The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1936 · Page 30
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 30

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1936
Page 30
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PAGE-6 SECTION' C COURIER NEWS & Pioneer Family 'RBSTJETUEBS His Sons Today Arc Probably County's Oldest Native Sons Believed to be the two oldest living natives of Mississippi county, I. JJ. Huffman, 81, of the Huffman community, and his brolhor, E. M. Huffman, 82, of Blyllieville, recall vividly the pioneer days in tills section. Born In a small settlement on file Mississippi river these two have watched the gradual .development of Blythevllle from a backwoods wilderness to one ol the leading cities of Arkansas. They are sons of Jacob Huffman, a native of Virginia, who moved first to Carroll comity, Tennessee, and than, in 18-1-1, crossed i'be. .Mississippi river lo take up new lands In what was tben largely a wilderness. Jacob was accompanied by his twin brother, Jess? vlio setl'eil near Cottonwool! Point Mo Hi-, dcscpmlnms are now prominent, oillzens of I'emlseot county. j;ico!) made Ills home nonr the present of Huffman. Recall First Visll T. If. and E. M. Huffman made their nrst visit to Blylticvlllc T. jears ago The occasion was the funeral of Jack Harris, well known farmer and former operator of n river trading boat, which served the scattered communities along the Mississippi as a 'Utore," ' Hams had died in the spring of t~ne year near Armorel, and his body liad been Interred here, bul because of the difficulty of gathering the resident of this section together the funeral services were postponed.until summer. The Masonic lodge of Osceola held rites for Harris, with the services lasting three dajs Thoss attending the funeral were guests of the Rev. H. T Blythe, ulio had one of the few houses here at that time. The Huffman brothers recall llml f'ney were rarely ever permitted lo leave home except lo go to the store at Barfield for matches, a ^ery scaic e commodity In Wioss dijs Before the Barfiold store UTS established they hnd to wall for the "store" boats w'hlch traded "long the river. Four or flva families lived near the Huffman place, and in 1802 E M. Huffman started the nrst store Ihere, after stores at .Tyler and Hicknmu had been closed for-lack of business A postofllce was established and the community became known .as Huffman. The first storekeeper of t'ne Icomnnmlty was also its first postmaster and ustlce of the peace, art office lie held for 40"yetffe*-6*'f»d v 'r"d'tlrlng The o'd Huffman home, in which Ihe brothers were born, Is believed to b e oldest house iii this enr of the county. - it was rccenth bought by Mr. and Mrs. A. G Lit tie, who had the old structuu carefully dismantled and moved to Iheir place near Blythevllle, where it was rebuilt and equipped will autncntic pioneer furnishings u is bsing filled with interesting relics of pioneer days and will be preserved in memory of t*ase who first settled here. ral churc'nes arc to he found In every .section of the county and each town and community In the county boasts one or more churches, those in the larfctr towns comparing favorably with those In any otber seclbn of the slate. Movie. Class Popular PA1,O AI/I'O, Cal. (UP) — One class which I'allo Alto high school sluilents didn't "cut' ; was that of moving picture appreciations. U'ad- liit' Illms were shown, A lolal of !,:«? sliulem.s, 0)' 90 per cent, of Ihe entire L'liiollmrmt, intended. This picture, made frcin n llntytie taken ninny years :igo, shows he sons and daunhtt'is of Jacob Huffman, one of the settlers in the; northern part of Mississippi county, Standing arc Ada and iCvantler HLilIuinn, both of whom are now dead. Sealed are K, M. Huffman, the late Csssle Huffman (Mrs. George Williams), and I. II. Huffman, linked In the early church history of the county are Charles Morris Mrs. Alex Qoodilch, the Fletchers Judge O. L. Moore, Dr. and Mrs J. E. Pelts, \V. M. Morris, Mr. unrt Mrs Ilh'am poi>c, Mr. and Mi's. Fred Kelser, Mrs. Martha Ross Mrs. J. U Driver, the P. B. Hale family, the N. O. Carlwright family, Lyman A. Morris, the H. C Duimvanl.s and Ihc prcwltts. Callicllra liiillil In 1879 The first catholic church was built at Osceola In 1819 at a cost of $2,000, raised from tile proceeds of a' fair and by private subscriptions raised by a committee of women. There were 35 communicants of the Catholic church by 18110. Their religious needs were administered to by transient priests, just as the county's early Protestants had to depend upon their traveling preachers. The Catholic organization continued to grow, however, ind many prominent families of the county, Including the Matthews, .Tuckers, Ronssans, Listens, Clssclls and Semtncs' fostered 1'ne growth of the church. ' A second Baptist church was built at Clilnkasawlm In about 1885. By this time Ihc Methodists also had churches In the northern part of the county at Blytlie's Chapel (which burned In 1891) Shady drove, New Hops and clear Lake. Ill 1889 there were four organizations of Presbyterian. 