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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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1 8 6 1 GO a 2 Cannon Adair's EW MAKBIn WORKS, corner of Baltir more and Middle streets, directly opposite the new Court Rouse, recently arrived Irom feeling fully competent to execute all work in the stj le of the art, -vc would ul- iiiMte the attention of the'public wishing to procure anything in our line, to faor us i ft call and examine specimens of our work. AVe King, Andtew aro prepared lo (urnUh TOMIJS Jfimayrrt--George fevropp A. Biiehler Ja- AND UCADSTOXtS, MAIIRLK cob King, A HciiiUdm in. Jl'Curdj, Iho-. 5 loi Cabinet-m ikcis, a ill oilier A Marshall, Filine-totk, m.

Adams County orporatcd March 18, 1831 PrtMenl--George Swope. Viee I'ruiilent--s Russell. Secretary--D A Bnehler. Treaianr--David Crcnry. Kfcritttce Vommillee-- Robert MeCurdy, Jacob Win.B Kichclberger, Abdicl F.Uitt, Wollord, II A Pickintr, Abel T.


Rohrer's Practical Calculator, A Book of plain Rules and Calculations for Hat, Boot. I OF BIG The have Still at Work! OACHM'AKIXG A --The respectfully iufonns ORK GOODS -AT THE I OF I THE BIG undesigned have just received, a fresh supply of Ills'friends and the public Unit he "continues Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Carpet Bags, e. Also, the'Coachmaking and BlacksmUhing business linvo a 'good supply of Saddlus uud Harness, in every branch at his establishment in Oham- Bridles, Collars, ke. beraburg street. He 1ms on hand und will Shoes and Boots of all made to order manufncturfto order nil kinds of CARRIAGES, by first-rate workmen, anJ on short notice.

-BUGGIKS, SLK1GHS, Spring Wagons, ol Home-made ork always on Prices low best material, and made by superior work- for'cash. COJBEAN CtTLP. and of Nor. 19, 18GO. JAXUAKV.

9 111 5 appertaining to oTu at tin siblc pruts. do not lic-ilate to a a i a Be i i a sub- Homer, R. O. McCrcary, fa u. Russell, i-i a i i a liislelul to the best to be M'Crear), A I'oltcx, 1'ickiug, J.

I. seen in the citiei, wheie cxerx i i i Hersh has -jnggeHtcd is a a i of, fiarThis Compfinx i i i it? opera- nnd do i i i Cerne- to i of A It hi" been thoroughly such ns arise every day would this sixpence a-day put by every year at 1- ten Orafe i i ill be successful operitioii for more i i a the common of Business. It has lire per cent, compound interest a to iu c's! Operations, by MAU'TIX M. RoiiitKn, 1'ractical Surveyor and" Conveyancer; JCcw Kdition. Published by J.

B. LIPHSOOTT f'o Philadelphia. Sixpence a Day, XOUGH FOR A. London paper is now in un Alms- all i done at reasonable rates, promptly and to the satisfaction ot customers. COUSTP.Y Pitouui'B taktu work lit market, prices.

'croons deaii ing articles or work in the a Bristol an old'man who slates, that i Coachinakinjr or ISlactemithing lino, are re- th. curt ofM ol dleeHiTe: SCROFCLA-ANDSOROFC- LOUS AFFECTIOXS.nccn AH DLCBUS, SORBS, HUS Work contains 204 pages, and upwards for sisty a spent si.xpenec a day gnectfully inutcd to call on llules und entirely and drink, but was never intoxicated, llow much L. Gettysburg, Jan. 24, Dr. Mott's TULFS.

BLOTCHES, 110H.S,, BLAIXS, AND ALL SKIN Oakland, Gth June, ISfiO. Aycr'Jk Gents: "I feel il my duty iu. exchange fo' to acknowledge what your Sarenparilln lifts done lor me. Having inbrrited Scrofulous nlfcction, I have suffered from it in ways for Sometimes it burst out in Ulcers on my lnn.ds anda-rms; sometimea it turned iinvaril distressed me at the sluniach. Two years it broko'ont on my bead nnil my scalp ai.d ears willionc sore, which painful mill loathsome beyond description.

I tried ninny medicines mid several phypiciaiii," 1 but Millionl much relief from nny tiling. Iu afct. the disorder worj-e. At length I rejoiced to rcml in tho Gos-pol Messenger tlint liml prepared mi alterative JJAliCll. MAY, AUGUST.

