The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILI,rc. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, li>3 =WEEKLT SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Ministry of John the Baptist Society Calendar f . Monday The yeoman's Missionary union of tn% First Baptist church Is meeting;!; : tho church at 2:30' o'clock ' and program; mset- .-;.. Lake ., street . Methodist Church Missionary society is 'mating at the home of Mrs. A. M. Church. TC,< St. Stephen Episcopal Guild is meeting with Mrs. W. R. Adams. .Circles of the woman's mission- SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN Bits of New* '' ' Mostly Personal BY SISTER-MAKtf XEA Service Writer Although we may prefer laml) The fal con be chopped and Uicd out. The bone may be for broth. ! | Variety in dishes made with Ihc i ! forequarteis of lamb often muy be i accomplished by using suitable I sauces' and other accompaniments 1 f-.icli ns rice or spaghetti. The iiuliltivc value of llijs inex-j Mr - and Mrs. Gordon Ste\>i>-: pensive meat is quite as great as " n< l son, of Memphis, were cue--'.s i that of the. choicer, more expen- of Mr. Stevens' parents. Dr. nnd i.'ivn cuts. Tlie flavor lb as dc- Mrs. C. C. Stevens, and his gnnd- ! liclous in the shoulder as In Uu!; mother, Mrs. S. P. Cavsn-Uir, MITHEKAN CIH'ItCU H. 3. Klcimlienst, I'iislor I T ' lc Intel-national Uniform Sun- Simday school and l)lb'-> C.i r > ''*!' Kchcol Lessen for Jan. 18. The 0:!5 a. in. Mlnklry of Jolin the Baptist. Luk; Divine wors>ip, 10 p.. m. Sc-rmon 3:7-17. topic, I'Thc First Miracie of Je- 6US." All are cordially Invited lo the, .services held at- ti'.e St. Stephen' c.h=ps, they cost much more than; pound(i i kg. for the small family the same amount of meat taken from the shoulder cr breast. of Lnmb ako Is n dellila Itunlly ol cwrr/j \vill need ; more In proportion to Us-size. two I Thursday. The! Mrs. O. E. Keck was u visitor In i A. Gbc'dflch; 3, Mrs. J. D. Barks- "5' nndB difficulty !:: dlspoiii:!: dale;';-!, at the church' for luncheon. 1 It- without uiowiw; f.y.d of it. '' . !' .. Tuesday ' The Maple X3r,oye Cemetery asso- ciation'Is "meeting wi'fh Mrs! John Memphis Thursday. Mrs. R. N. Fcirrar, W ho Is ml-: [Episcopal church. ST STEl'HGN KMSCOr.lL ; CHl'KCH The Hc-v. C. I.'. Burke,-c,; M: I aiina. will conduct Holy Coin j Ion services at 11 o'clock. AM are cordially invited. LAKE STHI-KT MKTHODIST- CHtJItCll \V. J. I.clloy, IMstar Sunday school, 0:45 a. m. Church, 10:50 a. m. Sermon subject: "Whai and When is clod?" Hpworlh League-, 6:30 p. Durham. Wednesday for c-vciy lei- of and pound of chops lhat is sold, • sumcosv i.iuai purchase and uw! the forixiur.riers whicit consist ul i the from te^s «ud shouldeis. till.-o-| .Kih' vegetables, or ,press'.-d i Mr. nnd Mvs. .Charles Allen and ,in.! ceivecl'cold.' ' ' " | son are moving from the Gesell Cut in' pieces, irkl.'istpy.; (rlcns- Wj^nls _to tllc F , r . a " c , l!i °"l>?n- ' wiu"be the first'of . Kentucky ave- general theme, "Is III' WM. K. 01I.ROV, D, D. Editor of The Congregatianallsl The ministry of John the Baptist Is-known to us chiefly through his P rcsclllh b'. «nd perhaps this constl- | tutes something of Us contrast with what we know of the ministry a'. l Jesus. It Is true that we have in | th'e New Testament the record of 'much of the preaching of Jesus, ir, .perhaps we should mo.-e properly jsay that much of the New Tests- 'ineiit record is concerned with his. 