The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1944 Crippled B-17 Downs 12 Ships BAAF Trainee Recalls Successful Air Battle Against Heavy Odds '"Hie Luftwaffe jilloU IhougJit » were dead ducks, so Ihcy Just onlcd Inio us and we knocked -em ' nglit and left." Thus did T-Sei'Bt. Tlioimis I, » I'r, Jr " alr crcw '''"iiicc at AF, describe the field <inj- lie f llLs fellow crewmen on the ilo Air Force," great B-17 had during hist year's raid an Minister Germany. Tlial was when the Ohio" got out of formation as a mull of licnvy nek nek and ran into a Hock of Gcrmnn interceptors Willi O2ie horizontal stabilizer, a rudder and a wing .section flak- riddled, the B-17 wasn't prepared for much action, but Hair and his jwils accepted the heavy cods against them and downed '12 Axis i»'l's to set a new record in the Eighth AAF for number of enemy •daws put. out of commission by a. lHglc crew on one flight. "The of It was, though." alf grins, "that in addition to irking (he Luftwaffe, we got our )ombs away, returned to England ••-ml made a crash landing right on ihe coast without a single member of our crcw being injured, 'josli, but we were lucky." Hair got two of the Axis planes ircdited [a his ship, but, while the German pilots were easy prey that day, he still regards the Minister mission as the toughest of his 26 combat raids in the European Theater. "They must have known we were coming," lie reflects. "That is the only explanation I can think of or the flood of flak we encountered that day. My, it was thick!" Hah regards the October raid, on .he ball bearing works at Sweln- ml as a second to the funster raid, however. "Jerry wanted to keep bis Swcin- urt factories in operation aaid lie iad some of his best defenses ihere," he related. "We ran into rtcnty of'flak and a good many .IglHer planes, but the worel feat- lire of the raid was the rocket- cquipped aircraft the Germans sent against ILS. It wu.s the first :lme they had used them and it .ook iw a while to figure out low to tackle 'cm. We liil our arget and got back without a asualty though.'' HiMr's return to safety spelled bad news for one German fighter pilot, for on his 23rd mission, a laid on Hostock, Hair brought down the third plane officially credited to him. "ft wa.s a snap," he asserts. "I was assigned to the Portress- waist gims and this guy just wouldn't stay jjivny from me. so I had plenty'of time to give it:to him vhcre it'd <ip the most-good." His la;,t llirefc missions were un- i-vcntfiil, to hcnr Hnlr tell it. and wearing the DFC, the Air Medal vitli three Oak Leaf Clusters, and Presidential Unit Citation, he iefunied lo the states in June and reported :for on-the-line training at ",AP after a long furlough spent .h his father in Anderson. S. C..' 'liere »'tlic young trainee wns a ktudent before he enlisted in October, I9-J2. Now, Hair is eagerly awaiting the ijcgliuilng of his pilot's training •.nd an eventual reassignment to rombat. "I wanta sec how tough the Ja|K arc,'" he grins.' Budding Star Sponsored By Visitor Here Tlio persomil representative of 13- year-old Ingeborg Nordquist of C'ro- tonville, N. y., who hits just signed a long-term contract with M-G-M Is visiting In Blythevllle prior to taking this protege to Hollywood. Mrs. Edgar B. Fowlston of MoUtlt Vcrnon, N. Y,, guest of her daughter-Iii-law, Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, Is In. charge of the pretty and talented lyric soprano, whoso photograph appeared In the Commercial Appeal;.find other city newspapers today, tqrj'fmndunce signing of the conlract:i% Discovered four years ago by Edgar D. Powlston, concert singer and teacher, while singing In the junior choir of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Ossining, N. Y., (lie