The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 19, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 19, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . THE DOMINANT NF.WRPAPPn rw MnmiVunVam «m,., * * ^~r VQLUJIE XXXVI—NO. 129. Blythovllle Cornier Blytheville Herald Blyllievlllc Paris Insists, Berlin Denies Nazi Troops Massed In Slovakia By United Press Gei-man troop movements 'near the Polish iron tier centered today on Slovakia with which the Heidi lias concluded a new military agreement. Slovakia lies along lialf of the southern Polish bonier. Paris heard reports of hcavji* •German iroop movements into Slo-< vakia proper. High sources in Berlin, however, insisted that no German troops are In Slovakia except, 1 in the treaty zone, although a mil- i Itary mission Is In Bratislava negotiating 'military ami ""poTitlra 1 agreements. The Paris reports spoke ol 50 COO German troops having been sent to Slovakia and also sad! (hat 100,000 Slovak conscripts would b available to Germany in event a war. With control of the Slovakia) army Germany would nlmost en circle Poland except on her east cm frontier which is Soviet Kus ElU. As the Slovakian arrangemen developed tlie German press con tlnued Its campaign for Danzi: Warns Farmers To Watch Out For-Leaf Worms with bitter attacks on Poland charging atrocities and persecutior of the German minority there. • -Warsaw sources said thai the •Polish government is not surprised, by Germany's moves in Slovakia and has taken precautions to guard against an attack from the south Officials there said they have long known that Slovakia would be a base for operations agalnst.,Polam In event of war and are pi'epar-->t for it. Great Britain was alert to !he situation. Viscount Halifax, foreign secretary, suddenly cut short his vacation and returned to London to watch the international situation. Friction between Britain and Japan in tlie Par ast was increased by Britain's refusal to discuss Chinese monetary problems with the Japanese alone, Insisting that the United States and other signatories to the nine power treaty must be consulted. Japanese sources made threats to blockade Hong Kong, the great British commercial center in the Par East. Japanese troops already are along the border of the colony and the possibility appeared of a food shortage (here. Keiser Man Named State Policeman KEISEE, Ark., Aug. 19.—Clyde Barker, who has been a deputy sheriff in the Keiser area for some time, lias received an appointment as a member of the state highway police, it lias been announced. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Aug. 19 (UP)-Cotlon closed steady. open high low close 878 879 872 8T2 858 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnr. May Jul. 861 8Mb 841 825 BID 863 10. 851 844 n 838 823 807 Spots closed nominal at 922, off 841 825 810 838 823 807 New Orleans Cotton A warning to farmers lo watch their fields for cotton leaf worms was Issued today by D. s Lnntrip county farm agent, who said he' has received reports from scattered sections of the county that Uie worms are now making their appearance. Pear of n general Infestation which might result in considerable damage to the cotton crop at this stage was expressed by Mr. Lantiip who advised farmers to dust with calcium nrsenate wherever worms are found. Cotton leaf worms are to be expected each year lie pointed out, but it is onl.v when they come at a certain stage In the development of tlie crop 'that they cause damage. If the worms had made their appearance two weeks later no damage would be likely to result. _THE DOMINANT NCTSPAPRR^PNQimiE^T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI — — _ _ - ; _ - _ - - _ - . - __ SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1939 BE HEOHESTED IN /evnor Bailey Will Ask High Court To Chang. Dec ision LITTLE HOCK, Aug. ifl (0 p)_ Gov Baileys highway bond re funding program was heMed lodrxj for another supremo court tcs lollowmg announcement of the chief executive that he would file a petition for n rehearing on the emergency clause which the tribunal Held Invalid by a four to three vote. The governor also will seek new rilling on the court's action Farley Tells Of Audience With Pope At Papal Estate .Today CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, Aug. 9 < UP)—Pope Pius is exerting very effort to avert war Postmaster 3enernl James A. Parley said today after