The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1966 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1966
Page 13
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101 \ . llytrwvffl* (ArV.) Courier News - Monday, Miy M, »M- Page Thirteen CenHnueiJ Prtm PifM9MJtn0 P*9Qv '; t-rn. (urn. tpl. ;)40» W. Art it. Gouplt only. S-24 pk I.t - 1 Mm. turn, brtc* apt. in N. Jut it, 1-0 3-M1T. ».H on tf ir J bdrm. unfurn. frlst gt. PO 3-8217. brick apt. If, 5-17 ck t( J"j (urn. rme., all mil. pd. ly the V«k «r month, PO I'M!'. tf Mod 1 bdrm duplex. Lts & gai .... ..T • -». 00 3.QJ75 9-14 pk 6-15 ;jrurn"r lilj""vv." AlhTpO 3-9175 " Nice 1 bdrm. duplex 'apt., isletely^Mdewratedj Stove , PO 3-8133. 9-13 ck tf Town House Apartments • . 100 W. Davis '» Km, unfurn, luxury apt. No cb.ll- '5ren er pete. »18« mo, to 3-4090 or >*0 3-71W. »"9 ck tf raUer; 43eoo lew' 14 tt. FIMrglau Skl-Mf * raller w/u»ed 40 HP Johnson eleo. MO. . MW|M Slid 7? KP Skl-Mi 1995.00. ' Used 45 HP Ski-Big W05.00. Used 39 HP Ikl-Mg MM.™, . lew 150 KP inboard-outboam In Inbosrd-outboard In lock Jew 100 HP Outboard In etock. <ew 10 HP Outboard In stock. lew power mowers from »3«.«9. lew Aluminum pickup truck co»- lew I',!,' it.-Deluxe camper IUUM. Used ibfiS Chevrolet 3/4 t6» Pickup or sale. Boat Speedometere I8.JS. Byrum Hardware If tin in I. Main St. Phone PO 3-4404 or 1-35ZO Plenty free parking '*»«•• 8 Furnished Apartmente. call PO "|,.609« or PO 1.2045. 1-11 Ck tt Rm. turn, apt., utl. paid, dill «*» »~>°'"°« « «ao I, Main-Can b« used as of i 1 !Ice er (or email commercial bust "ness, PO 3.4513. 9-10 ck tt " 4-rm (urn. apt. w/utl. pd. PO 3 HJ732 or PO 3-8188, , 9-4 pk «-4 <-rm unfura. apt. $50 per mo - PO 3-B1M. 3-1732 » Modem fu.n. «p>.. 3 no, and nkatb, pea eciulpment. air condition* »M. CoupleoDly. P. 3lmon, Ph. PJ; »J-2!81 or PO M371. >-" Ok tt 3 rm. fura. apt., »ter turn, MO per «3-34«3. private bath mo. call PC 4-26 ck M 3-rm fum apt. with pvt. bath -'Close 1m. PO 3-3W> or PO 3-3331. i* 4-33 ek t 1 Nlceljr fun. l-r» »pt, • t-4433. Call Pt <* a BB turn. apt., utl. turn. Drum isnci Boy Motel. PO 3-8188. ,,, 3-8 ek t i BR nun apt «w losj w wai iut. Newlf dec. PO 3-80411. 1-8 ck tf '- Efficiency apt. completely turn , and equipped. CtL turn By day , week or month. PO 3-8168. , i BR unfum. »nck ,»t. po »-«i7. apt N. 2ls 1-25 ck tf skt o . . Priced «6r quick «!.. Lat« i»«4 Volkewaien"3WOO miles. color irey, Ilk. new. fim. Call tteele, Mo. I9S-4S4I. »-3« Pk ••' 1937 Bulck. fter 4 p.m. We make photostale copies. Money loaned'on diamonds. We buy old gold rings. O'Steen'a Jewelry, 103 W M treed eara * trucks, lalvsfe part*. Bill's Aut« islvaie. H *Jl. «»» CltJ Limits on B. Elm. ( PO 3 •... »7 A JmU r f^mM M.- ing Lero and Modem "•J} r J°ti'J: era Hubbert Hardware «S_W Mtto 2 grain trailers. 38ft., Madden 33 I Miller alu "alone, atom 01W Oru. ' per wwk.. *** M Ml PO Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL ft WHITE IOT W. Main ^ A her Sate or Trade Honda 300 Dream. Less than 1 ysar old. See »t 111 HVttt or call PO 3 S4»0. «•>» Pk *•• er Sate er Ore. new >t6» * futures, store bldg. with apta. Oood racatlon. Sell Ing bscause of sickness. See to appreciate. Parkhurst Oro. PO 3-7311 For Safe ' I-5OI. Qoanell. trailer tues. L.E s-30 pk «-2 ' IMS larly Aroar. trailer 10x53'. ' with expandable living rm. low '• pymts. small equity. PO 3-0456. 