The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 25, 1938
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOU'MK XXXV—NO. 32. Hitler Bclicvcc fimaturn o Leader Hy tluiled I'rcvi The N.T/J li<;lit for power in Czechoslovakia today Ihivalmed a new central Kuropcan crisis. Adoll Hitler, determined lo dominate middle Europe economically and politically, generally was credited with inspiring a speech by Konrad lleuleiu, Nazi leader in Czechoslovakia, demanding minority privileges and close coopenitioii with greater Germany, spcukin» dark), of dunger of internal or foreign war. Henlein's virtual ultimatum was hold and blunt. Premier Milan Hod7.:i called Hie Czech cabinet lo an emergency meeting, scheduled to reject the Nazi demands. The CVei'li crisis v.:is a cari'Iijilv planned move on the Kuro|ic.m chessboard and in Hie inner manner it was quicker and more drastic Ih.'in expected. Czcchoslavnkia and Houmania me il>e two vilal iwlnts in the Nazi campaign for economic expansion eastward. The presence of a large German minority in Cuechoslavakia has bee,, made the basis for a Nazi attempt to shift the country from its Blylhcvlllc Courier lle Hcrulrt Dawes Improves After Appendicitis Operation NKW YORK, Apr. 25 (UP) — (U'lieml L'barlcs (i. Uawos, former vice piv.sidcm. was reported in u "fitllsfuclory condition" by his physlmtj today afte)' un operation Jor acute- appendicitis. Dr. Henry W. K. Cave, who op- rrali'd on the i;cnoml last nj jSfiid "I Ihlnl: he is »oliii j . In l« I rlj;ln." THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ppl Valley Leader lilytlmvllle Daily Ne<,YU ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APK1I, 25, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Feeding the American Army From the Sky —-""-<•^Wfsv^x^'M - ^ '*> t > i •E %*%»: <.»&$*&, . V ','. Joiiosboro Captures Dish-id l-'diiv l.ilenvy Honors Awiai iT . (S) France and Russia (o the position of a satellite of greater Germany. Coincident with the Czech cle- niylhrvlllp hid i-coiv u! .|.|. ranked second in ihe nice tin- sweepstakes honors in Hie annual district literary nurl hel-l at Arkun:.:i.f State College Sntin- l;«r« lii<?li (,rtL«il (,'am VliU'h "cored 53'i points. Other l earns in Mississippi county who placed nml the number of points llii-y won wci'o Wilsun » and Manila. 1. Contesls in which Mississippi county students placed, the names of Ihe .student* participatim; and Ihi' places they won follow: History: Miss liillie l-c-Kgetl. Blytheville. third; Algebra: Thorn-' Seay, Blytheville, first; Typewriling: Miss Alice Ballba. Blytheville. second; Geometry: Jerry --— .. ^,.^,, uL"i Coni '". Blytheville. second; Vio- velopments activities were renewed I 11 " : Miss Am >' R"Hi Morris. Bly- all aloin; Ihc iiitematlonnl front Ulifvillc. first: Piano: Miss Marian - 'Tompkins, Blytlievllle. fcmrlli; Girls' speaking: Russia-Great Britain vigorously protested to the Soviets against secret arrests of Brilish citizens as violating the 1935 Anglo-Russian agreement. The Soviet pressed a new purge of "enemies of the state", arresting almost 35 priests] monks and nuns of the orthodox church on charges of plotting - ..— ., against the government. j second; Todd Harrison. Blyihcvillc, Washington — Reports in usually j tilird: Gil ' ls ' Blee club: Blytheville] reliable sources snid that Clermany l "' th L Boys ' B lcc cilll) : Blythe- wns building or planning to build' v '• - r >l warships, including five-super .. Miss Nedrii Iler- ryman. Blythevllle. third: Spelling- E. M. Terry jr., BIylheville. fourthEnglish: Miss Patricia Wood, Bly- llieville. second. Reading: Miss Deloro.s Psnltn- onds. Blytheville, second; Boys' Leonard McCain). Manila, 3) —$^~ How the U. S. Army can feed Us men, even though they be far from sources of supply. Is shown in these pictures, taken during maneuvers of the first cavalry division platoon near Fort, Bliss. Tex. A big bombing plane is sent aloft loaded with provisions. Locating the platoon on the river, the flyers Hi release a parachute carrying food supplies. Drifting