The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, APIITL, 26, 1949 MATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE N1NH; .-/ Plaintifl Jailed For Contempt Chancellor Cherry ^ Sentences Principal *^ In Divorce Action More than 20 divorce cases were heard yesterday In Chancery Coiu-t here by Chancellor Frances A. Cherry °f joncsboro and in one o( the cases the plaintiff was sent to Jail f n a contempt ot court charse for having refused to comply with earlier order* of the courl Willie B. Lucas, who sued Ops' Marie Lucas for a divorce, was held to be In contempt of court when he refused yesterday in court to pay maintenance which had been ordered paid at an earlier hearing Chancellor Cherry granted a di vorce to the defendant on her cross complaint. Court was In session until afte 6 p.m. yesterday before the docke was cleared and court was adjourn ed to Jmie 10. chancellor-de.slRnafc c. M. Buck of Blythcville will me side over the June 10 session. Mr. Buck was appointed by Gnv ernor McMath to serve as th chancellor of the second divisio of the court in the 12th Chancrr District until his sue 'essor can b elected at the next funeral elec lion. He and Chancellor cherry \vi alternate in hearing cases In th various divisions of the district. VCases disposed of chano-no Wfirrry yesterday Included: Sallie Freeman vs. s. T. Free man; divorce to plaintiff. Joe H. Glide vs. Vclma Glide; divorce to plaintiff- Sarah Belle Slsv vs. Earl L. Slay; divorce to plai'UUf. Cecil V. Connell vs. BMtie Sue Connell: divorce to nlalntiff. Lois Fatight vs. G. W. Faught; divorce to plaintiff. Beulah Gvinler vs. Ellis Gunler: divorce to nlaintiff. Edward Eugene Carter vs. Martha E. Carter; divorce to plaintiff. Pauline Henderson el. at, vs. F. J. Mconev et al.; order for division of property as recommended by commissioners appointed by the court. James Rasbcrry vs. Wna rtas- herry; divorce to plaintiff. Glenn Mitchell vs. Maw Louise Mitchell: divorce to plaintiff. Donald F. Hose vs. Carmclia Rose; divorce to plaintiff. Phil Kraus vs. Hazel Kraus; divorce to plaintiff. Nina Morgan Reeder vs. William C. Reeder: divorce to nlaUHiff Gaston Tavlor vs. Allene Tayl»r: Wrarcc to plaintiff. ' D. C .Colcman vs. laura Coleman; divorce to plaintiff. Elsie Koehler vs. Jm.ics H. Kochl*r: divorce to plaintiff. Rxlth M. Cantrell vs. John Cantrell: temporary custody of childrn ta plaintiff and order for paymcn of maintenance. Lexie Jean Sweat vs. Richard Rweat; dismissed on motion of plaintiff. Ray Morgan vs. Tmogcne Morgan; divorce to plaintiff. Emma Glover vs Monroe Glover: divorce to plaintiff. Ftclla Mae Kclley vs. Thomas C. Kelley; divorce to plaintiff. Imosene Castell vs. Edward P. Glad to Have You Aboard, Ma'am' Chintf* Rmdi Keeping Ntwsman Under Guard SHANGHAI, Apll] 36_W>—A message from correspondent Scy- nour Topplp to the Sh»njh«i Durcm of th« Assoolittd Tress today Indicated h« w»a under arrest ti Nanking, which WAS captured Sunday by I he C'tmnmmtsis. The brief rueKiftgt said: "Presume you know Nanking communications disrupted, riave made aiTnnRC-menU to permit us to continue filing If communications are re-opened. Also to get pictures when air transport is available despite 'Boy Scouls' posted by front door.' King George and Witt Hove 26th Anniversary LONDON. April 26. (>T) — Kins George, who proposed three times to hli best Kill before she accepted, celebrated his 26lh wedding anniversary with her today. Their happy inunimc! Is one of the prlde-nud-Joys of (ho British people, who lovo lovurs. George and Queen Elizabeth hnd a quiet family luncheon at Uuck- Inxluun 1'alncc. piesimuibly with Princesses Elizabeth and Mnrenr although the paluce wouldn't »ny. Otherwise there were no great fes ttvltlts. Ptopl* once b«li«v«d tint ««!« would grow from horse halra out Into llnk'ci'loni plecei and thrown Into K river. NOTICK Notice li hereby given that tins u.idcisigned has tiled with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Ai'kunsns for permit to sell and dispense ben nt retail on the pre- mlsra dtscribcd as 303 W. Main, lllythcvlllc, Mississippi County. 'I'he umlerslgncd sidles that lie is :i diimi of Arkansas, of Rood moral chiinwtcr, that Me has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving tnornl turpitude; I hut no license to SMI i>ccr by I he miilouiijiu'd has Been revoked wllh- In Hvt yean last pait; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the lawi o! this state, or any other state, relative to (he jnlo of alcohollo liquor*. Application Is tor permit to b* Issued for operation taCKlnnlng on the 1 day of July, 1949, and to ex- plra on tha 30 day el Jun«, 1MO, Sam John*," ' Applicant Subscribed tad worn to befon me ihli 3J day at April, 1M». Elisabeth Mason. (8EAU Notary Public. My Comnutoa expires: 4-28-50. Arkansan Tells Court Red 'Class' Was Taught Need for Revolt in U. S. First woman ever to be sen! to sen by (lie Navy as a regular member of a ship's crew, Wave U. (j.g.) Clarice Pierson snhitcs the officer of the deck, W/O James Orr, USMC, as she reports aboard the transport USS General Butler in Francisco. She was assigned to the ship's administrative office. NEW YORK. April 2ii -i.