The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1934
Page 1
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I Served by the United Pre** BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NKWBPAI'EK OP NOKTHKA HP.«^;rr. u .J^*.^~.-^rfj*"^- •*• * •*-* " k^/ VOL. XXXI—NO. 20 Blyf <o. .'ly News Blythevllle Courier M 1 • > /alley Lender Blylhovllle Herald NKWBPAPBt OP NOKTHM HT ARKANSAS AND BOU'lllKABT MISSOURI UUTHKVI1.I.K. ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, APUIb 17, 193.1 HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BMKHIHILI GOES^TO ROOSEVELT Leon Trotzky May Seek Refuge in EXILED SOVIET Action Follows Revelation of His Activities (or World Revolution PARIS, April 17. (UP)—Leon Trotzky. exiled Soviet leader, was informed today thai lie must leave Prance, and he began at once to try to obtain refuse In the United Slates of elsewhere in Die western hemisphere. The cabinet decided that Trotzky must leave French sail after it had l>ecn informed that, refused here as a political exile under a pledge of neutrality, lie was trying to fonn a "fourth international" to foment revolutions throughout the worW. The organization already is active in a dozen Unite*! States cities. Europe DurMi'l Want Him As soon ns tlie order was conveyed to him at liis closely guarded villa at, Barbizon the former co- dicVitor of Soviet Russia communicated with friends and asked them lo determine whether re might tin-J a haven In North or South America. Trutzky's followers reared there was no chance after Hie revelations of his intense political activity in Prance Uat any European country would accept him. particularly in view of the wave or NazlsnN and Fascism has spread over the continent. His presence in Prance created a serious situation (or the cabinet. .^^..^Ordered to Leave.'.*. - '': - -The- order" for frotzky's departure was conveyed to him through Minister of Interior Albert Sarrant. •supreme police authority, who had reported to the cabinet on his activities. Tro'.zky, who was the military leader of rTie communist revolution in Russia, was exiled following the death of Lenin because of differences or opinion between him and Stalin, nou tl e dominant n»nrc in Ihi- Russian slate. Trotzky clung lo Ihe theory, abandoned by Stalin and other Soviet leaders, Hint success of the Hussion revclntion depended UIMII the sprea-linj of communism throughout the world. i Worl DETECTIVES DIE IN PISTOL DUEL Hostess at Soviet Fete in Capital Leon Trotzky, exponent of world revolution, ordered out of France following revelation of radical political activity, must seek a new refuge. An exile frcm soviet Russia, doors of all European countries are closed against him. Three Negroes Blamed for Double Killing in Missouri Today ELDON. MO.. April 17. 1UP> — Two railroad detectives were shot to death early toJay as t'ney fought a pistol duel at close quarters with ihrce negroes. The scene of the fight was the lop of treight cars as a Reek Island irain rolled between Bland and Elclon. The detectives were J. W. Whit- led and B. C. Shane. Tlie negroes left the train before It reached here. They had placed the body of W.ilt- tcd atop one of the cars where It was found by Fred Kirk. Rock Island dispatcher. Shar.c, who was wounded early In tire flgnl. rolled from tlie train. His body was round beside the tracks. Police "detained six itinerants, found on the train. All told the same sory and laid the blame for j the slayings on three negroes, j Tiie tramps said Shane and iWcitU-d boarded the train as it left ! Bland. Successor to Congressman Bolivar Kemp at Issue 1 in Primary Today BATON ROUGE, 'La.', April 17. (UP) Cilizens of Louisiana's sixth district ballotted on five candidates in the Democratic primary to end a long strife for tte left va-' cant by the late Congressman Bolivar E. Kemp. The candidates were State Senator J. Y. Sanders Jr., running on an antt-Lxjng platform: former Stale Ilepreseniative Murphy J., of Franfclinton; 13. M. whitman. Amite business man; Harry D. Wilson, stale commissioner of agriculture and credited with haviiiT the support of Ihe state administration controlled by Long's orgnnlza- I\ ! CW nt.IV NEW ORLEANS. Apr 17 (UP) — Ccttun futures talc today turned ctoirl aricr :\ se.ssbn of declines willi heavy ™ti..s :im] closed slight - 1 than yoolerday's • final the local exchange. levels on llav .Inly Ot March O|)fn high 1IS2 1108 1IG2 H7C IPS 118!) 