The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1930
Page 9
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SEPTEMBER 25, BLYTttlSVlLLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS *r p j»-m m-w.-ir ,-M CLASSIFIED ADS 'iwo ceuu a word roc Orst Insertion tod cue cent i word (or MK& aubtequtct Insertion. No advert Uenwnt taken (or lees than 60c. Count the and lend tbe taib. Phone 3M FOK SALE TOR SALE—Good No. I and No. 2 wheat and good hay. Hunter villc Development Co., Hunterville. Mo. 22P—K27 FOR SALE—Caih or Trade—my equity in property at -10!) West Ash St., priced at a treat deal below value. Dr. C. A. Caldwel! Lafe, Ark. ' 231'—10-10 FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone,'• 197 and 571. istl. KOR KENT—Housekeeping rooini cheap. 014 He am. 15pk2!t FOR RENT—6 room house, 23: Dougan. Phone 331. lUcktf FOR RENT—Front Bedroom, ad joining bath, private home. Plion •HSJW. 29C-K2 r FOR RENT—Building recently va cateU by A. & P. ticket olllc at AEli & Second Streets. To: •W. Jackscn. 24CK2* FOR SALE—Forty acres, 4 rooi frame house, good bam, nea good scliuol, v:oven wire fence high stale of cultivation, price S2 GOO. Small casli payment, balanc annually at 0 per cent. J. C. Chap in, Manila, Ark. 25pk27. WANTED WANTED — Family Washing Washed and Ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Brown 704 & Lake St. 17ck- WANTED — Arkansas State Lil Insurance Company wants agei to sell health and accident insu ance. Address Box C02 or ca at 11C \V. Davis St. MC-KL. UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY f< aggrcrslvo salesman between agi cf 25 and 45., PostoIIicc Box 9 CK-2 AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA O UNITED STATES. Pcrmanei positions; clerical, mechanical, sales manship; experience unnecessar Salaries 525.-$100. weekly, Iran poitatiou furnished. BOX n CHICAGO, ILL. LOST AND FOUND e A/, LAURA LOU BR.OOKMAN / J Y AUTHQPOF"13A8U POMAMCF*- HtltilN I1CIUO TODAY i:r.i.\ HOOI:U*, JUKI <>ut oi lt «il;ool, miUJrnly Uurm thai fnllur nl<e HH* litllpvcil ilt-ad in \\\ \\tfi nnJ ir %vc:iltbx \riv York >cr. The rcvrlullu!! In mnUe t-ii jnn.v 3irr(;iii:i,r.. uu- fn- 'r cnlN rt ilic humble upr. r(- »t to Hal tfm ore ivti-rc Celln i-H u I ill HT ninths r, .'1AH- HI-ri 1 l{(JGI-:itX. JtlAr^nrrl trllx 1hf girl fur Ihj? Hrjit time < hut CVIE:i I* the UailulUrr nt n llml iHiirrlnKi'. Rtitrcarct nrnl Julin MlfrTicll nrru .liv.irrnl. The «n- •>nO IinxUnnil. HUH IUIGKHS. hu» Ljrrn Urnil (or yrar«, Mr*, JlM£crn nml Crlln hnvc uu .•trotiie liui the umllirTN *rirnln;tx i*v." APain.ilrt'KM, tliou^b rciTii IIHJI r /^Vr rJ n (iii^itloa n* fclfiioirrn- pier iiAii.vr.v sin i:i.ns, 7 o n n K MCiTSiLMtifr phntuRrniihcr. l» In Invc itllb thu f;lri. .MUt-hd) urn- jtoir^ (o Inlic i.'cU:i In Nc u Vntlc nnJ ofTur-i in f.J»mvcr Iicr \\ltti luviirlca, STie re tuxex, Imr >Ir«. thcro'vo been many chan^ea. Not many ot Urn old houses left." Ilo scorned to forget tlio girl, IQ3O NEA losing hlmscll In memories. studied Itcr father's face. Cclla TN a vny Mitchell was good look' Ing. Thcro was uotliini; at all her) nun llliiCNs nnd i>erxuadc* C'clln to STRAYED—Small Jersey cow. Dark' color svitli few white spots. Lelt horn clipped. W. C. Buchanan, 111 E. Sycamore, or call Z. A. Mc- Cuistioii's Store. 25pk27 LAST IS NOT LEAST INCOME TAX INSPECTOR: How Tinny cteirendents liavc you? ONE OF THE MANY: Two children and a landlord—Answers. IT'S THE MOUTH LADY: Your French rolls arc really far too small. 1 can't put a who'c cue into my mouth at once. BAKER: I can quite believe Inert wllh l"-i» ot worl uc'd'Jjl, Cclia nnrt SEik-lcU it'Tiid run liixl rvriilnt: foprt-tMcr nn& «he lirunilto. <» \vnll fur tlic ilny Ihry rait Ijr iu;irrli-<l. Tbc nt\l Itflvr- rixm C.'i-lln mill lii-r ffllUt-r rfrtiarl for \L-IV Vnrl:, auj IhmiKh SlifclilN tint primilMi-il in Nre (hrm off, be .NOW c;o n.