The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 25, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS G. DJ. ILK Administration Achievements "In Face of Economic Depression"Cited ALBANY, N. Y., Sept. 25. (UP) — The administration of Herbert Hoover was defended as (he most effective of any president In recent years in a keynote address by Henry L. SUinson. secretary of state,' as temporary chairman of Hie New York Republican state convention liefe today. The higiiest ranking cabinet officer absolved the Republican ad- niinlstrallon of all rcsponsibibitty for business depression and lauded Mi. Hoover's handling of the economic situation as "prompt, scientific and courageous." Lists Ac-cumiillslimi:iUs He summarised the case for Mr. Floover as follows: "First, thai no president In recent years, If at any time, has so completely translated his campaign pledgc-s into performance: "Second, that this has been accomplished In tin. 1 face of difficulties produced by an economic depression and at a time when a large pan of the energies of the administration svas being devoted to the problems created by that depression, particularly towards keeping down unemployment and consequent suffering; "Third, that this was accomplished only by means of effective cooperation between the president and Congress, a cooperation rendered unusually difficult by factional divisions In his own party In the Senate; "Fourth, that these accomplishments were the result of study, planning and foresight by the executive, and that constructive solutions thus obtained will be of fundamental and increasing benefit to the public." Stlinson declared that 34 of 35 Hoover campaign pledges had been redeemed by legislation or executive action. "That is the best record of ef- 'As Throngs Watched Jones Star In Amateur it's an old story.when Bobby Jones sets out to smash par In a national golf tournament—but It's av ever-new story (o the crowds of spectators, as Oils picture shows. The photograph was taken on the ninth green (U tJic Merlon Cricket Club, Ardmore, Pa., at the oitenliii; of the National Amateur Gol Tournament; Jones, indicated by the arrow, Is Just putting. The vast crowd shown In the photo followed him all around the course and was rewarded by seeing iilm tally a 69. justness was held steady," lie con- imicd. "An nnder.stnndlni; was cached between blislness nml labor Hint wage levels would be t&ncrully iintntiilned on the one hnnd und lhat demands for Increased wall's luul strikes wuuir. ue withheld on tiie oilier. That wns leadership. Ruefully planned leadership, n was the flrsl time Hint such lend- orslilp luul ;,?cn exercised by any of oiiv presidents In n slmlliir crl.sls." S'.lmson said this "prevented (lie lumifdlutc panic which (luealcnfd In the autumn ot 192!)," and held labor and industty In 11 situation which Is favorable compared with other countries. Ijc said public and i|tilltles construction the first six months of Mils ycnr was $400.000.000 ahead of conslmi'llon the same period In 192fl. "Taken nil In nil, Hie action of Mr. Hoover's admlnislrallon when (hem In mllrond rale making. Clt- Inf! the tremendous popiihr nmjor- ity lor Mr. Hoover In 191!8, Slim- eon said the nuurrel of tin III cri- confronted this \vorld-wldo eir.criiincy Ims been prompt, sclen- lllic ami coui-ngcous." Sllinson said. "Although the causes of thu present depression me (ai beyond HIL- control of governmental nation. Mr. Hoover's measures have Uius far Etrvfd to greatly palllnlu what might otherwise have been a most ;1 Matrons' slluiulon." I'ralsfs Flexible Tariff He lauded the Ili-.xible lavlll provision saying II was "designed to make unnecessary imy general ve- I'islon of Hie tarllf by Congress for years to come." nnd would eliini mile politics and lobbying in lar- ifl making as the IiHcrsUte Commerce commission has eliminated tics thirofore Is : with llic rali', nut with Uic ndmhilstratlon. Stlmson said llio creation of tho federal farm board Is "the first eon- ^tructlon national cifort" to lii'lu the- farm sllunllon. 1'rnlslni; the ni'hltvmicnts ol the farm biurd. .Silni'.on said it rumlumemnl change for the belter Is being worked out "Such things cannot be done in a day," lie added, "but they can und nve being done with remarkable speed because the plnnnins for limn was done bcfori'linud." In foreign relations Stlinson said, Mr, Hoover ha.s obtained better relations with the leading naval travel's through the Ixmdou trenly. with Mexico and Central American status, and liad Mlmulnted »l>lnlon to support the Kellosg an- ll-wur pact, while nvalillnt: fun-Inn eiuiinglcineiits. Ho acknowledged the niulsttince of Democratic leaders in the senate in supporting nitlflcallon of the London naval treaty, "as the constitution InUiuiccl." outside real of ilomratlc politics," SO SLOW Kl'ITY: And MO, you let him kiss you? HK1TV; Let him? I had to help ill i).—Arissvm. A FllEE HIM' "How Is it, Mary, that your lius band Is always willing to yet you such beautiful clothes?" "I burn holes In my drcisc.s wlili a cfgarcl, and IK thinks he has done it. To comfcrt me, lie buy, 1 ! me n finer frock."--ICIkcrlki. Vienna. . • ' TAKEN SERIOUSLY "I thought Kilty was one of hoso very modern girls. I didn't lilnk she believed In marriage." "Well, tliiifs what Bob thought oo. "--Answers. DOUBLE WOKK "'.V^.'MS "What's the ? matter .- wltK4'tS»7fe elioes?" .said the cobbler : 'to - - ptru^r .' •* wlicn li'e brought them back. '•DootV they ill?" - . • •' •'..'..^ "Aye, mon," Sandy; replied, !'thtjr f ; fit well enough on me, but tfiy" were-a wee bit. top tight'for my brlther on the nlelit shift."