The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1934
Page 4
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BjB Bt.YTHKVILLS COURIER NEWS Ttx otxmufc wrwa ce>, POM a B. >t»ooar. stutor K*B, MMtW* tt (MUM, tot, ». U«U, bring, Mew YOtt, CitlcatO, km? Afternoon factpt Sunday. Btt«red u neond clut mitttr el UK post office at BiyUwvllk, Ar- kanuc, under act of Oonf«8», October ». 1417, 8erv*4 By t»* frttt SUBSCRIPTION RATES By ctrrier In Uw City of WyWioYllfe, ISO per •tck or *6.H per >t*r In »av»nco. By tn»ll within t radius of 60 MUM, 13.00 per jwr, |1&) for ilx months, no (or Out* mooUu; by m»Il In postal roues two to tlx, Inclusive, |*i* per year, In sone* seven MK< el»ht, 110.00 per ye»r. payable In advux*. A Good Record That venerable watch dog of county affairs, Mr. John B. Driver of Luxora, thinks thai the Courier News erred in suggesting that Clarence Wilson has well earned a second term as sheriff and collector of Mississippi county. Well, there is always room for difference of opinion, particularly in regard to political matters, and certainly no one who feels lie might beat Mr. •Wilson for the office should permit the views of this column to stand in his way. Mr. Wilson is not much of a fellow to blow his own horn. If there are in his record any evil deeds he is not keeping much quieter about them than about the good work he ha* done. And he has done plenty. An examination of the record will show that iii the months since he became sheriff there have been 16 homicides in the Osccola district of Mississippi county. Arrests have been made in 15 of these cases, and the chances are that sooner or later there will be one in the other. That is the finest kind of police work. 'It is a recoitl that puts to shame tlie work of the most highly touted police organizations in the country. A particularly notable piece of work by the sheriff ami his staff was involved in tVic arrest last week of the negro robber who shot and seriously wounded a nighl watchman at Reiser. •It is that'sort of activity that affords a real basis for making life and property safe. If p'unislime'nt for those guilt}- of crimes of violence in Mississippi county was one-half as certain as is arrest our crime problem would be largely solved. Dr. Mrt Symbolizes the Public Thought Every age ha s it.s symbols, awl one of thc most revealing things about tho present moment in human affairs seems to be the fact that the symbol of the horn- is the good Dr. Wirt. The doc|:or could not have been taken seriously at any other time than the present. Thc mere fact that he was able to get as much public attention as he did get speaks volumes on the state of the public mind. When the laughable aspects of this OUT OUR WAY dmn«NUbk> gwasip about radicalism in hitfh places are cleared away, it remains pretty evident that the whole business managed to touch a responsive chord in the electorate simply because the electorate as a whole had already been doing a good deal of cogitating along the same general lines. » • » We have, in other words, come gradually to the realization that something big and far-reaching has been happening to us in the last year, and we have been trying to figure out just what it is. We have set to work to rc-cxaminc the fundamentals of our national philosophy as we have not done since the Civil War. Hardly any of the things that have been done at Washington since March 4, 1933, are lacking in significance. We loosen our monetary policy nnd •find that we have lined the haves and the have-nots up for a struggle; we tackle our farm problem and discover that our new jKilicy may curry us far into uncharted waters; we set to work to revive industry and lintl ourselves engaged in an experiment which has no precedent in all American history. » • * The rwturaj result of all 'this— undertaken, as it was, in a hurry, without formation of a definite underlying philosophy—is that we have at last reached the point where we want, very greatly, to know just what is ahead of us. Maybe we'll be afraid of it and maybe we won't; the point is, we want to know. At this psychological moment, then, comes