The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1949
Page 11
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[ TUESDAY, APRIL 26, IfMfl B1ATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 15LEYEW .^ 0 ™J >I '^™ tl Z° f .?"»"°*',iu.m G«?""on Inventor Says Hold-Lips Can be Beat With Flashlight Battery more than nine barrels a day. OFFENBACH. Germany - f.T'— A C5erm;m inventor claims you can beat off a hold-up m:iu with a JlRht buttery. Frit?, Harbnch of Offenbach sot the I'ttcn because weapons a nil firearms are strictly taboo tor the Germans, The inventor's device consists of a (our volt UftphUuht battery, a small I runs former and a I'f/ntact _ilate which is worn inconspicuously like a wrist watch. The contact ale serves as a "?hock tn\nsmll- :r," emiuihK 1.000 volts. How the i veil tor ye ne uues the 1,00(1 volt? •oin a four-volt flashlight, battery Come 1<J our houi* $•• how our old rugi and fuimtur* hovi aclvaily lalr«n on n*w 1if«. Wt had them Duraclaontd ^?or economy and Comenience ... hare your •^pholsttrj' anil floor covenn£i Di*railBnn«J by ripen i, rifiit in jtur f/nnit. \Vnch th< onusail cart wjih which ihej« cr tinmen beauiify jour tutniihin^L. Doratlcen meant your fihrir htti longer fceciuse ihii modem, jife clejtiinx pcoceis Mtat'rlt uronR iojp* inJ chemicali which so ofitc hum ihe dyti or fabric. Longer lifr too, because ih«« ti no wfir. no oi filif « <-«us*d br mtchin* icruifbins. Thii ptterrt protected scnrice Is recorn- 'flifncted br America's leading furniture »n<l «jcpinoKor store* What Make* Duracledn "Different" **»»\ Is "my own .sfrret," he snid. Klec- tik'lAns. however, claim il Is L very elementary process. A light touch with the "slunk IranstiuUcr" )s sulticionl to floor any alt ticker. HCIT HnrUach snid. Hi; hart his invention Ipsted by the Ciprman police anej ihey found !l to be an "e.xccllent .self-protectlun Instrumc-nL". The battery and transformer (Jon't take more space ihnn a pack of clRnrctles. An insulnU'il wife through the sleeve of your coiU lonnects the contact plate with the transformer, The Inventor snld he already lind ninny iiitercsted furoiRii buyers. Ho bn|>rs to rxpot'l t)ie Instruincnl as snnn as prnthiclion l.s in hill swing. Most U.S. Homes Are Uninsulated 85 Per Cent Called Improperly Built, Cause of Discomfort n.iirt Courier News Want, Ads. Ashamed of SHABBY^ STUCCO? Spruce It Up with World-Famous BONDEXI HIP fiu-l Ihul 11 of dwellings iuf estimated linmoprily bull! nnil c^nLppcri is the nuisp ot rtii un- Roving Reporter Finds Hunting Rattlesnakes is Out oi His Line f iif \Valrr emptier on) of One into tin 1 tin like ver, r.ear lluhl. Ida,, than is used by nil elluvN "i more Ihiin 100.000 Are the neighbors talking aboul your water-stained slucco home? Give it a beauty trealmenl with Bondex. Thij restores tht original whileneii, checks wall dampness. Easy to use; just bruih it on. BDNDEX Cement Point HUBBAHD HARDWARE CO J)L< \V Main Si E. O. RDBJNSUN I-UMBKB OO 319 W The Cost is Lowt A 5-fb. p at kofl. of whit* t.n^.K malti about 1 f*Uon, *« ^ Q ItlU for only | Color-Styling Ideal in fRE£ Bondex Color Chart at ARKANSAS t'AlNT. ULASB I'i. 1 , K Miin SI M1SS1SBIIT1 CODHTT LUMBSB OO- BONDEX HYDRAULIC CEMENT It c!