The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 13, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 13,1946 BLYTHE7TLLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NOTICE FII.ING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOK PEKMIT. Notice .is hereby given Hint tlie undersigned has Filed with the Commissioner. of Revenues of the Stnte ol Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense .vinous or Kplritiious liquors for Ijevennje ill retail on tile premises described us 418 W. Ash Kt Blylhcvllle, Ark. Application is for penult to te Issued for operation beginning oa [he 1 day of July, 1MB and to expire , oil the 30th day of June, 1947. Hugh Cherry. ORD1KANCK NO. 4«7 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 299 PROVIDING FOR THK CREATION OF A DEPARTMENT OF SANITATION FOR THE COLLECTION OF GARBAGE, WASTE, TRASH AND REFUSE. IN THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILI.E. ARKANSAS, PROVIDING FOR AN INSPECTION OF PREMISES, FIXING A SCHEDULE OF FEES FOR SAID SERVICES, PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION HEREOF FOR THE DISPOSITION OF AND SURPLUS OF FEES COLLECTED UNDER THIS AMENDMENT. REPEALING ALL 'ORDINANCES OR PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONF-LICT HEREWITH. AND FOR ALL OTHER PURPOSES: BE IT : ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BUYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: SECTION ONE: Ordinance Mo. 299 is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION TWO: There is hereby created u Department of Sanitation to be under the supervision and management of the City Engineer of the City of Blyllieville. Arkansas, or such oLlier competent per.sou F.K that Mayor- .mid Council" ahull select, and the City EiigiiieRi-*br |>er- .son so selected is authorized and directed, to-- employ an assistani collection of garimee and/or rubbish and/or truh at the rate of $6.00 to UO.M per quarter payable in advance. Said fees due the City of Blythevllle under this sub-sectlo'i are hereby levied on and shall be collectible (ruin -ovmert, m»na«r.s or offkers of said business or commercial house. SECTION FOUR: The Mayor, City Health Office!-, and the Sanitation Committee uf the City Council shall have the authority to establish fees In keeping with the above schedule for the collection of garbage and trash from nuy businesses or residences which are not listed in UK> above 'SECTION FIVE: GarbtHfe within the meaning of this urdiuance slmll be construed to Include all rejected foad weurte, and to Include every refuse accumulation of tini- •mnl, fruit or vegetable nutter used approved by the Health and Fire Department; (bi It shall be unlawful ior-uiy pernon, linn-or corporation to dump or throw garbage, trash, refine, le»v« or accumulation of tame on any vacant lot, street or «lley In the City o! Blythe- vllle; <c> it Khali be unlawful for any pernon. firm, or corporation to collect or move garbage In the City of plytheville until they flret secure a written permit from the Health Department and p»y the -license nnrt inspection fee provided for here; (ell there is hereby levied a license und inspection fee of $50.00 per year or fractional part theiYof for each conveyance or vehicle used in the collection of garbage under the terms 'of Sub-Section (c) of Section Eleven herein, which said fee anall be paid at the office of the City Collector In advance. SECTION TWELVE: Clarbaije stun not less than Five <»5.00) Dollars uor luore Uuui Twenty O) Dollars. . • :••• . five SECTION SIXTEEN: It "Is distinctly provided that this ordinance does not In any way obU«»te Oity Employees of City Trucks to clean or pick up refuse or debris renult- | ing from construction on property! wliere buildings ure being .repaired or under construction, nor wood nor limbs resulting from -removal jf tr«s from prlvttte'|>roi>crty. How- •vci, such refuse, or debris may be einoved at a charge of $1.IW to tlO.OO [xi- load. SECTION SEVENTEEN: III- Ihe' event that tlie fees collected under tills ordinance exceed the cost of maintaining the funcllons contoni- plitled under Urls ordinance, iiny surplus slmll be puld Into the general funds of the City of Htyllic- vllle to be uwd for the maintenance of the BlythCTille Health D*pait- inent. 3TIOtj EIGHTEEN: If any or Intended -for food, or intended .shall be collected from private resl- for the preparation, use in cooking, deuces by the City at least otioe dealing-in, or storing of meat, fish, fowl, fruits and/or vegetables. SECTION SIX: Rubbish and trash within the meaning of this ordinance shall include refuse -othor than food stuffs, such as pape/, • clothing, Kias», leavee, wood, ashes, nud tin cans, iud nil such' rubbish must be placed In separate .containers, separate and distinct froin container containing garbage., ; SECTION : SEVEN: All' proprietors of hotels, restaurants, 'qafea, boarding or'•eating houses; • apartment houses, housekeepers', and oc- cupanUi of buildings iln the City Of Blythevllle shall provide the', necessary cans or other recepUhles ;at their own expense, and shall "deposit dally their uccumulation 'of !n:*ucli receptacles as'liereln provided. Kitchen *hal) Iron cans -with each week during the months from October 1 to April 1 ntui at least twice each week from the months or AIM 11 i to October 1, and It IK hereby made the duty of the occupants of every 'dwelling In the City to 'Ivave garbage on their respective premises property ulaoecl In aupN edv cans and .