'preaching. ';' ;i ',• ', The gospfil slory, however, even in its brevity and incompleteness, affofds us'S'rather definite picture ot liunlj, cr.ssernle -'of lamb and Mrs. W. M. McComb oi Lltlie quarter weighs from six Iu Rcck, state president will be th? hcnored guest at u Delphian 'luncheon meeting at the Hotel Noble. Thursday pounds, but the biitchi'r will lie Clad to cut It in such sized perilous us his customer wants. There i Is little difference in the pcrccnl- [ age of bone and waste In the lore Mrs. J. Kcftl Gesel! Is having Oc ! Munrtcrs and In the chops, and Young • Matrons JBrlds'c club. Tne Mid-Week ,Brldge clnb 1s be- i Ing' entertained • by ' Mts. Cecil I Shaiie. The Jewish- Ladles aid tcii-ny the price' usually is considerably li-is for the fore quarter, Fcrequnrler meat is tougher, and in tough meats (ho connective tls- is the part that must receive Is maetlng in Osccola as, the home . special attention, Out; of tho num "' of Mrs. E. M. Jaife. ' ^Saturday •There will be a' story hour at the Bly the vllle library. , bers of the "Farmers' Bulletin" | suggests: "The meat may be finely ' ground, which will divide the con- Yarbro Scclcly Meets. with curry are suro lo be liked. \Vi-.on meat and tone are sc-p- niiilccl b-.'forc cooking, revere! de- lluntful dishes may brj concocted. Tin.', pieces of clear meat can t'.? pounded thin—"Frenchcd." These arc broiled and served with minted currant Jelly. Or, Instead of flattening tha Illlets, each one can be wrapped with a slrlp of breakfast bacon, held with- a toothpick nnd broiled or baked In a hoi oven. If the meal Is chopped, It can be mode into cakes ' like Hamburg steaks and broiled or frlid- The bone can be boiled to mako a broth or stock. If the frte'Rt, vegetables tor apartment on mie. Lewis Ilorlon, who hns been em- '• at'mr °* ^'^ plcycd In Joncsboro. Is l tf rc lor n j A u aic im . ilC!J few days before going u> •• ' and then to his home In Grenada ! ni'.ST MFTHODIST rumen i at)les ' but also ]n lllc ministr MISS. _ j ,,' ,j llcirlc.'pastor ' lhe needy an(1 til; >'- ! ' e5SEd ' to of Jesus fn tne inlnlsiry of his dally llfe'and relationships. Wo see him not only sitting on the hillside ? N" -i' 1 ^ 'P r * achm S the wonderful Sermon on .„.!, jlhe Mount to the ll'.U; group of without j disciples who had tcllowed him, "and not only In the Wling of the 'richly suggestive and beautiful par- itry lo ..... Woman's Missionary society L 1MIm , s '"? connective- tlssuo will of the .Yarbro Methontsf church ' ^f'^'f 11 Rlld - 30fle!lelJ . >'<* nectivc tlssL'o Inlo small pieces, or. and rice are added to this broth, the meat may bo simmered In wa-1 a nourishing dish known ns Scotch tcr for several horns, by which I Broth Is made. Chopped lamb combined with cracker crumbb and Mrs. C, Merck and .Mrs. R..J. Al- . Worship M'IH! Se.'mon 11 a m slou are visiting in Cleveland.-Mia.! aiul T.'iii p. in Mrs. Howard nice, of Memphis, "The Test of Adversity- was in the city Friday. . . I inornliij; sermon. If m m bl Mrs. H. L. Reynolds and.,Mots ! pic^e-ut imio In on KLCN. troublccl ln bc<1 5' spirit. the , Bryan attended to business Memphis yesterday..' O. O. Hcmlcy, ..of Joncsb:r,>, transacted business here Prltlav. j No doubt there was much of such -bjscl ' wlnlBlry in the brief period of Jciin morning sermon. If unable lo."be| t!le Baplisl's public activity, but his (special place was as one preparing ! "Th; Making of a Qoti", Eubjec of evening sermon. C. A. Cunningham went to Little Rock yesterday for n wc<:'s stay. Ihc way for the Master who, he . _ said,. woi|ld be mightier than he. Sunday school, 0:JS 11. m. in-i And ?t,his preparation came largely i-:;'i!U>s every Sunday. We give you j through a message of conviction of I !