The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BtVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI6SOUU1 HOMEEDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 200 Blytheville Courier, BlythevlHc Herald, Bljthevllle Dally Ne-vs, Mississippi Valley Ijnder. BLYTtlttVII.l.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUAKY 17, 19IU SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Used Knife in Self-Defense Dies of Knife Wounds Farm Site Selection Not Final Millionaire Governor Although admitting thai the 1 Maxwell farm, near Ijixora, has' received favorable support as the the county convict farm, Harrison, county Judge, de- this afternoon that final j agreement on the farm site, as re| ported in another county paper, had Page Boyd. 18, is dead and Doll M*^ 11 , 1 ' ca< * ed -. Wldncr. 18, is lodged In Ihe county trjud s c Harrison stated that Hie Jail here as the result of a brnwl 1 M!mve " farm m Kceivc:i ">c near u Gosnell church last nlcht. | strongest support and the most con- :r of Young man Claims. Boyrt, member of Company M of the court and quorum ' 5NTEISTUUIS GIF Ross Slevlin^ Started as; Cotton Field Worker,! Married on $63. i By NEA Service . j Austin, Texas, Jan. 17.—The stale j of Texas, having had some odd ami' bizarre governors at various times! during the past decade, faces ilia ! next two years with a govvernor • who Is both a matter-of-fact busl- ness man and a picturesque and , Arkansas national Guard, was fa- , c ° wl eomm ' Mf f as announced in tally stabbed by WiUncr. who claim- "f C ° ur cr Ncws Inst weck - He deed lliat he struck ai young Bovd , c . la(rcd - ''owtver. that final nrgo- iii self-defense ' | tmtlons f °'' ">e purchase of a co:i- Acco'din" to reports the scuifb ' vicl tnnn s!tc ™ lll(1 probably not ! romantic figure In his own right— i Elaiied' at'lhe church house and • be com Hlelc<J until the middle of | Ross. S. Sterling, who tent "Ma"; continued as th? boys argued and i npxl wcek ' '""'' """" ™""" clashed on their way off. Wldncr i declared tliat Boyd attacked him. with a club al th:; church and fol- j lowed him c.T striking nl him with j the weapon until he was forced to | draw his pocket knife in defens:. ' 'I :e uaure of the argument was not j revealed. The Boyd youth, son of Mr. am! Mrs. J. W. Bcyd o[ the Gcsnell the slabbing occurred. The Wlrlnor boy vvas.anesled by R. M. Vernon Gost'.ell officer, and placed in jail here. No formal charge had been placed against Widner this morn-1 ing. ! Funeral services will be held for : Ihe youthful victim of the tragedy this afternoon al the North Sawbs cemetery with the Rev. Williams officiating. The Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of plans. The. deceased is survived by his .Mrs. J. w. ucycl ol the Gcsnell p U 11 D C 1 r\ community, succumbed soon after ! WnpDCU rost oeCKS Damages foi- Breach of Contract for Hall Rental. K-NNETT, .Mo.. Jan. 17.-Legal and "Pa" -Ferguson lasL summer and won the office in a campaign that upset all pre-election predictions. The state's new governor, taking office on Jan. 20, has a number cE claims to distinction.'To begin with. lie is said to be the richest man in Texas, being 40 times a millionaire and now he is taking a job that pays only $4000 a year. In the second place, he made it all himself, starting as a poor boy'wllhout back- Ing or influence. And In the third place even his friends admit that he Is neither a good orator nor a good politician—and Texas is sup- In circuit of the C. i Delph Gehria post of the Ameri- I can Legion al Campbell against i the beard of education of that city, seeking to force the latter) funeral '. body to keep a contract for rental of the Legion building ol .., _.