The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1934
Page 6
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SIX 8LYTHEVILIE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Today's Big'News In Washington MONDAY, APRIL 18, 1934 iflCH IK LEIGUE Major Clubs More Evenly Balanced Than In Years As Season Opens BY STTJAKT CAMERON United 1'ivss Sports Kdllor NEW YORK. April 10.—1'aclns the mosl wide-open fight, major league baseball has known during Ihe past decade, American and National circuit chilis today were ready for ihe 1931 season. In average seasons, two or Ihrcc teams, at llK- mosl, can bo given nnylhlnu like sound chances to win Die pennant hi each league. Tills year, however, no fewer than four clubs in (he Nalional and as many In ihe American, would appear to siand almost equal chances of \iciory. It would litke n keen analyst, indeed, lo clearly establish the balance of power between the four top teams In Ihe Nalional — the New York Qiant-s, the St. Louis Cards, the Pittsburgh Pirates mid j the Chicago Cubs. The Giants arc slight favorites with the e.X]>erts, but only Ijcce.iiso they arc the world champions, and sports oldest maxim calls for riding with a champion lill he falls. I By the same, token llw Washington Senators generally are flfi- ' ured to again win the American League flag, but ii would surprise almost nobody if late September found, the American |x?nminl in the possession of the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers or Boston Red Sox. The magnates, lor the Itrst time since the depression, are looking forward to u season of profit. If ihe crowds attending the pointless games of Ihe sprint; exhibition program are nny criterion, the club owners will not be dLsappoinicd for the attendance on the Grapefruit circuit has been double and ' treble that of the past several r.easons. Boos! Gale Tlic impending "dog fights" in cacli league will help the box office Immeasurably for there Is nothing more stimulating to trade - than the heat of competition. In the National League the Ginnts. as they did last year, will have to stand on the finest pitching staff In the majors. Chicago has pinned Its hopes on Chuck Klein, the slugging outfielder obtained from Ihe Phillies during the winter. The Cards nre well balanced. Like the Giants the Cards have a great pitching staff. This crew, however, lost a surprising number of games last season, nnd whether this 11ns has been raissed remains to be seen. The Pirntes, on paper, ,nre the best balanced club In either league nnd need only to live up to their possibilities to reactt the world iserics. Reds in Batik In the National's second division there will be ,a sweet fight. Cincinnati will no longer be the doormat. Powel Crosley's radio millions are back of the club. The Boston Braves, even with Rabbit Maranville out for a time with a broken leg. are no set-lip. Brooklyn will .Ire interesting if only because of its colorful new manager, Casey Stengel. Only the Phillies look. entirely hopeless. Washington Ls standing almost pat. The Yankee-s, in exhibition games, have looked like the wreckers they were under Miller Huggins In the middle twenties. Lou Gehrig is hlllirvK at a terrific pace. So Is the ancient Babe Ruth, sup- P^sedlv starting his final season. Tl'e infield has been pepped up with tlm injection of phenominnl rookies, and if their pitching staff finds Itself they'll be hard to stop. The Tigers, under the leadership of Mickey Cochrnne, brought over from the Athletics, look SO per cent stronger than they did last year. The Red Sox. like the Cincinnati Reds, have (omul an anisel. He is To:n Yawkcy. and his flowing purse has changed the Red Sox from tail-cnders to contenders, almost overnleht. Although wrecked bv Coixnie Mack's second great turnover, the Athletics have' tremendous possibilities. So has Cleveland if ii can bolster I is infield. Few American League clubs can match Cleveland's bic three pitching sUiff of Hudlin, Hardln and Jablonsky. St. I/nils won't be dull with the fiery Rogers Homsbv in command, and the Chicago White Sox, now that Al Simmons is hitting arain, mas challenge .for the division. Welch Seeking Second Win Over Speedy Lawrence '] wo Memphlans will mix in the calmc inatcl) on tonight's wrest- ii:i; card 111 ihe armory. Freddie j <n!chH. lurnl