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The Morning News from Wilmington, Delaware • 13

The Morning Newsi
Wilmington, Delaware
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MONDAY. DECEMBER 9. 1946 SECOND SECTION Ringling Brothers Barnum and mobile and Aeronautic Association rnon Wr Othnr nffrprs plprTAH Are' I Bailey Circus, will leave ny pian f.omorow for Eurooe on his first BETTER CHRISTIAN ELSMERE WOMEN ma jor post-war hunt for new circus talent. HOSPITAL PATIENTS ARE ENTERTAINED Vice-president, George M. Peirce; second vice-president, George H.

Thomas, third vice-president, Edward J. Elliott; secretary-treasurer, James D. Boines, and executive secretary, Charles W. Lawson. further increased by sales of the second edition of the Arden cookbook.

The funds will be spent in projects for the Arden School. Attending the luncheon were: Mrs. Edward Harford, Mrs. Henry Aughey, Mrs. Simn Berger, Mrs.

W. R. Beacham. Mrs. William L.

May, Mrs. Edward Downs, and Miss Hazel Stephens. the occasion were Mrs. William C. Lang, Mrs.

Sarah F. Crossan, Mrs. John R. Collison and Mrs. Alfred B.

Moore. Mrs. William S. Bullock was reelected president: Other officers are: vice-president, Mrs. Walter F.

Marshall; secretary, Mrs. William A. Fincher; treasurer, Mrs. Alfred Moore; flower box chairman, Mrs. H.

M. Lackland. The class made EDUGAT10N URGED HOLD YULE BAZAAR hall. At 10:30 on the morning of Christmas day a brief family service will be held at the fire hall. Mr.

Miller will be in charge of the half-hour program. Mrs. Emil G. Tessmann, Mrs. J.

Burton Nichols and Frank C. Bie-singer. will be in charge of the Christmas program of the Sunday school at 4 p. m. Dec.

29 in the fire hall. The Altar Guild will meet at 8 o'clock tonight at the home of Mrs. Thomas Hi'oteert, Claymont. RUNAWAY HORSE KILLS MAM CAMDEN. N.

Dec. 8 UP) Charles Dermitt. 42-year-old store proprietor and Marine Corps veteran, died today after he was thrown from a runaway horse while his son and daughter looked on. Group Presents Variety ALLIS-CHALMERS' PLANT Dover Rector Asserts Children May Learn Facts But Fail to Gain in Character CHURCH GROUP PROGRAM The recently organized Holy Name Society of St. Helena's Catholic Church will meet at 8 o'clock tonight in the Blue Rock Clubhouse, Gordon Heights.

Ralph Plowman, president, will preside. C. Leslie Sweeney is in charge of the program. The Rev. Edward A.

Dougherty, pastor, will attend. plans for sending baskets of fruit (to shut-ins for Christmas and also i voted to pay their pledge of $50 to the church. The next meeting of jthe group will be held Jan. 2. Mrs.

Robert M. HalL 15 Roselawn ENDS 7-MONTH STRIKE BOSTON, Dec. 8 U.R The last Presbyterian Church Unit Will Donate Proceeds To Fund for New Building ELSMERE. Dec. 8 (Snecian The TEX O'REILLY, 66, DIES; Th most nressine missionary od- Avenue, Roselle, was hostess to FOUGHT UNDER 8 FLAGS TUPPER LAKE, N.

Dec. 8 UP) CATHOLIC STORE CHRISTMAS CRIBS Solid Gold and Sterling Silver Rosaries Prayer Books, Bibles LOQUE 625 West 4th St. strike-bound branch plant of the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing signed a contract with union representatives today ending a 'seven-month walkout. portunity in Delaware is the Im Women's Association of the Elsmere i members of the Ever Welcome Bible Presbyterian Church held a Christ HUNTS BIG TOP TALENT 1 NEW YORK, Dec. 8 UPy John Ringling North, vice-president of, Richard Bechtner, manager of the Boston works, said the company will Edward S.