9 Drawer dee» * chair $40/ PO J•. M24 . S-30 pit «-7 ' 1964 a Bdrm. trailer 10x50. small acuity. ...urn. pymts. ' 3 bdrm. trailer, air cond. up. 912 - *nder«on In Blytheville. JO 4-2816 - alter «:00 P.M. i-30 pk6-7 '•' ONE of the finer thinge of life — ' Blue Lustre carpet and upholstery ' -. ctaim. Rent electric shampooer *1. ::K UBBAK D BAWWAR^ oo.^ ^ >aill«c Corlv. New white top and-palnt! A beautiful car. »ll|f, tE 5-8107. 5-28 pk 6-1 Maytag dryer. '-P°- living rm. set, •old rocltaer. 3 walnut Bdrm. sets. ( drawer desk at chair & other household Items. FO 3 '59 Wolverine Mobile home 10x48'. J Bdrm Auto washer. Tony's Trailer Park. 544-2J7J. Fouard^Ark.^ onr or PAVTM SPECIALS 1 accoraian • case S149.95; 1 cord electric organ $34.95: 1 21-cu ft. deep treweT like new, 1150.00; 1 new 19" port. TV. Zenith, W9.00: l baby bed & mattress, $9.?S; 1 viol n k csse »29.S5| 1 Remington port, typewriter $48 98; 1 ton air conditioner ' »59.>5. ran, 1 , tools, alum, boat, boots, camping supplies. HAWKS MAIN STREET PAWN & ARMY ' suipLut, m i. Main, PO 3^ giamese kittens, lovely, house broken 115. f O 3-3093. 9-3»pk(i jc. cream »,120 5 _S 2 .B n d- •tor. mlldini, 31« B. Bain t»i FBI IHM or s«Je. For Sale or Lute Hunting A oi M, Itosell Pishing Lota. Write " " ' 1254, Dell. 1-1 pk M Brick house. I rras. * »at», *I,«M 800 down. WO m6. JH« R6bert» B PO J-S073 er PO 1-9301. 9-11 P* ••! »y Owner . . 3 bdrm. home w carport, washer, dryer i >£-y KA Located 415 summit. Pay «00 dow and take up pymts. Call PO 3-7575 or PO J-J735. 9-30 pk «-7 •"*•"• DAVID REAL ESTATE Lou |l«Olui?- I 18tt PO U» Ooowto - MM Wheelchair • aalusUDle leu. otter 7 p.m. PO 1-1100. 1-11 Per Sato eara ft WAMTIt*: Veetf furniture Halael, e> WWteTfh, PO 1-40M or PO J-JOU Perienel If Dr. says ulcers, get new Ph9 ablets, fast ss liquids, only 98c nt Klrby Drug. 9-30 pk 6-2 1lU Bulck Skylark, four door seen, 11,000 actual miles. V-i, «"» ower *. air cond. Qua owner Wanted music writer. Help corn- nose promlilni soni bit. PO 2-2451. 9-28 Pk 5-30 Receive Prnnell Courtesy at ^53 8. Division, oroc., * 120B 8. Olvls- on. Shell Station. 2-26 ck tf Private Roems Bleeping room. kit. prlvelege, private ent. Newly dec. Close In. •O 3-«Oie. 100 E. Davis. »-27 pk «-4 ^ Help Wanted ^ Couple to lire In home, tare for nvalld. Salary, board and room. na PO 3-337J, dh Experienced waitress. Must apply i person: Rustic Inn. 5-11 ck tt Help Wanted Female NOW AVAILABLE . . An opening with Avon Products. Call today while territory Is still open. Write Boi 177, Jonesboro, Ark. 5-31 ck e-1 Clerk to mtnaie country store In local community. Modern fa- cilitlee. Wrtt« lot AP. e/o courier News. 3-30 ck «-4 SALES REPRESENTATIVE National firm, In business 59 years has opening In North Ark., Boot- heel area for man of proven sales abiuty and good ear. Salary and ex- penee or draw against comm., plui bonus. Many established accounts sxperlence not nee., we train prop- eriyl write your queuneettfcne to Salea Mar., International Ui, Dlv. Box 3141, Memphis, Tenn. 1-30 ck e-7 Help Wanted Male er Female AMBITIOUS MAN OR WOMAN full or apart time. Buppll RawlelBh producti In NE Mississippi Co., o District of BIythevllle. Can earn •125 per week. Write Rawlelih AK» J10 1134, Memphis, Tenn. 5-30 pk 1-31! Sandy yard dirt, 13.50 load de- Ivered. PO 3-8W3. 5-23 pk 6-24 Bdrm. private entrance, ill B. Devls. PO 3-40H. <-> ck tf IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION and GAITHER C. JOHNSTON, TRUS- The defendant, Dora Phillips Divis, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the ;ourt named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Walter Davis. Dated this 13th day of May, 966, al 10:45 o'clock A.M. