The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1931 HI/VTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for lirst Iriierllon mid one cent a word (or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement, taken lor less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE 1820 FORD TOURING CAK 102IJ CHEVROLET COUP!; . IMS FOKI) "A" KDSTElt .. 1K7 CHEVROLET COACH 1029 FORD "A" COUPE ... FOR SALE— Timothy or Soy Dean Hay, tov Corn or Soy Ikans. Write J. I'. Cox or P. W. Van Horn, Sikeslon, Mo. FOR SALE REPOSSESSED CARS There's, no need for you (o do without a car any longer, [or \ve i are ofTorlti" THIS WEEK some ] REAL BARGAINS. H yon have a large car. you | can save money by leaving it Idle j and owning one of these low-' priced and economically operated | cars. I THIS WEEK O.N'LY. EASY TERMS, TOO I . 525 . S55 S1S5 1 . 875 $110 1928 CHEVROLET ItUSTER .. S95 1928 FOKI) "A" SEDAN' . . $175 1920 CHEVROLET SEDAN' .. ?50 192S FORD "A" VHAETON .. S1GO 1927 CHilYSIiLK CHASSIS .. S35 1925 FOK1> 1-TON TRUCK .. $15 1028 FORD "A" PICK W .. $185 1027 CHRYSLER COUPE .. 5125 1927 CHEVROLET TOURING 3G5 1927 rOXTIAC COACH .... 100 1925 FORD FORDOR SEDAN $45 Cull 811 810 777 Today PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers OUR BOARDING HOUSE Does CLUB BOK-CAR, CR ALL HOLD A IF I WAS A CRAB AS MRS. EfHEIf-HUESTON CO. : -•-,- "••. PAID YOU, we LE-T YOU •tf(e owu^s CLUB „ - OUI? QUES-fS WALK SIDEWAYS Vj|TH,.VoL) BUT 1'p TO CROWP SOME MEMBER OUT OF MIS A LA CARTE i'd. lilitKrr'i Inlfcfr «o« " mill- 1«HT. mill I" 1 ' • IcimmllU'r It >rrj urnllli)' uomrtn, liul llfr In Ihr Illttt- limn ill HrJ Tliru*h, 1011:1, rnn luu •linvlr I" •"'« l!lliB»r unit IIL-I *rl, Sin "I»c [rl^nil., BHIIV JACKSON. PATTY SKA US mill WKSI.KY MKKKMII. rhal ^lif «n* Kohiu f" *<"" " lh:ulr fur Ilir lliirr.1. •IT. JI-:M(Y IIIUKII'.S, ivllr ill olil Ili:\M IIKIKIKM. nil ully In ivl irnNl runfliih'd lirr lim' ItliiK n Jimliir I'niiHIry Chili. tis^rd Jriil;> in Hi'T iih licr ii in I tic i»ilri'!i:i»e nf Hie Mill lti furm. n Iii-Ufrr irni-l >vl<h uti iilu frirm hmliir. tnmi JDPI.I.X \Vi:sl- Jtl IIY. 'I'lU' rr»l nf Itrr iiliniM "rre tllll [n litr hrnrf. unrnrmLilnic-Ll. ••Aril." "hv lulJ .lrnk>. "lie xurr :IT»] FirliLK Ulln tlouik In Aljiinl unit nl "Inn be III- rl«hl." Tn Jrnti). \vlin, Mllh hrt liui- Ijriiiil. IML-I 111 lir chniuTon, llik- vrn- (tirr [irnnilKi'U n prt'nl nuiny C» Tnrn «itM-iJ, UK n iiimrnrr Hki I Turin unllliJ mean n Irlnmiltiu i 111 hie riliMltr*. T'lC hollar- .^IHI lluxU Ill-Ill Inlrri'Klltti; HH-.-. hlllllo for un lnmcl»:ill»" n» ri- Illr IIP filiiKvrV. tin lUr nlr ^:lnlJ. It IMIH dnlntr Ilk prt-sr nwiitr no iliiLkil, mill In- tvn« nu -l). \\'i-*tt>urv (liuilly c IIIUM I ilmvn K:IS| » crr'» MI\V OU n.\ tVl'I'lt Till' STO1U CliAl'TER !V UT JnpUn Wcsibiiry dlil not wnli for Jeuliy to sco Cinfcr KUci. lie knew fitnaer frmn oS olrt i:u(\ \vns well aware Him slio was nni almve tiirntiiK a ucat ruiaiiclal irlch lierEoli v.'hcn she hnd a gooil cliancc. And he bail no inientlon ol letting this sale slip throiigb his [infers. Ilcforo Jc-nky u-as clown tliu stall's hu had Uliiijcr on tlic lelcpluiiic. •"Kny. little tiond-hclilcr," lie Ran cliecrfully. for lie and Ginger were treat (rlends. "1 guess you're not so over-iionvishcd on hank-mites hut ^'!mi you'll turn nil tumps! dollar if you sec your way