The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 16, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OF NORTHEA BT AIIKAN8AS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI V01-. XLIV—NO. 21 BlythevlUe Dallj BlythevlJle Courier Rlyttievllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader JjLVTI!KVH,l,K, AUKANSA8, WKDNKSDAY, AI'KIl, l(i, 1!1<!7 __, J—r-, _ SINGLE COPIES f,fYK CENTS HUNDREDS FEARED KILLED IN TEXAS BLASTS Schwellenbach's Telephone Strike Peace Plan Fails Union Leaders to Use Radio to Reply to Cabinet Member's Talk WASHINGTON, April 16. (UP) —The National Federation of Telephone Workers <lnd.) will present to the public tonight Us reasons [or refusing to end the 10-day- old national telephone strike until it receives a specific wage increase offer. The NPTW announced Hint its president. Joseph Bclrne, will broadcast ;m answer at 8:15 p.m. E'ST 'ABC* lo secretary of Lalxir lewis B. Schwellenbach's radio talk last nislit. Both (.lie NPTW and the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. rejectee] a strike-ending arbitration proposal by Schwellcnbach,. The secretary last niBhl called on the public to "demand of each .side" thai it change its mind. . Bclrne said the company would have to make a wage offer first and said the strike would go on until the union won its fight. He i.s expected lo reaffirm this position tonight. Tl>c District of Columbia Telephone workers, meanwhile, resumed negotiations with the Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. ' wlf.h federal conciliators sitting in. The company, and A. T. A; T. subsidiary, had broadcast an announcement that it was ready to bareain on local Issues. The union replied that' "we propose to bar- Rain issues with ihe company rather than through the radio and press. 1 ' The company reported that 35 striking operators have returned to work here and said that toll call Iraflic out of Washington is now 3ti r,cr cent of normal. Beirne said ho was "confident the. union will win" its fight for increased wages and improved work- ins conditions and added: "The strike will go on until we d? win." '-•...» ..He made i tie., sta alter both the union and the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. reject,. crt'thc arbitration formula wlicre- ^ by the government had hoped to end the strike at 5 p.m. tomorrow. Secretary of Labor Lewis B. Echwellenbach promptly broadcast an appeal to the public to "demand" that the plan be accepted. 12 Hours Sliced From 1938 Globe Circling Record NEW YORK, April 10. lUn — Milton Reynolds, who rode .iruimil the world slillns backwards in his converted bomber, will «o lo W.,-Illusion today wth Ihe other two crew member of h( K t;lobe-!,'irdUiiu Hnmbshell la receive Ihe couir.ilu- lallans of President Truman f»r )i!.i record-breaking Ulsht of IB horns. 55 minutes ami 50 seconds. The historic Ui^hl ended ni 13:- Ofi:5fl u.m. today when Capl, William Odom. pilot of the fiomhslie;!, set the plane down on runway four al LaGuardia Field, where it took olf at 5:11 p.m. Saturday. The Bombshell's heater was nut and ils oxygen supply mis c.vhaii:s l - cd. but ils two engines were run- nine as smoothly al the end of the 20,000-milc journey as Ihe.' were at Ihe takeoff. The black exhausl streak;; beneath the motors were the oniv evidence that it hud completed n ;Jlijis flight over four cnr.ti- nenU and two oceans, covered in a total of 62 Hours and 55 minutes actual flying time. The Bombshell lopped 12 hours. 