„ Cumplall anrt to collect J3,OQO parents, five brothers and. four sis- ^ damonc's.. Damages are asked. 1 in Wnn Srinf WHO Snot I consideration for shower baths', : balconies, class rooms, etc. for which trustees of the Legion Post [allege they have no further use in Self Defense Freed : rcllow| ns the cancellation of the ecntract by the school. The contracl was enlered inlo in 1028, following the burning of Ihe Campbell school building, for use of th,? legion hall as a gymnasium and for Improvised class seltlcment of the he location The contract • a period of (en years, and it is alleged In the OSCEOLA. Ark., Jan. M^rse, 2fi, young •(ley on a charge. rroms nDI , mno , sM ^ a ^ evidence proved , , it!giltl<m concerning t '•c*vi u t *• ~ ^ ^ now biiiltUnfj. 1 17. — . . _ larmerl living south of Osceola, was nc-1 quitted in Justice G. U Waddell's! courl her.? yesterday on of murder, when lhat he shot, and linown only as .'Cil ricfcr.s?. Mr. Mcrse went to his lot early in the evening Thursday, when he heard a commotion and apprc- hcnuKl Sho? Boots and another negro, trying I: enlice his hogs out of tho lot with corn which they carried In their pockets. An al- lccr.".tion fallowed, according to the evidenc?. and Shoe Boots attacked . posed to be a place whsrs a :nai: has to be both in order to get obct- ed governor. Btat "Ma" Ferguson 1 ! Last summer Sterling based Ills : campaign on a pledge for a bus!-; ness-like admlnlslration. Oppssingj him was the redoubtableT'Ma" Ferguson, and her even more redoubtable husband, ex-Governor Jim Ferguson who Is said to have-200.000 votes "in his po:kel" any tlm.> he cares to run for anything in i Texas. i The politicians doubted that Ster- ! ling could win. He was a commanding figure, and ho had tie support of Governor Dan Moody, which meant make Fergusons 'were off .011 one of their old-time spell-binding tours, cam-1 poigning in typical Ferguson style. | But Sterling showed that he was , a fighter. His six-foot frame and j 225 pounds indicated as much. He Whiskey Cheap Hni Not so Cowl t'^l'Ot'S be available ll!H Ih'.'.M 1 X'M to In; llie upper .simply Governor-elect Hess Stiaw Stcrli n| hi; a job (hat pays $1000 a year. worth $10,000,000, he's Uk- Cootev Planter Bound Ove a good deair but he couidm ; Governor Exceeded Rights- inspiring speeches, anil (lie ; . XI „, o b . XI „, in Naming Uay c t T "jenatOr IS LITTLE ROCK. Jaii: 17.' (UP) — A complaint has teen fl]ed In Chan- paid Ihe school funds. Pol- lowing Ihe cleclion of a new board • of edncalion and the complelion of I a new school building including a|_. ,. . . „ . . modern gymnasium Ihe school sterlln s hnd 22 bathrooms In .his board repudiated the contracl. . proceeded to cite the records ol the ' eery court here challenging author- Fergusons in the governor's office ity ot Governor Parneil to appoint to prove his contention . ttiat th: a member of the legislature. ' Islorfo. who shot him defense. The other negro escaped. in wlf ; mt > in ' ainl ng that they are legally forbidden to spend money for renting a building when they now Junior High Contest ! possess one i John H. for the same purpose. Bradley of this city, that A. ho CMiplnlnt wa«;' filed .bv Sam Davis. Little Rock attorney. Lieutenant Governor. .J.