clear. | eh?" "Say, lillle bondholder," ]op\in said, "/ gu«s you'll ilill lain an Aontil dollar (j you itc a'ny clear, th?" _ ' "/ hope io lell Vou," declared Ginger. ividilu 2-1 hours Ben am! Jcuky Irrnnks hnd unn;;!it Mill llusli for $1500, pnyiiiB 5250 down. Ami Ginger bad a check for 5100. which aba generously divided with Jenky. to tlial woman's boundless delight. The rnmr.nsiis was. give (brni club of Eheir own by nil muaiiB, and If we Unvo lo lieli? Eui will. The more conservaltvo It, we FOR KALE—Corn, BSc bushel, Hay —Alfalla & Timothy, 523. per ton delivered, O, C. Hannali, Uljlhe- ^vijlf, Arri. '1 iiojie lo lell you," declared Ginger Illuminating]) 1 . "Well, now. you know tbat scbool teacber tbat used lo live wllb you al tbe parsuiiuyc—who married Itiai blind man-- Yell. Brooks, ]Mrs. Brooks. Well, sbe wnnis to buy n liltlo piece of land from me. and she's going lo ask your advice about It. "Now. you know me, (linger. I make a sale '.vhcn I can. You give ber tbe ri^ht advice, aud tbo day she signs up for it. I'll send yon my clicck for 5100. Tbat's what I think of your opinion, (luess Ibat's a fair enough proposition. 1 ' "It certainly is," agreed Glnscr. "And I tbink I can advise ber to tlie price Is . members Tbe nc\vs tbal Hen nnd Jenky jot ihe social sc-t fell tbat Hie safes! Brooks bad taken over Hie Mill! airl jimcst Uiini; to L-~ I'IIK- for tbe ii'iisb place to onerale ns a son of jrbililrcn was In xot them away from (summer bonie for themselves uml i ilielr clilers In the social life. Ccr | Illicit, bill where Mie »ml Mr. Tollt- ver. wbcn ho Imd retired from nc- llvo parllcl(m(lon In church nffalre, could joyously >u|ierlntend tho ilfr velopmcnt of Uie future "Illtle Gin and (Singers," us Glimcr beiseK flilHiantly referred to her hypothetical progeny ot later dntc. a general club for tbo youtb of ll.'il jialnly liielr pure young Innocence riirush created a scnEalion In Hie i was less likely lo cuffer early dc- oinrnunily bill on Hie whole me; ulciiiFiil tf kei:l In complelo Eegra- vllb a suinrisingly lavoiable re-1 gallon from [be daring micmiven- lelion. ,iio:i:illpni tbal bad overtaken so Ben and Jenky were well liked.: many parents al middle age. ind bad Ibe respect and Ibc good-1 • • • vill of every one in town. The li'Te • rpin-; robust mlddlo class was par- FOB SALE—Small stock general merchandise in neu- brick Main st. location. A bargain lor cash. Will rent building and fixtures. Ad- UreK J. L. Witham, Leachville. Ark. your salisfacliun right." 15P : K20 t \---'\Vcll. I'm going to make it right. Now. I'm asking 2000, but I won't slick at 1SOO. Llslcn. Ginger. Just between us. I'd let it go for 1500 250 down and 25 a month. Nmv tell you wlnu I'll do. Anything we get out of ber over 1500. I'll give - rp thnt they would do '.veil ami make ; i tu ,, j|;l| . iv ,eckonii, S " money out cE Ihe enterpnso which ibc-y had so linldly embarked ' lh:it ll:u llinlrs ° r «»>'• exhausting -,va3 unaiiiinons. Tbnl Glnncr sh,»:ilill^lily later lli.U confronted their sweep inlo Imnicdialc doiiiliiancelcjildicn in Ihe renovation of Mill ot all arrangements caused' r,o snr- j Hl]E]l col]]l , „„, ,„„ (n ccll(vlhl , tc prise at all. Cor she- had always' iiccn known an Jenky's general luis?.' taking entire credit even for lliu marriage of the strangely assorlc: 1 . ! pair, 'and considering thcui in a uuitiue way to be ber penonal pro- , . ,, ' li0 r '' ct Wcml ' atl1 y lly 1 "™ 1 " 6 u " I." 110 »com,,atlble T' : more ardent and active members of the regular Country Club frankly admitted thai would be glad lo bo rid of v.