The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV1LJ,E. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS HIE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager . Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas P. Clark Co. luo., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Ban Tranclsco, Chicago, St, Louli. Published Every Allernoon Except Sunday. Entered is <econd class .matter at tho post office at Blythfvllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October 9, 2917. 6*rved by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATZS By carrier In the city of Blytlievllle, 15c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 mUes, $3.00 per year, tl.M lor six rnonlhj, S5c lor three months; by mall in postal zones two to tlx, Inclusive, W.50 per year, In zones seven «d dght, $10.00 per year, payable In edv&nct, Good News Announcement today that the way is definitely open for the veopeninp ol' the First National bank mid that the institution will be doing business as usual early in February is news that ought to bring the old smile back to a good many faces hereabouts. Everyone who knows anything about the bank has felt nil along that the condition of the First National was such that authority to reopen could scarcely be refused. Nevertheless it is gratifying to have doubt and worry over the matter eliminated. The closing of a bank is not it nml- teu of concern merely to the stockholders nnd patrons of the institution affected. They suffer the most, of course, but the whole community, including men and women who may never havj seen tho inside of that or any other bank, also suffer. They luive suffered here during the weeks when hundreds of thousands of dollars have been tied up in the First National, with the ultimate fate of the institution subject to at least a measure of doubt. They will all bsnefit from the reopening, which may be anticipated as the lirst nnd one •of the most important steps toward a return to normal business conditions here. Every resident of Blythcville owes appreciation to the officers and directors of the First National for the successful fight they have mude to save the bank. They and many patrons of the bank have mads substantial sacrifices to give the institution u cash position adequate to remove, the .slightest elenioiTrbTi'-isk from its reopening. The raising within a few weeks of more than $150,000 cash among residents of •this community notes the bank held was an impressive achievement, only accomplished by putting the future of the institution ahead of vital personal considerations. 77ie Dtalh Toll Rises Still America':; aulomubile fntality goes up. In 1930, according to figures jusl issued by the National Safety Council, 32,500 Amsricans were killed in traffic accidents. And even this figure is not quite complete, for it represents OUT OUR WAY atalislics gathered in only 32 slaies, covering about 75 per cent of th; wintry's population. The death roll,'- quenlly, was somewhat higher. The one gleam of hope lies in the fact that the rat: of increase v.-a- I-iv:- er than usual—thn smallest, numvri- cally, for any year since 1020, with tho exception of 192'!. But this is cold comfort. The ligures arc damning cvid,,K-.; of our incapacity to Intndl; the automobile as it should be handled. SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1931 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark t'M <••"/' ';-' -.'I \f - " /; it .- i V' t**f':--%im \- ' ',-,. -:42«fS Making Doles Necesary The relik'lance of the administration at Washington to enter upon any program of relief for drouth Klrickui areas which could be described as a "doh" is understandable a*id to bn I tliM^jff^l^'^s praised. Bui the stupidity which cs to see that in. its nnxialy to avoid even the appearance of wholesale charily the ii-.iininist ration is follow! UK » policy which imtkes an actual dol. unavoidable is something else. Mr. Hoover has condemned and at his instance congress has refused to permit federal loans for food. The r;- sult is that farm laborers who would be furnished by their landlords if the latter were able to obtain such loans now have no hope bul the U;d Cros.