the Hoosicr schoolmaster, with his., horrendous laics of Communism among the mighty. The important thing about it-was not what he had to say, but the way we listened to him. In that fact—in the eager way we waited for some new information about the course that is being charted for us —lies the real significance of the whole business. —Bruce Cation. •UTTMVILLB, (ARK.), COURIER NKWI I Ililnk the New Ocal Is n very good thing for (he hotels, —former 'Senator James A. Reed ol Missouri. We will keep on having a league (of nations). Thc world Is not going to extinguish its only remaining light of civilization. -Newton n. Baker. * » * I'm one beauty queen who also has brains. —Angela Joyce, "Miss England of 1D30." suing Lord Fievclstokc for breach of promise. « * * I wasn't mad til anybody and didn't try lo break into the wnr. —U. s. Senator Hucy Long. * • • Dr. Wirt Is the tyi>c of man needed to save llilf! country from thc Intellectual jackasses in Washington. —Silas H. Slrn«n. former president of thc U. S. CliBinber of Commerce. SIDE GLANCES B Y George Clark 1 "Darling, these are ms' parents. them." You're going to love Let the Expert Select Your Mushrooms for \ou BY DR. MORRIS FISHIIKIN , Imvc their spores scattered over Editor, Journal of the American 'the entire surface and are coral- Mfdlcal Association, .»mt of lly- (CfU, the llrollh Magazine When you arc out playing golf, don't break up the game by picking mushrooms that hapiwn to mny like in apjicaraiicc. The colors of the from white to pink, .spores vary and brown, purple, and black. Although some edible mushrooms have pure white jrow along th« course. They ie poisonous n'nd may siwil your ily are always while. ;olf, to s«y the least, for the rest Poisonous mushrooms grow chicf- of the season. ' iy ] n the woods or stumpy areas Even when you go hunting {while many edible mushrooms grow mushrooms, beware of.-the danger- in open fields, ous amanitn. It has deceived many persons who have considered themselves expert •'• at picking mushrooms that are safe. You can't be so sure about these plants when there are 40.000 vari- caling purposes, dies of them, and it • requires" nn ! • The mushroom produces i\\l>ert to toll even the most com- " spores, the poisonous amanitn fam- Any mushroom that deposits «'htte spores and which has a cup at the IMJC or a wart-covered cap should be rejected ns, dangerous for mon tyjKs npart. Unfortunately, even the experts arc .deceived by tbc nmanitu phalloidek -which is tlie most. iioisonous mushroom of all, because it so closely resembles some of the mushrooms that can be enten snfcly. • * * •< Fiourcs show thai more people arc getting sick 'from eating i>ois- onous mushrooms year after year, due probably to the fact that llicy buy these from inexperienced mushrooms pickers, men and boys otherwise out of work. The four 'most common classes of mushrooms arc: first, the gill- bearing mushrooms; second, those Hint have small vertical tubes.on the under side of the cap; third, those that have syines which hung from the um;er sides of the caps like teeth; nnd, fourth, those that Bv Williams T> MV GOULV«. 1 WENT TO THICKEM TH' GRAVTV, AN 1 rr TURNED INTO DOMPUMS BEFORE I COULD STIR IT MUCH. WELL,DON'T STlR IT ANV MOR6 \N\TH THAT KNIFE, ER IT'LL BE SPAGHETTI » \F VOU COULD DO, INTENTIONALLY, WHUT NOU DO UNINTENTIONALLY, VOU'D BE GOOD! WORRY WART. *jJ? CABINET CLOSEUPS CLAUDE A. SWANSON' Secretary of the Navy death >y its content of n poison winch ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier N«* S has been au- lliorlzcu to announce the following f candidates for pi.bllc otllcc, subject to the Democratic primary ntxt August: For County Judge ZAL, B. HARRISON For Membfr a Conpr«« CLINTON L. CALDWELL For Sherlft »nd Collector CLARENCE H. WTI.SON For Re-slcctton for Second Term For County Treanrer JOE S. DILLAHIJNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Cterk HUGH CRAIG ADDISOri SMITH H. B. (SKEET) STOUT For Covntjr Court Ckrk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-Election lor 2nd Term For Asststor R. L. (BILLYV GAINES 13. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of Chickuawba Township JACK ROBERTSON CHURCH EXCUSES By Gn, W. Barbm Dear Aunt: Archibald and 1 both think you have, the right idea. When a person does a tiling as well as you do in singing your solo it seems foolish to train others. Yon will find this principle accepted by a few people. They will even go so strong as lo say that when a fellow says he is doing a good job he should be kept at it just as long as lie wants to hold on and we think you should keep on telling the board that, you arc thc only real solo singer thc clnirch has ever ru'iri and after a while they may come to see it as you do. Though the congregation may not agree with you and thc hoard but you need not pay any attention lo them so long as the THIS CURIOUS WORLD K MONDAY, APRIL 1C, Willid MffEORICIf.. THAT HAD FALLEN FROM THE HEAVENS, WAS USED IN /MAKING WEAPONS LONG AGO BEFORE MAN KNEW HOW TO A\AKE HIS OWN IRON. IN THE PHILIPPINES, FERNS GROW so LARGE THAT THEIR TRUNKS ARE USED FOR T£i£GKAPH -IN AUSTRALIA ... FLOW FROM THE SEAOJ THE INTERIOR,. Although ancient mon, many thousands of years ago, hail meteoric iron into tools and weapons, it was only a little oJ hundred years ago that- scientists gave in and admitted ( lh| such a thing ns a meteorite. Americans were admit it. among the hoard is satisfied. From what you say they seem to be unmindful of the fact that if you should suddenly decide to quit or even hesitate in your woik with thc church there . is no telling wliat would hapiKn. Nearly every church has some one oi your lype and like your church they tail to npprcciate thc good for- tune of having a real worker. Yes. Junior has tooth and the other da,y I out thai he has toes on hi He has four teeth now ami I liald says he wishes Ihcyl nil pop through at once an| it over with. Read Courier News Want s colorless and tasteless, and which •:ills human beings by destroying the blood cells. The most common mushroom sold for food purposes has a broad, convex cap (rom one to five inches wide and rather thick, with firm white Ilffh. Its gills are connected by veins and are not attached to the stem. H varies in color from pink to brownish-black and the spores nre purplish-black, not white, as arc the spores of the poisonous amanita. The stem may lie as much as MUTP inches in length. Many other types of mushrooms arc safe, but merely because there ire so many, yon would do we'll to leave your selection to the experts and to buy them only in places which arc known to purchase food materials from reliable sources. HEKE P.411I.1T*. > knninome I.nlb, (jrcnnic* n fiifrhlvc wh» be netn Irnm Krj Wc»t to Havana with JIEAU .nj I.OTTIE, <wo ihictt.. I'nhlilo hni been nrcQacd oi a murdrr he did not cumMlt. BIAtl- i CIA TIIKADWAY irko could proTe him lunneent fenra *Ffiadnl nnd rcmaln* lilrnt. I'aMilo I. | n | otc „],!, Rs _ TEI.I.B F1EM3, d.iug.ler of rich •»>! PIKI.n. In Haiana. undo "•* """^ "Jua.tlo." he becomrn i-elcliraled at :, lioier nud ke anil «i>en a 5jm»a^> nt . SIR ADnriF.Y, n till,* .t^ E ll,k. man n.d I'.iMidj-. f n ,I, cr , >ecln, « .earck tor kl, ,„„. emplojln, IIIM.I.VCS, .>>„ y nrk d «(c«Irt. 'HlllnB,, convlnecd v aMHo ,., sir. Atllircj', .„. « n< Innocrnl of Ihf chtirte nsraln.! kin,, ,tl, ,„ , TorU to lirore Iklw. Thrre nld pain thst «hvaj-is (ollowed whenever she gave way to real cclint", hoping or caring—all tbosc litiablc. beautiful and fragile emo- ioits tliat go with youth. A Eoft-footcd servant announced dinner from tliu bVoad'^-dowway. Jim Field got to'bis feet and, pass- rig the servant, saw In the man's eyes that be had seen the evening's Tahlllo .n,,, k< n AI,KC , BY WII.MS TIIOKNTON NKA Service- Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON -Tii- secretary in Virginia politics, you know something of naval aifalrs. especially if ynu acid long service on Uiflj Naval Aff;urs committee, us Swan-f son did. Little time need be devoted to the regular extra assignment to the Smithsonian Institution and the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater Commission, but the navy secretary's assignment to the Council of National Defense and