The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 2
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fAGK TWO 1HTH1VILH. COUMBt JflWB Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. John L, Finiey. Jr., having Wednesday Bridje club. . Delphian Fine Arts club meeting «l Hotel Noble, 0:30 n. in. Mrs. Max Muycis ami Mrs. Walter 1?osoiiDial having Jewish Ladies Airi uieccini; Lit. Mcyuis hon'f 1 . 7:30 ji. 111. Central Ward 1'. T. A. mu'ii-i;; at 3:30 ','. M., folloivin;; rxoc:i- tive lioavd Riectiii? at 2:W i: M. Bible study of O:'.nroh ct Chribt meeting with' Mrs. J. E. Bruichvr, 2:30 pin. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Byron Morse Imvlns Tmirs- day Luncheon club. Thursday Control club inrel- 1113 with Mrs. Edgar Boriiin. Arid-Week Bridge rlub entertained by Mrs. M. O. llsry. Datvje at- country club. . HHDAY'S EVENTS American Legion and auxiliary linvlni; joint mining nt Woman'* ciiilj, 7:30 p. m. Music department oj woman'* club meeting at clubhouse- ut thvee o'clock. Hy Sliy Hy Sunday M-bor,; claw ol First Baptist church meeting with Mrs. I'less Scc«j ancj .Mrs. ii. T. Worthy at. S:coy r.oini.'. -Makes llctonl Haloid Womsick. son of the Ki-v. and Mrs. \V. V. Womack. who is a senior at • Uendrix college at Comvny.\has been plac'crt on the honor roll for hli last half-semester's vork'Viilth ended iliLs wc?k. According to Hie Hit published by the registrar of tin: college, Womack's average was well over the "B" average required for such recognition. To Address V. T. A. Al thr jneelfng of llic Central Wnrrl P. T. A. tomorrow aflcrnoim, a o'clock, the sciinl plan to bn introduced in lhi.s city «lll lie dli- cusscd by Chester R. Babcuck. Has liirtliitay Party HelcrJ Francos Buchanan, daughter of Mr. nr.d Mrs. J. C. Buchanan, celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday wtlh tin afternoon party. Tiie guests were: Nancy Lou Hardin, Don Chamblin, Philip need Graves, Lr.rfle Sh'amblin, "Sonny" Stroud, Gordon '•: Hammock and Dolores par. - .' :'. A birthday'cake, decorated with four, candles,. \yas served witli ico cream. •' ' ' . To Slalu Cbnvcnlioh When the slate convention of Business, and .-Profession n I Women's club.-meets in Pnrngoilld, Friday. Saturday and Simdny. (lie local ch:b "will be -leprescnlcd by a number of mtmbi!:s. At a meeting of trie (jroiiji -] crtiiiiig Mrs. s. S. Stcrnbcrg, lire. H. L. Reynolds and Mrs. E. P Belt \vcrp elected 'delegates. Miss Mnrie liariiish, district cliairman and Mri J. q. Biiinns. presiri^t or the cliil). H'VC members of Ihe slate bo'aril •' and so nrc. oflicjal dclcgaips. others who will attend Include Misses Cora Lee Colcman. Mamye Louise Edwards and Margaret Merritt and Mrs. Clarence Holder. Ill discussim; nlnus for thc ytur's work 0112 project adopted rica was (he sponsoring of Health wecl during May. Has Birtlnlay Party. Alic: Saliba -.-is'hoc'ess to 30 0 ; her friends last evcn'.n- in hd"o' of her 13lh birthday. .„... «,..,,,,,i,. .-ui.r ."ijy- proir era) hours of games nn:l contest; field. the birtr.dav cak? was cut and served v.ilh ice cr«m. Tile ho Jess was assisted in cntcrUinin* by Jicr —' — - = -7 liba. ^ytov L* DAN THOMAS GEORGE SCARBO IHAhEW RLMV/lTHOUT HIS MuSTACXE VENA8LE ,- „.-••- 1JO»'HSTO CO BSREFOOTX'-O CLIMB TKJEIS^SPSMg CUVSA GREAT G?