The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY, AUGUST IS, 103!) COUUIKK NJiWS ADVERTISING * * > *• I* I j V 4 iVMi Dairy THEWANTADJ-^CANTAFFORDTOMISSTHE^ PAGE SEVEtf quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free ol Bang's Disease, IB best of physical > • j M u«uig o iJisu-iior, 111 ML'SI oi puy.stcai Daily rule per line for consecu- condition. Cajl urs Grace Lowerv. "vi- insertions: • i902-J, for Halsell's Gr»de A Raw One lime per lino .............. 10c'^ ilk ' Cream. Country Butter, Hut- One lime per line lOe ,„- . -- - — Two times |ier line tier day. 08ci' ermlkl cxtra or holiday orders three times per line per day...06c' lnsl>cc f l011 encouraged anytime *lx times per line per day....05,; Halsrll's Dairy Monti. r ak per line C0o' Promised «jind, Rome 'i Cards of Thanks 50o & 75o, ^, ,'T Minimum charge 50c NVaSlliniJ, IrOllillJ! Ads ordered for three or sis' "' *'wmn^ and All Classified Advertising cojiy Hilimitled by persons residing out- llde of the city irAist be accompanied by cash. Rates nv.iy be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes Uie one time rale. No responsibility will be taken tor more than one incorrect inscr- '.lon nf nay classified ad. For Rout 3 roo)n furnished aparlnicnl. (iOii No. ipth. Mrs, Elmii Crowrtcv i_ IBcklt Coiiifortahle bedroom Phonc~2ri-J 625 W. Main. i 8c k-ti One and i«- 0 room ftiinished apnrtfticnls. 701 W. Alii. 18i)k23 i room house with buth. Garden and garage. 2'.(. blocks from High School. Phone 219. n-ck-21 'J room furnished apartment. Downstairs. 108 W. Kentucky. phone 083. !Gpk23 Comfortable front bedroom. Outside entrance. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. ia-ck-19 Large front room. 2 bods. Convenient to bath. Phone 280. 8-ck-tl Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma No- It-n. 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-U Jfor Sale Complete Beauty Shop equipment for sale. Almost new. See W. M. Taylor, Kelscr. Arkansas. 17-ck-22 Good used Frigidaire. Reasonable. 803 W. Ash. Phone 993. H-ck-21 SAFE. 38x48. Weight 3500 Hound's. TERMS. City, box 434. S-ck-3-5 Cypress Gum OnK, Ash timber on 400 acres of woodland, 8 miles .southeast BlyUicvlllc. D. B. ' Gnr- nnr. ' Armorfl, .; 3-pk-9-3 Milk^fed-.fryers; Battery- = raised Mrs'..Russell, N. W. Corner Hol- Iv nnd- Division. 21-pk-8-21 Ma IP Help Wanted There nrc close to 200 prosperous Watkins salespeople in Arkansas. Largest sales force of ANY KIND in the state. Usiinl earnings $i!5 (o $35 a week. Potties established so that anyone who really mirks can make an cxcellejil living. Watkins Products brsl known and easiest yold We have an opening near Blvtheviile for industrious man with car -who can furnish good references. Write at once to A. u Lewis, c/o The J. n, Walkins Company, Memphis, Tennessee. Green, behind City Ice J'Ja!)!. B-ck-a-S Wanted To Buy One nat-to|) ctcsK; one lypcwriter desk; onp used typewriter; one four-drawer filing dablnbt; Small adding iimcln'ne and large safe. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. ITcklM Welding RXPKRT W* AND ACKTYLBNK WELDING lie and licavy wi specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Drag line welding I'lioiie la nr Res. 1019 Personal Money loaned on Farm Lands. 