~. \Ve ask any reasonable person to answer whether a loan for food is more in lliu nature of a dole than a' 'lied Cross food ticket. One commission President Hoover Is probably Clad ho didn't appoint is tli'u 'Now York Coxing Commission. An Iowa man divorced his vife and then hired her as u t-ook. That's one way lo be sure she'll leave him. F\'o\v, where ('ul I luy tn jrffiRZjq FhidoR ; lAfrUllO I U j : U.OVn Oi:OIlfiE'S III11TH 1 On Jan. 17, ISGU, David Lloyd j George, British statesman and j prime minister, was burn ol Welsh : parentage al Manchester. 3E SURE YOU'RE RIG! iT- SHE HDVE.N1VRES Or" I He was educated at a church! school and Inter studied lav; with a fii'tii. As winner of a great law• suit involving the right of burial ! In parcchhl ground?, Lloyd George i achieved wide reputation and was I e" :ted lo t'aTllament in 1890. I During (he Beer War he oppos- i c;l the policy of tlie Conservative ! ea'crnmcnt, for which he became • unp:p:>lar. His impendence, abll-, •ity arhl brilliant debating, however,! s'.cadily sained him recognition, j • Made chancellor of the exchequer I | in 1W3, lie tool: a leading part in! ; important legislation. Alter the outbieak of lhe World V/ar, Ji2 \vas made prime minister j , ana yranten special dictatorial i poivets. In this post he sen-eel I with giv?at ability and skill. The over, his ministry was given, overwhelming endorse- Hie Parliamentary elec- i In 1021 he brought 'about the conference with the- Irish, lenders ! which later resulted in lhe cstab- ! !!shincnl ri ih" Irish Fret Stale, i resigned ih: premiership • in ' ! 102'-'. The difference between an actor and a pvo- ducor, observes the office sage. Is thru one lias a role to play and the oilier n roil lo nay. American transportation experts are to leach Russians how to operate their railroads. They'll enjoy tho distinction of being tho flrsl lo "train" the Soviets. A' Boston professor says that poetry is a spontaneous achievement. Tlieie are many editors who wish It were capable ol spontaneous combustion. BV ItODNEV llIJTC'ni.i: XF.A Sen Ire Writer WASHINGTON. — Congrcr.- I-cenh!:is c. Uy.- 1 !' of i.;. thinks it is about time t!i? f: States stopped being n shr.; Hills. S. D.. the D:vil's Tower in Wyo::iii] 3 , tl:s red woods of Call- nnii fornla. C:e Vosemie Valby, ..,.-, movie sUu.ios in Hollywood, Buffalo Cat Sets New Record :'o? Feline Age BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP)—Midge Oainey of Buffalo is '20 years old and proud of it. Mlilge offers the claim of being the oldest cat in the United States, har none. Except, for a vague absent mlndcdness common to senil- hc lias been left unimpaired by his years. Human; sociely officers report Iiiip?rial Valley and the famous ride acres, :iic desert into Arlzsn^., that, a cat under exceptional clr cumstances may live to be 14 or 10. The Encyclopedia BriUnnica . state", that there are aiithenlic in- t- 1 c -. stances on record ol cats reach- t * ] c ing the age 20. To the latter august group Midge makes his entry. violet nmciv; nations and :'. -i :;-i thj Hopi Indians, an Idaho sand- j -157 c W'Omail tntei'S storm, the Columbia river valley i: 1 .: ly, Ore-sen, the Raton Pass, Colorado j ;;• Springs. t'.:c Garden of the God = ,! ;i- tl)e Ozarks. tlie Blue Ridges Mi Vir-1 tinia, the Natural Bridge and th; ! "Chewing Clum Sales Up CO Million." Huv.l- line. Which should convince the manufacturer of the nddgu that nil good things come In little packages. \ cut lo altracl sa:ne tom-;si France, GrriiKiiy. fn^lsn;! Sp.iin, Jr.pui ?.!ul o;:-..'i' c.: spend lots ol money la a'.tn.. ?c-i- eign tourists. Dyer t?.ys. ;•.:;.; h: has inlroclucrd n bill w~ich •.'•r.ilLi create In lhe Department c: <'::•.- tncrce ;'. Travel Division 13 .-:':!