slowly enrthward, (2» the rwrachule carries Us L-iii'den lo Ibe cavalrymen. They remove the bundle (31 from the 'chute, find (•!) that even egds are nol broken in the drop. This method of provisioning nn army unit Is especially effective where topography makes land travel difficult. first; Wilson, fourth; Girls' . . „ .... „ ™'" : .Jf 8 * Ucton* Psaimond.5. dreiidnnughts, which would surpass UI 5 IU1CV1|I °. second; Miss Lilly; the proposed American naval in- GrlmPii - Manila, fourth; Boys- crease. Iqitai'tette: Manila, second; John Chinas-Japan ealned- ground ini 1 !",'"' c ° letmn Slovens, Hob Her-southern' Shantm^pravinS ba K'^f "IT "" , Httnteo1 '. B1 - vlhb • •• - lb )nlle (Inrd; Girls trio: Wilson, was reiwrted that General Count .'unclil Terauchi, former war minister, had been recalled to Tokyo I because of the slow progress of tile offensive. Chinese claimed to have Ihrown back the invaders at Wnng- ivawu. near Talcrhchwang. Paris — The cabinet of Premier Edounrd Daladler adopted a dictatorial recovery program designed to end the economic crisis and save the franc. Emphasis will be put on . inrmisecl production. first; Miss Mnry Nellc Patterson. Miss Geneva Graves, and Miss Bonnie Jeanne Buchanan, Blylnc- Motion To Ask Refund Of A. T. Hudipeth Bond LITTLE nOCK, Ark.. Apr. Attorneys for A. T. Hudspeth, lor- I mer northwest Arkansas banker LoiHltm-Grent Britain and Ire- said Saturday Hint they would flic and ended a sis-year trade war | a motion with the supreme court by concluding n trade agreement j today lor an order requiring the expected to demonstrate the united front of Ihe British isles to foreign problems as well as lo ease the trade problem. Farmer Fights Weevils With Monoxide Gas JACKSONVILLE. Pla. (UP) _ George n. Mason, who owns a farm at nearby Hogan, has turned his corn crib into a lethal gas v chamber and is waging a successful fight against weevils and other destructive insects. Mason tried a carbon bisulphide j solution recommended by a county njrlciiUiiml agent, but wasn't satisfied with the results when he found liis insidious enemies slowlv pilfering his 4(,0 bushels of corn, -So he cut a hole in ihe tin barn, jackal up his automobile .so the exhaust pipe would be opposite the nperliire. attached a hose Into the building, and started the motor. The deadly carbon monixide fumes quickly did the job. clerk ol the court lo refund $8,000 Iwnd which (de court, declared forfeited by . Hudspeth in 19X5 and which Gov. Carl E. Bailey remitted by. gubernatorial proclamation Prlclav. Landon, Sr., 82, Is Gravely 111 A. A. A. Tourists Are Welcomed Here Sunday Fifteen Blytheville members of the American Automobile 'Association, Bruce Ivy of Osceola, who is also a member, and the Blythevllle school band greeted directors of the national group when they paused here yesterday afternoon on. the first day of tlielr annual Good' Will tour. '••-•• l / The 35 visitors who slopped at the Hotel Noble were welcomed by Clarence 11. Wilson, who.represent- ed Blytheville, and Mr. ivy, for Osceola.'in brief talks which were answered by Jlaryey Booth, of the Arkansas state -traffic department, and W. K. ; McComb, head of the Arkansas AAA. The band played several selections ivhlle the visitors were being served a salad plate at 5:30 o'clock before they went for a drive over the city. The party members left St. fxiuls Sunday morning, where Ihe loin- started, had lunch at Cape Girardeau. and then came here. They spent last night in Memphis and are in ijttile Rock today before going lo ra Dorado and other points. I T€LI YOU BY BOB BURNS The other day I lic.ird a politician braggln' about how many miles of good road he had put In and how much money he had spent on relief. It hounded awfully nice but I do think he shoulda Riven the taxpayer a little credit for It. It's like my Aunt Dutt.y when she was proudly showln' her new Easter bonnet the other day. she says "The beautiful part of It lg that J earned nil the money to buy (his new hat nvyself," I says "Well. How dldja earn tho money?" and she says "By cntlln' down on my Inuband's lunch,'' Burglar Gets Tires At Lion Oil Company Office Tlie Lion oil company's combination office and warehouse was entered last night by someone who stole a number of tires and lubes and possibly some oil. An inventory was being made today to check the loss. The burglar broke the glass in | the front door so that be could imlnck ihe door. or STnlEISUPnElP Supreme Court Rules Arkansas Department Coij- tvols Pipe Line Sales : " WASHINGTON. Apr. 25. (UP) — The supreme court ruled today that the Arkansas department of public, utilities has jurisdiction over pipe ;ine tap gas sales of Ihe-Arkrinsas- Louisitina gas company to', individual industrial consumers. The controversy concerned only gas sold by the company under contract lo Die Camden gn.s company for distribution through lhat firm's distributing system and to approximately 40 industrial plants served by subsidiary split lines, tapped directly Into the Arkansas Louisiana's main pipe line. The company contended lhat In- solar as these operations were concerned lhat it was not subject to the Arkansas utilities department's control because U was In Interstate iommerce. Slate Revokes Permit For Growing Marijuana DE r.AND. Ha. CUP)—Protests by parents of school children have brought about revocation of a permit issued for production here of marijuana. The permit had ben issued by the state board of health lo J. E. Batchelor. who wanted to raise the marijuana weed lo produce canary ' seed. Jfarijuann seed frequently Is , found in bird food. It is said to make canaries sing oflener, louder and more .spiritedly. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 2.V (UP)—Cotton closed steady, open .. 879 May Jul. | Ocl. ' Dec. ] Jan. Mar. 893 806 899 907 high low close 885 878 879 892 885 887 883 85 G 899 905 900 904 905 912 895 897 899 907 Stricken with a heart attack on the eve of his 82d anniversary,John M. London, above, father of All M. Landon, was rushed to a Kansas City hospital and placed in an oxygen tent. Physicians reported he was "very ill." Scheduled lo address a Topeka audience, tha 1938 Republican presidential nominee lurned over his address lo be read and hurried to ^Ins father's side. Spols closed quiet at 885. oft 9. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 25. (UP)Cotton futures closed •) to 9 lower today. high low May Jul. Oct. Dec. JR11. Mar, open . 895 . 902 . 909 . 909 . 911 817 898 904 912 915 915 922 892 900 908 909 911 917 close H93 900 909 912 915 920 Spots closed steady at S04, off 7 Charles Matthews Is To PI., Drop Sliips * Al n Hnli HKNDAYK, I'-nmco-Spaiilfli nun- HIT, Apr. Mil. 1 1)}')- -Niiliim.'ilbl plains In'iivlly bombed Ilir port, ol Vllli'lirto Utility. killing HI |«'l-,(Ml': unil wounding more lliun 'HI. iu- chiitlii" n[ the f)nm Project Attached To Appropriation Bill WASHINGTON, Apr. S!i. (UP) — Tlie hoiiKc (inlay acce|i(ed u sen- ale HiiU'iulini'iil lo Ihe Independent, olflci'. 1 ; hill, appropriating M,(ll!l,- W:U lo :;Uill conslrucllon of the tillliciiEi'llle, Ky.. dam on Ihe Tcn- ni'ww liver, a vilnl link In the TVA ili'Vrlnpniuil. Tin- cull cull wtlo ivu.',' IS'J lo IK. two llrltlsli Milps whli'h were Mruck! by lit.mb;,. Hn- broke out In ihi-' port. A;. Ihe naUoHalbt:; irtiewi'il IhHv MiulU, nn loyalist i-llles fium lln 1 (leneiahsr.lmo I'nuiolscu VVnu <ii Court Says Parlies Musi cpiin'-lf, Agreeably Uu- i'|- New Divorce Rule ullsl lines ul three widelj :,ep:ira(i':l (minis. 'Ihe prlncl|ial developments weiu; 1. Trl-motciri'd nationalist bmnb- crs swept down from their new nlr base on Ihe Kbro delln and dropped •1(1 bombs on Ihe imrl nf Valencia. One member ol the crew ol Ihe Hiillsh ship Hlnnrakt! was killed. Tliree members of Ihe crew of Ihe Brlllsh ship Celtic Slur wi-ro wounded. The decks and sltles of both .vtilpi were dniitiificd when they were hit l>v bombs. a. amir -l.