The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1931
Page 6
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.IEKIIE11 Slflfil; BRUSHING UP SPORTS By La Lifer Hubbai'd, Dixie Fliers, Gas Hounds and Hi-Jackers Win Opening contests. . The City Cage League get, off lo a new start last night. All «!eht . teams in the re-organized circuit participated- in the first night's 'play. Hubbard, Dixie Fliers, lias: •-Hounds nnd Hi-Jackers were th? • vanning teams. .'The Hubbard five, favorites to cop the league race, got. olf to a ; flying start by disposing of the Company M quintet," r.uecl as on? of the best teams In the circuit. The Hubbard ?quad playeu fine offensive basketball and tin- inr.n- ner in which Ihe'Hiibbard BO;I| ivj? guarded is shown in the 22 to -I score. Burge. speedy miaul, led the Hubbaid teanv with nine point! • for high point honors Kinniiii;- ham was second with eiyhi. Wnqlu and McHenry sunk the rnly (snal.i made by the guardsmen. T The Dixie Fliers' tcok the Frisco ipto camp, ' score H to 5. Th[> Pliers led 5 (o 2 (it Ik? half and gradually forged ahead In the last half to finish, well in front. Cox. lanky center, led the Dixie Fliers with'eight points. McHaffey sen-- ed four of the. five i»ints gaine;! by Hie Frisco including Ihcir only field goal. . The Gas Hounds am'. Harris; Team clashed in the baltle of thu night, with the Gas boys finally ; finishing in front. C to 5." U?sp!tc- • the fact that neither team showed i any degree of'team-work or ac- i curacy the game" was close nnd in- • teresting. At the hnlf the G[i:i< Hounds led 4 to 1 bat Harris team, closed up the gap in (he last Imlf! and led 5 to 4 until the lr,r,-. two: minutes of play when Knyder's field goal pnt.the Hounds in front.' Harris of the Harris learn led tin.-: scorers with four points. , Two teams, one captained by , Max Logan and newly named thri Hl-Jackers and another headed by; Addson Smith and paraded undirj the.title of Apes met in the final 1 game on the night's program. The! Hl-Jackers were better shuts tlian I the Apes and succeeded in keeping the' ball near the Apes 1 goal most i of the time. At the half way- whistle the Hl-Jackcrs led 5 to I. Stewart, giurd. was the high scor-| er nccoumlng for eight of the Hi-; Jackcrs' 11 points. The score 11 to 3. ! First Oanic I Company M (4) PPE. Hnobnid (22) Wright (2) R'p Carpenter 2' McHenry 2 LP Blankenshlp a Krutz Wiggins C Keiminzlmin (! Mccarty KG " Elliott, Baker McHenry LG })urge i) Todd Second Game Pos Dixie Fliers H RF Bible 0 AU_ PLAVeo THE BAfc AS • •••TIME JkPLAYS , BY EVERETT S. DKAS i The style of basketball known r.:- I percentagK basketball was Invcnl- , by II. R. Hager of Orrjcn arr ht.s teams have been very s-.iccess- Inl using It. Percentage fcaskei^al! gets Its name because it, Is designed for short shots which ri'tult It: h!(;!i percentage ol baskets. The purpose of this olfcnse is t- .-.prcad th<> defeiiFe and open w!do the vital olfcnslve section, hiving Rl PASSES TO WSSES TOEDCOTTING ACROSS. HE RETURNS PrtSS TO gj2]DRIVING THROUGH, KEV .. DRIBBLE PATH OF PtAVER Frisco (5) MeHaffey 4 Carlock 1 Sccoy ' LP Onnske Moselcy . Holland C Sanly RG Chapin LG Eaton''.- • Third Game Gas Hounds (6) PCs. Harrlr, warn DID VOU K,\;-W THAT— Joe? Sekyra. v.lio has foiicht b'.-lh sirlbllng aiul Schineliu?. s the Cieovgia liny would beat Iterr Maxlc . . . .Joe los' decisions to b3tii Willie an:! MiNlo . . . Sclnnellni; had Jc? en the floor for a short count. . . . Stritling outpointed him. . . . Joe snys Mnxic k mnrt the harder punclicr, hut In- rlotfii't think (he German conl:l ^it V.'ilSi? v.