„„!.„.,„.. .- _- I.,., .t, ..... . epentance- _ iousarss %lB!ght be said that both In its Judge S. L Oladlsh of OsccolV i; < ; I*cla| invitation to be present I sin and a call to rent district presccuUng attorney, was Suudav morning. ' • •'rii..,. ,,,,1 Hlehtto a visitor in the city today. ! Junior, Hy and Senior Leagues it-might be said that C. A. Cunningham went to Lit- l 0 ^ P- »'• IinHitiHi^i «~* ,n i>. -„ „,,„,,, .» v, . . ,, individual and all its social aspects *..iT K&^/'r; "fiftr**?* <™ «» ^ ia the., higher, plane. Love begins in Mrs. C. E. Emerson ls'iclui:i- 'v' righteousness; and when it denarts met at.the home of Mr»,'C. B. Et- chlion 'yesterday afternoon with 13 Co], 1:17-19, rend by Mrs. J. W. Read..Mrs/ J. H. Boyd arid.Mrs: Cecil'Dean led'the group reading aiid.Mr's.'O'. Swain ^ught ths mls,- slbn l&sson with .questions answer? «d:by Mrs. M. \\. Hassel: Mrs. U. Hood read a Stewardship letter arid Tithing was discussed by Mrs. Cfir .ell b«en. v '...."'•• yj '•', •'••• In the social hour delicious refreshments were-Eer.vcd. -' - • •• - * » Want Good Attendance. With a quota of 22 in order thai the adult' department -of the First Baptist Sunday school (may have 100 present' tomorrow, the Dorcas class Is striving to go over its quota. ,AU members are-bein»!.urged to attend-Sunday' school. < Text: Luke 3:7-17 Then said he to the multitude that came forth tc be baptized' of Ihronsrlvthe'-fcod- chopper ready jng Is lit up, the effeot Is said lo bo for attractive; '^chopped "steaks.", striking. Parent-Teacher Association In ieresl sand Activities Parent-Teachers In Meet In.-Blytheville Mrs. Frank B. Dodge, of Little Reck, was the principal sptatyr at the nflernoou session cf tha Misi- Isslppl County Council of the Parent-Teachers Association held In Have Bridge Party. I Blylhcville Thursilay. .• Members of the Young Matron^ The meellng wns held in ih? fflridge club and their husbands Presbyterian church and the mor- wcrc guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Nea! j nine, scsflcn was given over to Geseil Friday evening for the monthly bridge party. • The ladies prize, a gold pillow, xas won by Mrs. Crawford Greene, and W. C. Higginscn won the men's prize, handkerchiefs. . '• ' , Mrs. Ocsell, assls'.sd by. Mrs. J. .-3. Gesell, served appetizing refreshments of fruit, salad in pastel shades, meat sandwiches, olives and ?« a Guild Mtets. : The Guild of the Pilgrim Luth- "eran church met with Mrs. H. J. Kleindienst Friday afternoon. Tne '52 articles cf clcthing collected for the poor were distributed to needy 'families and later delicioia refreshments were strvd by the hostess. 'To Have Program • On Robert E. Lee. routine business. Just before thi noqn rcecss Miss Wi!!lD Lawson cave a talk on "The I'eaee Pact tor ths Prevention of War" in which Mnny beautiful little gifts were given Mrs. Holt After a short program and a very enjoyable social hour delightful refreshments were served. The following hVjmbers attended Ihe County Council (it Blytho- villc yesterday: Mrs. Ed Bell, Mrs. W. B. Burkett, Mrs Terry Mitchell and Miss Carrie King. Among thos* jitlemtim3 L ,' tlii | County Council of Parent Teachers in niylheville yesterday from OECCT ola were: Mssdnmes D. . Crouch, president high school unit; Mrs, Albert Bern-ens, president of grade school unit; Mcsdnmcs Harry Mll- sh3 uricd nil mothers' and