{l(l(l loyalist were killed In n bailie at Alcala de Sehlcverl as the nalbualbds continued their drive down the coastal highway on Ciistullim and Valencia, going he- yoml Alcoccler on (he sea. Mrs. Parr Nominated Joncsboro Postmaster WASI1INOTON, Apr, B5. (UP)- Presldent Roosevelt today sent l»l UTTU-: HOCK, Apr. i.'i. I'ctliiral Stalule Replaces One Inval i da I e d By Court In 1936 WASHINGTON, Apr. 25. (.UP)-. The supreme, court today alflrmeU, Ihc constllnlionnllly ot the .iiev/ mualeipnl bnnkrnptcy net, passed, by conaress to replace a bankruptcy .statute invalidated by the court In lllllii. The decision, read hy Chief Jiis-< llci; Chnrlcs Brans Hughes, was by u six to two volu with Justice James !•'. Mcricyiiolcls ond Plerco Butler. N, U'i|irHcil the lUive yews Mtpniiiloj , , , , , in./.->eiiuuK. ou5vii.e iseniumin. w, t lo.l»y ""caniozo. long absotil frointKc court lx .',4>n!il-Tiln I . *?..... . . .' provision at the Ar- , );l (' c iccaiise of Unicss, did not partlcN illvorci' law lo contemplate ,.. "In concert of" un the part of parlies seeking a divorce. The hltih tribunal reversed u Union county chancery court decision which grunted Dr. U. K. While a divorce from Mrs. Mary Lynn Whlti; on llm grounds Ibal llu'lr nepiiraU: iiialiilenancc was nol volmitiiry on Ihi! jiart of Mrs. White. The new urmmil for divorce law rends: "When husband and wife have lived apart for three ccmsecullve years without cohabitation Hits court shnll Krnnl mi absolute de- Chlef Justice Grlll'ln Smith gave. 1 ltc<t argument to applicability of the opinion that Ihc "UuiRuase the net to the firm Involved must bu treated as If the plural 'they' had been used ami when so construed It would vend 'when they have lived apart. , ." This contomplnles," he said. , other court action Uxlny Included: Atnrmatlon ot the action oflowei' coiirUs in dismissing a request by the Tennesseo Electric Power com- puny for nn Injunction to Jmlt i* liropnscd $4,000.000 public works t'linit mid loan lo the city of Clmt- tunooi;a for conslriictloii of a municipal power system. Approval of u federal power com-. mission request to speed argument on Its light to Investigate the,a(- fulrs of six Pennsylvania ntlllUei; funs. The court set argument ' of the ease for April 28 Instead, of Mny 2 as nskcd by tho utilities. Acceptance [or argument of n i' conceniliig tho new repealed Uankhead coliou act. Tho court llm- r t>vu vv llm mill 4IIVUtveU U1LK not consider the constitution- allty ot tho measure. llejecllon of rates established by the secretary of agricultures for live. slock commission handling at ths ICa lisas City stockyards. Will Hold Final (looking School Session Tuesday • . •..itnv. t iv HI/HJL \\-\\, lUUil.) r>UllL ilj' l ni» <-UI 11 L!Hl|MLt \Vli t ||t? fiuU], "»"*" v ^unmnaoiwii HUllUilll^ O,lj HiO the senate Ihe noinlnnlloii of Moy "nn agreement or uiidcrstfliidlne 1{nllsn -' i City stockyiu-cls. . R. Pun- lo be postmaster (it Jones- between the parties tlmt they will • Upholding constitutionality ofthci boi-o, Ark. (net In concert of purpose." i IK!;) "filled milk" act whJch fixes i In tho cnso which Mrs. While j cerlftlu standards for condensed. annealed from irntnn nmmui />Kr.n_i milk. Fuller To Speak At Approximately 225 Blythevllle women attended the opening session of the Courier News cooking school this afternoon-at the felly 'audl- : torlutn. Tlie final session will be held tomorrow afternoon, beginning at two o'clock, when n number of substantial prizes arc to bo given a way. Miss Bonnie Duke, widely known cooking specialist, demonsraled the finer arts of cooking to the women, who were enthusiastic In their praise of Miss Duke, (be modern equipment which she used and the foods prepared. A number of prfaes were given nt the close of the program. Copies of the recipes used In lo- day's demonstration were distributed lo I lie women. Wcddington Gap, Ark. I WASHINGTON, Apr. 35. (UP)— ; Representative Claude A. Puller . appealed from Union county chan-| eery court it was pointed out Hint White had fiiiBnesUid thai she leave for a short visit with lives In (\uothor city. Shortly nflcr she left It was said Ihc husband (lied suit for divorce m;}jiL-;ji.-iiuiuYi- vjmtuie a. t'lmerj 1 " 1 - mi.