the Executive Council entails more definite responsibilities. Tn these days of oil-burning ships, it Is natural that the navy's civilian head should be a member of the Federal Oil Conservation Board. Two dependencies. Ouam and American Samoa, which are navy- administered, fall under the secretary's jurisdiction, as do th™ Naval Observatory nnd the Hydrographic Otlice, which makes maps and sur- i veys which a:rt navigation i ' • • 1 Perhaps even more than the anny. because of it.s great mass of expensive equipment, the navy is a business job. The huge ships and dockyards, the maintenance and repair of the great battio licet, and the supplying of its heeds, as well as the experimenting and planning for future ships, ah must be carried on under the eye of the secretary of the navy. Old-fashioned and courtly in manner. SWHRSOII was born In S-.vansonvHIc. Va.. 71 years ago. tlu-sc modern of the navy, in days, needn't be sailor, for the navy, like the army, has a.'pccls O f big b-.isiness that "re not less Important • than going to T kcj nellCTlnc n.iellc ralrMc,,. Cnlm. Jlonlh, Ia ( , r . ,„ Kr. »f.1tf« nC ker enc.-lsrme.l Colin. f-lrl.1 >*„„ M , ,„„„„,. ,„ a "• rr.n.k. l| c ,, d r.iellt *""• ""Idc lo eo (o Ha»a««. SOW CO OS WITH THE 9TORY CIIAPTEU XL, JIM FIELD »•«,[ on . slowly, -fvc cold here and becn feeling the I thought a few weeks In Hivana might pick mo up." What lie was thinking was, "At least I have the.Havana house. I «n sell it and with Estelle's income—" His vague reverie pic tured [lie two of them managing en a leduccd income, trying to siiavc expenses Ttio big place In ha too largo for anyhow, ft had a horde of servants to run It. Now tlicy would have to get along with only rv cook and tccond maid. There would bo others—no maid for Eslelle or valet for himself. Me gave Esteile's hand—grown liinii in his clasp—a hard and again moved loward the table She watched him down another stiff drink with A splutter and a gulp. Something WAS wrong, she Havana would llicm to keep always taken newspapers and about his wnges. was wondering [JAHLITO was glail lo fiuil Lottie ami Menu where lie liad left them. And witli Lottie's aims ahout his neck and her tear-wet face raised to nis ne felt a f.ilnt glow of warmtli. Lottie hail always cared and he was grato- ,il. No one else had always cared. "Oh, my Rod. it's good to eee yoif. 1'ablilo!" slie whispered unsteadily. "Wo thvjght sometimes you was never coming back! Wliere as you. any way?" She didn't wait for liim to answer. "Beau and mo liave kept the place going." slio went on quickly. "It ain't so popubr aa it was but If you'll start fighting again—" "I'm not going to." "Say, you don't neerl to! Tleau and me cleaned up good on a strip of land we bought. And you hare enough anyhow. Say. Pablito, you haven't been sick, have you? You're not lookin' EO terrible goad." "I never was 'so terrible good/ Lottie." "Oh, Lord—grammar again! Just sccin' you makes me excited and hero you start in on that grammar. I meant yon ain't lookin' any too well. But we'll fix you up! You ain't—married?" she ended with a gulp that told of her fright "Heavens, no! Do I look it?" "I didn't know. Beau's married. The girl was a dirty, sneakln' little crook and lio hadn't no notion of marrytn' her—hut she managed that. You ouglita hear her baivlin' him out—but (ben you will! When she gets started you could hear her to Key West on a clear day. Honey—" "Ycr-." "1 sot your room. I moved oula mine so they—Penu and her— could .have the, other side of the Imiiso. I didn't want to hear 'cm liglitin' nil the time! nut I'll move ,. „ ...,., ., .