teachers ,"."" u- 'WH, , n *, ,, tD co-operate in working fcr a bet- £'• JrW - Whi worU, Rose Oold- ler understanding and appreciation ^' P ,,f;. J "; te j, ™"*' ' " cor B e i ding cf the "Pact." Miss Winnie Virgil Turner was first cpcakcr on the afternoon program and her siib'ect was ''Art Appreciation In Mississippi Ccun- ty Schools" Miss Turner is doing n wonderful work nnd rciwrled that she found children everywhere very enthusiastic:. Mrs. Pnu) TiB'.on fnvoMd with two beautiful after which Mrs. Dodge was introduced and announced her subject as "Parents I The Human Sculptors." She 111-3- j cd the mothers to "Liv; With ] Their Children" as well as for to mold the life observed by the •chapte '" ' ' pm ,m >, Elliott Fletcher the cnil<J '""Ids his creations, carefully, prayerfully and 'Co^deracy-wUdris^^^ Mo., today for n short,, visit-vita his family. Mr', and Mrs. Jlmmle I.cdbciur and family nre moving today-to 70J West, Ash street. Ml&s Hnllie Wilcoxson will spnu; (he week-end In Paragould. : feature they will get credit in a note that, for th'e most part, is different orgaiilziitious. The text not.emphasized in the preaching of bcok is VMethocllsm.and, Kingdom Jesus,, though it is a great".mlifakt tx!.:ns!cn" by W. G. .Cram. •. to Ihirik of Jesus'as conflnlnK his _. confining his Clioir rehearsal, Wednesday, a:IS teaching to the apiwal of love wllh- lout any "stern denunciation of sin lor injustice man with mari. ! 6nj Ineed only turn to the pronou'nrt- ! ment of 'woes in the 23rd chapter r SKCO.ND BAPTIST CHURCH U. /• Xcivsom, Pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a. m., W. M. Blr.ylnt-k. Superintendent. Church service, il a. m. and 7:15 p. in. by the pastor. Mornln;; Subject "Temperanc,?. 1 Evening .subject "Rcpentence." B. Y P. U. 6:15 p. m. Ti'.c public will find a warm - jhaptei ol St. Matthew's Gospel to see ho'vf sternly and even bitterly Jesus ' couM speak about human wrong. a ! But iii the msln, the tek'chin;; of 'Jesus emphasized grace and mercy. There was in it a note of : oppoal to men from the standpoint of a high— me ii-juiic win nna a warm: er lifn „.... h i Bh .V !„..„-' BV En WARD C. WOf.FK -welcome at cur church. Come, we I -," " sher lo \°.Member of the N'atinnai Cli^m-1 :-..'i>:l you an.i you need us. plnnship Auction Team An opeiiing iwo bid in n suit Special music Sunday evening. a forcing bid guaranteeing not-less] CltURL'l! OF THF. XAZAREN'K 110 Cherry Street > A. T. MrAnalty, I'as(o r ,i." . Sunday School, 9:30"a. ml/'C." E. five .high 'Card Iricks ariii is' a-' dei|iarid; ..upoijv liartner, tbV:i--i ' the bidding'open! ,' f ,"\ Doyle, Mnrgarot Barbicrs, Cowgur L C. M. Harwell, S. M. Hodges, Bob Cramer'nna J. W. Rhodes. The High School P. T, A, Meets Due to the cold weather ihe attendance at the Hitjh .School P. T. A., moating Wednesday afternoon was unusually small but' these present were enthusiastic grid a most interesting session resulted. It wns voted to scnrt $2.50 for tho "Founders Day Fund." Thls':ls-diio of the requirements to make''the local association a stnnejard unit. A "Stunt program" was discussed which migbl add something .to the WEST s-Q-i- ; 9-5 H—5-2 o-a-a-76 C-K-8-3 NORTH S--2 H-H-Q-l-10-9 D—1-4-3-2 C—9-5-2 EAST John evidently sensed the fact that there was a higher stage than that of his own work nnd preaching. In calling men to repentance he Indicated to them thai repentance was only a beginning, that the one who came after him would teach them a higher way and give . -. 