The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1944
Page 3
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J^rcspAVDBCKam m 12, Honor Students Announced Here Hcury Carter Farr High School Lender; 3 Tie For §econd The senior high school honor roll or he second six weeks period was 'en by Hurry Carter Farr, with MI; points. Mary Nunii, Vnnnye Whtl- ley nml Frances Shotisc tied for second place with M points, Betty Black was next with 13",, followed bv lk-t- ly Woodson with 13. Dick Williams and Dorothy Lum, fa c]\ with lit, Others on the honor roll we're Marilyn Deen. in;, Pa tsy Travis. n 1 .., Charles Henderson. Evelyn "eard 11'1; Pefigy Van Winkle. Sum Johnson, 10"i: Mury Sue Berryman. 10'.-.; Mui-lel'Knuils'eii' lO'/i • Beulah Hawkins; Shirley Bnrham, Marion Mayes. Sammye Ferguson! Julia Woodson, and Chester Caldwell with 10. Thomas Bell, fl : .'l; Prances Field 9 •';; Becky McCall. Mae Belli-Rodg- <-rs 9k; Jim Smart, »',; Carllnc Childers. 9; I'enr) Cfllliey, Ann Weedman, B'l\; Ran Caldwell. 8'!,: Bobby Colcnitm B\; Jim Oates, «(',; Louise Miillins. Joe Saliba, Mury Lou Joyncr, Hnth Scay, 8. Pansy Manlcy, 7,',; Owen Hanison, 7 : !i: Mary Ann Smith, 7 1 - 1 -; Ar- <ien Fcreuson, 7>i; Juunila- Evans 7'j; Christine Flannagin, 71 2 ; Virginia Wheeler, Ti; Flora Jane Borowsky, 7Vi: Vcriicl O'Neal. T.<-; Jean Moore, 7; Joair Seven; 7; Helen Buchanan, 7; Wanda Barnaul, 7: Nancy Partlow, 7;- Bon -Cham- Win, 7; Geneva Shibley, 7; Mildred -Meador, 7; On the honorable mention* list BLYTHBVIU,t! COUIOIOK NEWS H>SON IN WASHINGTON Anti-Cartel, Clayton Claims KV rUTKl'. liDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent In nil Die liiib-bub over nomlnn- tlon of Will U Clayton as an Assistant Secretary of Slate in charge of foreign economic affairs, perhaps tlie most surprised man In the country -,\(is Mr. Clayton himself. Sitting In his twelfth-floor corner office of Washington's modern fie- construction Finance Corporation tulldlnj?, «!iere ho has been preparing to relinquish his Job as Surplus Property Administrator mid go buck liqmc lo Houston, Tex., he says he can'l fijjnre where llicy got the Idea that he was n [;reat believer in cartels. • Nobody had taken Ihe trouble to I ask him wlmt his views were on I tills subejct: But from all sorts of peculiar places there began to-an- liear the charge that Clayton, the I big cotton man, was also n bit carle) mnn. . Sen.-James Murray of Montana took cocniznnce of the notsc and ,«ave .ns \his reason for voting against Clayton's jiomimUlpn the belief -. that Clayton would favor carteliMition.' > • • • Asked 'directly about his views on ihls issue. Clayton.declares flatly lhat he Is opposed to cartels: am! nil other forms of Internalional ngrceincnts which in any way restrict production, set up quotas nx prices, or limit distribution," and that he lias always been opposed to .such controls. I1EUKVKS"IN COMPETITION •Hnving been In the'coilon'busi- ness all bus life, Cluylon points' oiit tnat this business has-always fen highly competitive throughout llie world, and it. i« i,| s belief,that the tncir world-wide trade belli" T- i. i ' LJ] ^ A I wujju-waue irntw uein a Esknnos use the fur of the wol- conducted on the ,no ' highly con - vcrlnc to trim the front of their pctluve, free enterprise bl"i, hoods, because H. does not catch His inference Is that lf"h e had "^^ " v ^ eat ' favored cai-lellzallou to the degree Ccld Preparations as directed he hns now uraluitously been credited—or discredited—he would liuve liivored mid lorccd tluoueh some kind of luti'i'iuKIoiml agvei'iiient lo limit production or distribution on nil I on. Up to the time he resigned his position as Assistant Secretarv of Commerce lo tnke Ihe surplus Property disposal job Inst Juiy. Clayton represented Secretary of Commerce Jesse Jones on an Intcr- ttcpnrtniental ccmmittee of govern- menl agencies keeping an eye on Europeiin carle) operations In wartime. 