luvoriie, nnd Tony | i.awo will IK opponents In u two , ..jin time limit, lira out of ihree • alls mulch. I In tin; opener liny Welch the I itm.ili Canadian will take on n lel- i.w countryman, S|x.'cdy Lawrence an hour lime limit, iwo mil o! tlnee falls, match. Lawn niul Knlcliel haw met. before with Knlcliel winning airdiding 10 some fans although nmlssloiiur Jeff Holand .says lie c.niiiu!, rtmeinDer such a clash. However whether lliey have or mil, unoU'is ckiim they will put on u performance lontyht. Wrli-h dr'teaud Lawrence In n ateh ul. Cape CJinirdeau, Mo. last week so tile latter who bears the name of "spmiy" will have to win Lonlidit to break v-ven. Local fans IK'llcve Lawrence's mime I'.iid lie "choker" Inslead and probably the first lime In \m-Ls nnd weeks will Ix. 1 pulling Welch to win tonight. Cheers .sliiiuhl be .st.'an^e music (or Welch hue since he has listened to Jeers fur .so long. Lawrence in one ap- jHuiance put himself even atxive Welch as n man local fans wish lo .see LK'iUen. according lo re- jurts. which Is going .some, since moat of them have been wanting Welch lo Ix: thrown into Ihe 12th low brick. AN ARMY FOR ARMY - - - By Kren/'Sandy Ridge Wins Opener ?, Dcil, Score 4 - 3 The taiilf, foreign entanglement.-!, the budget and Senator Iluey Long are all forgotten in Wash- iiiBlon Unlay. The reason Is that they're pulling oil ihn biggest slimv cf Die year ai the Capital—llw opening ol the bu.vball .season. The chief aclor h „,•<. shown above. President Roosevelt will out the first toll as Joe Cronin, upper right, malinger of the Washington Sennlois. leads Ills against Ihe rejuvenated liaston Red Sox, managed by Ducky Harris, lower lell. pilot. Griffith -Stadium, .stage lor the drama, l.s shown (rom the air. former los-s Kr[iiail Delion Many New Faces Guide Clubs' Fates NEW YOUK, April 10 (UP) —Here is tl>c raster of man- iser.s in the National and Am- iciin leagues: Giants: .William H. mill) Terry. Pirates: George Gibson. Cubs: Charles J. Grimm. Braves: Wlllinm B. McKech- ile. iCurdtnnls: Frank f. Frlsch. •Dotlgers: Charles U. iCa- ;ey) Stengel. •Phillies: Jimmy Wilson. •Reds: Bob O'Fnrrcll. American Senators: Joe Cronin. Yankees: Joe McCarthy. Athletics: Connie Mack. {Indians: Walter Johnson. 'Tigers: Mickey Coclmine. White Sox: Lew Fonseca. *Red Sox: Stanley Rarrls. (Browns: Rogers Hornsby. •New manager. IStartlng first full year n: manager. GOLF ^^ R U Ar^ KronT By Art Krenz While Ihe club h In the action of the downswing, the head, the anchor of the goll swing, should remain still. If It iloes, Hi: clubhend will travel in the right groove and the hands will t? kept In the proper place. / You have heard the expression Tigers Make Nine Errors But Lutes Loses With 10 John Smith's Blythevllle Tigers defeated Lutes "In'a so-called "practice" game nl Haley field yesterday afternoon. The score was 8 to 7. Marcus Gaincs, wlio wns recently released by the Memphis Chicks after n spring tryout, hurled for the Blytheville team and R. Lines oitchcd for Lutes,, Gaincs allowed I 10 hits and the Tigers combed Lutes' offrchiijs for H blows. The. Lutes team made 10 bobbles, one more than the Tigers managed to boot. Its Close Shave When Barbers Win By Hair The Uearnils, an indeiXMidcnt cofl bull team organized by local barbi'i-.s tn-sl week, dcfi'iilcd the Robinson UIIIJT Kl.ore learn of the Commercial Unique, in a ihrilllni; iinui' at Haley Field yesterday' af- crnoon. The score was la to 1!). The riiyor wletders had a close ilinvi- in winning over the (lrut r - i\sls. overcnmiiiK a len-riui lead o trliunpli. Pentium of tliL' game vere Ihu pituliing of liinier. dnif- ,isi ca[ilain. nnd the hiliiiii; of 'ack.'ioii for the burbers. Edwin Jones captaiiH'd tlic Uearcals. keep your eye on the ball, ft Is another May of Informing Lhi golfer lo keep his head still.' Control of (he cluuhond Is las' If Hie head'Is lifted, it resiilti in lifllng the shoulders out o their proper plane, -and produces topping nnd - other . mlserabli shots. The career ol Aiigiu Galan. rookie hlrd lusuiuni of the Cliirujjo Cubs, nay be handicapped by a short -isht urni'-liLs tlirowiny wing. Ills aeavi'.s ucross the diamond have been so erratic (hat Woody English las been given his old Job back nt the hot corner. Hooks and Slides ^/ Bill Braucher_ Chump nf Ctiamps