-iih the tca-drlnkiiip. incciiso-biirii in?, cocktail-slinking amusements to which Hie. upper clr-sses bad become addicted. l!nl among Ibem all not one was more genuinely delighted than I'bll iif.-i.-clf, who bad observed tho signs of ir.cnli! depression In her pretty slcprhnghtc-i' .wilh increasing con- In Ibc boKinnins of 1,'jcir life 16p-kl8 I you 10 per cent, and in addition lo your hundred. The laud's good FOR RENT FOR REST—Four room apartment, BIO Wcsl Ash. Call 510. 5C-TP FOR RENT— REASONABLE—Warm bed room, adjoining bath. Call 472J. C-K-22 enough, but I can't rightly use it Ub frivolity before the amazed a:-.i! j witb pretty clothes and with expen- myself, and tbe farmers don't seem disapproving eyes ot growing-mi jsive tours. to faucy it." sons and daughters. Ultimately she tbougbl it would FOR RENT—4 roam stucco house, j modern. COS North 5th. !Gp-k21 FOB RENT—Lower floor. 700 W. Walnut St. Furnished. 17c-k21 I-'OR KENT—Steam heated front bpdroom, G03 West Main. Phone C42. 17c-tf Red Hall Hitrbcr Shop 318 W. Main Williams A; Damon. Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Boyclt. Guy Rogers. Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. laugbcd delightedly. *-* "That's Just corlfing." slio said. "I'll see wbat I can do. You're a great old sport, Joppy, and I think we can do business." Her confidence was not ill- advised. They.dii* do business, and they impatiently called "Iho.-c! inrctlior she had triod-as the rich youngslcrs." It Is not easy for n-.iil-'.arc iirone to do—to iusurc her cou- dle-agi'd parents lo indalgc in fco!-, tenlinsnl wilb lovely, cnslly glfls, An even more practical objection lo the free use of the Country Club by (!ie juniors was tl.e fact that si be a good l!iii:g for Ginger lo marry ^Kddy .lacksou. in v.-liicb case slio 'planned for [hem a bouse and finely was almost impossible lo stock prc-|equipped laboratory for Eddy's aurl- visions enough to satisfy ihc'lr | cultural experiments in the ouler never-cnihng thirsts anil lnni"ors j Iringe of Doornilee, where tbey for they seemed lo be cnlircl)- lack-j would have 111? Irc'jdom and privacy iug ' in the modern calory-f.oi'- [o wblcb cverr young couple ia en- PODY. Phil told herself, was n ^nice boy ainl IIG understood Gin- ;cr. Heat ot nil he bnd a sense of Humor, was. In fact, whal (linger cnUvil n real Iniumn being and had fallen In love wllb lllngcr In her dura of barc-aklnncd knees. It frequently happened that Ginger was tied up with engagement: with diftcrent-collcgo boys hurao for vacation, or with tbe frlcnils wno came with ibciii. In which cose she usually m:inat;ed to work Eddy Into tbo patty a« an escort for licr friend, Pally Scars. Thai ivns really ffliereln lay 1'nltj's greatest value —In taking Eddy off her hands and yet keeping him In tho party. Fur Eddy was a powerful ally, n valuable addition to any parly. Ho was older than the. others and ho never lost bis head, Ginger's own emotions, us far as men were concerned, wcro Ip a stale nf safe but deadly somnolence. She wn3 nol al alt sure that she believed in love; her personal opinion was that ebe probably did nol. l^e. slie found, was