'nils commuter was organized find nin by Die very secret Office of Strategic Services. Its deliberations and reports arc therefore not a mailer of public record, but gov- ci'innem officlnls fmniliar with Its work agree thai Clayton, as well ILS the oilier members of Ihe cominit- lee, viewed world carlcls with hos- THINKS THKllf WILI, UK A TIN CAltTKl. Clayton admits frunkly ihnt when the war Is over there arc going to be some cartels in operation, lie mentions specifically the probability of a tin cartel because the supply of tin in (he earth Is limited ami Is larocly controlled by China', Afalaya. and Bolivia. Clayton believes that for materials which am be crown or which are found in the earth's surface In abundance, there is no reitsoii or excuse for trying to limit production or distribution by inicination- al agreement. Speaking before the Harvard Business School at. Harvard's terccnte- 'naiy in lose, Clayton declared that "Agreements -between competitors to curlall production or MX prices. »'ith or without government sanc- AT FIRST SIGH OF A And, right in the St. Nick of tirne, we got them ... big strong longer-wearing Goodyear tires to take more motorists safely over many more merry miles in. the ne\y year. Surely, if you judge by performance, you'll choose a Goodyear .. . for proved long, low-cost mileage ... for its quieter, deeper road-hugging tread that gives you reaj stop and go traction, ' So, Santa ... if you're lucky enough to be eligible, be wise and give'your family the extra safety, extra comfort, extra performance of a hearty new Goodyear. ••••••••>,.•,. 6.00-16 GIVE YOUR TIRES LONGER LIFE £4 WITH NEW GOODYEAR TUBES ' No Certificate Needed! * /V plut tut 6.00-16 SERVICE 410 West Main STORE Telephone 2492 Keeping Up WitjiTheMen In Service t'oip. I), it, Wyiitt. KOU of Mr. r.nd Mrs. li.'C. Wyutl of Blj-thc- villi; now Is scrvlni; - In fcYfinco, »e- coixlliiK (o liilonmitloir vcctlwrt by Ills iwrcnle.-This k-. Coiparnl Wyritfs sfcoml OVM-SCAS nsslgn- ns ht spciil 10 months In (lie J. O. MeDoi-iHotl of Dlylhovlllo vocciilly Ims bi>i>i> |n-onioleil (o (lit' rnnk .-)( coi-|)orul i\l OdBw ru-ui Wdfh,, wlicrc lio Is .sludoiicd wlll Ilir Army ' Sevvlns 111 Frnni'i- is 1'vl, l.oy 1, Arnold, «•}!<>«• ivlf,., (1,,. f,,i 1m , r Mbs Uorolhy Wyntl, nuikc.s IIIM- I'.onic In Dlyiin-vlllf. i>ili',-ilc Ar- llolil wiis stulliiiu'il ul IMMIU'Vlllf Army Air rii-] ( | |jj| 0 i- 1,1 uoinjj «i vr . sons. Hubert Hoy I'lli'licr, SIMHIIIII l-t lu l)n> Nnvy, now is ul u ivsl rn»ii) IH'SU- SlIU Ull'KO. C'llllf., llflcr 111 nianllis KH-vli-e In lj:i(li iln< Ailmillo mid 1'noillc wur ,',on(':i. Ho Is Hit 1 son of Mis, .1. 11. Kiimmni; cif illy. Ihpvlllo. lion, nro |o be condemned on economic grounds. What the world needs Is more production' nt lower prices, farlngliiK- even high slniul- "icls o[ lIvliiR. racMlty distribution, due la clogged ti-ncio clmhnols, nrls- Ing from eovrrnmtrit'.'tlnktVln'K IJiroiigiiotit thf world, and not overproduction, ls v - llie. thliix Hint plllgUOS MS." ' * . Me hns consistently been n Brent backer'of Secretary Hull's reciprocal trnile pru|>iiini because "It loiik the lAi-lff out.of l>olltlM," nnil end- oil "(lie effort to divide the -world Into wuter-tl(!)it com pn i tin cuts, re- srlctlnc tho flow of ifowli mid services from one to anotiier." Osccola l-leiit, nml Mrs, Wllllutn llnno Keilius ntiiinuiiec (lie Ijirlh of a .'