The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1946
Page 5
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'_ SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1045 •LTTHEVtLLa (AXXJ OOURIEE KXW8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOftSALI .«i|l>< blkf. Kckulll. »tw tire., jifu )'»[nt. 'I', nil M«bry. 423 Mlinnurl. J-hoiic 3tt'J7. 11-yk-ltt ™u frtr Um li m Chart* 10(1 acrt< fiirin, Set l>avc 1m- i l.i':irlivllli>, Ark. 11 1 i—Ij ••- — B0« i vizi iK'ttUr^rurz— {S par 11>. par fey HIIZIII I* '•(i iu-n-K. On &rav,-l roAil, ne.iv Mu»il:i. U'un'n \viri- /em-,' mil! miss frmv. It,-M'l>'iiri-. Un:i nrnl mio U'nant hoik*d. IVi.v.l fnr i|iiii-k n\e. a* ACHKS. Highly iirnilnrtlvt lain! lira.' (tarumiy. u ml Him' fnl ACKI'.K. On }li;rliw!,y 3D. NK Jiff.[in. ArK. A KIIPI! trai'lor fa lm uHI, •»* a4J»iUii«it of tijf iiade7""•••• , {10 .\<'HKS'. l-:»>i>inl«niilly 'ciu'nl l.olton i. !L S 1 "'!' 1 * 11 AiUenUing eon? Kb- | farm. Almni •> nill.-i ' soullnv*il .if ItIM Ojr per«on. re«idiij B outalde of laa Ki. rYam-is. Arl. A one umu tmloi . -iileil by cask. Kate* farm. •T M «ajilj confuted from th« alora UV Imv,. Inu-i-rs for all lyiifs .i r ,,| s l*?i Jl «- 1 i)f farm lan.l. l.isl ,, ill, ||« f..r nilicu word, to U« lli<. •**PP*4 b«for« «zp1r«tloQ wlU b« eb*r|ad i Mid •4^aitni( Py«»r All UIoil • ItUd by pe city miut t« "h , , I "' ' AdT4rti«lliK ord.r for Irrc^aEar lna«r- sail- lioBI Ukn Ihu i)n» t!m, ,,[,. . ('., M li'li.-ri•<• Insuranc.. anil Ural N« iMiioHlUllty »l)l ba Uk» for mon Ajifn.'}- Oflk-i- Mtnila. Ark T.-] U.B «D< iaeorrect InaerlJo of >ny clai- • i*i'j a^_ ForSmb I l-lik'LS 'ara- rOL»:ii |it:icl>. Good used radios with 30 day guaraitice. Reasonable li .i"" i ' < "i"« s v""',,,'"''"';,.,.!', 1 ''"', */."' 00 ' 0 - M .prices. Perry's Radio Serv- ^" "••<•.••.?..'• : '"-«"'i. ''«i«i»-'.' .'..'"S.-.: ic* Co. Phone 34M. 1211 \V. Main. 0-10-ek-tt ):,ni> Wlilto Hock fryi-rs. 5lrs. sun. l'li<ill« i9Si. rn. F-II' tiai-tur. 'i'i -._-. i?.it ! n j ifi'^SoHiiiiFrii 1 (rlii-lor; 0 fnot iiniil.^iii ' ' r "" Ll1 ' Ar>; ' .cvv AH ',,"„„„„,:. disc; Oisi- \n-t> in A-1 Klia]"'. SHOO ciibl rVrroll, Itr. I. .Vnylur, Mil. 9 |,V-H1 1 V \.-n ll-pk-ll C;i nl Sinilli n( ilull.n.,1. Kino i,.u,i. won i,,,,,™v..d. '"''iv;;-, 1 ."'!?;'-.,"]?' -,-„ 't^ ,',''7'^ l.i-ai.Ufiil lii,iii,.. Soiilli u f cnuiuy. Jiu-j j ""' ll '" * l>1< - ' Il0nc • l « ! >-'._ II -lil-l' o'" n'-'s." 7 niiiM (ni.,1 Diyiiirviiie ,,n' Six Room Residence, lights Hiitiivniy 6i. GOM.I I,,,,,,.,.; ?nir, ,, 0 r water, no bath. A bargain SJ900 Cash. H. C. Camp- 24 urros, l.illto lli>-l-r land. 2 miles ul -Monli.tusu, .Mo., $100 |,or ai-rc-• SKO ui'ri.s. t'usliir Hlvor l.iini! '.Vt«I i.I Kiki^lun, Mo. (Jooil iiii|irovetuenii. *7.'i ],« r acre. FMdior Fi.slu>r, iiliiin. -'4SIJ. Vnk.lO bell. Phone 44(i or 2«.HO. G-pk-lG .\fw .ml di.,,,, 4 r(m ,,, 5 a ,,,i ta , k . i ""-•;•; l.«r K « scr,,..,, ,«,r,-h. 1 acre i.f Kround. ' ' '"" On gravH road IU ,!ic i'tlgc of [ov.n. ] Cily nalcr. Hi'o or cull ilax J.o K .in. ! I'linii,. -JU:M nr S02 Lynch ItuiUlill.