having, been received in private 1 audiences umiiier- es The Pope presented Farley with i commemorative medal nnd "his .laughters with rosaries. Farley told the press: "The pope wants to have peace •eign -throughout the world. He s doing everything possible to ivert war. He realizes his difficult losiiion in this troublesome per- od and I am confident he will neasure up lo the wort: before The pope flsks lo be remembered o his friends in the United States, specially President Roosevelt, nis sold he nlways wil re- nember his trip to the United " ales in 193G." /' Gravel Road Projects In County Underway WPA projects for graveling about 0 miles of roads are under 'way in he Rosemnd community. Tiie read from Itoclnnd to NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 19. (UP)— Charles Coleman's farm is now Cotton futures closed steady today, being graveled to connect an ail- off one to three points. open Well low Oct Dec Jan Mar.' May Jul 871 8GO 850 83 G 818 872 800 851 836 818 882 867 857 848 834 817 Close 883 868 851 848 834 817 Spots closed nominal at 838, olf weather route to. other graveled rends. Another project is gravelm" of 10 miles of the road north of Luxora, known as Twin Bridges rend from the Pcnnenter stcrc near Rosa to connect with Adiport Ferry road. the A new world's diving speed Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. IS. (UP)— Short covering just before the close of today's stock market session brought substantial recoveries after the list had registered declines ranging to more than a point AT&T .................. 162 3-4 Anaccnda C:ppcr ........ 23 7-8 Associated DO ..... 71-8 Beth Steel ................ 5G i_ 2 Boeing Air .;..-• ....... 19 Chrysler .......... . ____ ' 79 General Electric .......... 34 1-2 General Motors ____ ..... 44 5-8 Int Harvester ...... '.'.'.'.'.'. 61 1-4 Montgomery Ward ....... 48 1-2 N Y Central ............. ] 131-8 Packard ......... ..... 318 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 32 1-2 512 " ' record wns made Hawk 75 pursuit by a plane Curtiss . Radio ......... Schentey Simmons Scccny Vacuum Standard Oil N J 21 3-4 u 39 7-8 Texas Corp ............ " 341.4 U S Steel ............... ] 45 1-2 Chicago Wheat open high low c | ose Sept. 661-4 671-4 681-4 67 Dec. 657-8 661-2 653-4 6G3-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Sept. 431-8 431-2 43 433.5 Dec. 421-4 423-4 421-4 421-2 speed cf 515 miles per hcur. at the , . , .. — ---», ^-^v..u a IIV,LLUI in holding that stale Senator Paul C/Mtcnsolm was not legally in office U)e Gulensolin n ,](n e hlls en . dangercd legality O t both the Ny- bei-g and Majors acts of the last regular .legislative session us his vote provided tlie necessary margin for passage of both. Tlie "two acts evied a sales tax on beer and 'increased llquo:- taxes, Meanwhile Senator Joe KImzcy baid that there are now about 12 "out) signatures on petitions calling for a referendum on the rctimd- ng act at the 1040 general election Tabulation and checking of the Ignatures against county poll tax is Is will begin Monday. Explaining a reversal, if voted by he Supreme Court, would not aid any Immediate attempt, to refund Arkansas'* 5140,537,000 highway bonded debt, Governor Bailey said: "They have done tlie damage, insofar ns refunding Is concerned. They have prevented us from cnr- rying out a refunding program that was all ready lo go through, ihe market was right and we had a ^certain buyer for our bonds. "But, if they don't modify that decision and they use it ns a precedent for possible future decisions, they will very largely collapse the' operating income of the Extension Service, the Medical School and the tuberculosis sanatoria building program and will affect materially tlie Welfare Department and various appropriations for the University of Arkansas." The Arkansas Beer and Coufcc- oners Retail Dealers' Association meeting "at -the Hotel '.Marlon .yas~- terday, instructed its attorney, Roy Prewitl of Little Rock, to file suit challenging validity of the Nyberg act on grounds tlie measure would have failed of passage in the Senate at the 1D39 regular session had not Mr. Gulensohn's vote been counted. Ted IfcDailiels of North Little Rock was appointed chairman o[ a committee to seek co-operation of the stale's approximately 4,000 re- beer dealers in the attack on Hdiences at the. papal lue Arkansas Beer and late.with his'two dniigh'- tlollcr s Retail Dealers' As: Kills Woman, Trying To Flee From Hospital Gets $4,000 For Hurt While On Guard Duty PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 19 -Huten Presley, 2-1-yi'nr-old ; fluji- tlve from the Washington slate prison, killed a womnu nUendnrii, for an niul wounded two men today lu rm 1037, while «t H Klk-v Kalis unsuccessful effort to escape froir "~ " ' escape frpm good Snmnritau hospital.