-nw- house, and asserted that : Sterling ronce WiMn and State Auditor J. was "tho candidate of gold ' and | O=car Humnhrey, s»ekin» to urc- Eall." And Sterling won a sweep- ] vent them from recognizing R. E. ing victory. Now the state is wondering what Snence. Clav county. n p . the sen- nlor from, the first district. kind of administration it is going ! Sivnce was apaoinled -Tuesdnv .... - .. ,,. former judge of the Springfieid' 'o get. Sterling does nol talk a'bv Governor Parncll to Mnisb out Winners Are Announced: Court, of Appeals, filed the suit:great deal. He told an interviewer I the term of his father. W. F. j which has been set for the Febru-I recently: 'Knrnr-e, \vho resien^d hec<"ise of ary term of circuit court here. | " Just p a Business Man" I health. Davis contends (lint Ihe :— j "I'm just a plain business man. | governor is without nower to a-j- 200 000 English Cotton I plim to e ' m Texas a buslness atl - 'wlnt n senator to nil but an 1111- XiiVVir i i i i r» ministration. I'm going to put into, osDirr-rj (pro, hm. t ii»[. (lie or-i-r- Mlli Workers Locked UUt|lt everything I've got—r.'erythlns'. nor «hould Issue writs of elc-iOn 11 ever put into a business of my'to fill such vncnnclcs bv eleciinn MANCHESTER, England, Jan. 17 °»' n -" : ' nnrter authority of Article 5. !^r- That sounds trite, but If Slerllng I (ton 6, of Ihe state constitutbn Beauty and popularity reign supreme in the 1A1 class of Junior High school as the result of the Who's Who contest. Winners are: "Miss 7A1." Juanita McDonald: prettiest girl. Lotli? t^st all round girl. Juanita McDonald; on Fraud Charge. MEMPHIS, Tenn.—Huey Mlchle. cotton planter and Dinner of Coiler, Mo., was bound dyer to the state' yesterday by Squire Tom Holeman on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses, brought on complaint of Randolph Scnu. Memphis cotton broker. Robinson Proposal. Adopted Without Record Vote Reconsideration Sought. WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. IUP1 — The senate loday ndopled,- wllhoiil 0 record vote Hie Robinson/amendment lor nn npproprlallan of $25,000,000 for Red Cross rcllof [iinds. The amendment was adopted with scarcely fifty senators in th3 chamber. II Apparently took opponents by surprise. Senator McNnry from OrcKon immediately movr:l for a reconsideration of the vrte. Senator Hoblnson of Arknnsns complained Una McNnry was "out of order." In view of the fact the roll was called for u querum. Senator McNnry apparently took Ihe stand that the amendment htul been slipped IhrouRh without some members of Ihe chamber being aware of the proceedlncs. "I do not want to take advantage of any senalor," Hoblnson «i!d, "but In view ol the fad lhat the roll was called for a tuinnim and j thai the matter hail been under 1 discussion I sc no rensriii lo re- jsclnd the vole." I Hoblnson. however, offered lo reopen Ihe discussion If McNary made a motion to that eflect. Sennlor Reed, Republlcnn, Pennsylvania, a few minulcs laler fo:Tnnlly onlere:! n motion to reconsider the relief vole. Reed explained he had desired to speak on the subject and had not known that the vote.wn. be Inkcti at Hint time. He had ver at the White House nnd told questioners afterwards lie had Intended proposing a delay of two or three weeks-on action on the J25- 000,000 project. Aids Ciiy Dwellers Also Tim Robinson amendment passed _in the senate is attached lo the Interior department appropriations bill and specifies that $25.000,000 shall be appropriated to the I»,:ci ~ross to buy and distribute food this winter 'In city nnd rural districts wherever there is need. By making the provision gciural Robinson hoped lo beat the objections of city representatives to CKIII whiskey nmy i'.t I'i'diiu'd prices dii •liiud times 1 iml. H:I Mire of llv? brand. This Is not an nd for i.lnila of boolli'Kucir, but Ihe iidvlcv. of clly police. Two iioh'i-ors, who Inter lolil llioi Judisc they look "Just a drink." | Wi:rr found ivpusini; nn the Ash| sli'ivl imvi'iiu'iit bv officers Ir.sli night. With comldctnblo effort the cops mused (lie darkles from their mbsluiii' shnnbors and curried lliem to the city hoosc-t!0w. Afler suffering a vailed and lib- Plan Has 'Been Approved | by Comptroller, and Re.