Jack IJcir.pscy was some shakes sis a linx chinnpion, and Babe Hiith was king ol the circuit clout- i-i.s for years. But such champions ;::; Ihuse two gents were, they take a back teat when Prank Ward's name i.s mentioned. If you don't go In for the great old Kiiuash tennis .sport, you probably Uon'i know Frank. But. this bh,'. ulacli-haireil Irishman has been squash king lor nine years in n row. That, brothers, is holding one's scat! Now Hearing 30, the king of tquash U'linis grew up near Cedar- hnirst, L. r. In his early youth he !fnve up baseball, marbles, fishing,, ami hunting as .soon as he caught i hold of a .squash racquet—and that' explains why he is the sultiin ol llic stmash. Tilnijlil by the Klnf Wurd owes all he knows about (he game that came over from England to Walter Kinselln. The torm?r world cjirn squush tennis champion played an exhibition tilt one day ul a club where Ward was solving us professional. In the ex- hibilion. Ward was an opponcnl. Klnsi'lla recognized in the tall youngster a comim. champion. When Kiusclla retired as undefeated champion in 192ii. Ward, then with the New York City Alh- Utlc Club, stepped into his shoes as king, winning Mi... open crown. No one has been au!e to knock him AT SOUTH- Y.'KfESU VIE HE IKON EAl.L I.EO IF TUG OK* 53 r llF. IS CRtOiTP.O WTI! Snmly Ridge OIKIIM! Us baseball season yesterday by itru-aiing Del! •1 to 3 In a well jilay.d u Sunily Hld'je purk. "Ace" I'uckeii marie his lid'je debut and turned itaiiduilt tame at lir:.'.. Thompson v,as !!ir> wiiililn^ •i -MurL'an was the lo:ei-. '1110111])on nnd Morgan each alli/.vvcl ii.e: To WHERE iiC'LI, PRtog- PLAV His POTION^e SOLDIERS'LINE \\ Sandy^ 1 In aS Klai;jj 'ihe box score L'andy Rld^e Whitilt, u Marker, h licvllls, i-f Viincv, 2u Piickc-tt. Ib I'ltncli, cf lirainleti, sf Iwilletllr. ;;i IJlxun, nb Iliet'lns. Ill) Maislnill, c 'J'hompsjin, j} tialm-i, )b Total 1 ; Ctawford, .v; Uiiiighiiian. If Wulls. ;>b KiK-hltr. sli llaidin, Ih Ward, cf Smith. c[ U. Morgan, c C.', if H. Moryan, p xxDuurn Totals Ab A!) •I 1 '1 •I •i :t Minnesotn will Hash u sophomore lalfback numed Clarkson Ibis foot- jail season who can pass wilh either liiind and kick with either foot. Senators Open Season at Home NEW YORK, April 16 (UP) — The mojor league baseball season officially opens today •I'ith a yame .between the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Senators, at Washington. This game is played on alternate years in advance of the regular openings so (hat the President may throw out the first ball. Here's the .schedule of major league opening games for Tne.s day, April 7: National league Boston at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at New York. Pittsburgh at St. Louis. Chicago nt Cincinnati. American L«ague St. Louis at Cleveland. Detroit at Chicago. New York at Philadelphia. Boston nt Washington (April 10). Washington flt Boston. •jamc. Sizes of the courts d:f- frr a bit. mid the balls] usrd in the two games vary. In .sminsh tennis (he l:nll K inflated like an outdoor tennis ball, somewhat .smaller, and very lively. In squash racquets :he ball is .still smaller, of black lubber, nnd is much less lively than the squash tennis sphere. The game has caught on to such degree in the United states that evuy athletic club and major university has .several couris. Th'j game is an excellent conditioner, nt:il is nearly a.s strenuous^ as t'.nnis. It is played by serving the ball to a wall and (hen liyiiv/ to pince shots so that the opposing player cannot reach them on the rebound. <if.nil Old {Jiatlcy The oldest active manager of 1ie.avyw< ight pim- fighters. . Charley Harvey. The Gn-ycar-old wearer of the walrus-like mustache is ihe pilot of Steve Hnmas. 1'enn State Jlash. 1 8 Last Time Today 10-25c off the throne since. There has been a remarkable increase in tne nopularlty of this gamp in the last few years. It has mushroomed up somethiiu; on the (.rder of table, tennis. Then 1 aie two varieties. One is racquets, of English origin, nud the uher is squash tennis, developed in Philadclphin in tlic btti'r part of the 19th century. Courts and Hulls Vary There is llttla dilfereuce in ROMANCE! EXCITEMENT! FUN! Chicks Win Rubber Game With Luxora High, 6-4 Blythevllle high defeated ora high In a game Friday. The score was 6 to 4. The Fame was the third of series between the Iwo schools Each had won one (tame prior lo their last meeting which gave th Chicks the series, two games t one. The Chicks found their battln? eyes at the expense of Lustra hurkre, gelling 14 safe blows. Luxora got to Blytheville pitching for but six hits. Blackard turned back 12 Luxora betters on strikes, keepingg Lux The box score: I.utcs Whittle, ss O'Neal, rf Payne. cT Wright. It W. Lutes. 