'hem strength to follow it. He spoke Hcv. J. S. V.^llacc. Evangelist, who I °f his own work as essentially n '•ill! prc;u';! nl both morning and j beginning and a p: service, Ihe him, O generation of vipers, who hath warnzd you to flee fi'or.i the wrath to come? . '.' ' Bring forth .tlieretore fruils worthy of repentance, and begin r.ot:'.o sny within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say. uto you, That God Is able to raise up children unto Abraham, And now also the axe is laid unto Uic rool of Ihe irees: every tree therefore which brlngeth no', forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. .; . And-ths people asked him, saying. What shall we do then? .. He answereth and saith unto them, Ke thai halh r,vo tints, i f et him Impart to him. lhat hath none; and he that liaih neat, iet htm do likewise. . Thenlcamc also publicans to be baptized and said unto him. Master, what'ahall we do? And he said unto thenij Exact no more than that which is appointed you. And the soldiers likewise dem'anded of him, sayirig, And wrftt shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and to content with your wages. And as the people were in expectation, and all men mused in ti'.eir i hearts of John, whether he were the Christ, or not; John answered, saying urito them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but on:' mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worO.y.'.to unloose: he shall baplize you with Ihe Holy Ghost and with Tire. • Whose fan is iu his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his (103: and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaC he with fire unquenchable. . '• ' i-. , ' glories of Christian living shouic! • in society, and there i; or.'v' cip blind us in any way 10 the yreal- I way in which that can be ri3ne--it ness of the appeal of John. When ! is in ihe way o. f repentance and pi special assembly program at the „., ror lllci ' r children, better f senior high school auditorium Mon- ! E ee and. uudernand ihe chiW.s r^-\l' w tcrs, living with as wcUl lr * n snry and furnish' .scor!:'"cte i ' r children, better fOoymenl to the- /public. Tric ' ' Trices bo Iolv Cll °ugh to' cncoiirase SOUTH-^OEAtER tt-K-8-7-6 ' J i -t i Cvenin 5 services.. The revival will i, j V ! t ' lcs(1 Sunday n:gnt. li you haven't lUr-n to hoar him dcn't miss the ; iiK'-s^c Suneiay. ! N. V. !'. S. mcst.3 at the church j . i:;. Wi> witiit all our Young i M•'• \if~\}',i' ji:.::;snl at this time ! nc:h McAnnlly. Prer.ident. Ken- I'inyer tricetin;' aiiet Bible study • ~. I e--ii'h Wctlnctd.iy - evening. 7:30 The tc'spondlnj?'''lijuid.>ftiusl hi ijo I o'rirck. •'; i'cn'1 'assist oiV ' ; 1C4$''{than tour II'? Bible Ie. : fon''wi!' small irumps or trirc'ejl'ic'aileil bV a the- .HI: chapter cf SI.-'Matthew;! l " u S"""-'" 1 «'ona . mat man took high honor, as' the 'opening two subjioi.-The T-.'iup'alion of Jesus." ra |L e ,° P r "«ve. bid Is too ficqucritlySlfia'de oil a| i Women's Forr-!p,:i Missionary So-l ^ DlU . ro _ «i«Ption_o£ thsMjighsr Ihe Master was to refining pr.wer of his love and in the rich influences of his presence. Describes Baptism His own baptism he described as ,t baptism of water, 'but the tap- lism that Christ was to give would be a baptism in tho spirit of holi- | ness and with fire. Fire was itself J |the syrnbol of retlping and of pow- cr. I^-.'was the precious thin-' in !ithe [reparation, which i religion lacks in justice and con- j deep concern for lha reaiil: completo ' in Ihe sideratlon lor others, in