\M£ Of- 84SES4!.1_. iirooks und Mra. J. S. C'.csell cn- .ertnlncd the 23 members who attended the meeting o! circle 2 nt '.he Ilollai:;! home. The IUSLOU was led by. Mrs. j. K. Crilz. Strawberry shortcake mid colfee ucro served. Circle 3 met at the home of Mrs. C. G. Smith with Mrs. Rilcy B. Jonos also hostess. Mrs. Harry Klr- by gave the lesson for the 17 pres- t. A salad plfite UTIS served. . Mrs. K D..Smith, was hostess to the . ia members' of- circle i who heard Mrs. ; James Hill jr.. lead the lesson. .'An" Ice'-course WES served.' -I- v-:;:',-" • ' -,;i.- L^;;-.jOsceola ''.-' r'Sdciely —^Personal Dr. mid Mrs. Ciisa Collier of Memphis. v;ho with their dinigh- ler Pcgay, enjoyed a big game mint in Afilca several ycavs ago, lire lu be in O.;ceo)a Friday cven- as guests of Mr. end Mrs. W. E. Hunt nnd \vl!l present, a program fur tlid Osceola Parent- Teacher association In the high Chcol aiuliloi'iiiin. There will be no admission and mans Missionary Union mel Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs Christine Stinntje with 14 members present. A lesson from tin leaflet, "He Which Conveitetli lh< Sinner," by Mrs. M. A. Treadwell state bupcrlnlcudent of persona service, was led by Mrs. Ida Tuck- "r. Circle No. 3 met at Ihe home bers present. Mrs. Mrs. R. H. Jones Burton am conducted Bib oj Mostly Personal 'The Proper Thing" , Nothing Is a greater helo to your wccets than the use of Just scuh information, When you invite a. stranger to your house you offer him the best you can'pro- ,vlde, and If your choice be unfortunate for him, .it cm not be [TUESDAY; APRIL 17, 193.1 .lack Applcbaum Is .spending to- ay In Memphis. Mrs. C. W. Beole im( j daughter Mis. Jack Shaffer, of Little Rock' mixmled by Mr. and Mrs! C., will, arrive tomorrow for Thomas Phillips of Washington, wrnl days stay with A. C. Hall nd family. They will be Joined Saturday by Mr. Beale, of Mem;hl«, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold 'hilllps, now of Joncthoro. All will eave Sunday. Chester Caldwell and C. G. Smith returned Sunday from Washington. D. (;., where they pent the past two weeks. Mrs. A. M. Butt returned ye-iter- lay afternoon from Memphis where he visited her daughter, Mrs. u-orth Black nnd family, while liere she saw Katharine Cornell's >lay, "Tlic Barret-i of Wlmpole ilrect." . Clarence Vollmer and Marcus :viard are attending to business In Evansvllle, ind., Green Bay, Wls., •Mid other northern jwints. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Baidrldgc returned Sunday from Little Rock where they spent a week with their son. George D. Baldridgc. Mrs. A. M. Butt, accompanied by icr daughter, Mrs. Farnsworth Black and daughter, Betty, of. Memphis, are sending today in Para- fould. Mre. Black and Betty n-Ill spend the week here. Mrs. w. E. Gillesjjlc has gone to Memphis to receive treatment for her eyes at thc McmphU Ear, Eye Nose and Throat hospital.for teri days. She was accompanied down by Mrs. D. L. Boyd mid daughter Almeria. Mrs. o. t,. Williamson, of Martanna, Ark., is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Max D, Miller, and Mr. Miller. She canie up Sunday accompanied by Mrs. Miller who met. her in Memphis Saturday where ..... - ...^ ,,v U1C ,,^,LL- lhc y S"* tllc rtay "The BarreU of of Mrs. 1. S. Burton with 12 mem- Wl 'npolc street," She will return "Is It considered gcod'ionii to wear what I might call 'country clothes' while I am on a visit to a friend who lives several milts out hi the country?" 