\ WITH THE STORY CMAl'TUR XII Eat primly In her parlor car sent and watched the landscape. Mllclie-ll. I her, rustled Hie newspaper lie was reading. The- girl stole a glance at liiui, then turned kack to her window. Green ficld:i. Tlows and rows of fence pos-ts. Hero and Ihcrc a farm house. Catlle gracing In pastures She paw those things through blurrej eyes. Why Iinrt Barney Shields nbl conic to Iho station to say goodby' As long as her eyes were, on fli< flying countryside she could racl her brain for answers ancl nursi her wounded feelings. "Would you like something ti r«ul?" John Mitchell asked. "Xo, thank you." "Il'in!" She was lo become familiar with that monosyllabic re- but It held no meaning then. Mitchell fohlcd Ills own newspaper and laid it beside him. Ho took a watcii from bis waistcoat, snapped bad; tho lid and looked at it. "In Ihrcc hours." be said, "we'll lie in New York- H'm!" Celia felt that she should say something, but her lips would not move. Two large reil circles were turning in nor checks. "You've never secu New York?" ho couliniiPd. "No, I've no idea what it's like. Tall buildings, I suppose, and noiso arnl everyone hurrying. That's tlie way I've pictured It. Is it' Ilke'ttial?" Mitchell nodded gravely. "Yes—at least pan of it. You'll find it fairly tinict in my mother's home." Celia couhl Ihiuk of no suitable rcpiy and remained quiet. Her heart v,-as beating rapidly. "It's an obi section of the clly," Mitchell n'ent on. "Gramercy Park. Lived tlier* »-ben I was a hoy. bu* about Ilia man to remind her of ersclf. Celia thought ho hud the oldest, most Impersonal expression lio had ever seen. "Mother doesn't hear very well," e was BaylnK. "You will linvo to rather loud lo mako her uu- ersliiud." "Will I see Iicr this evening?" "Oh, yes! Certainly. Slio's cen spending tbo suimncv lu own. Generally goes up in New England, but tills year—;it K-ast or a time—she's decided to stny n the city." Cclla's misgivings Increased. Sho ind.not considered Uio prospect of acquiring a grandmother. Grand- nolhers, as sho pictured llicm, should be old Indies dressed In lavender with liltlc caps of lace on .heir heads and spectacles on their loses. Silo thought ut such a grandmother Bluing lu a rocking clmtr nnd knttling. "Of course Elie'll seo that you meet young people." Mitchell nalil, us though lio had read tbo girl's .noughts. There was a pause and Hie man leturncd to Ills newspaper. Cclia glanced timidly about the car. She liopcd no oao would guess that It was her first trip in a. parlor car. Slio eyed tbo other travelers curl- on sly. A girl about her own ago sat n few scats distant. Slio hart black liatr, combed away from her face, ami very red lips. Slio wore a black dress. A young man sat beside the girl and the two were In galas of laughter. "He isn't as good looking as llarney," Celia: thought lo herself. The thought brought a stab of pain. She turned back to her window and tried to remember all the tilings llarney had said the night before. The sun was directly in tlio west now. A white-clad colored niun came through tiie car, announcing that dinner was served. A man nnd two womcti arose and followed him. Mitchell asked Celia it she would .Ike lo dine. She said she was not liuugry. The litlle watch on the girl's wrist lohl her that It was six o'clock.. Her mother would be getting her evening meal. What was she cooking? It made Cclia sad to think of her mother alono at tho table where tlio two of them bad Her father ordered. Ho was Insistent In directing that tho steak should not bo over-done anil that tlio chceso must bo well ripened. Mitchell seemed -*- 1 lo rccelvo tho same prompt del- cronco Cella noted. It niado him nioro nwc-iusplring than before. Elio had lltllo to say as tbo meal wes served. Her father alo licart- lly. After ono or two attempts nt corn-creation ho devoted hltisclt to the food. Shadows knptlic-ncd on tlio counlrytihlo 113 Iho train biicd by. When they had liulshcd eating anil were back in Iho parlor car dusk had fnllen. Tlicro w«a nothing to bp s^cn oulsldo tho windows-now. Cella selected a magaztuo dad tried to cnterlaln herself. She was surprised when Mllrtioll touched her arm. "Almost thcvc," ho Bald. "Aro you ready?" "You mean we're In Ntw York? 1 "Xo, no! Havo to cross Ihe river yet This la Jersey Clly. We change lo Iho bus here." Somo of tho women in Ihc car were pulling