••in Tue.'dny n( the Mellimllsl llos- liltnl In Fm( tt'urtli, Texiis. Tlii; i-hlld hiis been nnnied Uayinond SiCOd Ppl-glMv, Mrs. Fel'isns Is (he fni'incr Miss IVnrl oii-tivrlclit. duiii'.hler of li A. Ctiiiwiluht. /' Will RcclassHy Men Who Leave War Jobs WASHINGTON, l')ec. 11! <JJ1>>~- Belci-tlve Service Clilef lier.sln'y Ims put teeth In llie new "work or [|(jia" order, llcikhev Ims ordered :i icclnsilflcnllon 'into mlll- l:u-y service for nil men with oo nipAllimiil dereriiii'iits who lenve tlieli- Jobs wlilioiil Druft Dourd i:i'rmls.slon. The Hclectlve Service lieuil ({live Hie order In lelcuvmns ti> all locnl tli'iifl brairds t.icliiy. However, he i'x|iceteil men who nblnln nil ukuy tram Ihelr bonrds inylin; n rhniiBe In jobs will fiicllltiite llie wnr effort. The (rlpgrnm mlded tlml present c;'e»lii:llnnal defernienl IIK(I-IIC- (Ions must bo npplled to rei;ls(iiints from 18 throiijjh 37 In Hie Unlit of (lip liiniiedlriti' uigencie.i both for men In (tie mined wvlrci nutl Ihe (Ivlllnii ivnr effort. Hlncp deferment Ktmidiu-ds hnvo been nppllcd Mildly (o (he ia iln-ougli 2« nt:o (irodp, llie order idnis ni (he 'ifl Ihi'EHiKli «7 brocket ivliow dcfer- menLs hnve been «rii)i|ed more llheinlly. The nsplmlt rnnflnn indiisd} 1 uses iipproxlDintcly 2:|.OW) |;iiis ul rooflnu rnys caeli month. Wnr 1'ro- dnctlon lionicl suld. I'rcdnclloii pc-r iiiiinlioiir In Hits wnr Is (wo nnd one.-tlilril times us ttivnt ns In tho | ns t wnr. ummllnn to tile Wnr Production llourd. PAGB H. Arkansas Briefs JONiiSJIOKO - < urrielnlly- got . s ,| ry a | beverages must I lime.. Tlic county elillilllon | ils t s ep . r.v were ijlvcn nciir- iilhs to dlsjiosc of ami ( Uiflr bu.vl- all iilcoliul ceiiw> ut I Milnl fnj (rmljcr. Dral !)• lln-re Ihrlr- blot ness. I.1TTI.K ItOCu- <iovmior- l.lfH llrn Ijincy/.says )i ( . J s ,,'t Belli),' I" Inlorfn,. In tin- ,lcllbcr- I'lliins or (In. lue-scssliui Si-iiaU!- -i ; A the tol toda^r • ajid Tuf»da y , J*?"" « e ' has ' mifde, ,hU wishes known lt o (ht mm ^ 0 , the Joint V commlUcc but M)s he will nor adend any 6f th e sessions uhlcss reqiwsted. i"i> do so MTTT.K HOCK^Tht Arkan- fas Education Assflclatliin ^nd lie Arkah.iax I-ubJJc Expend!-. r^f, C 'T f [' W " e mcelln * al .IIKe. -Hock (oday ' ( 0 discos' lt«hlatloti on teachers' salaries (9 fre submitted, to the J915 session of ' tin). -Arkahnas General DRS. NIES & N!ES OSTEOPATH 1C PHYSICIANS RecSal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCfR) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00and 1:30-5:00 Clink SM Slain Hlylhevllte, Ark. I'hone 2921 For better living in your post-war home LOOK TO ELECTRICITY! AIR CONDITIONING TELEVISION FM RADIO FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FROZEN FOOD STORAGE ELECTRIC COOKING ELECTRIC WATER HEATING AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY ilHEN you check over the things you want to buy with those War Bonds you're tucking away, you'll probably find that many of them are electric. Electricity will run the machines that make 'em-and run 'em after they're made. We had plenty of electric povyer for every war plant and we'll have plenty for expanding post-war production. We kept the price of electricity lo>y, in spite of war, and you can be sure it'll stay low in peace. The sooner we win the war the sooner we can all enjoy the comforts of electric living. Let's do that first. • near NELSON EDDY every WeJnetJay. <*»»(»t i" Ihe brilliant new musical show, "Tho Electric Hour," with Robert Armbrtistcr's Orchestra, 10:30 PM, EWT t CBS. urS.usiness to Serve 1fou _ DOH'T *fl$TE EUOTRICITY BECAUSE IT'I CHEAP AND IIN'T MTIOUOl

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