3 10 17 7 J4 21 12 19 20 2 9 If, 14 21 .28 4 11 18 1 8 11 22 29 J8 8 1 5 22 13 20 OY EMBER. DECEMBER. 17 24 1 8 1522 111 17 24 I 8 15 '22 29 12 19 20 2 9 10 23 30 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 9 10 23 30 12 19 20 9 16 23 JO 14 21 28 4 11 18 30 1 20 27 3 in 17 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 20 3 10 17 S4 27 3 10 17 24 1 8 22 29' 10 17 24 Jl 7 1 28 4 Tl '18 25 14 21 28 4 11 IS 1 8 1) 22 29 nr.i,a"iid st.ited in a plain manner, so that of the old mini's surprise, when told Unit by est Medical A i i both in Europe a 4 for 1 knew Irom your reputation thai any ining a parallel case those referring to saving his sixpence day, and dcposilinp it iu the i States, und in llieir pnic- you made must be good. I sent lo Cincinnati the i will find no difficulty in readily solr- a In-tiUKiou he i now, at the end lice. nnd got it, and used it HHTl cured me.

I look lined C24 cents p.T ur, jji)' Ladies' fine i i Hose (it Ladies'j I fine Cnssuncrt Hose at 40 cents, fine i 2 i) 10 25 oO 0 20 27 4 18 20 1 8 15 22 29 5 19 20 10 17 2-1 31 7 14 2L as 12 19 '20 i Pocket at 8 i CassiTHii Hose at -8 cents, Gent's all wool eoiintiy made Ilo-e at 23 cuits Poket i Combs, Brushes, both i clothe? in fict ex i i to cither'i or toilet ind lust but not le tst, i stock A i a be loi a puce-i, common is Ion .11 18 cent-; per set liom up to cciit-i per set foi i best ol Stone i a niid i i else in the Sept. 27 rv Something New Ii(i --1 he iindcr'iftntd informs ts llje required. in" i in a word, the general arr.ingetMcnt of of worth that noble i The expeiieuPO of thousands daily proves it, as you advise, in small dime-i of a I tho CAM CI.ATOP. is sTmule, that anv ouc who 28, i would have bought him a i thai no prcp.irnlion of Iron can lie compared a month.and used nlnuisttiirceliottles. bow to A SDBTHACT, or farm, or town mansion, and surrounded him i it.

Impurities ot the Mood, depression of I and healthy skin soon bngan tolorni under IE can easilr solve any i example i comforts and luxuries, and lefu a a vita.1 pale and otherwise sickly the scab, which after a while tell'oil. Mr kiii I i i i i i ow i ri anil I kllOW by fp-lillgi a i minii a arises iu arrive fit the true the i i of ind he liTi coinmciK ed the II ou a large sr.ib in i i i i i nc.trly oppo-itc ittlc- i i lie i to descne, ind hope 1 to i i a liberal i i sgt BUB ROLLS i A.C baki-d i i (fund all ol tju ibii iiid sold at the i i i i i all i i a i i i uid oblate to his children after i lie had, plevions i i a its.necessity in almost and hundreds now in midst have, but to ile- conceivable case, posit sixpence a day in the FARM mis' AND Jin- Innoxious in all maladies in which it lias nd philosophy in hgures, a i i ciu.viub' SAVISOS INSTITUTIOX OF ADAMS ecus- been it lias pro veil absolutely curative in The chief aim o( the a has been to es- Cups and S.IK.CIM.I.U to i nnd i i i i i i i i i i supplied the st notice I etc, tcil Inrgc uid i i i ike-bouse nml Come OIH Come ill find i me 1" Don the place, iu oppo- 22 site the Bank V1R 29 -V li. The snbsc-iiber iilso i i i ou hiiiid a fine assortment of; I of all kinds--good table Molasses 12 cculs per a i i Golden i at cut-, per 20 gallon ISDll. 27 John wT Tipton, I 1 I I 15 I corner of the Diamond, door to iTclUn i i i i 10 23 30 20 27 4 11 .18 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28 5 12 19 20 4 .11 18 10 17 24 7 21 28 5 12 19 2U i i i he at all ready to jitlend to nil in In i lie In il.o i sistiincc ami i saliafuction. lave him call.

3, LSUO. 1 2 15 22 29 0 13 20 10 23 30. ,7 14 21 $100,000 Guarantee. UCK I I I A AS'I WASHINCTOK ZLN'C. 'I' T.

