Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 5, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1896
Page 3
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ff ), V' Let The WMe World KnowThe Good -• ' Dr.Mies'Heart Cure Does THE RAILROADS Brighter Future for the Wabash "Improvemerits in Store. ——— 4, FAST TIME SCHEDULE General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. H EART DISEASE, h,v Its victim at a disadvacta-jo. Al^v.yg taught th^t heart dlsoaso la Incurable, when the symptom" become wcildclluod, tho patient becomes iiliirtaiod and a ttorro<» p.iak- takes place. But when a guro roiuedy Is found and u euro c (recced, after TC.IIS of su!?o?lnff, there Is groat rcjolctns anil dcslro to "let the wbolo world kiiox." Mrs. Laura Wlne- Injer, orSolklr!;, Kansas, vrltc.4; "1 doslro to let Uto wholo world know what Dr. Miles' Tir ]YH1?^ r Heart Cure has done for i/i, 11.UW mc F or .ton years I had Heart Cure p aln io m y - eart - short -- nesa of breath, palplta- t!oa, pain in my loftslde, opprrasc'd feeling In mj chest, weak and hungry spells, bad dreams, could not lie on either sldo, was numb and safforeJ terribly. I took Dr. Miles' Heart Cure and before I finished the second bottle I felt Its goofl elTects. I feel now that I am fully recovered, and that Dr. Miles' Ho.art Cure saved my life," Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that firs: bottle benefits, or money refunded. Restores Health THE Miinso!) Typewriter Is a Good Machine. General Manager Ramsey, of Hie Wabash, lias been in IS'ew York lately conferring with directors as regards matters affecting, tlie company. He says tho condition of the property Is being greatly Improved at t.he cost of operating expensed, nothing being charged therefor to construction account. In April for Instance. Hie increase in operating expenses, amounting to .$1.8.000, came entirely from tills cause. Tin. 1 company spent In that month approximately !?40,000 more than iu April last year on the permanent way, of which more than $23,000 1s accounted for by steel rails. Tlurcompaiiy l.s pulling in eighty three-pound rails, which is the iRw'ust section ever em-ployed on I lie road. It is Mr. Uamsc.v's opinion llm • before very long the condition of the AA'abash will have born permanently improved to such an extent as to enable the operation of the road for (ili per cent, of gross earnings, instead of about 7," per cent., as at pro.ierit. It may be mentioned that tlie company Ilirmvs its train mileage on tlie most liberal basis, so that its statistics In tills respect are more signiti- cant. Mr. Ramsey thinks that it is safe to allow about 30 cents as representing tlie amount saved for every train nvlle cut off. elaMirid now to work on the merit* of his line. -.'""• '•'.-•• . . It Is stated, that' there will soon be a Dumber of ehanges'.ou the Viuidalia. Harry Miller Is to be appointed general .superintendent of the VamlnJln Hue, with headquarters at Terre Haute; Benjamin McKeen, superintendent of the Peoria division, is to be appointed superintendent of the main line, vice Mr. Miller, and Train Master Campbell 1§ to succeed Mr. McKeeu on the Peorla division. So far as Mr. Miller is concerned the change has been practically announced. A SERIOUS RUNAWAY. MUNYON'S COLD CURE. Results in the Death of Supt. Douglass's Driving Horse. .An exciting runaway occurred a; -1:30 Clils evening on West Market streer near BiliTou. A Fnnlmudle train caused the driving'horse of Supt. A. H. Douglass to become .unmanageable, :ind at flip conil'V of Ban-on street IfsvrtTved into the sidewalk, collided violently with a large slmdi! five, and w;>$ thrown through a fence into the yard of a t'am- lly named Schwartxel. The fence was badly damagod. the buggy WHS demolished, mid t'ho horse was almost instantly klllml. There was no one iu the buggy when the smash-up oocumni. AN EXPENSIVE DRINK, Vjilnrd Higher Than a Horse and Ultlc. Colds 1'ead to coughs, coughs to Pnuu- iinoula and Consumption; therefore, it is all Important to check a cold boCoro it readies the lungs, Munyon's Cold Cure will positively break :i cold inside of twenty-four hours If taken as soon as •the cold manifests icself. When the cold reaches the lungs or bronchial tubes thi'CoughCiu'es liould be used alternately every half hour with tlie Cold Cure. The Cold Cure is guaranteed to prevent pneumonia If used Ju the beginning of a cold. Pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs, can be controlled -by the use of these two cures. The Couwh Cure positively cures bronchitis, tickling in the throat, hoarseness, loss of voice, soreness of tho chest, difficulty iu breathing, hacking cougli aud. all pulmonary diseases where the lungs are not too far. consumed by disease or covered with tubercles. A separate cure for each disease.