The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on February 24, 1996 · Page 54
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 54

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 24, 1996
Page 54
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e It H Hlirt(lliy F4 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1996 LOS ANGELES TIMES Versatile Fugees Wrap Up Some Classics , pop" FUGEES "The Score" Columbia ' ,'The New Jersey rap trio clears up a few misconceptions on its Second album. The first is that because of its occasional leanings toward live instruments, its music falls into the nebulous "alternative rap" category. Second, that emcee Lauryn Hill is the group's only asset. And third, that its hit "yocab" was some strange fluke. K"The Score" succeeds on all counts. As a cohesive unit, Hill, Mtyclef Jean and Prakazrel Michel complement one another like no rap trio since A Tribe Called Quest. Their specialty is matching a gymnastic rhyme flow and rock-solid beats with expert crooning. Original songs such as "The Score," "Zealots" and "Fu-Gee-La" score some points, but novel remakes of R&B and reggae classics really set the Fugees apart. Hill's blissful vocal turn at "Killing Me Softly With His Song" and Jean's evocative reconstruction' of Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry" mark the Fugees as versatile musical talents, proving that young rappers have a lot more on their minds than profit-driven nihilism. CHEO HODARI COKER The Pogues, "Poguema-hone," MesaBlue Moon. When He loved her. i He lost her. He won't let her ' memory f die... I until it tells him ; who killed her. RAY LIOTTA LINDA FIORENTINO i mmwmmtwmwmkmmm in inn "Winn imiiis m Visit the Unforgettable .fail's I iiii i'SIi WCSTMODEIB munmaoEm canwv cnYQB MOT CHINESE 3ioi mm IB Huim.n nu m-SM EMTSKW lift) Ml UK Ctrttfyll IH0H444BZ 13101 nut oo. sn,;so, 0M.ri16.?. MO. IA 11.03 . GouuHusem ItamtBX , (t0 707-M61 . OMJUMMUEIB OCMUMLLOCO EdiaMl Man 12 K5)313tKi OWS0snMt)6 On 1 13101532-0111 CHHOdO Mmn I (309)454-1200 OTI Of MOUSTHt Pacc'iVMl0rat4 I1I1I9SI4202 C0H0N Gentnl Omni hnla 9091 370-2005 ontmna PkAc'i Cuiiwii TMtl2l3)72H022 COKHUCB EtfwirtsCttonall 19091279.1100 glCWWMftulwMjdll 190912734970 madman (310)2994IWM mCMuno PK4citaakltKll Pk (213) 2544101 W EL MOKTE (SIB) 590-7660 (Z) EL TOM EttwikSMIkMct (7U 511-5110 en Fannin EiMrti Flrtm 1(909) 356-566. CD nUMTla) MKFuMOIIO (714)992-6000 6JUKXH QKOVECm Fow Stir CmamM (714)934377 IB GUBOOM Mm. 1111)914-2117 UUMMHtLLSFIB Mai9KI 11111363.729. CDrummnitiiaiii IMn (310) 219J017 (D HFIWOSA KACH UK Ikinl6l310l3ll6000 CD HUrnKTtW KACH Ethcardirtunonglon FMal 6 7I4 9693151 wvwtnn bnnrdi21He9ait, Clram(714) 450-4900 IFWHtEBEOorti WesvrliOefiwl , OMUHFWWU.SCIB ' SoCl'iCmraiaa ' (7I4I47M70O ' wVMWGmianm SMIAMJIIIII44M200 torn (909) 611.2300 (OMH051 481 7553 ' ' AKHisnaiieiB ' UraMAmaEastHm i IU (MSI 1724071 ODIMHtSWU . UMMMsbUOMM 1105)3951091 .aHMOWMwii , HaacMmsonTliean 1213)290-5900 ISIMtTOWOanM , SUmiH9iK)066 UmM ArlHti MkW tow 1714) 529903. tQIUWiWtWICMMl ' (Mm 1 lilt) 9534W0 7l4)6a-WJU OOLIT 1 POP DATE BOOK Following up on a few acoustic shows last fall in Southern California, Pattl Smith will make her first real tour in more than a decade, with a show scheduled for the Wiltern Theatre on March 23. Tickets will go on sale next Saturday. ... Also on sale next Saturday are two shows for Ministry and Jesus Lizard, May 14 and 