1 :, Osceola, which led with 58 members Noilcna, Pecan Point and Frenchman's Bayou. The Methodists built their Ilrst church licrc In 1892 on Lake street, now the site of the Sudbury school. At the beginning of HID present century, t'nc year 1905, the county found churches of four faith;firmly established here. Baptist. Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic wlt'n the Baptists and Methodists enjoying a numerical advnn- | UIBU, jnsl as they do today. ! In the span of more than 35 years Mississippi county's chinches have grown rapidly In number, in sl/.c | and In the scope of their work. Hu- PIONEERS II IN LOG FIRSTS! (Continued- From Page 4) tra\eled on foot, in canoes and on Horseback mid «'nen the crude roads -were Impassible they tra- \ers=d dlni half-visible Iratls thru tho wilderness. HajitL Is Organize Cluircli We Cuil War and reconstruction days saw church progress retarded. There was liitle or no bunding and church-goers and ministers clun» grimly to whatever they possessed until better time: .""wild npxin give Impetus lo (liau work The fir-,1 Baptist church in the county was organized at. Osceola Mxnit 1870 by Elder H. H. Richardson of Clear Creek Association'. Ill, \\1io was acting as n mission-'-' ary. It Mas in 1873 that Dr. F M Pcttey was sent as preacher hi charge of the Osccola circuit which at that time included all the north end of t'ne county from Nodena and Carson Lake to Hickman Bend Blytheville and Big Lake. There •Rere 15 settlements with rcgulai appointments. It was In 1880, after the Rev. J H Borum of Dyersburg, Term., hnti teen holding monthly meetings at Osceola for five years, that the Baptists Had .their first Sunday- school and erected their first church At this time all denominations used the JVfasonlc building. the lower floor being furnished as a church After the Presbyterian church was 'destroyed the Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and Episcopalians had services together After the fcar a summer Sunday school was again started at Blyt'ne's Chapel, the first church building erected in Blythcvllle This was In 1875. There were a number of small Baptist congregations In the. Chlckasawba township but no regular Sunday school was maintained by thorn until after Blytncvllle had become a villa°o of considerable population, " ( Among the outstanding name! The First Essential of' Good Baking Is GOOD FLOUR Thai's why most housewives demand (licsc brands Shibley's Wonder AND Shibley's Best i Ask for them al your grocer's Distributed By A. G. SHIRLEY Wholesale Grocer Wholesalers of Flour, Meal and Groceries Texas Has Rare Replica of Lost Confederate Sea! M'AU.KN, Texas— Vf.L. Mccarty, dims orchard owner here, has one of the few replicas of the last seal of the Confederate Slates of America. Only a few replicas ever were i-asl and Ihe others have The bi'oiiM! piece Mcdirty treasure.'; Is some six inches In dia- \VEDx\ESDAY, JULY 1, 193Q meter. In tlie center Is the raised figure of George Washington on horseback, surrounded by a wreath of southern agricultural products. On the outer edge of the seal ore the words "The Confederate Slates of America: 22 February 18BH" mid "Deo Vlndlee." The original .designed by Thomas J. Semmes, elements C. Gray Jr., . and Alexander H. Bollester, Con-' I federate congressmen, was cut from a block of silver by a London goldsmith. Mccarty's family obtained cu at Jefferson Cily, Mo., from an officer of Shelby's regiment of the confederate army, long alter the civil War ended. The officer declined lo say how the replica came into Ills possession. The original Confederate seal never was affixed to u document because the Iron press and other government, but It disappeared as completely as If it never existed. Kilueallon Has Drawback ORANUE, Tex. (UP)-i3eii Price negro, had educational ambltioni wiien lie was mustered out of the /M \ material necessary for Its opera- "''"">' "t l!ie end of ">e World War lion disappeared en the round-11'ormerly, he could sign his namo about .sea shipment from London i onl - v onc way—with a large X. Lit. I'la the Bermuda Islands. er lie learned to write at j The seal itself Is known lo have " lglu school, and w'nen lie sought been In Ihe capitol at Richmond, hls bomi sboitils recenlly, h e |, a(1 15 the dny Hie cltv w%s ' l ? ""'' lt '"' e w " ni '' sses "' s 'Md or u, me na> inn cnj was |t|le usl]a) one t(J nltost ^ evacuated by tlic Confederate cliange in slsnaluie. ^ to use TOM LI All cars, no matter how good they are, need careful attention and care. If you've'forgotten how sweet your motor sounded when you first got it, or if you want to make sure that your new car continues performing- the way it does then be sure to give it the proper service it needs. 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