BUCK LKAD, 100 i cover i i surf ice Kg 12" pounds of other i Lead. BUCK A Painting done i pure Buck Lcid is i as a aa other le id I A I Is whiter and i i a a any other i A secured the Jicst a and i most fip- pi i i i i i i he is i to do a a business. 1 Removal. iii.u i i.r:\nom:ims i i I Ostci i a i i i at tu tbu now i i A. i i mi the side, ol i a i i i i street, lie i at all be prepared to up i best of OV.STKP..S, in every style.

Ky keeping i good i i i i le, he to i i i i i i i i '1 i I I SOUP, Plli'S il'KBT, I I and I KGGS. ICJ5 I I A I I I in their season. A nice I "lass of A A I can a a and try me. G. IT.

Groceries, Notions, c. rrillE undersigned has opened a Grocery and I-. i Slore, in Baltimore street, nearly opposite 'the Court House. Gettysburg, the i will a i i i i cheap ns the cheapest, SCO AILS, Syrups, Mola'ssts, Oof- fees. Teas, Rice, Cheese, Spices of all i ackerel, Chocolate, lirooms and Unt.tcr and Eggs, Coll'ec, Kssence.

onU at facts and simplicitylbelievina a TY, to accomplish this result. ne's meu care little about i time in I July 2J, 1800. diicua iujf the i of rule's, or science of liguics, deeming it i i fur their AIlc piirpo-e able AT Mi)5iEn, by rcfcicnrc, to.irrne at the TIIITK RKSIILT. The Cu.Cfi.iTou i in this respect from (ill Arithmetics of the Jay and kindred works--it, is a-key to prfic- tn il business calculations--'it is, iu the bauds of the business a what the key to niiitlie- 111 ttic il works i.s in the a of i teaclferiu the ichool-room--it facilitates i and cor- The Work treats'of thp-Mcnsurcmciit of a of Liim'jer, of lirick and iirick Work, of Stone stone Work, of Grain and Grain I i a i A Coal Solids, of Circu- I or I a Vessels, of Cisterns and of Hnoling, of Plasterers', 01 iziers', Pavers', i a Haiijfcrs', pliolslerurs 1 Work. It treats of anil of and Domestic Exchange, of the Ue mini System, of Kciluctinn and its extended a i a i to liiisinc'ss.

of Simple arid Coin- i i i I ami i a i a i lo i I lie laws and usages govi-riiiiitj aud a i same, tiigelher with commercial Letral'-l Tender, of on Notes, of a I iug and. a i i of i i i i i of Pay-! mcnts nnd of Partnership A of Assess-j mciit of Taxes, of Weights nnd a of i Tells and i Measure, of the Square Koot and ils A i a i to liii.siue'S.s, nf Surface, or Kxcavatuin, and of a i a practical a not i i the scope of an advert i to mention. Tt the for the Fanner, Me- clmuic-, tlie A i a or tlie a I ha? proven a a a i i a to tlie a ycr, Justice of Peace, i i i i nd Real F.stiite i to the Assessor, each of the following complaints, viz the disease lias gone from my system. You can well believe that I feel a I am siiyinjj when tell yon, that I hold you to be one of the apostles of the age, ami remain ever Vours. Ai.niEi.

T.U.U.V. he cures the common hruplmns by bcst and simplest way of salting, i i onl chronic complaints, one triiil of this res- same lie ci and i the ol has proved successful 'to ml extent 3 a It Tells You All the a i and most approved i no description nor written atlcslatinn modes of i i aud boiling i render credible. InvaliiU so long bed- Lamb, Veal. Poultry, and 1 as to a forgotten in their 'Zebnlon Prospect, IVxaii, i Three bnUle-s of-youi-Sarsaparilla. curi-d from a (joitre--a hiileons swelling on iiecli rious nnd most approved modus the dill'erent SancL'S, iind lavnriugs a i a to each.

It Tells You All the a i and a ed mudes of preparing over lilly i i of Meat. Fish, Fowl, Gain, 1 and Vegetable Soups, liroths, and Stews, i i of nervous and nlosl Cheerfully comply aversion to air ar.d exercise for which request ol your agent in saying I li pi, has no Sarsapanlla of all i and for iu Hie complainls tor w. iml to uiedieal men. the oi-cratiou ploy siu'h a remedy, but i ititin i nmi 'necessarily be Diseases ol I Scrofulous diathesis. I havo many of I.eiicorrhiri* by il some wlit-ru a i It Tells ke the old oxides, it i iin thoiighi nothiiig bai i a i i a A I A I Is i a for body or covering 50 pounds will clo as painting as of other i A I A 2 I ns lias no equal for a i i it Wears twico long as i a i I 1 I A a I A -'Pill A I I A tysbnrg, Gettysburg Foundry OE i i i a of Messrs.