(Tex) O'Reilly, 66, who as a soldier of fortune fought under eight flags and in many parts of the world, died today in the veterans hospital at Sunmount. He was the Show for Veterans at New Castle County Airport i Patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital at the New Castle County Airport were entertained by a variety show presented last night under the sponsorship of Mr. and Mrs. John A Lundy. It was the troupe's first visit to the new VA institution.

For several years the group has been putting on shows for patients at the veterans hospitals at Perry Point. and Coatesville, and at Brandywine Sanatorium. Performers last night had music by Ray Fisher, pianist, Herbert Pot Class of the Brack-Ex Methodist Church at the December meeting at her home. Mrs. Mary Webb, president, presided and plans were made for a Christmas party to be held in the church social hall Saturday eve- mas bazaar in the church hall yesterday afternoon and last evening for the benefit of the church's new building fund.

Mrs. George E. Binder was general chairman. Tea resume full production tomorrow. The agreement between the Boston branch and the United Electrical, subject of Lowell Thomas' book.

ining, Dec. 28. Mrs. Doris Kimmey end cake were served between 1 and 4 p. m.

Members of the five circles 'Born to Raise Hell." Born in Texas, O'Reilly enlisted Radio and Machine Workers of America (CIO), left only the main Allis-Chalmers plant in Milwaukee, still strike-bound. Six other at the outbreak of the Spanish- American war and served in Cuba, the Philippines and China, being wounded in the Boxer Rebellion. struck branch factories had come to terms. After his enlistment was up, he SOFT COAL FOR SALE Approximately 30 Tons EAGLE DYE WORKS 6TH AVENUE Cr DUNCAN ST. PHONE 2-8815 ter, violinist, and Joseph Bacon.

and Mrs. Dorothy Williams will have charge of the games and Miss Emma M. Read, class teacher, will arrange for the entertainment. The class presented a crate of oranges to the Veterans Administration Hospital at the New Castle Air Base. Under the direction of Mrs.

Pearl Waibel the members are making garments for the Red Cross. A number of skirts have been completed and the group is now knitting baby mittens, caps and sacks. A total of 371 workers had been idle in Boston since April 30. The new provides for a 13 Vj- joined the bodyguard of the emperor of Korea, later serving in the international police force in Shang drums. Betty Wagner and Betty Russell presented novelty and acro batic dancers, while other dances hai, and in the military forces of cent-an-hour wage increase and "vacation pay" during the time the workers were on strike.

Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico In 1924 he joined the French For were performed by "The Three Men of Rhythm." William Livergood, William Mulhern and Thomas Hulhern. assisted with the affair. Circle No. 5 of the Women's Association will hold a Christmas party tomorrow evening at the home of Miss Jean Ray Wyatt, 20 Westmoreland Avenue. Bellemoor.

Miss Ada-line Murray is circle leader with Miss M. Jane McElhinney as councillor. The Rev. William Hudson, pastor of the Brack-Ex Methodist Church, was the speaker at the Sunday Breakfast Mission Friday evening when the Methodist Young Adult Fellowship of the church conducted a service there. The Ladies' Bible Class of.

the Brack-Ex Methodist Sunday School lected officers for the ensuing year their December meeting and Christmas party in the church hall on Thursday night. Hostesses for eign Legion and fought against the Tonv and his Lehigh Valley Boys. Rins North Africa. D. A.

A. A. ELECTS Harry L. Maier was reelected president of the Delaware Auto- a hill billy band, and Jerry Frugoli, comedian, were also on the program. All the entertainers are from the provement or trie program oi Christian education, said the Rev.

Paul A. Kellogg, rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Dover, last night. Mr. Kellogg, who is also chairman of the Department of Christian Education of the Diocese of Delaware, spoke at the second in a series of Advent services in Calvary Church, the Bishop Coleman Memorial. It is important, said Mr.

Kellogg, to give factual information, but children may learn the facts without developing a real Christian attitude, therefore, the facts must be translated into character building. He stressed the value of a teacher's knowledge of children's environment. Mr. Kellogg also cited the inadequate provisions for religious education. The service was conducted by the Rev.

