The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1931
Page 3
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_SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1931 BMTHRVII-I-E.'(ARK-JCOUKIER NKWS PAGE' THRKfc. BlYTHEVIlLE'S INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Trade, Build and Invest In Blytheville "A City of Optimists' Your Cooperation will help make Blytheville mightier. Finds Missing Persons Many Disappeara n c c s Prompted by Business f- Reversals Bureau Finds. By 1'AUIj HARRISON' Nfc'A Service Writer : NEW YORK.—These nrr trvlin I times for Police Captain John II. j Ayres, chief cf the M::siirj i'ii.-;:n Bureau in New York. For losl fortunes und jabs menu lust men. n:i:l women, too. to those whcse task it Is to trace Uic scores that vanish every day. But while business depression may be responsible lor the (light of thousands who believe they iiD j s linger can face their families and ' tl.elr debts, it is equally responsl-i b!e for the exemplary conduct of • others. For disappearances, ar- : cording to Captain Ayres. almost always are voluntary atlairs. and quite expensive when accomplish- | •cd with any degree of complete- • ness and comfort. i So difliciilt it is to cast aside an idenlity and its accompanying re- : spDiisibilliies that only two cases • In every 100 on the records sir.) ; axe marked "unsolved." And thoirjh proof may be lacking. Captain Ayres is sure that the answers lo mo^t of these remaining puzzles ar; lying in unmarked graves. Scores Vanish Daily • CKliib.i'hed in business and living \ under an assumed name. i Wai Amnesia Victim One of Die strunsjcsi cases was tlul of I'rof. Hvrschel C. 1'arker. i close the cases so fai- as Ills dc- partmenl Is concerned. They find, too, that he delights In little cx- ira-offlclal acts ol friendliness Hint often smooth the way to happily leunlted homes. ,n noted ex]i]orer who once wus on More Men Mtatujr .Ihe ineiilty of Columbia Unlvcr- II Is n mistaken impression, for illy, long after his disappearance i which flflion nnd the movies may, Ills wile oblaimxl an Enoch Ar.lcn j be responsible, that the majority . dlvone, only to lonrn Ilinl lie wn-> of Ihe mif.slng ore women a n il | »"ve and ensiwd In engineering ;ploye ([itlt his Jnh bjojuse of dis- 'illsliiftinii ever his treatment. While hl.s oil biibliwis wai BI-OW- : uiris. During Hie 13 years since work in (lie he slnilPil llle bureau, Ayres tins csl.ihll'-lH'd a number of very definite ratics. anil cne of these Is dial i GO per cent of the disappearances | are staged by males. He ascribes (his (jenernlly to the more udvcn- uirous nature of tnen, but it seems thai Ihiancial trouble Ls the prime cause now, with domestic difficulties second. 1/ive, boredom and mental depression prompt about 40 per cent ol the remainder to drop cut of sight. Unpleasant home conditions account for nearly half the • disappearances of uiris. with love entanglements and'btage nnd screen ambitions tied for second place. •Mcst ol the older women who vnn- i ish from their normal -surromul- 1 ipgs 'mis' be assumed to be seeking economic improvement. Every repsrt of a lost filrl Ls nn emergency call tb Captain Ayres. yet lie has fouml that foul play ] very rarely Is connected with dls- ^ appearances. In 20.000 consecu- ! live cases, only C6 nrres'.s were ; made. Fifteen Is the peak aye' at •which r?.'t!essness seems to become uncontrollable, nnd his bu- j.rcau is l:epl busiest, in normal ' years, during Hie late spring and rarly rummer. Get Appeals From Abroad The bureau has traced missing persons all over the uarlh, and constantly Is receiving appeals from west. Parker was louml lo lie n victim of amnesia, mil such mses O f loss of memory are exceedingly run 1 according to Ayres. "You hear n lol about nmnesla and aphasia; he said, "but In my 1'J years here I could count every gcnuln? cus? on Uic fingers of one hand, "Lots ol stories Imvc been wrlt- SMISTEMS GIF rnrnm 1 which made Houston. 60 j mtle.