a Slo; i sist-in" 'of- two rooms--a bar-room and (formerly Warrens' Foundry,) has commence ing-room. The lady laid her lap-dog i business, and i now prepared to oiler to th its mat before the. live, and -herself and i alarger assortment Macluncrv The landlord's Appreciation of Musk. A gentleman nnd In'dy wore travelling in Michigan, and having missed' the stage, were compelled to take private convoy anco the toivn of Sondcri to The lady hivl with her a-henutifnl' liip ivtich she carried in her lap on an einbroi-1 jnat. During the rido the husband discovered that he" had no handkerchief, the lady lent him hers, which scented with inusk.

About, balf wayVbetween the txvo-toxvns the carriage Iwroke down, in the midst, of rain, they were obliged to take refuge in the -halfway house--a one horse" log tavern, consist-in; lod; husband look seats. gentleman had occasion chief, and took it out." when he got througl the landlord liis Head in, looked gazed at the dog- 1 'iip-turh'cd in intense disgust. Tie finally appeared satisfied, wen to the outside door, opened it, came back with a bound, seized the lap-dog by the tail, and hurled him howling through the open door full ten rods into the forest. The wife fainted tlio rose to his feet, terribly enraged. and wanted to know what he did that for That's my dog." continued he, furiously, "T)on't cafe a cuss whose dog it is," the man.

cruffly and impetuously: "I ain't, i by huntl; any i boy can manage it. iinvo no such blasted smelling var- a and a i our stock; no Suspenders. Pins. -Needles, L-lothe, I'ius, tons, i i of all kuuls A a ol tliu let to anv a of 9 i i i Stiml rc tl i I'ricc nf copy, in cloLli. lit) or I fxvo cnpics fur (Ml.

i i i in pocket-book Si UU per Address, M. M. LYU1A U. -ISfiO. tf The Only Discovery i OK AN'Y I FOR A I I A A --Miiny.

since the great disi-overy of Prof. le A 7.1ECLEU, Get- liax'c a not only i i a his 10, 180-0. Uiu a i but prnfess tu a discovered Omelettes Preserves, Jellies, a Dishes of every descriplion. I Tells You All the various irml most approved modes of a i i a i i the best 'method ol'pre- )ari'ug Co'tl'ee, a Tea, and lioxv to a Syrups, Cordials, and i of a i i i It Tells Vou How to set aril i a i Table, how to Curve all i of Fish, i i or Fowl." a in.short, huxv lo so i i whole Art of Cooking as to i 'the choiresl, 'luxuries of the I i i i everybody's reach. Tim book i i i I pages, a a Iu i a its causes, ai LOT of I aialvheate Pills 1ms often i a i coubl nlfoid roriff, but he 1 for the must a a cases, i i 1 ol VP rl i nml II proved cllcvlnal.

Alier adranced taking your remedy eiglil weeks i lo pi i a i a L'. I'a. I i i Uui E. Cook Sons a i i a Depot at i i i a i i a are ul a i i a a i been i i a i i llieir i a i a Icst.cil i the personal supor- i i i i i i of Ibe xyritiTs; It i i in clear a open type, i.s i a i s. i i i i i a I ticiuiFri.iiusTuHKiiCL-i.osis tin? f'' IK 1 iron has had more tmu, the (jood ellert "ttackeil.

1 i a i i i i a a i prcpar.itiims of i nl mciluMiic. well knowii lia- ami my ili.u 1 far hellxr I Prof. 0. Wood A Gent--. Id- 'Yes Yes! jroing tol mint that's beui lighting i around my t.uorn TIlRlvSH- wrote von in IS'ifi i i i i i a a has heretiifore been offered, such as Town Property oil order nml of a a color 7 ol'all kinds on a i be iu go I A iiudiTsi-riiPil ol- rs l-s i ll 111 The i i i of females cannot be too fi.lciilly i i to this remedy ami restorative, I I a a i ami w'ill be I'urxvii riled a» i a i a i them.

a i b'o'unil, inn! postage paiil. on j' A I I boi.h chronic a i a i a receipt of tliu or in cloth, extra, tnr? i utcr. more decidedly-- i has been i a i a well reported, a $1.000 A YEAR I'-nn'lic inaile by enter- 'KUiriK pain and rc-dueiiijc swellings and i i i i above of i aurt mnseli'S. wurli. i i i i tu all being very, FKVKK.S il must i a I be a great "remedy a -energetic restorative.