Henry N. Herndon, rector of Calvary Church. A. 0. H.

GRIER HEADS SONS OF DELAWARE The Sons of Delaware, in celebration of Delaware Day, had its annual banquet Saturday night in the Barclay Hotel. Philadelphia. Prior to the dinner the annual election of officers was held, with the following result: President and historian, A. O. H.

Grier; first vice-president, E. W. Helm; second vice-president. George T. Coulter; secretary, John E.

Harper; treasurer, Louis DuHadaway; members of the board of governors, terms expiring in 1949, W. W. Smithers. Capt. J.

M. Taylor and John L. Graham, Jr. 3 PHILADELPHIA SAFES Wilmington area. LOOTED OF $5,000 CASH PHILADELPHIA.

Dec. 8 UP, Safe Arden CATHOLIC FORUM OF AIR The importance of the liturgy of the church during the season of Advent was discussed yesterday on "The Promise of Christmas" a program presented by the Catholie Forum of the Air over Station WDEL. Speakers were Miss Mary O'Hara, Miss Ann Cosier, and Donn Devine while the production manager was Richard P. Lowry. ARDEN.

Dec. 8 The Christmas Shop of the Arden Parent-Teacher Association brought that organization a net total of $515, it was reported yesterday at a luncheon for hop committee members given by the three co-chairmen. 2 i I I I Give Her A Dress Length of Beautiful The luncheon was held in the crackers, who police said may have been members of the same gang, looted three safes of several thousand dollars today. Martin Stotter reported to police the theft of a 500-pound safe containing "$4,000 or more" from his home. At the John Reardon pork packing plant, robbers forced a safe containing about $500 in cash, $1,000 in checks and $8,000 in savings bonds.

However, the robbers, apparently unwilling to risk cashing the checks and bonds, abandoned them later. Officials of the Baskin Coal and Coke Co. said safe crackers opened the company's safe and took between $300 and $500 in cash. home of Mrs. Otto K.

Pollak, one WOMEN'S GROUP TO MEET The Women's Democratic Club of Delaware will meet tonight at 8:30 o'clock at the Democratic headquarters, 612 French Street. Mrs. Anne Maher, president, will preside. the co-chairman, who was assisted by Mrs. William P.

Frank and Mrs Material from C. Liberman. tiie other two co-chairmen. The amount will be (Ebric Shop I 8 VISITORS IN PHILADELPHIA DOVER, Dec. 8 (Special) State Detective and Mrs.

E. J. Boggs, Ches-wold, spent their fortieth wedding anniversary Thursday and Friday in Philadelphia, where they honeymooned following their wedding. 6 EAST 7th STREET ST. MARK'S SENIOR CHOIR GIVES CONCERT The senior choir of St.

Mark's Advertisement Advertisement DOUBLE ACTION AGAttlST COLDS! DUE TO LACK OF VITAMIN A AND COUGHS DUE TO COLDS Lutheran Church gave a concert in the Brandywine Hundred Fire Hall, SCHOOL AIDE TO SPEAK Mrs. Padl DiSabatino, chairman of the Home Room Mothers of the Home and School Association of the Ursuline Academy, will discuss the topic. "It's a Practical Matter." over Station WILM tomorrow morning at 11:15 o'clock. It is sponsored by the Women's Division of the Wilmington Round Table of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Bellefonte, last niht.

Dr. J. Nelson HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE YIELDS TO DRUGLESS METHODS OF TREATMENT Tully, director, was in charce and the Rev. W. Robert Miller, pastor, gave a brief talk.

The senior Luther League met last night in the fire hall. The 'annual candlelicht Christmas carol service of Mark's will be held at 6:30 leral waters. This new method of Sunday evening, Dec. 22, in the fire wgrs GETS ARMY DISCHARGE Capt. Joseph S.

Wierzbicki. 218 South Jackson Street, who saw service as a bombardier in the North African campaign, has received his honorable discharge from the Army at Fort Wright. Spokane. Wis. He was awarded the Aid Medal with nine oak-leaf clusters, and the ETO ribbons with three battle stars.

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