-. I . ii-rk-ia i,,,, Mini; .Slaliim. <ifio,l locntiii: liusini-ss. KL'llin^ on acuii ivilli of iliMlli. 7-lik-M Service* \Valinit .lunny Linil IJeu. In nialli irivcil fiiul foiinilattnn^ , i'jialr.'il. Call l!li iir si-,' Tiaiik C'rin k,-n. ISiU 4 row Rotary Hoe. Hildrod ^ Bunch, Yarbro. 5-9-pk-lo Ir>m- canning of {mils aiul \t-fcl 2U yrs. i-xporii'inv \villi (iri'ssnnr IT. Mrs. Afnrs Marr, 111^ K. like HOME for Ford Service surTsflinfct ' . (ioo.l riindiliii Pliniic £!I20. NV'nsliiu^ niii] iriinin^. finis],,*,! or Ton^h H!> '•'•• I 'dry, also i[,!ills anil lilank.'ls Willie 17 ! Ki-ll (Jrei-n. l',.-lii.;.[ C'ily IP,. I'laiil. 01. !).|ik-r>t9 ll). : .k.|7 |(,.|| (; r ,.,.,,. Ill- N Micliwav 01 lll-lik-17 i - ' — Sn.all .Moik ,,f sroia-rios; |i:,ir I.f Day- ' HoUSB-mOving, leveling, TC- •I.K-S. cnii imai.' K-pk-i'i I pair of foundations. 12 yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Fnley, C Postal Cards and one 8x10 enlargement $2.85. O'Steen's Sluilio • phone 3917 or .'{292. 5-7-ck-U' 2 \vater couli-r.s. liani] smv willi 4 saM's. Ki|i snw. '.'_. li.|>. molor nail 11,'xLl,!.- stiKft fur l<u(fii>6. I'lione 50<j. 7-]it-l 1 One 1941 Kanor D.-lnsc Htirluy Dayiii In Kcnnl coinlllitni. Will fiii;,,KO. fail lit SHCII at Kills liiinluliiciil Co. 7-ck-Jl Get your car ready for ; Spring and Summer driving P H I L L I PS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnnt at Fifth—Blylheville, Arlt. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements 1"« D«mocratio pritoMij: HHEKIFF AND COIXBCTOB V/ILLIAM BtflRYMAN COUNTY JUIIGK OKNK E. BRADLKT ROLAND GRKZN ron TAX AsausaoB DOYIJ; H1NUENSOM W. W. "WINK" WATSON OIKCUIT CLERK HAKVEY UORRU COUNTY COUNT C'LEU EI.IZABtTTH BLYTHK COUNTY TREA8U DELLA PURTl STATE ALENE WORD E- O. FLREMAN '-; 1JeHT -rFi "DUKIB" SPECK L. H.- .AUTRY W. J. WUNDERUOH BTATK- 8ENATO* 4. U£E BEARDKN JEFFERSON W. SPECK 'Traffic accidents killed n total of 11,160 persortK during the Itrsl nix inonihs or 1S4S, uccordlng lo rfo- BABY CHICKS Finest quarity at all times. Coinplclc line .of poultry feed. The handiest place in town. "We Buy FraKrr * Km* Chcs'fcr Lewis Poultry '11!) East Main St. FRIENDLY SERVICE Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Maip Phone 3fil6 Bale* - Phillip* Kobbuon Bcrrlc* - FHU for Kent heater. Cull '20ST. Grocery Store and fixtures. See F. M. Davis. 1101 S. [I-ake St. , 5-G-pk-5-20 PHOTOSTATS of your service discharge. O'Steen's 1 Studio. 5-4-ck-tf A prnclically now fc.. Lni. Call 3135. Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf 5-7-pk-6-7 llnve ynnr rnfl-S cU-fti\eil },y thft Vnn Mcl.r:.ilci- ini-lhiiil—New—M'l.ili.rn—Ynii oill I..- inniiuil liow much dirl h:is covered tin- hcnuty of your runs Business hnnnt-5 anil nlficcs—nftcr liours service. Mill Htmiinc. cull 2KI7 7-|ik-l 1 Lot on .bus line, I*ake Street. Price §500. H. C. Campbell. Phone 446 or -2930. 5-10-pk-5-14 .Diiyrr r»n n>,il.::,« n iluplra..-Also !•-. rni.m ni.ulrrn liniis,'. Klci.],.. Mn., llmli lionscs prii-i-il to Hell t)UicV. liniiiciliato Iin»MiMi<»i. Will ronriilrr Irniltt fur farm or ^iinil ^uinj; btis[nes& J. A. Hill. Kl.'Olo. Mo. lO-fk-17 Hivlrlinni. Mill, or williout Vili-l,,.,, ,,iiv ilp^ts. I'litin,! 