooper, Atty. 1 In the Chancery Court, Cliick:is:i«-- ta District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Ina Tally, Plaintirr, 1 vs. - No.-SBQD Lawrence Tally, Dsfendant. The defendant Lawrence Tally, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the cnpliou hereof ami answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Ina Tally : Dated this 20 day of Nov , 1014 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Claude P. Cooper, Atty. WARNING OUDEU In the Chancery Cuurl, Clilrka- sawb.i District, Mississippi Comity, Arkansas, Fannie Lintzcnich, Plainlilf, vs. No. 0306 C. L. Lintzenlch, ct nl, Defendant. The defendant Fred O. Orhn- ivood, Is hereby svarncd to appear within thirty days in the court named In (lie caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plahA. liff,-Faimle Linijwnlch. ' Wl Dated this -Hli day ol December, I9M. . HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk, C. M. Buck, ,\tly. for p!f. G. W. Barham, Acty. ad litcm. Just Need 1 : a fl:"-i NEWTON; N. c, lUPI— A rural mail carrier here reports that lie found the following letter in a box on his route the other day; "Mr, Mailman. Please take this check and "get us a car stamp so our iiiv- ver will bc a legal means of transportation for taking us lo the ration bonrd so '.ve can yet tins to go have our tires checked to get a new tire, in order that we can go pay our withholding tux." ELECTRICITY INTHE FflRM HOME Let us explain how easily you may enjoy electricity In your farm home. Estimates on wiring without .cost!' Charlie Stalcup l!fi N. 1st. . Phone 2M3 , "W* Repair Every thing '. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" HROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE -••'•'• TYPEWRITERS " - ' 1|U8 N. 2nd STREET PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction Mast Bc Satisfactory) GOLD WEATHER SERVICE —JVc Install AUTO GLASS, new FLOOR MATS ami F B JOYKJFR SERVICE !!?• J y TfXtK STATION Corner Second £ A»h Sis. Phone 26U (And It's Going to Get Colder) * * Winter !? Just Beginning- Hove You Prepared Against FROZEN PLUMBING? * * J5«' Plumbers are extra busy nowadays, and plumbing repair parts arc often hard to find. . . If your plumbing freezes trm winter your family mi9ht be without running water for days. Guard against this possibility before cold weather comes ,.. Board, up each under the house opening and wrap all exposed pipes. It may save you days of discomfort and a big plumbing bill. Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manajer "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!* TCPySflE "Something ILIjOByL New in Paint" ff'j C/CUH? ff'j Qukkl It't foiyi • Yea, Pittsburgh Tfechld* I* something brand now In wall paint—btcaun It jlvcn «cellent rejulto over old wallpaper, plastor, brick and mnriy other •urfacas ...because OD« coat of Techld* ii usually mffident . . . because It ij quick md «asy to apply tnd dries !n ona hour ... because it jlv« you Military, weihabU walli. Don't miu thlj opportunity to r«decorat« your room* »f Knall coat. Aik ui «bout Techidt. Tethltfe <omti In pai!» form. Con fci mlx«d la Jyil a ]lffyl t^ N your waHpapsr imud^od, fatitd at shabby? Then cov«r It (CONOMICAl On i gallon of Ttclildi malt. I IVi 6 a ^E>ni of palrvl— «neu(jh to Jo cvv ttADS IN I COIOB« AND WHItl vvalli may b* !>£U3>4V€ q»wi/ wa,s.-d w.'A tf^f-i l& mlu ' _.. woo and AND MANY OTHER SURFACES 1. ONECOATCOVtRSmmiwoll. 4, MKJS WI7H WA7E8 pafrtt^, pilled wolli and cell- r tngj, vrallboortV bni«menl walli "^ "PAINTY" ODOK 2. APPLIES IIXE MAGIC 6. WASHES tftSlir 3. OKIES IN ONE HOU8 7. loVfUfsr COIOBI MIRSCIE Mill FINISH Kem-Tono A/J ROIUR-KOATER fljK Kern-Tono TRIMS Asl»wasl[j$ "roll PUSTIC PAKK ()«K Repairs trotlis WWN>. PAINT KITCHEN and BATHROOM WAUS wish SHERWIK-WILUAMS Scoii-glossfinish Forkitcl). cnBndl)athroomwalb ;1 nJ oil interior woodwork. Durable - wasliablc.

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