The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BIA'THEVILLE (A!lK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 26,18« Bloodhounds Can't Take II In !i letter to Gov. Orccc Climy KEEN'E, N. H.—Sheriff Arthur of Norili Cnrnlina, Jcnnisan n.skivl N. Jennison wants to find a home if Cherry could use llic folonrthoimrte for his dogs In the south for nine during tlic fall anil winter because months each year because lliey jitl they got st>i!fles in Uieir sniffers can't take New England winters, up here. Implement Firm To Get New Home Jack Robinson Co. Showroom Under Construction Good-bye lo banging when SLATSO-WOOD. Awnings go ovei doots, windows and verandai. , . because they're sturdily anchored lo form a parl of tKe house. Permanent as Ine line wood of which they are made-, SLATS-O-WOOD «-cntil«tcH awnings bring lasting comfort at low cosl. They lei in ihe light— oul keep out the sun. Coax the breeze — but repel urn. Cuslom-buill lo lil the lines of your home, a persona! call by our designer is essential for an accurate estimate .of cosl. To insure early installation, pnone NOW for this free service. Deal's Paint Store 109 E. Main Phone 4469 Here's a In^li quality, Crane lialhrnom fcrtnip iliat will bring new beauty, atldcd cumforl, greater convenience to your Moderately priced, tins is made to your order, Hvery pit'cc matches llic other in style, design, color and quality. Awa/in^ i\e\s- faucets open and close al n finger's touch, and assure a longer life of carefree satisfaction. Come in one/ fa/lc over your p/am ui today, THE PLUMBER Work was underway today on a new $10,000 Imme for tho Jack Robinson Implement Co. at 505 M«in, A brick and tile building containing 5.000 square frcl of floor Is pxiipi'teri to be completed about June 1 and will house the firm's Jinr nf Ferguson liactor nnd farm equipment. Jnt:k Kinlcy Robinson, owner of the implement firm, said Ihe new stint-hire will ulili/.p 1,5011 square ferl of floor spare as a showroom wilh the remainder devoted to office and parts clpjuutment space. 'Die Ml by 100-foot building will have a ulass front and glass wil IJR prPdmniiKiiit in the partitions separating the offices from (he rest of the Imilrimg, M>'- Robinson said These will be normal partitions from Ihe floor about halfway to the ceiling nnd the lop halves will glfl.S.S. lie ,S(li(J. Pride nnd Usrey arc the contractors. Meanwhile, ol her sijuis of tht annual spring pick-up in the building, remodeling nwl repair business \v«re evident in ihe list of Ifi build hiR peiinit applications placed 01 hie during the ii;isl week In tin office of City Engineer Joe Carney According to figures on these ap cations, tola! estimated value o e planned construction is his included the new Jack Rob ison Implement Co. building. 7 New Hotisf s Planned Seven appJu::Uions wore for new •,s t deuces, four involved business onslruction nnd four others were tr additions, cnlsuging and private ai'jifips. Included in the jipplJcallojys -ye!re lose Tiled by: I Cecil Earis "two permits!, (or n ! ••a me fcarnge and addition of n kil- lien to R brick house al 102(1 West Inin: estimated total cosl, $1.800. Ben White and Sons r three per- lilsl, for a frame, storage build- and n one-room shop at 533 >iorth intli miri R frame KE\rngc al 35 North 10th; estimated costs, 4.0UO. Olhella Srnder.s. Tor a four-room raine on East Roosevelt; •stimated cost. 53.000. Aiboit nnd Elizabeth CraiR, tor a nur-rooiii frame resldcjjee on Roosevelt: estitnnlert cost, S2.500, Otis Cole, for five and one-half nom frame residence at 23'21 Caroni: estimated cosi, $:i.OOO, Fred Boyett, for a five and one- alf room frame residence at 501 South Lake; estimated cost, $2,500, George Ing ruin, (or n tine-room "rame residence at B'^ii Wesl Wnlmt: estimated cosl, $500, Riley Watson, lo add two rooms lo •A frame residence at 2129 Peabody; Kstmiated cost. $1.000 Simplicity in Design and Free Use Of Color Advocated for Man's Room There Is hardly a man alive who IOP.S Jtot want n place to do his eriotis rending and eoncentrntlng, lay at his hobbles, or enjoy Just jlnin -solitude, A man's room should provide the jroatesf pase, comfort ami conven- enep to fit his personal Interests i nnd tastes. He appreciates Rood noks and Rood taste, combined ,vith old-slioe comfort, Slmpticily nnri fi'ee use of color are the keynotes In plannihR It, Be^ln with the floor. Make It an :al paii of room design, coordinating roDjn colors and Nerving