18 minutes and four seconds ofl Dm record of 91 hours, and 14 minutes set, by movie-maker Howard Hughes in 1838. Hughes' route across Russia was some C.OOO miles .shorter Four Killed In Plane Crash This is nil Uml vemsuiieii ol u fony-pluctt Nnvion piano which iM^lonp.od to Horn Norrl-'t, of Pa> *.•;, Tr.v.'ts, after it exploded in mid-air and crashed MM; milt-:; :,mith nl Ada, hi tho jilumf wilh Turn Norn:; were his brother, Frank Norri.s, p^e.sidfiiL ol the rirsl Nallonal Until: of Ada, ami their wlvo.s, AH Join' {> crsons were! hislanlly. iNKA Ti-ldpliolt).) ; Nilrafe-Laden Ship Explodes Setting Fire lo $19,000,000 Plant on Gulf Coast than that flown by Reynolds. "I wouldn't make that trip again for a hundred million dollars." the 54-year-old millionaire pea-inakei- said as he stepped down from the plane. All three fliers showed the effects of their three days in the air. 100,000 Soldiers Patrol Palestine Gruner, Who Fought With British, Hanged For Jewish Disorders 'IIY EMA.V SIMON Press staff C'orrespoiidi-nl) Chemical Plant Official Sees Ship Blast From Office Window (EDITOR'S NOTE: Dr. w. Uinc. research JEHUSAljSM, Dov Gruner. Monsanto chemical Company, was among hundreds who wiilchul firemen buttle the fire which rc.siillcd frnm an explosion -.I'H'iird a .shl|j •.it Texas City. He nave the lollowini; uccount to Llio Unllet! Press ) IIY Kit. W. II. I.ANK »— MVrllttJi fur United Pressl TEXAS CITY, Tes.. April 10. (UP)—I was looking out tlie window of Ihe Monsanlo plant about Austrian Treaty . ConslderedAnew Molotov Says Soviets Want to Conclude Agreement in Moscow MOSCOW, April |li. (U!'l--.Si»'l('l HorcH;n Minister V. M. Molotov nu- iHMiiU't'd tonight Hull IL was ilie ^nvLrt's Intention lo ''Iry 1m 1 ' rom- pleilllon of Ihe Aust'rlun pe.icc licnty at this suasion of Hit! 1*U', Kolir! . His sUilon'.eiil -rtus made ivl UK ¥ Hist council lucellnsi nl which mlu-J April 10. tUP)— 8 this morning when a French cin- Brilish Army vet.-] go ship caujilit fire. Northern States Report Snowfall Freakish Weather In Sharp Contrast 1 With California Heat Ky llniled Tress A hcf.vy. wet snow fell to'lay Ju u heavily populated area 200 miles long and Ifio miles wide. While mliind California residents prepared for another day ol 95*dcgrce ,hcat, a v, f iud -whipped snow pellcn portions of five Mid- Western stales. The snow fell on Northern Illinois and Northern Indiana, Eastern Iowa, Southern Wisconsin and the Southern iigfju of lower Michigan. '* liockford, 111., reported one inch at 0:30 a. m., but in Chicago and mast olhcr cities the snow melted as fast sis it hit the crouud, th<; Chicago Weather Bureau reported. The snow extended from Milwaukee and Madison, v/is., West- poj- Teams Selected For School Drive Citizens' Committee Seeks $50,000 for Buying Building Site Plans for: Ihe drive . Tor S50,00(, lo purchase a new Blythsvillc High School site were completed I'.nc! 31 two-man business 'district solicitation teams were named ct a meeting of the Citizens School Committee last night in the Chamber of Connnerce offico in City Hall. Funds from this drive, lo b"ii;i at a date not yet annoiuic".!. will be used to inaugurate a lon^-rant;e school system modernization program slated lo begin will) the acquisition of about 50 acres for Hi? new school plant site. To supplement the work ni the women solicitors appointed to carry out collections in the residential sections, the men named lo solicitation teams last night will direct collections from business organizations throughout ulyiiicvilic School District No. 5. The seven- woman residential solicitation committee last week completed a survey of home owners in those districts of the