1181 119!) iina n D:; 1199 12C6 1149 1157 1170 118! close 1105 1172 1185 1137 All the candidates rnve declared they were running as indeocndenu. unaiTiliated with any political faction. Selected in a citizens election, Sanders presented himself for the contested scat at the opruinn of the present term of congress. Claiming tlie same past at the same lime ivus the widow of the late congressman. She won without opposition in an ; earlier election which was attacked as illegal. Congress refused lo seat either of them. 9^ 1201b 1198 1210b Spots closed steady nt 1180 un-l changed. New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 17 (UP) — Coitcn closed steady. open high low 1160 1167 1147 1103 1171 1157 11H 1190 I1C9 1187 1201 1180 1193 1206 1188 May July Oct Dec Jnn Starch close 1162 1173 1199 1205 1202 1213 1198- 1212 Spots closed steady at 1180. rh.ingcd. Hounds Trail Woman rVA'ssing From Horn? JACKSON. Miss.. April 17. (UP) —Officers followed bloodhounds through the nearby Pearl river swamps today, searching for Mrs. L. C. Kelley. 34. who. clad In a nightgown, disappeared from her Jack.scn home at 3 n.m. The search was started after Mrs. Kelley's husband, a railroad em- ploye, reported that his wife, who has been ill, slipped out of the home before dawn and not been seen since. Dakola Executive Faces Prosecution for Relief Activities BTSMARK N. D., April 17. (UP) | Hostess at one of the most hrlt- -T! *i llicrrlr.1 llm>-i.n.. o \lr T« : |t B , . , • .i.uat inn —U. S. District Attorney P. W. n!cr today prepared to serve warrants or arrest upon Go*-. William P. Lanser and eight others, including state officials, wro were named in indictments charging a conspir- ant social events in ._, history, Mine. Alexander Trovau- ovsky, wife of Hie Soviet Ambassador to the United Stales, la aliowa In the simple salmon |ilnk evening gown aim wore al tlie acy to solicit rinids from federal first odielal reception she and her OEN1JED PLOT Repudiate Gary School-: master's.Report of Dinner Parly Conversation WASHINGTON. April 17. (UP)— Wllllnm A. Will's Mlu'.v m;esls at Miss Alk'e Uaiion's dinner party, tcdiiy i-cpnd!iile;l his sensallonul story of 11 Korecvclt brain liusl red plot. One by one tlie six. who dined with the Gary, Ind., schoolmaster one hot September nljlu lasl full, denied they l.ud s.i!;l ihut: : 1.—"We have President Hcosevclt In mid-stream." 1— President noose veil was the "Kcrensky- or n revolution with n "Stalin" to come. Thrxic two charges were the main ones IJr. Wlrt llmi; al them when he testified n week ago tcdnj-. All the witnesses agreed tlmt: 1.—Dr. Wlrt. monopolized Ihe conversation by talking nboiu his gold theory. a.—Ills conversation bored them and approached discourtesy. Lawrence Toild, Washington representative of the Tass, Soviet news agency, was Lie chief witness. Miss Barrows, hostess, who served Ihe guests cocktails, roast duck nnd ! trimmings, was called first, follow - icd by Miss Hildcgarde Knccland. jMlss Barrows works in the department of education and Miss,Knee- land-w!th\he'depsrtrnent of agriculture. Then came Miss Mary Taylor of the A. A. A. consumers council office. Todd, Robert Brnere of the cotton textile Industrial board, and David 'O. coyle, PWA engineer nnd wind resistance expert. Bruere, In addition to denying Win's charges, suggested Ihe educator violated the ninth commandment—never bear I.iLse witness against your neighbor. Coylc likewise denied Wlrfs charges. The committee then adjourned. Norma Is liilt. New nmii Is doming Soon Norm* Talrnadfe relief workers. The indictments were returned by a federal grand jury last night after a week-long investigation during which 140 witnesses testified. linger was removed from the position as head of federal relief activities In the stale recently after ctiarues that subscriptions to his party organ, t.-e Leader, were being forced u|xm relief employes. j husband Pursue Convicts Who: Fled Colorado Prison CANON CITY, Col, Apr. 17 (UP) —Search for two convicts who escaped from the state penitentiary 'icrc late yesterday in a daring break not have traveled far during the night through a group or guards stationed around the town. Raymond Perry and Claude beeves, both sentenced from Colorado City for robbery, were the members ot a group or five prisoners, who forced a guard to accompany them outside of the penlten- ' erm ln P rlson . moved about a,mong (iary at the point of a knife. w!