plain ele- [ truth and righteousness. world, that man took mental honesty and in the simple 1 Tr!c l95S011 of ( - n ; s al i m!g h t , w.eU fundamental virtues, no clement of ; ecstasy, no semblance of orthodoxy in doctrine, and no profession a'. holiness in living, can save il from being inherently unreal and sham- ful. ,! bo taken to ourselves today. We are engag"d iu vast schemes of social amelioration while tco cllen we neglect the elemental virtues and (he chief virlus of honesty. We four 'card suit. - -. . . Tlie responding hand,, must nri- swer with a bid of Hvo"'!^'?.nother suit tor three where nfr'Increase in' contract is n;ressary( on any five card snil headed ' by al the king or queen-jack and >an added half trick. ,'. .. \ • Under very . fe-.v circihustances. | ciftf v.iil mcc! Mondny aftorncon f l!rs. Tyrcnc's 531 Lum,irate facts of beir.g may appear—this is the. gteat attainment by means of at sure:, at a:3C- p. m We. the women io come, Mr: Lewis. President. invitaioll •s. H: -If. however,. should nspofiding hand W Mullins, 11KST IJirriST CHUKCH Alfred S. HaruTll, I'.islor Sunday school al- DM5 a. in., U. v.'hlch we shall (sweep away Ihe false and give place to the irue" • pake -128). . day morning, 10 o'clock. In re- nf c ;, nd nt:A , and Ciln a \ t] ln everyone to attend. rncmbrajicc of this anniversary pic- 1 bringin:; out the |;.M;;IV and Our P'csid-vnt says. ','Wc waftl s Jump the bid. ns the opening I'iravliir.B by the p.islov at 111 c|c!er ithc original, "forcer") must! n. in. and 7:30 p. m. i FSR^3T• CliltrSTIAN CHURCH K. K. Latimcr, Minister Church school, 0:45 a. m. talk. plan, and spend lor Ejci The highest religion must be | fare while we allow ga:igd3:i:-an:! built uiion the most substnntinl r thuggery to thrive through politi- ' foundation in right altitude and in ] cat 'corruption. Modern Aln?rics ; right living. Tr.e way ol the Lord 'needs a Savior, bill it Iikew:s2 netd-j must be prepared in every heart, its John the Baptist to pi-epdre The way of the Lord most be laid ' ihe way. which minis-tcred to the spiritual trinkets led to dis:Dveri' of the old needa of the Pawnee Indians in the!.mission site. It was erected in f early days, has been found. Research by A. M. Brcokings, ot the Hastings, N'eb., museum, and .University of Nebraska investigators has ended with the decision that the .mission V.-.IE located Hire; part tures of the southern hero nre be- • ioy Ui;it should be ing placed in ail Ihc city schools i life. except the senior high bmldins. i nt::ro ,,f Miini-crs .Meet which already has a portrait. ! As a r-.'.cr'inc fcli(j'v,mg li-o aft- • hi turn keep the bidding open! The Bidding U V V. U.s n:jei at U:I5 p in. Of every ]" i:il:c inoney without spending . Firil ronml — South two ctubs| union for all ages. Sunday school officers Ccnmiunicn and sermon, 11 a. m. j h Woman's Day is being observed' miles north and six nines east of iTutiiaii^ uny *,> UCIUK wu^tiitw ~. . with a special sermon on "The Su- ' _Charred jmnsj). buildings and 1834. The Arab's "good . vigorous hug. MATERNITY HOSPITAL Fcr unfortunate sirLs; secluded, private, rates reasonable. For iufcrmalior, write I-Yormount Hospital, 4011 East 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. prqme .Adventure of History." and!-; Christian Endeavor sccteties. Mrs. George K. Crockett In charge | sgers named the following nomin- who is inviting, the public'to al- a'.ing conmnttcc: Mrs J. T. Lee. , These numbers will be given with . ernoon session the bo-.vd of "man- littl£ : '- s !