- Presley, himself wounded STKELK, ,\f u .-oiho Ij. Curlner n mcinbi'i- of dm Stcelc Nndonn BHiinl toinuiiny, will receive $-l,(!00 " Injury suffered Aug.' lit le »t H. HI ley. Kniu. Mv. Curlner wns injured whei n reck hurled 1,000 feet by n dynamite blast on a Marshall Field -• -.- ••- ^»* ^,. yl ^- :.- ': «,.i.i>. UM n iMuiAiuiu rituu day night, when he fled from i WIA W°W struck him on the holdup scene, finally was pverr l " lck ot 'he lientl. Pi'esldeiitTloose- powered and disarmed. . - vclt slBiieil a bill Inst week allowing tho payment. TH CflpORS Consumers Tax Commission Poinis to Unwilling ( Hidden Tax Collectors . ---..., 'Blytheville has an estimated IflO -lint 1.500 persons hod been driven unofficial <nx collectors" who in- rom their homes along (he. Ata- directly nra helping locnl, slnle winn river for W miles south of OIui ""Uotial gaverumcnls hnrvest Selmn, bringing to 5,000 the mini- tllc!r "nniial revenues, (he National uer of refugees In Alabama's \yoral Consumers Tux Commission dc- Forces 1,500 From LoyV- land Homes; Reel Cross Dispatches Aid SELMA, Ala., Aug. 19 <UP)r-The. Cross survey (odny. revealed disaster since l!»c. dared today. C. W. Winn, head of the Red Thc ""official, and generally tin- Jtoss chapter here, snld the, river willing, "tux collectors", according ind flooded lowlands as far south to 'he NCTC are the proprietors s Sprngues. i Plans were made to aml employes In the 201 locnl rc- cnd refugees food by boats. tall stores. The Alabama river hatl reached "There nre 4,491 oltlclnl tux i3.8G feet here today and appari ^vylng and sending governmental ntly ns at Its crest Wlnn reported. R S CIlcl «i In Arkansas," snld Mrs. Nearly all of the 45,000 refugees Melville Muckleslonc, president of •ere negroes living on the lowlands thc "allon-wlclo women's orannlza- " - ilong the river. They had moyed llo!1 - " B "t every clerk behind a store o the homes of other negroes in counter Is actually a lax collector, ilgher scattered regions an<j it'wjis ' f(X> - liese places Uie Red Cross planned' "I" everj' sale, these clerks col- o reach with food and supplies. . lecl fractions of hidden taxes thai Winn said 30 bo.ils hnd been llnve Increased (lie ccsl of prodiic- oancd to refugees who attempted "°" mA dlstrlbutlcn of the article ' " S1NGLE COP'IES FIVE CENTS Will Explain Allcmpls To Spread Propaganda Through Colleges WASHINGTON, Aug. 19. (UP) — The Dies commlttci! will call n well known educator next week to expose nllempiji ( 0 svrfMl m ., teachiiius In American universities and colleges, it wns disclosed today The comlttce Is in weekend recess. A. F. of L Declares Big Business Trying To Delay Recovery of . Aug. 19, (UP)—Tlie American Fed. . . '' to<lli y cnlicr/ed private industry for fail- i g. to meet congress' challenge to lake the initiative-in-re- vivniff business. Chnliinan Martin (jj(, m Tex.) would not reveal tlio numt of the next witness In the committee's Investigation of Nazl-Fnsclst activities In the United States, he WHS described ns "11 well-known o rescue livestock. pui-chnsed. Tlicse taxes, of necessity, must be passed on to tho consumer as a pnrt of tho price. A major share cf all local, slnte dinners Instructed j ll>d .. nilUcn ' 11 taxes now arc hiddc ,ocal Cotton Buyers, , Colton buyers nnd ginners of >Jorth Mississippi County to the consumers who -pay thorn "Thc store clerks, of course, don't cducntcr whose professional sUmrt- Itij? mill knowledge of the fncts ns beyond dispute." . • He will testify, It wns said, from 'first hand experience" with efforts to Introduce the Nuzl ideology in. universities. The committee yesterday received a description of tlio operation of Iho Cicrmnn-Amcrlcnn bund's youth novemcnt from plump Jlelon Voo- ros, 10, of Brooklyn. Miss Voorcs, a former lender In ho youth group who, was scut to Germany to study Nazi culture said she quit because of the "disgusting mmornlity" she hnd witnessed. She said the bund leaders wouldn't leave her nlono, • At n bund cnuip on fxmg