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Betty Coats, D.C. Bruce Ivy, Attorney Mitchell Moore, Ally Ad Litem 5-16, 23, 30, 6-6 Chlekasawba Dlitrlet of Mis sissippi County, Arkansas, and the Seal of said Court this 26th day of May, J9M. ! GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Donna DiCicco, D.C. (SEAL) ' ' H. G. Partlow, Jr. Atty. for Plf., i 5-30 6-8, 13, JO htmemrjer Pay Your Paper Boy TEE, PLAINTIFFS Notice Klttens-l months. H6usebroken, Mother eat If wanted. We will remodel or build ybu a home. o. B. Itolllson Lbr. and wrecking Ce. w. Kl»hw«j u. J ii T PHOTO STUDIOS HAS MOVED TO PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER LOCATED IN MEACHAM'B STORE, PO 3.050«. ••IB CK B-lv BT OWNER .. 1 bdrm home, carport * storage. Buy small eo.ulty take over pymts of WO. PO 3^6204. 4 rm ft bath 1300. Will have to be moved. 207 W. •"" HOT&HUMID weather la Just around tbe corner, sea us for a hot price on a cool house lie mmmpi* c»mnt> tmio* uiseloa Btads four aurplua clothlni Bousetsld inrni. »«*5»J...2'T; ture, e*«. netw etU PO 9-UM oc iruS so 410 B. nun «-n °« NORTHWEST . S Br. lane L * D kitchen, i bath, ~ 3 Bdrm. house with den; corner • lot fenced. Reasonably priced, low ' down payment. PO 3-1809. : • • 5-24 PK 0-1 ' ~~3 Brm house. Small equity. Take > up paymts. of »87 per mo. LE a' 8588. «0' by 10' 1 Bdrm. Hew Moon Mo• bile home. Take over pymts. of • J8370 MT me. AUo a 90'xio 1 upeut > lUcnarSsos Take ever pymts. ef ' $73 M per mo. Both these homes ate ! parted snd ready to move law. 1 filythevllle Mobile Homes Bales Inc. ' Ate Ease Hwy. VS. 2-8586. 5-14 ck 6-1 '<• Complete set of sllngerland drums « in red sparkle with CMes. Includes ~- snare two tom-toms, base drum. •' hl-hat end two Turkish cymbals, •- 24" end 18". plus cymbal stands. '•' tilt. Also one Ssice-meker^sV*. sys- """"' po j.2148. 5-24 pk 8-1 "S3.000.BTO, coldspot Air cond't. 1 yr. , fenMd"ya'rdT' liraie and utility. Close to schools. Buy equity. Payments $117.00, Quick possession. 10th Extended - 3 Br.. Klt-Fara, la- side utll., carpet in LR. Pretty Master Bath, Shower In Master Br., Dpi. Carport, AlrJ Of Courie. $4310 equity. Psymente 1131.71. 218 8. Ruddle - 3 Br., LD Comb., lane eat-In kit., fenced yard, air conditioned. Vacant. Iqulty er refinance. 94 summit - 1 Br. home, carport, enced yard. LD Comb., $790 equity, laymentl $73.40, 04 N. Parkslde-S Br. It Den. VA aaths, air conditioned, $17!0 equity. Payments $133.32 MaxLogan Realtor Ph. PO MM! Harold R. Knon, «;lMman Kite PO 3-4333 Milton Snow, salesman Nlte PO 3-4«13 5-34 ek e-1 Children's nursery, full or part •0*3-0721. "aiio «. Ash. 9-3 pk «-i Trleschmu Klndergatun — In- jllmsnt open. PO 1-7(37 nltes. Days ro I.JIM; 1-1 px ••! Trailer. 50x10. Air carpet. PO 3-3085^ ^ Over 90 itereo 8 track tapes In " 5.95 to J9.95. Complete Stereo for any make or model car. •GOtet Air Conditioner! installed for TO«2!0 and W1S- PtiUllp Ford. Ph. PO 300 218 Walker - One 1 Bedroom Brick, 2 baths. Lot 100 x 189, well andscaped. Uaitoim Oreenway. PO 3-7070. 3-22 ck tf •W Store building tu£atwpt»y&- •'Wture, cheap. PO 3-2898. 5-l» pk t-H «sj Dog houses, porch swings, bird ••>«houses, reas. George Narx, 201. N, St. PO 3-6738. 5-14 pk «-14 Slightly Dsed Lowrey Organ «rat495.00. ^Skldmore Piano 101 K. •gflMaln. ** clc iMBkbulldlng, air cond't., modem town grocery, nice WANTED Real Estate Listings Want to Sell Call Me Raymond Zachry Phone PO 3-8815 3-bdrm home in excellent tend. ocated within 3 blocks of grade school. Purchase email eqlty and assrne existing loan. Pymts. of $74 mo. NORTH CENTRAL LOCATION Call for appointment to see toll S bdrm brick. Hi baths, built In range to oven. Reasonable equll and assume loan of pymts. of $11 mo. Incl. all taxes & Insuran •.. 