- ! serve Bourd Members. 'Hie Fli-sl Nallonst Brink of Bly- Ihevll!'.'. closed since December 1, will lesumr IjusliHM slrrlly after a .stockholders meeting lu be,held. February 'J, it war, slated this mov- nlnif by A. G. Llltle, e>x'cullve vice hailed Inlo courl before Judi;e tills iii'jrnlng. One ol Ihe pair, it wa.t plain to sre, was sllll far In Ills nchhiR blomucli and throbbing hcud Ihan the $16 fines the courl meti'rl out. "Where did you gel 11," the court asked. "I uol a pint from ti boy fnr 50 (nils." me «f llw negroes replied. "It must have bren iMtson," declared the ccuil. "bsller lei lhal second boy i.:sl up In jail for n Imlf day before pulling on Hie ball niul chnln." KEEPS TO 'TELL ftLL' Clara's Gifts lo Boy Friends Liquor and Gambling Expenses Related. LOS ANOELES, Jan. 17. (UP) — Details of the prlvalc life of Chra bow were wrllteiv Into records of Los Angeles county today lu words as [laming as her famous red hair. Daisy Devoe, the st!j-ec star's for- i- ;- .--.--•-. "• •; ••• •"• •—": Mr. sccreUiry, had nromlscd rti Aaiferred oday with President Hoo-1 ivoiitd "lell nl!" wlicn called foTcs-' the preyloiu ment ; -to tlio ^15,030.000 amcntl- dronth relief bill. _ c This money would have been dls- Bond was nol set al once, flmlj tribuiod under provisions of that Michle remained in jail. His case'"" will probably be presenlcd to the grand jury next week. Sco'.t charges! that In 1929 Mlchle defrauded him of approximately JIO.COO by making delivery of about 900 bales in cotlon of lower quality only among fanners. The amendment was altered before Its 'adoption tn Include food, fule. clothing, medicine and all other essentials of relief. It also Includes provisions offered by Sen. ntor Caraway, Arkansas, requiring than samples on which the sales i that the Rod Cross give "Adequate were based- [ nid." This Is an outgrowth of -Cam- way's charges Ihnl the Red Cross tlfy nl her grand llieft trial, and she kept her word. Among [he things MLss Devoe, charged with appropriating Miss Bow's money to her own use, revealed were lhal "Clarn paid $10,000 for an engagement ring llmt everyone thought one of her men friends hnd given her, she bought a $4,000 watch and locket for Dr. Earl Plcrson, a young Texas physician, she favored Hurry Rlchman. New York night club ting with n $2,003 diamond studded walch, the cclcbrnted the birthday of Lotuar Mcnrtcs, film director, by glvlns him -\a $900 B (ar sapphire ring, lara's hair was not red when she was n liltlc girl In Brooklyn but Daisy made it llmt wp.y by liberal nnpllcaltons of Irtnna, thjj star's liquor bills ran into high figures ~'laru loved to gamble and her losses were large. Afler Miss Devoe had expanded on many of her declarations Judge William C. Doran recessed Ihe tria until Monday a-hen Miss Devoe wll continue her recital. rccclpl of a telegram from Washington with the Information tlmt the bank's application hncl been given Ite approvnl of th'J . comptroller.of. inn currency nnd llhv L'lfannal approval ct the federal reserve board. .•'•;•• Only Ihe ii.^c.Esity of obtaining: .from the stockholders formal ral- llkMIon of tin.- bank's proposal-to. •uduce Us capital stoch from $150.- COO lo -$100,000 slnnds In Ihe way of an eailier opening. The luw re : Unlrcs thirty tlfiys notice lo slock- -. K of Eticli u meeting, and this , notice wns given In lime for Ihe mceltim set for February 2. Snyilcr lo lie Cashier The banl; will reopen WIU a nuinL'jr ot clinnges In porsonn?!'. Mr. LHlle will remain in charge as executive vice president. -. J"hn Snydrr Assistant, cashier for the •'; past, year, will ntlvoilco' to th« , : cashier's.