~o the cro »' d ^ gathered to see t>e pris- to Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. April 17 (UP) Pressure lifted from the stock market today as the grain mar- kcls rallied following another per- Icd of heavy scllinj. stocks near Hie close were up fractions more than two points. A. T. and-T 1207-8 Anaconda Copper 163-4 Bethlehem Steel 42 7-8 Chrysler 53 1 -2 Cities Service ....'25.3 Ccca cola ..!.. 118 Gen. Am. Tank "'. 40 3-4 General Electric 22 1-2 General Motors 35 \_g International Harvester 41 3-8 Mklrtiewcst Utilities 5-113 Montgomery Ward ....'.' 30 3.4 New York Central 35 I 8 Pae^rd '... 5 ,. 4 Phillips Petroleum ID 5-8 Radio 81-4 Simmons Beds 2n 1-2 St. LouS-Snn Francisco 4 Standard ol N. '.I. Texas Co U. S. Steel ... U. S. Smelling ' . 45 3-4 2G 7-8 . SI 5-8 155 Common Check "Kiting" Is Charged to Cannon WASHINGTON. April 11. (UP>Tre prosecution today charged at the trial of Bishop James Cannon Jr. and Miss Ada L. Burroughs thai they were guilty of common garden variety check kiting. Government Attorney John J. Wilson said they had engjged in a series of "p.:oney transactions" that they had made "fictitious deals." and that, they had reported "paper" transactions in their report to the clerk of the r.ouso concerning their 1928 campaign against Alfred E. Smith. Chicago Wheat May 78 open high 79 3-8 low IS 7-8 close 78 3-8 July 78 3-4 79 3-4 77 1-2 78 5-8 Chicago Corn May July open 40 44 1-2 ' high 42 3-4 45 1-2 low 40 close 42 3-S 45 1-4 al Uio new Soviet Em^ssy. RUTLEDGE GILS FDR PRISONER! Local Man, Penitentiary Trusty, Arrives at ,\Vlieel of Big Truck With Paul "Monk" Rutledge. trusty and Blythevllle man. at the wnccl - penitentiary - ....... , ..... -,., ..... „ ...... „ ---- „ . •as intensified today as nrison nf-i i!lr 8 e truck with steel wire enclos- r icials became convinced they could ure - lefl Blythcvlllc at noon today on a return trip to the penitentiary farm at Tucker with offenders sentenced at' the recent term of criminal court here. Rutledge. now serving time for a safe robbery at Turrell. appeared to enjoy the visit. The Blrtl'.cvllle man, serving his second or Ihlrd were al large today. Police Free 'Scruggs oners depart, with a' b!? pistol strapped to his hip. Other prison trusties or err.jfoyes also macie the trip. in Fire Investigation Tcn Prisoners were removed from lh Large Crowds Attend Presbyterian Meetings Large congregations have assembled at the First Presbyterian church, Fifth and Main streets, In the past several days for (he revival meeting services. ' The Rev. W. Moore Scott. D. D.. superintendent of hcme missions, evangelism, and stewardship, for the Synod or Arkansas, Is conducting the meeting, assisted by Mrs. Scott and his secretary, Miss Lyda Bess Atkins. This afternoon Dr. Scott is speaking on "George Washington, the Christian Man and Statesman" and giving to each Booster present a fine picture of Mount Vernon. Following this will be messages on "God's Word," "God's Son." nnd "God's Church." The Booster Band is interested and working hard to qualify for ths broadcast over KLCN at 10:30 Saturday morning when they will sing some of their revival choruses. Ocean Crash Kills Famed 'Safe 1 Fiver , ccunly Jail and placed In the _ and the following negroes: Robert Saturday, was released late No definite charge was placed I ° ne .* hl 'e youth. Raymond Wclh. against Scruggs, who was at one', l nt \, '!!,"* n «S r «s. Bennie Dison, lime head of the Blythcvilte police! Norwood and Charley Wilson, department. Officers placed Scrubs ™ uggs n- In Jail while investigating port that he had been seen leaving Ire shed a short tlm» before the fire broke out. A 22-year-old youth, adjudged Insane and ordered to the state Institute for mental diseases, entertained the crowd with a -sermon" until officers made him desist. When placed In a car for the trip he still carried his Bible with him. c . .. _ ,. Station otriKC Caujhl Whoopiru Coo?h at 89 SMITH CENTER, Kan. (UP) — The general belief that aging per- , «ms are immune to the whooping > cough was blasted by W. S. Clark, I 89, who contracted the Illness here! recently while playin? with lib: grandchildren. CLEVELAND, Apr. 17 (UP)-A The largest gold coin In the world is the Japanese oban, which is five Inches in diameter and weifjlts four ounces. Vote U. S. Funds for Levee Rights of Way WASHINGTON, April 