- At till druggists, mostly 25 cents a vial. . Personal letters to Prof. Muuyon. liiOiV Arcli street, Pliilndoiplila. Pa,, answered with free medical advice for any disease. Commencing Saturday May i6th. And continuing for t\vo weeks, -we will place on sale, some rare bargains, In our Clothing Department. We have marked medium weight, and summer suiting at COST to close out certain lines. We are offering- most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and to all who are looking for SNAPS Come and see us. we will convince you that no place in tl city will be allowed to undersell us: No matteer they say. We are Overstocked And must move our goods, and have made a price that will do it. Our patrons are nJvtsed to take advantage of this sale, before it is too late. Sample Hals. standard.of excellence. of tbe "Munson" c THE BEST. You will llnd It a valuable asil.itaut In jour o£- llce. .Address Tor purtkalars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 3.10-344 West Lake St., CliIcH^o.'!!]. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened « Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up utalre, and eollclts a share of the public patronaso. None but First Class Companies Repru- wnted. CHAS.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER w No. 417 Market Street. Calla attendea to promptly, day or night. Central Unton and Mutual telephones. Office, No. 16; Regldonce, No. 12L DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Tnjlors Jewelry stole- Residence 918 North Street. SETTING A FASTER PACE. It is stated on good authority Hint on a now schedule which the .Pennsylvania company will Introduce in a short time the time of train Xo. 20, the fast vosribuled express from St. Louis, to Neiv York, will bo considerably reduced, and that one section of the train will carry HID East-bound, mall. No, 20 is at present one of tlie fastest trains iu tlie Pennsylvania system, and makes the ran from St. Louis to Xew York in twenty-nine houvs and thirty minutes. The miming time from St. Louis to Pittsburg is a little over eighteen hours and -on tlie new schedule this will be reduced at. least one hour, so that No. 20 east will make about the same time that Is made by No. 11 west. The recent improvements on the Panhandle will enable this train to run as regularly on schedule time nt'ter t:he change Is made as it Is running now ou tho present schedule, aud the-records show that it is hardly ever a minute late. This will make the running time from Indianapolis to New York twenty hours and •thirty minutes, ten hours hours quicker than the trains of the Pennsylvania Minis covered the distance twelve years' ago. and five hours quicker than six years ago. TSAILBO'AD NOTES. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 1800. . Mandolin for sale. Inquire 300 North street. Pay your natural gas bills before June ,10. George Harrison hwidlei Landreth'g feeds only. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. Five hundred to fifty thousand dollars to loanyn city property.—Ben Fisher. Vx H^Stevens's gaJlery at 414 Market BWWt Is now open. Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. " Natural gas bjlls for the month of June are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. .One swallow does not make Spring, but one swallow of One Minute Cough Cure brings relief.—J. M. Johnston. Landreth Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been deed growers for one hundred-and fifteen years. Harrison I* their agent In Casa county. To loan, a few thousand dollars, special funds, .private money, on good Individuals or mortgage security. Will buy good notes.—George B. Forgy. The consolidation of the Natural and Adtflclal Gas companies, makes tho payment of bills, for consumers using both kinds of gaa much more convenient. Tlie person paying for natural gas and who Is also a use'r of the artificial can DOTV pay botli bills at the same time at the new company's, office, 317 Pearl street All bills are due and collectable on the first of each month -with TOstomary ten" days' grace. Bills for June,, ISOCi .now being d ne. : Fireman Krt'DeTVolfe is at Marion. Ed Manes is'agiiin at work after a few weeks' lay off. W. C. Txii'CC of Indianapolis was in the city yesterday. John Bnllou of the repair track has n son sick with diphtheria. A corpse from Pontiac, 111., was shipped to Marion, over the Panhand! yesterday. Fireman D. M. Hill was severe! scalded yesterday as the result of a plu blowing out of a steam pipe.' Abe Cockley and John