5b R. Lutes, p C. Uites. Ib It. Uiles. c B. Lutes. 2b Totals Blytheville Jackson, cf Illedon, ss Jenkins. If Davis, c Hnyncs, 3b J. S'man. Ib Bunch. 2b Potter, rf Galnes, p Moore. 3b Glover. 2b Tolals Ab 5 S 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 Fishing Popular California's peak sates of (islihuj licenses totaled 250.000. 41 10 7 10 era's safe blows well scattered. Mosley was the fielding star of Ab S 6 5 5 2 5 2 5 4 3 2 WRESTLING FKKDDIK KXICHKI. TONY^LAWO HOY WELCH SI'KKDY LAWRENCE ARMORY, MONDAY N1TE 43 14 the game, catches. Nensel Gets Go Waller Neusel. German weight threat, is reported .„ „ signed to fight the winner ol the Jack Pelcrson-Len Hnrvey bout. making several hard I He will meet the victor In'Londo:i I Sept. 3. "THESE THIRTY YEARS" Presented by the Pord Motor Company. A picture you'll enjoy and (.ilk about. ROXY THEATRE TUKSIUY. Al'ltll, 17(1, ALSO 2 UKK1. CO.MKDY AND KOA1) HACK Coniiitinienlni'v Ticl ;\t Phillips Motor Co. Authorized I'ord Di'iiU' To the Policy Holders of the L. G. MOSS BURIAL ASSOCIATION of lilylhevillc, Ark. Due to a state law that has just been pnsscd. and the hammering and knocking of the high-powered and high- priced undertakers nil over the state of Arkansas. I am fcrced out. and will have to quit, as all burial associations ' in the state will hnve to do, and bring my organization to a close. So before I will line up with hl^li priced undertakers of the stale and hold up nnd rob the people by charging Iwo or three prices for a funeral I have decided to go alone and furnish a funeral at about one-third to one- linif I lie price others will charge (or the same service. XWV THIS IS WHAT 1, !„ O. MOSS. WILL DO FOR •nir: I'oucr HOI.DKRM OF MY ORGANIZATION*: To all people who mw belong to, or have ever bern * mrmlirr of tlifc organization, whrthrr you are delinquent pr nnl, if you have rvcr payrd into this orpanizaliftn any munpy al any lime this same amount will apt>"y <m any liuml may occur in your family from this dalr, if said funeral is furnished by I. G. Muss Not by any other undertaker. The above offer applies only to those families that have not had nny deaths In their families since joining my organization, and of course have not received any benefit from being a member. This docs not apply to those members who have had a death In their family since becoming a member. I am very grateful to the people who have stuck to me, and I assure you your patronage was and is appreciated by me. I guarantee that the future will prove to jou that MO.VS is l>erc to stay and serve the people of this community nt a very reasonable price with the best of every- Ihhv; In the burial business. We arc ready to serve you In the future ns we have in the past wilh the best of equipment, the best and largest [look of caskets at a price from one-third to one-half the price charged by other undertakers. L. G. MOSS Cut Rate Undertaker I'honc HO - . - Ambulance Service Millil .Make I'm Cirid <lmde Henry Oana, Hawaiian outfielder wilh the Phihies. can punt a foot- tall 85 yards with his bare foot. ROXY NOTICE: Effective Wed n c s d a y, April 18th the Roxy will close for the summer season, reopening on September 15th. LAST TIME TODAY Nile IJM5. GEORGE RAFT In Ih* molt Itrnp«i1ioui]fivt "TH£ TBUMPET BLOWS ADflLPHE MENJOU FRANCES DRAKE Stephen Robert] nl Piclura I'aramniitil News All filar Comedy Tuesday - Weds. MAT.—I0-25c KITE—10-35cl TRACY Novelty ttecl Comedy "1'arrlnn M\ OFF h MADGE EVANS Parnmount News l.ctin rOrroll Comedy —COMING— Mid-Nile Shnw Wednesday, April IS Malince nnd Niifhl—Thurs- (Iny ;uid Fridav Aniiisenicnt I'nik-r Ihe Sun! 'WCNDliR BAR' (irrat Slars Umkclinpr To All-Time Triumph Kay Francis - Dick Powell All JolFdn • Utilores Del Uio • Uii-ardo Cortiv. - Hal I.cHoy (Jiiy Kibe:* - Hush Herbert - I'ili IVOryrtv - Htilh Dnnnelt, '

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