-ith a sawed-olT shot- inn . . . Tommy c.inmllv's 5on. Frntik v\l!l umpire with the Pcd SDM workhiT out of r.->n- racolp. in the s;>rln:; . . . Noth- ii'rr was ?nl<l about what branch M th? rovvicc In which Italy v.nnlc;! Pi!n;<> Carncm lo serve. b'lt anybody h nllowetl (o RIIOSS tlnr i'. v.-as ravslry . . . briut short of horses . . . Katra 1 : City ;ias a Masked Marvel . . . He brnt Jar Milcewlcz recently, nnrt the popubcc is nil ante over him. cmi])!e of the magnates of Hornsby cxirecl, to devote Swcctla •the guards and ohc- fcnvard control tlie ball near mid-floor with the other two nion stationed in Hie cor- iiitrb. Notice in the chart liov.- :he (defense Is spread out. ! This olfeiis? calLs for two bl£ j lollow-up men lo bo stationed hi |;lie corners, and their jot is to stay Mhne as IOIIB UA thsir guards arc : «ith them: but \vhen the guards jMiift they break for the basket. (he older league meet casually on the street, they pass the time ol duy and ask one another if there Isn't some player he'd like to Imve for the asking. Thus Mr. Horn-sby, upon assuming control of the Cubs last fall, happened to rim across Bnrt Stint- ton one day in a hotel lobby and Bnrt, handed him ritchcr Lester Sweetland with his compliments. I A couple ol days later nosers met in n ]>rety had way. Mr. Ball j church bazaar and Dan wouldn't b: jfaUsflcd until Hog had consented | :o accspt Jakte May. To what sweet purpost doss - - • -- — — ~..~*v.«n.., , J:( . ; .^ ii[ ]u -.^'cause 01 tins t and. May next summer? The nn-|b,. a cool, heady ccneral Kwcr Is easy. The Rajah expects to 1 win some ball sanies from the Rob- n,, h The men located along sides of Hie floor in position of (F) and eiest men on the team. Their duly Ls to get loose into ihe open seclion around the foul ring. If they ar; successful the o:Tutise will have next year, May three men on two defensive men land' and May arc the guys'whn can givo McQrfuv.'s and Robbie's men more trouble thnn bolls, Charley-horses and lame arms. Between them ,_ „ and Sweetland may not win mpn- and with clever passing will get, limn six games, but If those vie- short shot. ; tories are at the expense of the Study tlie chart and notice the Giants, the thals will • attack-. Tills Is one form of de- lived offense, which when th= tea'r faiich things, however, do not hap- ts ahead, work* well against mas ; pen in,'the American League. . defenses, in that they are forced U ?>' ~ t'O to a man to man defenss to try «ead Courier News Want Afl» to stop', it. Christian Schwartz 3 T. Ellis 1 E. Ellis RF LF C RG Cox 8 | Kemiinglm.n; n:i! n | 5 jn (be rltrht races the N'n- Lewis ijonn! l.°n<!'.:c hns onl.-iycd. wilh t i-ha;ire for cvcrvbody lo will; while j'-he ALierlcin I.caque nennaiu In 5 1 the In^l Bunch "Izhl or 10 years has ixn-n d no before August. N-i- aiichnrd|| n f ai . bv t | lfl R(lm -r!\l tone of his re- P«hiJ!nt " 1Brks ltnt n ctulpl " Gf lllc Al »"i- Baker LC, Raydcr 2 I'ourlH Game Hi-Jackers (11) Pos. Peatherstone Wilson s 2 Robinson jj>gan I St«wart B RF LF C RG LG E VYestbrook B Bruce Apes (3) Stevens Hedmon . Pie King 2 Adams 1 Wahl Officials—Greene. Ivy and Kramer. Timekeeper—Kyle. Scorer— Sudbury. can r,-ai:m> t-nms should jeivl him -lo iif .MO hitters, nnd if thfv had Mr. Bp.ll siirply would h.