Bnllou hav beentnuisferred from the freight de partment to the repair track. William Sullivan, an employe o£ tli TVabash freight house, had the index finger oJ' his right hand mashed yes terday. Pat Mahoney of the blacksmith i was elected State President of the Tota Abstinence union which hold its meet iuc in South Bend this week. Fireman G. W. Cogley Is having a sac time of it. A short time ago he los two children by diphtheria and now he Is prostrated with the same disease. In a few days a trial will be made oC an engine, •which, it is said, is so constructed as to run 100 miles an hour The locomotive is belug built at Sparrow Point, near Baltimore. Tho express companies aro again do- Ing a heavy business In carrying bicycles. Last night the American Express company took four carloads out of Indianapolis for one establishment. The passenger engine men aro not feeling very good over the rumor that they are to be run from this point to Columbus, a distance of 198 miles. They dalm the distance is too great. Master Mechanic Doebie of the Wa- batsb, is going over his division, riding on an engine, for. the purpose of ascertaining the competency of tlie engineers. He will make a trip with all engineers under his jurisdiction/and mark them up for promotion, if found competent. A freight official of the Pennsylvania Is quoted as saying that even little courtesies to shippers have been abandoned. Freight agents, lie added, could not even,invite a shipper out to dinner, and, as tor promising anything to shippers, which.mlght seem to be of advantage over another shipper, It ;was wholly out of tho question. Every freight offi- A soldier In rlie rugukir army, was co;iv]iientln.g on the strength of an Indian's love for whiskey. "They are the biggest fools you ever saw. "T came across u buck onu day on tho plains and lie asked if I had any whiskey.. I shook the canteen and told him there was only onu drink there. He insisted on having it and offered-his rifle for it. Finally he got mad because I wouldn't take the rille and 'pony. You never saw such fools. Why didn't I make the trade? I would, but you see. that was the only drink I had." This story is used to illustrate the power of human ba.bljs. and to speak particularly to those who arc annoyed- with the coffee habit which is the cuus;.- of an immense amount of sickness, .tho coffee never being suspected. Chemist* llnd the same poisonous alkaloids In • coffee as in strychnine, tobacco and morphine. It is easy to quit coffee by adopting the delicious health coffee made of the grains, wheat,'etc., etc. Postum Cereal has tho deep seal brown color of fine Mocha and changes to the rich golden brown of old Java, when cveam is added. Its fragrance anil flavor are charming. When"coffee Is left off and Postuni put in its place the old troubles of the body disappear, and under the true nourishment of the I'ood drink.- new vitality, strength and the ruddy color oC health quickly appear. Postum makes red blood for adults and eliiidrou, aud is a most grateful change from berry coffee, tlie •now,bcverape having evoryth'ng In its favor and none of the hurtful proper- tics of the old. Made at Battle Creek. Mich., by the Postum- Cereal Co., Lim. Dr. Albert P. Hodges. 13SJ N. Clark St., Chicago, 'says: "It is a long needed article." ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to th» will of the Republican nominating convention. JOS. G. GRACE. ' ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. G. W. BISHOP, Jr. Do not forget that our'Hat SaJe of sample hats, ~e 50 cents on the dollar still contl uues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked up in this 11 ue. Don't miss the oppor. tualty. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 522 MARKET STREET. J. FEKOU.SON. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nomlnatlus convention, BEN F. BAENETT. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of County Commissioner for the First district', subject to the will of the Repub llcan nominating convention. J. W. REDD. ANNOUNCEMENT. 'I wish to announce that I am n candidate for the office of County CJerk of Cass county, Indiana, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention, A. E.40JHROYER. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of County Commissioned of First District, subject to the choice of the Republican •nominating convention. JOHN W. GERKARD, . •„ Clay Towusblp, ANNOUNCEMENT. Owing to the fact that others have announced,their candidacy, G. AT. 