city. W. B. Nicholson, supcrinl-ndenl of schools, was named chairman of a publicity commtuce for llic drive last night. On this committee a:n James Terry, Matt Scruggs and R. A. Nelson. Following arc Ihe men named as business district soliciUtio.i teams nnd the sections in which they will work: Elbert Huffman and Jack F. Robinson, who will work or eran, atxl three other Jewish underground men were hauled in Acre .prisqn today while 103.0UI) British soldiers s tood guard uyainsi expected reprisal attacks. Trgun Zvai Lcutni. the utirler- uroi'.iid organization lo which Gruner and Hie olher three execute.! men belonged, has warned repca'.- cdly thai it would wage a veritable ivnr n gainst the British if Gruner died. Hanged with Gvuucr in the The vessel, it developed, had br:en loading nitrate sonic SOU yards from our in'.iut office. lle.'ore we knew it. up lo 51)0 Texas City eiti/.eiis were, lined up along the waterfront lo wrtlch oilier ships and city firemen .battle the fire. • -All of n sudden Iherc was a frightful explosion as Ihe ship disintegrated. Everyone in my office was seut Kprnwling onto tile floor. Tables Quotas Are Fixed In War on Cancer Joycces Sponsoring Fund Campaign in North Half of County Outlying commmiiry chuirmau and s])oiisorliig (irnuiU/.ulions lor the North Mississippi County drive seokliiB $1500 In (.lie unniml finan- bninn, al, Eliczjr Kaslinni. 19, and' Mordechai Aloshl, 20. All three were arrested Dee. 20 while Irying to crash a road block and were' sentenced to' die for carrying lire- arms, j Strong army forces blocked all roads of Northern Palestine lead- Ing to Acre. The hangings were 1 i;iri|!h I'X'nmlniillcni ol Austriuu treaty and some previous ndunr disunrceincnl 1 ;. llrvvi'ver, llic mlnlslers ,|ld not touch uny nl the 'loui;h tissues r.u^li as Gentian assets In Austria or the disposition ol ItLuusands ol displaced persons. <i The council decided to hold I Us flr;;t morning meetlnt: tomorrow to heur Yugoslav Vice Premier Kd\\'aid ICiirdelj itnd Austrlnti l-'or- eit;n Mluisler Kali' Ciri.''.Ter on YUH- osluviu's Ici'i'ltorUH and rcpariitious elaims, ' KardelJ will be heard at 11 a.m. tomorrow anil Orirtwr Die «»xl day. The council will meet In rc|;- ulnr session ut. -I p.m. tomorrow to continue study of the Austrian £ /"> Qt \^. ina. They were witnessed by- away from the explosion area. British district commissioner j l pa5s ,.,j sc( >rcs of bodies. secret -without advance wuriiing. They Ihe •and a few other officials. Nc«- Curfew Imposed A curfew -was imposed on the Jewish quarters of Palestine almost simultaneously -with the exc- r.uLiou. All Jews in the area were We got out of there in a hurry. I never ran t |own a flight of steps so fast in my life. There followed a series of thrje or, Icur- other, cxp'.nsinns—one right, after the other. I was told lalr-r lhal at least two nther ships load- in^ nitrate or aiiumtniiicni exploded itnnicdiateJy thereafter, j <I wiped piaster from my hair I and face, as I staggered to" safely of the Aiuericiin \vero (utined tod;i> ' ward through Iowa Southward more than la., and 50 miles beyond Chicago. It extended texst- wnrd through Fort Wayne. Goshcn and Soulh lieiid, jnd., nnd Northward into Gladwin, Mich. Temperatures in the area ranged from one degree below freezing to two decrees above. Tile snow was expected t:i move out of Iowa and Wisconsin by noon. Wealhcr forecasters caid it might toucli Northern Ohio, where rains now are tailing, and moves further northward Into Michigan. It remained warm in the Sout and Southwest and about, seasonal in the Northeastern