2903. n[|pr 0 |,.in. 10-]ik-Ut I^lnrilicatiuii fcilli NOftnor, tanks, u-ill or (jlu. ivntcr BJ-steiil complete chemical tanks, bttirai;* sell cheap. Cnll 2(>Jli Orocery slore with living .juarlers. 10- tetlit-r with 4 rental house's. Aiiprox- jmaUly 2 acres of land. Fronts UJ Hwy. 61, tiortlers on Cotlon Holt R.R., ideal location for industry. See lliiclnnan'a (iorccry, H. Hwy. 01. , 4-ljk-OH New /e&land white rabliits. 3 does and a 4 compartment hutch In your Lark yard. Will do wonders to relieve lt;C meat shortage at your house. 'A |ied- i^reed Lred Goes with liutch $0"0, 3 registered hrcd ilocs with hutci:, 575. Koutli Side llabhitry, 3 miles So. H«-y. 81. lilythuville. Ark., I'hone S320- 15-[ik-5;i6 I.&wn mowers aliariiencil and reiiaiis. All ly|,rs anil kinds. Wi; Rpccralizu in power mower fibarpenin); and motor overhauling. VM. we pick up and deliver. Hlylhoille ilarhine Shop. ^ «|12-ck-lf Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water : softener. 2-21-ck-tf Piano, f'owlston School of Music, fan seen at 809 CKickasftvvta or en!l -10. 24-rk-lf Allen Motor TUTIC-H|> m^cliitio fac- y recondilioncr I.ce Motor Rslea. Knst Main. I'tiotiB 509. 4i20-cli-tf Wood, 85.S. N. 10th. • Wanted To Buy 10-uk-t-l O'SU-i-n';; r.ioru. liu-liL'ri •2 1* E. .Davis •rivilrici's if »].-sir,"L sKnl aiinrhiifiit wild kilrlit^u nrlvi- Ks. Jf,04 \V«-sl Mi-nrii .Si. 1'Ji Fitr.iiK.iPil Four Konm house with Ijath. We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetable* Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Hwy. (M at Stale Line I'hone: Klythcville 714 licilroorti, near town. Call 20S7. 6-jik-lS Ueilroom, 31-I N. Ott. rbone 2338. 814 17. Miilh. I'bone 2',V.\?,. 17-pb-S|Lfl Wonted to Trade Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., .?J d -^Y* l P- u A--- ? -j Help Wanted nistributor H-.inlr<] fp\\ now pnH^udn! Itiiztinlin (Jim \villi In per rrul I)])T. .Stll.lio l liouse. I'liotic 223D. 30|ik5|30 iVu jiay cssh for used furniture, one piece or a house full. Call 2^02, Atvin Hardy Furniture Co, 4[10-clc-tf Wonted to Rent r'urnisheil apartment or two bedroom lionse. Call 2fiiiO. rermanent, 13-clt-lf Lost MiiM's ]'..,. l{|. CliirkavawlM. lit J)I>T soldtinn . nlios I sinni' ilisirilmor. Knsl nuivni^- rtMu'iU il,-ni. Aihertisi'il OVIT rarlio slntion KI.CN in 3'iinr rily. Aililress llux 01.M. Caru Courier Kvvs. 10.]ik-ll CnXSTKUOTION \VOKKEItSI Mrn nnil Wiiinen. Hnnilruils o[ Iji^ jobs ni>^- nnik-r wny in tint Uniluil Sinus ami Fori'iiin Coimtrii^. Kxrotlt^nl vv-.ns^i nnil bonuses. Scnil one iloll:ir for nur lali-s] rcixirt fif prnjiTls. isivi'S IIM-S. lion. ronl r.inor. nn,l iilbor ilrl:iil'. CoilMrnnion Hri-rnrrli HurMiu. !!'« Head Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads 0 Bu. Whippoorwilf 1'e Blyfhcviile Curb Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-ti CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs — Records and Accessories. Haltery and Klectric itadios 219 W Main Phone 3MJ! Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. WE PAY HEMS --Today-- COX 24c 15c Prices subject to Market Changes Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg. * BABY CHICKS S lo 5 days old—M to $12 per i Several breeds — Feeds, Founts — Feeders. ELEVATOR FEED STORF Broadway at R. R. Trmc** Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Farmers Furniture Store Now Located at 405 East Main St. Nciv and Ustil I'urnUure ETTER SERVICE Loy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Ga< end Oil' 301 West Walmit PhoM 57S Bee owners nlong the Nile plwcu their lilvL-S (in btuxl.s und flout thoin tu rPRlons wlicvc tlowers me aljundnnt. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick U» and DeUvM Just Received! Electric Irons $6.70 Pint Tax We Buy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Main Phone 2407 Perfect repuiriijg fur today's ex- '[|ublte fooUve^r assured when rebuilt in our modem shop. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshen! Stcwk Guaranteed teat PrlM* Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— Tomatoes, in carh—Flal mrtrh CubbHKr. —Ccrllfled Potato PUala ELKVATOR FKKI) STORE Rruudnay at R. R. Triekm Kills Rots Roaches Biddle Extcrminaton Member NnfL Feat Ontral AX1 115 B. Third Si. l*fc»ne tin DON EDWARDS Th» TTP*irrM«r Mt»" IIS M. ri'KZXT MOETAJMJI | .rmotn n FO» BALE CONCRETE STORM 8EWE8 AM team rh« tt «r Than Brioic Lanabat OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CIO. Phaiat Ml Oweab, Ark. Dr. J. L. Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELR 209 W. Main SERVICE See us about your wethmirto.1 trouble. Our expert mechanic* working with modeni , ( ttxilB and tHjuipmcnt ran pot your car in iof condUtaa. We elso have a paint and liody Khop rcitalr servlee. W« vill fix your car or boy year 'car FOR CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stocks of P«rl« Fer CfcrjsVr 111 E. Local & I.onf Distance Moving Competent Help and cqutpnent. Adequately Insured. Contrict Hanllng and Misc. Services. Home Service A Storage Co. PQOD* =301 Useless <3E\\\Vi6 BY EDGAR MARTIN r TOS^SCiiYfWVV CORM.WR. SttVV'TO ^O MOCV\ OVSJXSJ SOMlViDVl i yx?£ & ' VCfe «tV4.VO^v aocns'-«u\ ''; OOVJTJ TRy-TO: esoc cos* WOM •..<>,-• I ^ cpM -r %t , *:• J-^ -m BWS.I;. ? l -r*rT—-i RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make o r rnoHei Reliable V u «rkmariship. ?HONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred CoHHiM Electrical Appliance Co. 106 So. First St. FRECKLES AND HIS FRTRNDS FOR SALE 35 TONS of D& PL Planting Seed From 7944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Mm* 2348 Residence 2309 HECTOR, IF I FINANCE A $2.50 BOX OF CANPV. DOVOU SUPPOSE Spotty Affair" BY MERRILL I3IX>SSEt I CANT EVEM SEE J BEHIWD THE H'LDA ! WHERE'S /RED POlKi-DCT SHE HIDING ? .-/CURTAINS,DOPE/ -^ "?£W^r • V^^^m-A M AF.LEY OOI' AND ITS A CAMOUFLAGE GOT THE It's bOOK! THE BA.TTLE HAS B6&UW--SARTON HAS OPEWfcP FIRE ON ATHENIANS' BY V. T. HAMn.TOM

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