3 bdrm frame home, featuring large kitchen and living rm. Purchaae small equltj for $2,8» and assume small 4*4% VA loan. no. now of KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor PB. PO 3-4490 Joe Whleenhunt, salesman NIM Ph. PO 3-7MO Camp Whlaenhunt. Jr., s NIM Ph. PO 3-I3S5 Bill Bane;, wleiman I buy, eell and trade Aid corns. ,111 Denton. FO 3-4.MS. «-lt ek « TUWIBWABB i 'or parties or er- lere eell N 7-1901 er PI 7-1910. J-8 pit l-t femmt repairs aa all mschlnee. The Ibopplu makee of LOBETTIRS DISCOUNT SHOM AUVERN.E. CONNELL and ALLENE M. CONNELL, DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, Donna Di Cicco, Commissioner in Chancery, will pursuant to the Order of the Chancery Court of the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, rendered on the 27th day of May, 1986, in a cause therein pending wherein Federal National Mortgage Association Association is plaintiff and Auvern E. Connell and Allene M. Connell are defendants, on the 21st day of June, 1966, offer for sale at public auction, at the South door of the Courthouse in the City of Blytheville, County of Mississippi, and State of Arkansas, to the highest bidder, the following lands and property in the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wit: Lot Twelve (12) Block Four (4) of the Harold C. Thompson Second Subdivision in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, as shown by recorded plat thereof. Said sale will be held between the hours of nine o'clock! in the forenoon and three o'clock! in the afternoon of the date afdresaid, upon a credit of three months. The purchaser at said sale will be required to give bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase price and a lien will be retained on said lands further to secure such purchase money. WITNESS My hand and seal this 27th day of May, 1966. Donna DiCicco Commissioner in Chancery Ralph E. Wilson, Attorney 5-30 -66 IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUN-! TY, ARKANSAS ALMA JEAN JACKSON PLAINTIFF vs. . No. 16799 WILLIAM S. JACKSON DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, William S. Jackson, is hereby warned to appear in this court within 30 days and answer the Complaint of the plaintiff, Alma Jean Jackson, and upon his failure to do so, said Complaint will be taken as confessed: WITNESS my hand a Clerk of the Chancery Court for the MAMMA And Papa This Is It! i PRICE SALE Tomato Plants and Bedding Plants. Individually Potted McADAMS GREENHOUSES 206 E. Davis Situation Warttd Babjilttini 37M in nr boras PO 11-13 pk «•!« Wanted Bouse Keeper - middle age. Ive In If possible, and care for 31 children. LI a-9995. 5-13 pk fi-13 Attention Farmers CLOSE-OUT ON Cotton Hoes.. ea. $1.69 Fondren & Sons Hdw. And Gifts 311 W. Main "Free Parking In Rear" Ph. PO 3-4520 Buell W. Carter, MFA Agent 600 N. 6th Next Door to Dixie Pl Phone PO 3-3361 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Walter Davis, (Colored) Plaintiff vs. No. 16777 Dora Phillips Davis, (Colored) Defendant. a torn IMd. 50 f».W. of way n I. at eteete. Jnkine rum JS5-M13 4-3 Ok tf 3 bdrm. brick home. I Block from grade school. Kitchen, den comb Fenced back yard. »«00 foi <qult» pymta 184 mo. PO 3-1740. 