young girl since has been his protege and scholarship pupil. The only person to receive a contract after havhig participated In Ihe M-G-M screen test radio program, this success climaxes four years of study and preparation under supervision of Mr. and Mrs Fowlston for her debut In Hollywood. Now under management of. Ihe National Concert and Artist Cor] poration. Ingeborg will continue to be taught by Mr. Fowlston under terms of the seven-year contract during which time she expects to study music which may lead to a career in grand opera. Mr. and Mrs. Fowlston and Inge- iwrg Nordciuist plan to leave New York for Hollywood within a short time, following Mrs. Fowlston's visit here. Tlic Sciippcrnong Mother Vine m Hoahokc Island. N. a. in said :o lie the largest grapevine in Ihe ivorld. Wounded Dell Soldier Recovering In England '. A UNITED STATES GENERAL, HOSPITAL. England (Delayed) — I'fc. Mclvlu .;. Talc, 22, of Dell Ark., an Infantryman, wounded'-in the fighting northeast of Paris by an enemy machine gun bullet In his eft leg, is now recovering al this united States Army general hospital in England. He has been awarded the 1'urple Heart. "H happened quick,',' Private Talc said. ".My morlnr section-was just digging Into a new position' on a hillside when an enemy machine gun opened up on our flank. Our medics were right there with us when I was hit. I was taken'to the first aid station immediately and a tourniquet was applied to my leg " "Private Tale Is making satisfactory progress here." said First Lieut Earl M. Best Jr., of Knoxville.Tenn., Ins ward surgeon. "After further treatment in the States, he will recover completely." Private Tale graduated from the Dell High School in 1942. He entered the Army in January, 1943. In c-ivil life he (worked on the family farm with his parents, Mr. arid Mre. A. E. -rate, in Dell. 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CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY OF LOWER BASIN ST. fejiturinf music of Dinah Shore, Paul Laval & Henry Levine Smartly Styled Music in Smartly Styled Albums AWAY APPLIANCE COMPANY 608 W. Main Phnne 2071 llne-lralninn at 11AAF while awall- Inu an assignment lo llyluir iraln- inn, enlisted in the AAlMn November, 18-12, and completed Ills at armorers' school at linckley Field, Colu., before being transiViTed to liiinncry school nt Fort Mvers, Fin,, whence he won his cmmei.s' wliius In March, lira. After several more months of t raining, he shipped to Knitlnnd us nieinlier of a 1M7 crew. Although wounded on his third mission by 11 lilt of Jink, he managed lo (jet biiek Into action (mlckly and took part , In .some of (lie loneliest bomblUK Iorays in the history of the war. 'AmoiiK these were Ihe raids on Fiaiiklnrt, Wilhelmshaven, I.nd- wlKshaven. and Berlin, lie helped bomb the latter city on two dllU'r- ent oeeaslons. Wearing the Air Medal with three Oal; Leaf Clusters and the I'lirplc Hearl, lie returned to the stales In [May. 1814. and, atler a lonr; fnr- , rojwited here by wny of Ml- Kim IK'ui'h, flu,, mm Kcesler Field Miss. . Conroy Is liie son of Mr. nnrt Mrs inies ii, Conroy, liti5 \\'esl ]\)i-est Ave.. Ueealnr, in., mul Is u ifltu griulimtc of Onlml Cntholli: niuli fachool Hi I'ltisUm'Kh. 1'a. Ho Is iminled lo the lomier Miss ftiiw 11. Hefner of l.nCi'osse, iiul, Navy Seeks Youths For Training As Aircrcwmcn NEW Oltl E,\NS, Dec. W~ YOIIIIK Ulimnrtlttl men who linvo not received orders for liulvtctlon me "ci'diM In Ihn Nnvy for trainliu; us fomijat iilivrewinen for Nnvy I'lniios, II. Is uiiiiouiimi by Kluhtl'i Niii'iil [)Ls(r|(.(. ItaulqunrteYs. Ai)!)lieiin|s who nrc iieeepted will on Kiven exleiidcd «ehool oixinitlon- "I Inilntiiu im ,| (hen will be uvln- llun rudiomci), nvlnlloif oitlnnncc- PAUB'FlVK ' iiiwi, or lu'hitlon iiiticlilnl.'