>o:isibi[ity in 115 prrparn- ------ • • OH. Plans are being riiscurjod for an money." A "slum program" \villj (forcing). North two hearts. <lt>-c- 1 fcachns r.ii-.-t \Verincsday7 p. m.'l.p. ;n. lirinz out )orn! talent with vcryjin?i. . - .< :uui Bible study We'll-' Evening devotional and sermon> exiwusc to anyone and very C-ccnd rciind—South ilve hearts'r.e.sday c\-nin-- a: 7:-i.i.. Lesson^ 7:ao o'clock. tend: violin prelude. WcDdrow: Joiner, chairman; Mrs. K. A. Ifeal, Fisher; opening remarks, Mrs. w.jArm:r?l; Mrs. E. M. AVccdard, M. Taylor; reading ol the state 1 Dell; Mrs. R H. Jcnrs. Ofccola and prize winning essay. Miss Tr.clmi flfrf - B - A. Lynch, Blythcvillc. Worthington; address. "Loe. the Tv '° llcv; officers wen; created. Man," the Rev. Marsh M. Cnlla-! C!lc °' these. Ext?nsiou 'Director, way; piano selections of southern i ID scrvc on 1>o;lrtt oi managers ami melcdies, Miss St-lma Lentz; pc:m. i :llc executive Commiltee; the oth- an, Miss favorite hym (Invitational), Korlh The essential prlr. the reader should nole in Ihe.7:31 l"?s. I Act. 1 :: second chapter. ' •..) irlpal vision! Clioir mceis Thursday' C; athletic lirre some time in abo\v hand is-; the fact thai if isi- A c ali mi<-:inj: of Ihc FinauvH February despite ti:c fact dial a; seldom necessary to. take t.ut part-, Conimlltce Friday 7:;tO p. m. Don't | Jlbcriii 1 c»fh fund was ottered'for!r:r'< original forcing iwo b:d v:ilh | fail to bring your offering ant i Site of Old Mission the mm by a neighboiing city. H' another suit by bidding nv>ro that ihaulpu: i; in :it the Sunday school ' " Found in Nebraska FULLEHTON, Neb. (UP)-Site of I a To med conditions our seems that Osrcola is the choice : is necessary In other wnnU Xnrth ' hoar. Hliould you not ro:" Ic Suri-l ol those ttikiiig part in the meet. having a powerful hcud in hr.irts! <!ay sclrol put i: mat ihc preach- i ' c Suri-l lile olci A! " 5 Prcscytcrian mission,! " . g This is nol the first lime favoril- 1 i particularly In view ol t ism has been shown this city. Our : ilia: he . has been advucri lhat townpeople hfiv.? the rd of L" 1 " Abrpm' IP I cr chairman of publications to aid townpeople hfiv.? the reputation of j Scutli has five l-.onor tricks). Iher ccntribiitr to tho Church or 'Kaihrvn' D-n*n-n- T -. ' a; County publirity chairman. bpi "S very Hospitable nnd making-should only bid III; necessary iv.lm- u-cnvc lu-'.-.i ti-om the Church. ivmn*MrJ r«i -t T" i i!ra - N - B - Mc "ard was appoint- j special efforts to make guests fceljber of hearts required to lake 'L.-l's b.- with our n.^.irs. ij.orge .... l^c-:. . C(1 C ] la i rman 0 [ the transportation at home- If the boys wish to come Souths original two club l:i.|. • | money, llmi rur wtmis will bs Pi Ills; l-.Jiir. Evc;-y member cf the church ti- S. S. CUis .Meets. -. committee lo arrange for those al. j lending the National Convention 4-10. to Osc33ia .we will be glad to of-! This bid" of Iwo. hearts n:i thi-i more "effective." fer them, every passible couvlesy!pr,rt of North assures that t:ir bid- 1 and take'cave-of them while hfre.i ding should remain open ur.tif air ciii'KCir is a doctor's Prescription for Colds and Headaches IT:' IS TIIK MOST SFKEDV i KKMKby^' TtNOWN. (ifiti Al.SO'-'I^T' TAKI.ETS. ar.d Annl" Stalcup. . I night's lodging. ; hid ;;s a slam invilat:™. nnd bid i wilt ctiioe lulo life. V-ep t!i-com- -' Skating, playinj nnd The Shannrc P. T A. met till E^'Ciy effort will be. made to MX lirarts. which would l:e dc-i maiulmcnls" iMalthcw 19:17i making candy 'erHertjinsU thejicgular sc.