Island, she said, "the boys and girls did things they shouldn't." She said she complained to Theodore Dinkelnckcr, n lender of the vouth movement, nboiit the advances of Frederick Vamlenberg, .30UU1 Brooklyn bund olllclnl mndc to her. Dlnkelackcr asked: "What's the matter: can't you ttikc It?" Miss Vooros, a Gcrmnn bom citizen, said she was chosen lo go lo Tile NCTO now lins study groups icuse. A,similar meeting for cotton uycrs and ginners of South Mls- Isslppl County. will be held Monay afternoon, two o'clock, nt the ourt house In Osccflln.. Ccy safes, county administrator sslstnnt of the AAA in cl'urjw of he Osceola office, explained" the new fcrms to be filled out by any one Imylnj nnd.ginning cotton. ' IX S. Lnntrip, county agriculture agent, presided at..the meeting called by the county ngrlculliiral committee. Man, 60, Accused In Death Of His Wife sa have act filing oi me suit until its final adjudication by the supreme court. They also said members of the association will file with the state claims commission claims for refunds of taxes paid since the effective date of the Nyberg 'act. Roberts Infant Dies At Calumet Home The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Roberts died at 11:20 o'clock last, night at the family residence at Calumet. The two-day- old bnby, who had not been named, was an only child. The Rev. Mr. .Mroney conducted services this afternoon at North Sawba cemetery. Hanna Funeral Home was in cl large. The attorney said his investigation also would Include the deatns of Story's three sons over n " ricd of years." S.P.C.A. to Entertain Firemen Who Saved Dog REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.. (UP> —Mingy, a pet Pekingese dog, will be in the receiving line nt a 'card party for the benefit of Rehoboth Beach volunteer firemen. The Society for. tlie Prevention ol Cruelty to Animals Fs holding the party for the firemen for rescuing the dog from a fire-swept home. Thc firemen worked on tlie anlninl for 45 minutes before reviving it after faking it from the structure. ately 6,300 communities in 15 sliites In its educational campaign to expose "unnecessary consumer-penalizing tuxes," Mis Muckleslone said. The crlisndo hi this state Is - led by Mrs. E.- W. Frost, or Tcxnrknnn, national committee member. Strained Eyes in City Explained by Scientist TOLEDO, O. CUP^RIdlug In a moving automobile Is n relief from eye fatigue if the passenger is surrounded by distortion-free glass, believes Dr. A. H. Ryan, Chicago scientist here for n meeting of automobile editors. "Only noout 20 per cent of our farmers suffer from eye defects," Ryan said. "On the other hand, about 00 per cent of city dwellers have imperfect vision because the normal function ol the eye has been changed from distant seeing to nearby work." Seven Workers Overcome, Clod of Dirt Is Blamed LORAIN, O. (UP)-Rldiard Lc- Iteli, U. S. Bureau of Mines inspector, has rcnorlcd that a four-Inch cube of dirt which liberated a quantity of gas probably wns the cause of seven workers being overcome while working In a limnel here. Lcitch said the dirt clod wns knocked frcm around an old sewer joint by the tunnelers and liberated the gas with which it was saturated 1 when It fell to the tunnel floor. Here's the Meat of Europe's Quarrel'Over Danzig The German Side GERMANY CLAIMS: Danzig, a traditionally German city with almost 100 per cent German population, wishes to be and should be incorporated into the Reich. Germans in Danzig have been abused, their rights curtailed by Poles. Danzig and the Polish Corridor cuts the Reich off from East Prussia In a way intolerable to German pride, a reminder of the repudiated Versailles settlement. Return of Danzig to Germany would not affect Polish independence. The Polish Side POLISH CLAIMS: Danzig, Gdynia and the Polish Corridor arc an absolute economic necessity to Poland's Independence, as their only outlet for sea-borne trade. Further, the latter two arc truly Polish. Deprived of this sea outlet, Poland would immediately become a second-rate country, and lose economic and military power to defend Itself ngninst further aggression, to which it fegards the Danzig move as only the prelude. German Strength Chancellor Hitler, whose spokesman in .Danzig Is Albert Foerster, head of the free city Nazis, lias — to back up his claims—about 2,500,000 men under arms. Ho has a superior air force and mechanized divisions, but