.i males lii'ivllfi'cd (o wear Ihe silver wliirs of Co/i)U,it Alt'civivmrii. Men vlth experlenee ns inprhun- tall oiiKlni-ru, civil cii(jlii(.|'in, elce.- tilenl eniilneers, eoiiMnU'tton siin- I'llnlendnit;; iind forciiu'ii nlso are needed as officers In the. Nnvv's fu- niiuis Si'nlirw. 'I'he aniionncemeiH eni|)hasl/ed Ibat II | s noi |.he |)in|)»Ki. of (lir. Nnvy to seek men nun- eiiiiiinetl In e;;setitinl war work. Complete In- fuiinatlon may he obtained by writ- hili or vLsKliin miy Navy lieernll- Ini; Blaltcn, (he Otflce «f Nnval Of- rii-er I'lWinvinent, lill (Jmvlw -Street, New Orleans, m Office ol Nnvnl onirer I'lwnreinenl. iu\ Niels Hxiwsoii lliillillni',, llinislon ' Promoted To Captain I'lrsl Lieut. Harold W. Luker. son of Mr. and Mrs. William l.nker of Cllnlon, ill., hug been promoted lo ITO rank of cu|)lnln nl ihe DAW, where he Is assigned lo duly ns as- slslant simp innlntcnnneo und en' neei liii! officer. Cnplaln l.ukev reporled HI this slutluri In Fi-riinry, io w , after Imv- !HK won his 1'ommls.slon In Di'ccm- l)er, ll).|2. In eivllliin life he was :i sliidonl at James Mllllken Unlveislly, I>c- rnltir, III. lie. iillended high school ill Cllnlun, ill, Ci'l'taln Luker Is married lo the former MI SS Willie Kat.hryn Todd »if ladonlii. Tex. She nnd Mielr new- lioni ,sim, curl Dwaine I.ukor, tire making (heir Home with Hie. cnp- tnlii In lilylbevllle, Seefc To Abandon Line •' Uri'Ll-; HOCK, Deo. la- -nVr? Stale Corporation Commission Mond».v said the Uellu Valley and •on, of.; Wilson, a; ri'cl«))l Jlno,vvl]lc)i. opcraUs In Mis- slsslppi, PohiseU iind -Crittcnden CouiiUcs, liad iiskc<l the Interstate Commerce Coinmlsslo'ir (or'tiuthor- Hy to nbniidon. five 'miles of it? line between-. Ueimood nnd • Deckervllle-- Tlie i' said (lie five mlJes of rntk had IKCII unsafe. for operation since 1938 mid [Jiat the com - limiy'dld not '-have sutflcleiil. funds- to relinbUHiUe. the; line; ~ ;• -PILES? rlVBQIAMBT'H CIlidCK! u. l>r 'IlMlalta A ilia,, l;«o lotinujn not " 111 t r llmnlca A J|| nor (.,1,,^; «,,,„, p,i; i,»i,i. icui,,,, W,«L«M Q]jif.'K|,.;ni[o iw'i! lo »ljrliik iwclirnir; ctflefii; (lt( Jl^OO lut* , "i.»».ror J^Mjl HuniKxlUirltj, only > tin MuU uuic. Vff.DSOfDttK »«tIOUAL At .all good drug stores _everywhere - Ulylhcvlllo, at Klrby Dfu?"" . -In MASTERPIECE OF BRIlllANCE /RADIANT DUETTE lovely to looV ol-neo,™ own-i, thi, imanly t a ilo,cd 3-diomond Engagement King. win Ihe beauty ol in imprci. '•ve center diamonJ .n'nonted by l»o mognifi^enl supporting oiompndt. IrWof S>l In hio maknid, Inlrlcalt. <y tarvtd no>. A crowning adilevemenl 9 $225 ^ Christmas Day. Their enduring beautyj^a Jife'long (< S^.^^ZZ We've A Christmas For Everyone On Your List. Cockloil wedding rmg m UK gold Slunning diamond tftfl sollloire Engngemtnt Jy Ring in beautifully - itulplurfd mounting. $25 SleeV. tlreamline deilgn in a lody'j BirrJnfone Ring. CKoic* of itonti. 7.50 up Olcmond Bridnl Duo in nalehcd mounting!, e*quiiili;l x corved. Roth ... You'll find stocks arc still amazingly complete in our modern gift department—but SHOP NOW! Choose from a complete line of leather goods . quality costume and novelty jewelry . . . beautiful pictures in all wanted sizes and price ranges .. . beverage and salad sets . . . Dresden figurines .. . musical powder boxes . . . pottery . . . hollow ware crystal stemware .. . lovely chinciware pieces . .. and literally hundreds of attractive and useful pieces. They'd appreciate it more if it comes from Guard's. / Bcoulifully xulptured 3-di'omond tngage. jmtnt Ring, P,,f et |l r > t tlunnl^^l — '. 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