i For single copies of the Book, or for terms iu new i i ol to xvith i i i i i i a to or i a bu one ol high rcnoxvn ani address I I 1C. I I I i i I I i a i i i a I'a. i i i ijiu Great Work on the Horse. I I A IDS I A by i i i i I I V. Professor of I'a- gy and l.lperati i i in this i a i of 1'liilailflpli'iii, i Tell You tlie i i i a i V.

of IuiH, i have been afllicted for years i an of I i i di'ilroyed my hvallh. I every thing, and i lo re- and 1 have been broken-down for some vears no oilier tliim d- raiigeinent of l.ivcr. My beloved the K'ev. Mr; Kspy. advised to try your a i i i a because be said Knew nnv'th'ing voti was worth irriug.

Ify tlso blessing ul" it has 'cured nnd has so rili'ed my blood as lo a new man of feel again. best that can be iiiil of on not. a good cAMMCit. I I A I A I i A.SI) K.X- I I A I OK I I HUNKS. A great yaric-ly of cases have been xvhero curey of llicse fonnidabU ing a skunk and wife vacated tliehoii'o i please i to sec it i to bin i i of my i home, where it is a a so a they- niul sale of a i I have been in the receipt of a great, of letters f'rnm all parts of New i i a a i asking me if my" a i i i i i i to be good there is so fraud in the a a peaclios, i cuerrics, a must ehoiec.

SlYKRS. 12, 1SCO. tf i i of his teeth i a i numerous a a IIOI.M', ASIJ in'h intontly, and piorocdedon then in e.i»io -S the tlie of tlipir a part icpl iced or repaii cd. it is, no i toil mil had got into bud odor." "W.v.Iiin«ton I i 2 to relate tlio following itoiy old ijcntlcmnn of the old school, soinew hat pompom iti tot longing, if remember rightly, to the 01- dcr of "Cincinnati," or the DAV1U-STEBNKII. 1800.

Itenevolcnt Society," and docorntod i a i i I 1 1 Gettysburg To Norbeck Martin AVI'ijiiit icccixeil fiom the cilx i largest stock of CJlOOhlSlhih lime ollercd to the public--Sugii-, "lyrupv Golf, us,, Kice, Checbc, fault, A-e ciubr.iciugnll xanetics, at ill prices, the-lowest not without, any good effect, but to nbsolnti 1 I i not i i i of r.cstontixe of i lor some and mx nr is pood-i-, and i i a ex.xmincd it i i as I am now Cl obi ind not Inir in 1113 he-id or on my i to i ict I send v'ou a lock of my a i a the past eek I i of i bot- tics last summer, for i am a of Daltimoru and High streets. but at his tongue to the toot of jiis mouth: hmxever, it loo-enud -M mid lieopiikotliui: ol IV, -Kicak. Xyaek and Kaklao, sexenteen hun- 1 KOR on," said one of his IK "you don''t mean seventeen hundred and a business, and -will earn it ou in nil acvonlr-fiix aiio; you mr-an" 'Si- i a i i and i- connected i h-neo'." exclaimed the irate, muddle-head- sell i stoie lGc ri w1 i be orator, pure article i the i of the gooil it mv is heretofore, to keep TWovnli-ant Tnilnrin? of the contiiiucil circot on mx i iuercnani lauoiiug. ln nTL iqm rc ot me ot m-, AIIXOLD has procured the akcn 0 i rcsnlt. I rc- iv T.

KING, nnd his commenced nuulli dcar rs P. Aaroiis Kx 3 Wood Dear would cer- Oennins Family Liquors. li i I i (ind i i Hi i i i i fl 1M SI bfg li i to i the a i of of the i Stales to i Pure Wines and Liquors, put. uj i i i a i anil i i a use. iu cases assorted to -suit customers.

i i a a i bodies, i to pur, isc in lire's or ill i i i -n casks or bnttlus, will be liberally dealt with, Price List sent OQ a i a i I lii.r.\10HKHOl."81'j cd bx the hrst i i i is HIP best i i i i I i i i a i a Nervous Diseases. As a beverage, it is pine, i and delicious to the istc I bold all I 15 MOKDlIOrSt: CO Prop rs, 3 A. r.vchanireri ice, I Xov. 5, 1800. Sm Jei-c) i ou Of llrecdiiiL', i i i A'o remedy lias ex'er boon" discovered ill the xvliolc hislo'rv ol'inedii-ine.