1 Tt Is no longer necessary to advise country clothes for the country, since they have In the pest tew years Income almost, the only cloDic.s worn in tl K daytime. At present one might rather advise the suitability ol wearing town clothes In town. "Could you suggest any special itf.vl ol (Jiimcr-glvlng- hospitality? 1 menu one that is not ruled by expense." 'To be able to remember certain dishes that your friendfi like, or more especially the ones they avoid, is n wonderful asset that can be acquired by anyone willing 10 take a little trouble. If you haven't a talent for remembering —and few of us have—then keep a "like and dislike" notebook in which you index: "John AJlcn— can not eat shea fish, red meat, or strawberries. Favorite dishes, chicken Maryland and roast, turkey. Took two helpings chocolate ice cream. Likes coffee very strong." Opposite John Allen's Ijiage you might not* that Ue dis- ikes Susie Long, dislikes playing bridge with Major Case. And so on Indefinitely with each person ••ou are apt to ask to your house. tomorrow Mrs. Russell Phillips and MIS. Otto Kochlitzky spent yesterday in study of the leaflet. "Look on thc OUu Kochlitzky spent yesterday in Melds" by Mr*. Ii. M. Keck, state Memphis. ' ., . superintendent of mission study. T! ' c condition 0 ( Mrs. C..D. Ruf• • • fi!1 ' lornierly of here and, now of Mrs. J. C. Scurlock h;is been i HiP'ey. Teun., W)K> Is eri rs. . . curoc ;is een ill . en., WK> Is serously ill at her' home here for several fdays. at thc Memphis Methodist fcospltil O. ^ unchaned O. .B. Segraves and .1. L. \WiI- Jl^nis were 'business .visitor^,. Iri Marianna Monday. ••v^v.-nm McEdames Sam B. Coble. W. E. vlllc . Tenn. Html. D. S. Lnney and Tommie Florida visited Ihe Norphlecl gardens In Memphis Sunday ufter- oon. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Penin and Fran kwore wrok pnri Little unchanged today. George Uillihunty spent 'lie i-eck end in Dycrsburg and Browms- 'ille, Tenn. f Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gillespie' hid is their guests for thc weekend,'Sir and Mrs. T. C. Dormer, of Hanis- b «rg, Ark. ttorsi UtUe " day and tomorrow attending the annual meeting of the Forrest City District Federation of Wo Ihc meeting is open lo the public;™" 15 cllllls - Mrs. Jacobs Is actinj Her, „ - -,— iu uiu [muni:, .— - ••<• vi.^v,.^ is ,ii-uii.s nucn Fareineiitor of nc 1>'J at 7:30 ,v n,. Dr. Col-™ president of thc district and Mich., and D Parmen er of who ha.s some remarkable! Mvs - Wellington is delegate from Louis arrived Monday for a 1,, Af..i^- itllC COimlr livlprMInn ... , .'".** ' W a motion pictures taken in Africa,j thc county ledcration, Counly Agent S. D. Carpenter is -™.., 6 ,, ll; ,,,,. 01 minima nig i ••>'endins » meeting of Northeast Same in Ihc jungles and-Mrs. col-j ArkallSils farmers at thc cotton will show (he pictures while dis- Cm :uK.lng Hie an of hunting big ;>ttcl1 .ic-r will talk on conditions in At WhilL- on the dark continent Dr. and Mrs. Collier were giicsls of a 'relative, missionary, Ihe Rev. Mr. B?anlaiul of Ihe Methodist dc- noiiilnation. and Mrs. Collier is ex-| J'.rcir-d in her l.