section of the nation. N. Y. Stocks Across llic slip from llu; Mon santo plaail, the fire spread like wildfire to the Pan-American filor- »^e farm. It was a horrible slRlit, seeling "" lllns e bodies and not bcinf; able tnltl not to leave their houses. Mil-; lo llcl l' ''B ht lllc fire. I'll never ilary searches \verc curried only m j lort;el it. Jerusalem., Tel Aviv and Haifa al the same time. i JJ r>fllf r»rc in «\vUIIOI S For BlytheviSie 2:00 P. M. Quolallons A T fc T 163 1-3 T' Amrr Tobacco 62 1-4 D'. Fosler. «i Anaconda Copper 36 1-21 Street Easl of Lilly. C. Modingcr and Homer Nunnally, Main St. between Lake ana Lilly. Virgil Boyd nnd D. Hammock, Main St. between Franklin and Lake. Russell Hays and C. M. Smart, North side of Main between First and Franklin. L. S. Hart-tog and R. C. Colemen, Soulh side ol Main between First and Franklin. Mell Brooks, Jr. and Fred Callihan—Both sides of First St. between Walnut and Ash. •M. C. Webb and Louis Lanslty — South side of Main between Second and First. W. J. Pollard and Russell Man-Sec SCHOOL on Page 5 Lions Sec Army Film Members Of the Lions Club were shown a film on Universal Military. Training al ihcir weekly meeting yesterday noon al the Holcl Noble. The film was shotyn by Maj. B. J. Hussey of Joiiesboro, v. -1 ia gave a- brief lalk on the training program. Guests at the meeting were Henry Markow of Brooklyn, N. Y., Cherry of New York, and P. Jerusalem streets were empty Ihe [lawn hours ns oroiwcd cars mounting loudspeaker^ announced Ihe curfow. Two hour.; afler Ihc curfew began placards appeared in the streets readmit. "Life far Lile. Rye! The Dlyllirvillc Real &late!V>ard lor Eve, Tooth for Tooth, Hand! h e!d ils monthly meeting :U Ihe for Hand. Burning for Burning." j Holcl Noble lust 1113hi \viUi II. C. Hundreds of soldiers and polL-c j Campbell, president oi the board lore dr.wn the signs. ' pre.sidlnu. Sir Alan Cunningham, the his'.i: An industrial coinmillcc rnni- commissioncr, called a mcclins o! j l' nM d of Eddie B. David, A. F. Uic- his advisory council. Preparations i trich and Hobert M. Graves, re- wcrc reported iitulcr way lo cle-! l- 01 'tcd Dial, Hie rorniiiilloe J)a<l dare some parts of Palestine "ron-! hl 'en workji:i! with meir.brrs ol trolled areas." such a decree would'] "«"•'' wgani/.uion.s in an effort be approximately tlie same as the '<> secure more indnslries for Jily- statutory martial law recently in Ihcvillc. cial cuminilgn Cancer Soclt-t^- by Bunford Bonne, c'linlrinun ot Ihe drive tounnlUcc lur the Junior chHm'ner of Commerce, hium- liUK the cvunpair.n hi thls-ivreci. Quotas assigned nutlylMfi coci luuntties and drive chuh'iuen nr sponsoring orKulii/nlUtus Ittlltiw: Manila, $'2CO, Lions Clul): l.i'acli • ville. S203, Chamber ot Cmnmerce; Ynrbro, $25, Herbert Moilijis; Ni*ii)i- bcr Nine, S25. Mrs. Charles Liini;- slon; AnnniKl. ^50. KiHlU- flcne- noJd; Promised Laud, $23, b'am Godwin; Uuvdclte, Ste. GliM-i Tomiikins; Whistlcville. $15; Mrs. II. Q. Edwards Jr.; ilosclnud. Sl^r, Mrs. A. K. Miller; iind Caldwell, 15, Lugrnnilc Whittle. Ulytheville civic clubs and st-'hools 1 huvc hern assigned tenlailve IJUD- las in the drive to mMiuire tin,' remiumlei 1 ot the SI50'J. Annmmce- rurnl of oMicr coininiinity c'liuir-j men ;itul (juolus will lie miule '.;oou.' More thnn hull ol the Junior' C'iv.unber fit Coiutnerc.e ctmiUi ot $100 vviis ol)t!)lned at tlu: clu'j's mectinj; Monday ui};hL when collections netted $K!.20. ^AssLsling Mr. !