i excrls such i a i a i i i lor a ehecrfiil exercise, immcdi- ii ll() 1 nli-lT folloxv its use. i i a which tlie bHoxv iiaiurd Via in neat. Hat boxos contiuning uf RO i prire SO cents i i for sale, by 10 i i i i i I IIKAKT I11SKAHK. I'lTS, KPI- l.KI'i-iV, I i A I A a reniarkablc cures of have been made by the a a i of It i a i a iu- i i i of the a i of drug.u'is'l* and i be sent free to fliiy a A i a i A i i i and A i i a aildress on receipt of the price. A I loiters, i the, physical a i a orders, i addressed to liectilia'rities of i i i a and how to It.

li. I General a i his nir'c bv. the i i i and Oet. 15, ISUl). -0 i i Slioeing, iml tlie nia-nagemeut of the horse, i the best modes of a i i i i i i i i i il-o, I i i i i i i i i i i nb i i anil otlici xx Inch is i i ith i i i i i i i I a i I I IIO'HSE AND HIS DISHASRS I'ell 'ion i 'ind Trcitment ot btriuglcs, bore' a L.MiUer's i i i Employment.

ling in a staple nrtiele, ment to few active men to act as agents i house. A preference i be given those who are well nc- i i in the ict tor thcj i IIE subscribers clc ili i i employ "KJI! i I i A I I I I il olor i -dciiig, md i i i i i the a i from i gray 1 Oil Pill I IUMlN'E-ft, and i it i le a i of it i 01 i i a i enrrgv 1U1! I rind ill i i i i i illei lions of scalp Tiili I A i I 11 I I I II I i a i i i i AVill I'ell 'ion -viiiptoin-', 'ind i in i illcd i i a i inakiug i i in its i indc.iu-,ing i I i i i mrl i i Paeiiuionm, i i i i i i i eelebrity and incic.isniK 'le- C'luonic Cough Ro.u ing anil ind lor tin-, i a i prep i Sore Mouth a i ind (lie i i th i one In ,1 I i i other i the .1 i i i public i Rcspiratorx Tin; HOUSE AND nib i Von Of the censes, symptoius, and 'liniment ot Worm-i, Colic, a a i Stonj Concretions, i i i ihy, Diarrlicea, Jaundice, 1 i tin ho: Urine, Stones in the i vigorous action, nitil (k i i hi- nm llssl ll ibe pe ilinor- I hx ihe ot peopli coiiliilciit tliia i do for i all that i medicine in do I AYER'S CHEEKY PEGTOHAL, I FOB I I A I I I I Oi, Couifhs Colds I i i i bioiu lulls, i i C'ontiiniptioi. fur tlie liclief of iu nilxiinrcil of the Disease. This is a -cmcilx -o snrp.ics mix i i i the of Mid Ih 't it i n'elc-i -l to li-h the ex idem its Iti uniix.ilU-d qiulities over i other i i i i i -it in use. I he id ind i i i i i other iitaueous diwasi-s, a i to gioft I I I I I I inlly, and gixci it a and uppc u.ince, and i iian IH loose.img i it xx ill i i i vigor lo the loots i a lungs m.ule lliniughoiil ths cixilirei' nations of the earth.

are the i i i i i 01 i l.imil es, among them who liatc not Of ils I ot in xiclorx disorders of As all know the die.idful fn- Blidder, Intl imm itiou, aud di-- -uul re'toie i i to those pin eases ot the Stomach, IJowcl-, i and i become i lUsiug it to i a liosli i i 1111, HOttSr, AMI HIS DISRASRS iloing i a greit i i not to 0 i thcj are i i to AVill Tell You Ot Treatment the c.iuscs, i i i and of Bone, lilood und Bo, cox i of a i There ire of 1 ulies and in Neiv 1 01 ho i thcar li ur '-'I'M tlic i and as know loo, etlecls ul i i i need nol do inoru i i this lux igor i i ill olhci ls his i i i it has now ines a it did baxc xxlu-n in.ikiiisr tho rurts cstoicd which ha-ic -non sottionglyiipon the conlidtnco ot ni.iiikiuil. i Ring-bone, Sweeiin i a i I preparations L. has Ins pos- Jlrokcu Knees, Wind Gulls, founder, session I i innunierablc testifying to the bole Bruite iiulOraxcl, vckcd llonls, ficls, from poisons ol thd liighc-l rc- bcritchcs, Oankei, Thrush, ind i spccUbihtj It -will picn-nt the Long. six-footer--commonly called an a be follnll busmc-s i on way to market, always us a call. 'Jm for his breakfast at tho tavern of ila- -jor F.