on contu [(nil hula. Cella took tbo tiny vanity case from her purse, patted her nose with powder and pulled on her gloves. Tlio conductor's siiout mug through tho cat 1 . '"All out!" Tho girl scrambled to her feet, followed closely behind her falbcr In tho jircES toward tho door ot the car, then across tho pavement to Iho long line of waiting motov coaches. "This our bus?" "Yes, sir. Twenty-third street!" Ihe uniformed attendant answered. Mitchell helped Cclia into the coach. alwavs Sho wondered how Mrs. Hogers would spend the evening. A liltlo later Mitchell led the way to the dining car. Celia was impressed by the array of silver and linen and tho heavy trayg the waiters bore so easily. Sho could not conceal her wonder at this traveling restaurauL "Sliort ride now," he said. ""6 homo In half an hour." She watched with wjde eyes as Iho coacli was driven on the ferry boat. Suddenly beforo her loomed thu horizon of New York. "Over there!" her father nodded. 'That's tho city." Cclia leaned forward and studied tlio panorama. Towers, spires and squat lower outlines darkly visible against tha graying sky. Flashes of gold glinting from myriads of windows. Tho dark, wide expanse of water between. Brightly lit river craft drifting by, signaling ono another by moaning whistles. "Now York!" Cella breathed tbo words softly. Tho ferry was moving now. "Ml;o to get oulsido nud lool: around?" Mitchell asked. Slio said tiiat slio woulil. Others in IIio co.ich were leaving to find places for themselves against tho boat's rail. Tho wind whippeil against the girl's cheeks and unconsciously siic braced herself. Mitchell named some of tbo more Impressive buildings r.s they passed. Celia barely heard his voice. Sho was lost In tho majesty ot the me- tropolis, its hugoucsa was challenging, mysterious, Bllrilng, T ATKll when they left tbo motor; * J conch for n taxlcnb nml wont whirling through crowded elreels .this spirit of ndvcuturo departed. New York closo at httnd aecmeJ to look like any oilier clly. .-She was surprised when tbe cab hallcil,. "llcvo wo nre," said Mitchell. Cella ntoppcd to tbo pavement nnd looked up nt the old-fiisbloncd house. It wns too dnrk to seo tho uullJIni; clearly, but It was'lmprcs- slve In splto of taller ihvclllnts oa either shlo. Slowly ulie climbed tho slops after iicr fallicr. Tlio front iloor opened, letting out n blinding flood of o!cclrlclly 4 "All right, Edward. Tnko tbeso b.ij;^, will you?" Mitchell was speaking to tho servant ivho bad opened tho door. Ilo dismissed tho taxi driver and fol- lowi'il Cella Into tlio hallway. "Mrs. Mitchell Is In tho drawing room, sir," tho gv.iy-hrilreil 1M- w.inl Fiilil, panning with tlio trav- ell]t>; cases In his nrniB. "We'll go right in" Mitchell nodded toward Cclia. Ho led tho way Into a vnst, Claiming room, Tlio girl on Iho threshold caught a bwift vision ot crystal lights, mirrored timiiHe- pleco, oriiato furniture, and mnruou Inndngn. Slio stood quite still. "Well, mother, wo'ro here!" \A tall woman dressed In black Bilk roso from n chair across tho room. S!LC Inn] while hair, combed jack from he;- forehead and ar: ranged lu n, twist on top ot her iicail. Sho was tt hirgo woman, sillily erect nnd with nu nlr of tremendous dignity. Sho did not smile, but her gnzo shifted immediately from tho man lo Cclia. "So llils Is Iho child!" The clilerly woman's voico sharp, blb'h-pllclicd. "Como nearer." nbo went on, and t'nero was no doulit that Bho addressed Celia. Hesitantly the girl moved forward. OUR BOARDING HOUSE vet rvie sestf : - Airiert.vue MpW -Trie MEUl .OUJL'S UMCL& AMOS -vUS KiDS 15 PLAVl^i 7 TocrfBALL 0^/ER IAi UOT, M 1 "THERE'S A .BIG fAT KIP ROLLS QM us- AFTER out* A PROBLEM QF /\cco u kits' f AS O1MO DY MA StnVrCC, WC MUSCLE PROBLEM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES LOOK WHO'S HERE! By Martin; Is Culla,". John "Cella— your eraud- "Yes-, this Milclicll snitl. mother." Colia put out her liaml. "How i!o you ilo?" she satil In a voico Hut tremblcil. For a full second slio felt Mrs. Thomas Worlliinelou Mllctioil'a scrutiny. Then Iho proffered hand was accepted. "How do you do?" Mrs. Mitchell sniil, in tlio same sharp voice. "I hoiio you'll like your new home. Don't sec Hint yon look much like. tlio'.Mttcliclls— " Tlio liiulcr'g appearance In t!io hull doorway interrupted Lor words. "Well. Edward!" Jlra. Mitchell aEl;ed. "Excuso me, ma'am. There's somcono on the telephone asking [or Mr. Mitchell. They said it's Important." , x ('.