}<»oni'. uu the .lay- cee drive r.ommitlce ati; Jiurk Po\v- cll. Monroe Ciidn, John II. White. Olin Harrison, Hunter Kimhro mill Junrnic Edwards. I'^iirthcr cnllectinns are planned through the u..e of street booths under the direction ol T. T. < Mololov's promise lo try and cotuplele the Austrian treaty l>e- lorc tills council .'icsston ends came durhiK dlstiisslon ol Die yrpiinilJlo to the Austrian treaty, spcflc.lally ul u clause which had been objected to by Russia, 'Foreign Secretary ISinesl Bovln agreed lo" wltlirtrww the British proposal but added that he would IF he nuhl In iiilnl.vloi'.s the Aus- WHS umlcistandinj; lhal Itm wrnld Iry and complete Irian Ircaty here. Marshall ('nils en Stalin "f have no objection to Ihe Ireal,y lielnn decided al this Molotov sidcl, '"I'hat.'s whvit the Soviet Union Is striving for," Mnlnlov lidded. The ministers today examined <if Ihe Austrian treaty's 50 clauses [ittt.'i the. preamble, '['hoy aRiccd on " " preamble except a "wui until" clause. u\ lew hours hcarlier anlhorl- effect in sonic areas The ca-se of the 33-year-old Gruner had crcalcd world interest because it to symbolize the st niggle between the During the dinncr-nicetim;, reports Irom the various coinrnitlce. r were heard. A committee ol three was apr.ointed as an educational British and 1 enlighlnn-nl and program coin- Ihe violent underground groups, "ijtlcc <<»' "'e next ineciinu wluch Gruner's war record a.s a. Brilisn wil1 b e llc ''' M;1 .v 13 If. K. risher was acrcptrd inciwbtr of the boartl al night's meeting. as a liiSl 'Beth Steel 841-4 Chrysler 87 i_? Oen Electric Montgomery Ward N Y Central Hit Harvester .... Republic Steel Radio Soco»y Vacuum .. Studebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard U S Sled 34 1-2 Spring Showers Fall Yesterday's high temperature was 14 degrees and last night's low 52 1-2 54 W nh .14 of an inch rainfall be- 15 1-4 ing recorded, Robert E. ISIaylock. 79 I official weather observer, reported 24 1-4 today. H l-i VFW MeetsTorright 18 7-81 Membcr.s of Hunt Lloyd Po» f , 63 3-4 227S of the Veterans of Foreign lance corporal in Libya, Italy and Northern Europe added significance lo his falc. Legal efforts lo save him were carried in vain all the way to the judicial commillcc of the privy: council in London, lushest judi-i cial authority in the British Ivu-1 pire. He was condemned to death! by a Hritish military coiut for par- Ikipating in an underground raid I on the Hamat Gan Police Stalion! B>" .lOSKI'H I- MVI.KU five weeks afler Jiis from, Unilcil Trew Slaff <Virri-:priin'rii t I WASHINGTON, April Ifi. lUI') — Ueiui, and ly The F.ddiu Ford, Virgil Greene liis Isaacs. cHtieer (jrivc gut uutlcrwuy ye.sleldny \vilh Harold SHdiniry a:; Hind rhuinnan ftir Nfvitli Mi'.v c ,i:,- siji]ii Ctnmty anrl Sam llofl^r:, fund chairm-.Mi lor the .South hull ol Ihe county. Smith Mississippi Cotml>'s grvii has b'.-en set at $1300. Drive ch:nr- men for OMllyinj; {Oinmlinitier. 1:1 lhal area will be announced soon. Things aren't good on 'he either. Fov a couple of years, solar tornadoes some *tf Uu:in many ' timrs in diameter of lh^ cai'lh—l)n\'f been chnniini: rp extraordinary disturbances <vi the .suiVs face. the army. Gruner refused to seek clemency. Meteor Flashes Seen Here and in Other Citses. Too j Yesterday the rarth fell the ef- A green streak of light tlial flash- ,feet of its parent's trib«l:aio;i. cd across the sky in the Soutlnvoil! Sunspols i«>ur nut torrent* nl eii- scctton ot Ihe city last night, caus-'erpy in the form of eV-rliens. IDR ninny rumors a.s to lt s identity, When tliey hit the earth, inty set was identified by Memphis Army; off violent maenclic slonu.s _ Air Field Officials as a