-ive re- nlied in the negative. KD fiat's tlw! But . "I'll Swap You" H does seem that the American rDapuc ir.asnato bus shon-n a de- Wed tendency to let the other club cnnrr so fish in a wash basin for l:h ball plovers, while pverv BTTZ THEATRE Friday and Saturday No Ivory Today — This Is -the time of year wher John McGraw looks with an appraising eye over a ccup'c of Ihr big league'rosters ah'd'siarts sending telegrams, offerin'!; half a 002;:swell ball players for" a co.iple of 1924 model tan outtoned shoes Oddly, even in .the Nation':. •League, which Ls the tradings league you could think ol, Ivor-, deals of an important nature ihi year are about as scarce as chcc: leaders in a mausoleum. Even Mr McGraw seems to have aban:!o:isc the practice of lavishing.'Orp.ds / ball player's -upon Indigent cluV owners, a process that is said tc have been patented by him s-;vera' years ago. Ball Cries Out From St. Louis comes the shrii' plaint of Phi! Ball, who declare' thai the- other' American Lc^3ir dwners ars skeptics SD suspicion ol their fellow magnates in tho :«-• ter of trades,that the league Is go- Ins lo rack and itiln. Mr. Sail didn't say. just exactly "to rack anc 5 niln" but when he asserted tha- the American I/sajue was winnin the world wrles while the Natbna' League was drawing all the customers he Inferred lhat things were Friday and Saturday \Vlio C;u'os for Tomorrow? Kelni Tv.Tjvotrors lend with An underworld I gallant high- j hats his way; t o romanco' and riches. 1 Also with Kay Francis Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 and 3oc. Monday "GANG i'hb happens in the it.-, wloln distvicl of Ha\ ts nind life of imrosli-.i „ .vonien livs Jor v.hat thev can .ind men for what they c:in to -\ thrilling—scnsaticnal s'.oiy of a Coming — Tuesday, \VecIncs .\Iafinco and Xig'ni—lO-'Gc <iay &• Thursday-^Joan Craw ' ' ' ' i "PAID". Coming—Smiday & —Jack Oakie in BUSTER". —Charles Fnrrcll in "PRIX- ! 'ES^ AXDPLUMBKR", nov.'i j-umiing in St. Louis. CASH GROCERY FLOUR Whitewater Rose 2-1-Lb. Sack 80c LETTUCE „„, T ICELERY s ,. lk ll PURE LARD I'ail $1.05 OLEO Gold I3ol Mi KU Creamery All Brsinds. 1,0. CRACKERS Sunshine Ki ispies 2-1,1). !!ox SWEET POTATOES Lb. 3 C CAHHAGE Holland Lb. 1C Hulk 6 Pounds for $1.00 POST TOASTIES f»r 25c COFFEE Chase and Sanborns Pound 40c RICE Full Head Lb. i?i BEANS I'info " Lb. 5 l GRAPE FRUIT 4c BEANS Gre 1,ri3 ( i MATCHES r.,.,18 BANANAS -Nice and Ripe Pound EGGS Strictly Fresh Country EJ»J;S Doxcn _Sc 30c CHILI Ever-Good. 1 Can Joan of Arc Kidney Items Free. All For PORK SHOULDER T'ound STEAKS Loin or T-lionc Pound 18c WE1NERS& FRANKS. found 15c OYSTERS Extra Select Pint HAMS ICver-Good Supar Cured I'ownd 22c PORK-BRAINS Pound 17c Bargains For Saturday LSI el i ifaj p l-y.-lrc^g^gf Large Select Guaranteed Fresh POTATOES >* ORANGES "& 42° MILK ome Iie;i- 1 CC y. 2 Lbs. 1J Rome Iie;i- > uly Pet or Carnation 3 Tall or 6 Small Cans PRUNES iu,,;25 c BEANS 1>int °L, -5 C BEANS. 'Ta PORK& BEANS : Campbells 3 for 25c a-i.b. Pun ^•BBBBB E Fancy rjlue Rose rC SI U,. D S SMEBHQB^B^Sl 2:J-Mj. Sitck t)5 taES33ET55a PEACHES No. 2'/2 OCC Courier. 2 For OJ nu*fj No. 2 Standard IOC I LAO Can IL TOMATOES No. 2 Standard 3 for 2k Pure 8!b. Pail MILK jy MACARONI B.L.' Beauty Biscuit or Chief, 24-ib. Sack ROAST Vral „ !5 C Genuine Black bk Mixed Sliced Ib. ;.STEWLb.m c , Shanklcss Picnic. Lb. It) 2 MIX SAUSAGE O1C Lb. I 2 LARD Pure Hog Pound 17 AT 1QC Lb. 10 C CHILI C;in of ^ 25 SAUSAGE ""';.... I Armour Star Sliced, Poimd

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