17. (Ul'l- Congress tcdjy coiiipleled action upon nnd will si-mi to the prc-il- denl a bill authorizing the war department lo make payments or to reimburse 1 slates and levee districts for rights of way for MlnKslpiil llo:d control wirk. Tlie bill promises material help (o the St. Francis Levev district, which recently received approval of a PWA loan of several hundred thousand dollars for the purchase of Hirsts of way tor federal flood control work. , _ „„ HULL LIMII UN George JnKl NEW YORK, April 17. (UP) — Smiling broadly. George Jcssel rtp- pcared In tile lobby of his hotel lo- day nnd announced his engagement to Norma Talmadge, who arrived only a few hours earlier after getting a divorce In Mexico. "I have given her a ring with diamonds." Jesscl said. He declined to say when or where they would be married but hinted that the ceremony rnlghl be on Thursday. M,'-ss Talmadge \vas granted a Mexican divorce from George M. Scr.enck, motion picture producer. Lions Club Prepares for Annual Election JDOPpDCET Authorizes Renewal of Contracts of All Members of Faculty The bonrd of Blythcvlllc Special School District No. 5 last night adopted a lnide"t lor Ihe 1834-35 school year, differing In no Important detail from tlmt of the current year, and authorized Supt. Crtiwford Greene to offer all IcAChcrs In the white schools renewals of their present contracts. The budget for the coming year, 164,157.84, exceeds anticipated revenue by nbont J3.000. It Is possible revenue may exceed that now In prospect by an amount sufficient to balance the budget. If It does not some, adjustment will be necessary before Ihe end of the 1034-35 school year. Principal budget it«ms ore: Kent-mi control, $3,985; lastnictlon, S27.921.29; operation, J4.23G.30; maintenance, (900; fixed charges, (2,170: capital outlay, 1300; lebt service, »24,G45.25. The budget makes no provision 'or high school teachers, who will continue lo receive their pay from lulllon payments. C. M. Buck was re-elected president of the board, nnd C, W Afillck was re-elected secretary. A nominating committee was named at the luner.eon meeting or the Lions club today to submit names for the election of officers on May 1. Jen Roland Is chairman and other members are: Jesse Taylor, Max B. Reid. W. J. Wun- clerlich and Fred Gilltam. The speaker today was L. E. Tull ivho explained plans ror the clt> work program. Tr.e state Lions convention will be held in Texarkana May 13 and 14. The I6cal delegation will be headed by Jell Roland, chairman 01 the laminating committee. Visitor Revealed Self As "Dead" Brother BAKEiidl-TELD. Cal. (UP) — A tail, elderly man walked Into Constable Boone Ncwcll's office here. He was from Kansas, the stranger {informed the officer. They discussed common Interests and mulual acquaintances in their hoir.e stale. Tlie latter were surprisingly numerous. "Eu-r hear of Walker Newell?" the victor inquired. "Walker Newell Is dead. 1 should know ror I'm his brother," no conMali'c replied. "Walker Newell Is not dead And I rcAlly sliould know, since I'm Walker Newell," the tall Kansan icturned. Wa'kor. who Is 61, had not seen his brother since he was 13. and today a.s 2,000 members of , ™ to " ™' 0 ™ «"• ion walked out on strike. Cloud <ah"ve), pli;iiged 3,000 et lo hta death I* tlio Atlauitc Occa» of Vlrflita fceaca. Trouble in Spain MADRID, Apr. 17 (UP 1 —A stale of alarm was declared today In tlie province of Valencia because of disturbed condition.? there. Takes Final Action, i Adopting Conference- Report WASHINGTON, Anr. -17 >'UJP)— -, lie house tndav ndontcd the con- i report on tl>c Bankhead •oHnn control bin 1 and .*pnt,- e (*'— ?.he first so-called regimentation.' ii" n siii'c—to President' Roosevelt, -;j T'-c vole was 233 to 105.h .;',' ; i?j Tlio senate receded from niast;-! if 11^ amendments- to ' the - bill"-, nst week and adopted the "re-'^ •nrt. The president Is expected" fo Inn I;. ;. ' • j Desc-rlbod bv the Republicans"as j he ndtnlnlstratlon'fi first step In. j rpKimcntlng agriculture, the bill ! Imlts the 1834 cotton croo to ! n bales, or about 3.000.000 : bales fewer than produced last '. On petition of two-thirds of I Die cnlton planters the control ; :nav be extended for another year. Cnttnn produced In excess of 10.000.000 bales is to be taxed »)C '. - rate of 50 !