ba;:kf;j'ou])d for fiirmshinfi;s. Asphalt lile flooring is suuKCstcd interior designers for mnftculine atmosphere and to lend color. Floor color depends upon treatment o( the of the room. Wilh pastel wnlls, darker shades of tnar- mlcixed asphalt tile am a nod such as brown, red or ereen. with strong wall colors the floor can be Rrny. (iiu. buff or lifiht blue. Distinctive designs and color combinations can be easily developed ns (his [looiinft !s composed o[ individual tiles. Furniturr, siornpc space, loiuminp and work an:as mark n ronm as H turtle it-treat. A bed without head or footboard with fitted cover to match the draperies minimizes the stricllv uiiliarian sleeping-room atmosphere. Far stor'afie. use sectional drawer ntid cuplx>ard units combined in any desired nrriinePinpnt, or btiilt-in drawers and cupboards with broad lops along one wnlL Several .shallow drawers for haberdashery storage are better than H few deep driuvevs. A man does not rerun're ft large or walk -in clothes closet. OEvp him a .shoulder-liigh wardrobe for suits, robes, oreironLs and so on. Abox-e this cupboards reacliinR lo the eriUng hold scldon^-tiscd arliclr.s. Shoes are racked across Ihe bottom of the wardvcbe. A broad, flat triancnlnr desk built to fit Into a corner, near R window, Ij a Rood starting point for a. comfortable, handy space for work and hobby activities. Drawers under one side of this working surface, wilh open shelves balancing the other side, will keep papers and hooks in easy :each. A sliding shelf for a portable typewriter is convenient; the space above the file dra\ver can be used for a standard typewriter. High cabinets and shelves on the walls over the desk hold books, models. Iropliies. Add comfortable straight-backed, brightly-upholstered desk chair and lamp to (his corner. The lamp miisl be easy on the eyes, both decorative by speaking and In the illumination il casls. Have shade large enough and lamp lull enough to reflect glare-loss light across the desk. Provide, a deep, comfortable lounge chair, flanked by n step- table or a generous-sized shelf- Iftble to hold books, pipe-rack, ashtray and radio: and a good floor or (able lamp for leading. A bed- sidi' table, to hold extension tele- iJhone on top. mapiizines and books beneath, is another essential. in Ix»t 6, Block 3 of the Country Club Dj-ive. W). A. T, and Marie Taylor to Joe D. and Leon T. Hester, Part of Lots 19 and 20 of Block 3 of Brawlcy Addition, $1 and other consideration. R. V. ami Mary Hcllcn G'ean lo Gene and Lillian Burnett, part of l>ot 4 of the neplat of Lot 3 of the Edna Vail FirM Addition and Lot j 8 ol the Edna Vail Third Addition. | $e,8oo I J';uil E- Taylor and Mae Kathryn Taylor lo C. D. and Beuna Baker, Lot 13 of Block "I" of the Baron and I,.lly Addition to Blythevillc, SI,000. G. C. mirt Katie Wren to Westside Cooperative, part of Section n-i5N-UE, $2500. Walter Luther Gammon and Ophelia Gammon to Wordell and Lora. Bernice Griffin, 100 feet of even width of Lot 21 of the J. P. Pride and Gateway Addition, $400. J. F. and Maude C, Lent!, to the most Rev. Albert L. Fletcher, halt of Lots 6 and 7 of the Blo« "A." of the Jamc.s Addition to Blytheville $1 and other consideration. E. R Jone.5 to Ray F. and Alia. Price, West 30 feet of Lot 10, and. part of Lot 10, 11, 20 and 5 of. Block 2 of the Blythe Addition, tn ev- change of property. Blylheville Development Company to Ward Fcwlks, lot 18 of Bloclr 1 of Wilson First Addition to Bly- Uieville. $225. average, according to S. F. Mark- decoralorp. Many hntnemakers perhaps will surprised to learn that they caii have completely new floors of durable oak «l relatively low cost — considerably less than the price of a good quality [loor covering. Ordinarily the cost quoted includes not only the price of the flooring itself but also installation and finishing. Flooring of oak or other hardwoods can be installed right over existing [ond floors. An expeilem-ed workman can floor an average .size room in a day or so. When Ihe various finishing oper- Real Estate Transfers Thrcknsiiwbn District! James and Sena Edwards lo R. H. and Maude Green. Lot n of Block "A" of Ihe Morris Addition. $2.000 Freddie McKemie to Minnie Mas- siiigal, part of (lie SW-4 NW4 of Section 31-15N-OE. $500. Ernest and Uletla Barnes to Tom Barnes, a plot, 170 bv 100 feet in Section 17-15N-8E. $750. Cl.illlip L. and Twin Barne.s lo Ernest arid Ulcda, a plo' 170 by 11)0 tee^ in Section 17-15M-8E. 5300. D. M, and Su.snn Moore to Je.