—AM-'',. wers. • . , ••:.:;. Read Courier News want ads. H OR LICK S MALTED MILK Avoid the stimulant— drink a Horlick's As a bracer when hours drag and nerves yet fagged, try this satisfying food-drink. It is the aristocrat of malted milks. At: better fountains everywhete. Or send ten cents for sample and free mixer to ,H O R L I C K' RACINE, WISCONSIN QUALITY IS EVERYTHING" The gallery always follows Bobby Jones in a tournament. Here is . the inimitable Georgian driving-on the ninth tec of the National Amateur Golf Tournament. Notice that he is using an iron for his drive. fered more than the United States and that revolutions in South America were directly traceable to depression. He said depression fective official leadership that J had blinded many to the actual ac- have witnessed in my 40 years observation of politics," the secretary added. "It is gradually dawning on Washington that while all manner of other maters consume the headlines, the president's program goes through." Not Responsible for Depression He devoted much attention to the president's handling of economic depression. Stimson declared depression was world-wide, resulting from causes deep-rooted through-, out the world and long antedating Mr.-Hoover's administration..- -.-• He said most countries had suf- compllshments of the government. "People who are hurt and suffering are not always judicially-minded, and our Democratic opponents with their press bureau at Washington have been quick to take advantage of that fact," stimson continued. "I am not one of those \vho claim that a cycle of prosperity or the reverse may be-created solely by the result of a political election, although ,the success of a .parly whose financial policies are trusted may conduce toward confidence and thus facilitate prosperity, just as the success of a financially distrusted party may breed distrust and thus facilitate -financial depression. "But I do say that a financial depression or crisis usually affords the best possible opportunity to te&; the real character of-a political party or administration winch Is holding office and to judge whether its policies are sound and firm. And I say further that history has abundantly shown that whin It met a cycle of adversity the Democratic party has shown a tendency to lose Its head where the Repub-' lican party has not." Hoover Meeting Situation Stimson said that when first signs of the present depression i v.-crc observed In June. 1929, Hoover immediately ordered Department of Commerce to study methods of planning public'.worts to relieve unemployment if business depression made it necessary. As soon as the stock market crash occurred in November, stepped Into active Mr. the Mr. Hoover leadership, Stimson said, revfewing the series of White House business conferences. "As a result of this the ship of Liltle Rock Lady Relieved Severe Ailments Through Use Of New Medicine. f Scys THE SIRS. ELLEN GWATNEY. "I suffered from stomach, liver, and kidney trouble nnd medicines gave me little help", said Mrs. Ellen Gwatney, 203 North Izard Street, Little Rock. "I did not enjoy my meals nnd distress followed whenever I ate. I was unable fo rid ijiyself of constipation .no matter how many laxatives I took, severe abdominal pains bothered me constantly and my liver was sluggish and Inactive. I felt tired and worn-out all the time and despaired ot being able to do my housework again." "My daughter Insisted that 1 give>{ConJo]a a trial, but I was not looking for the results I obtained. Konjola went right to the seat of my troubles. My appetite improved and foods that I dared not cat before now digest readily. Stomach trouble is a thing of the past, the pain has left and I am in good. he»tth again. My liver and bowels function properly and I can do my -housework with pleasure. My little .daughter Is taking Konjola itHh the same marvelous results." Konjola Is compounded of 32 Ingredients. 22 of which are the Juices of veil-known medicinal roots and herbs. It Is free from alcohol, nerve-deadentng drugs or heart-depressing ch«mlc»ls. Konjola Is sold In Blythevllle, Arkansas at Kirby Drug Stores, and by all the best druggists In nil towns throughout tills entire section. . NEW GENERAL MOTORS RADIO introduces^ ) NEW distinction in period cabinet design NE'W all-around excellence in performance NEW mastery of tone, with the Visual Tone Selector NEW standard of quality at moderate price t Prices, without tubes—radios, $136 to $172; radio-phonographs, $198 and $270. Let us explain how economically you can purchase any model of the new Genera! Motors Radio through the liberal GMAC plan of convenient payment. PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS RADIO CORPORATION W. P. VEAZEY 120 North Second Slreet JOHN HERTZ Chairman of the Board ' Omnibus Corp. of America. Owners of all the buss«» In Ne* York and Chicago; Founder of the Yellow Cab Co. Director Fonun-State National Bink, Chicago. "A champion race horse or a leadcrinindustry,! have found, is seldom a result of chance. Concentration upon quality— that's what counts. When I read the personal reports of your dis» tingtiished visitors, revealing your iise of the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' of the LUCKY STRIKE tobaccos, I knew that yott were on the right track. Quality is everything— and die American people demand and appreciate the best**' LUCKY STRIKE—the finest cigarette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop—THEN—"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows— that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. " It's toasted Your Threat Protection — against irritation — against cough Consistent with its policy of tef ing the facts before the public, The American Tobacco Company lias invited Mr. John Hertz to review tho reports of the distinguished men who bave witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S fMBOUS Toasting Process. The statement of Mr. Hertz appears on this page. © 1930, The American Tobicco Co., Mfu.

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