B potential lack of supplies' and reserves In case of long war. As allies, the Reich could count on Italy (900,000 under arms) and possibly Hungary (200,000) if war became general. Polish Strength Col. Josef Beck, Polish strong man, has about 1,000,000 under arms, small but good air-force, good arms, splendid cavalry, ire Is faced with insufficient reserves. Jf Nazis seize Danzig from free city status under Dr. Karl u Burckhardt, League of Nations commissioner, Beck might count as allies Britain (700,000 soldiers and world's greatest navy), France and Turkey O.OOO.COO each), and Uussia (2,500,000). ncker wns found In bed with olio of the leaders, a girl only 17 years olrl." Bund officials gave her $20 to prcpnre lor the trip, she testified, and v each member' of . the patty .wns .given- '50 mrirks-'oh'fnrrlral. Transportation wns provided by the steamship company and tlio Oer- mtin railrcnds, she snld. In Germany the parly met Fuehrer Adolph Hitler, she snld. Hitler lold them, she testified, that he was fuehrer of all Germans, whether they lived at the north or south pole. The party then was given six weeks training nt a camp near Berlin—she described (be training ns "antl-suclal, nnd nnli-mnsottic.- Among the things she wns tntight, she said, ivas Ihnt "our president, President Hoosevell, hnd a strenk of Jewish blood In him," nnd that to benr -Illegitimate children wns an honor provided the fnlhcr Gcrmnn. "They held n lecture," she snld, "and said Ihls wns pure and noble, thnt a girl shouldn't Ix: ashamed If she hnd an illegitimate child They snld Hint when we girls grew up «c should produce, lhat the German people In Auicrcla' should They also were' taught the details of sterilization, she sold, and lold of Germany's future plnns, "They lold us that Germany was going lo get back everything she lost," she said. "First Austria, and they did get lhat back; then Czechoslovakia, and they got thnt back; then Danzig, mid Uie Polish Corridor; thciv the African colonies; then Schleswlg-Holstcln; then the Scandinavian countries; then they would l:ok toward America. "That would be in 10 or 20 years." Miss Vooros ssld she wns scieclcd to receive n more Intensive, eight months training nt Stuttgart, but didn't go because she Injured her ankle. One of Die boys who went, she said, studied short wave radio transmission and reception. On the return trip, she snld. one of the toys wns given a mysterious package which she saw him deliver aboard the boat to the "political leader." She was given six girls' youth movement uniforms, and told to ccnceal them beneath 40 or SO books she also brought back. She snld that Bund President Fritz Kuhn wanted to see her Immediately after the trip nnd told her. net to talk about her experiences. He cnutlcned Hint she might "regret" It if she did, she said. Will Delay Attack Upon Nyberg Act LITTLE ROCK, M\g. 19. (UP) — Hugh Wharton, attorney for (he Arkansas Wholesale Beer Dealers association, said today that Gov. Bailey's decision to file a petition (or rehearing before the supreme court on the bond refunding act will delay filing of his suit challenging validity of Uie Nyberg nc:. He snld, however, that lie may Miami Altack-Slayer Re-' quests An Examination B}' Alienist 1(1W E&r PALM BEACH, Pin., Aug. •ilni will be referred (o (he Palm Bench county commission StiiiC Mlorney Phil O'Cojinell snld (o- dny. •>• W. Salisbury, counsel for Cochrnn, asked thnt (he ran were Insane when he attacked nnd murdered Frances Ruth Dunn 17-year-old Miami high school tlh'l, tienr Boca Raton last week. Salisbury Alt! Coclimn was pcn- ;l!**i mid could not jiny for tho examination. Cochrnu, who posed fls a ta)ei>l c.nut ami lured MIss.Dmm ami Jenn Bollon, Miami blues slng,>i, from their homes by prnnvst hem stage careers, nmilf no plen hen he wns nrrnlgiicd Wednesday in indictments chnrglnij rape, mur- >r nnd kldnnplng. Tho court entered not guilty plons for him. in Its monthly surrey of. business conditions tlio A. P. L. called upon the ledernl government to seek the' cooperation of business, labor and fnnii groups in art effort to pltm production Jiicrenses throughout the country. Tho r.cdcrn,Uon charged that the section of Am.'ilcan business represented, by t|ie National Association of Manufacturers apparently seeks to ppstpono recovery until congress agrees to "weaken" • the national Inupr relations act. If the altitude of the National Association