meteor. Tho r(>M , u y( , s i cr day wa:, llwti dcve'lopmenl in 5 ' -radio communications wen- nrac-1 years. A Period licaliy blacked out all ovrr thc-tlvlty is due toward tlij end world for several hours, st.irting j i|,| 5 y c;ir . a. in. CST. | The spots normally vary from I alive sources said Hull Secrclnry nf Sliile OPOIKO (;. M.'nsbull nnd aeneiiilisslmo sliillu hud I idled t" make uny progress in breaking tlie rrmncil's deariloch on Ovrmany at their krcinlin conlereiice liisV night. Rcldiriiu; lo Ihe stalemate <il the Ccmieil ol l-Virelrn Mlnlslci's <•» surh vilal Orrnian Issues ».•) repa- ralions, economic ilnily anil a four- power dlsiumamcnl treaty, an im- tllf,rit:ilive .'nfonuiinf. saltt: "The siUiulloii has not r.huiiRnd one lota from before Hie meelilM U uccoui;',lished nolhing." James Hi//, Jr., Again Heads Power Concern Jaini's IIHl. .Jr. war, ro-iiiiincd l» Ihc I?(i:ird t>f Dlirelors uf the Ar- kansa.s-Mlssourl ITIWI.M' C". nl. a .sloi'klliildi'rs meellng lure ypslpr- day aiteinnon mid »t the !oll«w- ing Jiipelinw f>f Oie IViard, was re- elci'trd president for. his Hlh ct>n- .socuMvc in that office. ClVfirlrs fl. Nr-wc.nmh of Hlythe- viltc wn.s nls'» ifNiiamed a rllrcctor ami nl (he lloavd im'e.liiii; 'AVIS re- elcetrd srcietary-lreasurer for his 10!h year. Oilier directors rc-eleetrd al the stockholders mee.tiiii; \verc John S I'ain'.er of frontnn. Mo.: Ous H. j Signals to and from 011:11.1 Amer- Walton of little Hork- F. O. tiald: ; :r,i-l':c lcrl WCI " C especially we a.c. | „,.,. ,, f c.iruihersville. Mo.; and (3d- At. 2:15 p. m. call from Moscow niund K. Ciimmin«s .Ir. of Chicago. came in all right. But al 4:15 m.' August I, cirie.sedieek of fit. p. m. the call was belched. ; Louis w.^s olf-rtori lo (lie Hoard for Dr. Alvln G. McNisli of the Ka-' his first lenn. tionai .Kurean of Stam'aros said Tw<i other officers were rc- ycslorday's troubles wor.? raused: elcclc<l at the Hoard meeting. by an cruplive pr.iiiiiiiencr over They were Mr. Wallon, vice presi- a very large sunspot group." Tho dent, and Franklin E. Atkinson, sudden and violent outbursl was auditor. seen by scientists at the naval ob- During Ihc meet IDR of directors, servalory. *«o work-orders for construction Sunspot.s go through a cyclical and service extension Involving an Magnetic Storms Black Out Radios All Over the World virtnally complete bl nnd from everywlicie a. ID. in 11:20 communications TKXAS CITY? TUN., April Hi. HI.!'.)— Police nf stricken] Tcxus <;ily oixlvrcil all di.S'.iNlcr relief workers out of tiiel explosion Hint fire wrecked waterfront area at 1:30 p. I'.ST. tmlii.v us tliu DirtMt of a TNT explosion developed."! TKXAS CITY, Tux., April )(>. (IJ.P.)—A police radio" 1 i-t'|)i)i'l from Hli'ickcu Toxns City, HCCIIO of a 'sorlo.i o£ plDsions wliicli rockcfl a MO-milc uroji on the Texas Giil'f CoiiKt, sai'tl tfas i'tinuw fonrod \D lie- poisonous WUTV '.'iUerini; OVIT llio iiroii wliui-i; sovcral luindi'ml p'oi'Hons' \yc);c killtti or iii.ini'i'd. "'""•"•• 'I'lio rcporl, pitted up hy Cialva.ston [Mjlicj 10 mi ION iiivny ntui rc'laytul In Houston, sai(j niuhoritios vverd Uu> ovai'iiiiiiiin i)f i»i osUiniitod, 1,8,000 \ '.. . firc'H jvtjfed iiinoiiff oil refineries i'lankiiitf Galves- 'KUI Hiiy, covorinjr i| u , disusli-r uroa with black smoke vis-' ililn for 10 mile,s. Ui«l Mrors, Houston I'rcss rcpovtci' on the scene, .said 400 lo 500 ner.son.s were killed. ', [ ' '-. '' * Ho siiid highways lending from hu nren where dloBBSd. ; wilh nm- mlances uiul cars bringing out more lend and Injured. ..',\ 'I'lic illsjslrr was touchttl off