- desk. Roy Walton, long v n dlreclor of Ihe biini: and local'' 'j mamigcr of Ihe A. 11. Jones Gra- -. I ery company, will bo assistant ;•; ashler, an<l P. H. Ford, at one •'' me wllh tl:e old Unnk of Biylhc- llle and laler cashier of a bank - t Paragould, now wllh Hie slate . ranking department, v,.. be asslsl- nt cashier and lellor. The new nvmibers of the brink's; tnff arc all well known In Blythe-; -illo and In this .territory.' Mr. Inydcr w'aj' cashier of the Bank,;,'; if Stcclo'.-bcforo coining here, and 'i, prlT lc that-was connected with '" trail cHy-'iiSnt'-Mri-WBlWri'-J. ms been a resident of Blyihcvllle .. or twenty iS'^ars, and has always ,' •een active* In business," civic and »• hurcli affaha. Mr. Ford has many : rlends here, ilnllng back to the line he was a resident of Blytho- ' Mr. 7A1," Dick Tip;on; most hand-! (OP)—Lancashire cotton spinning some boy. Dick Tipion: most lal- mill owners made good their threat entcd boy. Dick Tipton. Toronto University of a lock-out today when 700,000 ! for he n;is looms were stopped from operating , 11CSS ma » » i promptly at noon, putting 200.0001 He was lives up to It It Is a good augury; I which reads: as successful busl- any state can produce. "f. rovirnw shall issn" writs of olwSirm to nil such vacancies 55 years ngo on a i shall recur In eli-her house of the - peple out of work. j fafm nt ' ar Anahuac, Tex. His an- i general assembly." j Tho m ni owners had threatened cestors had settled in Texas when | ---to nave Huge 1 elescope ' i as t night to put the lock-cut into "• as ng '• effect tcday if the workers did nol j taken ' ' " TORONTO, Ont., tUP)-Oii3 of! meet certain of the operators' de- i 10011 Texas a ™J' from Mexico, and at Memoliis With Chickens J. Pillow and Will Lnnelcv. the world's fines', astronomical ob-Imands. the chief one of which was ;hls fatm > r had served with distinc- scrvalorles wish a retlcctlng tele- operation of eight looms by eachi tion as a captain In tlie Confecter- scope 74 inches long will be erec- individual. ! Bte ttrm >' in tne C1v " War - But thc I vouths ted r.:ar Toronto, according to an I workers refuse dand no further family was poor; and a few years i ltv . werc RrK , M ', ~ Memnmc tms an announcement by Prof. C. A.i neso liattons were arranged. ot studying in a little one-room i mc ,rnln 5 with 28 chickens alleite.i Chant, head pf the department of rural school was all the schooling • ( 0 nnvn ^^ sln | pn from'a firm duT al thc ™* ° f ;N eg roes Perish in Fire ^^• Jobte ^ u «. il a hr jlSar ^JiST^"^ The observatory will be built by i i U Q | SorinPS TodaV at 14 ' aftcr W » rkln 8 f< "' several; co- Alovnnr'er hnrc this morniiR. ccntnbutrns from Jlrs. David A.I Al " ul v s * ' | years in his father's cotton field. 1 Andv Barker Clear Lake d-uutv Dunlap and her son. D. Moffalt, _,.,Z7~ ».u T._ ,^ !He and his broker bought a small [constable. Investigating the Plan Services Today for Mrs. Eva Boliner, 64 Funeral services will b? held Hits afternoon, for Mrs. Eva BDliner. 64, who succumbed at her home In Ihe Ocsnell communily at 9:55 o'clock yesterday morning following a long illness. The Rev. Williams will officiate at the services to be held at the family home. Interment will be made at North Sawbi cemtcry. Funeral plans are in charge ol the Cobb Undertaking company. The deceased is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Sallie Abbott, Mrs. In Arkansas was trying to Iced people 'on one cent a meal. Tli2 amendment also specifies, at Caraway's suggestion, that nny unexpended balance of the £25,000.000 on June i, 1032. shall revert to the treasury. 41 Per Cent Need Hrlp New Orleans House to : ; Enter Chicago. Exchange CHICAGO. Jan. 17. 