>«;r cent of the curr '•. r cnt market price, or not less than rent.'; a pound. . ! , Tlie house accepted one nmend-. ; mrni. considered desirable by the ' California delegation, which pro- rides that states which"'hive' pro- ' rti'iicrl an avenue crop'.'of 250.000 i bales In the last five "veare shall'.; have n quota of 200,000* bales or U. 5. FUGITIVE Imnersonater of Federal Emnloyes Served Coun- Britain to Pa? Nothing . Despite Full Treasury LONDON, Apr. 17 (UP)—Groat Britain adheres to her policy of refusing to pay her war debt to }\ the United .States pending negotiations for revision or cancella- lion, Chancellor Neville Chamberlain revealed in presenting the - _ 1M4-35 bud»et to the house of"j commons today. Despite a treasury surplus at t£e end of the fiscal year on April 1 of $160.567.940 «nd a prospective surplus of revenue over expenses • In Ihe current budget of $149,330,000, Chamberlain made no provision In the budget for: war debt payments nor for reparations receipts. He did the same thing in the preceding two years. ty Farm Term Hidden away on the Mississippi countv prison farm while federal otrncles were vainly conducting a nallon-wlde search for htm. H. B. Hanson, self-styled civil engineer, Is once more al liberty. "Thai's the man—we had him here ri?ht under our nose all the time, but he's gone now." Police Chief Ed Rice said regretfully this morning as he perused n government bulletin. "Yep—why we had a bulletin on that fellow about a year aw." Arch Llndscy. deputy sheriff, added after scanning the circular. Hanson, it seems, according to the government's bulletin, goes by a string or aliases, posing as a member of the U. S. Geodetic Survey or as a government engineer In similar capacities. He Is described as "one of the most persistent of Impersonators." His usual method on entering n new territory Is to set up his surveying equipment and begin ostentatious preparations for a government engineering project. In the mcan- svhlle .It is claimed, the Impersonator lets word drop that workers will be needed and agrees to accept deposits from an*t>v-< n->. nlicants to insure their appearance nt a designated place and then disappears, or else buys n cur, glv- inir a worthless check, after establishing himself through the same method. Hanson was sent to the county farm from municipal court here on a charge of obtaining goods under false pretenses. He gave & local merchant a worthless check for n pair of boots and left the ctly, but was apprehended at Osceola. He served out his county farm term about two weeks »2o. Wlien here Hanson posed as a civil engineer down on his luck. He failed lo answer simple questions about survey work with any suc- Documcnts that TCequa sentatlves in have former Hoover Friend Sought ^ Contract for Airline WASHINGTON, Apr. 17 IUP)!- The "friendly cooperation" ."of Mark L. Renua. Republican • national committee from California and close friend of former President Hoover, was enlisted by the Century Airlines in 1931 In a campaign of Independent operators to obtain mail contracts, - It was testified today before the senate airmail commltlee. Unreduced showed lold Century repre- 1931 that he would Postmaster General Waller F. Brown "called on tlie carpet" in nn effort to obtain an airmail contract for the line. Rcqua, according to correspondence between officials of the airline, expressed the opinion that Brown's airmail policy \vas"wrong" and "embarrassed Mr. Hoover." National Assistant to Confer On State Relief LITTLE ROCK, April 17. (UP)— Lawrence Westbrook of Washington, assistant national relief director In charge of the rural rehabilitation program, arrived rrom Dillas by plane this afternoon to hold a conference with Arkansas and Oklahoma relief officials. He was met al the airport by Governor Fntrell. who Is chairman of the executive committee or the ERA, W. R. Dyess. state relist director, Claud Mann of Mnlvern; member of the state rural rehabilitation commission. The afternoon conference was attended by col. Carl Oiles. EHA director for Oklahoma, and Leo J. McMakln. assistant admlnlstnto'- of Oklahoma in charge of the rural program. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy and un- sett'cd tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy tonight and Wednesday with o:ca- slonal showers. The maximum temperature here I yesterday was 63, minimum 53, partly cloudy, according to Samuel , F. Norris, official vuther observer. ,

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