«nj by ibiorptiont Bmbedded din and Bfii are firsi citon." MinfclrininK in hohirrr 10 ciuse "miuinfc" or " Jug." Ouratlao Tbt mild «era:e<I &umct«an fatmlon _ . biorb* Kicky soil ind_ stiin*, •this fnme in sujpeaiioo abort the oniil «r No icicanvcniencel ( dcr in jtiit i tew hour?. Sptciit inpredic r«-enliicn wool (ibtftJ. RuK r>'lf unman i ris*s. Colors te\i\e. Your Ubrics ire (eft clean. fr«h. «nli>ened ... your home h more SCREEN DOORS \Ve hiive plen(.\ I'onderosn Pine. Dump roof — Jf you w Also Giilvani/.cd, Rnm/.e and Aluminum Wire. of Designs, nil in slock, Uuort Selection l'nc«d E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. FILL'S DURA-CLEAN SYSTEM 2 KM Hiway 18 Phone 3fi9fi or 4177 SPECIAL OFFER! Exterior HOUSE PAINT 25 I old ntiioiiiit ot .siitnt Hiul illness, il wn.s siiilt'tl lodsiy I1 IP ConstniL'tion Ri-si-arcli HIIK Nc\v York clnirlnp lioust? for build- inp Inloi'iniilion, BusiiiK its contention on Hit 1 tiuM tlml .surveys show HUH only uppioxl- iniilety 15 r *' of D^r huinrs built br- fore the wnr nro protcciod » f 'nins| cxce,\ - e .summer heciL by thninal insulation, the HiiM-au t1c».'l;irect Unit tile siluiitiou tuny hr nioro .serious 1 liiui iiKiml thiN suiniiUT its ;i result o[ 2.SOO.OOO families living donhlrd- up hrriiust! (if the housiiit; st\i>[1;ti;i- "HtRlicr occupancy ot il well in K space increases I UP hn/.ards ID health and sitnuner tliMrtunfoi t :il- rfiuly existing in hoinrs not equipped to repluco hl f :ii Inlei t*»r tempera In res," the- Burenu snid. Houie.s t'jin Ije kopl up /u l. r i tJ*^- ftree.s cooler on holiest duys if properly lusulntod. research slmws. Installation of nltic tiuis and kitchen venlihiliiiR funs will pionde iiddi- lloiiiil cotnfort once steps arc (ukr-ji (o keep excessive heat out of tln> house by insulation, and by keeping door.s and windows closed nwl .sliade.s clrnwn during the dny. No roof or wiill is c]('.sii;iu'd K5 n lje«t barrier, Exterior roof trinpern- turcs fret]uently reach 150 (U'^rees, side walls ISO. Much of Ihis snprr- hcul rpitckiy pusses through the tliin ronsltuctlon unless n full-thick bnr- ricr of insulntitiK innlevla! (nuir- vene.s. Walls filled with mine ml wool and four inches af this Mre- prnof Insulating suhslance lie t \vern roof and Using fiuartcrs will -slow heal penetnitJon to the [joint wJtnxr tiie i til o.rior freruiently i.^ cooler than the o\it,side nir. Nerd Widely Krro^tiir.pil Home builders In c^ery .sociion of Hie country today reco(*nl/-p tli need lo build summer as well a winter c,om[ort into HIP houses Uir are erecting. Builders of fully 00" of the new dwellings, even thope in ' the lowest cost brackets, are includ- ng insulation In some form. Consi ruclion Research Bureau surveys indicate. The material most extensively \iseti Is inlnernE wnnl in [ull- thick butts wnrt blankets because this provides mnxltnum insulating rfTiclency. adds only nboin 3'i lo the cost of the house, and nt Imby's fuel price* it pays for itself within three winters. .An pxflmple ot how low-msf dwellings ore being insulated is seen in 87 homes built by Simon Columbia. South Carolina, who ised mineral wi>ol In all of thrso $5.350 houses. Another !s the Mills 191-liouse develo]tmeni in Elgin 11- Inois. | Many inmilies are bulUiin^ their 1 monies with fulllbick mineral wool I .o augment Hie sumnipr comfort J Drovldecl by nir-conditioning sys- Lems, sucli us wfls done hi a rumbling ranch house In the desert near Palm Springs. California. Nat- ural-nnlsheri