-i from the i;ull. a lull-Hedged (Continued from l>a[;e one) isi'iinoil with Immense docks nnd n Important t,;ep 1 ovi'i 1 look" nnd j huge exporl trade. Sterling was insists Unit Hie credit for nil of Ills clinlmmi of Ihe port commission nil through the development ol Hint project, and much of Houston's re- him one of Texas' three highway commissioners. Texas' 20.000-mllc road system luid fallen Inlo such u lo a luiite sl/.e, Sterling became i bad blate tlml Ihe federal govem- in opportunities ul llous-1 ment was withholding $0,530.030 fodrrnl aid. The highway commission had $1)00,000 In funds n:ul Jii.OOO.OOO In debts. Sterling orjan- Izcd H, gol Ihe highways Into shspo and lefl Ihe commission a .Ion. lie Invited heavily there, and I wns one ol tin nisi cltiwns to become Interested in the tjveat I'orl Houston project—the project '.lulled In (lie digging of a success Ix'loiij; to Mrs. Slorllni,'— who only smilivi when he says II. At all events, the llllle ffM growth In .si?e and prosperity prospered. Sometime Inter—hi 1910 Is ascribed lo the sliip cinml —oil wn.i discovered In the HumblD district In southern Texns. ten about feigned loss of t cnorv <IWrla '" so " lllm > Texi>a - 3tcl ' n "« , " c ,," lu "" u I1 " lc 1 nu 5 llcr ?> and it still seems lo l,n , IS' w «'" tlu ' l[ ' i " 1tl "I'"'" 1 n Klo>c; lllld f 01 ' olhrr milllri ' s - 1!l -' l>M1 8l'l t>« hi Many l.lnrs lie nlso loimd time find energy business-like concern. On this Jj'.i. Incidentally, lie drew an annual snlnry of $11500. which he gave 1} stale, charitable Institutions. The new governor's horn; Is In Houston. He lias four children, all over 21; one son and three 'Jaujh- lers. , and It still seems lo be an excellent plot lor real life We'll h- vTi. """" tho l " on< '>' ll "f" 1 '^"! In ho , Houston I'ost uispaich. and put up I nsToni, nr men Imt m,'' b " s ' m bll - vlni: c11 wo " 5 ' To ' be c *-|" 2 ' 2 ' Sl0ry b " UU " 1B W llOUSe "' K ° tnkli^ vnr.nii>»». r.„.,. < .'... . ! act. he bouKln two: and nt fln;t !l5 also pulling up n 21-story onke takln? vnc.ilions fiom domestic tics. Once we gel in (o;ie!i with these men. I can ie!l easily whether they're faking. "Expose (Hem? Of course not! ;t's my job lo fine U) do ilielr own hi two; and nt first ill looked as if this venluve were .building, going lo prove a misfortune, one of Ihe wells soon played mil. But Sterling studied llic- geology ,'' of the region and who have vanished mysteriously ( Ills city of nearly 1,000.000. "Of course some of them find hemselves," the officer exolaine:! "A few may be discovered in hos-' pltals and morgues. But niL'ti LI i them are deliberate^. a'.id '.' In a quest for adventure, love, freedom from business worries or troublesome do:nesli= ties. suspects staunch story of a chief inspector's badge. In the so- haviner practiced mcdidne since ' cio i og i ci ,i laboratory that he calls an graduating froiii Harvard" in 1905. these are the ones we mvst' search i Tlle Captain is a college graduate for constantly. My job ends the I nim ^ lr -. H e had a technical con- moment a person is found, wheth- slll tation with Corthell about the trcalment of various diseases and the quack speedily admitted that in 1006 he was matriculalin^ at a office, he listens each day to a col- York, or have, bssn anywhere near it." Chief among his unsolved cases is Ihe ??!isational disapjwarance oi Supreme Court Justice Joseph yore? Cr?.'.cr in New York las' summer, but Ayres still is tracking er alive or dead, bill no cus: marked closed until we have a definite report on it. "loast year, for instance, we found i """e-tco-select Massachusetts re- a man "whose inmily had been ! '"matory. searching for him since 1025. And we cleared up four cises that -had been hanging fire since 1028. "Now I'm hoping for some definite action of the mystery of the John Ayrea will tell you, pretty proudly, too, of how he came up through the New York, police department ranks from a patrolman's beat on Cherry Hill. Theodore Rcos2velt was police commis- disaupcarance of Grace Eudd in June. 1928. There is every reason ' s:onsr t'r:-n. nr.,1 he. had issued to believe that she was kitinp.pej. j call for young recruits cf intelli- but until she is found, or we learn '. gcnce and courage. Ayres. recent- what actually happened to th?; ly graduated from Hamilton Col- child, she will remain a protbm i ' e ?e, Vivung a nightstick for four for the Missing'Persons Bureau." i Year on "the toughest b^at in Trapped Fake Dc<ttir town." and by 1018 had become It v;as Ayres' work on this case | cl ™ f of staff to the police coiiunis- that brought about the arrest in i sioner. A major during the war, St. Louis and subsequent indict- i « e returned to be thrust, unwil- mcnt in New York of Albeit E.' Ungly at first, into the job that h$ Corthell as the kidnaper. It was :)la3 nc ld e^'er since. Ayres' questioning, too. thfit brokol Dut now he wouldn't trade it for WOULD YOU THINK The .surgeon would send his office boy to n:-.ike a diagnosis? We hardly think so. Obtaining information correctly al the source is one of the niosl Important phases of the accounting profession. One cannot prepare a correct statement, without first obtaining cor- irct information. To obtain inforrrjilicn correctly, one must be versed in the science of accounting. A. G. HALL, Public Accountant. 