40 acres and up. KIAI.KS LAND Glcncoc Hotel CO. IIP WEN! PKEL, YOUNGER. PEP TODAY. Put vigor in (i^t "ou U 40" rundown body ivith Oslrex Tonic Tablets. $1.00 size, siierial today SSc. If not delighted, milker refunds this price. Call, write Klr- iv Bros. Drug Store. vrousc Sluggish Uvcr, work olT he liile, lo rid yourself of consti- ation, gas pains and that sour •link reeling. Take one box o, KIRBY'S ACTIVE LIVEK P1I,],S iSr nl nil Kirby Stores Ice ICE-iCE Phone 16? JOHN ICE COLD WATERMELONS Minnows For Sale Onrl GOLDFISH rjnniun. ^,r. MINNOWS Knurrmu *. Uy Notice Fishin? Ueense FOR YOim CONVENIENCE. WE ARE .PREPARED TO TS.SliK VOXIR FISHING LICENSE AT OliB STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARnWAKR CO. Phone 35 DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's {Linprrniu .inrl cxpciisivc (o drive ivilli Stccrrn^ nnd Front Whrcli- out al adjiist- mcnt- Keeping llicni in pimci order is so simplr and inr.xptn- sivc you slioultl never trust to clinnecs, ADJUST STEERING GEAR COMPLETE STEERING GKAK ADJVSTSJENT; i,V- •- - -•- clndins—adjustment a of all Ball Socket joints —• tightening front Spring Clips and Shackles. (Paris Exlra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above Induces a complete INSPECTION nnd REPORT oil condition of \VhPcl Alignment and factors affecting lire nwr.) PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. ith & Walnut Phone S10 For Sale or Rent Four room house. George M Lee, • Phone 329. 18-lik-U3 USED CARS and TRUCKS I-OW I'KICK.S UASY TJiKftls SMI AM, DOWN I'AYAIKNT IH1Y NOW! '32 Chev. Coupe Only $55 '35 Plymouth Coupe Only $215 '34 Chev. Coach o"., $125 '29 Chev. Sedan Only $85 '35 Ford Tudor Only $150 '36 Chev. Coach Only $295 '36 Buick "40" Tudor Only $375 '37 Ford Tudor Only $395 Wantcd to ii loom untvirnishcd house or mont by Sept. 1st, N. M . iigh. 'phone 640- J. Position Wauled liookkeepcr. Accountant experience, private ,,,,d full or part lime, ciln (-xp 1'. O, Box 215, phone 77li, JN THE CHANC'KKV C111CKASAWHA MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Francis C. Binder, pjn v.s. No. 60li3 Doris Slndri 1 , Dcfnidnni The defendant Doris warned to nppcnr ivilhin (lu.vs In Die court, n caption hereof rmil ccinplaiiit of the plululln G. Stacicr. Dated tills 27 tiay HARVEY MOHItlS, Ally, for PHf. Peic.y A. Ally, ml litcm., Clsuiile A new four-bladed picjicllcr, |o lie used by lire U. s. Army Air inst, been <levelopcd. PRESCRIPTIOHS Frcahpst Slnck Guaranteed Itcsjt '34 Ford Panel ; $160 '36 Chev. Sed, Del. $295 '37 G.M.C. Pick-up ..$345 '37 Ford H Ton $395 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & \Valnut Werr Optometrist "HE MAKI5S 'KM SKK" Over Jrre Isaacs' 1'hntie 5'1() or iiiuiri- 1. Honseii- IV-ek-21 iled 15 yeiii.s i! iiiiblle. \\|irrli'i)ce. j iijchl 1 ) )1)IIT OV TRtCT, Y, ARK- Ml/tdcr. is In thhi.y (1 In (lie 1 Frntuls illy 1939. S, Clerk >OH,T. 28-1-11-18 iiili'.-llnblc •xclnslvely !or|)s, lius CMS k I'ricwi tores '1st SKK" lire Blind Man, 83, Records Walks By Corn Grains MUSCj/yriNB, in. iui') - lillml ii iii'i 1 " 1 '"' Sl C ' K ' 11 yonl ' s ' mvi(t JiwlKltiy, «3, u scs com |; P |. m ,i s to iTcord the number of mik's he walks wry weck _ ' Wires luive teon strung about the lluiltilKy (nun. seven miles southwest Iir in,,.,, Honidnj, h , lol(S Us raw over u, om , ulll Walli8 buck ami forlh cni-h dnv foi Ills esercls.1'. Ho in exiles M trips a ilny over the 10-10,1 lii'iiti'n pin]) bMwTcn H>« finin house ami tin! chicken f J.I, GUARD jj| • Optometrist • • Only flrailualc ()|ilon,c- H • tHsl in Hi) Ilievltlc. • • Classes I'ltteit Correctly H I'HONK 20!i KOKYOUK POULTRY Nire, fnt liens mid fryers ft oilier imiiltry al all times. »vi; imiiss AND STICK MW-dOOmviN CO. 40(j 1C, Hindi house, lie fbjiire.s Ihiis tlwi he WIIIKK rod.s i, wrcji o,- nt^idy Hve miles. llollldny Irun.sleiji a kernel of corn from his left lo Ills right nockct every live (rips or HO rods, Then nl the i-nd of the week he liivenlorlra (I,,, com In h| s t \^i liockct nnd /li;urp.s |,ts mileage "H wits necessary for iw to have RECTAL DISORDERS obseivutlons disclose (hat rectal liisorders me responsible fur moro wi.