10PJ—Th first- connection ot the Chlca; slock exchange with a brokeraj house south of the Mnson-Dl line was assured (odny with an ST. LOUIS, Jan. 17. (Uf)—A i nouncement that arrangement flekl representative of the Amerl- [ have been completed for sale of Icnn Red Cross reported to the j seat to John F. Clark and com mid-western headquarters here to-! pany. of New Orleans. day that 41 per cent of the 28.000 persons who live in Lee county, Arkansas, "face actual The brokerage house maintain branch offices located in Term 1 starvation ItjNorth Carolina. Louisiana. Georgia Ihe Red Cross does not keep them ! Alabama, South Carolina. TEnn:3 v.i- IIIIM IT in AJ iiiirivY. uaugLIIX13| it*i-3. ijoJin. iiui^uvk., .••!.->•. t( rl I+K frtj-wl " i Sand Rittee cnmmim-- Lula Morga nanti Mrs. Laura Lloyd, suppl ' ea wlln I0(xl - |see and Arkansas, and is represent • - • ••• latter of this city, and a SDI>, There is not a cow or n mule in'cd In Chicago, New York. Bcslo Crawford. I ®® county "which 'Isn't already Cincinnati end 1'eorla. ill Alleged Grocery Store Robber Under Arrest | carrying n mortgage," the represen- j tatlvc advised, "nnd all p^slble [credit sources are exratrsted." ROCHESTER. Mr. Llltle, who wllh Joe Isaacs, president of tho bank, T. J. Ma- : an, a in-mber of the board, and. '• \Ir. Suydcr, veturned late yester- ; lay afl?r conferring with treasury : lepartment officials at Washing' ^ on. expii's^cd himself as.well sat- ; slice! wilh Ihe results of the ! ,rip lo Ihe nntlonnl capllal. "While we had hO|Hd to obtain ! authorily .to reopen -the bank at sn ' earlier date," he snid, "our prln- .. ' clplc object, the obtaining of definite authority lo resume business, ; lias been achieved." Assets Approved ; Willie in Washington officers of the First Nalicnal reviewed tho bank's assets with treasury depart- ; ment oflicials and received the gralifying report (hat the Instltu- . I-- '.\iy; net only in shape to reopen biit was actually in a sounder condition Ihan many banks now operating. The bank party made the trip to the capllol by automobile. They' report a pleasant jo'.irney, uneventful except for a few thri!b incidental lo 11:2 negotiation-, of snow-covered mcntain highways. While It Is Impossible at Ihi5 time to fix definitely the date on which Ihe bank will reopen the ofdwrs arc confident that It will be within a few days after the February 2 mecling. In Ihe mean lime Ihe bank's new personnel will haw an opportunity to become acquainted with tho institution's nf:- (ntrs and with the duties which Ihey will lake over. Reopening of tha First National bank will reduce to t\vo the number of Mississippi county institutions that fell victim to the wave of bank suspensions that swept over Arkansas in November and December. The Bank of Manila. Smith was arrested by Con-1 Hary Taylor last night in i with robberies of two I neighborhood grocery stores In the , ! State Official Helps Cut Gas Montana; BUTTE, Mont.. (UP) — After hole where his brother was strii;-! Elk Joins Sheep Herd Injured persons. and Puzzles Rancher \ ?Qm <,— of Scarjet mUhnp 11 ? rnlghl still be freighting on the bay • with —I loved 11." • tlv> • S65 When He Wed . Constable Taylor said a i rushing n campaign Hint Increased : gling, salud him by the cellar, and! V/ill burglary would b; lodged | the- tax burden Of the pcop'r? of|lay prone holding him until they! " «t fever have been BLACKTOOT. Ida. (UP)— Hujh j Drennan. tt'-ccp man. was moved' to count his nock the other day. | ..., As he moved frcm^ one end of j cnsfs cf S cirl« tlie mass of wellies iO the other, diagnosed in one family about two he conscious that son--- m ac: west of tsvvn. Or.e child Is tH".:: wa<n't