The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1951
Page 7
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 1951 ELYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVBH Hypodermic Needle in Hand Of Teen-Ager 'No Accident' It's Peculiar Hallmark of This *; Day and Habit Is Spreading By RELMAN MORIN NEW YORK, Aug. 24. (API—A hypodermic needle, In the hands of a teen-aged, is one of the peculiar hall-marks of this day. The use of dope by young people is no accident. It is not a fact that can be expected to run its course and eventually die out. Narcotics experts say It Is by no means a local phenomenon, either, or typical of a few delinquents in the crowded east. They warn that the use of drugs is spreading, and that it is more prevalent in small towns than Is generally known. What are the causes, and what' are the meanings? In the magistrate's court of New York a wise and experienced observer of these cases is the chief probation officer, Miw> Don-is Clarke. She start* by clearing away two mtaccmcepUons: 1. That young people become Fid- diets through ignorance. "A typical statement by adolescent addicts is that they are fully aware of the dangers of addiction, but consider themselves too smart- to get caught," she says. Curiosity Not the Cause 2. That plain youthful curiosity was the cause: '-These typical ad- dicU will frequently deny that they took drugs the first time purely out of curiosity. They will say others they know started on drugs •^iully knowing the effects." " Miss Clarke added: "Many said they arft fully aware that they are escapists, that they take drugs because they are unhappy or lonely." . Psychiatrists agree fully with that latter -point; the effort to escape. This is a world of stresses and tensions, they say, placing "Immense demands" on young people It la full of "all sorts of vague and terr ible thr eats," the c hief one being menace of another work war. For the young man, that maj mean an early and terrible death For the young woman, It means the dislocation of all her haU- formed dreams and plans. For everyone, It means confronting the most hideous armory of weapon! the world has ever known. A Desire to Retire "Hence, the desire to retire from the whole scene/' says Dr. Rober P. Knight of the Riggs Pounda - tion. "They are not always con scious of the fact that they an escaping, although many of then are. When they take drugs it i like returning to childhood, bac • Into* a • dreamy world of well-behi and relative security. 1 ' ^i An equally powerful factor 1 ^the case, most experts said, is th example furnished by some prom ment person. With dope, BB with crime, sexua misbehavior and general delin quency, the teen-ager frequen points to the conduct of a ma or woman of prestige as a justifies tion for himself. Miss Clarke said that a numbe of addict* mentioned the nam of well-known figures in the en tertainment world in relating the own stories. "If it's al! right for * b •hot like th a t, wny isn 1 t it Senators Tell Plans for Recess ght for me?" they asked. Drug Habit Breeds Crime As the drug habit spreads among ung people, it brings an inevit- ile by-product—the increase Ime by adolescents and young .lilts—law enforcement officers id. They have evidence Indicating iat youngsters are spending as uch as $100 a week on dope Vhat's more, they're getting gyp- p«i, because most of It t» cut," .he officers say. Narcotic* experts know that the labit creates m Intense psycho- ogical as well as physical craving, So do the peddlers. When the drug addict is desperate, he'll do anything to get it. At that point, an otherwise law- abiding young man, without criminal Instincts, will try shop-lifting burglary, armed robbery or nnj other means o( obtaining the money, A girl turns to prostitution first, or lines up \uth a "mob." The cure? Miss Clarke said that facilities for the care of drug. addicts are meagre. Moreover, the'best effort, at effecting a cure frequently fai completely. Some youthlul dope users are committed, again am again, to institutions. They may b hopeless cases. Meanwhile a tremendous effor Is being made, through educatior vigilance, and repeated warnings to prevent more young people fron becoming victims of the habit. The experts are not very optim istic. WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. </P)— Senate Demccrats pushing for adjournment by Oct. 1 reached an informal'agreement last night 'jo wind up remaining "must" legislation within the next three weeks, Following an informal gel-together of 38 Democratic senators with Vice President Barkley, Majority Leader McFarland (D-Ariz) told reporters: 1. The Senate probably will vote today on an appropriation bill to finance the jlate, Commerce and Justice Departments for fiscal 1952 which began July 1. 