-clicil nt-rvoiiK systems than iniy olhcr tinlholojiicnl con- tllllim. Mnny cases of (jei\- erul ncrvoiisness, heiuluehes low-buck uches, li's-uches. consliiiallon ami Insoiiinlii are due lo rrctnl Anthology. Our mctlorn offlco nr.'tliods IIHVC iniuiy iidi'Hiitasos and n|)|))kvilj)c to iiboul US% of all caws. The exceptions tit.'Ing rnmw and tuberculin- teluln. Very mil,! (tl.seoin- forl nnd liH'oiivcnlenee Is o.v- |ie»ienced while being ireh't- cil. nrgulnr work miiy be N,J hospllnllxallon, no genernl nni-sthrllc. A very snfe nnd sure Irriilnicnt. Drs. Nies & Nies Hl.vlhovlllr, Ai-h. Tel. 08 511 Miiln HI. >,'««• Located at 101 Nurlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU (ION i;mVAItl)S, I'rci.rlelor All M,,kcs nl Krhutll Typowrllrrs, ' Aililln B M»clilnc» m,rt Ciilciilaliurs— Itppalrhif— 1'urts— Itlbhon., cat of Surveyor Raymond J. l>c«rl Iiiiii bwn elevated to tlie rank cf J bird - do;{ iim-nijc on this as krc|)liiK me I,, iloyttlay explained. Slain* UKIAH. c«l. <UP) -• sm \ hcnllli, faintly slrcnjlh of n-, performance in a nhls I'fni) discovered u ralUp- .suake cuileil up on Jih pore), with the cut about a f--<|, aw«y : pearl iliishccl w the icai of the house for ti shovel v/lilic (he cat JH the nicari- tlme,_ Inking up Wrd-dof (actlci, sliilkeil the snake imiil j>enil couta net back niicl «he HUB "ccun do grace," nrti* liyNC^By Clyde Lewis aim- I Huv! 1 K.u ;_£-SfiUkiZlPjliuiifovic^ J*L "Hill, sonny, liy gcllin/,' us nil iipjile r TOU , yol|| , ( , todny, would yon not?" KY I-'RKJ) HAUMAN Only Only Olllj Notice We accer.t applications for loans Bmld a home now. Easy repayments on monthly plan. KIALES LAND COMPANV No Charge for a Cctisnitatipn !8pk-2 GENOESE NAVIGATOR ^ j J I • HORIZONTAL 1 Genoese navigator, Christopher 8 History -s him with discovering America. 13 Spoken. 14 Caterpillar. 16 Tanning substance. 17 Coffin stand. ID Wine cup. 20 Recompense. 43 Grain. 21 Courtesy title. 44 Musical note 22 Snaky fish. 15 Bait. 2^l Pastry. 47 Being. 25 Obscure. <!9 Very small. 27 Preposition of 50 Protection, place. 51 Goes to excess Answer fo Previous Puzzle / 15Derct. _iQiRtA| 18 Kinsmen 20 Courier. 21 He first i;indcd on Island San !3 Spike'of con runners 62 To torture . 28 Hoom recess. 53 Coin. 20 Spain. 31 Cubic. 32 Far away. 33 To weep. 33 Formal call. 3G Olcoresin. 37 Formally neat, M Small horse. 40 To prosper. VERTICAL 1 Company. 2 The eye socket 3 Beasts' home •! Rubber tree 5 To subsist. C Russian - •.. mountain 57 Epoch. 1 Tolal. 58 The monarclis 8 Calcium ot -- •) To add lo backed him. 10 Deceased CO Indian. H Indian . 55 He tried lo prove Hie world was . . an | 42 Adam's mate. Gl\Vehicle with 12 Forward 1VHS IS P. -DANGEROUS WE SR.rr Ti-lAT MILLION---El|. YAQUI WHO GUARD COI.-D PACK TTJA,^ GAt-\E,BUTVLLT)«AW A MAP TO CAPTAIN WE'VE GOT 1C? SAVE GU/XRD, LlTtLE BEAVER CRAVJLS WIW DO VOU MEAIJ, "SPOT*? A DULL NO^" 15 1 ALWAYS TO A LOUD'CLWJG'IM OUR 6USIKIESS EVER SEEING YOU BEFORE! WHO ARE VOU KIND OP A TRICK, FOR TH' MARKER! HOf)TS AND HER BUDDIES WE proMT w«= A TO 00 UWOO.WM4. VOU Of POC/k HER OWM TOEA ... AMD &W HMO AH! BA.CK FCOU TH: TOP Of THE VOLCMiO 50 SOOU? EVEP. 50 SCACEO IM ALL LIFE.'I Wte AMBUSHED. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS _ HELLO, BOYS / GLAD YOU CAME —. i HAVS.A PRO?OSiflOM I'D LIKE TQ MAKE/ WE CAN TALK. Vr OVER AT LUWCH I J~ We WAMT TO WAKE A ( SOOO IMPRESSION! , LARD/ I RSMSMBER—ONLY ONE "KIND \ OF FOOD AT A TIME OM fire. 30 Pertaining to the poles. 32 Common viper. 3! To implore. 38 Adult males 41 Hay window 44 Morlise toolh. •16 To perlorate 48 Things .sleepcd. •19 To ;itten(! 50 Peai'-slinpod inslnnnciil. 52 Slrect-boy. 5! Kj!y[)tian deity. 5G Uncle. 58 Com pa s point. 50 Negative.

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