The Major observed that John a tremendous eater, and looked crab-apples at him. until ho was tired, in tho hope of inducing him Until availed not. Jjfn said tettgen for breakfast?" the MHJOV, 11 have some sas- The shop is iu a of Hcstoratix'e. Sow, Mr. Arnold's stoic, whore Mr king indor Ki lttu comp el me to a to miy read this, that I uoxx a ntw anil bc'niitiful of Inir.

-Bhich I pronounce richcnnd Inndsouier i the original was. I xx ill therefore take occasion ta re- i a reruedx to -ILL xvho may feel the ueccssitv of it Kcspcctfullv ALLTvV BROf'K. p. of my approbation Tinning! Tinning! IE undersigned respectfulh informi the sb public gen- I tablishirent. in Chambcrsbu'g street, dncctly opposite C'hrist Church.

He xvill manuficturc, hind keep const intly on h.ind, cxeiy rnrietx of for vour valuable medicine (as you arc aware ou TIS-WAltB, nnd A I A of) is if you tnmk it 'can have Ihem if we've got enouph in the nn( ITlU )C Tl to do RKI'AIHING. a place nniong the rest, inscit if vou wish it house." 'lie then bawled to the house nrud nooriXG and SP I lion, turniiif. gi ij until the Utest period New lliteslv ot thc ca I 0 a i a i the h.ur his already dealers gcuerallx. its color, the u-c ol the ill with cert i i restore it lo its original hue. IBM).

housq. and on her Bottj', i KOOriXG and SPOUTING alto done in the not destroj and say i manner. moderate, and i i take the measure of this man, and Iry I(arc rt 0 render full satisfaction. A share of him Ws length iu the public patronage is solicited. GotlysVmrjf, 18, 1800.

ly paper thc Bridgeton an organiwtion of young men in that town styled Zouave Oddities," who hare banded together for the purpos-e i Removal. subscriber has removed his Plough nnd Yours, A.C REV. S. A. B.

The TUstoratixe-is put up in bottles of three sizes, vi? large, i arrd small, holds a pint, and retails for-one dollar per bottle: the medium holds at least twenty per A New Feature TX the business of the Ejtfehior Gnl- gcrs, and other, diseases Legs and llc.vd Tilt HORSE AXD HIS DISEASES "Will Tell You Ot the causes, Tieiitmeiitol Fi-4uU, Poll i i it daik, glossy ippeainncc. Asa pcr- 4 tunic tor thc toilet nnd a Hair it is Party, Scirlet I-exer, M.inge, feuileit, particiilnilx recommended, li i an agiccable Locked Oi imp, Oalls, i Ir.igi.xinc, the gre it i.icihtieb i i in drcs(1111( thc which, xx hen moist xx ith the Pall and Winter Goods. IIK Riib-oribcr. hiiviiip renirnwl from thc K.i«tcrn Cities i laijrc and did assortment of HATS and CAI'S, would re- Diacascb of the He.nt, A.C., drc'ssiut' the h.ur, which, xxhcn moist xxitu tlie i spcct the nUenlioii ot purchasers to and how to ni.iiiage Oastr Uiou, Bleed- Invigor.itor in be diessed iu an.x required foim hc lnlc stoc ig nnd com- a preocne its place, plain or In letc consl ting in part of farjliion.iblo her irls--hence the demand for it by the hftn( sonlc 1 Silk Hats, ladies stand ird toilet article which none ought to be i as thc prico places it Will "fell You Of Barcx's Method ol taming I i i the reach ol all, being Horses; how to Approach, Halter, or ON-LY TWn.Vi'Y-FlVB CETS ing, Trcphmning, Row cling, Tirin Hernia, AmpuUtion, Tapping, and othe surgical THE 1IOHSK AD HIS DISEASES Stable a Colt; how to accustom a horse per bottle, to be had at all respectable drug- During our last visit to the cities ot 15.xltimore,AVC8e)ecteil i splendid STBRUOUOPIC PJCTUBES, cmnpn-i ng English.,i:pxptian, i i Itali.auandAmeric.xnScenery,bt.ituarj Uroups more proportion the small, retails rnng fro 12 to 40 cents apiece.

We also hax'c a tine lot of STEREOSCOPIC! BOXES, which we oiler at lor two dollar-! per the large holdi a quart, 40 per cent, more in proportion, and re-i repan repairing Clocks. iMietters 1.December 28, received'here, report; M-V 1( the WnginR of tliree.of Montgomery's men' DAVID AMH110TYPBS! Premium Pho'lograplis'l! Premium MchiinoUpes Prcmiupi Sphcreotypes I ipremium 11 IHttle Sunday jeVwoTxaid to hij mother, Ma, W'littleboysT This ca-echieni of CTCrv gtyto ftt ic Excelsior Skj Gal- Wtootwd." I lev, Gettysburg, Pa. TYSON BRO'S. "pv. 26, J8CO, Gettysburg OOT AND SHOP.