J when ii French lines freighter./ l^ndrd wlll\ aimnnnium ' Idew up ut a dock where Police^ (llilff w. F. laddtHh of Texi* <.'ily *iili| "hunrlrcds were work- Thc ship explosion, touched. ofr ! a erics «f blasts at Iho nearby 510,- lOO.nftd iMoh.siinto ' Olicmtcal Com- l>uiy plant. Five spread, lo refinery nnd oil slorBBC ,, pfopertlds Uuikhn; the dock urea.: : Chief l.addlsh said therfe was nb po-wlblc way to utlniiite hw many arc dead nnd '•dylnst'." He suld .tlie '• toll would run : into ' the Inindrcds' «in<i that force of the blust demolished the City HnU'.'iiJ full mile from the-sschc. Reel OIOBS estimates of the dead* ran Irom 200 lo ino. Galvcslpn newsmen placed tho total at more liosplUlu In (;«Jre«ton were dverflWlnK with dead pM ': io-' Jurfd. HUhwayn lni« HMErton. 3« ^ airline < roljen :•, »w»y».. Ifnv : fsktfg* With HiKbuiancn »nd he»i«s. 'i'lio (jus fumes were belie'ert til; be from the burning chemical nnd Irom nitrogen stocks piled on Iho.doclts. One report said half pf the plant was In shnmbles and 'the rest WUK burning. ',,- "ji The Teitas city police department said HDD small homes occupied: by dock wnil i'ef\iwry warters were near the ship which exploded fiid were hardest hit, ''*.'• ^j IMyers, from Ihc scene, pieces of Ihc French Lines : llic Grand <'amp, former Anieri- ean J.iherty yhlp—were blown .is far a.s four nnd live miles away.' Dr. \V. H. Uine, n Monsanto Chcniicpl Company ofltclal, said .up to r>t!0 Texas Oily resificnl^ had lined HIR dock to wjitch the ship burn when the explosion hit: "The ship disintegrated." he : "I inn told lliat two other sldpj loading nitrate blew up, too. Hed dinli brown fumes of nitrogen dil oxltle be[;iin pouring out at ouce." Hampton Ellis of Hotislon. wi wns .slltliiir in n 10th floor room of Ihe Huccnncer Holcl In Gnlvcston —12 miles from the blast scene- said it fell like nil earlhq'unke had. hit. He said the blast "almost t knocked me oft Ihc. bed." Reports thut tho Mast, was fcltl Delo.s I,, .lames, malinger of the Aiii'lcnltnre Deptirtincnl ^f the C'linmbcr of Commerce of tha Unit, t'd States, will address a reprpsentu- llvi> BTOIIII "f farmers nnd Ijuslneta men on "The ARrlcuUural SiUla- UDII and Its Relation lo liuslne.' nnd Imhislry" «t n dinner <m*lt nt 7::t(l Friday nlghl ivt Ihe Rusili Inn here. A reciignfecd authority in the lick of agricultural economics, Mr. .lames will discuss methods oy which the e.llnrts of tanners nnd liuaiuess tnen mny he ccKircllnntcd lo linpinx'n Un? conditions In lioth ugrlc.ututrc and Industry. Action is Rushed On Aid to Greeks Illinois Senator Says New Truman Policy May Lead fo Trouble WASHINGTON, April Hi. <UIV Hen. c;. Wnylnml lii'ook.s, ft.. III.. today lhal Preside-ill Tru-1 °" I11C [| ' onl Dcaumoiit and Port Ar-1 "to from 10 a. ill. Tlicrealler continued i-n;nic. proposed arcek-Tnruisli aid prnuram i.s "a iiravc mlstnke" Ilial may lend Ui '.'coy:n.le,s.,' I'eail Harbors and Uataans iii'oui'.d Iho world. The ffoiiKc |.\irrlgi) Affairs corn- mill ce , meanwhile ;\pprovet'. Us version of thr; $.|ijn,bix).co) <_;:cck- Turklsh bill with a provision whirl) would penult Ihr- United Nations tu Intervene In 1'ic |)roi;iiim. Twelve mcuiber.i of the ccniuut- Ico voted for die measure aiul n'. No voles \vcie (hiir. 7(1 airline miles away, and from residents of Palestine, more lhan IRQ miles north. Guardsmen Alerlert Gov. Deauford II. Jeslcr said in Austin two battalions of the Texas State Guard at. Houston had been alerted for duly al Texn.i City Some 150 slale suardsmoti from 1* Pnrte already were on the sccrrj All available highway patrol police cars converged on the scene.l along with fire departments from all j over the populous, industrialized Gulf Coast. 