of Manufacturers I'li „» typical of Unit of tho rest cnisiry's IcadiTS "how can we me survey snld that congress adjourned with a "direct challenge to business" by refusing to pass the administration's spendlng-lead- '"8 program and thereby "over- Ditsl.itis, however, lias failed to lake up this chnllenge, the A. P. L,. said, , "" Wo see no Indication of any or-, ClTort 'apan?s» Want To Isolate Hong Kong SHANGHAI, Aug. 10, (UP)—Thc Japanese nnuy feels It in Imperative to Isolate Hong Kong from China to cut off routing ol arms through there to Generalissimo Clilnug Knl-Shek, an tmny spokcs- iinti .ftlld .today. Tho spokesman snjd action is necessary ns long W. Clroat Britain persists In extending aid -to "China. Britain Posts 3 Trust Funds To Lower Debt LONDON (UP —) Three trust funds, set apart for a long period lo bo applied lo the reduction of the British national debt, new ng- rc->n(e ?8,'iOO,000, nccordlng to a White Paper. 'The first one, known ns • the "National Hind," was launched In 1921 by (i gift from nil anonymous' itoner—widely believed to bo Lcrcl Baldwin-—or $2,riOO,006. Its securities are lo be retained until nloue, or in combination will) similar funds, they nre sufficient lo discharge the nnllcnnl debt, now irouml $'!0,81G,'145,000. Scc:nrt fund, known ns the "El- 1 ... sic Mnckny Fund," founded in 1029 for three weeks by the first Lord Inchcnpe nnd his . _ family, had n par vnluo of $4 085 9-15. This fii for 50 year; wnrd the reduction of (he'national debt, The third, known ns the 'John Buchanan Fund." wns established in 1032 under the will of John Buchanan w ho died in 1030. 't, too, Is for n period cf 50 years. Its ncmlnal value Is $25,000, In this country lift a substitute for 6ovi_rnment spending, tlie survey said. - • • "Plowing Under" Not General In County Only a few farmers in Mississippi Ccunty have started plowing up a part cf their cotton crops after having been notified that a -part of their riciengo must>be plowed under In order to cooperate with the Agricultural Adjustment Ad- mlnlstialloii farm conservation program. Tho notices, being sent out by Iho county AAA. committee, hsve been delayed because ot UieTeslg- natlon of H. B. Richardson, county admtnlstriUiva assistant in charge of the local AAA. office. The position has not yet been filled and-the '=( notices not ccmpleted. No tofnl lins been made as to the amount lo be plowed under It is not expected to be exorbitant, according to D. s. Laiitrlp, county agilculture agent. Major Crawford Heads Arkansas Rifle Team Major Ivy W. Crawford of .(his city and members of the' Arkansas National Cn'mrd" rifle tejm, which he will captain, will entrain today for Crimp Perry, O. where the learn will- compete In national rifle matches. Tho leqin will include one member from' each of the rifle companies of the Arkansas National Guard nnd .will have a personnel of 14. The team will be at Camp Perry fund Is to be kept intact AlI-Foreim nrs and then applied to- rumgn League's Danzig Agent Kepi- Busy BrucKhndf Event Made Certain CHESTNUT HILL, Mass., Aug. 19. (UP)—Tlie first all-foreign final In Uie 58-yenr history of the 'national doubles tennis tournament R-as assured today when the Aus- tralinn team of Adrian Qulst John Bromwich scored a if ing straight set victory over _ Higgs nnd Elwood Cooke 6-1, 6-9. College Grades Solons On Basis of Their Votes SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP)—Modern slate legislators have to watch their "p's and q's" now. Within a month after the ad- J;nrnmcnt of the California legislature, every member received his "grade" as checked by professors' and students of the Sacramento Junior College based en the attitude and voting of eacli legislator throughout the session. They were graded as being "liberals," "usually liberals,'. 1 "strad- dlers," "usually conservatives" 'die-hard conservatives." and Archeologlcal excavations re veal stone and clay torch-holding devices and lamps were among the first articles which man mae for 'omestic use. Arkatifns—Partly cloudy tonight i>nd Sunday; thundershowers and day. . . , cooler In northwest portion Sun- ifemphls and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday, not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature hsre yesterday was 91, minimiim 72, pnrtiy cloudy, according to. Samuel P. Norrls, official weather ob-

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