-available for regular collections. Garbage and rubbish slijll 'be collected *ln the business section, and from all business establishments, wherever located 'dally'. ' ; -SECTION THIRTEEN: Tlie Ices .herein provided for .shall be payable in advance, shall be collected at suet places' and in such manner us the Mayor and Sanitation Dcpartmeii from -time to time prescribe. Ii the, event that the fee provided "iov herein .Is-not paid promptly when due, ,a. penalty of 50c for each de- part or parts, section or sub-section nf Mils ordinance Iw held un- ronstmuional or invalid, such un- consUtnlunallly or Invalidity sh»U not nfri'ct the validity of the remaining jiorllons of this ordlnaii'K SKCT1ON NINtiTEUN: All ordl nnnros or -purls of ordinances In I'onlltot herewith are hereby pealed. SECTION Tvnarn-. WWMAK, It Is necewary to make proper precaution and rfgvuatiiai and tw Ihe collection .of garbage, the proper collection of same Is necewary for the protection of the eminent of the City of BlylhevlUe, un ememeiicy li hereby declared to exist find this ordinance to found io be rwcetsury for the Immediate prc'Mivatloh of the public peace, health und safely, and Ihe same nhall be in fill force and train iina Us passaue and approval Approved: K. R. JACKSON lylaya Attest: FRANK WH1TWOKTH City Clerk: Molonsts who know will tell you • • • OUR CAR-SERVICE IS YOUR BEST CAR-SAVER Finest' Quality FRESH DRESSED Drcwcd checirieaHy ta thnt whlU you wait. I » 1 1 HENS-FRYERS You may Mleet your ekickn to he drewed if dcitirad. > • FARMERS: HRING US YOUR FOR HIGHEST CASH, PRICES HAYNES POULTRY PLAIT 125 E. Ash ly over Bald can, such cans to a capacity of ten, fifteen or. twenty gallons and be handles. Provided, that yard del "1«ent in paymrnt said penalty stall .become a and such other help as he may need ', u, r ""'"*«. «««• yara .IUMS to n,,t thi K nrrti,,n',r^ in f,,n fr,,," I stable manure, ashes, chiflers etc.; shall not be placed in In the garbage can, but shall be kept near such can and convenient U) access to tlin garbage collector, and ashes or cinders may be kept in any box or vessel that can be handled .'by one nian; yard and stable manure shall provided With tS|P° H ' of and te Conected wlth "*-> »rt Y£f, Z% ;,™2 »"».'• fees heretofore levied. In the to put this ordinance in full force upon the passage and, approval hereof. SECTION THREE: From and after tlie passage and approval of this ordinance, all garbage, waste, trash |' and refuse in the City of Blyther. vil!c shall lie collected regularly by the employees of the City of Blytlu- villc and for said service the Sani- Itttion pepartrneiit of the City of Blytheviile, or 'its duly authorized employees shall collect fees set out in Ihe.-following schedule: event that any fee levied herein remain's unpaid for a- ueriod in exceoe of thirty daystrom the time the fee^ first' becomes due. the City of Bly- thevUle Is hereby authorUwd to institute suit for recovery said fee - with any penalties that iiiuy have attached thereto, be kept in any covered box or bin c _ so arranged that flies cannot _reach is., com t the manure stored therein. ; Provided, further, that old papers, rags, etc.. may be placed In'Burlap .bags or in boxes in such a manner ,tha£ the contents cannot blow away-or Into four (4). 'quarters, the first C|iiarter;pc;veriiig'.ttie months of Jannary. February, and March; the sec- (11 For the purposes of this ordi-j be scattered. nance/.}he calendar year is divided! SECTION 'EIGHT: -Where the owner or lessee of premises rents,a portion thereof to one or more lam- illes or occupants, he or She shall onel quarter covering the months of W ovide the necessary can or recep- April.J^ay and June; the third qucj- • • ._..--.... ter. covc-.-ing the months of July, August, and September' the fourth -(juarter covering- the months of OC-- tober, November, and December. (2> A fee of $2.25 per quarter, or fractional-; part of a quarter, payable in advance, is. hereby levied tacles as above set forth, und .thai! cause such garbage to bev placed ready for removal in with the terms of' this for each single family house .actually occupied dwelling resi-: (3) A fee of '$2.25 .per quarter, payable in advance, is hereby levied for each- unit of a multiple family dwelling actually occupied as a residence. M) Tlie fees mentioned in this ordinance und particularly in Subsections 2 and 3 of this Section are hereby levied on and such collection from that person v.-ho In con- •SECTION FOURTEEN: Ins|)ec- tors employed by the Health Department and/or the Garbage Department of the Oity of Blytheville shall .make regular Inspections of all premises, alleys, and vacant lots and/or other properties in the City of. Blythevllle and shall have the power to notify the owner or owners thereof of any unsanitary conditions existing thereon. Within ten UO) days, after such notice, it shrill be the duty of the owners or owner of such premises to immediately cause the removal of such unsanitary conditions and if such ow>i- . SECTION NINE: -The City ^n- fr or owners do no so comply with gineer in connection with the'.City '" te " ( °> dtt >'^ lhe Inspectors o U..KK r>fB,^ .».«ii — ;,M „ „-..,.- the Health and/or. Garbage an Health Officer aha 11 provide' a suitable place Where all garbage and waste matter may be hauled: and all such ;£arba shall be Tjucni the general direction of the Health Officer and Board of Health of- the .City of Blytheville. ' SECTION TEN: All garbage must be drained of liquid .substances .before same is placed. in garbage can. .SECTION ELEVEN: From and after the passage and appr.qvaiv.of this ordinance (a) It' shall -be un- templatlon of law is the head of tlie | lawful for any person, firm or cor- fnmily residing in the dwelling house unit. "The head of the family" is defined as one who controls, supervises and/or .manages the affairs about the house. (51 111 the event -that in contemplation of law there is no head of the family, the fees set out above are hereby levied an'and shall br? j collectible from each adult residing on the premises, provided, however. that not more than one fee per quarter • shall be paid for each dwelling house unit in which there is no head of a family. (6) All business and/or commercial houses shall be charged for the Sanitation Department shall be au- thprizied to Immediately correct unsanitary, condition. In addition, any pmtotv-nrm,or 'wrporetion-Jailing to obey such iiotlce and continues to maintain an unsanllary condition shall .be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be lined as hereinafter set out. 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