-Mjiuni iiicu sun, lor divorce (Dem., Ark..) said today lie would nll( l moved from the family home attend Saturday's dedication cere-!' 0 ft hotel In the same city (El monies of (he land utllfet.tlon Dorado) where he-maintained .the projects at WedOlnglon Gap, Ark.; slalus 0[ separation for three ' years "In disregard of retfiicsU from his wife thai he return Rift Rumored for Auto Heir The decision \vns reversed directions to dismiss (he complaint. with justices E. L. McHancy aiui.Hrday. Negro Fined $50 On Assault Charge Today Sammy Echols, negro, was. fined; $50 nfler having entered a plea ot guilty In municipal oourt tofl»y on a charge of assaiilt with, a 'deadly weapon. I.Ie ,ls alleged to Imvs knifed another negro. " " 'flic cose of W. S. Barnes, charged with assault with a "deadly weapon, WHS continued until Sat- n ip LITTLE ROCK, April 25 (UP)— Governor Carl E. Bailey today named Charles M. Matthews of Lake Village to serve the uncxplr- cd ter mof the late County Judge E. P. Toney who died last week. Matthews resigned this afternoon as deputy U. S. internal re-venue collector to accept Ihe county Stock Prices NEW YORK, Apr. 25. (qp)— A better (one in aviation and railroad shares steadied the slock market today after a decline of fractions to more than two points. Ac- tivlty continued low. STOX A. T. & T J28 5-8 Anaconda Cop 28 3--I Assoc. D. G n Farmer Fatally Hurt On Road Near West Ridge LEPANTO, Ark.. April 55.—W P. Recce. 55, tenant farmer on the Chapman Dcm-y lands 1C miles northeast if here, was killed Friday nlglit West Ridge when a truck struck him as he was fixing n punctured tire on his car. He and a friend were returning from the wrestling matches at Etowah when the accident occurred. The driver of the truck was a farmer of (lie Etowah vicinity. He brought the victim lo Lepanlo for medical aid.'bill Mr. Recce died en route heic. The accident was termed mi- avoidable by witnesses. The victim is survived by Ills wife and three children, Osages To Open First Strictly Indian Museum PAWHUSKA. Okla. i UP) — One of the proudest of American Indian tribes, the Osnge, will open the. only museum to bc owned and controlled by an American Indian tribe early lei May. Tentative opening date for the Beth. SWel 48 1-4 | institution has been set for May 2. Boeing Air 27 1-8! The modern stone building once Chrysler 44 5 _ B i was the bell-towered chapel of the Cities Serv \ |.s|old Osage Indian school, high on Gen. Elcc 35 n hill overlooking Die city of Paw- Gcn. Mot. 31 3.4 buskfl. Int. Harvest CO j The museum was begun as a Montgomery Ward 33 Wi'A 1 restoration project in 193fi N. Y. Central 12 1.3 and was completed In 1937. Open- Packard 4 1.0 ing ceremonies will be shared In Phillips Pet 34 1-4 Radio 61-4 Schenly Dlsl 19 1-4 Simmons [g \.i Socony VJe ."... . 13 1-4 Std. Oil N. J ] 47 7.3 Texas Corp 383-4 U. S. Steel j-i May Jul. Chicago Wheat open high I 0 \v close 831-4 833-8 821-8 821-8 81 811-4 805-8 805-8 Chicago Corn close May 691-8 591-4 587-8 587-8 Jut. C07-8 SOT-8 GO 1-2 601-2 ceremonies will be shared equally by tribal and civic leaders. Curator of the museum, which will contain articles of Indian craftsmanship, relics and historical Hems. Is Miss Milan Mathcws. sister of John Joseph Mathcws, noted Osage writer, author of Wah-Kon- Tah. Among relics to IK Included In the museum will be the belongings of Old Baconrlnd. lent, by the Smithsonian Institution; a letter from one of the early Chouteaiis, I famous French exploring clan; old j manuscripts; sacred bundles of the old religious bone needles, and many oilier items illustrating- hunting, religion, war and play. Much of the credit for the tribal achievement goes to the Oiage council, elected in 1034. of which Fred. Lookout Is chief. Frank Smith dissenting. Aflirmlng ci Garland county decision the supreme court held (hat the Chitwood'Motor company and Al Miller, a representative of Ihe firm, were not liable for an accident In which M. C. Lowls was Injured and sought $30.000 damages for Miller's negligence. According- lo evidence offered, a party