(o I!« Cqstlaucd)' f" that, madam, but it's not, the fault Gotenbur of the bread.- Holig Hnlv Timma, FOR SALE BARGAINS USED CARS USED CARS USED CARS Here's your oi>|K>rluuity to get the car that just suifs you and your rjocketljook. Late Models, till reconditioned wherever needed, every one guaranteed for 30 days. Don't walk or stay at home; select one of our good used cars on terms to suit vou. mo KOKD FOKDOR SEDAN. A large roomy car, fully equipped, 5 dandy tires, Icuks and rnns line. Only S153. 1330 FOKU PICK-UP. Driven only 8,000 miles, 5 A-l Tires, closed cab. Tim best bargain we have. $350. MZO LATE POXTIAC COACH Only a year old, is fully ci|ui|i[u-d, good tirrs, uphol- ttcry is like new. Just the car for the family $395. 1928 CHEVROLET ROADSTER Orl-inal Paint, has lS3n License, looks ami runs gocd. Only §125. 1D20-FORI> STANDARD COUPE Fully equipped, 1030 License, Good tires, runs and looks fine S335. 1028 LATE FOItU UOAUSTEK Has 5 good, tires, motor ami appeanmcc good, 1930 License $225. OWN RECOGNIZANCE COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. (UP) —When Trcssa Kenncy of Mnni- ou appeared before Justice of the eace Schisler for arraignment on charge of illegal possession of itoxicating liquor she was rclcas- d on her own recognizance to wait trial. She is 80 years old. CALL 811 TODAY or Come in lo select yutir car. We will demonstrate any of our Used Cars lo you. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY, Authorized Ford Dealers, -Main At, Fifth Street. —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st Call CC Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 5! Ingram BIdg. Blythevllle, Ark V. R, WASHAM—TT*J«[CT Dally trips to Memphis. Will Pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates OR carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-031? . Gcod cheer :tnd a smiling service has won more patrons for ILS than any othtr mic factor. We srrvc nttr:iclivc, seasonable, pnlalnMc dishes, priced on 1 ninjc ]iopular with (he average patron. An :ir(islic disli is half diseited. BLACK CAT COFFER SISOI'FE AT TIIL GOFF HOTIif,. WERT iHe Makes 'Em See NOTICE \VilIi our recent partnership with Mr. Geo> Carney, we now have the bc&l equipped inde- 1-rnilcnt shop in town. CARNEY-JENKTNS GARAGE Pickn-ick Building "\Ye know we know how" LITTLE BT.'T r,OUn ST. JOSEPH (UP) — Alter bat- four St. Joseph policemen scar Lindgren, 75, and who weighs ut 125 pounds anil who is but vc feet tall, \v,i5 put in the conn- jail here recently. SPOKE TOO SOON' HUSBAND: What did yon pay for the hat? WIPE: Nothing! HUSBAND: Well, that's cheap! Ho\v did you manage it? WIFE: send you Berlin. I told the milliner to the bill. — Dorfb.nbicr, QUITE SO "Pardon me, I'm sure I'va seen yon somewhere before. You're so much Mike Jones, the chauffeur." "I am Jones." "Ah, that accounts for the rc- markabLc likeness." Faun, Vienna. FORESIGHT "Your wife stutters very badly." "Yes, that's why I married her. When she wants n new frcc-k, it's olfl-fashioned before she's managed (o .isk for It."—Passini! Show, ALL EVEN I'm afraid we've nude rather a fs of your field," said Ihc male er of the picnic couple to the farmer en whose grounds they were camping. "Never mind," the former replied, "you hould ecc the mess the village youngsters have made of your car."—Tit-Bits. 'HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS PARTNERS IN CRIME! L.... LOOKS LIU£ PLANE FROM\ au.BAWcH.... 86 vou A PAQOHECi OF BROWS? IF Voj AR6 You BETTER CLEAR OUT OP HERg... ; BI»JW.£yS MV Vooas? A wo ovine nwt Fseciaes piUseo To BEW IT....t GOTTA FliJO ABOUT Vou S W TUC JOB? MOM'N POP HIGHEST 1511) BlBN'T XOU PBQVllSC. TO BEAT n (XND STAV \F \'TS GWC XOU A H\C\<CU V '•'I

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