woods, combined with open piannnis of ail rooms nnd broad windows, lielp hiiiip the outdoors into Ihe house without the desert he&l. j IncludctT In Hemn(frHiiR I Pi-olertlon ngniiLst sutnmcr henl • invariably is included hi today's remodeling plans in every cllmnle. A case in point Is a Massachusetts home specifically planned for future expansion when Jt, was bull I eight, years BRO. Holding every comfort and convenience thai Ihe family at thai time desired, this two- story, f lut-roofed window- walied residence has recently been insulated and enlarged by adding two bedrooms, maid's room, sitting room. >lv WlllUm Prurt H IN THK CiYl'SUM J1IM.S. Oklfl... April 'Jli tjVr- Me. I've always been n bush-leiiKUcr [Isherinan. Never okayed tlu> uk'.i of threading n worm on n lunik, .lust dldn'1 like them. lint here I sit- sa^ turning the Ciypsuni Mills to svunbly report I'm now n mcjuher of the Inlenuilloiml AssociutUm of Kuttlesnuke Hunters, And in KUIK! standing. Ititcif.sfed? No? 1 (hlnk you ought. to know . . . Tlie Associated Press bureau chief down in Okliihomn City mi n[i- liiiiently unsympathetic fellow—toll! me lo huve my.self in Okeene Sun- tiny. Wi lie a slnry, the man said, tiboul the [[ilks wiio $n there each yein to hiuit i ultlesimkes. I protested, finvn him the "Vni no sniike vharmer" routine. lie insisted, The AE', he s«M, covers everylhinn liu'ludln^ rullle- ejisv lo any, It wii.s tliem, not me Wi'll, Unit's about il. And itnuik* for listening. Now If you'll imrdon IUt l . . . Think I'll «o rishlnp. How To SrU OUIOAOO — Two Urm.s plun to open A clinic tor corset here Cvl. ?fi- SubjetM^ will iiu'ludi' "fix'ive tvpr.s. .stock control, ment layout, tnettiods ot discovert i) |x>lcnlUil. and nmrkcl annyl.sis." "Hurntnjc Deck" Boy Gucmno Jocanto whose ftilher commanded & French .snip ii|:! Ixu-d Nelson in fc*UU of i\w Nile, I* the boy who stood nn the burning dt-cit of po«try 1 went lo Okeeiu 1 . That's about 1H1 miles from lierr, an in North Ceil (i a( Okluhoimi. H'x a lown ul !snme- 1 .CIDO persons, It's also Ihe town when 1 the lumleis linve nii'l each vt'iti for the past 10 lo form Ihelr ear cm it vims which wind up through the hills lo the hunting vrcninds, Walked Around Town—And Snitkfi, I wnlkeil around Oltrene utul met Mime folks, some of I ho 5.000 from '22 si nil's here for the roundup. And 1 wnlked iircninii- way a round-- tin snnkes the hunters had already civtiRiil up In lite C>yp Mills and carted Into town. Then someone siiRpeMed we Rn HHTtfnc. Tliry meant Minkc tiiuilhiK I ptolc.slerl. They JiislsU'il. \Vr went. Well, wr drove to whet* 1 I nm now. Only that was a couple hour, back, Since thru I've (Ret UUO — Scaled a nOtt-fcnL hl«b nypsi hiilil've not the scar.s lo prove iO Captmed okay. nw. nnd n hal dor.eii other 1 fellows a Ilve-foti western couch whip snake iso I ! wasn't poisonous. It's a snako,' It). Come dtisvn Irom that same film feet High Mountiiln Hind I've K" more .scat's to prove lit. Hold a four nuri a half font dla mond black rattlesnake tn UIPM my hare haiuh 'bnlieve me, brothei those numbers are poisonousl. 