3, The big foreign aid bill li expected to reach the Senate floor Monday. 3. The Defense Department ap- propration measure is expected to be ready early in the following week and should be disposed of in that week. • 4. Th« new tax bill ihould reach the floor by Labor Day and come to > vote by Sept. IS. "That will give us a couple of weeks to pass a number of other bills" before Oct. 1, McFarland said. Sister Kenny jives Body to Science Study NEW YORK, Allg. 24. «P|— sister Elizabeth Kenny, who has devoted her lifetime U> lighting infantile paralysis, soys she has given her ailing body to medical science to flghl Parkinson's disease, In a news conference yesterday, she said she Is under treatment in her native Australia for the disease, a chronic nervous disorder causing shaking palsy and muscular weakness. "I'm a guinea pi?," she added, "I'm giving my body as an experiment. 11 The 65-ycar-oirt nurse fAustral- ians call their nurses sisters), who treats polio by massage and manipulation of the limbs, said a euro, for (.hat disease is not far off• The polio cure, she said, may come in the form of "a simple in-" jcction under the skin or some other simple therapeutic measure." Sister Kenny talked to rejiorl- ers before her scheduled departure for Copenhagen to attend the second International pcllnmyclitis conference opening Sept. 2. U.S. Drafts Rigid Rules For Japanese Peace Meet Tax Assessments Rise in Arkansas Boost in Property Valuations Is Up To Equalisation Body LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 24. lift — Personal tax assessments on motcr vehicles In Arkansas have Jumped upu-ard this year, hut county assessors apparently are leaving atiy appreciable hikes in 1951 urban real property valuations up to. their county equalization boards. This was shown yesterday in figures contained In assessors' certifications on property appraisals for 1051 to the lax division of the Ar- Kansas Public Service Commission. Deadline for these certifications' was Monday, but. through today they had been received from onlj 41 of the 15 counties. Many assesscrs informed the PSC their certificates would be delayed this year because'of Act 130 of 1951, which required motor vehicle owners to have proof that their vehicles had been listed for assessment, before license plates could be purchased. A sampling of the 14 counties in the higher valuation brackets showed only small percentage increases in urban real property assessments This indicated that there will be little change in urban real propertj assessments.' Rural real property assessment* will be made in 1952. The dollar-amount of motor vehicle assessments in some counties has more than doubled according to assessors reports to the PSC. In S»line County, for example, only 2,495 motor vehicles were assessed at a total valuation of $299,430 last year, compared with this year's total of 4.456 vehicles as&ss- ed for $677.168. In Benton County, the total as- eeised value of motor vihlclM ' Jumped from II millWn la attr |1J million, and Increasu upwirdj »1 half a million dolltti wir« kin reported In Ouachlla, PolnjeH ta4 Arkansas Counties. Read Courier Newt CUulfUd UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Has the Reputation of Settling and DAV TMI ING ALL CLAIMS QUICKLY Founded Firm Lewis Tappan tounded Dun and Bradstreet, famous credit rating firm, in 1841. Abraham Lincoln, a friend of Tappan, served as a Dun and Bradstreet correspondent for a time. NEW YORK, Aijjg. 24. fVPf— The •New York Times .said today the United States has grafted a "rigid" set of rules for the [Japanese Peace ( Treaty conference I "designed to prevent any .filibuster by the Soviet Union and its Allies." A Times Washington dispatch by James Res ton said the rules "are expected to touch off a major debate immediately after the opening of the conference in San Francisco Sept. 4." Suear Is one of the lew substances that modern science has' been unable to make artificially, TO VM4 VVBRT NATIONAL.' HANK '• One of Mrs. Lloyd's houses at Yarbro burned August 8, Adjusted August 9 and check issued Aug. 17 in the amount of $6,838.91 WE WRITE ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE, INCLUDING SOME LINES OTHERS CANNOT WRITE A, F. (Dee) Dietrich) Ingram Bldg. Phone 6812 REMOVE DANDRUFF DANDRUFF TREATMENT ISI*1 • Contains So Alcohol S> Relieves Itchy Scalp S> Money-Bach . Guarantee Kirby Drug Store RELIEF ARTHRITIS, STOMACH AILMtHTS, NEURITIS, DIZZY SPELLS, NERVOUSNESS, BLOATING, RHEUMATISM, HEADACHES, WEAK KIDNEYS, •Iso Lack ot vitality. Acldi, Toxins, Aching Back. Lumb*g-o. Bleep! ew Night*. Bad Breath, Complexion, Decaying Te«th, Falling Eyesight. 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