The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 1049 BI/iTHEVn..I,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE rnitviEEiV. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople tCM, 1 COULD WRITER A A SONNET ABOUT--' i SAY, WES.YCUAIW'T \ EVER BEEN MARRIEP I AM' HAD TO PAY KER AMY O'THESE" \ / VOL) LUMMOX/ CAN'T YOU SIT AMP ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL SPR1K1& \ FLOWERS WITHOUT ) KINGlNCj SUCH y AWFUL THIN ' ' IMTO THE PICTURE? Wanted to Buy warned a modern Duj^ex— 5 or 6 room nome on West Wfllmu. cuu-ku- sawba. Pf-am. uml Holly Streets Pliom- City Property Wanted! ^ Do you have'city property %>u want to sell? Small lots, small houses, vatant lots or nice homes. You may have just, what we are looking for, so call us. Rl ALES LAND Co. Russell JI. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnett E. E. Williams 3322 — Pinnies — 4139 Blytlievillc, Ark. <l-23-ck-. r >-5 Insurance A \. BRIlLlfctttt JH6R6 H(\M£ M6ISU60R UIA! IP 6SCAP6 THWf ACCURSED 308 SETTING OOTK&O FKKCKLKS ft HIS KItlKNDS By MKKKILL BLOBHHB Big Day LODGER COPYI1GHT tT GtEENIEAG: HjlUSHU On HLI\JHO IT NO 11RVICC. INC XXI For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Holland Agency Planned Protection ULENCUE HOT El LJIHL1MNO 124 W ASH 81 Private Kaoms Nice lurnished room actjuliilii kitchen privileges, 1C desired. GMti. 4,2 bath. Phone housekcfpltig room I'h 2920. i 514 Plion West Walnut. Men 425- ucUrooni Ktichcn privileges Convenient u> Ualh No children Ph 2423 CotnloriatJla Phone 2675 HRtiioonu convenient to tmth 611 W Main I'uorie U^26 .i,3l-iii;-4,ao Bed-roam private balti Ph. 46-13 Hcctrnom 1100 ChLckEisawb.i A S Betty settled herself in the new apartment, it occurred to m« that we hadn't discussed terms. I telephoned the OPA, having no idea what would he reasonable to charge, and soon representative appeared. T h young people said they'd be glad to pay anything up to $100 month" and 1 fell that since they wore cooking nnd would use mj irreplaceable laundry equipment they should pay more than the 525 which mere roomers had paid With the help of the OPA. we sol- llprl on $-10 a month.. Since Mr. Aptnn was on the job. I had him check rates on Bill's room and the guest room. He agreed that S30 for a single room and 5*10 lor a double with connecting bath was about right. I felt very professional now Hint our prices were approved. From our experience with the Morgans, we learned two new things to be feared: cooking on a laundry stove and baby Sitters. I knew that sound rose, and I spent a mimiie or two wondering just how homesick Kogcr might become—though it was hard to imagine him a father—when baby ;qtinlls rose from the basement bedroom lo his room two floors above. "Never mind about Roger," ny good fairy should have said. "Think of yourself. Smells ripe, Ion." [ won't say (hat Betty cooked Eyctalinn spaghetti three lime? a day; (hat would be hyperbole. Kor breakfast, she scorched eggs. Every zephyr that blew picked up those aromas as they were brewed windows. Caron should consider homely scents in the mnmitacturc of perfume, tor there ire people who prefer them to Mono nl Supreme. I knew one such woman, and where there's one, here must be more. She inquired of the saleswoman behind the toiletries counter what was new in perfume. The clerk mentioned ClrasK and Hay as being new and popular. Thank goodness!" exela lined I girls Identified her as the siller, "Old Mrs. Morgan tel! you yon could h;n'L- a oui'ly here tonight'." 1 1 aslted "She didn't say I couldn't,' 1 she ground out. "Well, I'm home and I'll lake care ol the baby," I snid. "You may go now." "The longer 1 stay, (lie more money 1 gel," "I'll pay you for an extra IKHII. but 1 want you to go now." Some of the children stirred uneasily The sitter stood her ground "IVTis Morgan hired me and I only take urders Erom her." the woman. "Who around smelling like a Love?" But if it's of browning to go Night ol choice ot reeking onions, biicon fat, chilicb, and burning eggs; or of Danger, or Stop, or Black Desire, gimme the erotic label. 1 used to enjoy Italian spaghetti: now ! get hay fever at the mention of the SPECIAL RATES l>> tlio week F,-.i- Pt-rmar,t'i)t (jue.sts NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Air (Joiicliticmcrt 101 I'Jione Light /lousekreping room, ^sli rncmr 4605. 