-ilk lo touch on Walnut missionary work in Ihiu branch experiment station at Mar- Innna today. of . ' . me o r. and Mi-:. J. A. Si,, leraom with .Mrs. Jla BS ic ;| lc I'rc.iliyti-rian! met Monday af- ' Hayti Society — Personal Oiven ]>inncr P.irly. _E. M Huffman. -*-| n tek-braled his blrflniay yestcrilav. wa-, "', 0! honcr at a dinne er iu-iv Mrs. Addi ! -Mr. ai-.:l daubers. Mrs. £!bcn"A!!rv a!is daughter^ ol here. Mr. ami Mrs. J. and Mrs. -j. V. Rcrj'n.^o'' 1 "'!-.^' Mre. Reil Hall and sons. .John -- -„,.- ,.»|i'"l ilcinire Jack sptut Sunday .he home o! Mrs. K. O. Carun:;lu hi St. Lotils with relatives, j'inrt p.icl'.cd IWNC.S ol cnoi;!e.s nnil I Mr - and Mrs. H. Cl. Harmon I'-aiidy t'j .send to nbscni miiu- l-'l-'i'iit Saturday In .Memphis ahou- ul to Prcshyteriun Miidcnls.'l^ni;. wore wnt wiih n lc Allx . I o.ul SiBlcr. v.'ho is working with i]|.irys bv Mrs Hi.nmViY'"',-•'"'"',•' 'rV7'"' *•""" KlKhc:i <° *'«• W. .1. M'IC Bovetnmcnt fleet n Osceola, Miss A-l-i Huffl, ^' S -i ,.'" ^-'"'"Sti", lo Mrs. ; Ark., spont thc weekend here vis- B?adi- Ly»n »' 11,1 \if- n ,"' \, c "-™'"> who mil, her .mull ] "ins his wife and son. Carl jr. '•••"- ' '' ' - Wj >- ClivJicr "iiiehlc-r. He lie. ) s j n Tucson. Ariz . Wendell Hall and Newtun lliill- ,. ,. K)n -' Mr - and I lor '''C "'inter, lo Jcltle Driver at-! nisloH vlsjicrl with fricnrts In •or.iitn and'children.|UT.diiif Hie University of Arkan-1 Memphis Sunday evening! ••. J.. L. t,.iinn,- .-,.,H sis .intj (o mi| oilhud aUciulin^l Amon? lliosc who attended Ihc A .t M CUIU-BC at Slarksvillc, Miss. !»''«>' »ay held at Cape Oirardean aixieen members were present ] Saturday ivcre Misses Virginia i:i« took pm ( [,i a program on Panders. Orada -Mai Harmon education. Mre. R. c. I Eileen Oatcs. Margaret Myrlck To Have Bake .Snip. Ti'.c altar sccbty of i;-c Imiui,:-,,- late Gonccpticn church v;,i: hav^ - CJkc and can-jy wfc SitL-div'm tre Sud'oury building across fr,-n the J. c.- Penney stare. * ' » I.'kc Street Church "as Mission Study. Tr.e Lake .Street irc(h.-d:,t church , Woman's Missioiury society met at Mrs. Gccrge Dy~inscr M ii)-. ^*7£;^r,s;s member; present. MrUi)Niu( t'fiurcti Circles Have Slcrlin;?. Mcmbars of til? circles 0 ; t' e Wu- man's .Missfonnry iocicty o! tl-r- First Mcthccilsl church ftudlc'i "Eastern Women cl Today R im To- niorroir" in meetings Monday aftcr- Cu-cle I was entertained by Mrs. Elton w. Kirby and Mrs. W, {, Homer at Ihc Kirby home wlien 22 .atlcndcd.i.Mrs. M. O. Usrcy led the devotional nnd study, strawberry sf.ctcakc and coffee were served. . Mre. A. E. HoLJnd, -Mrs. J. Mail . led the devotional. Mre Gep Edrlngion and Mrs. E. s' gave an iiitercstinij rcjion «i Uic "-lit Ball. Sue Homer, Harriet S'aibbs. Adalinc Slannil, Loiiann Pentlcrgniss, Hazel iialdwln, and ^.., v- *..• nj LV ii.e.1 ii iy rcjJOll *••">>-1»; i u»5 r n recent mcvline of the re- Georgia Ashley, meeting of Ihe Arkansas! Mr - and Mrs. S. P. Oatcs. and irr.ssyteiial at Batcivillc which ! ria >'Shter5, Eileen and Mary ficytha i-"' attended, tofeihcr xvith Mr.-.| an 'l Miss Grada Mai ' Harmon in. as delegates Irom {he O^- motored to Tiggott, Ark.. Sunday i Aiixihai.v. allernoon nnd visited with friends. ' Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Greer, i \v " irral:crs nf the Method- Misses Claudia Marshall, ami Mm , '" C " s Mi{ * innar >' Society racl Sa "h West. Hughle Hudglns and u-ii i I, 1:flrril<x5n at tlic cinircli | w «Klrow Enderson visited with »«n Mts. Mnrcnn-i «,rt,i»., lc;lri _ |friends In Chaftee Sunday atlrr- '<• . n " mi.ssiotiary work ! llo °" - Hncigins attended lo ir< '' zil- T;ikui» ,,art. bii Hi c | l)lls lncss while there. were Mrs. riseman. Mrs ! Mr - "nd Mrs. n. H. Dntkovitz . Mrs. Uroivn, Mrs. w. jj i nn <l children visited with Mr and in and MT^. (-,. 