5*11 10 White lota tor »'• - wll L_J5; n g M Bk i-4 . nnaaclu to buna. PO XtOOl or S-asW . Osc«flla By Owner! 2-bdrai, !«««•. 2837 etnlya, U 2-UM. «•'« Pk ••>« WHAT ELSE gives you so much for so little? Katz Jewelers NEW LOCATION 221 W. Main St. Next- Door to Martin's Men's Store and Gaines-Wright Shoe Store. For news, for views, for wide and varied entertainment, nothing can beat your daily newspaper! And all for just a few cen.te a day! BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS HI. NEW GIFTS _.[ -For The Graduate ... For Tfce Bride . For Those People Who Have Everything Downtown Blytheville For The Unusual.. The New.. NOVELTY GIFTS AT ^5teen 6 JEWELRY & GIFTS 105 W. Main. 1 Door East of Fred's Dollar Store. BOX STORAGE Cold Storage! CALL TODAY — DO NOT DELAY PROTECT Your FURS and Woolens from Moths and other Summer Dangers with Professionally safe Vault or Box Storage. FULL BOX $2.95 PER BOX Includes $100.00 Insurance valuation. 2% added for each additional $100.00 valuation. NU-WA laundry-Cleaners K# N. Second SI. Phone PO 3-M74 OPEN NIGHTS TIL 8:00 GODSEY'S TIRE SHOP & GARAGE General Auto Repairs Welding • Tractor Tlr» Flats • Viilcinizlag Tube Repair • Valve St«m LAWNMOWER REPAIR FREE PICKUP <V DELIVERY 1000 N. 6th PO 3-9734 K»r Strickland's Grocery END FEAR at doctor ana; hospital bill!. Mulu«l of Omaha hospital, surgical, medical expense and Income protection plan pay »ll benefits fait and the cost Is low, Clve yourself and family bit protection, new peace of mind, call or write — Frank King, Agent P.O. Box 8C6 — Blytheville Phone PO Z-ZOOO Representing Mutual of Omaha MUTUAL OF OMAHA INSURANCE COflPANT LIFE INSURANCE: UNITED OF OMAHA Home Office: Omaha, Nebraska "Cowpoke" WESTERN SHOP SEE US ... For Nocona Boots, Saddles, Clothing, Driftwood Arrangements Sale Tack, Grooming Supplies, A South of Blytheville on Hwy. 61 Open 24 Hours A Day M&R BRACKIH CAFE 3RD & RAILROAD PO 3-9929 Bulldlnt Formerly Occupied by Boon" Cleaners All Work Guaranteed 78 Years Experience BILL BEARD Auto Body Paint & Glass Works 2213 Birch St. (Rear) Ph. PO 3-8345 EU BANKS Flooring Co. 815 N. 6th PO 3-6092 • Lees Carpet • Armstrong Linoleum • Kentile Tile • Formica Cabinet Tops • Ozite Outdoor Carpet • Viking Kitchen Carpet • Stylon Ceramic Tile Open Theirs. Evenings Til 8 P.M. FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL $2.00 yd. REPLACEMENT RUBBER FLOOR MATS $5.00 Front BOAT SEATS AND CUSHIONS V4 PRICE Complete Ante Upholstery Gilbert's 600 E. Main Ph. 3-6742 BE SAFE LET US PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS FURS AND WOOLENS [N OUR BONDED STORAGE VAULTS. BESTWAY Laundry Cleaners PICK-UP * OtUVERI PO 2-2408 2012 Just East of Blythe- civile city limits. Quality Gas All Brands Motor Oil Open 6 to 9 p.m 7 Days Week HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE CM. 1430 »ve Phrrae 274-4400 Memphis 4. Tennessee Call tor Free Consultation. Insurance for Estate Plannlnt Key Man. 'artnershlp an Corporation. Qroup. pension. BeUr«. tuent and Hospltallwtlon Opening May 27th Interstate 55 And • Highway 140 - Coilonwood Raceway Osceola, Ark. All New Track Steel Bleacher* Class "C'Stocktrt and Class "A" Super Modified From a S-State Area Time Trials 6:30 p.m. Races — : 8: IS p.m. f very Friday Night The Fastest V* Mile Dirt Track in the South! Rocky's Bail Shop 201 No. Center St. (Formerly Bud and Ira's Bait Shop) Minnows - Worms Crayfish - Crickets Fishing Tackle Ice and Snacks • SWINGS e SLIDES • CLIMBING TOWERS e MERRY-GO- ROUND

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