>'. Cb pirmiti 1 , Piic^urare ar.d devr:..;i r'.c travel ol both fsiulsncrs and A:n;:-- ican d'.lzens ill t'as United £:•;?:. "Our people spent fa:ir o:,;/ n for travel !ast year,' ;:>,?.- ;ays. "th:ce billion in this coiiti- U;. and cue in fordsn. W,- ,1.11'I ; ,,i acc lo e-ijay "a reii"ro?t"and PRFVRLENT BELIEF; CHSSO!* SEE IN nSSOWTE THEIR vjlSlO} IS HCUfE 1M-THE DUSVS EVE!?, BECRUSE -CHE PUPILS OF THEIR EVES, CFtPll&lE OF EXPflNSlON, jtDMIT Hi-LtVlE LIGHT n\/muiBi.E> © 1931 BX MA returneil fin:n the midwest where jsary; and so the old bottles are • slip competed In several riu.v?s. | valueless and useless. I Oilier cmries will include tin it 1 5 estimated r.;veral thousand} hidden now at. ' famous doj musher Leonard Sep-1 such bcttles are ala; Emile SI. Goddard. Ear),?! crystal Beach. Brudges, defending ' champion,! Kenneth Brudges, a brother, Sam. Franteau. the veteran Indian and [ China. Hector Campbell. Th? winter carnival will be heldi from March 2 to March 9 inclu-j sive. Tourist Liquor Bottles Worthless in Ontario ?(lfl Miio 2 national capital, with Its storehouse ; ? * i!,. of knowledge nnd historical Inter- i ','„,,. " O 'j, The pres'.den'j should console himself v.i'li tl'.c thout'iit that If the Senate doesn't pay much attention to his .'words he can gel plenty for them as a writer later on. The old bicycle clut; which disbanded in New York recently might get some comfort in the fuel that we still have our business cycles. want io keep pcsplD r.way r-.v;;-. .catlni." TairTsis there" fas'f year le"ft fcrciyn tmvel, tut we want .Mnori--s550.CTO.CQO. It ought to be at least ciins to see America and I..-:?iju-i a |)ii];oi>." ! CRYSTAL BEACH. Out.. (UP) —American tourists expecting return here next summer will find BOISE, Idaho, (UP)—When vel- ihat the bottles they meant to eran racers asri:mble at the start- turn in for ale and beer arc worth- j in HID famous 203-mile Ico:. j dog team derby from] Many residents across the bor- , The Pas lo Plin-Flop and return: dcr. yearly make tlicir summer •|-:-cm Lie Pacific to ti:e .Alun- . nicy will discover they must match-home.-, here anil Icavr: numerous t:c ;\:K\ frcm the Gulf of MeMc-s , thsir wits, fkill and cnduranco empty bol'.iei, with a five-cent re-i t» Canada, every hour we. can in- '• agamst a woman. : fund value on each, meaning to, tire.;'. a::(i toncfll those who travel! the is Thiila Gclan. McCall,; return them ;?-? following year in 1 in the United States. Then there ! Idaho, who. it is said. Mill kc lhe j exchr.nse for li([iior. : is New tr.qlaud. Tiiere L=i no brtter' lirst wonuu driver ever to enter; This year, however, the Ontario i the event. j government has ruled thai- special- j Miss G?clan ha? high hxpcs ol! ly made botllcs from ijach maim-; winning March 3. Shu recently I fnclurlu-j company will be necss- ers to do likewise. Would AUmil Violins ! "There arc nhn:i- i^'.jy 1 .! i-.:ri'.- : side stands which ck> a Ui^in:. ~. : ii! halt :i bllllcn dcSlurs ::nmi.ii;.v. ; n i ot How much more t^;:; nil! anuiiir ' i,' t :^ I" Holds Would Benefit TourlM money, Dyer poinls 01 (If" •••.!': all go into Irar.b.iorlati! liolcls. Tiles? interests get a j it. but uarajes anil acc?s-1 for instance. Bet 11'.-: rx.'r! ;i> whe:i travel is pir;iM-!y encu;-..-1 c , n; . cmifcctlcncry and incidonlab a 5 cd us n reu'iilar busiucs. -s }:,:• cent ar.d' amusements 8'» "This legislation, if cna.-ied l:u.% p,. v c-nt. But he thinks Congress! lav,-, will enable lhe pavi'rniyti'u. • Delaware prison otliclnls who ordered five convicts floBBCd apparently had their own ideas as (o how to put prisoners In stripes. A college in the midwest Is up for sale. Perhaps 11 might have Ijecn flourishing still hurt Rudy Vallce got hold of its drinking song in due time. Paris stylists are hiring sloul girls in designing new creations. The mo'dels, of course, stand to gain by the! Ircnd in styles. ••i i By Williams OUT AM OW Hl^> IMCOM5. ' ouT Sl-'tS wofW'M 1 "T" ct:couray.> other p?oi>l? ai;.I our c,\u ho::i>, cf to see America. Our tr.-.'.;.