2 light house Holrl Ph. 4 26-pX-5 2fi Youth Plays Detective To Dote His Girl-Friend HAMBURG, Germany— OTi— A 19 year old German boy "nrreMed" his Rirl- friend, also 19, ?o that he could take her around the night sjv>ts He tokl the girl's uncle that he \vr.s a detective and wanted to question the girl. After keeping her nut, Jill night he returned her home but uncle was suspiciovis. The Hamburg police lenorj saic Hie hoy will be charged R-ith 1m- personating a detective. Tl^e United States is the l oil-p>'yducin^ center of the work with the Caribbean secoivi and th Middle East third. plate and wafted them the into on Die from the open window laundry, trp two -=t TJARY sitters were something el. c r a^ain; it was ears, not nose, that had to gel accustomed to them. We returned from the Club to finish the evening at the Annex and were greeted by sound? of n dance band in our basement. Roger tuned in to a station lor music, but his and the one that was already sounding out did not gee; two dance bands in one sniail house is one band too many. I listened at the head ot the stairs. I judged there must be at least six girls and at many boys. 1 walked down the stnirs wondering how I could justify the fact that whereas we wore dancing upstairs, the children might not have the same privilege in the basement. My intrusion wns met with cold stare 1 -. I had been right; there were a dozen flaming youths jitter bugging. Since they didn't choose lo notice tny appearance at their party, 1 walked over to the radio and Unned it down so I coitld m«ikc myself heard. "Which one of you is the girl Mrs. Morgan hired?" Uneasy glances from several of the children directed ni one of the Help Wanted ic rcei J'ld. to take chP.rKc or ttrn;;lttie on Ujie basis. New iimi-hliics. Cull 4,125-CTC-5 2 ii ii i: i n s Phone 9i< Branches: Roaf«! SOUD JA&OO, nun? OU SIM& Tu SOM& WITH THINK THE GANG BACK HOME WILL HCAK. pAGiMGTn THICGRAKA FOK TilEVRE HS.VING A SPECIAL ASSEMBLY JUST TO HEAR. Mil LIKE THEY DID FOR. . INAUGURATION/ ' You nave n smart son, Mr. Jonos—getting such wonderful grades at college, ami still finding time, to grow a mustache!" Slumping I In- K\ut>rl.s Hy AL VERMEER THAT'S OL1R MOTTQ MADAM) WALl PAPfl? SERVE EVERY — NOW, THEN YOU t-IAME YOUR PATTERN.' WE GOT I'l.' WELL,..WE'VE GOT TWO SMALL CHILDREN... ...DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING WITH A. FINGER-PRINT DESIGN? I ^—^* Ky MICHAUL, O'MAl.UCY and RALPH LANK SAY THERE. CHANNEL/ ITS Ml... 6A5COM POND/ I'D LIKf A WORD WITH VOU fljeanwhile, atttie Ponds'house... f Wb LET OUT A PE£P. I'lL PLO& YOU, , _ BUGS BAISON ly'i CHANNEL I'll STOP AND TEll HIM WHAT I THINK OF HIM...WHAT? THEY'VE BEEN EUERVWHEBC, MR.FUNT. DIKTV tOOTPRWTS All OVER IMS HOOSt/ W5MCTOR GROWL JAYi IWf CAR WE MW 15 LI5TIO TO A IOCK- PltKEli NAMED BUGS 8ATSON. THE POllCJ ARE TRYING TO PICK MIM UP. SOfTLV, BASKY. I DON'T LIKE THE LOOKS Of THIS. WASH TIIJIUS By J.KSIJE TURNER J The Nevi) of Help wu SAID oTHEggx THAT* WHAT COULD HELpflfeT I I've BBEU HOW? I'LL DO /WNT/WOTO IP BE PiJOUD, 10O.GIG! BUT VOII'l/E ItftD MOICE Wllll HER....We OUSHTft IMQUIRE TO FW HCC IN. BEFORE - BUT WE CAM'T EXPECT THE GISSIUGS 10 KEEC HER MUCH lOIJGER! AMO ftM MCOIIOLIC LOOK AFTER HER! SAID VOU CftU'I SUIT. SO-, BUT CAN THIS I MEED CATHV, LIKE SHE MEEDS ME! I'M DESPERAIE, EASV... AWP 1 DON'T W&NT TO DIE IM SOME ALCOHOLIC WACO! MJD MOW rut GOT WCW6 IHKJS BUNNY By FRED HARM AN I HUSTLED \J I'M HES LUCKV HE KXSN'T 6OT EARS LIKE. YOUR* TO WASH ITHOU&HT SEEING YOU WOULD CONVINCE HIM SUPPOSED T' OO ABOOT IT ? RJGHT OVER,/ TROUBLE \MlTH CICERO.' By V. T. HAMLIN BUT YAlNT 60T NO KI6HT T'SNEA>K UP TH HECK I AIN'T.' IF I DiDN'T USE 5HO2T- COT5. I'D GET DONE' USKING6 6OT TH' 1M0N PUNK6 -JK. BEIN &'$*** CINCH... ...Y'DOS'T KNOWTVT LABOR. AN' HEART /KCHE THAT GOES INTO MMNTAIN1N' OEDEfZ. AN' DI5HIN' (PUT JUSTICE: T'BE TOJSH WE PLEA5e.' SLUG ASDV OM BEHIND.' I5y EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AN!) HICH f-1 \n-IKY well. Von stay, but youi friends will have lo go." "Mrs. Morgan didn't say so." I felt my neck getting red and hot, "This is my house," I stikl. "You may slay and watch ovur Ihe bnby if yon like, but your friendfi will have lo go." Several of the children wiped toward HIP stairs. "Don't so!" the siller commanded. "I'm hired to work here and I got a right lo huve my friends in." [ don't know which ot us would have been en fried out on the shul- ler if the Morgans hadn't appeared at this crisis, 1 returned upstairs boiling in the certain knowledge that in the opinion of a dozen kids and two adults I was not the owner of I Inhouse at all, but Ycr Old Ant Emmer and a buttinsky to bool. Later, I explained lo the Morgans that lucre wasn't anything fiiir about it, 1 that, hut since this was our house, Mr. Roberts said we'd do any Hi ing we liked in H ami that the same privilege xvoulci not fix tend to our lodgers. Dick agreed but Belly wns troubled. She said il was hurt I enough to find sillers if she couldn't UPC high school girls, she didn't see how she'd ever gel out. 1 admitted it was louyh, but held to it that we couldn't have Kangs of children turned loose in the house. Bi'tly said she'd try to gel a woman next time. She #ot one. The wojri;in arrived alone and remained alone; she didn't need to have friends in lo entertain her. She had me. 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