16 at the Hollywood Palladium. ... On sale today is the Red Hot Chill Peppers show at the Forum, April 4. . . . On sale Sunday are Rod Stewart's shows April 26 at the Hollywood Bowl and April 28 at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion. . . . Down by Law will be at the Troubadour on March 15. Tickets are on sale now. singer Shane MacGowan fronted the Pogues, the London-based outfit's mix of traditional Irish music and speedy rock out-rollicked some of the best '80s punk. MacGowan's gruff voice was grit-tily poetic, his slurred vocals rough-and-tumble and his lyrics (if you could make them out) were among the best of any rock songwriter's. But since MacGowan's departure five years ago, the Pogues seem a mere ghost of what they once were, and the gaps on their seventh album seem bigger than the ones between their former frontman's teeth. Spider Stacy attempts to sing like MacGowan but sounds uncomfortable in the role of bar-stool romantic. It's only in ballads, such as "I'll Love You to the End," that he relaxes and finds a tone of beautiful melancholy. The music has also lost much of its bite. Some numbers sound almost new age, thanks to an airy whistle, while others sound like dull FM-rock with a dash of Irish flavor. There are a few wily numbers here that work, but there's no substitute for the Po ViiiBi 'Y feaisA ; Kyf' I AHA II III AflElUniffiflm liUmiit -J1 , , -'lO V ? - II iTlllrfllll irliPJiltlllllllll iimm . , - W " - ' l & All All I 1HIII 1 Still , r - I Z f.-f mm i ,r W vvfe $ l5 . ' Z4 -ZZZZEEE I ( - ZZZZ:ZZZZZZZZZZ mi rail Hi rairatiisrauiffloiif iiiirarai Site on the Internet: http:www.mgmua.comunforgettable 'i'i''""""-' WWVTOM. OTYKD CDKVDHTIMU QnqMiBevertyCcfilH (310) 652-7760 0N2SCEMS DNlt 1:15,4 00. 7:00, ft45 misn UliSBWIMSAH 0M.rM5.Sfl0.100 misu UICSKKI1 MM msunnoMct MtCSvlMonca7 13101315.3030 H1:30,5:, 7 50. 10 30. 12 SS SM 1030. 1 30. 5 10, 7 SO, 10 JO, 12 55 SU1O30.1:,ilO,7:i0.30 MOK-IKO: 1:30.545. tl5,IOJS nu 5:45.115.1035 IMlil&lIUIiSI owrMS. 500, IX. BOO mtsn UVE SHOW 1230 Ml UKMWARMmOO. UnMAms UCMuBflntrrte 1111)952-011709 UVEmfOB LitwafdsLalMntlZ (909I392-4U5 LMuuMtHiariiD EfMrOI (711) Ml -646 CD LMFWO0B Patrfc inrcwxil 01014209977 Lwfwooonn UnMOMislsMiMN SI0IIO4-2002 uMUSTacm tow 12 10051 945-3M7 miomsauGH MKMarmaPaok. (310)493521 MICNS(N1( 1310)435.1335 UMGKMH Paafc'ilosAjtol 0me4n (310)421-1131 Fr4S4lSWCM.1 CD MUMA 0a MT &fptw OikMn Mama MvtetjUttCinams (310)1274511 CCM0IWIIVU MmHunlifiattnOaNi (111)3564545 Monacuo AMCMonttUHolO (2131 72240K CD MOftf NO WUFY tffwarth IlMnaaM (9M) 653-1000 Mmmtuaem EAnrtiFrnnls(4 CnaiM(714)64(V1211 .iiortnirnuramoo IfitUllAiMiVaHevnaia mil 76M31 ( cin CD NMTHR1DGE Pwnc'tNDrtVNlga Camailtit)99ini CD CWUtlO Pamc't OMarw 10 (909) 947-1667 ORAHCEEin OnjryCireMnit (714)634-2553 07UXGE ta,m 0fN 1714) 6394770 " HoK'lCinttgl Siaral05)4l3472( PIUMOESaTEID . The Cnema 10 6I 322-345. FsmesEiB Coalyanl 1619) 322-3451 Funuiein Bkmlf'lMnlatt (105)2744204 PUADEW4MC0U FloMKllS) 5154100 CDNlSOIOtXESOalCieet FlaiaKOSI 2393059 nconvcM Paok'iFieM0me4i 3K 94.3671 WM0H. Msslon 0ne4i900)62M51l CDrWTTE MILS " Mmi6llll)9E44422 mFwmawjFwiu (Maroi Randv Ufekma Ian 0M 909 6944130 ITEREOT gues' former vitality and recklessness. LORRAINE ALI kit Wayne Kramer, "Dangerous Madness," Epitaph. Though the former MC5 guitarist can certainly rock with abandon, his real strength lies in a Springsteen -like ability to tell a good