with Miller I i v H Springs after an * l|ni . ( ,' ilurs nicotine ul Lit-' Lewis cqronte to automobile deali tie Rock when the accident oc cmrcd. Testimony presented pointed oul that "•-- ' ' ' • - - had Five men were fined $10 each ori charges of public drunkenness oc forfeited bonds of that amount. J. L. Guard.Continues To Be Critically lit J. L. Guard, who has been crltl- 111 since Saturday, was slight- overt this afternoon. Mr; underwent an emergency appendicitis Thursday night at the Blythevllle hospl-r till and complications later dc- "If they had not stopped for C ' a beer and 5n ndwiche.V Tic opln- 1 WM probabllitlcs arc they been in Hot Springs by the accident occurred." bc e ' vcn Wm Ulis atte V- Haw - Girl, 12, Bids For Youngest Co-Ed Honor WAXAHACHIE. Tex. (UP)—Sue Allyii Stripling, 12. of Nocona, TC.X., a student at Trinity University here, Is believed to be (he youngest co-ed in an American college. Miss Stripling, now completing her freshman year, is a candidate for an award annually given the freshman making the "highest av- trogo for the year, but that item rovers only one facet of her personality. She was ollcred scholarships by schools In all parls of the nation, but she chose Trinity because its curlcuta. in drama, romance lan- nnd biology appealed lo guages her. Entering last fall with her youth \ as a handicap. Miss Stripling easily "nmde" the Players Club, a Ounrd, of Caruthersville, has returned here after having beeiv here for the operation, a niece, Mrs. Charles Alleil, Mr. Allen, find daughter. Patsy Ruth, of Hor- nersvllte, Mo., are here, a brother, George Guard of Equality, 111., la to arrive this afternoon, and Mrs. Oeorge Hale of Sikeston, Mo., who came down Sunday, remained while Mr. Hale, who' accompanied her. went back. C. A. Guard of Equality. Ill,, his father, was .already here having recently come down for an extended visit. It Happened One Day When Worker Lost Job WABASEf, Lnd. (UP) — Jones Wcesner was the first Wabash citizen to apply for Indiana; state unemployment. compensation. Ha was the first b receive, also the first to lose It. Weesner was latd oft at the Wabash cabinet company. The next ,.._ ,. C ppi ied for unemploy- mcmaei —' Wments. His appli- horseback! cntlon was °Pproved the same day. ; The same night, however, he was , called back to work. Humors ol a new marital rift between Muriel Sisman Dodge, lop, and Horace K DodRe. below, Detroit, son of the late automobile manufacturer, nave ucen heard In social circles recently. There were reports in Detroil that a divorce soil had Been filed, bui the only record ol a divorce suit was a pelilion Hied by Dodge Aug II. 1933. and which was dismissed (Jet 1. 1936. Dodge and ins wife were married in Eneland In 1928. ' dramatic organization, her fbsti morn ' n 8 "» •.*>!"•«« >"i uucminuj tryout. Her recreations include I meilt oenefit payments. His appli- vcntrlloquism, golfing ' ' - cntlnn wns nnnrnu»/i iv,« „„,*,<, ^o,, riding and tennis. Her choice in boys is Ihe "smart" football player type. Miss Etripllug weighs 110 iwtmrfs and Is 5 feet. 3 inches tall. instead of being ridiculed because ot her age, she has gained the admiration of all her fellow »ran Imprisoned In Tree ROME (UP)-A. man who had. been imprisoned for three day* In a tree lnmk !n here ho heard students. "histrucf'oi-s""nnd"olTicia!s '''' "^ ' . He w f cutting branches of the university because of her ? om tf ] e top ° f the (ree when ha i-iirnriif n«j .,„!..., fell and was caught In a hole hi the trunk caused by lightning. vivacity and poke. . ^?BU^ K ^ C %P C ;^,- WEATHER" j zoiia today had its first "KenlucRy ! C r?ff n «'", wlU) " le , a PJ» ln tment of Arkansas-Partly cloudy tonight; ' Jeff D. Milton, veteran of service Tuesday cloudy, with the Texas rangers and many Memphis and viclnlty-Fgh- 10- ottier law enforcement bodies, to night and Tuesday; not much an honorary membership on Ihe change In temperature; lowest ten* slafl of Gov. R, o. Stanford. I perature tonight, 62 to 66.

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