„.,,,. „,,,. lo lli _c ''•«' one it you'd rather I knew. One of tho tew vices Jim 1 Wi>s!1 ° t "round—in your room—" Hold had never acquirer! was over- NEXT: ir.irnlil T,. Ickcs. secretary of the interior. x Turk Sued Over Hal ISTANBUL IUP) — Twenty-five apiicar before a give evidence Turkish-made, witnesses Turkish that n court to new hat. . nnd guaranteed for llirce years, became unwearable after 31 days. Secretary Svranson. though, not n sailor, has always hirt an interest m [lie navy, us ali good Virginian* h&ve The sieat huso at Hninplon Thc disappointed purchaser Is SSM'vK 4 ' 1 '' 18 a "'""l^.the makers for another hat And when you Of KiprCif :ril:v-px fn t>lp Arlmlrjl Lord governorship and , h ,. ough lh c ci-es fo the o thc gf^^ purchaser mother compensatory damages. Admiral hero of (lie Nelson .was the battle of Trafalgar. C'li; ended with a hard flush but lie: cye-i. lifted 10 bravo in ihcir offer, t.ollio had nil changed. I'nblito saw miserably. "Aren't you over that yet, • •* _-v/>, ,J.f. Ul.ll JCl, l.Uf["'J ,u, tic?" lie asked hhinlly, hut ECnlty I hart n "Never mind!" *• »rol tie abruptly. Then b« in at her, as convincingly as lic| Hands on her shoulders, lie her gently anil then looked J the big, bare room 'that had I him thc feeling oC returning f Ho found little change <| surroundtrgs and this add feeling of horns-coming, l| stretch, of ground at the tho building tte heap of tin cans had grown higher-! gawdy pictures of tomatoes, | reaches anil apricots dimn the hard rains. Tlie groccrl new son "who crawled amoj Barrels and the tin boxes, wl ittlo more than he had wl Ills arrival, and the grocer's I daughter was to marry the f man who hail sung benoatl window before Pablito Ieft.| lie's hair had become an brown—an Improvement ov<| flaming auburn, he thought,! * * * r 1 the roof, looking down La Senora Tarra who sll a lower root hanging out hi ing, Pahlito enjoyed a hrtefl val of peace. Above him «r| bluest sky on earth- Below I one was singing -a love soj old Spain. The singer had voice—clear and sweet-toned! lito looked across a stretch ol green dotted with tall palml saw a hibiscus hedge, del scarlet. Down the road an i came slowly toward him. heavily laden •with sugar cad the morrow at some corner] rtere coirugalcil Iron bllnoj rolled high by day some I clanghlers of Havana woul| doubt, buy a slick of Hie -f nibble as they skipped l:i»\ • Tlie morning would v strolling Oblspo and 0'H«; walking through the park, s'td at the Cosmopolita for luncbJ going to l«i Union. I!e woil eating tlie dust of thc strdj his food and knowing the tho street as he ale. Then, elded, be would ride In a lurching taxicab down to thel and along the wall-guarded [ front where the glare from III row bay causes blue eyes shielded by dark pigment, to I and lower lids, for protection He would ride through the Vcdada where trimly dressed maids may be seen accotnpn elaborately clothed little chl on out lo Cerrn where lito IF almost entirely in tho then on to Hie Vlbora where his motlicr—Ills mother wli; drinking. Of course, she concluded wearily, with a blunt, m.tltcr-of- fact frankness Ilint contrasted unpleasantly with her carllo- moment of sympathy. It must lie some woman. Ho had u.nially had tils \vny witli women bin in a lone life- lime of pursuit (here was sure n l» one desired one \vhn would evade, perhaps with a cruel and mocktns laugh. "I hope Havana will mako yon feel much better." slie said gcnily. Vleld tlioiight of Estclle is she had been a few years earlier. Slie h.i.i . . , always spoken gently then. Again ] Ill1t i'ou'd como back. 1 n&ver «'»' home fo tilui; It r»s go; as lie looked down at her. S!ie shook her bead, set teeth on her lower Up nnd eyes brlinincil. "1 never will be." she assured him in a high shrill voice that trembled a little. her her ever seen. He would order (tie driver slowly along la callo San Ann and at a certain door lie look lone. For n moment Pn| . bitterness came hack to him. again the wonder of t>c even lonk to savin' my prayers' M 1 ua I" 1 "! swept over him. hlj eyes stung. " I rtine helorc. Well, it worked. "Well." he ansivereil. "we'll have I'm yo'ir rloorn:at with 'Welcome' » try at it-" Hts attempt at and wonderful, rwt convlccicj. Slie lliawiDi Qsd fcu^ht i Shs c}i5 cot rciV »e f« rli i:e;frll knew A moment more and this I a toot high. Say, It you j died away—IA know no how I f>;i you'd piiy the PaWllo had drearned to »fi| Mind. I aia'l g"i l-;t nnc lliouckrsh&rlng Jho bciutlcj of ?! bf.i-en and thjft jst. Q|j, j null ££".!!». ithti hid lltr. PiWito—." [ (To Ue Contlnucil) ^

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