yarn. Witness the comictragic imagery of "Something Broken in the Promised Land," the sordid, funky murder mystery at the heart of "Dead Movie Stars" and the gritty saga of alienation that unfolds in "Dead Man's Vest." -SANDY MASUO Clannad, "Lore," Atlantic. Clannad, one of the best-known Irish music groups, has mastered the technique of blending folklike melodies with dark-textured instrumental sounds. But the best tracks in this attractive mix of pop-oriented and traditional-sounding tunes are those that remain closest to Clannad's Donegal roots. DON HECKM AN New albums are rated on a scale of one star (poor), two stars (fair), three stars (good) and four stars (excellent). rWZ I SMRMMOAKSriB General Ctnema SliermanOahx (till 9664660 CDSrWlHUPr Mami (10515134711 m TH0USAM00JUCS UmtedArtisbMnvws (051497-6701X01 mraFWAKE Unrted Artists 061 Am (310)542-7301 cairuMO !wosllolar)l (909I9KV3336 .UENCUEZB Edwardl EOwanM RanaBCucamcnqa (9091 9196697 BH mmvEKioc UnUdAHjitt Park Son (90935999S CDnrxiiKmLLi MCUbngHiW (310)3265511 .SJWBEnURfJMO SteeoOiema6 (9O942540SteiB swjcwTorlll3 MHra 12 1909)4174552 mSVJ0MI(TTU)(0 EMrnk FrancacaftFlaa 1714)6614111 mswunoNsra EOMrdi Madonna Bail 6) 544-3481 4 SANTA MM E1B EdwarAHunon Carter 1714)662 2266 SAmAUlPaMMEID PaseoNuM BUM 963450 aiSAIITARSFWICS Mam! (310)941-7747 SAOTAItMtuOD tfiaram Santa Mana 10 H05 347-1166 WercaTorai Carter (105)217 1740 rtUWim Papk sum Nun Ormln (1111706-3500 rat sua star era tWTURA FYlfc'SIOlfMw! (Kftl 644-5595 m. sail sua rmn rD TiCTOrTtflLlE CVicioiler 10 1619)2414400 tDIKSTMHSTEfl tlNrardsMiil (7I411934546 rDNOOOLANDrMlS a till 999-2130 NOW OPEN Vjti) 2501 lolwado Av Dtr.tTAi STUDIO STORE aoo-s- Congress Agrees on One Thing: the Value of '1776' Benefit b Theater: Lawmakers join a professional cast for a . one-night performance of the patriotic musical. By SI1ERI L WASSENAAR TIMES STAFF WRITER H I ASHINGTON History and theater will come full circle when Robert Livingston takes to the stage tonight in a revival of the Broadway musical "1776." I : Livingston, a Louisiana Republican and chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, will portray his ancestor and namesake, Robert Livingston, a colonial delegate from New York who was one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence. The elder Livingston later administered the oath of office to George Washington and helped negotiate the Louisiana Purchase. Livingston sees the production as an opportunity to redeem himself from a lackluster acting debut in high school. "I had two lines, and I mixed them up," he said. The production's single performance at Washington's D.A.R. Constitution Hall brings together nine past and present members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, who appear alongside professional cast members in a benefit staged by the Washington Symphony Orchestra. , , The musical, which made its debut in 1969, opens with John Adams' observation that "one useless man is called a disgrace, two are called a law firm and three or "ititizit mmtmmmimii, tsmtmmmmmmr - Jota brtl, SATIU TltWt : SMOOINDOCTWOX ASiiiraops'.TiiriEajiiimp: -nannannKBinaa - mi ntinr, mmma in nitwc BEAimnauf ooiectq by oifs to nm SCEfiE TO LASl DEEPU M"PAiCriIArL" ml ml mm ceNTuttcmr CtmpMx Odton Crtntury Pktua Onm UNIVERSAL CITY ClnaoMx Odeoo UnrvtjrK dry Ctwras R1 1:20 430 7:30 Sot-Sun 10:15AM1:204:30 3KV5S3-4291 Dairy 130 4:15 7:30 10:5OPM DOKV 1:45 4:30 