^ion at thp Fihoul andi- '• b - rin S thh.mctt lo Oscccla. ! feated. This latter idea oi princi-: Amons the niati..i:; vliich will memlers. 'torium Wednesday alU'rnoon. Jan- Mrs. R. H. Jcncs read nnd cx- 1 ^:? , s liri ;iiin»itativc r.nri finlhcr ccmpiis... the U'.-.--n-s.-imc:i j< the' Miss, Delia Furtle is teacher of I nary H with a sma! : T number i Plained -several eiiricnt events'ii: u ,i 1 _ 1t i cns w ,n |, e gi m . ] a . n -. frtlcwir.s frc;n ihi' Hib'.j. -.\-,] u-, e the class. ! present than is uv.iai because ol I concerning yhooi interests Mrs.i -[,.,,. | rs .<. Gn ,• t >iih hand t, valh : ci:mi:::.n;in• ::its wliich 1 ccmii-.ani '-•if ' " • i'.i: .unfavorable weather. i Jones Is always intercMint: and her; Ncnh ui that he need have no'- the: this dav fl-.ill >o nt.-erve lo I Keen inlcrebt in our rchools is'{,-, irr .[ his two hfarl resnons- be-: tlo. tlwJ yc may hv.-. ami multiply. flASSIFIED ^H^ ^^ss^C^jSC^w •ff en to be held at the :c!v;ol bullt' ., . Day to Be Observed At, Vast' Christian Church ril^S^"'* Day w " tc obse "'«d j nig i:\ Aprli. Tl--> Indie. mtlr^lj! at tl-.? morning service of i very successful fair. tnc-^irst Christian church Sunday! r rr in carrying out the plan of h-v'-v t i one day each year on the church !?.„_ „,, , calendar for such a service. This- 5 highly appreciated. SJW. P. P. Jacobs discussed good ' el his two heart, respo 1 .!;- be-'tlo. thsf y ing pa^-«eii. Many-North phiycis! fiut ^-c'l the !an<i yc'.ir > „ ~ P. T. nc.i. ployed of o'j rioing ccod service will bo d^dlcaled to thi women of the church and their missionary efforts. ;A1I women of the church are ;«*oclatiOa. i gaihering and distributing clolhe-s JAid Is being handled through this In ar.d e-yrcet 1 1 * -?-*"• •-• i- «.—"~* «.ow...s t u s^^> j \>I^:I;I,L- io luicrin ir:je p.irinrr ] which thr l.:vri 1 u ' books and their influence over the I tint u-.cir two n ?a:-t roiiwiiM- Is fB'.her./' iDr-r.t. : school child. This inlk ;i\m jus; ci minimum. avdlThe I.' v;i; n '-n m- most instructive. We iicorl mcrclrf.en tempted into fhcwinj th'.itclurii- c^rvelativo pnv. .1 , , ftnai lh» women like Mrs. Jacobs. ' ni'.:,\lic:i by b.ddiiR thru- WaVis.; C!i:-i!f,.\r. S; Kxtk.-nik "S.-S- Arrant 3mcnts were mode •-'•-• .... urgcd to attend were mode to|Th:s ;* ncre,- nd\l.ab - : m:k^s a | cnce and Hrni:!) v.::h Key tc tho, rs to Blythc-villC!s!ain ai)i»a» likely. If >;,,;;•-. ]-ad! Srriptm ••;." by Mary li.i'Ke-r Eddy. convey membe . whore the County Council will hold another side ncc or a iviecthie. Reed Couiier Kews Want Ads. Friday. January 9. the p. T. jDavc a "Stoik Shower" n! lleichc'raEe for one of c>ir most i attendance o! "Fathers." Ifaitl-.ful members, Mrs. It. F. Hoit.l —H. H. U. •);:! ^ult. one cf v.h:rh I'.'i.i^ 1 "Mr.-.i'.s iiiiv:- inn Invitntirn s'.am b:d or time ; icge n', '.hi., .supivnv iv.mi-.pnl is t) Further announcement will be! hearts would b.' m ovelor. nc.-r.rrt- j pv;.\e Ihc wnu's rf n-.-.v Master: mad; concerning a sccia! moctuujmg to some f-rein-; bid t!u-r.visl.v -If a kee-p RIV sayiiii!. he fhnll • which we hope to have- n £ocd According :o m.iny n>.]•:•.'•. ., (!vrr;' nevr .•<•>• dc:it'.i.' To I'iuAt rhe,;ii!:-r iKArl bid j> mm:. !•--..:<. ~\ ime ' df Mi":., inisis and iiiLii.oriJl t-vi- I alone wi'.l nnra\d <:i:.:<-;;ty. Ulcncr,-. in order slut the Sunday Dinners with our usual good service and food will be 75c until further notice Noble Hotel I

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