* i-.':,in-,:-- iicnns over the world v,:!i b^L-^.n 1 | travel commissioner.;, en. our,v;i!i j and advising Icveiyncrs '..iia i-?-.-template a trip to tlh- Uniti--: States. Tlie iravel huvo--i win:!,-: try to eliminate itLelers c..:upl:!!i!'. ollcn mnde by Iciirlnj ! .rciyi:,"^ and ilo everything p;'s?!b:..' ta maki' them have a cml timr.' "Wo otiEhl." s.iys Dyr:-. -., bv.-: nbcul sucii matters as Pj!:,.-'.- pLi'k the unsi:rpa!se:l t'rur.S.T.r n.i;i beauty c,! cu: 1 n.ilional ;::;rks" the "inimalclicd scenery of mountains, lakes, ylaciers :'.nd c.i:i- yons." Many ThHcs Worth Srcinj; "Other ttiiiifjs v'.c l-.:r.e worlii sceinc," t'.:e c3iV4ii:LSin-i;i n:!:-.!:. 'ure the i.umi!!rr ci;:L'.al at Bine':;. to do somet'iiinc: to help the i which there arc 26,030, five billions .ind doins an I I business cf about a billion ] hair" dollars. of spending monr-y for [ '-'•', anil i)rerj.iri:i^ for wars, the I :.r.'i-iiirr.riit should use more ta •:.i -!:.T2L l the nationals of ol:;r-r i • ii'.tries lo corue and see 113,". V\f: s.iys. "Xoa- is the time far tho govern- I'.'''".:: and iinsincss to pull ((yjether i • ir.ii so alter timrisL". It would ds lor our coi-ntry and for pras- ' an:l !>.>riiy." ciii Dyer 1-n t exactly alone in this j invpaijjn for a T.-.ivcl Buvcau. His i ill v.a.; father.?;] by Intenn- j -:a\ Ti.ivel Federation, represent- i i: railroads. r,u\-,n:~hi!> lines, bus•. cjnimeicial aviatSon, hotels,! n:;k.s and various other interests.; "Itch-Mites" Sometimes Cause Severe In:ilaiio:i of Skin Kclitcr. J«i:rn:il c:I !'n- Viu-rlc ;ti : ii-: i:f If.v- 7-1 T;,t/.inr .-. :us sc.i- I ItY I)!!. J'OlilUS ! i- I j Bi'i.i, llir ciLillh | A little mile. call 1 . . bi^ifi bmro\vs into Ii. , ii 1 . cider to lay e:^.I .suit ."of. up an Irri!.; ! vci'e itching. • llin burrc-win^ arc lli'j ;!l - .e !in.::r.-. uixlor thi 1 ' l.:-.> i;v,rr .ibdcmen. .inothcr ^ a cc,:n- , ir.t;, p.u-- and till' : I ;i in:' ;•: '.:;v.-e:n . rillti n:i .-ily Ih? . b?y::n:! .:(. t.ltll- .:. :\\; Hl- l>,ii.''Hy ;mpj::.i!i>. with Ihs treat- i 1!;i;:: "' '•'•" 'h'.-.i';-r :s the liancliinj j ' l! "'•'' i'i:!hi.'.: i :' •.!);• patient. It is j nr.T-.siry i:i. p:-iK-.;r:i!!y every os? , !:> (Il5;n 1,-c: IV- i!-;;;in^ thcroujh- | ly >>> :••- li c[.>i:-;v.. rv , rv itch-niitD ! - hi it or oil it. .15 (.-u.::n itc.:. TV.v.rh itch. an:i ns- si-::C,: ID \ c:!:;r nalbnuli- ! t;c.«. but no nu..:a ic ?ms to have a • cc:iv,-:.:: mciicpciy upon it. ; Iowa Boys Finn ; ' to Slick lo Farm icii. the p.ihm I'.. 1 r^'.:.; cf tile 10 t.ll:s ii.i', ;.•; : Ic'mlirr. frc-;: :,' l:cys of low::. 11 M -ti:c national ..::i'n frcm f.irins iv.\l s.-.-ini con- P/r: nM'.ivc MIV.I was rcvra'.ci! a: :v,c,'liii^ fcr bo;.^ KKAIIiMHKll what nur sclinnl Imolis taught its about the lives of inventors who lived many years HKO? How often we ti=e(l to read, "He went on with his experiments in spite of the laughter of his friends, and the ridicule «f his neighbors." How different is (he modern state of mind! This age is remark- aWe for its keen awareness of progress . . . thu ca^cr willingness of most of us to accept new things, and better ways. The skeptical person is (he exception—expectancy is (ho rule. If we read about an invention that will wash lhe middle of our backs, we say, "Fair enough.; tomorrow (here will be an automatic way (n Itcep our noses powdered." Xcw things and IjctUT ways are announced regularly in this paper ... in tile advertisements. Kvtry day you may be expertint,' something (hat will make >our life easier, pleasanter. more healthful. Possibly a new electrical amtrivancc, or a car that's easier lo drive, or a HEW idfii in breakfast foods. Follow the advertising columns . . . and sooner or later you'll t;et the Rood news. I'tople who make il a point lo know whal's going on read tlte advertisements every day. w:-.v i.-.j-. in -.ft c[ sta'c than i>r,v cr : The: • pv(-s-i:t. rf!>:it:' Ill'.tl!. -'.': i"n ihsy is lhe create-:: finnle it: :d ol ;!.i :n(;.c..te:!. Only Vl.ri ,

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