-Pi—At ccturer was quoted in federal court I communist Party In •c.sterday as having told a Com- j ' nunist class in Chicago in 1946 | :hat "for the workers to take over I here, we'll have to have a revolution." ! Garfield Hcrron, a Hot Springs, i Ark., undercover man for the ™I,[(J.S. Reds' Statement said the lecturer was Albert \\ns- enknecht. identified in a court ex- libit as a member of the Communist Party review commission. Herron resumed the witness stand at the conspiracy trial of 11 top U.S. Communist.* before Federal Judge Harold R. Medina and a jury. The witness said Waeenknccht was one of his instructors al a leadership course i" Chicago ;n "May or June, 194G." and kept the PHI inlormcd of what he liMrnrcJ. He said lie left the party in ion and returned to Arkansas from Chicaco. On fall oi Nanking Reverses the Issue THE U.S. ARMY NEW VOHK, Ap'11 215. f.-Ti — U. S. Com nui nisi iiutioiu 11 hpiidc]iiurter,s haihtip what party leaders en tied thp 'libri-uiim" of NnnkiiiK. flew tlic Hat: of China next Lo the American fine vr.sioiflay. CnptuiT of Hie Chinosc capilnl, the* loarir^K said, was "s\ niilcstottc .in tbr librratlnn of the Fur Erist "He refericd lo Bulgaria and j [rom ils ior P i B n and native op- prcssors." Tlic stairiiirnt Issncfi hv Nntion- nl ('liainnnn \Villutin 7*. Foster aiul Octicral Keci'ctiivy Evigene Dennis. .said : "TUc Ijiifci i i li^ts' altrinpt by countries in Eiistrrn Kurope," Hcr- ron .said. "He said they had prac- ticaUy bad their revolutions in World War II but for the workers lo take ovor here we'll have to have a revolution." Hcrron said 19 persons attended the <nx-day cour-r on the srrond floor of a building on Chicago's Division Street, just West of Ashlanrl in?l!t,?r,v. r*i:d political dtc- i;ition Ui bariif • :• \'n mill ion Chl- nr5p to their war chariot has been Avenue. Other lecturers, the witness test- n | iflcd. were David Engelstein. educational director of the Communist Castell- divorce to plaintiff and Party in Illinois, and Gilbert Green.; thc national-freedom movements of custody of children. | district chairman in Chica K o and | all Asii , ,,.,,, bccn ^.^r,]" Universal C. I. T. Corp. vs. Mrs. one of (tie I! defendants. H. ~. Toliver ct al.; decree to plain- Edward C. Wallace, special assistant to the attorney general, told the court that the review commission, to which ".Vagenknecht pru- portedly belonged, was "responsible for the personnel" of the Communist Party. As this week's trial sessions began. Wallace read sections of a book entitled "The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." Its author was not identified. tiff for SI. 194.09 against Mrs. TolIver: continued as to other defendant, 1 ;. Arthur Joseph Pope vs. Beatrice Pope; divorce to plaintiff. Arlene Unger vs. William George Uncer; divorce to plaintiff. Betty Jo Carroll vs. Stewart J. Carroll: dismissed on motion of plaintiff. "Thr-ir dreams of dominating Chl- * and convertinE* it into a hi war base from which to attack the Snvicf Uninii nmi to throttle Auto Injuries Prove Fatal to Arkansan V 191,910 of the Nation's finest men those Army careers In 1948... 75,872 toldiert chose lo Rf-INLIST! BECAUSE American Youth likes the kind of travel, excitement and adventure that only thc Army gives. 2. BECAUSE the Army's new rapid promotion system, which is based on performance, means unlimited opportunity and faster advancement. 3 BECAUSE no civilian job can match the Army's free technical training and educational opportunities. 4. BECAUSE in addition to all this, the Army offers good pay flui guaranteed retirement. These men who enlisted .... these soldiers who re-enlisted, saw whit the Army has, compared it, chose it, L1K1:D IT! O*t fli* facts/ You'll choos* the Army, too! Second Floor, City Hall Blytheville, Ark. William the Conquero, ruler of Englanc, was a Duke of Normandy and a descendant of Viking tribal chieftains. DBS AHC. All:.. April 26. (.'TV- .!r\ve!l Hartwll. :!7. of Hickory Pl:uns, Ark., died at a Searcy hospital yesterday, shortly after he was injured in a collision of two trucks. Three companions of Harlsell Hcrron, identified the book as one \veie injured, bnt 15 . c rhool children | used at Communist educational ] riding in the other truck were un- meetings he attended. Hcrron, appearing on the witness stand for the second day, said lie $ 35 06 Read Courier News Want Ads. GET THE LOW-COST MILEAGE OF A STUDEBAKER 49ER Is the New Low Down Payment! (8 Cubic Foot Standard Model, priced at only $233.66) ROOMY "STOWAWAY" FREEZER LOCKER safely stores up to 35 pounds of delicious Frozen Food... right in your great • "My n«w Stud»bok«r toket for l«« goj than my form«f truck to covw a 740-mi IB route," lays one hauler. • "No «xp«ni« ouftid* cf gos and oil for many months," writes emoth«r pleased owner. • "That new 'lift-the-hood' accessibility saves me a good 50% in maintenance time,"reports still another man. • Check up on the new Studeboker '49crs. More time-saving, spine-saving, cost-saving improvements than you ever saw in any new trucks! 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