EMPORIUM, S. ncr of Centre Square. The public are respectfully requested to bear in mintl that at this Store may be found a large assortment of BOOTS and SHOES of the best material. i would call the attention of Pa- to strange sounds and ghts, and how rgiots and to Bit, Saddle, Rule, and Hrc.ik him to L. I Harnes-i, also, thc lorni and law of rc nts nnd Guardians to the use of bin Inugor- The whole being the result a tor, in cvscs where the children's hair incline-, of more than fifteen cars' careful study to be weak.

Thc use of it lavs the foundation of the habits, peculiarities, wants anil weaknesses of this noble and useful animal. Prepared by Dr. J. C. IYER Jl inntll, Masi, bx A.

D. Huehlcr. Cellyi-hurp- BobliU. Arcmitu illc; Paxton A. McCreary, Tair- liebl; P.

A i New Chester: il. btmitiT, York mid The book contains'384 pages, appropriately April 16, I860. Photographers, Getty-burg, Pa. Globe Inn, E'CHAXIOTOTVX, Frederick county, the The subscriber, having just retmncd from "JWI yavingbcen rcnoxatedand re-turnished, Philadelphia, where he selected with care and i thc ra! or assurcs-Ahe public that a call is npou the bes-t terms, a large assortment of o)1 i needed, as he guarantees full satisfaction in Boots and Shoes, his stock ji nor fnll and CA se (ji iargei moderate, plcte and he flatters himself that he can please A a-nrl nn- most fastidious. Cnll and exttmine my Custom made Boots and Shoes always' B.

F. McIUIEXY, Feb, 14, 1359. tf HE.VIIY HERR, td ai pplyjost for a good head ol hair, as it removes any impurities that ly hax become connected with the scalp, thc removal of which is ncccsbary both for the health of the child, aud the future appeal mice of its hair. CAUTION --None genuine without thc fac simile ot on the outer wrapper; alio, TWH-LKU'S, HA1B 1.XVIGO- KATOIt, N. blown in the Wholesale Depot, 56 Dey aud sold by ail the principal Mcrcliiints'and Druggists throughout thc vx orld.

Liberal lllso desire to present to thc American ntiiiliti rojr A 'LIQUID HAIR DYE which alter years of scien- tilic experimenting I havo'biought to perfection. 'H'djcs Blaek-or Brown intJtantly without in- jury to-the Hair o'r Skin--warranted TVOWESTICS, Tickings, Checks, Flannels, JttrUc i co hc ind in cheap at Fahnestocka'. We have also 50 Qujji'g pot, 56 Ucy Stnjct, New branded with our own a ly which-nc invite especial attention, as it etcelaj by tor, any offered in market for- prjee. nun mi 11 Soft Hut-, high, low and medium depth, ot croxxii, Cloth Glazed Caps, Plush andI'lush trimmed Caps, for men and, t'aiicj Hits and Cups foi Children, together with a good Wool Hats, all of which will losold at low prices for Also, a- One assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Black ana Bioxx Vernon Felt Uats, c. it.

McllillliJ i. 18(JO. and other popular works of ours. Our inducements to all such are exceedingly liberal. For single copies of the Book, or for terms to agents, with other information, apply to or JOHN E.

POTTER, Publisher, Vo. 617 Sansom SU, Philadelphia, Pa. i 1860. 6m NGISH tide, lioxv New Fall and Winter LOTH1XG, for Men and -ftitli every of wearing in thnt line, to- 'cvher ix ith Boots, Shoes, Hats, Cups. Trunks, Uarpet Sacks, Double.

Barrel Guns and Pistols, Ilex olx ers, nnd splendid article of the mi, nrovcd and-cclcbrated, Colt's Revolver, with all and togethe many. I Ilcn, other uretnl articles, of-whicli will sold VERY CHEAP. Yon'' where? at SAMSON'S, where every one can oo and cheap goods. tke The old County -Building, V. Corner of tUe-pianond Oct.

15, I860. "0 not forget tTcallat A.SCOTIiSOX'f, if you want'to buy clieup g. rtJ elkmcrflji DC TjAlUCf 1 BlIP.ul AS IWIVBi mch as rinocs, designs.

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