^se C. Slavens. South 100 feet of Lot, 5 of the nrceiiJav lot.s in the SE4 of Sechon 9-15N-11E. 51.600. Irvin Levy and Morris Tre.son, Iruslee-s o! the estate of Samuel Lewis to Pauline Ilollis. Lots 11 and 12 in Block 3 of Ihe Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Addition $1.250. Sus:vi Moore lo Espy and Magyio Pull.-, lot 31 ol Block 7 of the W W. Hollipeter Second Addition. $230 M:nie Jaco to Arthur O. Cochrall a:id Margaret Jnanita Cochran, Lol 2 and ihe cast 923 feet of Lot 3 in tli» Vicks Subdivision and Lot 2 of tiic Miller and Grunlee Subdivision of Ihe W2 of (he SW'4 of Section 16-1SN-11E, $2.200. J. R. uric 1 Omciia Pal ton to Edward L and Cora Griffin. parLs if is 1. : and 3. Block 3 of llic Willi- aliojK »rc pcr/ormod «Rcr th^j f< Jr(! n]1 ri Garrison Addition to Man- flooring has been laid, a room must I ; ,,. remain out of service an additional \ two or three days. H Is possible. however, lo obtain pre-finished flooring which can be used immediately after Installation. Oak is the preferred flooring ma- erla] among most homemakers bo- H. C. Blankenship. lo enlarge liv- j t -aiise of its distinctive nnhiinl nip loom nnd porch of residence at j benuty. ease of maintenance and i09 KnsL Kenlucky: estimated cost, durability, with ordinary care it SI. 000. Flay F. Price, to remodel Ander- ion-Cinyton Cotton office at 114- I Ifi West Wa'"ut; esttmnted cost, 52.500. Arthur and Ethel Harris, for a three-loom frame residence at 307 South Franklin; estimated cosl, ssno. S. T. Freeman, for a five and one-half room frame residence at Hardin and Ninth Streets; estimated cost. {5,000. will give n lifetime of service. Other popular species Include hnrrt maple, beech, birch nnd pecan. Most extensively used of the various type.*; of hardwood flooring !s ihe strip style. Resides be-ins economical 11 Is unusually adapt able. Tt harmonize* with nny architectural slylr of home and any decorative plan. f!,-,y F. and Alta M. Price to E, U. Join's. J H. Grain. Trustee of the Wil.-on Estate. West 100 feet of Ihe Lot 5 of Block 2 of the Blyti'e Addition, in an exchange of property. Vetma Gudp to John Glide, Lol 9 of Block 4 of thf> Park Addition to RIyrlicvile, .$10 and other consideration H-'inv J. Grimmelaman. Bishop of the Calholic of Evivtl.s- villc. 111. and sole trustee of St. Vincent Orphanage of Vincerme.';. tnri., anr! Clarence F. Wbittiiia to Annn and W. C Gates, part of SYV i of NW 4 of Section 16-I5N-11E, SHOO II. H. nnd Lucy Honchin.s to L O nnd Haiti? Oill^ plot 191} by 70 fer. Open For Business Rollison Lumber Co. NORTH 10th ST. AND CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE Arkansas and Mississippi Yellow Pine One Board or Truck Loads OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT IF WE DON'T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT WE WILL GET IT 0. S. ROLLISON RESIDENCE PHONE 3309 New Oak Floor Termed 'Tonic' For Old House Nr\v floors Of Rlcnmitip oak may be just the riglu prescription lo link up an nsing home \vhosc in- irrkir is suffering from a \vorn nnd iimt look, according to Interior Electrical Repairs In a Hurry! PHONE 2993 I CliaiIcy s Kleclrn-Slun, no» offers >„» fasU-i, holler olcclrical repair sen ice. ttc have just rccendy added a bem-li repairman to staff, making it possible U, Klvc <u,u-U SCWKT „„ rixinir wil . in ,„. f!U|l(v P l ct .,ric:,l Charley's Electric Shop Arkansas State Contractor's License No. 527 112 South Sth PKon. 2991 DRIES IN ONE DAYl COVERS IN ONE COAT! WONSOVER FOR LOVELIER ROOMS WARD WEEK ONLY! Room-lot Wallpaper Sale Pop»r comp/aU room for only Y = *. you con paper on ov?mg9 10x12 (I. room lor less .:: at Ihis low Ward pcicel Chooie from SVK(« s«l«clion ol faeoutifully stylad lodsprool woshobls ex ftmboised poKernsl Priced to savs yen) decoraling dolbfsl • Other quality Room-lot Wnllpopers !,9S BETTER WAUPAPER T OR IESS AT WARDS $3.75 JAUON AN OIL PAINT THAT COVERS COMPLETELY! WASHABLE TOO! In lovely decorator colors or whif* New color note for tired, drab rooms-famous DUTCH BOY WONSOVER, the real OIL paint that covers painted or papered walls in just one coat. A qualify wall paint, WONSOVER leaves 8 beautiful washable finish that last* longer than ordinary paints. It's easy to use—quick drying, too! Come to (STORE) for your*.' Arkansas Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 East Main Phone 2272

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