apt to ba either rough or messy, and neither manl- feslnlion appealed lo her. Also, as she cheerfully conliucrl lo Phil, "It occasionally ono docs let go for a minute and lapsa into complete eroUcisiu—see Freud—ona is so flushed and perspirey the rest of Hie day it simply isn't worth It!" Taken all together, alie was against love. "Something lo do." silo said, "that's all peoflo need." (Tt» Me. Continued) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WOTTA LIFK! r By Martin WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth SI. FEMINIST ATTIRE COST SICO : a lark. He went back homs ihe next i HTHEET KISSING BANNED DUBUQUE. la. (UP)— Alireajdiy, ininuE his ccstuuiE and S100.1 Bcge, 28, ;lrcs.5cd himself in fern:-: All went svel 1 throughout the eve- j JUARE?;. Chirr, (OP)—An old lo nine attire, including corset andjning nntii 1)032 undertook to s'.iow ; ol ordinance here forbids a mai WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by compe- lent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF SC-TFjdainty under clothes, and came lien-. ttvo from 'his home- in New Vienna ins negligee. Tnc «'it- jto kiss a woman or a yiil on tile nesses called police. i streets o[ tlic cily. FAY O.DAVIS Phones 231 or 451 MIDDLE AGED LADY wishes position as housekeeper. Practicil nursing. Luxora Rout? 1 Box 10. POULTR Y WANTED— Market! prices paid nl C. L. Bennett Co.' Feed Store. 210 S. Railroad St. west of courthouse. Not buying al Fisher's place on First SI. an5niore. J. E. FISHER. ICc-kl LOST AND FOUND Cash Paid For Late Model U.sctl Cars \V. T. HARNETT 117-110 East Main St. Phone 888 or 8o7 WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TF I FOUND—Christian Science tcx i book. Owner may call at OofI lio- ! tcl. ck2l Loral and tons distance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Team fof local liaulln^. V. R. Vi'ASHAM TRANSFER 1400 Cliickasawrn Phone 851 We can Sitve you money on Aulo Glass .1ACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone G6 HAY One bain or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on. 83c bn. Sbuck ofl. SOc per bu., in car lots follow. Stiles Sales Co., Inc. Blythoville, Avk. Plior.t' HI or LD 1805. York Cotton I NEW YOfiK. Jan. 17. I Cotton c:cs°d steady. Dec 1M7 -JODI 1035 1097 Jan. new 1010 1011 ICD5 1007 Jan. old Mar .... 10.22 1023 1018 1019 May .... 10-15 1047 1042 1014 July .... 1065 1056 1053 10S5 Ocf 10S2 1033 1080 1031 SpeU closed unchanged anci quiet at 1015. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. I —Cotton clcscd steady. Oi'.^i High I.o-.v Clc^c Doc ..... 1(OT 1037 1091 1004 Jan ..... 1000 1000 Mir ..... 1020 1020 May .... 1043 104-t July .... 1065 10f>5 Oct ..... 10SO 1081 Spots cicscd steady and linchang- ert a; 973. 998 1016 1040 1062 1070 . P&TSR -rue WSRIMT is AHJD VIMAT MSS tx>in<3...6'6e) ME WAS A CX_D FELLA....I'D HATS Tt> TM JOSr TWIU*1W \JJUAT A ^ A !AO!JTH CA>J IAAHE... A WOVJTM fi-CO I V.'AG HIT VJ1TK TP.AT P R1LEVS AK'D DIDW LIVE OR MOT AT AAE.... TO ABOUT IT rift c 'K> YES, Afaw T,V\ CDf/ilM' DO^JM FOR A MOMENTOUS EVENT D \ SEEMS AH ACCIDENT OF inr \v. jutise, BUT Tit COES HE DREAM THKV ;:' '.C. DF HIS £WR6 UFt, -^'l "&U TH£ MtftNTlWE, OW£ OF Trt6 M'XTI- (JOESTO CP.VLCM WS , THE FMP- DAUf.HTerj OF Tue UAR MiMIST£R. OSS 1017 1IH3 10G3 107Sb

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