21b n: Walnut SI. landed Blylhevlllc, Ark. lection of one-act dramas that 'down every available .clue, retnem- could be staged, psrliaps, nowhere else in the world. For people open their hearts to this kindly man- hunter, who is said never to have berlng that many others-have been found only after years of searchr ing. Then; was Uie New York jewel- Til 'V 1 U1 l ' LU IL "ti lou ll[ul Ul-llL'Yl'U tlllll . n.ivi, | ( ] lpvc was movc O j| nn-rp. , m ,| | )r , i risked all he Imd to sink the well deeper. He slrnck a gusher, un:l money began to How In as Ilic oil Voluntcn* Improve School OL1N, la. IUP)— Unable to afford Improvements, and yet dcslr- oiu of Improving the school ground. persons whose children attended th^ Olln consolidated school sent cut a call for help. Volunteers respond- which 1 lowed out. Oil Hvliifs Wealth With (lit.-; well as a starter he founded Use Humble Oil Co. His Kiisher continued to iwur Oill a Toronto Phone Operators Get Unemployed Jobs TORONTO, Ont., (UI'J - If n Toronto honselioUli-r needs a man to perform some odd Jc:> aroiuul the houro. he lust tells the T'' 1!o:Hl o[ °"' !ltul Sailing began to phone operator ' , I!*!- 1 ' lcl >- 1!!s company expanded. Printed appeals to "Dive n Man ! "'"' ho bu " 1 n rnllrc:ui . 23 mll « a Jib" have made their appear- ltm|! ' to colnlccl his oil rcllnory ance In more Minn 900 Toronto wllh llle Southern Pacific railway, street cars, through (lie coopem-!• Thls ""way was bnlll of section of the Toronto Transportation. cml ~' mlul rn "-' ! nn:l I|L| S n 'l fiom Commhslon. The cards suggest ' rcc -' ! nlo "S the right-of-way, with that there are many household 'abor recruited on the spot. The tasks that would give an unem-! ''o-'d became known us one of the j ployed man a chance to earn n lit-1 most profitable short lines In the t?o iconey. Peisons having such United Slates, and In 1920 he sold Jobs lo off?r arc told lo gve the it to the Southern Pacific, telephone operator their name and . Incidentally, that little railroad address, and the operator will ar-. established a unique record under his ownership. H never had a fatal accident lo an employe,' never hud a slrike, and never saw an cm- volunteers planted trees and shrub- range tlw rest. Read Courier News Want Ads. «i™«rw tun t ny language/ SUPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 betrayed a confidence. Tney find ho er who, heavily in debt, fled In 1D2I isn't professionally interested In the and left every evidence of having moral aspects of disappearances— committed suicide. He was found only in facts which, once found,'years later in Niagara Falls, re- CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co. Office Phone 107 Residence 717 "What A Life —" says cne brake lining ( o another. 261 stops in a Oay'i work. No wonder we wear out." RAVBESTOS Lined lirakn stand Ihe Gaff. Dixie Service Station Phone 313 Ash * Brai COAL and FEED Kentucky nnd Alabama Red Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Ear Coin, Oats, Mixed Feed. Special Pi-ices on Car Lois. C. L. Bennett & Co. I'hone 0-1 WE DUY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Phone 327 Chicago Mill *»* Lumber Corporation A.S, Barboro&Co., Inc. Blytheville, Ark. Wholtnale FRUITS - NUTS — VEGETABLES BEANS — PSAS Serving southern merchants over fifty years. Phone 920. Second and ROM. This Is YOUR CHANGE to Help the JOBLESS If.V self poi Men and women out of jobs do not want charity! They want jobs! And it is in your power to help give them jobs. You, who are employed and whose income is not one jot smaller than it was a year ago, can resume Normal Buying. You have "cut down," shaved your budget. Why? There is no answer. But there is an answer to why you should begin buying normally again. ^. big one! The Unemployed! By hold- g back from normal,' sensible buy- T, you arc depriving industry of mal production, depriving indus- workers of jobs, depriving your- h turn, of unusual buying op- tunitics. nor Every jobless person eventually reacts to the disadvantage of every jobholder. The jobless are not consumers; and whatever your trade, business or profession, you rely, in the last analysis, on consumers. For the common good you should resume Normal Buying. COURIER NEWS

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