'Walters has consented to let Ins name go before the convention for the ollicc of prosecuting attorney. "Just as Rood" as Postnm Cereal :lre words used to defraud the public^ It is the same old story and yet constantly recurring that Simmon's Liver Regulator Is the best family medicine. "We have used it in our family for eight years nnd Dad it the'best medicine we ever used. We thiii-k there is rib/such medicine as Simmons Liver Regulator." —Mrs. M. E. S. Adingtou, Franklin, N. C. "Each member of our family uses'It as occasion requires."—W. B. Smith.Mt. Vernon, Ky. •The suit of Charles P. Riggs against Charley Forgy of Marion for S10.000 for alleged malicious prosecution, will come up next week- -in the Wabash circuit court." Mr. Kiggs was prosecuted on a charge of forgery preferred by Mr. Forgy and was acquitted. 'A bicycle -party_sta-rt«l last evening, from the home of Miss Gertrude Blasr stnghnm nnd spent two, hours most pleasantly awheel. The party was in honor of Miss Wen ton, of Grand Rap- Id's, Mich., who Is visiting 'Miss I)a!sy Williams. DEATH OF FRANK SMITH. Tlie following appeared in n Chicago paper June 2d. , "Frank Smith, 0." years old, :i laborer employed by the Peabody coal company on tho dock at the foot of North' Marker street. Cell from a runaway at 9 o'clock tills morniug a-ud was instantly killed. He fell a distance of thirty feet, his head striking on a pile of coal.'fracturing -ills skull. Smith lived at Dicksoii and Division street. His tody was taken to Roiston's morgue at 11 Adams -street, by the police, where the coroner will hold an Inguest." W. D. Stiles of No. 205 State street. Chicago, writes that the man killed formerly lived in. Logansport, nnd that he had relatives here. He sent the clip- pin? to Tlic-.Tourual in order that the account published might come to the •notice of his relatives, so that they could recover the body. A.. P. ,JENK8 INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN. Perspective and Mechanical Drawing! prepared for the Patent Office and toe Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of Electrical and Hydraulic devices prepared, including Alarm Batteries, Brakea, Coiid tietors, Cutouts,, Electric Light* Magnets, CoJIs, Keys, Lightning- Bod% Meters, Registers, Recorders Switchboards, Telegraphs, Telephonic Appliances. Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial and Rotary Air Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed Ale and Water Elevators, Double Acting. Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift ud Oil Cups, etc. Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street, Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. . Commencement week at Purdue university, Lafayette, begins Sunday, June, ", with the baccalaureate adrress In St. Tohns church,, by Rt, Bey'.' John Hnzen White, of Indianapolis, and will continue through -the week till Wednesday nfternoon. . ' THE. MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food nnd sunshine, with plenty of exercise In 'die: open air ler form glows with health'and her 'ace blooms with its beauty. If her ystem needs the cleansing actton of a axntiye remedy, she uses the gentle and ileasant Syrup of Figs: .Made by the Jnllforala Fig Syrup Company. Subscribe for The Journal. Children Cry TO* • • . t, . , .. *^ '• Etcher's Castorla, HOW.S THIS! TCe offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., .Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, aud believe him perfectly honorable In. all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by the flrnv WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WALDINO, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,- O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken luternal- iy, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75n per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. DEA'JJH OF JUSTICE GOODRICH. Word has been received, here of toe ;death «t Chicago of Justice Goodrich, •formerly a resident of this city and a son-Lh-law of A. S. Thornton. The deceased was -fifty-one years of-age and- served during the .war under D. H. Chase. He leaves a widow and one daughter. The funeral will.occur today at'Chicago.'' Do You Think of Painting YOUR HOUSE? If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any man on earth. B F. KEBSLING. (JBERiJSj \i (l ?sfe?cW .p!5£3gt*ai& PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. Thn well-known Specialists ot New York btm tppoUtoff D. A. HAUK u agent for meli celebrated Spectacles and Ir* Glasses, every pair guaranteed, D. A. HAUK has complete assortmaat and InvltM in to sattotr themselves of the great superiority otthe»iood»of« ai>7Jnuiufacture<l,attliestoro.ofD. A. HACK, Sole agent**.. I/ogaiuport Ind. " . No Peddlers Supplied. .

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