13 .s°-! ^^^ A "-*-- - -• |Mrs. A. Kohn of Monclte. Ark ,. _ ,, .Sunday. Mr. Kohn Is a brother ol -i i Harwell delivered a !Mls - Uarkovitz. •pintunl cultli-allnn mp.ssng* and I Mr - and Mrs. Joke Kncilx-rt anc •aiiR. Thc group \MU IdaiiRhlcr, Prudence, and Mrs. W »v in i- rr't ,, ->' "HCI nest Monday in circles. H Moore of CB|>C Girardeau were , iUl " Elicits of Mr. and Airs. J. w ii.-.>i,, " 1rrn |i' cr! ' aitaiHtert tii c |H.>ii(iolph and children Sunday. I'OIIIP r °M Vi "' y Gl '" rt :>t th( ' 1 S " pi - a ' ld Mrs H ' B Mn «erson Mnnri-,!? .it C ' ''' Lol " : ") !; e jr.. I-Win the weekend iu Cape Gicar- lunaas jItui neon wbe,, the Hcv. lrtca " aiiendmg to business ami X; "iirkc, ol Marianna. pastor i vk utng wiih relatives. ,ne nsoecia Ej>iscor«il Clmrch. ^' r - a; "i Mrs. L. Khouric and a lesson from the pray'.'I children of Cairo, III., were the DOOS ' . e u «li ol Mr. and Mrs Wolf „, . . * • • Khourie Sunday Circle Xo. l of the Baptist Wo-1 MK. John R.' roster of Glass , Teun., W)K> Is seriously ill Siindny here visiting and iccompanied her home in thc evening Hugh Pareinenter of Detroit, with (heir sister. Miss Aileen ,..- tienter. who Is 111., and with their iiotJicr, Mrs. H. Parinenler. Read Courier News Want Ads. You'll cut • pretty; In this! THE FAMOUS Joo Apnkbaum Liixora Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith, Mrs. R. A. Kimbrough and Mrs. c D. Wood attended the state W M U. meeting In Little Rock l»st week.. Mrs. Klmbroujh was one of thc principal speakers on the program. Mrs. Elizabeth Silliman »-as hostess to the Thursday Contract club. Mrs. James Driver of Osceola was the only guest and also winner of high score prize. Thursday night Mrs. P. p. Bonds »as hostess to the contract club of which she and her husband are members. Sixteen members of the club enjoyed h«r hospitality. High score prizes were von. by Mrs. Russsll Bowen aud Wm. Walters. Mr*. Spencer McHenry, Miss Margaret Moflitt and Earl Roberts of Liixora attended the show "The Barretts ol wimpole Street", star- riny . Katherinc Cornell, at the Auditorium in Memphis Saturday. The Elliott Fletcher chapter ol the U. D. c. meb in the home of Mrs. E. R. Began here Thursday afternoon. Nineteen members were present. Those taking part oji the program were: Mrs. Bogan, S&s, Sue Brown and Mre. s. A. Glidlah. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Elliot Williams, Mi's, Thos F. Hudson, Mrs. C. B. Wood and Mrs. Sue Brown. Mrs. C. W. Midlm, Mrs. J. I. MifTHn, Mrs. Lillian Prleer and Betty Sue Mifflin were Memphis visitors Friday. Misses Mildred Majors and Bess Eleanor Thweatt ot Jonesboro college spent the week-end as guests ot their parents. Mrs. J. N. Hunt has gone to Tupelo, Miss., to be th* guest of her parents for the week. Mrs. Alvin Wundcrlich and Mrs. Ray Graham sjxjnl Saturday iii Memphis. Miss Maxinc Bro»n entertained with a buffet supiKr Sunday nlcht sptcially complimenting Mr. and Mrs. Renkert Wcltenkamp of Blytheville. Mrs. Wentcnkamp