7:00 ft 9 45 PM MorWM 1 20520 810ft 7:15 10:00PM Fft-Sat Lokt SlKNV 12:30 AM TtHMi 5?08 104 10.40 ALHAMSM Edwordt ABontK Potoce 10 618458-8663 ANAHEIM HftLS EdwoKfs Anorwim HiHs FestivolS 714285-5959 AKEtSf rftD UnHed Amstt Bsrnofd ShM 805873 0292 MHAUrWodArlHM Morkstpiacs 714529 9036 6UttANK AMC MM CenW No 6 81.V953 9800 CAMAItfUO EthrartJl COSTA MESAedwonk Tnonate Square 8 714574-7755 It CENTtO camonwo paoa 12 Qmrnoi 805383-8866 Cf ttlTOS eMm Cemios lOCiosmas CfMt 619353-2200 ENC1N0 toemn I Town Cm 5 8)8981 9811 FONT ANA faworos fontono 8 909356-5666 OtENDALf Norm 8 Ifwawi at flu tufatm 818549 0045 HdX 310403-1133 CHttW Movws 6 909464-1200 CMNOVAUEY 90928-1500 COftOfUftfcrartfe Corona 1 1 Ctrwnai 909279-1)60 COtONA MENDOtA Mam 6 616914 2817 Prorrwoal Cmima 6 909273-9973 ACADEMY, PQA AND BAFTA MEMBERS: Your cord more become a congress." The idea to invite the nation's' lawmakers to act in the production was developed by the orchestra's artistic director, Martin Piecuch. "We knew it was a hit idea when the program was presented to the board," said Charlotte Woods, the orchestra's executive director. "It just grew from there." Tickets have sold out, Woods said, and "many have suggested we make this an annual event." Livingston has had 14 years to polish his theatrical skills on the floor of the House of Representatives, and the practice appears to have paid off. Other cast members predit him with one of the best singing voices in the production. Livingston himself assesses his talent somewhat differently. "I'm just loud," he said during a break in rehearsals. Sen, Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.), whose previous acting credits include the films "In the Line of Fire," "Die Hard II" and "Hunt for Red October," plays John Hancock, president of the Continental Congress and the first signer of the declaration. Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.) plays Joseph Hewes, signatory from North Carolina. "This has been the greatest experience of my life," Coats said. "It is so totally different from my day job." Former House Speaker Tom Foley (D-Wash.) makes a special 01 Of THE Mi TEN BUT. Yffll KfWT easiiy rk:set IT." - MM SIsM, CfllCAU TRIBUNE "itiziziz SALmOH GIVES A GLOTJSS PQinOA!.CL ACTING RAM GETS ftHTQ 1KAN THIS!" SJS.A.L... SEAN NN SARANDON P A FILM BY TIM ROB mm IBIIIiAIPlPON arlhbyTIMROBBINS SUSAN SARANOON SEANPENN m mi' mti g PolyGram wjwm WES1 HOllVWOOO Sunset 5 Ttwalfn 213&48 35O0 Ooify 1:30415 7 00 A 9 45 PM Ftm Porting fn. Hon-Thurs 1:45 4 30 - 7 304 10 30 PM Sat Sun 11:00 AM 10:50 PM 1.45 4 30 7 30 ft 10 30 PM 10r40fM $2 00 poridng oMi 5:00 PM In PM Tnvtteo Poimna LoW SI 00 ntunrjerj with potd odrnlsslon (WANAOA HH.IS Mann Gromda HlHs 9 818363-7298 JHX HE MET Krlhonon's Hemel Cinema 12 909658 3356 HUNTING TON KACH EOworttt Huntington PterMto 6 714969-3151 nrVINf EAimrJi 2) Megapwi Cinemai 7)4450 4900 MV1NC EamirJi UMTS 714854-8811 U MttAOA Mortons La Miioda Ctnema 7 714522920 U VEfrNf Edward! La Verne 12 Cinemas 909392-4885 IA9UNA NKHJEL EdwonlS fiancfto NkiMi 8 nwam 714831 0446 LAKE FOREST Edwoito boMleoock 714581-5880 LOS EELU Lot Felu 3 Cinema 213664 2169 MARINA DEL MT United ArtisTc Cinemo 3)0823-3959 MORENO VALLEY SoCai s Canyon Sfrngi W'-U(W' LAKEWOODPOCMCS LoKewood OrrHf 310531-9560 ULKASmUmiMs5-7 805945 4886 IONOHACH AMC Pine Squars 16 310435-1335 NORTH HOUrWOOO Century 7 Theatres 818.508-6004 WTAKW Poctftt s Ctttorto 10 90W947-1662 ORANGE Century Ctnedomt 714634-2553 wW odmtf you ood 0 gmsjl p any ptftomKyioG. VISIT appearance as Dr. Josiah fortieth ; delegate and former governor 'of New Hampshire. "It is also my hrat; venture on the stage since high-school," said Foley, who now holds . forth at a Washington law firm. ,"rS am really enjoying it, and I am Very V impressed by this company. It's" great to be a part of it." -", Also participating in the product tion are Rep. Robert Walker (R.