2,500 SiuikeN Taken And. If timidly, let Ihnl sinak ryke like an economy sl/.c siring o pearls around my 15 nnd A ha neck "of course !! was the nor poisonous onc'i. In all. the hunters—about 2.500- took almost n thousand i at tie during the roundup. They sold Ihe — at HS cents a pound to the Okeene Junior Chamber of Commerce, which «[Kinsor.t Ihe PI-MI*. Then the Jnycecs sell thr.m—for the veinon, lo wios, and e\ r en can- nai Io5, which can the inrat for who like IL Hut me, I don't. Probably on the clever deduct Ion thai a live snake e»n'l hurt you, but n filed one §IO ,-CU.IC-FOOI M«IO«AtO« r""^ .-."-—•* r • P. In 1048, the Salvntlon Army ports, l( supplied W.IRbA'l'l ti mid [>. I J!M.:tArt i>eds. WE FALL FOR YOU AT A NEW LOW PRICE LOADED WITH FEATUMf • Aut.mallt Dtlftflbf . Mm-tt.!>t* C.Uf.rt . WM. SW. I,..,,,-;;-*. A couple of men * ne bunt. Nothing Rol bit during M>riouR. Tbnt'A liumdty iiud garage. Severity and boximiKs Is avoided by an nvcr- hfinglnR .second story whii:h slmdcR the hiine glass windows. ! BABY i CHICKS ; 4.\ Quality ! • Older Yours Now • ! L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. J Cherry A Kallrand. Phone 449: Per Gallon As Fine a Product As You Con Buy! j YPS, Tom Sawyi-r Puint,-. me as fine a qimlily as you Ciin buy . , . but. .since you may nnl have riiscovrrrri it. \\c makr Oiis sprcinl oiler.. In f;\cl. as in-nof of quality, we point out, that national tests havn shown bcitrr Ihan six yrm.s durahility [<>!' n\u- Exlcrior White House Paint a paint uiiMnpa.sscd in whiteness by any natioiially-advcrtispci paint, our line of exterior house paints includes white and eieht colors. plus, ot course, externn primer. All arc available ill l.s, f:-iil"iis. anti nve-g.i lions. .Mr. Tirnkle. a gvnrlunte of Uie University of Illinois School of Chemical Engineering, has wru'krd with the DuPont Co. of Chicago . . . and no\v he directs the manufactnrc of Tom Sawyer p.iims liere In Blylhcville. You have his technical training, his varioci experience, and thfi \utrd of many Mid-South contractors to prove that Tom Sawyer Palnls. a complete line ot paints, ale as fine as any you cnn buy. And fannry-tr.-you means about in'r lower prices. Call 3Sj'J for details. Martin Tren kle. Inc. Air Base Paint Manufacturer Blythcviilc, Arkansas Phone 3853 WHEN DAY IS DONE yon ilosorvc lo rest, anil rplax in a charming home! Ix-l'ji luivp a linlp dint nhniil rrilrrnratinp. We'll IK- liHppr lo ailvi«c you on llic rorrrrt lypr nncl rolor of paint In iifiC lor hcHiiliful harmonious rini^lirA. W> friilnro <|imlily painl prodnrlB for wa)l» —flnnri>—woodwork—furniture—nnri nlhrr allrfacrn. Obey lliat urge — Drop in tomorrow, or Phone 551 for Estimates E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "friendly Building Service" YANE-CALVERT PAINT D E A L' S PAINT STORE in!) 1C. Main Phone PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. Miiin !'hon« SIS SEE NORGE BEFORE YOU BUY made with oibnfeswilh ors average living of use, do wti- co- enr t It erononiy make Kem-Tonc Ainericn's must popular wjill finish. Kpni-Tonc rnrwlc with KK.U, OIL AM> SPIiCIA I. KK.StN'S specially ircntotl To mix with water—ht'ciuise ivntcr hus no obnoxious fumes ... Is mm-hiflammaMc ., . nnd J.s ihe most convenient, economical thinner nvalhlilc. Tor rooms lh;H "LOOK 1.1KK A MILLION" yet cost only insist on Kem-Tonc! KEM-GLO "I" prrferl romliinatinn for Hnarlr.'t decomtionl SHERWIH WILLIAMS PAINTS BUILDER'S SUPPLY, INC. Building Service and Supplies J. Wilson Henry v (il Sntilh W. H. Peas. Rlylhcvillc

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