quite ri$ht. i seriously 111 while Ihe other three Just what was that cut there in : have the disease in a milder form, the center? It wasn't a black sheep: , The family Is ocln?'car?d for by- it wasn't a dog; nor was it a calf 'tha local Rod Cross and this Is Uie —none of ihcse grew long horns, i first case of ssvcre Illness that any It was a half grown elk. | cf the subjects has suffered, filling sWton""n*borv "iri I against Smllh. ! Montana approximately S3.500.00D j were dragged to safety. It Is understood According to the officer, goods • a year. James H Rowe. highway • .— I The two youths recently rompM- 1 stolen from the two stores were ; commissioner, led Ihe way in show-1 ..mi-mrr, romi^ h^r. h, »,MWII^ Cl1 short terms In the Arkansas found In SmHh/s possession ar.d ^ how Ihe same pcoT>'« who mid, WEATHER n .. , B ' "'a 151151 '^ al prison for robbcrv of Lute's st-re have been Identified by the owners. I '"e tax could lower their expendl-i . . Fever !-l LuXOra Family'"''V 10 ^^!,^ T' ! le " r I on h| K hw »v 6-and Pillow is'at lib-! — — I l«res by a sir liar amount. | ARKANSAS T^cal rnlns ;Aiiaiiuac. At times ne went 01.1 en | Pr tv on h™ri on an astanlt charge: ' " ~" " • ., „ . to Manila A!' .other, buyin g and ! P Vndln 7 grand ' ur • U i ? atien-. WANT P1CTOGRAPHS IN PARK j fc ' V««^lm to" oW.ta I selling produce. At 23 he was mar- ' ' rr r>lcri ^- v "">'--»- •'- ! — •-- SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 17 (UP) 1-0. W. BrephJV mailager of the j aviation department of the Le. — and! gale company, will take off from Rowe was one of tho leaders In ! somewhat colder In tho \v»sl por- : Hungjao alrdome here Mcnday on i ried to Miss Maude Abtle Gage. FI pAqn T« IIIPI An ft I ". .—-•--»•• •- n " ve - tlcn tonight. Sunday partly c!cudy!his piopo-ed fllsht to Manila, ha , EL PASO Tex. (UP)— An ef- j cent tax on each gallon of easollne. j nnd t 0rn e, v hat co'iler I nnirunced today, 'fort will be made this year lo have! He then organized a ccr.imunlty nn a-ome«iiat co.aor. ^ unn^uncea^ooaj .. brWe R " d 8 room "'•"« J"« *& '• EATOX RAPIDS. (UP)-A Jsrot]thc Huecr, Tanks ma, containing i gasoline company to lower gnsollns it all |Cuthl»rt raspberries entered in '.h:' rare pre-historlc plctcgraphs, do-1 prices, which he thought w:rc dls- ' to 'minimum temperalure here yes'.er- them, ar.d t:-,ey sp?nt . . ...... on house furnishings. But thj bride '.national canning contest at S^cr.-' clared a stale park. Col. Martin L. j criminating. apparently, was able to stand I andoah, la., has .won Mrs. S. J. Crimmtns, archaeologist, says that: The success of his community day was 35 degree and the maxl- slratened clrcumslances for Star- """ "' ""'"" "-- 1J - "•- "•'- -' >v -- *—*— -• --->.- . u«- «-—i ... _ • . . ling calU that wedding "the most According to the omctnl we.ilh- feaslbllily ot a cr observer, Charles Phillips, Hit! C isl air "line, will be ;r.ade in Bro- demonstrate the regulrr ccmmcr- [Continued on Pago 3) Bell of Ellen Rapids the till; of, the drawings of ancient life face j station at Butte led to tbe organ- mum 48 degrees; partly cloudy. On national grand champion and WOO.. obliteration at the hands of van- i Izatlon of community stalor.s else- ths same day a year aso th* mini- Mrs. Ball canned preserve cooker. the fruit in a. dnls unless measures are taken to I protect the rocks. where. Major operators were forced mum temperature W as 23 phcy's ptane. the Pl-.csnix. It will be equipped with regular whe£ls liistead of pontoons. Brophy sciiJ expe:tcd to roach Manila \Vert- to Iow,er prices and the maximum 31 degrees. ! ncsday '-,• TliursSny I and Canton. via Focnow

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