-, Penn.), who plays the Rev. Johrft' Witherspoon of New Jersey! Repy John Tanner (D-Tenn.) as Rhflde Island's Stephen Hopkins; and Rep.-', Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) as Mafy! land's delegate and future Supreme; Court Justice Samuel Chase Rep- Bob Clement (D-Tenn.) stars as Dr. Lyman Hall, delegate from Georgia, and former Rep. Guy Vander Jagt (R-Mich.) plays' Delaware delegate Col. Thomas McKean. ... ' The protocol and respect of the-; congressional halls don't existv here; during a recent run-through of a scene where the la workers J dance a minuet while singing "Cool, Cool Considerate Men, the,' conductor repeatedly bellowed'; commands: "You have to keep it, together!" and "No relaxing until '. you're offstage!" Among the challenges facing1 executive producer Arlene Hersotiy and director Robert Brenner, who . also plays the lead role of JohnJ Adams, has been bringing the en-i .semble together for rehearSd)s,2 which have been going on every : Tuesday night since December.' But for those who wonder why j ": member of Congress would cormmsjiv so much time for the fleeting famrl of performing, Clement offef orlev explanation: ; "Politics is a very uncertain life," Clement said. "You need t&'; t explore new possibilities." " . AN IMCrST FILM TiLtf E,"3 l nr,viio0fiwi,:3Tic:i,ujt:',;; . "iziziziM A CUilR W1D CtM!N RIIVI. TWO OF Tlil - r GUTSIEST PERFOIATJCES YDlfll EVER Si". - mm Movsoniu, kiiiw rusi "zi PENN DOES UNUMAZirJB JOB." M IMll, UnUJIE NEiVt KTIWORt ' SMOSN BHIIH3 EtECTRIFYINE OICT TO HER PCTtTRAYAl OF SISTER BEEN PHEO": -iNMWiiMSN,runBsr 2T. r r r r a CEtEAT nuvBi z:t HUka Ctaartr HI TnfllV i-tf- RENEE EHRUCI mmm WWlWIli Hill nrWMMftcmlv PALM SPttNOS Metropolitans Courtyard 10 619322-3456 PALMDALE Aretope Valley 10 fheoUes 805267 4940 PALOS VERDE $ Knkortani IAN MMAMMM AMC Commcrir 9O98tt8-l4O0 SAN MtNARDHN) THOUSAND OAKS h , Mann Jqhh Moft- 9 805374-9656 IHXl TORRANCE Unfed ArTitW Knkoriani Dei Roso 0IAmo3IO'547-7383 Ctnema 8 909886 SHOW m ntim f SAN LWS 08ISPO Marhetploce Cffwno Oowntowrn Centre 714668-1826 . Cinema 805546 8600 .IvJl t l PefiKTHrta Cirwma 9 SANTA SAMARA upwno o 909 yo& Jjf-xi 310544-3456 Menooomon i Paseo NutM) (nemoi VALENCIA Edwards PASADENA AMC OKI Posodeno 8 Iheotns 818585 8900 805963 9503 Vouncn lown Ctm 10 805267-17401 " VENTURA ' f Monn SuerTOvenruro 605656 6544 , u (IMMM m MiMJ VKTORVHll ' A AMC Victor Voty M 619241 84CO SANTA FE SPRINGS Mann 8 310941-7747 Hiirtnos 8)8351-7556 "JJJJf. United Arttsh MovMs PUENTE HHLS 805A22 0361 AMC PtoiO 10 mOftei. win cot Mounwmooie m 1AWCHO CUCUWWW 605B4-0067 (PtiMMM n MrMf WESTMINSTER Edwords WesimtosW 10 714378-1176 - WOOOUNO HALS untied Amsts Wmner Centsi8l69992t30 . tdwairJS TTMECULA IHNrords Roncno Cucamonoo oofKJw Calitormo 909969-6697 B0W694 4130 RtVf RSK SoCoTl tNMM Cooyon Cresl Ctnemd Shu.C 90W682 6900 L.lijGQ OEAP MAN WAtKINQ O hrrp7Aww.il6Xom ' 0 '

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