was irmerly Miss Virginia Terry of Biythqville. Fifty tu e(,t£ enjoyed Miss Brown's hospitality. Clear Lake News •Mr. and Mrs. Lee Woodard of at "Joge, Mo., were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Haynes. Kfs - B ' L " Holmes and jpent Sunday with their COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS Specials for Wednesday - Thursday FREE!! ICE TEA TUMBLERS With Upton's Tea 1 with '/, Ib. 22c; 2 with </ 2 II). '12c; 4 with 1 ft. 72c RADISHES, Large Bunches. Each 4c PORK STEAKS, Real Lean. Lb. 15c GREEN ONIONS/ Bunch 2c GRAPEFRUIT, Calif. 46's. Each 6c VEAL CHOPS, Or Roast. Lb. lOc CARROTS, Bunch 5c GREENS, Turnip or Mustard. Bunch 5c LARD^Best Compound. Pound lV z c POTATOES, Fey. Red Triumph. Ib LEMONS, PORK CHOPS, Nice Cuts. Lk 15c jgLLO, AU Flavors. Pkg. 6c SUGAR, Best Granulated. 10 Lbs. 47c SPARE RIBS,_Strictl y Fresh. Lb. lOc ORANGES, Calif. 126 Size. Dozen 39c BEANS, Blytheville. No. 2 can. 3 for 25c SALT IMEAT^Best Boiling. Lb. 7V 2 c PICKLEsTSour or DiU. Quart Jar 15c OLEO; All Brands. Pound, lie BACQT^Sliced. Swift or Krey. Lb. 15c CLEANSER^" Sunbrtte. 3 for 14c COFFEE, Ramer Lane. Pound SAUSAGE^ !>urc Pork. Pound lOc SPINACH^k. Brand, £1,^ I0c. IJc R U>e Fruit. Pound 4c BEEF or Hamburger. Ih. . Camp or Phillips 5c PEAS, Happy Vale. Petit Pois. Can 13c SALTjlACKEREL, Large Su.'e. Ea. 15c CIUCKEgsTAIl Crisp. 2 Ibs. 19c; Ib. IQc TOMATOES, Fresh, Firm. Pound IQc WEINERS, Franks - Bologna. Lb. lOc BEETS," Bunch 6^ . Med. Red. Can 16c ^Sujgar Cured. End Cuts. Lb. 15c SALAD DRESSING, T»ble Ordtn Qn»rt .... ttc rint I2c Large 6c; Small 3c SORGHUM^ Tennessee Made. Gal. 59c BIJTTER^~Golden Dale. Pound 24c GRAPE JUICE, Welch's. Quart 31c daughter, Mrs. Willie Henson of Promised Land. Miss Louise Via spent Salurday night in promised Land as ihe guest of Miss Mildred Garner. W. c. Smith is improving after a few days illness. Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Odle of Lexington, Tenn., were guests Saturd'av night in the R. L. Farmer home. rhey were accompanied here from Lexingto uby Mrs. Harfcy Henson Vjjio returned to her home alter a two weeks visit there. There will be preaching here over next week end by Rev. w. H. Hern pastor of the local church. The Home Demonstration club will meet only once a month hereafter. The members are canning pork and beans and hominy this week and will arrange to do canning whenever anyone desires. A cougar can spring 40 feet on level ground. Hruorriwids tPOtg) cured without the knife. Other rectal dipcasts treated. Vartcosed treated non-s«rffcally. NIES none 9R DKS. NIES Sit W. Hate KAYSER Gloves~Hosiery~Undies~Gou)nS'-Elc HELP/ HELP/ BRING Having hosiery ble? Forget it — wear Kayser's'Tit-AII-Top." The flexible top will free your knees and let you bend, reach and stretch wi*t> comfort! Special $1 PEEPS" YOU NEED They're demuxe, glarrtor- ous / refreshing. Made by Kayser of a filmy fabric with a tn'«7 new trim. ' 75c» KAYSER MIR-0-KLEEN New Shadowiest and Hingless CHIFFON HOSE A flawlessly clear .slocking - - knil by a new process designed to eliminate all rings and shadows. 1 65 Kayser Knil Slacks - - 81.50 Kayser Sweaters to Match 81 KAYSER GLOVES Beautiful new styles fashioned o f silk and fabrics in white, black a n d soft tone's. 1 $1.25 1 Jack Applebaum

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