57 Wars will hold their weekly mccl- S 7-3 Ing al 7:30 tonight at the Wrten- CO 3-i, knnip Cotton Co. office, The meteor was seen mnmcnlar-j , irly by numerous Blythcville citi-l zcns at approximately 7:55 last! . night. Witnesses stalert thai lhci R<l little ovi' 1 maxnr.uin estimated $27,000 were ajiproved. Inrie volcd jjres-- cart the liinoks Uild Ihe Senate in d\'.bulc on Ihe program Ihe proposal In <i'iK!<uitlne Conununtsm In the Middle East \nd .sent, s-UM.GOO.OOO Ir. iclicf and uill^.i.y si\))pllr.i to' . . ~ f.Jncce and 'nnkey will be dial- LegiOnrtairCS Meet ' :';i'd by other ,uiM,i.^ Tl-cn. l.c', i<i. this nation must back up its A film entitled "Clear lo Ihc new ixilicy with troops, or mah c a "'""1'" was shown members ol Dud Rcn.-iiil i-ctrrat. , Cnson Pofl 24 of the America)) The Senate resinned drbrile on thn issue amid warnings from fci'fnlc President Arthur I! VMI- d'.i:bcrg, Poctors and nurses were bcii rushed Into the aren nlony with every available highway department imck nnd every ambulance in :i 100-mile range. Cnson Post 24 l Legion following n brief business session at their weekly meeting last nifihl In the Legion Hut. thai a new Indicted for Bribery ii., Mien c'.i.'.ir, Impends In Kiiro|>e. Leaders of IM'II parlies \vcrc MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. April 16. (UP> tirlilDg for an early Senate vole —TWO police officers today had cnc' virlually in .xrord in by-1 been indicted bv Shelby County l.nvilng the Henrv Walla;? dispute. 1 Grand Jury on charges of accept- 'J he congressional leancrs shelved |ng bi-lbes. I bis construction Is pnrl of the | formal plans plans lo crack back j Tho officers., James W. Drake () f service improvement nnd, n t the former vice president for and O. R. Evans, were charged con.slructioti program launched by ; <hc company early this year. . mcleor appeared to be a large ball! Communication bcUvcen llic ua- ' here small as 100 miles across lo nvve lhan 100,000 miles. Their of fire with a tail approximately I lion's military headquini r- one-half of a mile long [ and far-flimi? command; in En-1 vorgiccs penetrate far into Ihc The light was rciwrtcrt sighted j rope and Asia were sff.ii-M<:ri all. sun's Interior to ihe replrr.s whcrr hy airi»rt conlrol lowers in Mem- 1 day. The army said the disturb- atoms arc slripped of llif-i.- phis a'"' Little Rock and by a lance was "world-wide." pinnc croiv about, loo mile.s South i In N'cw York, all rad'i comet Little Rock, 1 uHHilcntWIis «mi|i!i«ilvs i.-|.:»tal iv his charges in EUI'OJOT lhf.1. Amt-r-iwlth accepting $20 from « Negro lea's' bl-partisan for.:ig.< policy was they had stopped for speeding. lending Ihc nalio:i to ''mipcraii- Islic" war. The House Foreign Affairs Com- mitlec action was ce.icnurd by Its Weather ARKANSAS .— cloudy to partly N. Y. Cotton open high low ].*30 \If\v 2R1S 7R3R X8^3 ^8'Jd i ••'"•""'• -----••-••• n •• - "^ ••- - -~^- - — * \ — -- —. . ~ — , - - . elcc- J.I-,.. 3^ S Q 3 478 3,547 34.73 chairman, charli's A. Eaton. R., cloudy and cooler. Seallcred show Ironic shells by Ihe combined rf-!,j u iy I'.'.'.'.', 32.71 3375 3^1 WJ \ N - J -- as leaving- [he PrMldViU tlie C rs. Partly cloudy and colder lo- fect of tremendous prcssuie tincl Get 2£-37 2SC4 GS37 2962 I "widest possible lali tnultl-mlllinn-dciuec lipnl I Dee 2854 2fttll ESS'I 2S81 dlini; Ihe situnlfjil. hlght. Thursday p»rtly cloudy and • • '

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